Making more honeymoons

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FINALLY, we’re back in the mixer and there are some tasty football games to sink our teeth into this weekend.

Spurs vs City today is the first of the thrillers. Someone is dropping points, maybe both teams. Hopefully, it’s Spurs.

Then we have Leicester vs Liverpool in a top of the table clash. Again, hoping it’s Leicester dropping points.

… and then obviously, the Arsenal take on Leeds in a flashback of yesteryears Super Sunday’s. Jimmy Floyd? Lee Bowyer? Mark Viduka? Oof… some names that make feel a bit queezy.

Mikel Arteta has a lot resting on this game. It’s not pivotal to his future, but it’s a huge test because fans are demanding to see that the club is on the up. There’s a lot of worry that we’re on the slide and it’s terminal. Nail a win against a side everyone seems to think is excellent and we’ll have a nice week.

My uncle is a massive Leeds United fan. I spoke to him yesterday and he has a lot more faith in Arsenal than most of us do. His take is that Arsenal will be wounded and Leeds can’t defend for shit. He’s hoping to score early and take a point. The game plan from Bielsa can only go one way. We’ve seen them ship 8 goals in two games. Surely there’s a clue in there somewhere.

I think we’re hoping that Arteta and his coaching staff have had plenty of time to stew on the conundrum that is our lack of attacking prowess. We’re hoping the team is as fired up as Dani Ceballos after a rogue ‘you mum’ joke flies at him. We want to see a reaction and see off the Villa game as an anomaly.

What we don’t want to see: Lacazette or Auba through the middle

What we do want to see: Big performances from big players and an attacking approach that yields more than two shots on target

Arteta was asked in the press conference if he was feeling a different type of pressure now fans are calling him Fraudteta on the He answered like Arsene Wenger would. He said the loss last week really hurt him. He will firstly look at his own decisions and try to learn. Overall though, despite saying again that the road back to the top will be bumpy, he’s very optimistic about the future.

Arsenal fans want to know that the people at the club care and we want to know that our new coach who is learning the ropes is actually prepared to the learn the ropes. If nothing changes this weekend, then it’ll start to look like he’s just stubborn. If he changes things and it doesn’t work, it’ll look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The job is hard, because we are a long way from the top and fans don’t like to accept that.

The coach is staying positive, he wants more honeymoons, and he seems very confident that he’s taking us on the right journey.

The Leeds game is a great place to try and claw back some points and make a move on the table. Big teams are playing each other this weekend. Points will drop. We need to make them up against a team that will most certainly not be in the top 6 this season.

Should be a fun game. See you in the comments. Listen to the podcast if you haven’t. I added music and cleaned up the sound a bit!

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  1. London gunner

    Also hate to see kane play so well as a playmaking striker. Its funny how his game has changed he was a lethal poacher/target man getting on to balls but instead seems to have cultured and modified his game to get the best for the team/son by dropping deep into the hole and looking to release the ball to son.

    I think its intelligent of him. He doesn’t have the pace to do what son does with his penetrative rampaging runs and runs in between the lines so instead he has developed his throughball weighted pass and also uses his movement to drag players out of position. Kane might look like a gormless mug but he is a very intelligent player.

  2. David Smith

    Interesting this downer on Arsenal enhanced by an irrational fear of Spurs this eve.
    As for the club being badly run, yes it has been, they rightly got rid of a long failing Wenger but did so without a plan, unforgivable. They put their faith in Ivan Gazidis then Raul, I cannot even fit that on a scale of stupidity.
    But if comparisons are to be made with Spurs, let’s remember, they haven’t won anything yet, or at least not for quite a long time. As poorly as we have been run, we have, just last summer won something metallic. And beat City 2-0 as well on the way.
    A lot of over praising Spurs and over criticising Arsenal is the order of the evening.
    Let’s analyse the situation and this season, we will gradually improve but it will not be linear, we are in too much transition, needing players in and players out, we will prob finish 5th or 6th. Spurs will have a good run, the media will do their usual, but Son/ Kane will get injured and it goes tits up. Jose will sulk and make things worse. Spurs will bottle any opportunity that comes their way, why, because that is their DNA. They will probably finish 4th or 5th, City will not be this poor all season, Liverpool will buy in Jan. Then, there is Chelsea .
    Things are not great for us, they might not be for a while ,but let’s not elevate our neighbours to Brazil 1970 after a win against an incredibly poor City.

  3. Rich

    The best signing we could make would be the bureaucrats at Leicester.

    They’re a brilliantly run club, their scouting is superb, their succession planning exemplary, they sell high, buy low, and have a much more balanced squad, with a wage bill that’s a fraction of ours.

    Soyuncu, Pereira, Maddison, Vardy, Ndidi all walk into our starting eleven, and we’re all signed combined for what we paid for Pepe.

  4. Elmo


    The criticism of the Kroenkes is that they haven’t been able to appoint the right people to run the club for them, or even take on the guidance of someone they trust that can help make the right recommendations. They’re not remotely football people, and it shows. They bought Arsenal on the reputation of Wenger being a Billy Beane baseball-style efficient operator; as soon as the situation moved on from that, they were lost.

    We’re consistently underperforming what we spend on transfers and wages due to poor executive leadership throughout the club, but what’s equally worrying is that quietly, our ‘huge’ £200m per year wage bill has started to look more modest in the past 2-3 years as the clubs ahead of us start making much more money.

  5. Olumide

    Son has scored as many goals as the whole Arsenal team. Shameful.

    Haven’t you heard that the Arsenal team is shit? Last season, we had a top 6 squad. But after adding Gabriel and Partey, we now have a top 12 squad.

  6. WengerEagle

    Cunha would be a great pick up from Hertha, certainly won’t be there beyond this season.

    Top class dribbler/creator and scorer, few and far between those kind of players and most of them aren’t at a club as average as Hertha.

  7. WengerEagle


    Just one that slipped through the net, never showed too much at Leipzig although he didn’t really get the chance.

    Since he joined Hertha in January he’s been a top 5 player in the league. 10 goals in 18 apps, many of them spectacular. Close to topping the league for dribbles/key passes too and when you watch him, he’s a class apart.

    Played a through ball tonight to die for before his worldie goal.

  8. raptora

    A penalty for WBA given by the ref overturned by VAR after clear contact shown multiple times in the replay. Commentators and Peter Walton both say it’s pen and shocked it got overturned. PGMOL class!

  9. TheBayingMob

    What’s the chances this pen stands!? It’s fucking sickening. When will this ridiculous bias for a United be stopped? I bet Trump is jealous of the control United have over the officiating in the PL. it’s outright cheating.

  10. Daniel Altos

    Its quite amazing how simeone has managed to change marcos llorente,a defensive midfielder to an attacking midfielder and a very good one at that.In fact he is better than some of the real attacking midfielders

  11. Ishola70

    tbf penalties shouldn’t be awarded for barely touching a player if at all. Player threw himself to the ground and the slight touch on him wasn’t the cause of him falling to the ground.

    Mong United making tough weather of dispatching WBA.

  12. David Smith

    Correct on the Kroenkes Elmo.
    Let’s hope they are now getting the right sort of people into the club, I am sure there will be more to come, and their life long Arsenal supporter lawyer friend will keep a close eye on things. And fair play to them for recognising they need such a figure on the ground
    We are in a very good place to come out of this transition in a good place but it’s going to take time, the club slipped a long way
    I can see why Stan was so wary of getting rid of Wenger , sadly to the detriment of the club

  13. raptora

    At this points it’s comical how United are getting helped by the refs game in game out. EPL is getting a big, fat stain for this. It’s blatantly obvious and unfair.

  14. WengerEagle


    Hard to think of anyone, he’s a typical Brazilian maverick type in that he pulls off some incredible moves but he’s a hard worker off the ball too from what I have seen.

    Scores, creates and dribbles well too. Rare gems them kind of players.

  15. Daniel Altos

    WengerEagleNovember 21, 2020 21:12:06
    Haaland with his 4th, kid is the best finisher in Europe outside of Lewandowski now

    Wait till you see yousoufa moukoko ..the 16 year old who looks like a 30year old …he is the next big thing apparently

  16. Ishola70

    Are we worried that Mong United are going to push Teets down one place in the table come the end of the season

    Cause they ain’t winning the title are they..

  17. TheBayingMob

    Not even watching it. A penalty for United you say? Call me shocked. A soft one? Get out, I don’t believe you.“

    You couldn’t make it up. Well actually you could. WBA get a penalty, over turned on review. Straight down the other end, soft pen for United (ball to hand from 2 yards but given), saved but retaken on review because Johnson was adjudged to have come off his line. You get the feeling they would have kept retaking or until United has scored.

  18. Dissenter

    Do you still think it’s a stretch to consider Spuds in the running for the title since they have two world class strikers, lots of attacking midfield and central midfield talent along with a manager who’s won tones of stuff before?

    I ask because her last time I made this comment you thought it was heresy.
    No one is saying they will win it but they will be in the conversation a lot.

  19. Ishola70

    He hardly touched him Raptora if at all..

    And the WBA player clearly threw himself to the ground not because of the so-called force of Fernandez but by flinging himself to the ground.

    No pen.

  20. raptora

    “Are we worried that Mong United are going to push Teets down one place in the table come the end of the season”

    Our team finishing higher than our direct rivals is pretty important, no?

  21. Ishola70


    “Our team finishing higher than our direct rivals is pretty important, no?”

    What? Mong United finishing 6th and Arsenal 7th?

    Couldn’t give a shit in that instance tbh.

  22. Ishola70

    “Both BT commentators + the ex ref Peter Walton were shocked it was denied. Couldn’t believe their eyes.”

    Really? So we really are on the road where we will see games with lots and lots of penalties in every match.

    Football is really going down a sorry road.

  23. raptora

    After Manure scored commentators said “1-0 to Manchester United in a controversial night for VAR. Look at Ole Solskjaer, there is no happiness on his face.”

  24. Champagne charlie


    Sounds like the sort of operator we’re missing. Maybe Guendouzi can do some damage and we can propose a swap. I see they paid 16 mil for him, he’ll be a 30 mil player if he has a season like you’re suggesting he could.

    Him, Hungry Dom, Aoaur, I can fully get behind a slew of vibrant young attackers like those in place of your Ceballos, Pepe, Lacazette bunch offering flaccid football.

  25. Daniel Altos

    Atletico paid a fortune for joao Felix last season and he was stinking the place out but simeone kept on playing him until he came good.I am not saying that pepe is as talented as Felix but before discarding him we can at least try to make it work

  26. Ishola70

    VAR made the correct decision.

    The silly pundits including this ex ref aren’t making the calls are they.

    They are there to add debate and love to stir a bit of controversy.

    They think they are selling the game with controversial talking points that they make up.

    Keeps viewers interested you see.

  27. Ishola70

    No Dissenter Spurs won’t be winning the title.

    Kane and Son will hit some dry periods.

    Their central midfield isn’t that good.

    But they are likely to finish a few fair points above Arsenal which is enough to dwell on.

  28. raptora

    Oh, the ref that changed his opinion is a suspected Manure fan. David Coote, formerly employed as Football Development Manager for football and facility development across Great Manchester. Was in charge of VAR when Pickford did that tackle vs VvD and didn’t get punished. Was in charge of VAR in the 1-1 draw between Manure vs Liverpool when Marcus Rashford’s opener stood despite a VAR check on a foul from Victor Lindelof on Divock Origi in the buildup.

    Referee David Coote taken OFF VAR duty for Liverpool’s clash against Leicester after fan backlash ahead of what would have been his first Reds game since Merseyside derby- when he allowed Jordan Pickford’s lunge on Virgil van Dijk to go unpunished. He will instead be the on-pitch referee for Manchester United’s game against West Brom on Saturday evening.

    Makes sense now. No wonder Mike Riley hired him. Guy is a mercenary!

  29. David Smith

    Man Utd will continue to get this treatment as long as Mike Riley has a pulse. Riley May have no natural affinity to Utd but he exists for the brand, and Utd are part of that. But In general, there is favouritism going Utds way , and that by definition is a lack of a level playing field, therefore corruption, I am amazed this hasn’t been looked into
    Apparently 18 penalties since the start of last season, guessing we have had about 5 in the same time

  30. Marc

    “Man Utd will continue to get this treatment as long as Mike Riley has a pulse. Riley May have no natural affinity to Utd but he exists for the brand, and Utd are part of that. But In general, there is favouritism going Utds way , and that by definition is a lack of a level playing field, therefore corruption, I am amazed this hasn’t been looked into”

    My God ManU cheating – well I’m just glad it hasn’t been going on for almost 3 decades.

  31. Ishola70

    “Rio Ferdinand and Scholes are “baffled” by the refs decision to overturn the penalty.”

    That’s called trolling Raptora and it looks like they have trolled you well enough.

    They will be giggling amongst themselves off air afterwards when they leave the studio.

  32. Marc

    It always makes me laugh when people criticise VAR – why?

    Look at the problem and chain of events.

    Problem: Ref’s are fucking useless and should all be fired.

    Solution: Bring in technology to make sure moronic (and difficult) decisions are called correctly.

    Not the right solution but a step in the right direction then it goes really bad.

    Put the same useless cunt fuck up retards in charge of the VAR.

    And people wonder why it isn’t working.

  33. Ishola70

    I heavily dislike Mong United with the best of them but that was clearly a dive from the WBA player under hardly any contact.

    The game is going to get ridiculous if pens are called just because of “contact” and the merest of contacts.

    We will have games in the near future where actual goals scored from open play will pale significantly compared to penalties scored.

    But Raptora has always been penalty obssessive either for or against.

    It’s going to disfigure the game badly.

  34. Marc


    Because it’s all about vested interests. Everyone involved with the current ref setup should be kicked out forever.

    Apparently public executions aren’t allowed anymore – fucking snowflake do gooders.

  35. raptora

    Rio Ferdinand: “It’s a disgraceful decision. How can he change his mind? The more you look at it, the more it’s a clear penalty.”

    Scholes: “I still can’t make up my mind. It’s 50/50”

    Rio: “Paul, don’t lie, don’t lie. It’s unbelievable. It’s so clear.”

  36. raptora

    Ishola: “The game is going to get ridiculous if pens are called just because of “contact” and the merest of contacts.”

    A straight hit shin on shin with power is a “contact”. Okay.

  37. WengerEagle

    Exactly, it’s still ultimately down to human error even with the technology because the Ref gets final say and his take can vary with the next man’s.

    It has eradicated the really egregious decisions so has overall been good imo but for the borderline ones it hasn’t really helped much at all, at least not in the PL.

  38. raptora

    Another situation 2 touches of the ball before Manure get their penalty – obvious foul on Gallagher by Fred. Both Rio and Paul say it’s an clear foul. And neither VAR or ref give it.

  39. Ishola70

    We will end up where penalties in football will become like free throws in basketball such is the mania for penalties to be given. Same amount.

    And I don’t want football to become like basketball.

  40. David Smith

    Something should certainly be done about them Marc,
    If the woke and snowflakers would allow, I would take the public humiliation route, starting with Riley Though I fear he might enjoy such things

  41. Marc


    “We will end up where penalties in football will become like free throws in basketball such is the mania for penalties to be given.”

    That argument has had people voicing it for decades – it was bullshit then and it’s bullshit now.

  42. Marc


    There are no more calls they are just getting more attention.

    Take ManU’s daft numbers out the equation and I very much doubt things are that different.

  43. Ishola70

    “Even OGS admits it’s a pen. Ishola knows better I guess.”

    So why were his players arguing so vehemently when they thought it was given it was such a nailed on penalty.

    OGS can troll as well Raptora.

    It’s a game Raptora. They are all playing a game.

  44. Ishola70

    Man United are fully aware that they are called out in regards penalty decisions.

    Do you not think that they are loving this and are agreeing that it should have been a pen but all the while they are laughing up their sleeves.

    Raptora falls for it.

  45. Marc


    “So why were his players arguing so vehemently when they thought it was given it was such a nailed on penalty.”

    Have you ever watched a ManU match before? I’ve seen their players argue against a red card when a machete was involved.

    They look to intimidate the ref – if it doesn’t work on this decision it might affect the next.

    You really are being naive.

  46. Ishola70


    Fernandez was screaming at the ref that he hardly touched the player and he was in his rights to do so as well.

    It would have been the softest of pens to award with barely minimal contact and an opposing player flinging himself to the ground.

    I would have been very unhappy if that was awarded as a pen involving Arsenal.

  47. Marc

    “and he was in his rights to do so as well.”

    Yeah I hate to burst your bubble but you are not allowed to scream at the ref. Liverpool and ManU might get away with it but you watch a Burnley player try it and see what happens.

  48. Ishola70

    These call outs on Man United regarding penalties are most likely a running joke with their players and in the Man United camp.

    And they were having a good old laugh tonight with it.

  49. raptora

    Apparently commentators, ex players, ex refs and the manager of Manure himself are laughing backstage all while saying it’s a pen in front of the cameras. What a weird opinion you have Ishola.

  50. Marc

    That’s not what they’re doing at all.

    They are playing the PR game so there isn’t a riot that leads to a new law that ManU are never allowed another pen this century.

  51. Marc

    “These call outs on Man United regarding penalties are most likely a running joke with their players and in the Man United camp.And they were having a good old laugh tonight with it.”

    Oh they are laughing – because they keep getting away with it.

  52. Ishola70


    It’s already been explained to you that the purpose of the pundit is to give talking points and if controversial even better.

    Man United camp manager and players alike are now having a laugh at this. They are being ironical.

  53. Ishola70

    And Raptora Ferdinand and Scholes are the Man United camp posing as pundits.

    They are Mong United through and through.

    They are in on the joke as well.

    Yes we are Man United. Yes we get every decision in our favour. Yes that was a definite pen on the WBA player.

    Stop sucking up their trolling.

  54. Ishola70


    I don’t like to see you as a fellow Arsenal fan get trolled by these Man United lot.

    Because that’s what they are doing. Good old fashioned trolling.

  55. Dissenter

    There are lots of crappy referees in the premier league.
    Wasn’t David Coote the VAR official who didn’t know a red card offense can still occur when the whistle is blown dead?

  56. raptora

    It’s the beginning of the end for both really. Modric won Ballon d’or in 2018, and VvD deserved to win in 2019 ahead of Messi really. No award will be given this year but in 2021 Ronaldo could clinch it if he wins the Champions League or Euro 21 but I will not be surprised if neither of them is makes the top 3.

    World’s best player throne (or should I say thrones) might be empty at this point. For the first time in almost 15 years. Absolutely insane how long these 2 have dominated the world football.

    Will be very interesting to see who rises above the rest to become the new king. Mbappe would be my candidate, but who knows.

    All in all, really blessed to have witnessed 2 legends of the game in Messi and CR7.
    Only comparable thing is Roger and Rafa.
    Fans and sport as a whole will miss these 4 a whole lot.

  57. WengerEagle


    It’s more than that, he’s struggled to find the net with the same consistency for about a full year now.

    Doesn’t score away from home anymore either.

    He scored 25 in the league last season but they came in clusters rather than week in and out like he has always done his career.

  58. WengerEagle

    Messi deserved the Ballon D’or over VVD imo, even Van Dijk himself said as much.

    It’s an individual award for the player that had the best season and that was undoubtedly Messi.

    Always found it weird how much they favoured it being the best player on the best team even if there was a better player on a different team.

    Modric definitely didn’t deserve it when he won it. He was never the best player in the world and it does the award a massive disservice.

  59. Bojangles

    LG being reactionary as usual. Spuds beat Citeh and they’re suddenly world beaters on the way to winning the pl. It’s not even joke Friday (what happened to that btw?)

  60. Dissenter

    “Who leaked the training ground kerfuffle? I have a prime suspect but not sure if he’s training with the first team ATM.
    Who cares? It may not even be a playing staff.
    If Arteta is so worried about leaks so he can have the club build an special indoor Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility for training.
    His brief is to train the team, not to micro-manage them like he does during games.

  61. Nelson

    Just checked Laca’s stats in the Villa game. He has received a total of 5 passes from his teammates compared to 35 for Villa’s Watkins. Laca was just a spectator in that game. .Eddie should have better chemistry with his teammates.

  62. Ernest Reed

    This much we now know…

    1. What does it say for Arsenal if Villa put up a dud today?
    2. Spurs, unfortunately, are for very much real!
    3. Arteta better produce something more tomorrow than than pure abject crap he’s put out of late, he has to, period!
    4. Arsenal MUST come up with something more than ZERO tomorrow.

  63. Ernest Reed

    If Arteta is bothered by a practice dust up being leaked, then he has far more serious problems than a slap to the nose to worry about. Get a fricken result tomorrow, Arteta! Anything less is sugar on a stick in front of a diabetic.

  64. China1

    Pedro you say we don’t want Laca or auba through the middle so who should it be? Eddie?

    Auba is a poor winger and Eddie is still very rough cut despite his international form.

    Saka on the left and auba central is the only logical choice

  65. Ernest Reed

    I am now of the belief that Arteta may be so immersed in his beliefs that he no longer recognizes the reality that his methods are not capable of seeing the light of day. He wont be the first, and certainly not the last, but just the same the pattern is formed and the results are firm that he may not see his own reality. Just saying, but thus far….

  66. Ernest Reed

    Anything but a result against a newly promoted club is NOT acceptable. You can slice and dice the excuses but nothing more than 3 points is a requirement, or this version of Arsenal is destined for the scrap heap as a given.

  67. Guns of SF

    Tomorrow will be really telling how we line up and if Art has actually done any offensive strategy

    If not, and we get kicked, then it will say it all…

    I have a feeling Saka will take more of the burden to make something happen.

    I also do not think he will start Pepe but I hope I a wrong.

    He needs to learn to make subs earlier. THis 60 -65 min subbing is numbing my brain

  68. raptora

    WE: “Messi deserved the Ballon D’or over VVD imo, even Van Dijk himself said as much. It’s an individual award for the player that had the best season and that was undoubtedly Messi.”

    I agree to an extend. I believe it should be the best player in the world but trophies should matter. If you were the best in the world, chances are you’d have helped your team win stuff.

    Barcelona lost a 3 goal first leg lead vs Liverpool to crash out the UCL. It was depressing stuff really as they repeated what happened the previous year vs Roma. Messi was absolutely anonymous again. They also lost the Copa del Rey final to Valencia. He couldn’t score a goal vs Real Madrid when Barcelona managed to score 10 goals in 4 games vs them.

    VvD said that Messi deserves it in June, but in December 2019 he says: “I was slightly disappointed. I decided I would still go to the ceremony and, in the end, it was a super night”. Kind of makes me think he had changed his mind.

    Barcelona losing to Roma and Pool with 3 goal first leg advantage was embarrassing stuff. You know it wouldn’t happen to a CR7 team. It’s also why Messi has failed with Argentina. Even in that historic game vs our very own Emery’s PSG it was Neymar who lead the turnaround for Barcelona. Messi scored 1 goal out of the 6 (a penalty for a foul on Neymar) then Neymar scored a free kick, a penalty in the 91st min (Messi didn’t want it I guess?) and made the cross for their 95th min victory.

    How you perform in the biggest games of the season should matter. It’s why I know you’ve said you’d prefer CR7 to Messi in these close knockout games where he is by far the stronger mentally of the two. I agree.

  69. Dissenter

    I thought they revised then handball-penalty rules.
    What’s a player to do when the ball is blasted at him from 2 yards?
    The Brom defender turned his back against the ball and the ball was blasted at his hand

  70. Gonsterous

    Arteta kinda feels like a cheque book manager. Not a manager keen on building young players. He’s strategy seems to be to bring in more experienced heads, even if they are a bit more expensive and have no re sale value.

  71. China1

    Surely if not only being an absolute monster but showing up in big games and winning trophies matters than Lewa should’ve been ahead of Messi and CR?

  72. raptora

    China, owning in a one team league doesn’t count for much. One UCL trophy in a massive club like Bayern isn’t a great achievement. No big success with Poland either.

  73. Sid

    The logical system should be able to increase the amount of goals Auba is contributing, while getting more goals from a few others,
    Basic and Brendan has done it with Vardy

    Meanwhile diet Pep and fanboys are yabbering about ‘process’, which is the new ‘sauce’

  74. Graham62

    There is no excuse persisting with playing Aubameyang out wide.

    The current system is far too rigid and far too predictable.

    Arteta must change things and quickly.

    Have no clue what will happen today.

  75. Chris

    Good morning Graham,

    Agree that we need to see evidence of some change today in terms of our style. I wouldn’t expect whole sale changes but yes, seeing more threat in our attack is a must.

  76. Graham62


    Good morning.

    Arteta also has to show more trust and support in those players that need it most ie- Pepe, Nketiah, Willock, AMN, Nelson, Martinelli, Balogun and not just those players who are putting on a false front for him.

    You know the ones

  77. Chris


    Yes I am all for seeing more of the younger players. Willock and Nelson in particularly have looked bright and shown a spark when given the opportunity.

    A lack of midfield options today may mean Willock sees some substantial game time today, it would be a good chance for him to show what he can do.

  78. gunnerram

    A Bisela team practicing for 2 weeks as none of their players were on International Duty versus an Arsenal team who only managed to return on Thursday. Just 3 days practice and a long travel up north. Its going to be interesting to say the least. I suspect this is a mauling and hope we can recover from this.

  79. Chris

    Also perhaps an interesting side plot today, how is Nketiah’s motivation today? I bet he would love to score today at a club that loaned him in but never really have him much of a chance.

  80. Kush Sharma

    If we don’t see a change today and Auba is played out wide and we fail to get a result, I’m committedly jumping on the Arteta Out wagon.

  81. WengerEagle


    Ronaldo is an absolute freak though in the CL, you make it sound as if Messi is a big game shirker or something?

    Messi was the best player in 3 Barcelona CL winning sides, scored massive goals in two Finals vs Manchester United, SF goals vs Pep’s Bayern Munich and Real Madrid at the Bernabeu [his second greatest goal in his career] and how many times has he dicked over Real Madrid in the Clasico? He literally is the best Clasico player ever by FAR.

    I agree with your main point but for me it has coincided with Messi’s and Barcelona’ decline these past few years these CL collapses and his reduced effectiveness in the Clasico. I also don’t think Messi was anonymous at Anfield, IIRC he put in on a plate for Coutinho through on goal who missed a one on one and also was swarmed by Pool defenders whenever he had the ball, he still created a few chances at that.

    I’ve always made the point that over the course of a full season with Messi vs Ronaldo that I would easily want Messi but that in a pressure one-off game I would take Ronaldo every time. It’s why he has had more success than Messi in the CL knockouts, both individually and trophy wise.

  82. SpanishDave

    Arteta hasn’t a clue about using flair and imagination.
    Watching Man City shows how he is trying to copy their possession with constant short, sideways boring passing. Our midfield and attackers are looking to pass rather than shooting.
    We will loose today and scape a draw with Wolves and then loose to Spuds.
    I don’t think we can wait three years playing like this

  83. Mee

    Who thinks the former Xhaka, now Arsenal manager has it in the bag to outsmart Bielsa? Leeds are licking their lips. If Auba crosses the ball to anybody today I am officially a smarter manager than Fraudteta

  84. WengerEagle

    And re the Ballon D’or I agree that trophies should definitely come into it but it’s about balance.

    Messi was a cunt hair away from cleaning house and winning a treble by being by far the best individual player and instrumental in Barca winning the Last 16, QF and SF first leg, even on that near miss he still won La Liga.

    VVD you could just as easily say failed to win anything domestically.

    If Messi was dumped out early in Europe you may have a point.

    Modric won it in a year that on paper he only actually won the CL. Failed to win the League and the World Cup ultimately. Not sure why the CL alone should supersede a much better individual effort.

    If you’re making the trophy argument then Sneijder and Ribery were robbed of it.

  85. WengerEagle

    Always find it fascinating when a player like N’Ketiah is so prolific at youth level but looks average at senior level.

    Hope for our sake that he can kick on this season and score us some important goals, the West Ham winner was a big one.

  86. Ashburton

    That boy hojberg looks very good. Can’t say I overly noticed him at Southampton but he’s been unbelievable at times this season. Hope he gets injured because he’s as important to them and anyone and its one of the few places that they haven’t got like for like cover. Seriously worried because even Eric dier looks a player now. Bale an unused sub in a handy win against City tells me all I need to know. Arsenal meanwhile are nowhere!!! Playing academy football with a novice manager. Sad times

  87. La croqueta

    Seeing alot of memes and and jokes about “The non-negotiables”. Let’s put it this way. Respect and trust in Artetas non-negotiables is on the line with this team selection.
    So he has 2 chances to keep fans onside.
    1. With a good team selection.
    And even if he gets that wrong
    2. A win.

    Now if he achieves glorious failure or a hard fought draw. These are scenarios Where its hard to guess how fans will react.
    Either way for sure his non-negotiables philosophy is up for serious scrutiny today.

  88. Ashburton

    An other worry villa looked absolutely rubbish yesterday but used our home ground as a dance floor in a 3.0 hammering last time.

  89. Ashburton

    Worried that arsenal are perfect for Leeds. They press very hard and high,Our rookie manager will no doubt have players playing out even though they aren’t good enough to do it. If we can somehow not balls up for the 1st 70 minutes then they do gas out so maybe we can do something.

  90. HerbsArmy

    It’s difficult to take the Ballon D’or seriously when you see names like Michael Owen on the list.
    Must win game today.
    I’ve always been vehemently against Arteta’s appointment, today he needs to prove why he deserves his exalted position.

  91. WengerEagle


    Right on. Back then the award was so retar.ded. Ballon D’or winner was different to the FIFA World POTY and the top 3 weren’t even closely related.

    The year Owen won the Ballon D’or the top three were:

    1- Michael Owen
    2- Raul
    3- Oliver Kahn

    The same year this was the FIFA World POTY:

    1- Luis Figo
    2- David Beckham
    3- Raul

    From 2002-2006 Henry was the best player in the world and if not only second to Ronaldinho for a time there.

    In those 5 years in the Ballon D’or rankings, he didn’t win the award at all but what was a far bigger travesty and a disgrace was the he only finished in the top 3 TWICE, and one of those was a 3rd place finish and in neither one of those seasons was Ronaldinho EVEN ON THE FUCKING TOP 3 SHORTLIST.

    Award has been a joke for long before Modric won it.

  92. WengerEagle

    In 2005-06 which as a season was Ronaldinho’s peak [most insane peak I’ve ever seen from a player outside of Messi/Ronaldo] he didn’t even finish top 3 in Ballon D’or voting, fucking joke. Henry who had his second best season ever individually while taking us to the CL and France to the World Cup Final which he lost on pens finished 3rd behind Cannavaro and Buffon.

    If Trezeguet had scored that pen and Grosso missed, would have been Henry’s Ballon D’or. Was a WC wankfest.

  93. Samesong

    Is it true that we are the only team that hasn’t conceded a goal through set piece all season?

    Predicting a draw today.


  94. Rich


    I’m not sure there’s Arteta “fan boys”, other than Pedro….

    I’m not wedded into Arteta, and wasn’t wedded into the idea of Emery either.

    I just think managers generally don’t get enough time, football fans by enlarge are too knee jerk

    We live in a society of bedwetters, having a competition with each other over who can have the biggest emotional meltdown.

    If Arteta were to lose the dressing room, he’d have to go.

    But I think we need some cool heads, we’re a long way away from where we’d like to be, and I’m just certainly not convinced by the argument that changing the manager, will somehow turn us into an attractive attacking outfit, that sweeps away all before them, or even that our fortunes would change to any significant degree.

    Sometimes change can be positive, but stability and cohesion are such underrated qualities, we need to build a successful team, that will take time, and we’ll have to go through some more pain to get there.

    Arteta has added structure, I’m happy to give him another 18 months to get his house in order, rather than piss my pants every time things don’t go the way I’d like them too.

    That doesn’t equate to being a “fan boy” it equates to being reasonable, mature and showing some patients, rather than being ruled by emotion.

    Football fans are great at declaring a new manager needs 4-5 transfer Windows and time to turn things around, but then get bored after 8 weeks, and ten start calling for the managers head on a stick, it’s completely ridiculous.

  95. Graham62

    TH14 inspired a generation of youngsters.

    Aubameyang, Lacaztte, Mbappe,Jesus, Sterling, Rashford, Martial, Hazard and many many more see him as their idol and role model.

    The legacy of TH14 and the way he played the game is massive.

  96. WengerEagle


    Yeah we have yet to concede from a set-piece, even a PK.

    Oddly impressive stat, imagine saying that to us back in Cescball days with Wenger’s obsession with midget CB’s.

    Just a shame that we can’t actually score goals, lol.

  97. Ashburton

    Eddie looks like he’s going to be one of these Jr football superstars but senior football also runs unfortunately. We need to look outside the club for a top forward, we have a top one who’s better days are behind him and a few 6 out of 10 replacements but that won’t be enough.

  98. WengerEagle

    Henry shits on all of those names too except for M’Bappe.

    And I rated Henry higher as a player tbh. I know that M’Bappe will potentially go on to be better but in terms of technique, creativity and ability on the ball, Henry all day.

    As amazing as M’Bappe is, I’m not sure just how much better he’ll actually get than he is right now.

  99. Graham62

    Eden Hazard has admitted that in 2002, when Henry scored that wonder goal against Spuds at Highbury, he was inspired to do the same.

    Hazard was 11 at the time.

    The rest is history.

  100. WengerEagle


    Bojan Krkic springs to mind. Was labelled the next Messi when Messi himself was still a teenager, lol.

    Eddie keeps getting compared to Wrighty, I just don’t see it myself. Wrighty himself wasn’t even a pro at Eddie’s age but his story is exceptionally rare.

  101. Gonsterous

    We have a top striker in Martinelli, the way he develops will be on arteta, we know he’s got the potential but can arteta see and nurture it?

    if we get a negative result tonight, the fans will start to turn on arteta.