Making more honeymoons

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FINALLY, we’re back in the mixer and there are some tasty football games to sink our teeth into this weekend.

Spurs vs City today is the first of the thrillers. Someone is dropping points, maybe both teams. Hopefully, it’s Spurs.

Then we have Leicester vs Liverpool in a top of the table clash. Again, hoping it’s Leicester dropping points.

… and then obviously, the Arsenal take on Leeds in a flashback of yesteryears Super Sunday’s. Jimmy Floyd? Lee Bowyer? Mark Viduka? Oof… some names that make feel a bit queezy.

Mikel Arteta has a lot resting on this game. It’s not pivotal to his future, but it’s a huge test because fans are demanding to see that the club is on the up. There’s a lot of worry that we’re on the slide and it’s terminal. Nail a win against a side everyone seems to think is excellent and we’ll have a nice week.

My uncle is a massive Leeds United fan. I spoke to him yesterday and he has a lot more faith in Arsenal than most of us do. His take is that Arsenal will be wounded and Leeds can’t defend for shit. He’s hoping to score early and take a point. The game plan from Bielsa can only go one way. We’ve seen them ship 8 goals in two games. Surely there’s a clue in there somewhere.

I think we’re hoping that Arteta and his coaching staff have had plenty of time to stew on the conundrum that is our lack of attacking prowess. We’re hoping the team is as fired up as Dani Ceballos after a rogue ‘you mum’ joke flies at him. We want to see a reaction and see off the Villa game as an anomaly.

What we don’t want to see: Lacazette or Auba through the middle

What we do want to see: Big performances from big players and an attacking approach that yields more than two shots on target

Arteta was asked in the press conference if he was feeling a different type of pressure now fans are calling him Fraudteta on the He answered like Arsene Wenger would. He said the loss last week really hurt him. He will firstly look at his own decisions and try to learn. Overall though, despite saying again that the road back to the top will be bumpy, he’s very optimistic about the future.

Arsenal fans want to know that the people at the club care and we want to know that our new coach who is learning the ropes is actually prepared to the learn the ropes. If nothing changes this weekend, then it’ll start to look like he’s just stubborn. If he changes things and it doesn’t work, it’ll look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The job is hard, because we are a long way from the top and fans don’t like to accept that.

The coach is staying positive, he wants more honeymoons, and he seems very confident that he’s taking us on the right journey.

The Leeds game is a great place to try and claw back some points and make a move on the table. Big teams are playing each other this weekend. Points will drop. We need to make them up against a team that will most certainly not be in the top 6 this season.

Should be a fun game. See you in the comments. Listen to the podcast if you haven’t. I added music and cleaned up the sound a bit!

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  1. Champagne charlie

    “First you say that buying Aubameyang when we had Lacazette was a mistake, then you say how buying a 8th CB makes perfect sense.“

    One cost 56 mil and the other cost 4.

    The two scenarios aren’t the same, one has significant influence on the makeup of the first XI now and beyond meanwhile the other gave us scope to sell this past summer (which we tried and failed to do), but also protects us longer term when we have 3 senior defenders exiting the building for free.

    Auba was bought as a starter, Mari was not. Such a reductive argument trying to compare them like for like.

    You’re still stuck figuring out how Auba was poor strategy because you’re bedazzled by his world class status irrespective of our squad needs. Probably worth absorbing that one before wading into other comments trying to compare the two.

  2. WengerEagle


    Agree. City have collected wide midfielders in Bernardo, Mahrez, Foden but they really do lack that outside direct threat that Sane gave them along with Sterling.

    All a bit one-paced as outstanding on the ball as they are.

  3. Marc

    City keeper been really poor on both goals.

    City need to get their heads out of their arses right now if they want any hope of getting something out of this.

  4. london gunner

    As I said earlier this is a huge match. I said if spurs win they could end up winning the league…

    I stand by that statement they have very smartly assembled a terrific squad full of pace power and scoring prowess. They can smash teams and also shithouse a win mourinho style.

    This maybe the year the scum win the league

  5. curse

    “juice or sauce is the question”

    we’ll know soon enough, all the squad nonsense could turn on him if he ain’t careful.

    pissed on the fly, pissed on pepe, pissing on auba, pissing on niles, letting ceballos’ inner twat run amok, terrorising the youts. letting laca hang himself to the detriment of a few.

    so many questions need answers, he’s a smarty pants though, so we’ll See:

  6. raptora

    Weird how Ederson repeated the exact same error from earlier. What was he thinking?

    Pep at fault for not playing Sterling whatever the reason is. He’s the only player in their team at the moment that can score over 20 goals besides Aguero.

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    No way will we beat those yid cunts . And the worse thing is the wankers look like they could win the league 😭😭. Said it before I’ll say it again, pep’s style of football has been found out, so god knows why Arteta wants to play like city

  8. S Asoa

    2-0 the bastards are up. But can see Spores were effective defensively although City threw the tub and the baby as well. Looks like Jose had a point to make

  9. raptora

    No Charlie,
    Tell me that Gabriel was a mistake since we had 7 other Central Backs at the time. How it made no sense spending almost 30m. How it was poor strategy when our team had other needs.

  10. london gunner

    Also Pep is being found out he inherited an amazing team of player the bones/foundations of which were founded by mancini. Pep is great manager so for a couple of years he took them to a slightly higher level recording points season but he can’t maintain it and for all the money he has he has assembled a squad which lacks power purpose and leaders. City are flashy but so very fragile mentality wise.

  11. Ishola70


    “so god knows why Arteta wants to play like city”

    He doesn’t play like Man City though.

    Man City pass and dominate right up to the opponents penalty area.

    When did Arteta do that at Arsenal?

    Some passing deep between defenders isn’t Pep ball.

  12. Rich


    That’s stat padding

    In the league:

    2019/20 56 goals
    2018/19 51 goals
    2017/18 73 goals

    In terms of shots, shots on goals, and chance creation, we’ve been sliding for 3-4 seasons now.

    Ozil is finished, Alexis started to slide, we lost Cazorla, Ramsey, Iwobi, who are all technical players.

    We replaced with Torreira, Guendouzi who were inexperienced.

    Aubameyang needs technicians around him, and isn’t a high output player.

    We wasted £50million on Lacazette, who was a downgrade on Giroud,

    We lost Mkhitaryan and Ramsey, and replaced with Saka and Ceballos.

    Ceballos was 23 and Saka 18, in the immediate that was always going to hurt us, even if in the medium – long term it was a positive move.

    The other thing that’s changed is

    The top 4 became the big 6

    The big six is now the top 8

    There’s 4 clubs below that who are very dangerous

    The days of Arsene rolling over the smaller teams is over,

    The organisation, pace, movement and match winners other teams have has improved.

    Thats because bottom half PL teams can now pick off the best players from top clubs around Europe, such is the financial might of the league.

    The PL is competitive and exciting.

    We’ve made poor decisions for years, it’s going to take us a bit of time to rectify those decisions.

  13. Champagne charlie

    “No Charlie,
    Tell me that Gabriel was a mistake since we had 7 other Central Backs at the time. How it made no sense spending almost 30m. How it was poor strategy when our team had other needs.“

    Literally everyone wanted a CB, it was one of the priorities of the squad because of all the players we had the best was veteran David Luiz.

    Another apples to oranges comparison.

    Explain how that’s the same as spending 56 mil on a CF 4 months after spending 45 mil on….a CF?

    In fact fuck that, tell me that Ozil was justified because he’s was world class and when a world class player is available you have to buy them.

    Go on.

  14. london gunner


    Sane was exiles from the 1st team by Pep, Pep never fancied him which was bizarre as he looked like he was becoming the top tier of talent in that side with kdb, sterling.

    I know le grove has a hard on for marhrez the hipsters choice of player but Sane for my mind is just more devastating and impactful.

  15. TR7


    Repeatedly said here that for me Sane was the best player at City in the season they reached 100 points. In fact I would say he was player of the year in the league for me. I don’t get certain decisions of Pep – choosing average Jesus ahead of Kun, offloading Sane, hoarding these wide playmakers who don’t score, making Stones a regular when anyone with an eye could tell he wasn’t good enough. He really is eccentric and weird in some aspects of his management.

  16. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    You can’t diminish what Pep achieved domestically for a couple of years, he ascended them to new heights that the PL had never seen before. Liverpool finished as runners up with 97 points, unheard of.

    But I agree that he has been found out, I think that he’s such an intense personality that his players grow tired of him after a while. Works great until that happens but he burned out at Barca and at Bayern by the end.

  17. london gunner

    Lol Raptora is chatting utter shit. We have been crying out loud for a CB of the calibre of gabriel for years nows and he is been probably our best player this season. Are mistake wasn’t bringing in him but not getting rid of the deadwood CB’s.

  18. WengerEagle

    Yeah London and TR7 I’m with you both on Sane, have always been a massive fan and preferred him to even Sterling.

    More powerful and a better striker of the ball for me, at least before the injury.

  19. Ishola70

    The sad thing now is that it’s a case whether Spurs actually fail in regards Arsenal finishing above them.

    It’s so clear they have the better overall squad of players.

    But this has been the case for a long enough time now.

    How the fuck did we get into this position, Being poorly run,

  20. David Smith

    As poor as we are at times ,have a funny feeling we will do Spurs ,we seem to work that way .
    Which will be amusing

  21. london gunner

    Lol Pogba not included in OGS squad, probably because Pogba was slagging him off in the media. TBH aside from a very world cup he is quite the overrated player. He is what a tab instagram baller.

  22. raptora

    learn to read. I’m defending both Auba and Gabriel’s buys. We upgraded massively in both occasions.

    Charlie is arguing that buying Auba was a mistake, cause we had Lacazette, but somehow doesn’t apply the same thing for Gabriel. We had a CF when we bought Aubameyang, we had defenders when we bought Gabriel. If you need to upgrade, you just buy.

    Charlie still thinks that Lacazette is a better forward than Aubameyang is the end line after being proven wrong time and time again. Went as far to saying that Lacazette is just out of form at the moment. As if he expects him to score 30+ goals in the league like Auba has done for us. Utter bs.

  23. Champagne charlie


    Again proving your ability to grasp what’s being said is painfully lacking.

    It’s all dead simple for you, if a player is world class you buy them irrespective of what’s needed in the team. Elite stuff, that’s why we’re the attacking marvel we see today.

  24. TR7

    City were at their absolute best when Toure was on song. Easily one of the best mids ever to grace the PL for me. Pep fell out with him too.

  25. Marc


    They are stronger in certain positions – there are others where I don’t think they are all that.

    The real difference is they are managed better.

  26. raptora

    I’m saying that the money paid for Auba were WELL worth it. We should have sold Lacazette and it all would have made perfect sense. You say buying Auba was a mistake. Tell me how I’m wrong again?

  27. Kaz

    City only need to replace Jesus, get themselves a powerful athletic central midfielder who can change up the tempo with dribbling and passing and they need a clinical winger.

    If they get Messi they can get a clinical midfielder who can change up the tempo with passing and dribbling, they still need to replace Gabriel and probably should get a direct and pacey winger.

  28. Champagne charlie


    I’ve told you at least 5 times, but you’re clearly too stupid to acknowledge what’s being said.

    Would you buy a player to replace Gabriel this Jan? If he’s world class then it’s a given based on what you’ve said.

    Do explain that……

  29. S Asoa

    Arsenal does have adequate good players for 4 position. But Arteta has been playing favourite, playing assets out of position , and taken off from.Emery playing back passes.. Only saving grace is the discipline in defence in spite of attracting opposition to camp in our half

  30. Marc

    Problem with Pogba isn’t ability or talent it’s attitude.

    He doesn’t want to be at ManU, hasn’t wanted to be there for a while and ManU will have a problem getting back any serious level of what they paid for him in the summer.

  31. TR7

    You can’t be slating Ozil for turning up once in 10 games and then laud Pogba who does exactly the same. He has little desire and hunger to be a top player. Always was and still is an overrated player.

  32. Marc


    If we have the money then yes you do.

    If you’re argument is we should have used the money in an area that needed strengthening more – fine but Laca has never scored enough goals to get us top 4.

  33. raptora

    I would replace Chambers for Gabriel, like we did when we bought Auba to replace Lacazette.
    Why would I sell Gabriel if he is a top player, something Lacazette isn’t? You are making zero sense.

  34. Champagne charlie

    “I would replace Chambers for Gabriel“

    What does this even mean? Chambers is a RCB, Gabriel is a LCB.

    So you would choose to put the money into another position of the defence and not replace Gabriel whom we just bought?

  35. RockyRoe

    Well thank god bought auba, we could have well been relegate last season without him.

    Raptora has a pretty straightforward point. If buying auba when we had laca was money badly spent then buying Gabriel when we have closet full of cbs should be money badly spent as well. The fact that everyone was clamouring for a CB doesn’t change the fact that we had a roster full of them and hadn’t sold any.

  36. S Asoa

    Arteta sees taking Laca from.the Middle as an acknowledgement of what it is..So like a politician wiill keep him on there.
    Count the blessings of occasional 1-0 wins

  37. TR7

    I will choose each of Cesc, Santi, Rosicky, Hleb ahead of Pogba, let us not even mention Viera in the same sentence with Pogba. How many games has he won United ? Not even 10. Ramsey who I don’t even like had more of an impact overall than Pogba, says it all really.

  38. raptora

    You do you brother, I’ll stop this nonsense. Just know that your opinion that spending money on Auba was a mistake is a laughable one. It all stems from the fact you rate Lacazette. Maybe he’d be proving me wrong on the international scene at least? Haven’t played for France since 2017? Oh okay then…

    I will say that we should have kept Giroud with Aubameyang and sell Lacazette. Same way he’s preferred in the French squad.

  39. Rich

    Pogba is a very high risk, very high reward, type of punt.

    He’s got everything to be elite, but looks clumsy and disinterested.

    A different manager could get him going, but he’s also got a touch of Ozil syndrome about him, where he could lose even more interest the moment the ink dried on his new deal.

    I’d stay well clear, United should cut their loses.

    These players are earning so much money, you can only imagine how easy it is to lose interest pretty quickly.

  40. TR7


    I would rather play with 10 men than have Xhaka in my starting 11 😛

    See Pogba has got some good attributes as a footballer, no doubt about that but honestly I don’t fear him at all when we play United.

  41. Nelson

    Ishola “They are living dangerously though. Already had last ditch defending from them”

    You still think that they are living dangerously. I rather saw an MC team running out of idea to break through Mou’s defense.

  42. London gunner

    City were at their absolute best when Toure was on song. Easily one of the best mids ever to grace the PL for me. Pep fell out with him too.

    This times 1million

    Easily one of the most complete players ever seen in pl or any league really. Guy had it all. Always felt he was underrated in the sense that barca got rid of him and no big teams with history like real or bayern tried to snap him up.

    Pep really didn’t like him as he prefers technical midgets without personality

  43. Aaron

    If AFC played like spuds just did to get that win many would still complain!

    moaninho will get spuds to play well for 1.5 seasons max, and 6 months are already gone.

    spuds played like $h*te, 2 shots on target, and both goals were due to poor keeper play. Their entire game plan was lump it long.

    If you want a coach like that then you deserve what you get, that game plan was as anti-futbol as one can get.
    Total $h*te.

    Seriously, do not know what many thought they saw today, but spuds won against a seriously changed $h*tTy squad from years ago.

    Many teams will battle for the top spot, and do not count out pool just yet.

    Every game on here is like a see saw of lunacy, I swear….

  44. Marc

    “I would rather play with 10 men than have Xhaka in my starting 11”

    I would ask what the difference is but empty space doesn’t fuck up.

  45. raptora

    City have scored 4 goals in their last 6 games. They can’t find goals easily. If we didn’t sideways pass for the whole 2nd half, we might have managed to get something out of that game.

  46. Kaz


    Hahaha, I just wanted to see which you’d go for 😀

    I don’t fear Pogba as a gamechanger against us for Utd, but with France he’s a different calibre.

  47. Kaz


    We have been playing like that though, but worse.
    I don’t know if you were watching but Spurs could and were countering very quickly.

    We on the otherhand cannot…

  48. Kaz


    That’s because they didn’t trust Yaya to do more than be a water carrier.
    Doesn’t tell us which is a harder league at all. Just tells us he wasn’t trusted to perform at a high level by an incredibly anal yet successful manager.

  49. Ishola70


    “You still think that they are living dangerously. I rather saw an MC team running out of idea to break through Mou’s defense.”

    As in a lot of cases it can be important when the goals are scored.

    Spurs were tettering at times in the first half but the longer Man City go without getting on the scoresheet the less likely they look to score.

    We have seen this before from Man City. Keep them out long enough holding onto a lead and they fade as the game enters later periods.

    I said on here a while ago that Pep and Man City look to be at the end of the road but other posters were telling me it was just a blip they were going through.

  50. Elmo


    But we have a ‘coach like that’, who tried playing the exact same way against City, then large parts of the fanbase celebrated that we ‘only’ lostby one goal.

    Managers will be judged by results, especially so when you set up your team to play dull, risk-averse football. Arteta has to look at what a free-for-all this season is, and realise how to make Arsenal a protagonist in matches again.

  51. David Smith

    Some valid points Aaron. Liverpool are far from out of it, they will strengthen in Jan . Chelsea are a threat as well
    Tottenham are an injury or two from a slump, Kane is increasingly an injury waiting to happen, and they have a certain weight of history against them whenever they get close to winning something.
    Hard to judge them today, as City were incredibly poor, and a very odd starting line up from Pep
    Just because we are in transition for the moment and not always in a good place, no need to
    big up rivals too much in our frustration, just let the media do that

  52. Rich


    How many times a day do you knock one out over your Xhaka poster?

    I reckon you’re easily hitting double figures daily, and triple figures weekly.

    You just love him soooo much….

  53. Champagne charlie


    Yea. A laughable opinion that you’ve never once actually grasped, figure that one out.

    Crack on with your top shelf approach of buying as per who is available on the market instead of having a plan yourself of actually building an attack.

    Next up…. whoever is available in Jan. Hear David Alaba is looking for a move, let’s spend 35 mil on him and bench Tierney. Or maybe shove Tierney centre back so at least he makes the XI.

    Attacking midfield? Pfft who needs it.

  54. raptora

    Imo, Yaya is the most complete midfielder in the EPL’s history. Vieira is up there, Scholes is up there. But for me, he takes it. He was more than competent in the defensive part of the game and in addition he was match winner. In 2012/13 he had 20 goals, 9 assist in 35 EPL games. What a player.

  55. Ashburton

    Spuds will absolutely take us to the fuckin cleaners… Their new right back and the boy hojberg are absolutely fantastic… We have pepe still

  56. Aaron

    Yeah Kaz two shots through the keepers legs and on any other day that game goes nil nil to the spuds, and people would have paid to watch that dross.

  57. Kaz


    I’m by no means calling it a perfect performance or comfortable, their decision making from certain players let down their counters quite often and Reguillon kept trying to knock it past Walker to see if he could race him instead of going for a pass.

    I’m just applauding that they at least understand counter attacks are meant to be quick….

  58. Kaz


    No, Guardiola just didn’t like him.
    Yaya was still playing up until Guardiola was announced and then once he arrived, he’s immediately benched Yaya for most of the season.

  59. Marc


    It’s not that they understand that a counter is supposed to be fast in comparison to us – our problem is the players haven’t grasped that in a counter repeatedly passing the ball to your keeper is a bit of a problem.

  60. Pierre

    Pogba, bale , james , coutinho, Ozil . Eriksen

    All playmakers that have been frozen out of their respective teams in the last year …

    United 14th
    Arsenal 11th
    Inter ..9th
    Madrid 4th

    Hasn’t done the clubs a lot of good has it.

    As a football supporter that likes to watch and admire quality, i think it is a criminal waste of talent, especially when you look at how these clubs are struggling.

    That’s why i said a month or so ago, and it hurts me to say it, that i get more enjoyment watching Chelsea & Tottenham play these days..

    Lampard especially , respects and admires quality and he is building a football team that will win the league very soon.

    Sad to say , but Jose also recognises the importance of quality and was willing to take a chance on Bale..
    La celso is also an excellent signing.

    For 20 years Arsenal played quality football with quality footballers and we were admired all round the world for our entertaining football …sad to say but Chelsea and Tottenham are taking over the mantle of entertainment.

    Tottenham and Chelsea are proving that if you bring in classy players you will play classy football.
    Yes Tottenham put up a rearguard action today but their football was bright and inventive whenever they were on the ball..

    We are now playing like pre programmed robots who are not allowed to think for themselves.
    The pendulem has swung completely the other way from when wenger was here..

    We need to find a middle ground that brings out the skills and expression in our play whilst maintaining the discipline in our play .

    At the moment it is discipline and work and then more discipline and more work..

    I’m hoping this doesn’t end badly for Arteta as he is putting his heart and soul into the club, I think that maybe he has lost his way in his crusade to be this strict disciplinarian…

  61. Kaz

    I hope Arteta was watching the the England vs Iceland game and he was watching the off the ball movement of Saka. I hope he was watching the interplay between Saka, Grealish, Kane and Mount and I hope he comes to the realisation that you don’t play like that by telling your players how to play all the time.

  62. Marc

    Give it a rest Pierre no one gives a shit.

    I’d say 99% on here wouldn’t give a toss if Ozil was kidnapped by Aliens beyond being happy to see him off the wage bill.

  63. Pierre

    The difference is , Tottenham can play on the counter as they did v city today and they can also play open attacking football …

    We can play like Tottenham did today but under Arteta I’m not sure we can open up….maybe he will try something different tomorrow..i hope so.

  64. Danny+S

    Fucking Spurs.

    Just imagine if Spurs win the league with Maureen, in the godfather of sauce’s first full season…..

    It will be unbearable.

  65. Ishola70


    You spoke too soon.

    And since your post about Guen being a king among serfs in this game I have hardly seen him touch the ball and I have some time for Guen.

    tbf though he is in a very average team who won’t be seeing a lot of the ball especially against one of the better sides in the league Dortmund.

  66. London gunner

    Tbf spurs are run like a proper football club despite building a stadium they managed to asemble a far superior squad on lower wages.

    Arsenal are run by corporate snakes and yuppies who don’t know fuck all about football and that can be seen in the disaster of a squad we have assembled.

    Make no mistake about it we are still very much a team stacked full of deadwood and that includes many of the first 11. Really sick and tired of what a shit club we have become

  67. Ishola70

    We need a wide wanker to come into the club like a Daniel Levy.

    David Dein was a wide wanker as well but just not as an obvious one as Levy.

    Fuck off Kroenke you bland cunt.

  68. The Godfather

    You’re confusing me with whatever point you’re trying to make. Hertha has a lot of physical talented players with limited football IQ. The level MattyG compared to his teammates is glaringly obvious.

    Right now Dortmund is dominating possession and Guendo has to drop deeper to support … unfortunately when he gets on the ball the necessary runs from his teammates are lacking due to their low football IQ

  69. Elmo

    “Arsenal are run by corporate snakes and yuppies who don’t know fuck all about football and that can be seen in the disaster of a squad we have assembled.”

    Yup – that pretty much sums it up.

  70. Rich

    Spurs are genuine title contenders.

    If they keep Kane, Son and Bale relatively injury free, they’ll be in the hunt.

    This season has vibes of 2016/17 about it, we smashed Chelsea 3-0, Conte switched to a back 3, won 18 on the bounce, and didn’t lose again until March.

    Liverpool slight favourites for me, but so far, I’m not seeing the same gulf in class as the last 3 seasons.

  71. The Godfather

    I can’t believe people are slating the Kroenke’s.

    How much more money do they have to throw away on the likes of:


    I could go on and on …go and check out our wage bill and net spend since 2017 and then come back and talk

  72. London gunner

    We need a wide wanker to come into the club like a Daniel Levy.David Dein was a wide wanker as well but just not as an obvious one as Levy.Fuck off Kroenke you bland cunt.”

    Never a truer word said. Ultimately the club is shaped from the top david dein was a football man and the desire to win.

    Arsenal means nothing to Kroenke but a low risk investment on his balance sheet. This has allowed us to become a fake shell of a club. Looking at our transfers is the litmus test of what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Willian was garbage, gabriel and partey great but no auoar just shows we aren’t fully serious about contending with the big boys. Its always half hearted effort or too little to late with this shambolic club.

  73. Guns of SF

    This heavy posession game is getting a bit over rated it seems now days.
    While great to watch, it seems to be getting nullified with smart counter attacking football.

    I prefer the heavy posession game personally, its fun to watch, but City seem to be done and toasted.

    The team has really fallen off – and while they can produce and dominate games, winning them is another issue altogether