Making more honeymoons

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FINALLY, we’re back in the mixer and there are some tasty football games to sink our teeth into this weekend.

Spurs vs City today is the first of the thrillers. Someone is dropping points, maybe both teams. Hopefully, it’s Spurs.

Then we have Leicester vs Liverpool in a top of the table clash. Again, hoping it’s Leicester dropping points.

… and then obviously, the Arsenal take on Leeds in a flashback of yesteryears Super Sunday’s. Jimmy Floyd? Lee Bowyer? Mark Viduka? Oof… some names that make feel a bit queezy.

Mikel Arteta has a lot resting on this game. It’s not pivotal to his future, but it’s a huge test because fans are demanding to see that the club is on the up. There’s a lot of worry that we’re on the slide and it’s terminal. Nail a win against a side everyone seems to think is excellent and we’ll have a nice week.

My uncle is a massive Leeds United fan. I spoke to him yesterday and he has a lot more faith in Arsenal than most of us do. His take is that Arsenal will be wounded and Leeds can’t defend for shit. He’s hoping to score early and take a point. The game plan from Bielsa can only go one way. We’ve seen them ship 8 goals in two games. Surely there’s a clue in there somewhere.

I think we’re hoping that Arteta and his coaching staff have had plenty of time to stew on the conundrum that is our lack of attacking prowess. We’re hoping the team is as fired up as Dani Ceballos after a rogue ‘you mum’ joke flies at him. We want to see a reaction and see off the Villa game as an anomaly.

What we don’t want to see: Lacazette or Auba through the middle

What we do want to see: Big performances from big players and an attacking approach that yields more than two shots on target

Arteta was asked in the press conference if he was feeling a different type of pressure now fans are calling him Fraudteta on the He answered like Arsene Wenger would. He said the loss last week really hurt him. He will firstly look at his own decisions and try to learn. Overall though, despite saying again that the road back to the top will be bumpy, he’s very optimistic about the future.

Arsenal fans want to know that the people at the club care and we want to know that our new coach who is learning the ropes is actually prepared to the learn the ropes. If nothing changes this weekend, then it’ll start to look like he’s just stubborn. If he changes things and it doesn’t work, it’ll look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The job is hard, because we are a long way from the top and fans don’t like to accept that.

The coach is staying positive, he wants more honeymoons, and he seems very confident that he’s taking us on the right journey.

The Leeds game is a great place to try and claw back some points and make a move on the table. Big teams are playing each other this weekend. Points will drop. We need to make them up against a team that will most certainly not be in the top 6 this season.

Should be a fun game. See you in the comments. Listen to the podcast if you haven’t. I added music and cleaned up the sound a bit!

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  1. Upstate Gooner

    Win tomorrow can boost conference and go a long way for players and the manager. Lose, and Arteta can quickly find himself in a hot seat, and if results don’t go our way in the next few weeks, he might be out of a job by Xmas.

  2. Marc


    “Nail a win against a side everyone seems to think is excellent”

    I really think you’re out of tune with the views of a lot of fans. The fans aren’t downbeat and negative because they think we’ll lose to a team who are excellent they are down beat and negative because they can’t see us being able to control a team who aren’t that good.

    The other stuff going on in the background just adds fuel to the fire.

  3. Champagne charlie


    Yea I agree, Fekir and Laca had a great relationship at Lyon. Sometimes those kind of dynamics can really spark an upturn in form for players to produce more than the sum and all that.

    We’ve not been particularly smart with how we’ve built our attack the last 3/4 years. Love Auba, but I still maintain that was a stupid move 4 months after buying Lacazette. Made little sense then, and still we’re seeing the square peg stuff 2 years later.

    My ideal is having a potent striker supported by three attacking players all mobile, ball carriers, intricate passers, and final pass/shot masters. Think that is the ideal blueprint, and we’re way below that with essentially 2.5 strikers in Auba, Laca, Pepe.

  4. Up 4 grabs now

    What we don’t want to see: Lacazette or Auba through the middle.

    Then whose playing up top are we getting Thierry out of retirement pedro?

  5. David Smith

    Think Arteta is in a pretty safe position barring disaster, at least in terms of the club, Josh pretty much said on appointing him that the chopping and changing managers was over and done with.
    Arteta has had to face a lot of adversity in his fledgling career, a pandemic, inheriting a shit show, Raul, serious injury crisis, staff changes, an inability to ship players out he might want to, Ozil, forwards out of form, ridiculous international games, and these are just the things we know about, suspect a lot has gone on that we don’t. And Despite all that, he still won silverware.
    But he is a smart guy, these problems will only speed up his learning process. He will get there, just needs time. Like it or not, we aren’t getting anyone else for some time

  6. Kaz

    We don’t want to see Auba through the middle?

    Um what? That’s exactly what we want to see as well as no longer using our striker as a high defensive mid.

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘My ideal is having a potent striker supported by three attacking players all mobile, ball carriers, intricate passers, and final pass/shot masters. Think that is the ideal blueprint, and we’re way below that with essentially 2.5 strikers in Auba, Laca, Pepe.’


    Chavs have that in Pulisic/Havertz, Werner, Ziyech.
    Liverpool have it in Mane, Firmino, Salah, Jota.
    City have it in Sterling, Aguero, Jesus, Silva, Foden, Mahrez, Ferran Torres.
    Spurs have Son, Kane, Lucas/Bale/Bergwijn.
    Even United have it to some degree in Martial, Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani although much hinges on if Cavani is past it.

    We’re incredibly disjointed as we only have one reliable goalscorer in Auba, one all-rounder type in Laca [a poor man’s all-rounder at that], one dribbler in Pepe [not a great one at that] and one creative-ish type in Saka.

    Pale in comparison to those other teams going forward.

  8. G8

    Could have been a pen, but thst yellow/red card for lampety was a disgrace!
    Grealish as a brilliant footballer as he is, is also a diving cunt, just like Zaha
    Good win for the seagulls

  9. raptora

    Brighton have better offensive players than Arsenal I guess. Not Arteta’s fault we don’t have a #10. Clearly if we had spent £50m we’d do better.
    Trying hard to look at Brighton’s #10. What is his name and can we buy the fellow already?!

  10. Globalgunner

    Arteta is the Chemistry post grad student mistakenly put in charge of a nuclear power plant. Expect the unexpected.

  11. Marc

    Can someone explain how Sky in the build up can claim that the Spud’s compared to City have had a flying start to the season? The gap is 5 points and City have a game in hand.

    I know Sky will always want to hype the product but this shit is just getting on my nerves.

  12. Bertie Mee

    Men on four year contracts who took over a disaster and then won the Cup are not going to be sacked in the near future. But with a lot of Arsenal fans the job is becoming impossible . It’s at least a two year job to get into the Champions League

  13. Champagne charlie


    Yea, and that’s my gripe because arguably we’ve not witnessed much of a plan and it’s still pending in truth with a gaping hole behind the front trio.

    If you remember, we had Laca and Giroud at CF options (say what you like but good options if not great). We binned Theo, Ox and Alexis in the same window, and brought in Auba and Mkhi.

    Now Mkhi might not have set the world alight but we’d have been much better to spend the 55 mil we used on Auba to bring in a wide player like a Mahrez who went in 2018.

    Auba, Laca, Mkhi, Iwobi
    Laca, Giroud, Mahrez, Mkhi, Iwobi

    It’s the second option for me, it’s about balance, and we’re not ticking the boxes as far as that goes at the business end of the pitch.

    But we’ve picked our star attacker now by signing Auba. Question for Arteta is how he’s going to build around him (and pretty sharp given he’s 31) to offer us an attack to talk about.

    My money is on Pepe getting binned, Laca getting binned, and players like Aouar, Hungry Dom, and Bernardo Silva being brought in to supplement the attack. We’d be a different outfit with that setup versus where we are now.

  14. G8

    Nelson, I know he dived, the ref changed his mind after he saw it on the screen but could have still stuck to his first decision as there was a contact after..
    other refs could’ve bottled it to be honest

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Yeah I must admit second option is more appealing.
    Big mistake was letting giroud go.
    We never seem to get the balance right.

    We never had wingers then it was too many, tons of playmakers now none.
    Then it’s trying to play square pegs in round holes again.

  16. Graham62

    Brighton’s football is so much better than ours.

    Been very unlucky this season.

    Potter doing fine job and they deserved the luck at the end.

    We have Bellerin.

    Brighton have Lamptey.

  17. Champagne charlie

    “We never had wingers then it was too many, tons of playmakers now none.
    Then it’s trying to play square pegs in round holes again.“

    It’s maddening. Blind spots galore. Under Wenger we had no defensive foundation and we were criminally disrespectful to holding players as we used Coquelin and Flamini for years. But had some fabulous attacking options at times

    Emery ripped the creative talents from us and left us eulogising the likes of Ceballos. Least said the better for me on that one.

    Now Arteta has a big task on his hands to structure a midfield and attack that does the club justice. Tying Auba down sets the timer on that project imo, can’t see us building a force of teenagers with him moving into his thirties. Need a couple of right now sorts. Didn’t particularly cover himself in glory this summer by omitting our attacking midfield altogether, but only thing saving that is the nature of the Covid summer.

    Jan and next summer will tell us a lot though. Big pressure on them imo.

  18. raptora

    We were presented the chance to buy a world class striker and we took it. We upgraded on Lacazette so we just had to sell him and we could have done it this summer and invest the money.

    Auba outscored our xG in Arteta’s anti attacking football setup and scored 1 goal from 2 half chances. Imagine we spent Auba’s money for someone like Pepe who is taking years to get going and might not even work at all?

    To say buying Aubameyang was a mistake is such a silly take. Basically saying it was a mistake that we bought our best and only world class player in our team. How is Lacazette still an Arsenal player for a 4rd season running?

  19. Champagne charlie

    Yea, like we were presented with the opportunity to buy world class Ozil when we already had Cazorla at AM.

    Some fans just like shiny.

    Teams with a plan are the ones that fight for trophies, opportunistic purchasing leaves the rest talking about how good a player is as we aren’t anywhere near the convo.

  20. Sleepinggiant

    I think it’s a typo because I strongly suspect every single clued in Arsenal fan does want to see Auba through the middle. This week and every week. Hes not a winger, or a playmaker, or an attacking midfielder or a false 9, whatever that is. Hes one of the very best centre forwards on earth. So I assume that’s a typo.

  21. WengerEagle

    Higuain or Suarez instead of Ozil and we may have won the PL. Can you imagine us with either of them the year Leicester won it? Think Hig scored 36 in Serie A and Suarez 40 in La Liga.

    As Charlie says, a luxury signing given Santi was sensational as the 10 the year before.

  22. Ishola70


    “Who says that good teams press high. Whenever Spuds loses the ball, every player moves back to defend.”

    They are living dangerously though. Already had last ditch defending from them

  23. Marc

    Kyle Walker is a fucking liability.

    Amazed if a big club doesn’t come in for Son soon – he’s been a good player for some time and is really playing well at the moment.

  24. Champagne charlie


    But Ozil was world class? Great signing apparently. Nvm the needs of the squad, or what would fit best.

    Cant wait for us to buy a brilliant LCB so we can bench Gabriel and be thrilled because his replacement is world class. Some fans just don’t get it.

  25. andy1886

    “A side everyone thinks is excellent” followed by “We’ve seen them ship eight goals in two games”.

    Talk about flip flopping.

    Cut out the hype and we’re playing a side that on their day could beat anyone or lose to anyone. A bit like us but not as dull.

  26. Ishola70

    This Spurs performance is very Arteta-like.

    Defend deep and in numbers, miss out midfield and hit the forwards quickly and directly in the sporadic attacks they have.

  27. Radio Raheem

    Atalanta going through a rough spell at the moment, look devoid of creativity unbelievably.

    Usually start slow tend to hit the heights January/February time.

  28. WengerEagle


    Sky studio are handing out tissues as we speak before they eulogise the Mourinho masterclass.

    Set up perfectly for a shithouse smash and grab, would be poetry if they put it to bed late on with a breakaway Bale goal on as a sub.

  29. raptora

    Arteta has overseen some blatantly stupid transfer decisions. He has to take a large part of the blame because he was promoted to work side by side with Edu so he has been a huge part of every single decision we’ve recently taken re players joining, leaving, loaning or extending.

  30. Radio Raheem

    Mari was such a pointless signing.

    Hahaha I, like a few others, were baffled as to the four year deal he and Soares were given. What a waste of money considering we signed Gabriel afterwards. Then there’s Saliba. Completely stupid the transfer strategy if there was one.

    I’ve come round to Luiz though.

  31. WengerEagle


    We’ll get rid of Sokratis I’m sure, did we not just hand Mustafi a new contract though?

    Hopefully Chambers as well.

    Still even at that we have Gabriel, Luiz, Holding, Saliba, Mustafi.

    Where’s the need for Mari? A crock at that.

  32. Marc

    The big question:

    If after our match against the Spud’s in a couple of weeks Mourinho comes out and accuses Arteta of parking the bus should:

    A) Mourinho be banned from ever managing in the PL again


    B) Arteta should be fired

  33. raptora

    “Not if you’re losing 3 CB’s this summer and have scope to sell Holding and Chambers too.”

    You must be talking about a different team. Or a different summer.

  34. Buzzy

    Imagine the confidence Arsenal would have gone into a big game like this had we signed a big game manager like Jose or Allergi…Arteta on the other hand plays with so much fear it actually plays into the opponents favor..nevermind the inability to have even a little chance becsuse of playing players out of position

  35. TR7

    ‘Jose showing Arteta how to effectively park the bus yet be lethal in counter’

    It’s not about respective managerial abilities of Jose and Arteta. More a reflection of how brilliant Kane and Son are as individual players and as a partnership and how ineffective Auba-Laca duo is in contrast. Kane and Son are world class players, absolutely top notch.

  36. Buzzy

    I mean just look at Spurs here..they look so comfortable panic at all..looks like they could do this easily for another 90.min let alone a half

  37. Buzzy

    “It’s not about respective managerial abilities of Jose and Arteta. More a reflection of how brilliant Kane and Son are as individual players and as a partnership and how ineffective Auba-Laca duo is in contrast. Kane and Son are world class players, absolutely top notch.”

    Yah that is what happens when you play your best striker out of position and downgrade him to a useless cross supplier..anyone with half a brain can see that Auba is wasted on the wings unless the team has a strong creative player…and all this is on Arteta and Arteta only

  38. WengerEagle


    Happy days although he’s not quite as terrible as Sokratis and Chambers imo.

    If we can file it down to Gabriel, Luiz, Saliba and Mari you’ve got a nice blend of youth, experience, height, pace and ball-playing and stopper defenders there.

  39. Champagne charlie


    We shopped Mustafi, Holding and Sokratis this summer. Think we pulled a deal for Holding because of an injury to Mari and Saliba being green.

    Sokratis, Mustafi, and Luiz are gone this summer.

    We’re looking at Gabriel, Mari, Holding, Chambers, Saliba.

    Good chance at least one of the English lads is off too. Like I say, for 4 mil his value is in longer term planning. Key to that actually being the follow-up sales and movements of course, otherwise I’d agree.

    A crock is harsh, apparently he had a screw put in his ankle and went through a period of rejecting it so needing to get it taken back out. Not ideal, but all but ready again I think?

  40. Marc


    You’re assuming Arteta is going to end up playing 4 at the back. On current form we’ll need to sign 3 or 4 new CB’s so we have cover for the 9 – 1 or 10 formations we play.

  41. Rich

    From what I’ve seen from Bielsa, he’s an uncompromising football romantic, who’s ready to go down on his own sword if necessary.

    Arteta’s been the exact opposite, a football pragmatist, who recognises the hand he’s been dealt, and is playing that hand to the best of his ability.

    I don’t think this is the football Arteta wants to dish up, this is just what we are at the moment

    Emery took a lot of unfair stick, he was an experienced manager, with an excellent CV, who is now doing well with Villarreal

    Our lack of creativity and cutting edge predates Arteta, I’m not convinced they’re coaching issues.

    We need patience and cool heads, Arteta should stick to his guns.

    We have a structure, we’ll get plenty of indifferent results, and providing Arteta doesn’t lose the dressing room, we should give him time to work.

    Nothing I’ve seen from us so far has been particularly surprising .

  42. curse

    ‘He’ll look at his decisions firstly’?

    You mother f – in better! he’s drenched in clown juice right now. WTF don’t you wanna play one of the best strikers in the world in his best position after giving him the big doh?
    cos it makes more sense having him playing left back at times?
    He doesn’t deserve the golden boot?
    Ending the on field bromance will mean we will never get to see the handshake celebration?
    We don’t have enough wingers or wide forwards?

    343 needs to stop if he’s gonna keep picking his favorites. Even then, why we’re not playing 433 is maddening. Am I to believe villa and Leeds, teams just promoted have MFers so good that Joe, Saka or Niles couldn’t play as a third mid in front of a xhaka, ceballos pivot?

    Auba Laca Willian is better than,
    Saka Auba Pepe???

    Mikel is bugging, hopefully he was just saving his best hand till last.

  43. Champagne charlie

    “You must be talking about a different team. Or a different summer.“

    Sokratis, Mustafi, and Luiz are no longer Arsenal players as of July 2021. Holding almost left the club this past summer.

    So no, pretty obvious who and what I’m talking about.

  44. Ishola70


    Spurs are under pressure and have conceded a goal that was ruled out.

    They will need the rub of the green not to concede in this match.

    Shithousing to this extent means it’s far from a smooth ride for Spurs that you are implying

  45. Ishola70

    If Mourinho gets a result today with his high level shithousing then he may get wedded to it for a period.

    And the NLD is coming up shortly.

    The clash of the shithousers. Shithousery galore will be seen,

  46. Buzzy

    There’s nothing wrong in being under pressure. It’s about how you cope and they seem to be riding this out fairly easily.

    The goal was correctly ruled out. Jesus used his forearm to control the ball.

    Come on I know it’s Spurs and Jose but credit where credit’s due.

  47. TR7

    ‘Auba outscored Kane last season and the season beforeLet that sink in’

    Auba still no match for either Kane or Son, it is plain and obvious.

  48. Ishola70


    Spurs will need a bit of luck here not to concede as well as stout good defending which to be fair to them they have shown as well.

    When you give up the game this much to your opponent lady luck needs to be on your side.

    It’s called shithousery and I don’t like to see it but it’s probably the best way to beat Man City, Noble victory it will not be though.

  49. WengerEagle


    Do you not see Luiz getting extended?

    Seems a pretty important dressing room figure between the youngsters and the Brazilian contingent and he’s still arguably our 2nd best CB.

  50. gunnerram

    @Pedro — The Leeds game are typically the games under Wenger we will go with a feeling of easily Winnable. Instead we all dread the feeling of hoping to not get Mauled by the crazy pressing and relentless running from the Leeds players.

    Assuming Xakha – Dani – Willock start then the bets we can hope is a Draw – our levels have stooped really low and our identity lost forever.

  51. raptora

    Rich: “Our lack of creativity and cutting edge predates Arteta, I’m not convinced they’re coaching issues.”

    You mean the 2016/17 when we scored 77 goals or the 2017/18 – 74 goals, or the 2018/19 – 73 goals?

    In fact 2019/20’s 56 goals scored was our worst goal tally since 1995/96. Well on course for breaking more records.

  52. Kaz

    Mental how people think Auba continued to be played out of positions in favour of players less talented and unlike last season is away from the danger areas and still think Arteta needs more time… He’s been here 11 months.

    He doesn’t need more time, he needs to throw out his bedroom wall full of player tactics and actually sort out the simple basic stuff first.

  53. Dissenter

    Mourhino has better players to play the system Arteta is trying to implement at Arsenal;
    -Two speedy full backs
    -a real mobile and athletic midfleld,
    -a plethora of players that can play as attacking midfielder
    Two truly world class strikers who can also drop deep to create.

    Like I said before, it Mourhino doesn’t go loco, he will put Spits in a position to truly contend for the title this season.
    It;s a bizzare season, similar to 2015-2016 because no team is really that much better than the rest. Pepe looks washed out at city and Liverpool can’t get two center backs fit to start games. Chelsea have a young manager and are locked in transition.
    This is an open season, pity because we’ve already set ourselves in crises mode so early.

  54. Champagne charlie


    I think it’s depends on a few things, Saliba, the movement of others out the door, our general transfer plans and if we see a partner for Gabriel as a priority this summer etc.

    I can see a one-year deal, but I could also see a coaching role. Depends if Luiz sees himself wanting to continue, or if he wants to return to Benfica for a few years to milk it.

    But what’s for sure is the only ones I’d bank on are Gabriel, Mari, and Saliba. The rest can leave the building as far as I’m concerned. Maybe a year extension for Luiz is smart on that basis, but depending on whether Mari and Gabriel can function as a two I think we should be looking to bring in a RCB that can play. Don’t shoot me but I’ve a lingering suspicion we’ll look to add John Stones.

    Gabriel, Mari, Stones, Saliba, and Luiz extended? I’d be happy with that tbh. Much more so than the current crop.

  55. WengerEagle

    Pretty much nobody beats City by going toe to toe with them though and actually outplaying them. Against pretty much every opponent they will outplay, create the bulk of the chances and dominate the ball.

    Their achilles heel has always been being susceptible to pace on the break/fast counter attacks isolating their defenders who Laporte aside are mostly poor 1 vs 1.

    Think of some spectacular City defeats between Leicester this season, Lyon last year, Liverpool and Spurs CL exits. All teams that fit that description.

  56. Kaz


    Why is that Brighton can put up a better performance against Villa than we can?

    Do you genuinely believe our squad is worse than theirs?

  57. Ishola70


    “a real mobile and athletic midfleld,”

    I’ll give you Sissoko but NDombele?

    Hilarious how De Bruyne left him for dead in that first half play

  58. Kaz

    I haven’t seen anywhere near enough of Mari to call him a shit signing, I don’t know what run of games you lot have seen ahead of me….

  59. Captain Tierney

    Auba has had the best conversion rate in Europe for last 5 years or something.
    He’s been feeding off scraps playing LW for us and still has an exceptional goalscoring record for us. (Reached 50 in the least amount of games for Arsenal).
    Kane and Auba two different type of strikers. If you need more of a complete forward Kane is the better option. If you need a lethal goalscorer who you only need to score goals for and not much else then Auba is by far the better option.

  60. Buzzy

    Shithousing a result would be if they were under meaningful threat comprising of close chances and jammyness. Till now I’d just call it good tactics. Let’s see how it unfolds. I would love to be proven wrong trust me.

  61. Champagne charlie

    And before anyone pipes up about Stones, it’s Barkley all over again. Will take him slinking off to a Villa for 15 mil and playing well before you’re up in arms that he’s a mile better than what we have.

    Stones is a flawed player, but a super ball-playing centre half. He’s 26 years old, and Arteta knows him inside out. Could easily see it happening.

  62. WengerEagle

    Upamecano being subbed off at HT in a losing performance to Frankfurt for none other than big Willi Orban.

    Marko? You seeing this shit? Get on the blower ASAP to Julian.

  63. raptora

    So you defend the acquisition of Mari because a year from now we’d be losing 3 CBs and we’ll be angling towards selling another 2. You’re saying that we might lose 5 defenders next summer, so we bought a defender this summer? And it makes perfect sense for you when: 1. we could have sold CBs this summer or 2. buy a defender IF we actually lose 5 defenders next summer. We have 8 CBs for a full season. You cannot defend that.

  64. Ishola70


    It’s not a case of being proven wrong.

    We all know that Man City can succumb to shithouse tactics.

    Arteta did it to him in the FA Cup.

    Shithousing its called.

  65. WengerEagle

    ‘If you need more of a complete forward Kane is the better option. If you need a lethal goalscorer who you only need to score goals for and not much else then Auba is by far the better option.’

    Except Kane is every bit as good a goalscorer as Auba is. Their scoring stats are close to identical in fact since Auba has arrived.

  66. Ishola70

    “So Ndombele is no longer a mobile and athletic midfldler?”

    Not all round no.

    He can build up a head of steam when he is running on the ball at times but off the ball suspect and that includes pace wise.

  67. Kaz

    Auba is a quality player and we are fortunate to have him.

    What is unfortunate is that Mikel see’s him more as an inside forward who should absolutely be tracking back hard…

  68. WengerEagle

    It’s not that Mari is a shit signing, just feels a bit unnecessary.

    We have 5 CM in the entire squad and not one CAM and 8 CB’s.

    Even if it’s just 5m or whatever he cost he’s now stuck on the wagebill too.

  69. TR7

    City really look toothless and sterile. Tempo of their game nowhere close to what they are capable of playing at, little to no directness in their game. Too early to call but I don’t see them winning the league.

  70. Dissenter

    Mari was pointless
    I get the loan at the time, it was cheap and worthy of a trial but to sign him permanently when he did nothing of nite in that loan was utter madness.
    The two times he played he looked scared , like he didn’t belong. The few minutes he played against city after project restart commenced he was twitchy and uncertain. I thought his injury was very ****. , yet we extended the deal, only to seek to get Gabriel 2 month’s afterwards

  71. raptora

    First you say that buying Aubameyang when we had Lacazette was a mistake, then you say how buying a 8th CB makes perfect sense.

    Gabriel’s transfer is exactly what we did when we bought Aubameyang. You seize an opportunity to substantially upgrade on a position, and you take it. Then you are supposed to sell the weaker player and it’s how you become a better team.

    Mari doesn’t make us better, he’s just another body when we have as many Central Backs for 2 normal teams.

  72. Kaz

    We as a team were at our lowest point in decades and who did we hire to get us out of this tricky period that could break us for the next 10 years if things go badly? A novice.

    Honestly, 8 CBs seems appropriate of our decision making process in recruitment.

  73. WengerEagle

    It’s been well over a season now, is it not fair to say that City are going backwards at this stage? Pep has likely taken them as far as he is capable, incredible domestically but still found wanting in Europe.

  74. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    I think Kane is the better striker because he’s the better all round footballer.
    Auba can’t hold up the ball or play with his back turned away from goal. Auba can’t operate in some roles effectively but Kane can.
    Kane scores ALL types of goals. He was even the best crosser of the ball in the English squad to the 2016 Europe’s.

  75. Kaz

    City are working on bringing Messi… Then we’re going to see a resurgence of the number 10 role in modern football as Pep looks to build a solid base behind him and allow him to be free in the middle.

    Then City will once again play beautiful free scoring football and we’ll still be arguing over why our LWB is leaving us for City and why Arteta still needs more time.

  76. TR7

    Bernardo Silva has got lovely feet but he is not direct at all. Always seems to be moving in an arc kind of shape, needs to be more direct for him to be more effective.

  77. raptora

    “He was even the best crosser of the ball in the English squad to the 2016 Europe’s.”

    If only we had Kane crossing the ball from the left flank instead of Auba..