Making more honeymoons

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FINALLY, we’re back in the mixer and there are some tasty football games to sink our teeth into this weekend.

Spurs vs City today is the first of the thrillers. Someone is dropping points, maybe both teams. Hopefully, it’s Spurs.

Then we have Leicester vs Liverpool in a top of the table clash. Again, hoping it’s Leicester dropping points.

… and then obviously, the Arsenal take on Leeds in a flashback of yesteryears Super Sunday’s. Jimmy Floyd? Lee Bowyer? Mark Viduka? Oof… some names that make feel a bit queezy.

Mikel Arteta has a lot resting on this game. It’s not pivotal to his future, but it’s a huge test because fans are demanding to see that the club is on the up. There’s a lot of worry that we’re on the slide and it’s terminal. Nail a win against a side everyone seems to think is excellent and we’ll have a nice week.

My uncle is a massive Leeds United fan. I spoke to him yesterday and he has a lot more faith in Arsenal than most of us do. His take is that Arsenal will be wounded and Leeds can’t defend for shit. He’s hoping to score early and take a point. The game plan from Bielsa can only go one way. We’ve seen them ship 8 goals in two games. Surely there’s a clue in there somewhere.

I think we’re hoping that Arteta and his coaching staff have had plenty of time to stew on the conundrum that is our lack of attacking prowess. We’re hoping the team is as fired up as Dani Ceballos after a rogue ‘you mum’ joke flies at him. We want to see a reaction and see off the Villa game as an anomaly.

What we don’t want to see: Lacazette or Auba through the middle

What we do want to see: Big performances from big players and an attacking approach that yields more than two shots on target

Arteta was asked in the press conference if he was feeling a different type of pressure now fans are calling him Fraudteta on the He answered like Arsene Wenger would. He said the loss last week really hurt him. He will firstly look at his own decisions and try to learn. Overall though, despite saying again that the road back to the top will be bumpy, he’s very optimistic about the future.

Arsenal fans want to know that the people at the club care and we want to know that our new coach who is learning the ropes is actually prepared to the learn the ropes. If nothing changes this weekend, then it’ll start to look like he’s just stubborn. If he changes things and it doesn’t work, it’ll look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The job is hard, because we are a long way from the top and fans don’t like to accept that.

The coach is staying positive, he wants more honeymoons, and he seems very confident that he’s taking us on the right journey.

The Leeds game is a great place to try and claw back some points and make a move on the table. Big teams are playing each other this weekend. Points will drop. We need to make them up against a team that will most certainly not be in the top 6 this season.

Should be a fun game. See you in the comments. Listen to the podcast if you haven’t. I added music and cleaned up the sound a bit!

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  1. Marc


    I can’t see any line up that doesn’t include Xhaka unfortunately. I’m not sure we can afford to drop both Saka and Tierney but at least they can be rested mid week.

    As far as how the match goes today – I haven’t got a clue beyond Leeds will play at 100mph. Can we turn this against them?

  2. Matt

    The way the other results have gone this weekend, we absolutely have to win this game. If we set up the same way we have so far this season and lose or draw, the dwindling faith I have that Arteta could be the right man is going to be well and truly gone.

  3. Rich


    The game in January was very much a game of two half’s.

    Leeds dominated us in the first, but faded in the second.

    Had they had a bit more cutting edge, they could have easily been out of reach.

    They’ve been hit and miss so far, today certainly isn’t a given, but I’d be disappointed if we didn’t take the points.

    We really need 6/6 in both the league and Europa going into the NLD

  4. Sid

    Man c will struggle against top 4 sides but will be flat track bullies against the rest of EPL sides. They are Wengers Arsenal. They lack athletism

    Mourinho will finish below man c. He is a specialist at beating teams that play positive football but will get many draws.

    You heard this here 1st!

  5. Daniel Altos

    I see folks have already figured out Willian is a flop and are now throwing it on raul….nothing in arteta,the same guy who told Willian he is planning to win a champs league and the same guy who is playing Willian week in week out,even at cf. He is clearly his man, anyone who can’t see that is crazy

  6. Rich

    This isn’t the team I’d go with, but this is what I think we’ll see:

    ….Holding Gabriel Xhaka
    Bellerin …………………..Niles
    ………..Ceballos Willock

  7. Daniel Altos

    Also anyone who watches teun koopmeiners in the Dutch league?He is basically a xhaka with a brain and athleticism…captain of az at twenty one and has got a sweet left peg.. superb player

  8. Daniel Altos

    my one fear is today is the leeds left winger harrison….the guy is really quick and he is a solid unit….Holding doesn’t do too well against these types

  9. Marc


    That line up is not going to happen in a million years. Luiz will start, question is will it be with Holding and Gabriel or Gab and Tierney. Xhaka will start in midfield (red card pending?) with Ceballos. The questions are who plays in the wide positions and as striker.

    You’d hope that Arteta might spring a surprise and change formation but I can’t see it with both Partey and Elneny missing.

  10. Daniel Altos

    Arsène Wenger’s Desert Island Discs musical choices:

    Bob Marley Could You Be Loved
    John Lennon Imagine
    Leo Ferré Avec Le Temps
    Elton John Your Song
    France Gall Evidemment
    Elvis Presley The Wonder of You
    Jacques Brel Ne Me Quittes Pas
    Frank Sinatra My Way

    I’m still in my twenties so I don’t know most of the songs,Elton,John lennon and Bob Marley I do but wasn’t the wonder if you played at the stadium?😂

  11. Rich


    My big concern is burning Saka out at 19, he’s brilliant, but he shouldn’t be playing 3 games a week at this stage of his career, we’ve seen that script before, it doesn’t end well.

    And Tierney’s injuries, he was overplayed at Celtic, and suffered as a result, we’re going to need to manage both players,

    I’m not sure I’d risk either today

    I put Xhaka as a third centre half, because he’s played that role out of possession a few times already this season.

    I’d start Pepe today, but Arteta has a hard on for Willian for some reason.

  12. Daniel Altos

    MarcNovember 22, 2020 15:17:33
    DanielYes but Wenger referenced that in his choice.I believe it was a favourite of Peter Hill Wood.

    Ooh okay. Thoughts on the game marc?I was watching van de donk from the women’s team and she is quite creative…infact she is the best number ten at arsenal right now we should draft her into the men’s team.

  13. Marc


    I really don’t know today – we should win but we should be beating Villa and Leicester at home.

    Don’t tell Pierre you think a girls better than Ozil – you’ll make him cry!

  14. Nelson

    Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, Xhaka, Ceballos, Willock, Pepe, Willian, Aubameyang

    Subs: Runarsson, Mustafi, Maitland-Niles, Saka, Nelson, Nketiah, Lacazette

  15. Marc


    That was more about Xhaka starting at CB when Luiz or Mustafi are available.

    If he does what you put up Arteta should be fired on the spot.

  16. Rich


    Maybe we’ll see more ambition today, I don’t see Leeds sitting back.

    But don’t be surprised to see Xhaka dropping into the left side of central defence out of possession, we’ve seen it a few times already.

    Excited to see Willock + Pepe start, today could see an avalanche of goals

  17. Karsa


    So Willian didn’t breach the non negotiables by flying half way round the world during lockdown..

    He was fined 6 months wages and docked a year off his contract.

  18. Gonsterous

    4-2-3-1 apparently. Auba up top. Hope he breaks his duck and we kill off the game early.

    Do Leeds always play the 3-3-3–1 ?? Looks weird.

  19. Marc


    “But don’t be surprised to see Xhaka dropping into the left side of central defence out of possession, we’ve seen it a few times already.”

    And that’s why we’ve struggled – we cede the midfield to the opposition.

  20. Gonsterous

    Change of formation but is there a change of instructions? Hope pepe and willian interchange position during the game. Confuse the opponent for once.

  21. Marc

    Everyone’s going to be sent into a tailspin of depression and despair when the actual formation has Auba at LWB, Pepe in CD, Xhaka on the right wing and Willian playing up front on his own!

  22. Champagne charlie

    Willock gets a nod and Nelson makes the bench.

    Laca sitting out should be the norm until Jan when we try and oust him, have to rid ourselves of the most useless bromance the club has seen in years.

    Fabregas and Flamini they are not.

  23. Marc


    You are a cunt if you can’t see that I was joking. Fucking retard – someone says we’re going to play Pepe at CB and you think he’s being serious.

  24. Rich

    I don’t think it is a change of formation.

    Our frontline could be Willian as a false 9

    Aubameyang or Pepe central.

    But I’m pretty sure we’ll see Xhaka drop in as a third centre half out of possession, and in the initial build up.

    Should be an interesting game, this lineup is a counter attacking one.

    I just don’t see Arteta suddenly deviating from what we’ve been doing.

  25. Rich

    …..Holding Gabriel Xhaka
    ………….Willock Ceballos
    ……..Pepe …Willian…Auba

    No striker, false 9

    We’ll invite Leeds to press, and look to spring

    Willock and Pepe are ball carriers, and Willian will drop deep.

    That’s my theory anyway.

  26. TR7

    Pierre keeps talking up Willock. Too much of an off the ball player as far as I am concerned, doesn’t touch the ball often enough but let us see whether he makes an impression today.

  27. Pierre

    Hallelujah…willock at long last..

    Firstly, I hope he is played in the position where he is most effective…
    Second, i hope he shuts the doubters up , though i have no doubt that the first misplaced pass by willock will bring a barrage of abuse …nothing new there.

    Pity Saka , Eddie or nelson are not playing as Willock is much more comfortable playing with his contemporaries.

  28. Pierre

    I will continue to talk up willock because he gives us something that no other Arsenal player gives us…

    Until we bring in a player of Eriksen’s class to provide the creativity then willock provides a cutting edge in the final 3rd.

  29. China1

    Willock in the starting 11 in a PL game and Nelson on the bench? Stop lying lads I refuse to believe this

    And yeah expect auba wide and Willian as a false 9 because…. because reasons 🙂

  30. Guns of SF

    Auba needs to be middle flanked with Saka and Pepe.

    We need to change things up. If we go with the same 3-4-3 and personnel, I think Arteta is on thin ice.

    If he cannot make glaring adjustments, then we just might as well mail it in

    I am hoping we win today! I want to see our attack unleashed…. and no barking from the sidelines… I cannot see how that can help any professional player day in and out

  31. China1

    Right I’m fucking knackered. 12:15 AM here and I’d penciled in this game as one I would stay up for but I have a nasty head cold and a horribly busy work day tomorrow so I’m gonna have to catch up in the morning

    I was strongly considering saying fuck it and watch it anyway but every time I’m unwell and sacrifice a whole night watching arsenal feel into the early hours the team fucks up royally and loses and it’s fucking infuriating and impossible to sleep after that.

    So enjoy the game and I hope arteta blows it out of the park 🙂

  32. Globalgunner

    If I ever see any poster on here start wailing for Auba through the middle, Auba through the middle!. I will do something to that person. Who is going to call time on this stupid experiment of a clueless manager managing a toothless team