Can we stop signing expensive players with rival heritage?

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Arsenal dropped their squad picture for the season. Bit weird that Mesut is in it, but hey ho, what are you gonna do?

BIG trouble for Willian. He’s been busted taking a hot trip to Dubai to meet with Salt Bae. He was caught by… a photo. Which suggests the trip was probably permitted. The story seems to say that he’ll have to take a covid test before he returns to play with the lads… not sure that’s any different to how the rest of the players will have to behave. Kind of feels like this story is a bit of a nonsense. Hardly a Sneeze Rave in Brockley Park, is it? Also, notable that the Brazilian is all over the .com. I suspect the club will welcome a bit of alone time for him, needs to get his nut on the game this weekend.

Our big hope after this lockdown is that Arteta has had some time to think through the abomination before the international break and work on some solutions. He’ll have had plenty of players to work with, so hopefully there’s some new thinking heading into another outrageous run of Premier League games.

I’m hearing mutterings that he very much likes the Swedish kid…

Our first game back is Leeds away. Far from ideal. They play like a pack of hyenas, hunting you down, harassing you… scoring goals for fun. There’s quite a chunk of the fanbase that thinks the best way for Arteta to get over the loss last week is to throw all caution to the wind and try to savage them back. That my friends, is what dim people suggest. We don’t have the players, nor the muscle memory to drops something like that. I suspect the system will stay in place, but the chess pieces will move around.

There are some forced moves that we’ll have to deal with. Mo Elneny is out with Covid. That likely opens to the door for Dani boy next to Thomas Partey. The question is who fills in for the more advanced role? Will Arteta dare put Granit Xhaka in against a side that will see him as a tactical weakness? Is it time for Joe Willock to get a runout? His positional sense and movement could be problematic for Leeds, especially on the break.

What is apparent is the options in midfield aren’t exactly oozing sex appeal. However, it appears the rumblings have started up for January.

The most alarming of them is that Christian Eriksen has been linked with a swap deal for Granit Xhaka. Now, on paper, I quite like the idea of moving on the Swiss for someone creative. However, the deal would put us back on course to repeat the mistakes of signing greats of the past. The Dane has been a machine during his career for assists and vital setpieces. However, at 28, on £250k a week, it’s hard to look at signing him as anything outside Mesut MKII. After watching that Spurs doco, it’s apparent he’s a bit of a beta male. Not sure I like that.

Now, I could tolerate the move if it were a loan for 5 months. I would also want to see movement on Aouar or Sobolazai. My preference would be the Hungarian. He has a low price point and a very high ceiling. You also don’t have the annoyance of an entourage that’ll be pushing for Madrid after 3 assists. Though the Austrian League is less competitive than Ligue 1, I do like that Dominik is and out and out goals and assists machine. The ceiling there is very high.

Any of those players improve us, but two of them are the profile of player we SHOULD be signing. The other is just giving oxygen to a transfer strategy that has not helped us at all.

I’d normally suggest that Arsenal moving for anyone is January unlikely… but, we know there’s probably budget available from the signings we didn’t make in the summer. Well, that’s the hope anyway.

There’s also a higher probability that we clear a few players off the wage bill that have 5 months to go on their deals… though I won’t hold my breath.

Ok, do you feel textually satiated? Good. Now listen to a podcast I did with an Arsenal and a Spurs fan, it’s called United Mates Podcast. They had a quiz at the start they had to scrap because I was so bad at it. I talked some good football though, enjoy.

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  1. MidwestGun

    For me having 3 direct players like.. S-boz, Saka, and Marti in the lineup would make too much sense so .. it probably won’t happen, Especially in January when we usually sign… nobody anyone wants or expects based on recent history. 6 weeks seems like forever away too.

    Anyhow.. make it happen Edu. You got some making up to do for Willian who seemingly over night seems to have forgotten how to play like a Brazilian. No flair what so ever.

  2. China1

    Winning two recent FA cups could not save wenger

    I adore the FA cup but it is sadly a second class trophy much as I wish it wasn’t

  3. Pedro

    Ishola70, not strange that people think it gets you more than 8 games when you are 6 points off the top when you’ve been outspent by your rivals.

  4. prvhc

    ‘6 points off the top’ is the new ‘beat Liverpool 3 times in 4 attempts’
    Meaningless phrases that are only relevant till we play more games.

  5. Gonsterous

    If arteta gets aruar over dominik szco it’ll really prove that he is a cheque book manager. I don’t think he quite knows how to handle young players. Saliba situation, guen situation, then we have the likes of nelson, willock, ESR, AMN who don’t get any games.

    Arteta seems to be opting for players in their peak rather than players that have to develop, which in a way is good because of the toxic negative energy from the fans who demand instant success from players.

    The same fans crying for sczolabai will be the ones crying how shit he is in a years time. Same goes for saliba. We can just look at the guen situation. Young player who was always going to make mistakes on the pitch, and instead of support, the fans bring out the pitchforks.

  6. China1

    Gonst tbf re Guen, it was only yesterday his previous manager was talking about him in the press saying he’s talented but unbearably annoying to manage. He only spoke a little on the matter and literally used the word ‘annoying’ about him about 3 or 4 times. For his old manager to still be relentlessly lamenting how awkward he was, it’s perhaps to be expected that he’s ended up how he has

    He alluded to him basically never shutting up and giving in. Said this kind of player needs to be a captain or vice captain because he’s way too big for his boots to be in a lower key role – but based on his actual footballing ability he’s currently a long way off being arsenal captain material. He was realistically a squad player level for arsenal. Can’t be having squad players who at 20 odd years old think they own the place. It’s not like he’s some monster talent who can walk the walk on the pitch – he was just somewhere between average and decent on the pitch. That’s just not good enough for an ego like that.

    Shades of bentdner if you ask me and that’s probably not an unreasonable comparison

  7. China1

    Also yeah Pedro let’s be serious

    Mathematically our position isn’t bad in that a good run of results would leave us in a nice position for sure

    But it’s still a lame comment about being 6 points off for a few reasons

    1) we’re not winning the league so what is a 6 point gap now will be more like 20 by the end of the season.
    2) we’re only 8 games in
    3) literally anyone in the top half of the table is within 6 points. It says little about us doing well as much as it just shows the best few teams have yet got going.
    4) we’re only 8 points above relegation spaces. We’re not getting relegated but we’re not winning the league either so the comparison doesn’t much matter for now
    5) our position being solid is somewhat dependent on us going at least 6 points from the next 3 games. We might do but if we get 4 or less it’s going to be a very poor position realistically

    So yeah let’s be positive, mathematically it’s not that bad yet and a good run will see us placed nicely going into December. But our position is precarious and the next 3 games could fuck us hard.

  8. China1

    Imo for captain material you have three broad characteristics which at least ideally two are needed

    1) charismatic (people like to follow)
    2) professional (good influence especially on youngsters)
    3) extremely talented (people respect)

    Guen, like bentdner, has the ego, but does he have 1, 2 or 3? Not really. Players with huge personalities but lacking in the above three will often find themselves on the fringes at the upper levels of the game

  9. Nelson


    I have a different opinion regarding Guen. He wants to be a leader on the pitch. Our team is known to be soft and has a weak mentality. Just like hockey, a team needs a fighter. He doesn’t have to be the best player. He needs to have the heart. An experienced coach knows how to manage a character like Guen.

  10. Goobergooner

    Arsenal is soft as fuck.

    When not one person at the club; including managers and players, could not reel Guen in at least a little, that’s a worrying sign in itself.

  11. Goobergooner

    And I do not care about previous managers and the like.
    Someone at our club hired him (and is probs not here anymore 😂), who should have done due diligence.
    It must have been worth the trade off, high ceiling for a youngster vs shite attitude. Which at that age is in its most tender (attitude wise).

    Unless every facet of why he was cut from the team is released, it’s going to be hard to truely justify the decision.

    He literally was the only one who showed some heart on the field these last few seasons.

    And as much as I don’t care he’s cut from the team. It’s disappointing to see the shit show we’ve created, seeing as not only is there no heart, there is no quality to our play.

  12. Gonsterous


    I agree that guen is a problem, but is the only solution to make an example out of him? Arteta handled the situation very poorly. Guen wasn’t even our worst player.

    Arteta has favourites and those sadly are players over the age of 28. The untouchables so as to speak, with the exception of ozil and on that occasion arteta along with the higher ups have come to a certain decision which has been spoken about in great length already on here

  13. Tony

    “Graham62, we need to play like we did against United. The game the week before Villa”

    Thought it was joke Friday reading that Pedro.

    Can’t make out whether Arteta is morphing into post 2007 Wenger MK II or if Arteta is just a Wenger clone with all the BS that was Wenger.

    Seems Arteta has got Wenger’s lip service pressers off pat now where his footballing nous is worse than Wenger (didn’t think that was possible) with poorer stats than Emery at this stage.

    Arteta has a lot to prove between now and New Year starting with Leeds on Sunday.

    Likewise Edu with the January TW.

    Vinai is not the CEO we need either.

    I think you’re bigging Arteta up too much calling Him Diet Pep; could you be more realistic with his moniker, such as Diet Fat Sam?

  14. Guns of SF


    Arteta is no Wenger. Wenger would never move from attacking football at all costs.
    At least we would lose trying to outscore the opposition.

    Arteta wants to bore them to death and then spring a quick goal and then super bore them to death to see out the game.

  15. Goobergooner

    It’s funny as fuck having read this blog for the best part of a decade.

    Everyone (except Pierre and a few others) were for the main thread of the blog (aka wenger out) until Wenger left.
    Everyone who was Wenger out gave Emery more leniency than probably worthy, but just needed that change.
    Everyone who was pro-wenger to the end gave Emery no chance. (Bar Pedders who was Wenger out and Emery out 😂, *and the few others).

    Now it’s like conflated the other way. People who gave Emery no chance give Arteta every chance possible and vice versa.

    I don’t give a flying fuck who manages this club. The players on the pitch, in the 90 minute moment are the real recipe for success. The manager just brings out the team game by making the most of individual brilliance (or lack thereof).

    We could have pep and we’d still not win the league. Or Klopp.

    We have been atrocious off the pitch for soooooo long that it inevitably led to a shit side on the pitch.

    Anyone denying that has the top 4 is a trophy mentality.

    We have on paper a world class forward line. A league one midfield and a championship defense.

    I cannot dispute our league position regardless of the manager the last few seasons.

    Even when we were more attacking we were shithouse defensively. Now we think we are solid at the back but can’t score to save ourselves.

    The squad is shite. And on top of that, Arteta is playing it all wrong.

    We are literally going nowhere real fast

  16. Goobergooner

    Actually, I’d dispute that Emery should have had top 4 his first season.
    What a massive let down, and I have no idea how the team, despite Emery, didn’t show more at the end of the season.

  17. Sid

    Its clear covid19 is working in favor of Arteta, if there were fans at the emirates it would get real ugly

    Diet fat sam…… looooool

    Theres no way Guen would face off with a guy like Paddy, a legend 6 4′, longstuff that can smack you on the face while his other hand answers the phone.
    Guen just saw through the bullshit

  18. Receding Hairline

    Pedro Ishola is arguing the FA cup should not buy any manager of a top club three years of finishing outside the top four. And you know he is right.

    You also know the football we are playing is no where near what you expected when he bought the Arteta idea, but you took solace in “defensive solidity” when all the stats pointed to us being lucky. Great goal keeping and Auba playing for his next big deal won us the FA cup. It should not be a factor in deciding what we do as a club if the football stays the same and we continue dropping points.

  19. Ishola70


    “not strange that people think it gets you more than 8 games when you are 6 points off the top when you’ve been outspent by your rivals.”

    Karsa was implying that Arteta gets a three season pass because of an FA Cup win in his first season.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

  20. Graham62

    P4 W4 L4.

    Slow, ponderous football. No attacking threat.

    Players being restrained.

    Best GK sold.

    Confusing rhetoric from Arteta.

    Where’s the chemistry that was there at the end of last season.

    Too many backwards steps.

    Very apprehensive about the Leeds game.

  21. TeeCee

    Anything that gets the Swiss Slug out of the club is good imo. Hell, I’d even swap him for a current day Alex Mong!!

  22. Goobergooner

    I just want to know what xhaka does on the training pitch (apart from never get injured and hold onto the shed keys) to warrant being the first name on the teamsheet since he’s been here (haha until recently)

  23. China1

    Truth be told because we are only guessing what has happened between Guen and Mikel we don’t really know

    But the proof will be in the pudding two or three years from now. If he doesn’t change his behavior or particularly improve as a player but doesn’t piss off his current or future clubs then maybe it is artetas fault. But my money is just on him being a bentdner

  24. Ishola70

    Guendouzi had a lot of responsibility thrust upon him at a young age coming from Ligue 2 and going straight into the Arsenal first team.

    And not only that it can’t be easy playing as a midfielder along with Xhaka beside you and this was the situation he found himself in. Doing his running for him.

    Guendouzi showed enough in moments at Arsenal to suggest that when and if he is moved on he can get his career on track and be a useful player elsewhere.

  25. China1

    Ishola you may turn out right we’ll see

    But you really have to be leaving a mark on people when your first pro manager keeps talking about how annoying you are 3 years after you left and your third manager freezes you out entirely

    Anyway the stage is set for him in Germany to prove himself. If he does it fair play. If not as I suspect then he’ll probably not go on to achieve much unless his behavior changes

  26. Danny+S

    I think Guen next to Partey would have been pretty dynamic. Partey has the stature to reel Guen in and they would have been huge in the middle of the pitch.

    We went from having a potential 70m youngster to loaning him out and maybe we will be lucky to get 20m.

    Will be interesting to see if Arteta can work with Martinelli or weather we continue to see him benched. That’ll be another waste of talent that would make Tets seem like maybe he was a mistake.

  27. Goobergooner

    Happy birthday Kaz!

    Danny S,
    If tets doesn’t bring martinelli back into the side, there is something majorly wrong with the man. Can’t see him benching Gabby when he’s fit and ready to play though.

  28. China1

    Happy birthday kaz

    How does it feel?

    I’m 31 now… never had a long term injury in my life outside of growing pains as a teenager (not really an injury) then when I was 30 I twisted my knee and it’s been a 6 month recovery to date. Like wtf if I’d done exactly the same thing a few years back it would’ve been three days of hobbling then I’d be fine

    31 year old knees, man…

  29. China1

    Saka and Martinelli need to be playing regularly when fit

    If we have wing backs then you can do saka wing back and Martinelli LW

    If we play 4-2-3-1 then arteta has to find a way to include both regularly. Could put Martinelli on the wing and saka as a 10 or out saka on the right (prefer him on the left tho)

  30. Kaz

    Arteta benched Martenelli, like many people have said. I don’t think Arteta is going to utilise him.

    Pedro spent so long building Arteta up, he’s invested himself hard into Arteta becoming a success. Which is why he’s become such an apologist unlike with Emery.

    Pundits and ex-players didn’t say a bad word against Emery either until the players had fully downed tools.

    The Guendozi situation hasn’t been handled badly yet, I think a loan move is a fantastic way for him to gain some maturity, I believe it’s probably true he’s an arrogant little shit but I think this is someone we should nurture and grow and isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    He is a fighter, brave and he was always looking to do something unlike his often used midfield partner at the time.

    I think it is a disaster if we look to sell Guendozi after his loan and anyone applauding that way of thought isn’t looking for the best interests in the club but are just looking to defend Arteta.

    If Martinelli continues to be unused when fit and it’s Eddie for Laca all season, we got to get rid of this manager before he sets us even further adrift and causes us to lose even more good players.

  31. Pierre

    Guendouzi is a victim of the PC brigade.

    20/30 years ago he would have been regarded as a player with a tremendous will to win, who would go into battle for his team mates, similar to Vieira when he first broke into the team..

    Now he is regarded as a hot headed liability who doesn’t adhere to the non negotiables..
    Imagine if the non negotiables were in place when Vieira first arrived ..i doubt if he had lasted a season under Arteta…
    Ian wright had the same problem playing under Rioch who used the sergeant major approach…

    What we have now is a team of goodie goodies who must stay on the right side of the headmaster..

    I’m interested to see if Willian has breached the non negotiables with his little trip to Dubai which could make him unavailable for selection

    Then again , it may give Arteta a good excuse to drop him, so it may have done him a favour.

  32. Robert Hobbs

    How about our players earning all that money we pay them by putting in a shift of 90+ mins once or twice a week ……and stop buying players !!

  33. Pierre

    “If Martinelli continues to be unused when fit and it’s Eddie for Laca all season, we got to get rid of this manager before he sets us even further adrift and causes us to lose even more good players.”

    Don’t write off Eddie yet, there is so much more to come from him if he is given a fair crack of the whip.

    Playing up front in this present side is no fun , the strikers are feeding off scraps, when the chances are created the goals will come for Eddie.

    He has the killer instinct of an Andy cole in front of goal.

    Martinelli is also quality in front of goal, a forward line of Martinelli, Eddie and Saka with willock behind are our future..

    I’m expecting the kids to take us all the way in the cup comps this season, and next season they will cement their place in the srarting line up .

    I just hope Arteta allow/trusts the kids to finish the job in the cup comps this season instead of bringing vack the experienced players.

  34. Goobergooner

    Pierre I’m with you there.

    We need the youngsters to be pushing the older guys out of the squad. It’s a lot harder for Eddie atm to shine, yet he’s given the most time in PL (apart from Saka).
    Willock needs a few games in the first team to properly adjust. There is no substitute for epl minutes. Especially not under 23s.
    So if it was up to me, I’d have gone the Emery route and tried getting Willock to blend with the first team until he takes or fails to grab his starting place, rather than just Europa games.

  35. Danny+S

    I’m very much on the fence with Arteta.

    I like a lot of the things he’s done at the club, but I’m also worried about some of the other things he’s done/continues to do, and more than anything his rigidity.

    I just hope he has the people around him that are going to help him out and not just yes men lackies that are there for the pay cheque.

  36. Kaz


    Kane was given his chance at a young age, he took it and never looked back.

    Eddie has been given chances. What we’re seeing isn’t great… At the moment he’s ahead of Martinelli in the pecking order (Remember this is why Arteta benched Martenelli)

    I think the tactics don’t help Eddie but I don’t think Eddie should be ahead of Gabby.

    But the point of the comment was that Eddie for Laca is a meme at this point, if this is the breadth of our managers bravery and tactical nous then we gotta cast him out.

  37. Gonsterous


    Happy bday mate. I just turned 30 a week ago too. We seem to have turned into a dark corner in our life. Hopefully, we’ll live it like pierre, on the golf course. Cheers.

  38. Danny+S


    Totally agree, Eddie for Laca is like for like. Neither can perform the role he’s asking them to play.
    Play Eddie up front but play him as a striker, not a false 9 or whatever you call it. A striker needs to close down but shouldn’t be dropping into midfield unless he’s capable of special things and that’s not Eddie.

  39. Nelson


    This is the first time I find that you have selective reading. Guen is currently captain of the France U21 NT. He is highly regarded by his current coach and is already talking of signing him permanently. You ignored all these facts and focused on a coach remark three years ago when Guen was 18. When I was 18 I was also young and restless.

    As for that incident after the BHA game, both the referee and pundits didn’t see that as a fault. At that time, my response was that Wenger and Mou would have swept it under the carpet. Arteta has blown this way out of proportion. Of course it destroyed Guen’s trading value.

  40. Pierre

    “Kane was given his chance at a young age, he took it and never looked back.Eddie has been given chances. What we’re seeing isn’t great”

    What we are seeing from eddie is similar to kane when he was in and out of the side.

    In 2013 Kane (19 years of age)was loaned out to Leicester and scored 2 goals in 13 appearances.

    In 2013/14 he scored 4 goals in 19 appearances.
    the following season he really made the breakthrough due to Sherwood originally showing the faith in him..

    I wouldn’t say Kane originally took his chance as 6 goals in 32 games is hardly prolific..

    A manager needs to be brave and they may or may not see the rewards.
    Tottenham reaped the rewards due to Sherwood having the balls to start kane every week even though up until the 2013/14 season he was nothing special.

    I don’t know if Eddie will reach the top , what i do know is that i never believed for one minute when i first saw kane , that he would become a world class footballer..

  41. Graham62

    Ian Wright was 100% correct when he said “Nketiah needs to get angry”.

    Imo, he has the talent to move forward but he’s got to show he wants it.

    Arteta’s tactics don’t help matters but, putting that aside, Nketiah has to show more desire and hunger in his play.

    If he can take on board what Wrighty said then, I feel, he can still be a major asset for AFC.

  42. Pierre

    “Totally agree, Eddie for Laca is like for like.”

    Sorry , i don’t see like for like.

    I see Lacazette backing into defenders and enjoying receiving the ball with his back to goal and trying to get his shot away..
    .that is his strength.

    I see Lacazette unable to find space on the pitch or in the penalty area, he lacks anticipation in the box and he lacks speed of thought in the box.

    I see Eddie making space for himself on the pitch, i see him playing on the shoulder of defenders , i see anticipation and sharpness in the box and he also has deceptive pace which he should use more.

    Eddie does lack physicality but that .may come, though inlike Lacazette , he is rarely interested in the physical battle , he prefers to use his intelligence and awareness of space to beat the defender. .

    There is also a misconception on le grove that Eddie’s link up play is poor, it can improve but I have seen good enough technique and composure on the ball.

    I’m afraid he is playing low risk arteta football when he plays for Arsenal , scared to shoot from distance , scared to dribble and scared to try anything different in fear of not keeping to the script.

  43. James wood.

    I’m still willing to give MA every chance.
    But I wonder how much further forward
    we might have been with a manager with a proven
    track record and not one who is learning on the job.?
    Poor squad or not.?
    Arsenals signing of Partey gives me hope
    how is his injury?

  44. Marc

    It’s pretty clear from the comments section – real mix of subjects, preferences, comments on different players etc etc that a) the International breaks should be banned b) there’s something wrong with Arsenal at the moment and people feel uneasy about things, it’s not an obvious problem it’s a mix of things hence so many views and solutions.

    I really hope Arteta has managed to come up with a solution during the break that we can start to implement against Leeds and see develop over the next few weeks.

  45. Moray

    The argument about Guendouzi is moot. If you’re an annoying cunt then you really have to be an exceptional player to compensate. Similarly, if you have the balls of Keane or Vieira then I hope you have the steel and the nous to live up to them.

    I’ve seen little from the Frenchman to suggest he is anything more than a decent player with silly hair.

  46. Goobergooner

    The thing is Marc, our squad is better now. But it’s also obviously rubbish if we want to be winning the epl or cl.

    No manager or amount of tactical instruction will make that happen with this squad, until we can sort out the wage bill and have players actually reflecting their value on the pitch.

    ATM it’s now just 2 different managers’ left overs, and a half assed window clouded by backroom shit going down that has left the squad with no real balance.
    We still have a seriously poor midfield. And defence is obviously shit as Arteta can’t seem to get away from 3 at the back.

    This is going to be a long season.

  47. Goobergooner

    Half assed window, we all know what that means. Despite Partey and Gabby, we also purchased Cedric and Mari for seriously dubious reasons and got rid of none of the deadwood.

    Covid helped with that. But still shit effort.

  48. Goobergooner

    20 mil on the table for Amn and yet it was rejected and he has barely played a minute. That in itself is sackable imo

  49. HerbsArmy


    I did respond to your Rangers post days ago but it went straight into moderation and was never heard of again!
    Totally agree with your point, because as every true passionate Gooner should know, in the early 1900’s, Rangers bought a few shares in Arsenal which saved us from extinction, and those close bonds between the two still exist today.

  50. Graham62

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but didn’t AMN play in our FA Cup semifinal win over MC, the Cup Final win against Chelski and our CS win against Liverpool. Wasn’t he one our best players in all these games?

    What the fudge has happened since?

    Over to you Mikel.

  51. S Asoa

    Going through the comments
    Arteta is being found out big time.
    Should Arteta be ditched ?
    No, Arteta is a good coach and that’s where he should be at Arsenal. Unlike a passive Bould, Arteta can be counted to be hard working and useful.
    Who should be fired is Edu , who does not seem to bring much except dapper looks. Being subservient. to the extent of surrendering to an upstart on apprenticeship does not inspire confidence.

  52. Marc


    “The thing is Marc, our squad is better now. But it’s also obviously rubbish if we want to be winning the epl or cl.”

    My current criticism isn’t that we’re aren’t challenging for the PL or CL – that’s going to take time, it took Klopp 4 years. My issue is we aren’t competing for top 4 which is the first major step in getting to challenge for the PL or CL.

  53. S Asoa

    Absolutely Graham. The trick of man management is to locate the USP of the player and utilise him in that respect. Credit to Arteta to provide the focal point, in these cases the most dangerous players of the opposition namely, Marez, Tarore, etc . ANM stays focused ,neutralises these and throws their attack out of gear.
    Subsequent benching of ANM where same could be utilised is PERVERSITY of Arteta or our own mad Sancho Panza

  54. Pierre

    “Correct me if I’m wrong here but didn’t AMN play in our FA Cup semifinal win over MC, the Cup Final win against Chelski and our CS win against Liverpool. Wasn’t he one our best players in all these games?What the fudge has happened since?”

    Well, AMN did the pre match press conference in Vienna and came out in support of a player who is not to be mentioned.

    He didn’t play in Vienna, which i thought was rather strange as it is normal for a player to start if he fronts the pre match press conference.

    Hardly been seen since….could be just a coincidence.

  55. Karsa


    Arteta will not and should not get a free pass for three seasons for winning an FA Cup.That’s called lowering the standards and the bar.

    When you invest in a new player you give him time to develop and flourish.

    It’s the same with a new manager.

    You can’t compare Arteta to Wenger or even Emery, just as you can’t compare Saka with Ronaldo or Sterling.

    No board expects instant success when they take the rookie route. With a FA Cup under his belt Arteta is already ahead of the curve.

  56. DivineSherlock

    The very sore point to me about Arteta is that if you want your team to play a certain way , follow some clear precise instructions then why the hell would you play those players who make the errors repeatedly ? Isnt it better to okay Nelson Saka Willock who being young and inexperienced more likely to follow what the manager says . With their talent developing , I’d rather see them in PL.

  57. Pierre

    “Martinelli is 10x better then Eddie Nk”

    It is possible to like both Martinelli and eddie you know..

    If Arteta wants to play a pressing , high tempo game , then he needs to play Martinelli and Eddie and willock and Saka..

    Willian Aubameyang and Lacazette will never press with any intensity for any length of time .

  58. Olumide

    We still have a seriously poor midfield. And defence is obviously shit as Arteta can’t seem to get away from 3 at the back.

    Defence being shit goes beyond just the players. Defence will be shit when you invite the opposition to batter you.

    There’s a difference between playing to win and playing not to lose.

  59. Olumide

    Pierre,Displacing Martenelli for Nketiah is mad.

    That was the first baffling thing Arteta did, for me.
    A young player in form, our second highest goalscorer, and you relegated him to the bench for Nketiah.

    I still remember the Olympiacos game. Forward line was lethargic and Arteta waited till the 100th minute to introduce Martinelli.

    And what happened? The forward line became more energetic and we scored a few minutes later. I think we would have won that game if Martinelli came on in the 60th minute.

    And since then, Arteta has made more baffling squad decisions. For me, I think Arteta needs to get us into top 4 this season.

    Emery with an inferior squad got us 5th. Arteta should at least get us a position better.

  60. Pierre

    Personally, I’d like to see Arteta unleash Balogun, but something tells me that aint gonna happen as he wasn’t even included in the squad v Molde .

    Must have missed a zoom merting or something similar.

  61. S Asoa

    According to Pierre ANM , in his Vienna pre-match presses , praised a player who should not be mentioned a.k.a.did a Non- Negotiable

    Arsenal is renowned for their omertà as well as PR in the press, by the way. So do not feel bad if missed that

  62. NORG


    You are writing a lot of sense today. I agree with you about Balogun but like a few others his demeanour can be misleading – the same with AMN. They give the impression of being ‘too’ casual however their timing and reaction is the opposite.

  63. HerbsArmy

    Our implosive decline both on and off the field since leaving Highbury is staggering, if you look at what Liverpool and Leicester are doing on a far less spend.
    Even that lot in N17 are schooling us, and the arrival of Bale is a game-changer, and it hurts to say it, but they are title contenders.
    We are a behemoth who can’t resist pressing the self-destruct button, and it seems like we’ve been in the same place since the humiliation at OT in August 2011.

  64. Ashwin Gunner

    6 points of the Top.

    This is the most stupid thing anybody can say. we have lost three matches. we are still in shouting distance because other teams dropped points and not because of anything our “Zoom meeting” manager did..

    I mean, with all his expensive assembled squad, our “Best young manager in the milky way” couldnt even beat Villa at HOME.

  65. Nelson

    “Did he not take the pay cut Arteta proposed ?”

    To be exact, the pay cut was commanded from the board, most likely from KSE. Initially, a lot of players have rejected that. The board then asked the poor Arteta to talk to the players. At that time, Arteta was only the coach. He shouldn’t be the one who deals with money.

  66. China1

    AMN went from being a very useful player who was probably our best RB, to being the invisible man from the moment the charity shield finished

    I called for us to keep him and sell Bellerin and I’d have gladly seen us done so – but if you’re going to bench him forever and suddenly think he’s trashy then SELL and take that 20m and buy fucking Dom Slobby or frankly anyone who you actually want to play instead.

    Why turn solid money down for a player you don’t want any more???

  67. China1

    As much as any bad results or performances the handling of cases like AMN is really baffling. Like he kept xhaka when most of us were saying take the damn money last year but he was new in the job, he liked the players attitude etc and obviously rated the player so as much as many of us were disappointed at least you can see what he was thinking not wanting to sell an experienced first 11 player straight after arriving

    But cases like AMN are baffling, really.

  68. China1

    I bet if in jan someone offered us 10m for ozil and ozil was interested Mikel would have second thoughts and ask him to stay after all haha

    Guy is a hoarder, make no mistake

    Offering mustafi a new contract was literally scandalous. Might as well bring back Senderos and eboue if we’re going to invest in another 3 years of mustafi

  69. China1

    In the last 10 odd months arteta has:

    -turned down offers for AMN, Laca and xhaka, offered Mustafi a new contract, and signed Mari and soares.

    He’s the managerial equivalent of my uncle who used to barely be able to move around his house from all the clutter – 95% of which was DVD cases for low budget sci-fi tv shows you would never have heard of.

    And frankly those dvds are more useful and better value for money than the players Mikel has been hoarding

  70. Useroz

    Eddie at this point is as useless as Laca. Probably worse.

    Lets talk when Eddie manages the same goal tally as Martinelli before his injury in around half a season

    If Martinelli gets back his pre Civid form, Edde can take a rest on the bench. No comparison.

    Though, what matters isn’t skills and form hut Arteta!

    Too many questionable decisions and management issues that could be all swept aside as teething problems. .

  71. Nelson

    I read that Madrid wants to dump Isco to us and signs Dominik Szoboszlai. Why do we always the one to pick up rejects? We should sign Dominik Szoboszlai ourselves and let Madrid stuck with Isco.

  72. Marc

    “Ashwin, I judge on actions, not Twitter rumours.”

    C A N ‘ T H E L P I T – W A N T T O C O M M E N T B U T W I L L G E T B A N N E D!

  73. Kesses+gunner

    Arteta for a change please play ceba,party,willock in mid and saka,auba,Pepe in attack maybe will get different result.

  74. Nelson

    For Willock to establish his position in the starting 11, he has to build up the chemistry with Saka. Saka is a very good passer in the final third. He needs support to break through the defense. Both Auba and Pepe are low touch players. Their strength is to make run and shoot.

  75. China1

    Wasn’t it skodran baresi last year when he managed all of 3 games without an error?

    Mustafi for president. Elite World Cup winning legend

  76. Dream10

    Luiz and Ceballos got in to on the training ground.
    But, young Guendouzi got shipped out for being a nuisance? AMN all of sudden being out of favour again?

    Arteta and his non negotiables? The guy is so far up his own back side. He’s fcuking full of shit

  77. MidwestGun

    Nelson.. for Willock to get into the lineup we would have to drop the 3-4-3. Because our 2 CM’s are tasked with hanging back to cover our 3 cb’s because … one of them is Holding, Mustafi or Luiz and the other one is Tierney who is not really a cb.

  78. Guns of SF

    We should have put the hooks in, back in September for DS…
    This always happens. I doubt we get him now….

    We always wait. its the achilles heal of Arsenal. Waiting until the end and praying that you get the player you want at a discount.

    The ghost of Wenger never leaves.

    Did not care for Raul, but you would think he would have jumped on this early…. with his rolodex open, wheeling and dealing

  79. China1

    Pedro the mustafi contract was reported by a dozen odd newspapers, not just some dude on Twitter. You’d require less evidence to believe more favourable news about arteta

    Scandalous to do that, really

  80. Mattb

    On the topic of transfers / squad management….. There’s a ‘Team of the season’ article today on the Guardian website. Kind of shows whose hit the ground running. Names Fofana and Barkley in the first eleven with substitute mentions for Martinez, James and Hojbjerg. That’s a lot of talent that moved this Summer and funnily enough the only one associated with Arsenal was the keeper we sold.

  81. Graham62


    That’s right, we ended up with the wrong GK.

    Where would be if he had still been in goal.

    I suspect a few more points better off and, I hasten to add, with a far happier squad of players.

  82. Pedro

    China, I write about football every day, I know how the media works. One person says something, they all write about it for clicks.

    Has Mustafi signed a new deal?


    Is he playing?


    So what exactly are you whining about?

  83. Pedro

    Dream, Dani C denying it.

    You lot are unbelievable drama queens at every turn.

    Players fighting each other is absolute standard at football clubs.

  84. Ishola70


    “With a FA Cup under his belt Arteta is already ahead of the curve.”

    No Karsa you are over-valuing the modern day FA Cup again.

    If Arteta finishes this season say below midtable or thereabouts he isn’t ahead of any curve.

    It’s already been pointed out that the real business end for any cub that sees themselves as a real serious outfit is EPL performance and that translating into european competition.

    That’s where it is at I’m afraid Karsa.

  85. Pedro

    Ish, he isn’t overvaluing anything.

    Trophies matter. You only have to watch All or Nothing to understand that. Arteta winning a trophy is hugely important to the process and it does relieve this pressure you are talking about.

    ‘If we finish below midtable’ is such a bedwetter worry.

  86. Ishola70


    It’s really simple.

    If Arteta is seen as failing in the EPL and not getting them lucrative european nights in CL then his FA Cup will not matter.

    This is modern day football.

  87. Ishola70

    I mean we can go Wenger later period again if you want where we can pretend we are one of the top teams in the land just by winning FA Cups.

    Of course we all saw the folly in that thought a little further down the road with Wenger.

  88. Pedro

    Ish, you are just creating strawmen here.

    Karsa didn’t say we would lower the standards, he just said winning and FA Cup within his first 9 months puts him ahead of the curve.

    It does.

    He’s in Europe. 6 points off top. All to play for.

    Telling people that finishing 15th might not be good isn’t really shedding light on a new thought.

  89. Ishola70

    Manchester United won all the secondary trophies under Mourinho in that season.

    Hauled them all in. Won them all.

    Where did it get them? Nowhere.

    Regression if anything.

  90. Ishola70


    If Arteta finishes 10th in the EPL come the end of the season he isn’t ahead of any curve.

    This is just an example,

    The EPL and CL is where it is at for top sides.

    Not FA Cups.

  91. Ishola70

    Arteta’s remit when he came into the job would be to get this club back into the CL just like it was with Emery.

    It wouldn’t have been to win FA Cups.

    This is modern day football.

  92. raptora

    If Poch had won a FAC yall would be like “FA cup isn’t even a trophy anymore, teams play their reserves etc etc, call me when he wins a EPL or UCL”.
    But cause Arteta won FAC, trophies matter.
    Can’t make this shit up.

  93. Ustyno

    November 19, 2020 13:58:50

    I bet if in jan someone offered us 10m for ozil and ozil was interested Mikel would have second thoughts and ask him to stay after all haha

    Guy is a hoarder, make no mistake

    Offering mustafi a new contract was literally scandalous. Might as well bring back Senderos and eboue if we’re going to invest in another 3 years of mustafi

    Reading that got me laughing,make no mistake those are signs of an inexperience manager,he is always in two kinds when about to take this kind of decisions

    Happy birthday Kas
    Enjoy your day

  94. Pedro

    Raptora, last time I checked, Poch didn’t win the FA Cup.

    Getting upset Arsenal fans think the FA Cup is a trophy is very odd behaviour.

  95. Pedro

    I also don’t think anything else is a massive bonus.

    He’ll want a trophy this season. EL or one of the cups will be right up there as a priority.

  96. raptora

    Van Gaal got sacked after he won the FAC. FAC isn’t all that. It’s a consolation prize. It doesn’t show anyone’s progress. Wigan won it the season they got relegated.

  97. WengerEagle

    Arteta’s recruitment so far in terms of ins and outs has been questionable really.

    Don’t get me wrong, Gabriel and Partey look like being potential mainstays for years to come but not signing another CM was very strange. As was the Mari signing, literally no point and vibes of Kim Kallstrom off of it in that starting to doubt that we even get to see him in an Arsenal shirt on the pitch.

    Our squad composition is bizarre, we have EIGHT centre backs yet only 5 midfielders covering three spots. No creative midfielder at all and no goalscoring midfielder at all.

    In what world do we need that many defenders? We could have culled 2-3 easy and should have, Sokratis, Chambers and Mustafi in particular have no business being here anymore.

  98. raptora

    It’s a nice bonus for the fans and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the wins in the recent years. But the real benchmark is the EPL first and then the UCL when you manage to qualify for it.

  99. Marc

    ” EL or one of the cups will be right up there as a priority.”

    Right now that looks like a “fuck we’re not going to make Europe through the league response”.

  100. Ishola70


    I think Lampard like Arteta gets some more time just because of being a newbie.

    It then becomes a case if these newbies fail in the EPL just how hard they fail in whether they are got rid of or not.

    OGS could have been different because even though he is also a relatively new manager he has been in the hot seat longer than Arteta and Lampard.

    But these newbies will be only given so much time to get things right. If you act like a top club that is.

  101. Ishola70

    Europa League would be more valued now than the FA Cup just because of the prize in winning it = CL qualification.

    You can beat what are seen as stronger teams to win the FA Cup but it matters not when the end prize for winning it is only Europa League qualification instead of CL.