Can we stop signing expensive players with rival heritage?

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Arsenal dropped their squad picture for the season. Bit weird that Mesut is in it, but hey ho, what are you gonna do?

BIG trouble for Willian. He’s been busted taking a hot trip to Dubai to meet with Salt Bae. He was caught by… a photo. Which suggests the trip was probably permitted. The story seems to say that he’ll have to take a covid test before he returns to play with the lads… not sure that’s any different to how the rest of the players will have to behave. Kind of feels like this story is a bit of a nonsense. Hardly a Sneeze Rave in Brockley Park, is it? Also, notable that the Brazilian is all over the .com. I suspect the club will welcome a bit of alone time for him, needs to get his nut on the game this weekend.

Our big hope after this lockdown is that Arteta has had some time to think through the abomination before the international break and work on some solutions. He’ll have had plenty of players to work with, so hopefully there’s some new thinking heading into another outrageous run of Premier League games.

I’m hearing mutterings that he very much likes the Swedish kid…

Our first game back is Leeds away. Far from ideal. They play like a pack of hyenas, hunting you down, harassing you… scoring goals for fun. There’s quite a chunk of the fanbase that thinks the best way for Arteta to get over the loss last week is to throw all caution to the wind and try to savage them back. That my friends, is what dim people suggest. We don’t have the players, nor the muscle memory to drops something like that. I suspect the system will stay in place, but the chess pieces will move around.

There are some forced moves that we’ll have to deal with. Mo Elneny is out with Covid. That likely opens to the door for Dani boy next to Thomas Partey. The question is who fills in for the more advanced role? Will Arteta dare put Granit Xhaka in against a side that will see him as a tactical weakness? Is it time for Joe Willock to get a runout? His positional sense and movement could be problematic for Leeds, especially on the break.

What is apparent is the options in midfield aren’t exactly oozing sex appeal. However, it appears the rumblings have started up for January.

The most alarming of them is that Christian Eriksen has been linked with a swap deal for Granit Xhaka. Now, on paper, I quite like the idea of moving on the Swiss for someone creative. However, the deal would put us back on course to repeat the mistakes of signing greats of the past. The Dane has been a machine during his career for assists and vital setpieces. However, at 28, on £250k a week, it’s hard to look at signing him as anything outside Mesut MKII. After watching that Spurs doco, it’s apparent he’s a bit of a beta male. Not sure I like that.

Now, I could tolerate the move if it were a loan for 5 months. I would also want to see movement on Aouar or Sobolazai. My preference would be the Hungarian. He has a low price point and a very high ceiling. You also don’t have the annoyance of an entourage that’ll be pushing for Madrid after 3 assists. Though the Austrian League is less competitive than Ligue 1, I do like that Dominik is and out and out goals and assists machine. The ceiling there is very high.

Any of those players improve us, but two of them are the profile of player we SHOULD be signing. The other is just giving oxygen to a transfer strategy that has not helped us at all.

I’d normally suggest that Arsenal moving for anyone is January unlikely… but, we know there’s probably budget available from the signings we didn’t make in the summer. Well, that’s the hope anyway.

There’s also a higher probability that we clear a few players off the wage bill that have 5 months to go on their deals… though I won’t hold my breath.

Ok, do you feel textually satiated? Good. Now listen to a podcast I did with an Arsenal and a Spurs fan, it’s called United Mates Podcast. They had a quiz at the start they had to scrap because I was so bad at it. I talked some good football though, enjoy.

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  1. Marc

    “What is apparent is the options in midfield aren’t exactly oozing sex appeal.”

    For fuck sake – precisely what difference does Arteta have to Emery last season other than having Thomas Partey and Elneny back from loan? Even with Elneny not available out CM options are better.

  2. Ishola70

    Swap deals rarely happen.

    Xhaka is not picked for the first team for a couple of matches.

    Eriksen is not having a good time at Inter.

    So what do you do? You put the two together to create a transfer story.

    All too neat and coincidental.

  3. Trap

    Rather than prioritize one over the other I think we should get both Aoaur and Dominik , a new midfield creative duo @ £60m-££65m. And cheap wages basically Ozils wages could take of this with spare wages .

  4. redbro14


    Not going to happen, unless we sell deadwood and collect enough to do these deals. I think that Aouar has his eyes set on Real or Juve. If Bayern are in for Dominik we have no chance….

  5. englandsbest

    It’s pretty evident that the summer ‘in and out transfers’ went awry. Or – to put it more fairly – the programme Arteta and Edu had in mind did not go as planned. Particularly on the ‘outs’ – which led to missing out on the ‘ins’.

    Looking back it was the nutty spending of a handful of clubs – notably Man C and Chelsea over here – that queered the market. The signs are that Arteta was desperate enough to get rid of players to practically give them away. But the anticipated rush did not happen. Hence the current unbalanced squad, the absence of Saliba.

    Hopefully January provides another opportunity to do what was wanted back then. This time round Clubs are more likely to take on players at give-away prices, like Ozil, Sok, Kola. And with less to choose from, pay up for players like Xhaka, Bellerin, Laca.

  6. Marc


    Your comment would make perfect sense if it weren’t for the fact that we turned down a bid for AMN and it’s now being reported we also turned down a bid for Laca. It’s also reported that we offered Mustafi a new deal.

    Sok and Kolas were always on too much money to hope we’d get anything for them anyway.

  7. Marc


    How do we get both of those players for £65 million when one has a release clause of £20 odd million and the other one’s club wanted almost £60 million for him in the summer?

  8. andy1886

    Not sure where this money left over from signings we didn’t make in the summer is, we had to go cap in hand to the Kroenke’s to get Partey. There is no money left over. It’ll probably come down to if we can flog a few fringe players and raise enough for the first payment on someone half decent.

    As for Aouar and his entourage they can get lost.

  9. S Asoa

    In January
    Likely we might mot get anyone. Obsessive obdurate and obstinate Arteta will want to prove he is tops pushing forvAour , who we could not pick all summer. In the meantime some other Club , likely from Bundesliga will sign Dominick SunofaGun.
    Our Sancho Panza needs to be controlled

  10. Left testicle

    It’ll probably come down to if we can flog a few fringe players and raise enough for the first payment on someone half decent.
    But gimp jacket man doesn’t want to sell anyone.

  11. englandsbest


    AMN is a young guy with a future, clearly a player Arteta wants to keep.

    I doubt that Arteta got any kind of offer for Kolas or Sok, The choice was wide and Clubs bought elsewhere.

    That may change in Jan: less choice, greater need.

    The gist, however, is: no outgoers means no incomers.

  12. Marc


    Then I’d prepare yourself for no incomers because if we won’t sell the players we get bids for then there’s nothing else.

    As for AMN – how many matches has he played recently?

  13. Pedro

    Words, he’s a spreadsheet merchant who doesn’t know how to draw actual insights, so I’m really not concerned what he thinks about the state of Arsenal

  14. Tom

    Szaboszlai is one of the easiest Hungarian surnames to pronounce unless you’re a native English speaker apparently.
    His nickname is probably Szabo, which means tailor , so Dominik Tailor might be a way to go for those finding Szaboszlai too challenging.
    In any case, I think he’d be nuts to choose Arsenal right now over some of other clubs rumored in for him.
    Sorry Freddie.

  15. Kaz

    So Pedro’s prediction is that Arteta will do the exact same strategy and gameplan that has been rightly criticised for weeks and got us to this point.

    Absolute definition of insanity stuff right here if true (which it probably will be)

  16. Kaz

    And if it is true, it proves a lot of us quite right when we say we need to part ways with the guy.

    However I am hopeful I am proven wrong and Arteta does change the way he lays out the team.

  17. Kaz

    28 year old Eriksen for 3 years would give us a playmaker we desperately need and moves on one of our problem players too.

    Hard to see how it’s a bad move.

    Absolutely we should prioritise Szoboszlai but if there is any substance to the trade rumour would be daft not to go for it.

  18. Pedro

    Kaz, the definition of insanity is setting up a team to attack Leeds when you don’t have the players… and call it progress.

  19. Kaz

    Who says we don’t have the players Pedro?

    It’s about the system and the way they’re being set up to play that’s letting them down.

    Or do you genuinely believe Leeds have a better calibre of players than we do and no other manager could ever get us to play attacking football at all.

    Come on man.

  20. Up 4 grabs now


    Pedro we have the players, more than what Emery had so I’d be careful where you go with that.
    The problem is the system, and arteta doing a Wenger playing players out of position.

  21. Dissenter

    ‘We don’t have the players, nor the muscle memory to drops something like that. I suspect the system will stay in place, but the chess pieces will move around.”

    Pedro’s expectation of Arteta-ball is pretty dismal but that’s what happens when you set the bar so low.
    We don’t have the players to match Leeds?
    Who was supposed to drill muscle memory into the players. Arteta has had a two weeks break to drill the players that didn’t get invites for the national teams.
    The system we have may be acceptable for playing Liverpool and City away but for a newly promoted side, we have to expect more.
    This is Arsenal ffs.

  22. Tom

    “Words, he’s a spreadsheet merchant who doesn’t know how to draw actual insights……”

    Pedro, weren’t you the spreadsheet merchant when you correctly predicted Emery’s 22 games unbeaten run was unsustainable due to underlying data?

    goose gander springs to mind.

  23. Freddie Ljungberg


    I kindly request that you stop pissing on my cornflakes, at the moment there’s still a chance. Of the clubs linked, Liverpool, Man U, Spuds, Us, Real, AC Milan and Leipzig ours is probably the easiest to get a first XI spot since we have no one with a pulse in that position.

    He said he prioritizes playing time above all right now so I think we still got a shot if we go in with a hard sell, and stop dither around.

    I agree we’re a mess offensively and that it’s mostly self inflicted, we have the players to play much better than this but they’re either not playing, or playing in the wrong position or given the wrong roles in the right positions.

    Is Partey recovered for Leeds btw? If not it’s going to be a depressing watch with Xhaka back in the XI.

    Ideal would be Partey – Ceballos with Willian ahead of them, Saka -Auba – Pepe front three.
    Laca and Eddie needs to take a seat.

  24. prvhc

    We have one of the world’s best strikers playing on the wing, crossing balls to a 5”9’ forward who doesn’t have the pace to get into the box anyway, a 72m winger sitting on the bench, and one of the most promising and creative academy players we’ve had in years playing wing back.

    Yet, we don’t have the players to attack Leeds United 😂

  25. Graham62


    What’s more problematic as far as I’m concerned is Arteta’s conservative approach. We cannot afford to play at the same level and tempo at Leeds, as we did against AV.

    If he continues to play in this ultra cautious manner, the players will sink even further into the quagmire of negative scared football.

    You genuinely believe in Arteta and his methods.

    I’m afraid I don’t.

  26. Northbanker

    Freddie – agreed but just not sure on Willian at no 10. I guess I’d be happy with that formation with Willock on the bench

    Pedro – I think we have enough to play a more extensive game if we played players in the right position esp Auba.

  27. Dissenter

    So far, Arteta ball has been about parking the double decker bus to absorb 25 shots at out goal and just hope we score from 3-5 half chances that fall on the laps of Auba or Laca.

  28. Marc

    “when you don’t have the players… and call it progress.”

    Arteta has either the same or better players than Emery – why is going backwards now progress?

  29. Trap

    Redbro & Marc

    I read Szobozalai is valued at £17m+(clause) Aouar is an asking price we offered shy of £35m in the past summer. If we are first in line with a sizeable offer we can snap him up.

  30. Chris

    Just seen that there is another round of international fixtures tonight, this has seemed like the longest interlull in history, it is spectacularly dumb and greedy for FIFA to insist on fulfilling this nonsense, it that they actually give a shit about the players welfare.

  31. Trap

    I don’t think the club is also severely skint as we would think. If good value presents itself we should have enough to see such deals over the line.

  32. Chris

    A few of us were saying the other day about not going ‘gung ho’ but perhaps (and don’t lynch me for this saying) just letting the handbrake off a little.

    A few tweaks here with say Auba up top centrally, or there or an extra 10-20% of attacking intensity may still consider Leeds’ attacking threat but be enough to take advantage of their woeful defensive record.

    I think judging by what most people have said on this post, if we rock up to Elland Road with the exact same approach it will reflect disappointingly on Arteta, however I am sure he is smart enough not to do that.

  33. Tom

    I don’t dispute his chances to start for us are definitely better than at Liverpool for example and we can definitely be competitive on wage front too, my only worry is that he and his people might look at our current struggles and decide to pass.
    If this malaise continues Arteta might not even be here next season and knowing exactly what situation he’d be walking in is probably equally important to him as wages and playing time.

    Looking at Arteta’s track record of guaranteeing players playing time I’m not even sure Szaboszlai would be getting any.
    Arteta is more about non negotiables than guaranteeables ( def not a word)

  34. Marc


    Lyon were looking for £50 million or more for Aouar – between the price and his alleged preference for Madrid I don’t think we’ve got a chance in hell.

  35. Marc

    “I don’t think the club is also severely skint as we would think. ”

    So we’ve been losing about £25 million a year since we missed out on the CL income, you then add on the loss of match day income – £90 million a season and we’re not skint?

    The Kroenke’s had to front the money for Partey I can’t see them throwing more money at the club in Jan unless they’re seeing something to justify it.

  36. Marc


    We had 2 shots on goal against ManU – sorry but the problem with playing like we did against ManU is we don’t create anything.

    We cannot rely on getting a pen or the hope we won’t concede from a set piece every time we play.

  37. Rich

    Signing the Hungarian lad at 20, when we’ve already got Willock and Smith-Rowe, isn’t a good look.

    We signed Willian, when we already had Nelson, and Spent £72million on Pepe just 12 months previous.

    Our squad is overstretched, numerically we could lose Sokratis, Chambers, Ozil, Kolasinac permanently

    Then loan out Saliba and Nelson, without the need for any replacements.

    And we also have Torreira, Guendouzi and Mavropanos out on loan, who we could also lose permanently without the need to replace.

    This is what years of mismanagement looks like, 34 first team squad players, the signings of Mari, Soares and Willian are real head scratchers.

    I really like the look of Willock, Smith-Rowe and Nelson, they’re not the finished articles, but they’re good young players, and I’d have liked us to have given them opportunities to develop.

    If we’re making a signing in attacking midfield?

    Then we have to make a decision on losing either Willock or Smith-Rowe permanently, we can’t just keep collecting players, who we have no intention of using.

  38. jwl

    I think best managers look at players they inherit when they start new job and figure out way to get them playing their best. I dont like managers who have philosophy/system they stick with and try to fit players into their system.

    We going to find out what kinda manager Arteta is now – does he continue on with how we playing or will some significant tweaks be made? I hope Arteta and his staff have ability to do course corrections because we need it.

  39. Marc

    “If we aren’t being backed then I’d be afraid .but we are.”

    The Kroenke’s backed Arteta in the summer after winning the Cup. Right now we could be looking at a points total only a few points better off than where Emery was when he was sacked.

    If Arteta has used the last couple of weeks to start getting things sorted and both results and performances improve then they might back us but it’s got to be better than what we’ve seen all season.

  40. Marc

    If Arteta is determined to continue with 3 at the back would it be worth looking at going to 3-5-2 with Auba and Pepe operating as the front 2 both with some license to roam.

  41. Rich


    KSE paid roughly £1,050,000,000 for Arsenal, the club is valued at roughly £1.8 billion, there’s talk of a breakaway super league.

    Tim Lewis was no doubt sent in to stop the bleeding and mismanagement, but KSE have made around £750,000,000 from their 13 year association with Arsenal, if they don’t invest in their asset?
    We might keep sinking, our squad has got serious issues, and the further we fall behind, the longer the journey back

  42. Marc


    I agree with the premise of what you say but the Kroenke’s bar a few million in consultancy fees haven’t made a penny from Arsenal.

    Their value on paper has gone up but just because house prices go up doesn’t mean I have money in the bank.

  43. Karsa

    Guys, Arteta is getting 3 years to crack it, regardless of top 6 or not this season.

    The board have made their choice and we’re not going to turn into Watford and have a new manager every season.

    Arteta has already landed a trophy so he’s not under the pressure that some are suggesting.

    If we haven’t got Champions League by the end of his third season then he will be replaced.

    Just my opinion.

  44. jwl

    Is this the Swede that Pedro mentioned and Arteta supposedly likes? He looks a unit, hopefully he comes good.
    Arsenal have signed Swedish youngster Nikolaj Moller from Malmo.

    The striker, 18, will join the Gunners’ Professional Development Phase.

    After a spell with Bologna, Moller, who measures 6’ 2”, was given the nickname Ibra after comparisons to compatriot and legendary forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who also featured for Malmo in the early stages of his career.

  45. Marc

    “‘Arteta has already landed a trophy so he’s not under the pressure that some are suggesting.’


    Wait until fans are back in the ground – assuming many turn up – how long will their patience last with the negative performances?

  46. Captain Tierney

    The twitter ITK which gained a lot of attention due to it basically confirming us signing Partey 2 months before the deadline has tweeted we have started communications with Szoboslai’s camp.

  47. WengerEagle

    ‘I really like the look of Willock, Smith-Rowe and Nelson, they’re not the finished articles, but they’re good young players, and I’d have liked us to have given them opportunities to develop.’

    None of the three are anywhere near making a real impact on the first team, who knows if they ever will. At best, they need loans out to PL/Championship sides to find out what they are really made of without the expense of costing us points and position in the table. At worst, you cut them loose, two of the three maybe. At this moment, I’d keep Willock of the three. He’s shown something in the Europa League in his defence and could be good squad cover.

    If you want to make peace with falling behind the Chelsea’s, Man United’s and Spurs’ of this world who have ready-made established internationals kitted out in these positions, that’s your prerogative.

    I’ve only seen this Hungarian chap a few times after he was mentioned by a few on here but he looks several levels ahead of anyone that we have in attacking midfield.

    When you look at Chelsea’s options in Ziyech, Havertz, Pulisic and Mount, United’s in Fernandes, Van De Beek, Pogba, we’re a million miles off. A Grand Canyon sized gulf in quality which isn’t in any way bridged by bringing in lower league level kids into the fold.

    We simply need to bring in talent in the vein of this Szozsalai lad to narrow the gap and maximise our chances of competing.

  48. englandsbest

    People on here should wise up. Arteta will not change his method, apart from, perhaps, a tweak here and there. Why would he? He is only a step and a half along the way. It may seem slow and ponderous, even dangerous at times, but let’s remember, this is not the finished product.

    Personnel is another matter: he wants everyone onside. Well, he is doing his best to get rid of those who aren’t. And he is trying to add players who are. No need for alarm, though. The squad he has is good enough to do better than in his first season as manager.

    The missing ingredient is, of course, speed. Imagine, if you can, the team playing twice as fast at key moments. But – given that the Club cannot cherry-pick the best – that comes hard. The way it was for GG building the best defence in the country.

  49. WengerEagle

    Is winning the FA Cup last season really going to be enough to be a stay of execution for finishing outside of the top 6? Wenger won it 3 times in 4 years quite recently, it’s a competition that isn’t taken particularly serious anymore.

    The PL is now the bread and butter. And finishing outside of the top 6 is deserving of a sacking imo.

  50. Rich


    Money on paper gives you capital.

    You can then borrow the difference between the current value of your asset, and what’s owed

    If you invest that capital well?

    You create more capital.

    If you invest it badly?

    The bank sends in the official receivers.

    If we have a recession? And the value of assets drops?

    It’s not just you who has negative equity, the banks are screwed as well.

    The whole world is built on bad debt, and massively over valued stocks and assets.

    Interest rates are minimal

    We’re at the point where it’s not how much money countries and billionaires can afford to borrow, it’s about how much interest they can afford to service.

    You take an interest only 20yr loan for £100million, with interest rates of under 0.005%, then you just pray that when the capital needs to be repaid, that interest rates haven’t risen, then you just taken another loan out on the capital in 20 years.

    To service the interest only loan of £100million, would cost around £500,000 a year., the club and KSE would currently eat up that type of expenditure.

    And the could borrow it, based on just paper money as collateral.

  51. Marc


    Top 6? – Wenger was sacked when it became clear he was going to miss out on CL at the second attempt. Emery was much the same.

    Arteta will get this season but judgement cometh next season.

  52. WengerEagle


    No-brainer in that case.

    Amuses me how some are endlessly patient on here advocating the likes of Nelson, ESR and Willock being brought into the fold to develop and on the other hand are ignoring our offensive weaponry in Aubameyang and Lacazette being prime aged and heading towards decline. By the time any of these three are even close to being able to have a real impact on the XI, Auba will be well into his 30s and that’s best case scenario if they actually swim.

    By clamouring for these over a marquee talent being brought in as well you are basically surrendering competing for a top 4 push for the forseeable too.

  53. WengerEagle


    Yeah but even Wenger in his last season and Unai were getting us top 6 finishes and keeping the ball rolling with EL runs.

    Not even qualifying for EL would be taking another step backwards. Wouldn’t be a great look for Mikel after spending 75 odd million in the summer and getting a full year plus crack at the reins.

  54. Marc


    To be honest I hadn’t even thought about the context of zero European football – just seemed to unlikely but you’re right and with another £30 odd million knocked off the turnover Arteta could quite easily find himself on very thin ice.

  55. WengerEagle


    Very unlike you to overreact to a player’s slow start to the season, no?

    Sancho has put up two elite seasons of football and now after 8 matches into the new season you’re declaring him a bust? Lol.

    If you paid attention to his contribution beyond goals/assists numbers as per Whoscored, he’s actually been decent this season. 7.29 rating in Bundesliga and 7.46 in CL. 3 goals/assists in 8 apps isn’t exactly alarming either.

  56. WengerEagle


    I mean winning a trophy usually does buy a gaffer time.

    I’m just not sure that the FA Cup has enough currency anymore to be that buffer. It’s a trophy of prestige rather than financial rewards like qualifying for Europe and the latter seems to be all that ownership care about nowadays.

    Wigan won the FA Cup while being relegated. It’s just not held in the same light as it was in times’ past due to the financial explosion effecting all facets of football in the modern game.

    I mean Wenger was literally the king of that competition and won for a third time in four years it just a year before he was sacked. Making a splash in the PL and qualifying for Europe is just so much more valuable for a football club nowadays than winning a Cup that sides put their second strings out for.

  57. Marc


    Not at all – responding to another post and looking at the current situation.

    It’s very difficult to get the juices flowing for Arsenal at the moment – right at a time when we could all do with an enjoyable distraction.

  58. WengerEagle

    This international break has been fucking torture.

    Incredible how many pointless games are crammed into such a packed schedule of fixtures for players. What’s this now the third break of the season already?

  59. Rich

    Wenger Eagle

    I like Nelson, Willock and Smith-Rowe, and would like them to be given opportunities to develop.

    My point was though, that if we’re not going to play them?

    Then sign the Hungarian lad who’s a similar age?

    Then we need to sell some players.

    There’s no point hanging onto players, we aren’t going to use.

    We’ve got a first team squad of 31, 2 we can’t register, and another 3 out on loan.

    What’s the point of signing a 20yr old Hungarian, who’s not the finished article, to block off Willock and Smith-Rowe, but then keeping Willock and Smith-Rowe, when they can hardly get a game already, and we’re signing another young player, who plays in the same position.

    It’s utter madness, there’s nothing to say either Willock or Smith-Rowe wouldn’t be ripping up the Austrian league if they were over there.

  60. Ernest Reed

    Brain dead morons running football these days. Covid getting out of control and players being pushed with too many fixtures – perfect recipe for a disaster.

    Internationals should be of no priority today as it introduces the best opportunity for infections. Again, brain dead morons running football today.

  61. WengerEagle


    This lad isn’t just ripping it up in Austria though, he’s starting to translate those performances to the CL and at international level. Qualified his country for the Euros with a huge stoppage time winner [and a great one at that]. Played very well vs Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid. That counts for a lot when assessing a player’s talent level as opposed to Reiss Nelson ripping Standard Liege a new one.

    And he’s just one example, we don’t have to be limited in our scope. Any player ala Partey/Gabriel that’s ready to come in and have a positive effect on the first XI from the get go.

  62. WengerEagle

    Exactly Ernest.

    Suarez out now for Atletico of their huge game at the weekend home to Barcelona with Covid.

    Simeone’s face must have been a picture upon hearing the news. Rival Klopp’s hearing about Joe Gomez.

  63. Rich


    KSE have been majority owners for just over 2 years.

    In that time we have “invested”

    The club is haemorrhaging money, we could lose £100million in gate receipts, and yet we’ve still put up €50million cash on a midfielder, and €30million on a centre half.

    KSE will invest IMO, the only chance they can’t afford not to take, is to not take any.

    If we keep sinking?

    The next commercials will be smaller, and once the revenue starts dipping, the club loses value.

    The alternative to that, is throw another £200million at it, that debt will cost around £1million a year to service.

    It’s a no brainer.

  64. Marc


    The worst part of it is you had one of the FIFA morons claiming Ronaldo was being treated like a slave when ManU wouldn’t go on the cheap to Madrid however many years ago.

    I don’t understand why employers are legally bound to take all reasonable steps to protect employees and yet after one of England’s friendlies was cancelled the FA set up another one.

  65. Rich

    Wenger Eagle

    If we think the Hungarian lad’s a definite upgrade?

    Then I’m all for it.

    But that means moving on not just Ozil, but also cutting loose one of our young lads.

    We can’t keep accumulating players we don’t use.

    It’s basic economics, supply and demand

    If you have an oversupply of players, and an undersupply of squad places?

    Then it puts you in a very weak negotiating position , other clubs can count, and will just sit it out until late in the window, looking for loans, and loans where we even subsidise a part of the wages.

    The big worry this summer will be Guendouzi, unless we’re prepared to dig our heels in, not register him, and let him sit out the season?

    Then he’s in a very strong position to force a move wherever he wants, and at a fraction of his value,

  66. Venga, Dani

    Saka played:

    90 minutes Nov 1
    30 minutes Nov 5
    90 minutes on Nov 8
    90 minutes Nov 12 (Friendly)
    50+ minutes Nov 15
    and starts today.

  67. MD-Gunner

    Reading an article about the Saliba debacle which Arteta will face in January. These are some mistakes one can expect from an amateur manager not one that spent 3 years next to Pep. Pissing of Saliba with needed help in the defense. With the way the EPL is now absolutely crazy positioning if that persists then outside the top 6 is my guess.

  68. Dissenter

    Gareth Southgate is a shitty manager. This match against Iceland is a dead rubber game, neither of these teams will go any farther in the nations league
    He is going to break some of these players.

  69. Venga, Dani

    The Saliba thing is ridiculous. That’s one qualm I have with @Pedro and the podcast – you cannot argue the situation is down due a) him losing his parents b) language barrier c) injuries d) ligue 1 ending early last year when we have 300 goalkeepers in our Europa League squad and yet chose Mari over Saliba. I’m sorry that is just batshit crazy and something smells really funny here…

  70. Pedro

    Dani, arguing that it’s something else is crazy.

    You’ve been told the reasons, they marry with reality… but you think it’s untrue.

  71. Kaz

    Saka not being forced to play as a LWB seems like a benefit, who could have seen that? 🤔

    Only a super manager like Southgate..

    And Southgate isn’t playing Kane on the wing, doesn’t he realise the obvious benefits of putting him wide?

  72. Venga, Dani

    @Pedro – the reasons marry reality in the sense that he’s not playing in the EPL, Carling Cup, or the Europa League so far., But to not even name him in the Europa League squad opting for literally 6 keepers and Mari instead of him DOES NOT MARRY REALITY MATE!

  73. MD-Gunner

    With the Saliba thingy every Arsenal fan was complaining that he was loaned back to France after he was bought. So that is done for the new season, but now he doesn’t fit in the plans or was overlooked? While there may be other reasons it reeks of incompetence and begs the question why spend the money when you are not using him for 2 years and need to do contract negotiations in a year.

    Now you got a new problem on your hand a dissatisfied player that demands to play or leave in January. If Arteta couldn’t see that coming he then is worst in people management than I thought, but it is no surprise considering how the Ozil situation was handled.

  74. Nelson


    I saw that too. He constantly exchanges position with Grealish, sometimes he is inside of Grealish and sometimes outside. I am afraid Arteta won’t allow his players so much freedom.

  75. Pierre

    “It’s very difficult to get the juices flowing for Arsenal at the moment – right at a time when we could all do with an enjoyable distraction.”

    Congratulations…you have officially become no.1 moaner on Le Grove , you’ve taken over the mantle from Marko…..

  76. raptora

    Saka benched Chilwell. Chavs must be fuming!
    Unless it’s Southgate trying to do us well and nice when Saka breaks after playing so many games at such a young age.
    Now Arteta needs to give him a rest or risk the lad getting injured. He’ll be the one to receive all the criticism. Imagine resting players in the Premier League but playing them in absolutely meaningless international games during a Corona pandemic. UEFA are such a garbage organisation.

  77. Kaz

    Nelson, I’m in the UK. I just watch the streams 👀

    Very good point that, I hope Pedro is taking note, he seems to have forgotten what it’s like when you trust the players to have some freedom.

    Arteta sadly is too restrictive.

  78. Pierre

    Save the kids for Europe , Saka, , Eddie , ESR Nelson , Willock, Balogun …plus Saliba and Martinelli in the new year . their time will come when they will be starting in the prem unless the more experienced players buck up their ideas…

  79. gunnerram

    “he’s a spreadsheet merchant who doesn’t know how to draw actual insights”
    The most stupid comment I have ever read.

    7Amkickoff makes sense every which way, and produces more insights then anyone.

    This blog is frickin hilarious.

  80. Ernest Reed

    “Congratulations…you have officially become no.1 moaner on Le Grove , you’ve taken over the mantle from Marko”

    Thats rich coming from LeGrove’s #1 Troll, Pierre!

    You of all people should remain silent on such matters, your track record isn’t exactly “clean” these days.

  81. Pierre

    How are you..

    Just to point out that i am criticised on here for for being supportive of our players like Eddie, willock, Pepe etc..

    It appears that to win friends on here one has to slag off our players , especially the kids who are trying to make their mark .

  82. Ernest Reed

    Find it rather comical that in your eyes Pierre, Wenger remains a no-can-do-wrong manager, right to the end, and yet Emery became a no-can-do-right manager quickly enough and now Arteta is taking similar abuse from you, in record short time one might add.

    So far your track record of support houses Wenger, Ozil and Pepe. All three have to things in common – 1. They are are all championed by you and, 2. They are all pretty much useless in the grand scheme of everything.

    That would be an observation and likely a fair one given your track record of supporting lost causes, Pierre.

  83. Ernest Reed

    Not slagging any of the kids, how can I? They’ve not had enough time to establish themselves.

    Who’s slagging you on the kids, Pierre? I get the Ozil and Pepe slagging, but the kids?

  84. Marc


    Don’t be a tit – only someone who’s operating on the level of a zealot (Pedro you OK mate?) would not look at this season so far and say the results haven’t been great and the performances in the PL have been at best hard work.

    If you want to tell me that right now “at a time when we could all do with an enjoyable distraction.” isn’t a reasonable comment you’re even more delusional than normal.

  85. WengerEagle

    It’s actually impressive how shit Ireland are at scoring goals.

    No goals now in 7 straight international matches, must be some kind of a record amongst nations not including San Marino, Andorra, etc.

  86. WengerEagle


    Arteta is on paper may be Pep’s creation but he’s a Stephen Kenny Disciple at heart.

    Not a single shot on target at home to Bulgaria. I’d sooner bleach my eyeballs than actually sit through an Ireland match.

  87. MidwestGun

    As a lazy merican.. who can’t be bothered to pronounce any ethnic sounding name.. It’s officially..

    Dom S-boz. in my household. Reminds me of trying to spell Tzszczszezny…. aka Chezzer.:grin:

  88. Ishola70


    Arteta will not and should not get a free pass for three seasons for winning an FA Cup.

    That’s called lowering the standards and the bar.

    The real business end of football now is producing in the EPL and that hopefully translanting into further success in european competition.

    The FA Cup on it’s own doesn’t cut the mustard any more.

  89. China1

    Well look Midwest if you’re going to have a name comprises entirely of consonants better expect this haha

    ‘S-boz’ lol

    Also known as ‘D-Bizzle’

  90. Ishola70

    Really strange that some posters think winning an FA Cup on it’s own is a pass card for several years.

    If Arteta is seen as failing in the EPL the FA Cup win is not going to help him.