Crazy Premier League stat Arsenal fans should focus on (long read)

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Sorry, I missed a post yesterday because I’ve been sucked into the International Break Boretex.

Let’s start with Auba. Toni faaacking Kroos having a pop about his celebration masks? How dare he. What a joyless curmudgeon. I hope he apologises. Bagging on a fellow pro like that isn’t cool, especially as the celebration is for his kids.

Onto more pressing matters…

It’s been an absolute pleasure reading through all the comments telling me I’m a double melt on toast because of Arteta. I find the noise quite incredible if I’m honest. We’ve had rough start to the season… but, I have a stat for you… we are 6 points off first in November. You would think the season is over judging by some of the hit pieces out.

I’ve seen ‘ARTETA LOST THE PLOT ON X DATE’, I’ve seen people listing out new managers they like, and I’ve seen the reemergence of the Emeryrista crying about how badly he was treated.

People, form is temporary. Just because we’ve had a rough run of games, it doesn’t mean that is our season forever. Just because we’re not creating now, it doesn’t mean that is our lot this year. This is football my friends and everything can be fixed if you have good energy, elite thinking, and a bit of patience.

Who remembers 1997-98? We lost 4 games in 6 in November/December. We were out of the title race. Then the team had a legendary meeting where the senior players laid down the law. Then we went on a magical run and won the league. However, it wasn’t easy, we were 12 points off United in FEBRUARY. Can you imagine the bet-wetters on Twitter back then?

‘Arsene WHO? Should go back in for Bobby Robson’




‘Can you beleive we sold John Hartson? Anelka is a wasteman’

Arteta has big problems, no doubt, but he’s had them all year. The crux of his issues for me centre on one fatal flaw of his early tenure: too much trust in senior players.

Willian looks like a bad investment. Arteta thought he was signing a 32-year-old who’d give him 3 years at the top. So far, it looks like we’ve made another fatal error and brought in someone on a Kia retirement deal. That can change though and I hope it will.

Lacazette was kept at Arsenal despite a sizeable offer from Roma in the summer. That, without doubt, has been the biggest mistake of Arteta’s Arsenal career so far. Someone was actually willing to pick up his huge salary and pay a fee, and we passed, presumably because we didn’t think reinvesting that in someone like Daka or Edouard was smart. BIG error. Even bigger that we put him through the middle. If you have Auba picking up his chances, we’re not 6 points from top, we’re maybe 3. That mistake needs to be rectified.

Also, Granit Xhaka. He was the go-to, but now, it seems like that error has probably been sorted long term.

Mikel needs to move things forward. He needs to position Auba where he’ll land chances. He needs to make sure his wide players are picking up the ball quickly and in areas where they can run at teams. He needs to explore what it is the play through the middle.

We need to be a provocative team. That requires confidence, the right players, and a new attitude going into the next three games.

Beat Wolves, Leeds and Spurs and we’re popping out the Birra Morretti’s and Paprika Pringles.

Arseblog nailed it yesterday in his piece about the moment and how fans deal with not knowing everything. I am game to speculate, always, but doubling down on every decision with things like NONSENSICAL or BAFFLING when you have most of the information is a bit dramatic and weird. Even if you don’t have all the information, trust that the decision was made in good faith, especially if there’s no evidence to suggest there’s something nefarious going on.

Mesut Ozil was his teammate, if he’s out the squad, it’s for the best. You don’t pick players based on Youtube videos. If we sold Emi, it was based on evidence in training and a small sample size. I didn’t like it, but the decision was made for the right reasons. If Pepe isn’t getting a run, there’s a thought behind it, have we learned nothing after we bullied Emery into showing us why managers should make decisions, not fans (that is me taking the blame here)?

Take Saliba as an example. Arsenal fans are spitting feathers that a 19-year-old isn’t in the squad. The manager in so many words has said his body isn’t ready, he’s not mentally available after the death of his mother (Kike Marin says he has now lost both parents), and he doesn’t speak English.

Arsenal fans won’t have it. @GiantGooner on Twitter laid out the reality with teenage centre backs. Before Fofana, only one teenage centre back had managed more than 300 minutes of Premier League football in 4 seasons. In Ligue One, 9 U20 centre backs managed over 600 minutes. Why? Because the league is less competitive. That’s why they grow more players, because it’s easier to land minutes younger. Is it fair to criticise that we didn’t find him a club? Yes. That seems like a pretty bad miss. Saliba started preseason early. It’s very odd that we didn’t do a deal and a bit sloppy.

Back to the player.

Arteta is protecting Saliba, not punishing him. Arsenal think there’s a future, which is why we didn’t sell him to Milan (another slow league). He’ll play in our first team. But butchering him during his formative years isn’t what he needs right now. A totally sensible decision flayed in the Twitter Townsquare.

Most decisions Arteta makes have a logical thought behind them. This isn’t Emery playing Torreira at #10 here. He plays his more experienced players because he assumes that experience equates to ‘better’ in decisive moments in a fine margins setup. Guess what, Jose does EXACTLY the same things and he’s won a lot of trophies doing it that way. Arteta plays Auba out wide because he isn’t great holding the ball up. He picks Rob Holding over Saliba because one is 24 and has won 2 FA Cups, the other has barely 17 appearances in a slow league. He doesn’t play Pepe because he’s been shite.

Everyone seems to have the answers. Even for replacement managers. Allegri is my absolute fave. Some Arsenal fans think a defensive-minded manager is going to come to this club and unlock elite attacking football with these same players. A coach that has been at Milan and Juve. Someone that would cost £15m a year . A manager deemed too arrogant. A guy who would want £150m to spend. A manager NO club has been near.

We do not have the money for any of those agenda items. We cannot afford Poch, we cannot afford Nagelsmann, and we don’t have the players for any of them.

A few weeks ago everyone was calling Frank Lampard a fraud because he has struggled to organise a defence, now he’s kept 5 clean sheets in 6 with 5 victories in a row and no one is calling him a wide boy amateur. Where has his £250m landed him in the league? 2 points ahead of Arsenal.

Keeping the faith is all we have.

Arteta is here for the longterm. He won an FA Cup in his first season. He has gone a long way to fixing our defence. He’s made some pretty decent signings. He broke our 6 year away record against top 6 sides. He has made us competitive against ALL top sides. He won the Community Shield. He is SIX points off top in November.

The season is long my friends. We’ll have moments that aren’t ideal. There will be bumps in the road, but we’ll make it back to the top.

David Ornstein says the summer planning process is underway. The dross we have accrued over the last 10 years will finally exit the club and we should have a BIG fucking party when it happens. We’ll sell players that have let us down because Arteta will learn his lesson this season. The market will also open up because fans will be back next season. Aouar. Dom Szoboszlai. Our young players will get better and better, we might even meet some new one’s (Möller, please be good). Gabriel will come back and give us a new flavour. Players out of form will find it. The process will power to the next phase: balance.

Form is temporary my friends, so now let’s see if we can find that Arsenal class we know is permanent.

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  1. englandsbest

    Reading Cesc’s admiration for Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsay – ‘they were good enough for Barca and Real’ – confirms my belief that Wenger over-played them and brought both back too soon from injury. He also suffocated Theo Walcott’s inborn talent.

  2. London gunner

    Rounaldo ran 38.6 km/hr in a game against Spain and broke the Robben’s previous record of 37km/hr later concluded as 31km/hr something which was said to be all time fastest sprint by a football player.

    This was 2 years ago at the age of 33

  3. Chris

    It was hard to hear Cesc being spoken of as a Chelsea legend earlier this week in the media (Ziyech praise).

    Perhaps the practicalities weren’t there but I would have loved to see him back at Arsenal when he left Barcelona in 2014.

  4. China1

    Ah Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic 1-3 and Sonic and Knuckles were all peak!!

    And damn straight I’m a millennial! Master system was my first console. Sonic 1 BUILT IN. If arteta gives me even 1% if the joy that that mastersystem or subsequent mega drive have me he’ll deserve a lifetime contract

    Tho he’s a long way from home thus far…

  5. China1

    ‘They’re on the game’

    Lol at this wording.

    Maybe he meant literally as in the guys are playing FIFA and are like YO DATS ME ON THE GAME

  6. Champagne charlie


    Gerrard is in his third season with Rangers, and he wasn’t playing an enviable brand of football season one or even much of last season where they completely imploded after beating Celtic.

  7. Karsa

    I suspect Arteta will be here for at least 3 seasons.

    A sensible board will give a manager time. Fergie wouldn’t have won a trophy with Man U if he hadn’t been given time.

  8. prvhc

    Fergie was a once in a lifetime manager. To use his example to justify hanging on to an underperforming manager when there’s no sign of progress is laughable.

  9. Chris


    I always thought the Master System had Alex The Kid built in? Pretty sure mine did.

    Streets of Rage 2 on Megadrive was one of my favourite ever games. Even the music was banging.

  10. Radio Raheem

    Currently watching women’s rugby, talk about sexy beasts ☺️

    Rangers are delighted to have Gerard I’m sure. Having such a big name manage them pushes there profile south of the border where the football world resides. That said he has done a good job bringing them on from where he found them.

  11. Graham62


    True but the philosophy was there.

    Bearing in mind where they were when he arrived, he’s doing a great job.


    Arteta won’t be with us for “at least three seasons” if he continues doing what he’s doing.

  12. Marc

    A rational fan is prepared to give a manager time and that includes Arteta. What’s got a few on here including me worried is we’re seeing too many stupid mistakes being made that gives the impression of muddled thinking, we’re seeing the same problems not being sorted, we’ve seen a really bad example of the manager taking a shocking view after losing a match, we’re seeing players being played out of position, players who shouldn’t get near the squad again get game time.

    It’s a lot of small things that just keep adding up to something isn’t right.

    We’ve got a squad with more than enough talent to be doing better, we’ve got the foundations of a really good spine something we’ve lacked for quite a while. I don’t know of anyone on here who is just anti Arteta and would not be happy if he can turn it around.

    The concern is with what we’ve seen does it make you believe he can do it.

  13. Champagne charlie


    Philosophy wasn’t there, took a good 12 months before Rangers were playing remotely attractive stuff with any consistency and they’d went through a couple of managers post-McCoist in Warburton and Caixinha that didn’t have any impact.

    They brought in Gerrard, went young, gave him a long term deal, and dedicated an effort to change everything to suit what he wanted (transfers, squad overhaul). They were ok year one, good and then awful year two, and now they’ve been excellent so far in season three.

  14. Karsa

    It’s called an example. I could have named many more as you well know. It’s commonly accepted that a manager needs time to achieve great things.

    How about Bobby Robson? Or Klopp? Hasenhüttl? Guardiola? Berie Mee?

    Could go on forever.

  15. Karsa


    Arteta won’t be with us for “at least three seasons” if he continues doing what he’s doing.

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    Do you really expect the results not to improve as Arteta builds the side he wants?

  16. S Asoa

    Watching Arsenal Women’s football for therapy after Arteta shit shows. Vintage Wenger football. Fast, precise passes, positive and goals. Niedema is out of the world. Effortless like the best of Van Persie. Arteta should watch it too for inspiration. ManU goalkeeper is really good

  17. prvhc

    ‘Reactionary’ would be proclaiming we’ve turned a corner after beating a disinterested United or Liverpool and Man City in meaningless games last season.
    The underlying stats since Arteta took over have been less than impressive and continue to get worse.
    Pedro’s selective blindness is so obvious it’s not funny.

  18. S Asoa

    Arteta may stay , provided Edu is fired and replaced with a no nonsense DoF who should be overseeing and reigning in Arteta non-negotiable Dom Quixotisms

  19. RockyRoe

    Pedro, explain this

    When emery was on the 22 game unbeaten run, you were here constantly berating the manager and talking about how the xG numbers will catch up with us, even when we finished 5th and reached the europa final, you were critical.

    What has arteta showed that makes you defend him with the 6 points off top line of reasoning? The xG numbers are still dire, we play unimaginative football and for once when we tried to attack (against villa) the famed defensive coaching was undone. Arteta has alienated multiple players, doesn’t seem very good with in-game management and just like emery tried playing LT as a no 10, arteta has tried willian as a 9 with spectacular failure.

    So besides his hipster vibe that you seem to dig, there is nothing going on that can give the fans something to cheer about. If you re being honest tell us how you would have reacted if we had lost 50% of our matches in a new season under wenger or emery.

    What has happened is like the emerystas (though I doubt there is such a thing) you have nailed your colours to the arteta mast and now feel the need to fall back on obscure justifications.

    Would you be calling for artetas removal if we get 5th and EL final this season?

  20. Marko

    Charlie you don’t need to suggest time for Mikel he’s going to be given time now whether he’s able to change things given that time we’ll have to wait and see but he’ll be given time to see if he can come through this difficult period he’ll certainly be given more time than Emery for sure.

  21. Marko

    Yeah but you’re not talking about something boarder no? Why are we talking about Gerrard and Rangers on an Arsenal blog there must be a reason

  22. Marko

    Wouldn’t really read too much into what happens up in Scotland honestly. It’s always been a two team league been a one team league for ten years and even that goblin looking fucker has multiple titles at Celtic. Quality of football is very questionable to say the least

  23. Marko

    Also international football during a pandemic is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Players keep getting covid and because of one fucker playing for Ireland you could/should have both sets of players having to quarantine now. It’s just dumb

  24. Marc

    The general view is that Arteta has done well to fix the defence / stop us conceding so many shots.

    I’m worried that whilst Arteta has done this he’s done it the wrong way – why were we conceding so many shots = because we had no midfield presence to protect the defenders. Now it’s to be seen what Partey’s going to add to the team but I think most would say he’s a good signing but to protect the defence we’ve given up on controlling the midfield which is why we can’t attack for toffee anymore.

    Have we plugged one hole by taking the filler out of another?

  25. Marc


    On the COVID thing it’s been said repeatedly and usually I’d say it’s been done to death but the International’s at the most are so very very stupid it needs to be said again and again.

  26. raptora

    As Pedro is a huge fan of xG here we go:

    Arsenal xG – 13th place
    Arsenal xGA – 9th place
    Arsenal xPTS – 11th place

    We are exactly where we deserve to be.
    I don’t think it’s okay that some people blindly believe in a manager currently placing us 11th.
    I’m not calling for his head, but questions that could have been solved/tried to be solved long time ago are not even looked at. It’s a worrying trend in addition to his wrong starting lineups and extremely dull subs.

    I hope he is taking this break to think about what can be done.
    I’ll be happy even if the change is late. Just give us the 4-3-3 and Auba through the middle for real…

  27. Marko

    but to protect the defence we’ve given up on controlling the midfield which is why we can’t attack for toffee anymore..

    I don’t agree with this marc I don’t think we’ve had control in the midfield for a number of years. We give up big chances and big periods in the game. Even with Partey’s signing there’s still a lack of quality in there which is slowly getting addressed but won’t be fully until individuals are improved upon. None of that should explain away our current troubles though. Yes we still need better players but there’s a formation and tactics with the current players that could yield results that just isn’t being used at the moment. I can’t wait for the Leeds game I really can’t it’s going to be a huge watershed moment for Mikel

  28. Words+on+a+Blog


    Normally I’d be pissed off by yet another intrusion of meaningless international football but at the moment to be honest it’s a bit of a relief from being subjected to turgid Arsenal football.

    This is the first real test of Arteta: a clear need for him to devise strategies and tac tics that make us look more dangerous against “second tier” teams who have made us look toothless.

    I’m glad Mikel has had time to re-evaluate and plan.

    Let’s see what he comes up with.

  29. Marc


    “I don’t agree with this marc I don’t think we’ve had control in the midfield for a number of years. ”

    That’s my point I might not have made it very well – the solution to fixing the defence was to assert some control in midfield which would then help attacking as well. Instead we let the midfielders drift deeper and deeper until they might as well be classed as central defenders.

  30. Ishola70

    Leeds away Arteta may still go back three and conservative and may hope to scrape a low score victory.

    It’s the home game against Wolves that is the real watershed where there looks to be this demand of scraping the back three and more progressive football.

    Ideally Arteta drops the back three at home and away and people will argue that the side should get used to one formation instead of chopping and changing but then again these are pro footballers of a certain standard so should be able to adapt for different matches.

    At this moment in time Arteta looks quite wedded to back three it seems to me.

  31. Marc


    If Arteta wants to use and can get the back 3 to work for difficult away games so we pick up draws – great but he’s got to look to win the other matches with more than a prayer of “hopefully we’ll get a goal on the break”

  32. jwl

    Marc – “Have we plugged one hole by taking the filler out of another?

    Yes, yes we have.

    I think every player that came to Arsenal during Wenger era is suspect and need to move on. The late Wenger era he was semi retired and happy to over pay players to play half assed football and l question any players work ethic if that what you sign up for.

    There was article few months ago that said when Tierney first showed up for training, he was traning as hard he would in a match and a few senior players approached him and told him to calm down, not Arsenal way apparently.

    Anyways, Arteta liked how Tierney a d is trying to get whole squad to train same way. I am convinced Ozil cant train as hard as he plays brcause he doesnt have stamina and that why he permanently benched .

    Anyways, i have no confidence that our squad will be fixed within year or two. I think Arteta will be fired before he qualifies us for champs league because we dont have squad for it.

  33. Ishola70

    Yes and that’s why there is pressure on him to drop the back three in home matches especially and be more adventurous and attacking in these home matches.

    Ideally he drops the back three altogether but I think he has been banking on this quite strongly.

    I can’t see this side doing anything of real note until there is a three man central midfield.

  34. Marko

    Ishola the thing about the current 3-4-3 is that ok if that’s the formation okay then pick your players accordingly don’t pick LBS at LCB or wingers at LWB. I think a 4-2-3-1 is the way to address the whole woeful attack we currently have but whatever he decides his first goal should be to get the personnel right. Leeds is the watershed moment for me because it’s a chance to see what he does with the front 3. Has he finally learnt during this two week break or does he still not get it. I see Auba left and Lacazette central against Leeds and that’ll tell you a lot about the manager for me

  35. Marko

    The other thing about the back 3 is that formation is perfect for easing in Saliba. Play him with Gabriel and Luiz/Holding experience and quality to play off of

  36. Marc


    ” I see Auba left and Lacazette central against Leeds and that’ll tell you a lot about the manager for me”

    I think that’s a foregone – it’s who’s wide right for me. A Willian who just isn’t doing anything or a Pepe who at least is capable of producing on occasions.

    If he reverts to Xhaka in the team – well I just don’t know what to say.

  37. Ishola70


    “If he reverts to Xhaka in the team ”

    Past caring tbh.

    If Arteta keeps with a midfield two Arsenal are not getting top four with or without Xhaka in the side.

  38. Marc


    It’s more about the psychology it would demonstrate. Too cautious and more concerned with worrying about the opposition than giving them something to worry about.

  39. raptora

    Southampton, Crystal Palace, Brighton, West Ham, Leeds, Aston Villa, Everton, Leicester are some of the teams with higher xG than us.

    We are entering banter territory if we assume that it’s normal Brighton to have a higher xG than us with Maupay scoring twice the goals of Auba 8 games in the season.

    We are struggling, I am not being a drama queen and Arteta needs to sort it already.

    Problems have been obvious and there to be seen for almost 2 months and our fortunate win over West Ham. How much time does he need to try something out?

    He doesn’t even need to do something untested. He needs to go back to the beginning of his time at Arsenal. We were on a 12 game streak with only 2 losses – vs Chelsea at home (undeserved) and vs City away (understandable). In each of these games we played in a 4-3-3 formation. And we were playing good football.

    Yes, the results improved when he switched to a 3-4-3 after that loss vs Brighton (where we completely outplayed them and deserved to win by 3 goals). But now we have Partey, we have Gabriel, we have more settled Tierney and Saka.

    I am convinced that if he just goes back to what he was doing in the beginning, we’ll be faring far better than we are right now. Yes, 3-4-3 brought us 2 cups. It was good. But it’s time to ditch it and start laying the foundations of a future top class team the way that we want to play the game.

  40. La croqueta

    Hi. My names La croqueta. (The iniesta skill move)

    Lets talk about Non-negotiables. Like making an effort and doing your best? Pressing tracking marking, zonal or otherwise. Turning up for training on time. Fulfilling your contractual dutites like media appearances. Being respectful of others. Zero tolerance on matters involving race, religion, gender equality ect. Yes all players everywhere are under these same non-negotiables. This is a professional occupation these things go without saying.
    However it Seems as if this rule has gone to Artetas head in matters that are very negotiable.
    1. Should guendozi have been sent on loan?
    2. Should ozil have been omitted from the entire registered squad?
    3. Should willian be playing more than pepe?
    4. Should we be playing a back 5 which becomes a 7 when the two CMs drop in? And if either Auba or Willian drop in too, it becomes a back 8? ( Crazy smh)
    5. Was it right for mustaphi to be offered an extension?
    6. Should we have rejected the Lacazette bid?
    7. Is it best for Arsenal to play Auba LW or CF?
    8. Should Auba even be the Captain?
    9. Should we allow players with 2 years left on their deals to stay beyond that if they refuse to sign extensions. Especially if they attempt to run down their contracts leaving the club in a weak position in the transfer windows?

    On and on…

    UK /ˌnɒn.nəˈɡəʊ.ʃə.bəl/ US /ˌnɑːn.nəˈɡoʊ.ʃi.ə/
    non-negotiable adjective (NOT DISCUSSED)
    Something that is non-negotiable cannot be changed by discussion:

    Now forgive me as I am not a scholar of the english language although born and bred. Every single decision made by arteta so far seems to be very negotiable. In fact those decisions demand negotiation. They demand open discussion to determine whether or not those decisions are best for Arsenal FC.

  41. Marc

    We need to see Laca dropped – he’s all over the place.

    Now whether that means moving Auba central, giving Nketiah a run at CF, trying something different like moving Pepe there is up to the manager – just as long as he doesn’t put Sokratis there.

  42. Ishola70

    Fan made a point about the central striker keep being asked to funnel back and defending.

    We had Nketiah defending as a right back for Villa’s second goal the other week.

    Lacazette keeps being asked to drop back into midfield to give an extra body in that area.

    Fan pointed out all you saw Watkins do in that match for Villa was typical CF play. Holding the ball up higher up for Villa and running off defenders. No defending as right back for him or continually being asked to come deep in midfield.

    Putting Auba central can hopefully see him take more chances, the few chances that come our way but there is a nagging doubt that it will be fuly solved if Arteta keeps asking the CF to come back deeper when not on the ball.

  43. Browner

    Looking at our past 6 fixtures….

    liv | SHU | mci | LEI | mun | AVL

    9 or 10 points would have been brilliant. We got 6 points, it’s not the end of the world. Chelsea are 3 points ahead. This was their past 6 fixtures

    wba | CRY | SOU | mun | bur | SHU

    Spurs have also had a significantly easier run of fixtures to start the season. It’s a bit early for all the snap judgements.

  44. salparadisenyc

    Radio spinning dreams in his man cave, love it.

    “Currently watching women’s rugby, talk about sexy beasts ☺️”

    I may rewatch the Turkish women’s national basketball team for memory’s sake.

  45. Sid

    Chelsea won 2016/17 playing 343, they had 85 goals in total.
    The system is NOT the problem, the instructions shouted from the sidelines during games are the problem.

  46. Graham62

    When was the last time Arsenal played “progressive football?”

    Have we forgotten how to play “progressive football?”

    Will Arteta use this two week break to change things, so that we attempt to play “progressive football” against Leeds?”

    Tune in next week folks.

  47. Up 4 grabs now

    Pedro I know it’s Saturday, and your probably on your tenth peroni by now.
    But seriously even you must have doubts with what your seeing?

    The strange decisions in the transfer market, the dropping of players from the squads making them ineligible to play.
    The lacklustre football.
    A lot of us are on the fence, and if the next three games go south, which lets be honest on current form could happen, do you think arteta makes it to Christmas?

  48. MidwestGun

    Ok Poch… I can see… but What is so great about Nagelsmann? Young hipster coach who occasionally dresses like an Ass clown and likes to play 3 at the back all the time. . Ummmm I think our hipster quota is full.

  49. Pierre

    La croqueta
    “. Every single decision made by arteta so far seems to be very negotiable. In fact those decisions demand negotiation. They demand open discussion to determine whether or not those decisions are best for Arsenal FC.”

    Don’t start me on the non negotiables bollocks…I look at it as just an excuse for Arteta to spout bullshit..

    The “non negotiables ” will get Arteta the sack..

  50. Up 4 grabs now

    After those three league games it’s. Burnley, Southampton at home Everton away. Then Chelsea on boxing day.
    Not even we could screw up Burnley although it always seems a tight game against them but if we’re still in the same form we’re in now, would you fancy us to get much from Southampton, Everton or Chelsea?

  51. Marc

    “do you think arteta makes it to Christmas?”

    Seriously – yes he’d have to take the team into real relegation territory for the club to sack him this season and with the bottom 4 clubs only managing 1 win between them it’s highly unlikely.

  52. Ishola70

    “Chelsea won 2016/17 playing 343, they had 85 goals in total.”

    It becomes a problem when you compare that Chelsea team and squad to the current Arsenal one.

    Chelsea could afford to go two in midfield that season because they had the defensive monster Kante and they also had Fabregas for creativity. They also had Matic as back-up for Kante.

    Their wingbacks that season were also very good in Moses and Alonso.

    And they had spearheading their attack Costa who everyone knows was a very robust CF who other attackers could play off as well as scoring himself

    And this is even before we get to those forwards playing off Costa such as Hazard , a younger Pedro and a younger Willlian.

    It does become a problem when you compare the personnel.

  53. Up 4 grabs now


    Considering how much Pedro chews people out about backing emery, he very one eyed about arteta.
    I think people wouldn’t give him such a hard time if he admitted there are doubts.
    It’s not like he’s had six games and there’s no change. It’s a year now, and we look like we’ve gone backwards this season.

  54. MidwestGun

    Radio spinning dreams in his man cave

    hahaha He is spinning something.. probably rolling papers.. 😀

    Seriously though if I’m gonna watch Amazon women play a sport… Has to be Beach volleyball. best women’s summer Olympic sport ever.

  55. Marc


    Whilst I agree with you you need to be careful otherwise your just giving Pedro I mean Arteta an excuse to fail – the players aren’t good enough. We have enough good players to put together a top 4 challenge. Tierney, Gabriel, Partey, Saka and Auba are all good players, Leno, Ceballos, Luiz / Holding, Bellerin, Pepe, Willian are hardly Championship level and you then have Martinelli, Mari, Chambers etc to come back.

    The squad isn’t the finished article but it shouldn’t have a negative goal difference 8 matches in either.

  56. Up 4 grabs now


    It’s not the whole relegation issue, as I honestly don’t think thats ever going to happen, there are some awful teams near the bottom. Arteta would really have to go mad to get us close to that.
    It’s more being miles behind the top four by boxing day. With no chance of catching up.

    Do they keep him on and give him money in January knowing they may well be recruiting a new manager next May?

    I’m still backing him but he really needs to get his shit together quick!

  57. Marc


    “I think people wouldn’t give him such a hard time if he admitted there are doubts.
    It’s not like he’s had six games and there’s no change. It’s a year now, and we look like we’ve gone backwards this season.”

    This is one of the reasons I’ve been giving him grief. I’m not supporting Emery or Sanllehi I’m asking why the goal posts get shifted so radically.

    The other reason is because I like winding him up.

  58. Ishola70


    I’m not saying this squad isn’t better of capable in the here and now.

    What the point was that Chelsea in that season quoted by Sid had far superior options regarding playing 3-4-3 than the current Arsenal do.

    Oh and I forgot the Chelsea manager at that time as well Conte in comparison to Arteta.

    Heavily in favour of Chelsea in comparison all said and done.

  59. Marc


    “It’s more being miles behind the top four by boxing day. With no chance of catching up.”

    I’ve already said I think the Kroenke’s won’t act this season but if it’s the same next they’ll pull the trigger – Feb / March time would be my guess.

    “Do they keep him on and give him money in January knowing they may well be recruiting a new manager next May?”

    Well this is can only be answered by how much power / influence does Edu have. If we’re operating properly then bringing in a player like Dominik Szoboszlai in Jan isn’t a problem because it’s a type of player we need and if Arteta did go you’d expect the replacement manager to be of a profile that would want that type of player.

    “I’m still backing him but he really needs to get his shit together quick!”

    Exactly my position. I think quarter to five next Sunday is a perfectly reasonable time frame to judge him on!

  60. Up 4 grabs now


    Lol,.no not calling Pedro a cock!
    Don’t fancy a ban, although the way you banter with him I’m surprised he’s not getting his trigger finger ready for you.
    And before you say it that’s not a fingering gag either!

  61. JOEL

    Arteta certainly needs to use this international break as a time of reflection and work out which formations, tactics and players will best work for this Arsenal side going forward.Its clear that playing the same way against the other so-called “Big 5” as the other up and coming Premier League teams is not going to work as Leicester and Villa ( and to some degree West Ham) so ably proved.From my own perspective I still rue the day that it was decided to sell Martinez who commanded the penalty area in a way that Leno does not.That said there is nothing that can be done about that particular decision now.Instead other decisions have to be made.A back four better utilising Tierney on the left side and potentially trying to develop AMN on the right would give the team more balance.I really don’t feel that Bellerin merits his current plaudits.Many of the goals that Arsenal have conceded this Season have developed in areas vacated by our roaming right wing back who’s powers of speedy recovery no longer seem to exist.There is no doubt that Aubamayang has to be moved into a central role as he is being marginalised on the left side of attack.In fact I would suggest that moving to a 4-4-2 playing him alongside either Pepe,Willian,Neketiah or Laca with a midfield comprising of Partey,Saka,Elneny and Cebellos would be a workable throwback to the more successful “Dynamic Power Midfields” of the successful Wenger era.This current sideways sideways backwards predictably slow build up play will not “cut the mustard” against sides determined to pressure the ball and not allow time to instigate the ultimate attacking pass into their own defensive danger areas.Arteta has shown that he is able to motivate his players sufficiently…has brought in two players to help create a proper “spine” in Partey and Gabriel and for the most part instill a discipline to follow orders which has not happened for many many years…Lets hope that his “tactical orders” are now the correct ones given the opposition in front of his team.