Dominik Szoboszlai linked with January move

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I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but the rampant media bias against OGS simply must stop. This guy is pure, unadulterated, intellectually elite, Norwegian football joy. He proved it today with a beasting of Carlo A’s Everton side. Give OGS more time, give him more money, let’s see where this United experiment goes.

Poch can go to PSG.

In Arsenal news, we can start the day with a sexy transfer rumour. We’re being linked with Le Grove comments section favourite, Dominik Szoboszlai. The Hungarian #8 has been doing exciting things for RB Salzburg.

He’s an all action midfielder. He scores goals, he makes assists, he covers ground like all the best do for RB, and he is a setpiece demon. Apparently, he’d hit 200 freekicks a day… imagine that, having an actual specialist from distance? What a weapon.

He also has an elite mindset, something you need if you’re going to make it in a new country in the most competitive league on the planet. This article from FirstTimeFinish is excellent and had this clipping.

During lockdown with the football on hold, Dominik enlisted the help of Olympic Champion coach, Shane Tusup, to help with his physical and conditioning development.

The results of the pair’s work has been a huge increase in muscle mass. It’s something noticed by Christoph Freund.

‘He’s improved a lot on the physical level,’ Freund says.

Szoboszlai, who appeared timid at times during his first Champions League appearances last season, now looks far more menacing. He was able to dictate the play against the physically commanding Atletico Madrid late last month.

Shane and Dominik remain in close contact and talk everyday.

‘I work on helping athletes get the maximum out of themselves so that they can become true warriors when they enter the battlefield,’

I like Houssem Auoar, he’s undoubtedly a massive talent, but the fuckery of the summer might be a sign of things to come with him. He’d also cost about £20m more. Szoboszlai has a £24m buyout clause, is 3 years younger, and might have more of the all action features we need in an Arsenal team that desperately lacks goals scorers and final pass masters. It might take a year or so for the players to settle, but my word, what a talent he could turn into.

What I love about this sort of rumour is that he’s exactly the sort of player you hope your club is looking at. There’s a clearly defined problem in our midfield and we’ve gone out and looked at young player that could solve it. Is it a risk? No doubt, but a £24m risk for a player trained by RB feels like one worth taking. Arsenal should do this deal. It makes sense at every level and again reinforces the notion that if you have clear vision, it is MUCH easier to buy players against it.

I love clarity.

Before we get into the game. I want to take on a very pressing issue a lot of people have been sidebarring with me about.

Mikel’s jacket.

I’m all for fashion experiments. Like football, sometimes you have to take a chance. But this selection felt like a tactical misstep and the coach has to hold himself accountable for it.

The ‘I’m selling tickets to a Tottenham Court Road night club called FLAME’ euro chic vibes were unexpected and if I’m honest, unwelcome. I think he’s over-coached the choice here. He’s tried to blend fashion with ergonomics and he’s fallen flat. The textures are all wrong and I think we need to see a big response on Sunday with something a little more classic. It’s a young coach thing; we’ve seen it with Julian Nagelsmann a few times, so keep the faith, he’ll get it right.

The line of fire in his press conference largely focused on the underperformance of Willian and Pepe. The manager didn’t shirk. He was asked if he thought their return was good enough and he straight up said no… he wants 10 goals and assists from both players. He was pushed by one journo on Willian because he gets starts over Pepe, but the reality is Willian has shown he can play at the highest level consistently… we’ve never seen that from Pepe.

The Ivorian isn’t shirking reality. He dropped and interview on Sky and basically said he’s adapting to a new coach, a new system, and he needs to give more. I’d agree. The fact he canvassed Gabriel to join Arsenal tells you he’s emotionally invested in Arsenal, so at least his body language isn’t reflective of interest. A few people have floated the idea of him playing through the middle at some point. I like that idea, he could potentially offer quite a lot as a striker, though he does have similar strength physical limitations, he certainly has more speed through the middle, and that unpredictable nature is horrible for defenders in the same way playing against Kanu was back in the day.

I think the Aston Villa game is going to pose a real challenge for Arsenal. Last time we played them, we were taught a lesson in complacency. We’d made the FA Cup final and we switched off against Villa and they beat us. It’s hard to work out what they will do against us because they have players to do more than just deep block. Their attacking players are a joy to watch when they click, Jack Grealish an absolute dream of a player we could do with. There’s a lot we need to be careful of, but we also have to remember we have better players than them and we need to find the keys to our own attacking game.

We also have to be prepared to unpick an Emi Martinez guarded goal and not fall prey to their quick counter. It’s going to be a long afternoon.

Does Joe Willock get some minutes? He was the difference-maker against a shite Molde. He has pace, he’s unpredictable, and on his day he can make and deliver. Elneny was the star the previous Thursday and he started on Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see who makes it this time. Will Xhaka in a more advanced midfield position make a Premier League debut? How will Arteta configure his front three?

Lots of questions I simply can’t answer.

I’m looking forward to the game regardless.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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1,668 Responses to “Dominik Szoboszlai linked with January move”

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  1. Davey

    Nobody takes any credit last night but Arteta negative line up at home to Villa were a joke, but I must say all damaged was down our right hand side, Bellerin has defo lost his legs and Holding is a championship player.

  2. Samesong

    Pedro comment in his post

    I think the Aston Villa game is going to pose a real challenge for Arsenal. Last time we played them, we were taught a lesson in complacency.

    And we certainly didn’t learn anything this time.

  3. Thorough

    Funny thing is I don’t actually think the lineup was bad, only that he set them out to fail.
    If we’d played that same team as a flat back 4 of Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel and Tierney, a midfield of Partey and Elneny with Williams in the hole, and a front 3 of Auba, Laca and Saka, we would have looked a lot better.

    But he had to destroy everything by setting them up to fail. Ridiculous coach.

  4. Pierre

    Jamie the snide, picking out selective comments from me is quite sad…

    The fact that i was correct in my assumption that Arteta would get a result v united appears to have gone completely over your head..

    No flip flopping from me , Arteta is full of bullshit, his off field decisions are poor and the football since lockdown ( without ozil) has been dire but he is capable of getting a result when he needs it ( like wenger) …..there you go, ..consistent.


  5. raptora

    “Everyone is going into panic mode way too soon… i fully expect him to do a wenger and pull things around”
    Then says: “Arsenal are in trouble I’m afraid, some of us could see it coming , we believed what our eyes were telling us and we didn’t fall for the Arteta bullshit.”


  6. Peckobill

    Good points :-
    Can coach defensively ( though more to do with parking the bus )
    Can do well doing a smash and grab job against the top sides (though unproven in the league when it matters )
    Won a cup
    Talks a good game in interviews.

    Bad points :-
    Daft egotistical non – negotiables foibles
    Can’t coach an attack if his life depended on it .
    Not accepting the xhaka bid ( obviously too slow for this league)
    Not accepting the AMN bid ( never plays )
    Failing to get a creator when accepting both the above bids would have got one
    Far to rigid in his player’s positioning being so scared of a turnover ( no attack will function at this level being so restricted)
    Playing auba in the wrong position completely throws all the attackers out of their natural positions ( playing auba as the inside forward cutting in means Pepe has to hug the touchline to stretch the play with bellerin on the underlap. Should be auba central , saka left stretching the play with tierney underlaping and Pepe on the right playing the inside forward cutting in . You’ll get a far more productive Pepe like this .
    Completely now played our forwards out of form with far too much training obviously done on positioning on defensive work .
    Devalued guens value to practically peanuts when even if he never made it at arsenal hade the potential to make a very good profit on after some good coaching over a load of nonsense ( any think if a prime Henry was playing for us right now and done any of the same things guen has done arteta would have the balls to treat him the same ? Course not the fans would hound him out )
    Being the the only person on the planet to rate nketiah
    over martinelli when even a blind man can see which has the far higher ceiling
    Bining ozil is fine , but fucking replace him first or you end up with a team who don’t create shit …. oh wait .
    His league form since his arrival has been garbage masked by a cup win
    We even debating sticking with him .
    Name me just one game where we actually blew the opposition away in a blistering performance.
    It’s November and it’s clear to see already all of our eggs are now in the europa league . Sad sad times

  7. Terraloon

    Spanish Dave.

    Gambling on a rookie coach in itself isn’t the issue.

    For me the greatest problem relives around the quality of players. From poor recruiting to promotion of very average academy players Arsenals support staff make mistake after mistake and the sad set part is that far to many supporters immediately get excited and their expectations become realistic.

    I was quite vocal, like a small minority when it came to signing William. Some of the comments about what he would bring to the table was stuff of fantasy . William bar one season flattered to deceive at Chelsea. He is now a first team squad member for three potentially four years. He will be getting CL level wages and will be milking Arsenal with a cherry smile on his face till neigh on his 36 th birthday.

    But it doesn’t end their from the likes of Saliba, who many believed would be a starter to the most offer Auba a stupid contract the decisions don’t to be viewed with hindsight it was obvious at the time.

  8. Valentin

    I am afraid that Arteta has been sussed out.
    Smaller teams know that we have no central midfield and are toothless in attack, so they can let us have the ball.
    Basically there are two blueprints to beat us:

    1) Let us have the ball, soak up pressure and beat us via a sucker punch on a counter-attacking move with a long ball in the channel behind the wingback. Technically we play with 3 at the back, but when in possession Tierney is usually much higher and therefore play with only 2 CBs. Once wide the central CB has to move out to cut the issue leaving the remaining CB on his own facing an onrushing striker. The world and his wife knew that That’s what Leicester planned to do and that’s exactly what they did.

    2) attack on the front foot. overload one side and attack centrally with a trio of athletic, pacy players. When in possession drive centrally and overrun Arsenal pair of CM. Once past them, exploit the space out wide and cross or cutback to an onrushing player.

    Unless Arteta is willing to change his system, he will find increasingly difficult to win games. We may still games because of individual brilliance, but then we should not rely on that to win games against lesser teams.

  9. Dissenter

    Why were we too eager to promote Arteta to the point where the technical director does not have a full reign? Essentially, he’s like a co-technical director.
    Isn’t that too much in his plate since he’s still trying to get the coaching aspects of his job right?
    He needs help but he’s arrogated so much power to himself so that help may not be forthcoming.

  10. Dissenter

    Did anyone notice how Ollie Watkins offered a range of playing options to Villa, including hold-up play
    Auba doesn’t have any hold-up play in his game. That’s why he’s not very effective in the middle.