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Two days on and the warm glow of a much-needed victory away at United is still very much… well, warm.

In a sign of how ridiculous fan rage has become, we’re currently celebrating a manager everyone was doubting last week as the second coming, while United fans are all correctly suspecting Poch was on Monday Night Football to catch the eye of the United board of directors. The big flirt.

The Premier League is by far the most brutal league in the world. No one is given time to succeed, every club is getting better, decisions are made faster than ever before because there’s so much more pressure to survive/succeed.

This makes me angry… OGS does NOT deserve the bad words.

Give this honest broker MORE time, not less.

I personally think 6 more years would give us more clarity on whether it’s the players that are the problem or his infallible coaching.

It’s the players imo. Has someone like Roy Keane explained to them they are weak bitches? Has Rio shown them what the badge means? Can you really trust a ‘lazy’ midfielder like Paul Pogba who has only won pony trophies like the World Cup?


Jokes aside, we do need to start to settle into some truths as Arsenal fans. Firstly, there will be bumps in the road as we progress through the season. We will lose games, the manager will make bad decisions, sometimes that exact line-up you think is right might not be picked. That doesn’t mean we should doubt the process. This season is about chasing top 4. Just because we’re not in it right now, doesn’t mean we won’t be towards the end of the season.

Currently, we’re 3 points from 2nd. We have played 4 from the top 6. We have the best defence in the league. That is progress. Even if we’d lost yesterday… we’d still have been in the mix for top 4.

Arsenal fans need to deal with their past. Arsene has gone, he’s flogging books these days. Our manager is not Unai Emery (happy birthday, bro). He can’t hurt you with his white witch now. Arsenal is now a safe space where you can dream. We are not going backwards, the path forwards is clear. The identity is obvious, if not slightly unexpected (did not expect Simeone-Lite out here). The culture is changing game by game. I think it’s quite interesting that professionals tend to really like what is going on at Arsenal because they understand where we were (limp damp handshakes) and can see where we’re heading (strong over-the-top-I-am-dating-your-daughter-handshake). Tim Cahill launched a blistering attack on the embarrassingly dated Roy Keane on this theme.

‘Winning games of football is the key but also understanding when you lose and why you have lost is just as important. Players react to managers that have clear structure and direction.’

Roy Keane looks at our losses as an abject failure, whereas I think most Arsenal fans – though pissed – understand the limitations of the squad and why those losses were happening. It wasn’t a motivation issue, it wasn’t a player leadership problem, and it wasn’t an inherent fault with the system if you believe that we’re playing this way out of necessity. We are a fine margins side this season, that is how we’ll play and it won’t change until we have the players to play like the greats of attacking football.

We should settle into a mindset that reflects our reality instead of breaking cries of ‘ARTETA PLAYS BLAND BECAUSE HIS FAVE EMOJI IS A CRAB’ or ‘TOO NEGATIVE FUCK THE HANDBRAKE’ or my new fave ‘WE MISS GIROUD.’ It’ll make the season much easier to deal with if we can all just calm down and go for a walk.

Part of the drama, I think, is the theatre of the internet. Everyone wants to be the first person to call something. Just look at how many people said ‘I’ve literally been calling Mo Elneny the Egyptian Zidane since he was at FC Basel.’ An example of how this fan drama plays out happened on this blog, people were telling me I had a right to gloat… erm, people, we just beat United… we ALL have the right to gloat. You can’t gloat at your own fans after a massive win. If your willingness to support our success is more wrapped up in your personal fights with internet people, versus, you know, just being fucking happy… then I’d suggest you stop making friends with strangers on forums and ask a friend to intervene (unless the forum is Le Grove then it’s totes fine). Same is true of the weirdos that visit here as a first port of call after we lose. Wtf is wrong with you?

Back to the football.

Outside of the Fulham opener, our run has been pretty brutal, where teams like Spurs have had a pretty favourable run. All that will shift at some point, and they’ll start playing beastly games, and we’ll start an easier run.

That’s not happening for a bit. We have to beat an Aston Villa (h) side that is having a great season, then we have to tackle Bielsa’s Leeds (a) after the break, before facing Wolves (h), followed by Spurs (a). We’re not going for the league title this season (sorry), we just need to consistently rack up points, bed in our new players, and push the process along. I’d rather this season be a steady slog of points than the boom and bust madness we’ll no doubt see elsewhere.

If we head into January within spitting distance of top 4, maybe the club will unlock some funds for a creator, even if it’s just a sharp loan deal. I have my doubts though, I think the exec team is wishing next June comes along fast so they can release big names on big money and start to savage that wage bill, but you never know how Stan is feeling these days. We have £650k a week that’ll leave the wage bill next year!

That’s a long way off, in the meantime, let’s make sure we keep things focused on not going too mental when things inevitably don’t go our way this season. There will be ups and downs, but the journey is mapped, and we certainly won’t be needing to shift on our manager anytime soon… so less of the doom.

On that note, why not jump into our podcast? It is full of the joy of A UNITED WIN!


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  1. China1

    20% of the covid population being American was never inevitable. It was an abject failure from Trump to take it seriously. Even such basic measures as wearing a mask he politicized. If you stop and wonder how many people literally died who might not have if Trump had just been saying ‘try to wear a mask or face covering where possible’ instead of the silly game he turned it into for political point scoring, many thousands of people might still be alive.

  2. PhD2020

    TR7November 4, 2020 12:17:33
    CTCountries which enforced strict lockdown not only suffered economically but also saw a lot of people losing their lives. There is a second wave of Covid-19 hitting most countries. It begs the question whether shutting down eveything in fear a viable option ? If everything continues like business as normal at least the economy is saved to some extent and jobs are not lost in huge numbers. Trump was in two minds on Covid-19 and I don’t think there is any standard ideal response to Covid-19.

    So, money(or the economy) at the expense of lives…??

    And when your work force or labour force is wiped out due to Covid,what’s your fall back to rejuvenate the economy?

  3. Champagne charlie


    Oh I totally agree, news is almost solely a commodity now where it was more a service to the public once upon a time. Completely alters the output when you consider intent.

    Today you pick up any newspaper, or click any news article, and you’ve got to have your own firewall to bullshit and propaganda. It’s exhausting really, and with the average Joe there’s no shot they have the diligence and stomach to continually battle the bollocks.

    Views get swayed/shaped inevitably. As intended.

  4. Sid

    If theres to be a lockdown
    The Kroenke ranch should also be used by regular folk to build spacious housing which minimizes spread of covid19

  5. Danny+S


    Healthy people generally suffer no symptoms.

    Barely anyone bar the old and the infirm are really suffering from covid, however 1000’s of people in early stage cancer will not be picked up, suicide rates are through the roof, depression and mental illness from the lockdowns will be felt for years to come.
    Let it rip through the population. It’s not going away, constant lockdowns are just not viable.
    So many elderly people have died alone in nursing homes being ‘protected’ from the virus.

  6. Marc


    ” news is almost solely a commodity”

    Fantastic way of putting it – the constant levels of what is basically propaganda is like having Lord Haw Haw read the national news every night. The old saying that information is power – not anymore, the power is in being able to deliver the “news” as the information you want people to have.

  7. China1

    But there are two kinds of lockdown, the ‘normal’ lockdown and the ‘extreme’ lockdown.

    China stamped out covid by going the extreme route and never fully opening back up internationally.

    The up side is covid is basically non-existent here now and has almost no window to return in a major way as things stand so the domestic economy has basically entirely reopened as normal now. The down side is western democracies would be slaughtered for taking such extreme measures and it would be culturally unacceptable to go that far

    This is why I kept my word to get off Boris’ back after he started the first lockdown. There are no easy answers to this. So long as I think the government is actually trying its best in difficult circumstances I won’t complain. Trump hasn’t even been trying, tho

  8. PhD2020

    TR7November 4, 2020 11:02:31
    Captain Tierney branded Trump as anti-women, anti-Hispanic and anti everything. But looks like Hispanics voted for Trump. Goes to show real politics is not as superficial as various “ism” thrown about by leftist elites- secularism, globalism, feminism etc.
    Very narrow minded to view the Hispanic community as a homogeneous group-don’t you think?

    Pretty much like saying all Asians are homogeneous, think alike, talk alike, act alike..?
    I mean does a Chinese citizen share the same outlook,as a Bangladeshi?

    Does an Egyptian from Africa share the same language, customs and food as a Kenyan from East Africa?

    What, because they are Africans or Asians, let’s just group them into one basket and assume they think the same, act the same, behave the same and will vote the same way-hey??

    Yeah,Hispanics all think the same way-therefore voted the same way!

    Way to go dude..

    Surprised by your input on this to be honest..

  9. Daniel Altos

    My God Legrove really needs to stick to football.I have seen it all now.Its now only a matter of time before someone comes here backing the ridiculous QAnon saying how democrats and biden and a hollywood cabal sucks children blood and Trump is the saviour of the world

  10. Paulinho

    “So many elderly people have died alone in nursing homes being ‘protected’ from the virus.”

    30,000 excess deaths in care homes since March and only 1/10 being Covid. Biggest cause of death? dehydration.

    The whole protect the elderly and protect the NHS has always been a crock of shit.

  11. Marc


    Well said. Sky News over here spends weeks slagging Boris off for not doing a lock down – when he’s forced to bring one in they slag him off for doing it. Back in mid September when when the first Tier measures were brought in at the end of the press conference they went to journalist questions – Beth Rigby for Sky News gets the first or second question “Are you cancelling Christmas” – of all the questions that could have been asked this was just cheap scaremongering.

  12. Marc

    “QAnon saying how democrats and biden and a hollywood cabal sucks children blood and Trump is the saviour of the world”

    That isn’t true?

  13. Tom

    It was never going to be a Biden landslide because Trump hasn’t lost enough supporters turned off by his antics, and actually gained additional ones after many have realized the world had not ended because of his crazy ass behavior.
    Many of my friends and acquaintances voted for him in 2016 and not one said the wouldn’t again.
    There’s no dangerous ideology behind Trump’s agenda, not in the immediate anyway, and most Americans are ok with greed and self dealing because that’s the name of the game here these days.
    There are two overriding elements that determine voters support on a large scale in American politics, one is financial that directly translates into voters’ bottom line, where Trump was always the favorite.
    And the second is social, where racism is the name of the game.
    Many whites who publicly disapprove of Trump’s overt racism, privately support it, or at the very least aren’t bothered by it.

    Most people lie to their doctors, lawyers, wives and kids, but they are expected to admit honestly they will vote for a candidate devoid of any redeeming human qualities?!
    That’s why the polls were inaccurate, again.

  14. Champagne charlie


    Competition always threatens integrity, it happens in every facet of life both big and small. There’s kids across nations looking to steal and cheat their way into prestigious schools because they know the competition is high, there’s companies taking every ethically dubious decision to undercut the competition in their market or sector, news publishing is no different.

    When more news outlets sprouted it birthed high levels of competition and the game was set since then. They fight for “first” in every major topic so much so that the truth and facts contained in such a report become secondary in importance. I’ve lost count of how many times news is broken with absolutes about what happened only for the same report to be wholly different days later. Accuracy is tarnished for speed.

    Doesn’t stop there though, when they can get away with that gunslinger style without recourse it breeds more decomposition of ethical standard. So they’re all aiming to be the fastest because that somehow equates to quality (go figure). The evolution of that is paint pictures and landscapes with multiple individual stories cultivating opinion of an entire scope. Horribly damaging to large groups of people who absorb this under the guise of truth, but who cares, they’re selling something to be bought into and the accuracy of what’s reported is completely lost in the mist at this point – it’s all about the story. Pity it used to be the story that happened versus the story you’re telling. So, so sad.

  15. China1

    Yeah Marc you know full well my opinions on Boris. Zero love for the guy, resent him in many ways and I was the loudest person on here before the first lockdown criticizing him

    But unless you go the extreme lockdown route (untenable politically in the UK) you are stuck between a rock and a hard place until vaccines and treatments make this an irrelevance. So I only care that the gov is taking decisions based on at least trying to get the best for the country in horrendous circumstances. Right now I think the criticism of Boris is harsh

  16. TR7


    ‘Yeah,Hispanics all think the same way-therefore voted the same way!’

    You are supporting my argument actually. I am also saying it is wrong to tarnish Trump by saying he is anti Hispanics when there are some hispanics who don’t think he is as they would not have voted for him had they thought so. CT was putting all sort of labels on Trump to which I said things don’t work out that way in reality. For someone Trump might be misogynist but many women actually support him. Many people of color support him too despite people painting him as anti-black.

    On Covid, view economic loss is far more hard hitting than people realize. If states ensured that only the old ones and the ones who have medical conditions stayed back at home and all the other continued their lives as before but with masks on, it would have yielded better result. Full fledged locldowns have turned out to be disasters.

  17. China1

    Yeah Charlie but I think another issue beyond speed is the politicization of news to the extent of news organizations simply aligning themselves to a political stance in order to attract that half of the political spectrum regardless and reporting everything through that lense

    It’s so damaging to the population when you’re absorbing ‘news’ which is in fact just a politically vetted opinion for the most part, being passed off as fact by people in nice suits and studios who look like they must surely be telling the truth

  18. TR7


    I am not claiming any fraud in voting/counting. I honestly don’t know. I posted the tweet out of curiosity to take a sense from others on it.

  19. China1

    Tr7 it looks like japan is the gold standard for covid because their numbers seem to be comparatively tiny and I heard they didn’t lock down at all. Not sure how they pulled it off tho

  20. TR7

    New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Wall Street Journal, all of the biggest media conglomerates conducted polls and all showed 12%+ leads for Biden over Trump. This polling business is a fraud of gigantic proportion used to swing undecided voters one way.

  21. Champagne charlie


    Well that’s end game. From responsible news outlet reporting fact and truth, to elbowing peers for authority in a sector, to aligning yourself with a narrative and printing to suit it knowing you’re feeding a constituency (that are going to be loyal customers because they buy the story being sold).

  22. Tom

    If you’re really interested in the subject of voter fraud, and not just curious what internet trolls and right wing nut jobs think, then you should look up what Ben Ginsberg said about it.

    There’s no systematic voter fraud or vote counting but rather a few isolated incidents Republicans have been able to find over the years, and they’ve dedicated millions to the effort.

    “ proof of systematic voter fraud has become the Loch Ness Monster of the Republican Party”

    If not familiar who Ginsberg is, he’s the guy who’s most credited for putting Bush W in office after he lost the Florida popular vote and who argued the Bush v Gore case before the Supreme Court.

  23. TR7


    1. Japanese are known for their amazing discipline. Most people adhered to all the precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, sanitizing hands etc.

    2. Health experts were at the forefront of handling the pandemic, not politicians

    3. Low obesity and high life expectancy

  24. Marc


    Your points 1 and 3 are something that people over here don’t seem to be able to grasp when we tal about the high death rates.

    Do you know the rush that started on Sunday to get a table booked in restaurants for tonight – last night out before the lockdown. People just seem incapable of thinking things through.

  25. raptora

    Don’t you find this weird though – top 10 largest cities in the USA:

    1. New York City – NY – Biden
    2. Los Angeles – CA – Biden
    3. Chicago – IL – Biden
    4 .Houston – TX – Trump
    5. Phoenix – AZ – Biden
    6. Philadelphia – PA – Trump
    7. San Antonio – TX – Trump
    8. San Diego – CA – Biden
    9. Dallas – TX – Trump
    10. San Jose – CA – Biden

    Biden has won in every single large city but the ones that are in Texas and possibly Philly. The rest he has dominated Trump. As you know most of the educated people live in the big cities. Why is Trump winning in the smaller cities but in the large cities (excluding TX) he is getting demolished? It’s probably cause people are a bit harder to brainwash and actually have a good head on their shoulders.

    With that said I’m aware that Biden is a weak candidate, but it is an obvious observation.

    Also, you say some hispanic people vote for Trump – well in CA Biden is leading by 4 million votes and will probably win by more. ~8m to ~4m votes in CA. I would say that the hispanic population’s choice is dead obvious.

  26. Marc


    “Economy is more important than human life.”

    You see that’s one of the problems with criticism of the government – no one would agree that we should allow thousands to die but that doesn’t take into the number of deaths that can / will be caused by a lock down.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with criticism of the UK Government if Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy etc were all saying “COVID? got rid of that months ago”.

    Every country in Europe is struggling.

  27. Left testicle

    Agree with that. Lots of people see the governments handling of Covid as black and white / good or bad but there are lots of grey areas. If your job is at risk you will oppose a lockdown, whereas if you have loved ones who are vulnerable you will want a lockdown. As you say, the whole of Europe are trying to get to grips with the situation.

  28. Marc


    I genuinely feel sorry for Boris, Matt Hancock, Sunak (who’s done an outstanding job and is being blamed by Labour for the problems) etc who caught in a no win situation where there isn’t a right answer.

  29. Left testicle

    It’s very easy to sit on the other side and tell the government how to do things without any of the flak or responsibility. At least Starmer agrees with some of the governments decisions, unlike communist Corbyn.

  30. SpanishDave

    Boris hasn’t a clue as to the damage he is doing to a lot of people in lowly paid jobs.
    My brother in law works for a local authority and he’s been laid off permanently.
    At his age he won’t get a job and the redundancy payment will last about a year at best.
    His clumsy handling will damage many thousands of people’s lives and the mental stress will go on for years for many people.
    It’s about balance, all he does is blunder and make knee jerk decisions.
    He likes his dictatorship and today when questioned he doesn’t like it.
    Will we every get back to real normal?

  31. SpanishDave

    Glad you agree with me.
    Shutting down businesses and then giving them no help is ok then.?
    People go bankrupt , loose their homes, everything.
    That’s reality,
    How would you feel when a cancer treatment is stopped, condemning you to an early death so that a COVID patient who has a 99% chance of recovery can get hospital treatment?

  32. SUGA3

    This whole ‘pandemic’ nonsense is complete and utter bollocks.

    In Slovakia, they have stopped doing these bullshit hit and miss PCR tests and switched to antibodies ones. Lo and behold, the positive result count has gone down from 10 percent to one, which is the realistic rate, IMO.

  33. SpanishDave

    Hi Marc
    Not yet fingers crossed it starts end of next week.
    But when I visit the hospital the staff tell me that a lot of people don’t go for treatment as they are scared they might get COVID from the hospital.
    Many departments in the hospital are empty

  34. Ustyno

    Out of curiosity I had to check that Bamford Twitter handle,I’m not sure anyone can convince me that he is an Arsenal fan no I don’t get how someone claim to be supporting a particular club and be against all it does

    Bashing Arteta and praising Brendan when we lost against Leicester and giving excuses for Ole when Arteta won against him

    Good he has been temporarily ban,good riddance

  35. Marc


    Glad you’re still on track – to be honest people not showing for appointments if it’s for cancer treatment then they are either mad or stupid.

    I did have a hospital appointment back in the summer and whilst chatting to one of the nurses she told me A&E has been deserted – but a lot of the time it’s busy with people who shouldn’t even be there.

  36. Paulinho

    “This whole ‘pandemic’ nonsense is complete and utter bollocks.”

    Exactly. All this bollocks about what Japan ‘did’ or that country did. All it takes is the media to stop reporting on it in a certain country and it disappears.

  37. Buzzy

    What’s happening in Michigan and Winconsin is daylight robbery and fraud. Clear as day that. Still won’t matter because Trump only nees PA and AZ.

  38. Tom

    What’s happening in Wisconsin and Michigan is exactly what the Republican state legislature chose for their voting model to look like.
    Federalism and States right and all that…..

  39. BacaryisGod


    Clearly you know nothing about this election. This is exactly what was predicted because absentee ballots were counted later than Election Day votes. Everyone knows that Dems sent in a lot more mail-in ballots than Republicans.

  40. Buzzy

    “Everyone knows that Dems sent in a lot more mail-in ballots than Republicans.”

    Yeah like 100% right? Nothing there even for 3rd parties. And since when did we start having 90% voter turnouts? That’s never happened in the history of US elections. Fair election my butt. But this will be easy in courts for Trump. Trump will have the lasylt laugh mark my words.

  41. Tom

    Buzzy knows as much about the US elections system as does Trump himself, lol.

    Trump wants all voting to stop , and he wants to go directly to the Supreme Court to get his favorable decision.

    Too bad voting stopped yesterday and his legal fight needs to start at lower courts , if there is one to be had.

  42. azed


    Trump as of now already has more votes than he got in 2016, do you think that’s fraud or is it only fraud when Dems win?

  43. Guns of SF

    Trump has no grounds to stand on. Voting has stopped but stupid thinks it is still happening…

    Repubs and dems have their folks overseeing the counting in Penn and other places.

    Not sure how any fraud will happen now… if at all

  44. SpanishDave

    My wife played golf today and her playing partner asked my wife if she self isolated from me as I have cancer!!
    A lot of people are scared shitless out there.
    Rather than constantly frightening people the government should educate people about the virus. Project fear is not the only way

  45. Guns of SF

    Lets see if Wisconsin and Michigan get done counting today…. Biden gets those 2 and forget Penn…. although Penn might come through too.

    I am also curious about GA….

  46. Tom

    Buzzy, not sure Trump will have the last laugh but the main reason Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett were recommended by the federalist society, and nominated to the Supreme Court by Republican Presidents , is because as lawyers they all worked on Bush v Gore case.
    So keep your fingers crossed lol.

  47. Buzzy

    No one here has answered me. How the hell is Wisconsin getting an 88% turnout? This isn’t the first time mail ins have been used and in person voting has to take a hit due to covid. Absolutely impossible that number. Dont start off with the “this is a historical election” BS. Fraud!!

  48. raptora

    Fact is the elections are around Trump – you either hate him, or love him. No middle ground. So many people have cast their votes because strong feelings are involved this time around. Extreme feelings.

  49. raptora

    Pretty sure that the people voting Biden, are actually voting against Trump. How did the democrats come up with such a weak candidate I’ve no clue.

  50. Jamie

    It’s funny how Trump is about to be beaten by a guy who can’t remember what day of the week it is.

    Didn’t take long for Buzzy to start crying about fraudulent voting.

  51. Pierre

    On to more important stuff…The Arsenal .

    The needle has swung in favour of Arteta after the result at the weekend..

    What has benefitted Arteta is the superb protection being afforded to Leno in the last 3 league games, meaning Martinez is slowly becoming a distant memory..

    What else has benefitted Arteta…Bringing in Elneny for Xhaka could be the start of a beautiful midfield partnership that will finally give the team the perfect base to control games..

    The next step of course is to address our chronic lack of real creativity, Arteta has 3 choices .

    1) bring back the one player who would compliment the superb work of Partey and Eneny…..that is Mesut Ozil, that is not going to happen.

    2) find another option( possibly inferior) …willock, Smith Rowe, Willian or Saka are capable of playing a more creative role , or play Pepe in the hole.

    3) sign a player in january..

    Other options to incresa our offensive output could be to play Aubameyang up top , move saka to the left with Pepe on the right..
    Bring in Balogun to shake things up.
    Change to a 4-2-3-1..

    Sometimes a little. tweak in formation or personnel can be enough to transform a team .

    I’m not overly keen on the wing back system used by Arteta, it is quite a negative system the way Arteta sets the team up so it is no surprise that we struggle to create chances ..

    Of course , the system utilised by Arteta does make us way more solid as a team but against villa the fans would probably prefer to see a 4-2-3-1 , i know i woild.

    I don’t see that playing with another offensive player will affect us too much defensively, especially if Arteta continues with the Partey/Elneny partnership.

    Fans will forgive Arteta for any perceived poor decisions if the results continue to be positive..