Reframing expectations.

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‘United will get run ragged by the German boys’

The coolest take of mine this week.

Getting smashed by OGS 5-0 is embarrassing. But look, that’s the reality of United, they have a lot of good players that on their night, can be absolutely devastating.

… poor Nagelsmann. That’s a real spanking. Another one of my hipster fantasies running into problems.

So, onto Arsenal.

We host Dundalk. It’s a dreamy story of a team that’s climbed the ranks with a coach that was teaching kids to play football in America not so long ago. What a day out they’re going to have.

We should beat them, but they’ll be high on life, so this will very much take on the vibe of an early-round FA Cup game. I’m praying for a win out here…

There’s a lot of misery around Arsenal and Arteta at the moment. Everyone needs to take a reality pill and get back on track with what the project is about.

This time last year, people were genuinely talking about Arsenal getting relegated. We were 12 points off 1st, and 4 points off 14th. There was no direction, the players looked uninterested, and things were about to get very, very bad for us.

We hired in a 38-year-old manager. He expertly steered us out of a hideous situation and stabilised the club. That was a huge task most thought he was incapable of.

His biggest mission has been to change the culture of the club, that takes time, especially when you can’t turn over large chunks of the squad that were badly recruited.

Arteta tasked himself with making us difficult the beat. He has achieved that. No one comes to Arsenal to roll us these days, you might think that’s no big deal, but we have literally been getting rolled by top teams for 10 years. We are good at defending. We have the second-best defence in the league and we rarely concede more than one goal. Shots against us have drastically reduced. Again, you might think that’s par the course, but it is within living memory that Watford had 32 attempts at our goal.

Part one of the job is on track. The foundation has been set. The next phase is about fixing the attack.

Here, we have to be realistic. Solving that problem with internal solutions, to the level we require, is unlikely to happen. We don’t have the attacking riches United, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea or City have… even Everton look like they have better-attacking options than we do.

We clearly lack a #10 or a modern #8 player. It isn’t one player either, it’s two. We don’t have players that thrive in the half-spaces. There’s no Hleb, Santi, Wilshere or Rosicky to make the magic happen. We’re currently relying on Saka adapting to that role, and that will be a huge ask. He’s more suited as a wide player.

Wide player-wise, there’s simply no world in which Arteta sanctions £72m for Pepe. He’s not playing well because he’s not that good. We hope based on his price tag, the reality is, if his name was Billy Smith and he was a youth player, we’d not be interested. Reiss Nelson is now the answer, but let’s be honest, he was struggling the break into Hoffenheim after a blistering start and we spent the summer trying to move him on. We love Gabriel, but it’s still a stretch to think he’s going to be a teenage saviour this season.

Then you look at the striking options. Auba through the middle isn’t an option because he can’t hold the ball up in the way we’d like. Lacazette isn’t right, and Eddie seems a way off ready. Fans are pumping Balogun?! That’s not right.

If we’re realistic, solving our attack is going to be very, very tough.

At the moment, our approach is to squeeze out chances to make our powerplays. The hope is that out of 4-5 good chances we create, we score one and batten down the hatches. This season, our form has been poor and we’re not taking our chances. Nothing has clicked and lady luck has covid.

You also have to accept that when you hire a young coach, they will make mistakes and misjudge situations. Arteta has a high ceiling, but he has to learn. We couldn’t afford to spend £15m on Poch, so we took a chance on potential. He will fumble, he will do odd things, but that’s a price worth paying, because when he gets it right, and he will, it’ll be worth the entrance fee.

‘SACK HIM’ is not analysis. It’s what stupid people who live in the moment say. Again, worth noting that the ‘best young coach in the world’, just had his arse handed to him by OGS. RB Leipzig is a very well assembled side deep into its development. They made the semi-finals of the Champions League last season. They are a good team, but bumps in the road are part of the journey when you bring in a young manager. Even Jose, with a far better squad than ours, tanked a 3-0 lead to West Ham.

I also find the perversion people have over William Saliba very, very odd. Arsenal are pretty good at defending. If we are not including a young player in our squad this season, there’s a good reason for it. The player had fitness issues last season, so we know there are problems there, because the Premier League is brutal. He can’t speak English, which is also tough to manage. He’s 19 years old, has just moved to a new country, and he’s dealing with horrendous personal problems. Do we think throwing a precocious talent into the first team, just because Dave on the internet saw two minutes of him on Youtube, is a good idea? Do we need to wreck him in front of millions to prove a point? 19-year-old centre backs at the highest level of the Premier League are a very, very, very rarely a thing. Arteta is protecting a player that has a very, very, very long career ahead of him. You are really struggling if your analysis of our problems right now is #FreeSaliba… but again, when things are not going well, any average idea is given oxygen.

Arteta will experiment. He is humble enough to admit when he’s wrong. He will develop his ideas. But you need to brace for the fact that the path to top 4 is not paved in goals, it’s brick walls and ruthless discipline… and the hope that January might bring a present or two.

Don’t lose faith. Don’t covet busted flushes that started with better tools. Keep the faith. This is the way. xx

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  1. Champagne charlie

    “Nelson cant get selected to play on wings over the likes of Nketiah and Willock. So your point that Nelson is better than Pepe is your personal fantasy.“

    It’s my opinion, same way Saliba isn’t getting a game over Mustafi and co. He not a better footballer than him? That fantasy too? Or just the view of Arteta currently for what could be any number of reasons?

  2. Buzzy

    “Then you look at the striking options. Auba through the middle isn’t an option because he can’t hold the ball up in the way we’d like. ”

    What’s the point on being on this blog when the blog proprietor is this stupid?

  3. AC

    Arteta says that leicester showed respect to arsenal in last game. If his logic is anything to go by, then arteta shows respect to all the teams in PL including relegation fodders lining up a defensive side. Such arrogance by him! We all know how these kind of things end.

  4. Grouvillegooner

    Nice to see a more rationale approach Pedro. I thought that some of your recent comments indicated that you were taking the “one game” approach where demands for a change of manager are based on the last 90 minutes. Arteta has considerably tightened Arsenal up, won the FA Cup and improved players in his short time at the club. Everybody says three transfer windows are needed so that is eighteen months; so I would suggest criticism by all means in the interim but lets’s look at the balance sheet in May 2022 (or whenever that season ends now!)

  5. AC

    There is no planning really at this club. One day they want to send rob holding to newcastle but next day they change their mind. One day they want to send reiss on loan but next day they change their mind for one reason or another. This is not how a club should work. If they came to a conclusion based on data and day to day performance that Rob and Reiss needs to go out on Loan why change it unless their analysis wrong on the mentioned players.

  6. Mr.J

    “Getting smashed by OGS 5-0 is embarrassing. But look, that’s the reality of United, they have a lot of good players that on their night, can be absolutely devastating.

    “… poor Nagelsmann. That’s a real spanking. Another one of my hipster fantasies running into problems.”

    I wonder what fate besets us then?

    I wonder what Rashford and co will do to our high line… or will Arteta do what he normally does and park the bus.
    So if OSG smashes Arteta (something, which on present form, that looks increasingly likely), will that be “embarrassing” for Arteta or will that narrative be revised?

    “…We hired in a 38-year-old manager. He expertly steered us out of a hideous situation and stabilised the club.”

    Are we really stable? Has anything really changed since since emery? Because it kinda feels the same – yes we concede slightly less, but we also score less…. the football is boring and sideways, the transfer window was lacking having only partially addressed our needs (no creativity)

    Given the choice I’d take Nagelsmann if I’m being honest.

  7. Kris

    The main thing tonight is to play NO ONE who will start on Sunday. No excuse to not win with our b side who is still worth at least 20 times more than the opposition.

    And definitely don’t play Leno. If Runar is that bad, what happens if Leno gets injured while playing unnecessarily in the Europa.

    So Runar, Nelson, Nketiah, Willock, Kola, AMN (unless he starts Sunday) all should start.

  8. AC

    ” I’m praying for a win out here…”…… wow such a come down by pedro here. If we have to pray for a win against dundalk then why have a innovative manager like Arteta

  9. AC

    “Getting smashed by OGS 5-0 is embarrassing” —– Lost all my respect for pedro here. He is another mark goldbridge, bantering about other other clubs when your own club is burning down. Why even bother to worry about Lamps and OGS when Arteta is so bad. Considering what arteta is doing now, Lamps did a tremendous job last season to finish 4th even after losing their best player.

  10. Kris

    “This time last year, people were genuinely talking about Arsenal getting relegated. We were 12 points off 1st, and 4 points off 14th.”

    Well, we’re only 1 point off 14th now and how close we are to 1st is down to Liverpool and Man City both having a bit of a shit start by their standards.

  11. AC

    “we rarely concede more than one goal” —- Pedro knows that he can no longer depend of BS MBA type defensive stats. So invents new stats. Very very embarassing.

    The truth is we didn’t concede more than 1 goals because of luck… remember westham game… even city game…..don’t worry this stat can’t be used after the UTD game. We all know we are in for a spanking unless things change dramatically.

  12. AC

    I am starting to wonder if pedro is the objective arsenal blogger that he used to be before. Folks, who should i start to follow now? Arseblog, Ltarsenal, gunnerstown….. Does any more good bloggers exists?

  13. GunnerDNA

    Over 26 PL games Mikel is doing worse than the manger he replaced. To make matters worse he has 1 point more than the manger he replace in his last 26 games. “Trust the process” really? What is the process? It’s Arsenal PLC, it’s a business if you’re out of your depth, you should be replaced. Paying CL wages to players and give the manager 5 yrs for him to finish 4th. Unfortunately that’s not how it’s works! Arsenal managers are hired to have us challenge for the league or finish in the CL spots.

  14. raptora

    I’m not losing faith but Pedro is back to defending Arteta’s decisions.

    Aubameyang through the middle IS an option for us as Arteta just said:

    “Yes, that’s a very possible thing. It will depend on the games, it will depend on who he’s surrounded with.
    “I think it’s very important to see who is around him and why we’re doing it. Not just the fact we’re doing it, why we’re doing that and what we’re going to get by doing these positive things. Of course, there’s a very strong possibility to play him as a No 9.”

    On Saliba again it was a clear mistake, clear and obvious mistake because if you are worth near 30m pounds, extremely talented, world class potential not only are you supposed to play in Europa’s group stages, you are supposed to dominate in Europa’s group stages. Playing him against weaker oppositions is exactly how you build up his confidence and raise his spirits.

    Arteta: “I feel really bad for William Saliba. Because we had so many central defenders, we decided to leave him out of the squad which was really hurtful for me to do.
    “I was hoping that Pablo would be back in two weeks but he had a setback and then we don’t have Pablo and we don’t have William when he’s fit and available to play. But when you make those decisions, you can’t always think about every possible outcome.”

    I would add, even if Mari was available I’m sure Arteta would have liked Saliba to be in the squad. It makes 0 sense to have 5 GKs Leno, Runarsson, Macey, Hillson, Iliev but not include one of your best talents. I just checked and literally every British club has 2 to 3 goalkeepers in their European squads. We have 5. And even if it wasn’t the case, why would Chambers or Mustafi be played and take the chance away from Saliba in literally the best tournament to play the young talents in?

    It’s not about anyone watching 2 mins of youtube saying it was a stupid decision. Everyone gradually realized how dumb of a mess Arteta and co created and yesterday he said he regrets it. We have a top talent whos already played in Europe and in Ligue Un, healthy and ready to play but instead is stuck training with the reserves for months ahead. He might or might not make any appearances this year. I’m not saying throw him in the EPL, but come on, he’s better than playing in the reserves team. Europa league stages are a joke and it was right about the perfect place for him to get minutes and some confidence.

  15. Champagne charlie

    “Considering what arteta is doing now, Lamps did a tremendous job last season to finish 4th even after losing their best player.“

    Arteta won the FA cup last season compared to Frank, and Chelsea and Arsenal are level on points in the league so far this campaign.

    We’ve also not spend quarter of a billion on our attack in one summer just gone. So how tremendous Frank doing this term?

  16. Champagne charlie


    Just fuck off. The fact you turn up to a free blog and call the writer stupid only serves to prove one point. You don’t have any business here whatsoever.

    Disagree with whatever you like but your continued disdain isn’t worth the price of admission.

  17. Muppetman

    Not one first team player should start tonight, if we don’t have enough to beat them with second team we are in trouble. Need a fresh team for Sunday!

  18. Chris

    I’m in 100% agreement with Pierre regarding Saliba. There is no reason he couldn’t get a run out this evening for example, in fact this is probably the best possible opportunity to ease him in as gently as possible.

    However regarding Arteta, any calls for his head should be treated with the contempt they deserve. I recall the majority of people here saying upon his appointment that he needed at least until the end of this season, and in reality until the end of next, to see where we truly are. This is obviously not in the event of the wheels coming off completely, but I agree that in general we are harder or beat and a more solid outfit tactically and defensively, I am confident the rest will follow.

  19. AC

    Champagne charlie, Are you pedro in disguise? Anyways i have a huge respect for pedro thats why i keep reading his blogs. That is also why it is lil bit frustrating that he is going down on levels by bantering other clubs managers when our own is no good. He constantly talks about OGS like he is some sort of roadragger who became manager. We should just focus on ourselves.

  20. Rich


    I’ve always loved your writing, but rarely agreed with much you’ve said.

    However that post was the most reasoned and measured argument I’ve heard you make.

    Champagne Charlie

    Building teams takes time, Chelsea didn’t sign a single player and finished 4th.

    This season they’ve spent £200+million, but need to build an entire new forward line.

    Havertz isn’t a £90 million player, he’s a £90million talent, you then need to develop that talent.

    Werner looks a cracking player, I’d have sold Aubameyang and signed Werner for £50million, and on half the wages, if given the choice.

    Zyiech for £30mill, looks much better value than Pepe.

    I think Chelsea have spent well, and their signings will ultimately workout well, but they still need to develop together as a unit, which will take time.

    Squads are assembled in the transfer market, and through the youth system, but teams are built on the training ground, and it takes more than a few weeks or months to build a coherent unit.

    I think Havertz looks a cracking player, but it’ll likely be another 2-3 years before Chelsea really start seeing a player that produces consistent, and establishes himself as one of the worlds very best.

  21. Dtibbs

    Pedro always reframes expectations to fit his narrative. If things are going well, “I told you so”. When things aren’t, “he hasn’t got the tools”. He uses statistics to bend the narrative his way. His writing his framed by egocentricity not objectivity.

    Backing Arteta to be a next-level manager was a daft thing to do in the first place. How can you back a manager that’s never managed? If he turns out good that doesn’t make you insightful – you had no basis from which to make an insightful prediction.

    Neither does that mean Arteta will turn out bad. The only thing to do is measure him how you would any other manager. Results!

  22. andy1886

    Talk about lowering expectations and getting your excuses in first…

    No-one with half a brain was seriously suggesting we’d get relegated last year. Five minutes ago Ole was a chump and fourth place was the minimum expectation. The spin machine is in overdrive!

    Seriously though if you sweep away all the hype and the agendas we’re a top six side (or damn well should be) and top four would be over achieving with the squad we have. If MA irons out some of the tactical errors and shows a bit of flexibility he’ll do okay.

    In hindsight declaring him to be a ‘generational coach’ from the off was setting him up to fail. We’ll see where we are in the summer and take it from there.

  23. Wengaball

    “We are good at defending.”

    No Pedro. Putting 10 international players behind the ball and improving your defensive stats is not good defending. If you have sacrificed the entire attacking side of your game to improve defence, it is not good defending.

    Good defending means you are able to achieve good defensive numbers, while also having good offence.

    It is not easy. Jose and Wenger are both elite coaches. Neither managed to find the right balance. One parked the bus, the other did not even have a bus.

    Pep’s Barca team were so good at finding the balance because they were just a supreme attacking team. If you dominate play to the extent they did, you don’t need to worry about defending. The opposition simply does not have the ball enough to hurt you.

    Wenger tried exactly that, but he never had the team to do it. Pep’s other teams have had to sacrifice fluency to improve their defence, and so his football since then has just been over-engineered.

    The holy grail of football will continue to be to dominate attack so much that defence becomes a natural side effect. Arteta is far too pragmatic to try it with any group of players, let alone this bunch.

    However, the means our football will suffer. The problem with the fan mind is, it is fantasising about the other kind of football. We used to see glimpses of it in Wenger days, even during the worst seasons. We can pine for it, but it won’t come back. It is not about adding Aouar or Szoboszlai or any creative player. It is the fundamental philosophy. And that’s the real tragedy.

  24. Nelson


    This one is for you. During an interview, Mustafi was asked about what he think of Ozil. Here is what he said: “Ozil is a teammate and a friend. He always trains very well. He gets along with all his teammates. He is disappointed that he is not allowed to play. But he will always have my respect.”

  25. Words on a Blog


    “Sack him is NOT an analysis.”

    Agree wholeheartedly.

    But then again, neither is “reframing expectations” unless we want to go down Bamford/Dariano’s route of arguing that we are not a “top 4 squad” and that player X or player Y is “not good enough”.

    As you point out, Arteta has essentially solved the problem of our leaky defensive structure. We don’t get smashed as we used to, amd don’t face situations where a team like Watford can have 30 goal attempts against us.

    Now he needs to address our attacking intensity, variety and fluidity, and he needs to do it with the players he has at his disposal,

    If he does so effectively, we get to top 4, and he can be considered an excellent modern manager. If he doesn’t, he’s just another manager in a long line of managers who are adept at extracting disciplined defensive performances from their players: CG’s Sean Dyche, but a bit more cosmopolitan and with better foreign language skills.

  26. SpanishDave

    My point exactly
    We really aren’t making any progress.
    The attack has gone stale and the link up play is fractious, so players start to wander around uninterested.
    Constantly fiddling with set ups is not a strategy just an indication that he hasn’t a clue as to how to get the best out of our squad.

  27. Champagne charlie


    Yes, I’m Pedro.

    By what Metric is Arteta “no good”? You hailed Frank Lampard tremendous for finishing ahead of us by 10 points last season, and we’re level on points with them after 6 games so far this season.

    I’m struggling to understand what you’re measuring as success vs abject failure to deem a manager no good.

  28. Rich


    I’m still on the fence with Pepe

    We 100% overpaid, you could see within the first few weeks that he was incredibly raw.

    But he still hit 10 goals and 8 assists last season, and was a late bloomer.

    He’s got qualities, he’s good in 1 v 1 situations, he can produce moments of real quality and influence a game, and he can hit a really good set-piece.

    And at 25, I don’t think it’s too late for him to develop his game, and become more consistent.

    The worry is, he’s a bit of a lightweight, but as we’ve seen with Fred at United, who many wrote off, and many others, with playing time, and patience, players can develop and improve.

    Pepe has already influenced 2 games this season, if he can pump better numbers than 18 goals and assists this season?

    He’ll be 26 next season, with 2 PL seasons of experience behind him, have a better relationship on the pitch with his teammates, a better understanding of what his manager wants from him, and adapted to the physical demands of the league.

    Aubameyang didn’t have his breakthrough season until 25, he’d had two season at St Ettiene where he punched decent numbers, had an ok season at Dortmund, then in his second season he exploded, and never looked back.

    There’s still time for Pepe, but he needs to adapt physically and tactically, he’s definitely got the natural ability.

  29. Valentin


    No manager is given an arbitrary date to show that he can perform. It is the club duty to assess based on results, performances mood within the camp whether he is still the right man for the job. With Emery, it was clear that things were sliding toward disaster. Results plummeted , performance were abysmal and most of the players wanted him out.

    I would say that Arteta has until Christmas to stabilise the ship. If by Christmas we still play that turgid football and results have not improved, then KSE and Edu will have a big decision to make.

    Arteta may be a great individual coach, but that does not necessarily means that he can become a great manager. History has lots of example of great coach and poor manager and vice versa great manager poor coach. Right now Arteta is not even a good manager, just an OK one. Oversee a few more bad results due to poor game plan management and people will openly questions whether he is even an OK one.

    A good manager would have anticipated Leicester game plan and devised a plan to counteract it. He clearly did not. He can talk about the respect that Leicester have shown to Arsenal, but the reality is that Leicester knew our weaknesses, had a simple game plan, executed it perfectly and won the game. He should expect that plan to be repeated by most of our opponents, starting with ManUtd. And they have better player in Pogba and Rashford/Martial to punish us with an accurate long ball in the channel followed by a cross or cut back to an onrushing player.

  30. AC

    “Talk about lowering expectations and getting your excuses in first…No-one with half a brain was seriously suggesting we’d get relegated last year. Five minutes ago Ole was a chump and fourth place was the minimum expectation. The spin machine is in overdrive!Seriously though if you sweep away all the hype and the agendas we’re a top six side (or damn well should be) and top four would be over achieving with the squad we have. If MA irons out some of the tactical errors and shows a bit of flexibility he’ll do okay.In hindsight declaring him to be a ‘generational coach’ from the off was setting him up to fail. We’ll see where we are in the summer and take it from there.”

    Well said!

  31. GunnerDNA

    Arsenal’s summer recruit Willian admits playing under Mikel Arteta is proving a steep learning curve – and admits there are frustrating elements to life under the Spaniard.

    “It’s been a cool, new experience. I hadn’t worked with a coach with that mindset,” Willian told Globo Esporte.

    “The positional game doesn’t mean that you have no freedom on the pitch. You have the freedom to move, but many times you have to respect the position, what the coach asks. The instructions, understanding them, that it’ll be better for the team.

    “It may happen that you don’t touch the ball and get frustrated, but Mikel always says that, wait a minute, the ball will arrive. I’ve been learning a lot.”

  32. AC

    Champagne charlie, You are still not getting to the point. Why should we talk shit about LAMPS or OGS when our manager is no good. Let is just focus all analysis on ourselves instead of taking cheap shots at the next manager.

    Also, I didn’t say LAMPS is a tremendous manager but his achievement last season was tremendous given the odds.

  33. WengerEagle


    Actually agree to an extent, while I think that Arteta has improved us tactically, has made us more compact and harder to break through and has lifted the morale of the group as a whole, Im not sure how much it at all he has actually improved our identity, style of play and offensive football because of the reductive and conservative defensive system he employs. Sure we are harder to beat, but we are basically set up as a lower half of the table team most weeks with 5 defenders plus 2 sitting midfielders starting.

    He doesnt trust most of the group enough technically to play an expansive, open attacking game. Not that I oppose that POV necessarily but with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe, Saka, Willian you would expect us to be better than we have shown going forward. There should be enough to work with there to put up more than a goal a game average that we’re showing (excluding Fulham who are a Championship outfit that everyone will beat).

    It’s hard to defend Arteta when we are playing this badly and not getting results, towards the end of last season we were getting results with the Cup wins proving huge as well but it wasnt playing imaginative, attacking football. It was largely bodies behind the ball deep in our own half, can you break us down and utilising mostly Aubameyang on the counters to great effect.

    Fans have no patience for that approach when you are not winning games and scoring goals.

  34. AC

    May be no good is not the correct word….”no better” is apt for this scenario. As you exactly put we are in the same points position as chelsea and manu

  35. Valentin


    You make the same point that I did in a much more erudite way.
    We are not better at defending, we just defend in greater numbers. The greater number means that the opposition find if more difficult to bypass the defense.

    However we have sacrificed all our attack in that process. We have three attacking players isolated and unable to create pattern of passes to score from. Nowadays a lot of teams cede control of the central midfield to better exploit the wing. We cede control of the central midfield, but because the wide players are isolated we don’t have control of the wings either.
    Basically Arsenal attack is impotent by design and we rely on individual brilliance to score.

  36. Sid

    Here is how we have improved defensively

    19th in tackles in the final third (7)
    19th in tackles attempted against dribblers
    12th in overall pressures applied
    15th in pressures won
    13th in high pressures (in the opp, final 3rd)

  37. Chris


    Yes that goes without saying as I alluded to with saying unless the wheels came off, there is nothing wrong with voicing concerns, as they are going to be some with a rookie manager, but I don’t think we have reached the stage yet where every mistake should be hyper analysed and we forget about all the positive steps Arteta has taken.

    We do need to see a more open and expansive attacking mindset, a good game to explore that mentality is tonight for certain.

  38. Captain Tierney

    Nelson’s and Saliba’s are 2 different cases.
    Defense is a position which we’ve improved drastically in and Saliba has had personal issues of.his own. On top of having 8 senior CB in our squad.

    Attack is a position which has been lacking for some time due to Arteta’s defensive approach. I dont think Nelson ks dealing with all the issues Saliba is dealing with rn. Nelson hasnt been preferred over Nketiah and even Willock on the wings. Says something.

    Wanting Arteta to give Nelson a look in is something. Declaring Nelson better than Pepe ( with no factual points to support this outlandish argument) is another.

  39. Champagne charlie

    “Champagne charlie, You are still not getting to the point. Why should we talk shit about LAMPS or OGS when our manager is no good. Let is just focus all analysis on ourselves instead of taking cheap shots at the next manager.“

    No I get it just fine thanks, there’s no perfect storm under which you’re only then allowed to dismiss rival managers and teams. United have enormous resources compared to us, have spent millions upon millions more than us, and have a manager that’s been there far beyond Arteta, and he’s shit.

    Chelsea again have mountainous resources, spent about 250 mil this past summer, and Lampard is doing touchline Wealdstone Raider impressions to anyone that’ll indulge.

    As an Arsenal fan I’ll forever be capable, and willing, of saying they’re shit-cunts.

  40. englandsbest

    A timely reality check, Pedro. A dose of commonsense. For obvious reasons, Arteta’s project is a step-by-step process.

    I remain oprtimistic: we can stiill win a trophy, end the season in top 4.

    Tonight I hope Arteta loosens the leash on the youngsters, allows them to do what they do best: attack. Keep the defence, use Partey, Ceballos, and allow Saka, Pepe, Nketiah, Nelson, AMN, Willock
    wreak havoc.

  41. Words on a Blog


    I disagree that it’s just a matter of defending in greater numbers. Under Arteta, we do actually defend more intelligently.

    Under Emery, we were susceptible to the usual counterattacks, but also very susceptible to sustained periods of pressure from opponents when we had lots of men behind the ball

  42. Nelson

    ““It may happen that you don’t touch the ball and get frustrated, but Mikel always says that, wait a minute, the ball will arrive.”

    That really rings a bell. I remembered Henry talked about his experience playing under Pep. One time, he left his position and scored a goal. Pep gave him big shit. Arteta must have inherited this principle from Pep.

  43. Champagne charlie

    “Wanting Arteta to give Nelson a look in is something. Declaring Nelson better than Pepe ( with no factual points to support this outlandish argument) is another”

    It’s my opinion having watched both play football. You’re not going to get “factual points” because it’s all inherently subjective views that are being shared. Is Pepe better because as a fact he cost 72 million? Because if so then Maguire is better than VVD.

    Cold hard facts aren’t a clear currency in football, especially when concerning two players that have largely done nothing in an Arsenal shirt. I think Nelson does the basics of a winger much better than Pepe has shown, so he’s a better footballer on that merit. Feel free to disagree, but spare me the dismissal of my opinion on the matter because I don’t have a ‘better footballer medal’ to show you as supporting evidence.

  44. Champagne charlie


    You talk about Arteta organising us better and then in the next sentence say we don’t defend better, we just have more players defending – as if Arteta is fielding 14 versus the 11 of previous managers.

    You can pull various supportive data that shows we’re better defensively, there was a slew of it last season from heat maps, to pressure success, to average position of each player. We’re structurally a world away from where we were 12 months ago.

    I called it from the moment you uttered the words, you’re now in full spin mode to make your ‘Arteta is a good coach, but not a good manager’ line stick.

  45. Words on a Blog

    Pepe vs. Nelson is a bit of a non-debate. At the moment there’s no way of objectively saying who is a “better play.”

    If Peo isn’t working at present, Arteta will either have to adjust his position to closer to goal and away from the touch line, or play Nelson/Willian.

  46. Champagne charlie


    No it’s the number of games we’ve played this season, I don’t get to cite anymore for obvious reasons.

    But you’re missing the point of what I said looking for a measure to disprove. I said how is Lampard hailed tremendous versus Arteta who was hailed “no good” when the former finished 10 points ahead of us last season and is level with us presently?

  47. raptora

    Willian: “You have the freedom to move, but many times you have to respect the position, what the coach asks. The instructions, understanding them, that it’ll be better for the team.“It may happen that you don’t touch the ball and get frustrated, but Mikel always says that, wait a minute, the ball will arrive. I’ve been learning a lot.”

    Basically what I’ve been saying for a while – Arteta strives to make our play robotic, lacking any imagination. A bunch of trained combinations that repeat time and time again.

    It could be a good approach but at the moment it’s clearly not working as there is almost zero communication between our attacking players. We are so, so easy to defend versus.

  48. Sid

    ‘Defense isnt measured in nimbers.
    And if you still want to go ahead. Please check the goal conceded stat too’

    We have treated the symptoms not the disease, it will come back and bite,
    Like Emerys unbeaten run
    You can take this to the bank!

  49. Nelson

    Arsenal technical director Edu managed to overrule Mikel Arteta by bringing in Thomas Partey instead of Houssem Aouar in the summer transfer window,

    Why the Arsenal board always wants to interfere with the coach’s choice? The same thing happened to Emery.

  50. Champagne charlie

    “but I imagine those who rate Lampard think his teams play good football and are well-organized week to week“

    54 goals conceded last season in the league, which was the worst defence in the top 10 and worst defence in the top 4 by a full 18 goals.


  51. Rich

    We won two trophies in August., that was less than 3 months ago.

    We lost at City, a game where we could have got something, weren’t overrun in anyway, and where we’ve regularly been trounced 3-0

    We lost at Anfield, to a team that took 3 years to assemble into the best in Europe, we were outclassed on the day, but still could have nicked a point.

    We lost to Leicester, who behind the scenes are one of the best run clubs in the league, in a tight game, that could have gone either way, who’d smashed City for 5 just a couple of weeks earlier.

    United have a better squad of players than us, they’ve invested much more, OGS has had an additional 12 months to work with his players, and we’ve not won at Old Trafford in the league in years.

    We have a chance to win Sunday, but United are slight favourites.

    The league is played over 38 games, over the course of the season I’d imagine we’d be in a lot of very tight games, and we’ll end up finishing around 6th.

    Nothing that’s happened to us so far has really been that surprising.

    A loss on Sunday would hurt, but it won’t really paint a picture that we’ve not repeatedly seen over the past 15 years, and wouldn’t really be a surprising result either.

    And a win won’t suddenly mean we’re about to become title contenders, and that all our problems are suddenly fixed.

  52. WengerEagle


    Not totally writing off Pepe either and there is always the hope that he will turn things around and re-develop that swagger he had to his game in Lille and become more assertive and sharper in his decision making and end product.

    But when you shell out 72million for a player, you expect one to make a vast difference. Van Dijk and Allison are 2 of Liverpool’s most important players along with Salah and Mane, people will point to Maguire at United struggling but we are not Man United, they have vastly more resources than we do and can afford to spunk as much money up the wall as it takes to eventually get it right.

    Liverpool are a more comparable project and they have spent their money incredibly wisely. We got basically nothing back out of our big summer spend in Emery’s first season here with Sokratis being out of the squad, Toreirra and Guendouzi both out on loan with no future here.

    Leno has been ok, good for 20m but he doesnt help bridge the gap quality wise. We’re lucky that Chelsea and United have even worse keepers. Martinelli was a great pick up, thankfully so not all a waste.

    Point being with Pepe though, he cost as much as Emery’s first summer spend on 4 players and Arteta’s summer spend on 2 marquee players and he’s being mentioned in the same breath as Reiss Nelson for a starting spot. You can put some numbers up but we have all seen him week in and week out for over a year now, he has looked anything but a top player lets be honest.

    Little spurts here and there, flashes in games. Thats what you would expect from a teenager or a squad player, not your record signing by some distance age 25.

  53. alexanderhenry


    ‘You also have to accept that when you hire a young coach, they will make mistakes and misjudge situations.’

    Not at arsenal I’m afraid.
    It’s not as if fans are going to accept failure just because Arteta is a rookie.

    In an ideal world, fans would be patient enough to accept a three year slow build and other PL teams would be less competitive and allow arsenal fc to reclaim it’s birthright of top four club.
    That’s not the real world though.

    I’m still backing Arteta but he has to get it right and soon.

  54. SUGA3


    We are not in position to let Arteta to learn as he goes along, then bugger off somewhere else, once he’s done learning and starts succeeding. Simple.

    Trust the process, you say, but you don’t even sound particularly confident about winning against some shitkickers from a non-existent league.

  55. Sid

    13th in pressures in the final third yet we play Auba on the left because he doesnt press?
    Willian, nketiah Laca are in reality just running around like headles chicken.

  56. Champagne charlie


    1. Well-organised = less goals conceded and less opportunities for individual performances to derail you. So you’re waffling good and proper to claim 54 goals was down to excellent organisation and merely a poor CB.

    2. The “ton of goals” they scored was a whole 2 more than Leicester, and 3 more than United. In fact they scored 13 more than “defensive” Arsenal with their 3 managers and only bettered us on goal difference by a balmy 7.

    3. Top four quality squad? Took you long for the Dali mask to slip. Three separate accounts to troll an Arsenal blog, that state of you. Never, ever again cite yourself as presenting “reasonable” analysis you whopper 😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Dissenter

    The exclusion of Saliba from the EL squad is mistake
    Why put Journey man Pablo Mari who was returning back from long term injury ahead of him?
    I bet Fofana too doesn’t speak the language and yet he’s starting premier league games for Leicester

  58. Jamie

    The chip Bamford has on his shoulder is a result of him finishing bottom of his class at uni and then having to teach creative writing to a bunch of middle school rednecks in Florida for a living.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when he visits his alma mater. All his old chums titans of industry and then there’s fat Bamford making £20 bets with strangers on the internet while he smashes a box of twinkies into his gob.

    Create more aliases. Seriously. That way we can all keep laughing when you cite ‘honesty’ and ‘reason’ as the rules of engagement on le-grove. Embarrassing carry-on.

  59. Nelson

    The last two EPL games, we lost 1 – 0. I am really worried that will be the norm. Our defense has improved but it could still give up a goal per game. If our offense continues to suck, we could have a lot more 1 – 0 score.

  60. raptora

    “then there’s fat Bamford making £20 bets with strangers on the internet while he smashes a box of twinkies into his gob”

    Hahahaha I just can’t!

  61. Valentin

    Better at defending is not just measured at how many chances per 90 minutes a team give away. But also how many chances they give away when they are losing the ball. How good is the team during transition.

    Some teams hog the ball so much that they defend by dominating the ball and pressing in number to quickly retrieve the. They suffocate their opponents. Liverpool and ManCity are the best at that approach. It is a high risk, high reward approach. They are willing to take the risk that their opponents beat their press because very few teams successfully do it and that in the few caae that happen their defenders are good enough to deal with the few chances given away.

    Arsenal does not do that. Our press is much easier to defeat than ManCity and Liverpool. Also whenever our transition is beaten, we don’t have the individual quality of players to momentarily stop the attack. Liverpool has VVD. ManCity used to have Vincent Kompany, now Laporte. When Laporte is missing, they tend to concede a lot more goals. Arsenal has Luiz and Mustafi. Neither are particularly good on 1v1 situation. That is also why people are taken by Leno, we concede more 1v1 situation than most teams, so our goalkeeper look busier and better than he actually is.

    Under Arteta our number of goals and shots conceded may have been reduced, but the reduction in big chances conceded has been marginal. Teams know that if they wait for Arsenal to lose the ball, their chance will come and it will a big one. However that has been done to the detriment to our attack. That’s why our xG is lower than our xGA.

  62. Sid

    Nah jamie, its the other way round, if you have a chip on your shoulder you finish bottom of your class and end up teaching in the appalachians

  63. Words on a Blog


    Part of my disappointment is in the choice new alias.

    Dariano was dashing, evil and mysterious, a kind of modern day Moriarty.

    But “dwayne bngham”?

    Wtf is that? Even for a middle grade creative writing specialist based in Florida it’s really shit.

  64. Kris

    “If I could stay at Arsenal, it would mean a lot to me,” says Mustafi.

    Let’s face it, Mikel won’t have the heart to get rid of him. So let’s just accept that both him Xhaka will remain at the Arsenal well into their thirties. 🤦‍♂️

  65. Raulishuss

    Once val has made up his mind, goodluck trying to talk sense into it. Saying we haven’t improved defensively we just defend in numbers? Are u dumb? We DEFEND AS A TEAM, all teams defend in numbers, that is the best way to counter your opponents because guess what? They attack in numbers too. I’m sure you’re bitter that arteta didn’t do what you think is best but pleaseeee spare us. You said Leicester beat us with a simple game plan but they should/could have lost the game in the first half had we taken our chances and not have a goal ruled out of do you want to blame arteta for that too? I wonder if it was the other way round what you’d be saying. I’m sure you’ll be letting us know how lucky we was and it isn’t sustainable. We fans just complain but tbh arteta has a massive job to get this team going. We are not as good as we think we have a lot of work to do and I’m sure arteta recognises it. Is he perfect hell no, but he deserves to be given a chance.

  66. WengerEagle

    Lmao, Bam just cant help himself, can he?

    We have our own Le-Grove inception going on here, Dwayne Bngham soon to be channeling Bamford’s spoken word via Dariano’s writings.

    Jamie sussed him out faster than a rat up a drainpipe, not that it took a massive effort haha. Lacks the self-awareness to even change up the writing style for a trolling second.

    Take a few notes from Redtruth.

  67. DUIFG

    Bit of kook aid drinking going on here, saliba is an issue, you don’t sink 28m into a player and then wait 2 years to play him, we are not Chelsea, resources are finite, in what world leaving him out of a europa squad to play 4 gks is right I dont want part of it.

    I back arteta but there are issues in certain areas that he seems tk be making hard. I can bet as way martinelli will be marginalised and we bemoan our wide options again when we have abuba wide and laca central all year

  68. Chris


    This is actually a concern of mine regarding Artyrta even though I generally back him to do well. Xhaka and Mustafi. The latter is nearly always a disaster waiting to happen, and the former limits our midfield play and has down for years. If it is true that Arteta views Xhaka as the heartbeat of our midfield then our progress will be slower.

  69. Bertie Mee

    Great post Pedro. . Lots of commonsense but sadly some of your audience like the flip comment , lack judgement or are idiots. Grouville has it right. Some of your more exasperating , deeply irritating posters do not .
    Arteta is the answer to a complex question . He needs time but some with the attention span of a gnat and the patience of a two year old won’t grant him that. Comparisons with Gary Neville are idiotic, Arteta has won the FA Cup already .
    Your point re Nagelsmann is very pertinent. On a Leipzig version of Le Grove he is probably being crucified by people telling the good burghers of Leipzig for free

  70. Valentin


    Obviously red mist fall down on you because I dare criticise Arteta and you did not bother reading my comment.

    If we were better at defending, a simple long ball in the channel would not beat us easily. Against WestHam, a long ball toward our left side to Antonio helped create their goal. Against Leicester a long pass to our left side helped create Vardy goal. Despite the higher numbers, an easy simple long ball over the top keep beating us.

    Spare me the “we attack in numbers”, because everybody can see that we do neither. We don’t attack we just pass sideways the ball in front of a defensive wall. We rarely try a penetrative ball because we are afraid of losing the ball, that results in our attackers making runs and never receiving the ball in favourable position. They only do when David Luiz ping a long pass from 40 yards away. Whenever Pepe, Aubamey, Lacazette receive the ball from a midfielder, they are isolated and quickly lose the ball or have to recycle it backward.

  71. WengerEagle


    Irish League is literally one of the worst if not the worst football league in all of Europe excluding banter nations like Andorra and Luxembourg.

    Arsenal Ladies would give them a game…

    Actually going to walk that one back a bit, one our academy u15s/u16s sides would smoke them though.

  72. Raulishuss

    Val ANY TEAM can be caught with a long ball is that your excuse? Like I said you have laid your bed on arteta enjoy

  73. Raulishuss

    We all know our attack is not good but you want to beat down our defensive structure under arteta also yo fit with your propaganda that he is not a good manager.

  74. S Asoa

    ” “Getting smashed by OGS 5-0 is embarrassing. But look, that’s the reality of United, they have a lot of good players that on their night, can be absolutely devastating.“… poor Nagelsmann. That’s a real spanking. Another one of my hipster fantasies running into problems.”
    Solution is not having fantasies about Arteta either. A very good coach , hardworking , multi – lingual, alas also a perverse arsehole prone to power games for a false sense of leadership.
    Copies from Emery and Wenger , not realising these were incomplete folks and the former was neurotic

  75. Champagne charlie


    You’re spot on, he’s one of these guys that makes declarative statements and changes everything to suit them so he’s right.

    There’s no flexibility his end to alter his view with time, or new info. Just gets put through the blender and spat out as pseudo-support for what he said all a long.

  76. Receding Hairline


    What proves he is a good manager? The FA cup? Too much was made of us winning that trophy, too many conclusions drawn, too much power ceded.

    Leicester didn’t pay us respect by playing the way they did, they were in the middle of an injury crisis and two back to back losses, they played the way they needed to play. A good manager would have seen that coming from a mile off. Boring people to sleep and hoping Aubameyang scores isn’t the hallmark of good managers.

  77. Useroz

    “ Reframing expectations”.? Why?

    The goal posts shouldn’t be moved every other time Arteta underperforms,

    There have been many illogical and weird decisions this season. Emery however some disliked him, to put mildly, did more than well in his first season. With many arguably Arteta endorsed signings, there should be expectations. Bet KSE has too.

    We don’t need to bring up every wart Saliba may have to help Arteta justify the bizarre decision eg excluded Saliba in Europa. Unless Saliba is still recovering from his not so minor foot injury, he has been training hard , as reported, since before the closure of last season. Is Saliba really worse than a Mustafi? Seriously?

    Arteta needs to beat this lot with kids. Cmon they are probably low Championship or League 1 standard. If we retreat in face of their bravery, called upon by their coach, Arteta should start looking.

  78. Receding Hairline

    We have a good manager yet we need prayers to beat Dundalk? Under any of our previous coaches two things is certain for games like tonight

    – the kids will play
    – we will score at least three

    Now we can’t even look forward to that but we are in better hands? Because he is learning and guaranteed to be great? Is that why we need to reframe expectations?

    This wasn’t the dream sold

    Sack him is stupid

    Reframing expectations equally so

  79. Raulishuss

    Charles you’d observe he’s only interested in echoing someone’s Stan on arteta been what he says he was. Same with pepe. Always heresl to prove he was right about this or that or he told us so…… What a bore.

  80. Freddie Ljungberg

    Of course we’re not going to be creative when we play 5 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, 2 strikers and only one creative player on the wing.

    That’s on Arteta and that’s the sacrifice he has done to get the goals against down, is it worth it though?

    2 of our biggest holes in the squad has been filled with top players now in Gabriel and Partey so there’s no need to go ultra defensive anymore, we should be able to cope anyway playing a back 4 and adding in a creative player in midfield, even better if we also move Auba into the middle so he gets the chances Laca or Eddie are getting now and allows us to have creativity either side of him.

    First XI wise we’re much better off this season with 3 new additions, (4 when Saliba gets his chance)
    The only real weakness is in Cam but we have Willian who can do a job there for now.

    All depends on which starting XI we’ll see though, Arteta is chopping and changing too much and hasn’t got it right even once despite it being so obvious, at least on paper and based on who our best players are.

  81. Raulishuss

    RH if u think we played boring and expected auba to score against Leicester then I can’t help you. We all know you’re still sour about been proven wrong about you know who so enjoy your ride.

  82. Raulishuss

    What is this about been ultra defensive? We are not ultra defensive. We just struggle to create attacking patterns. It is a personnel problem and the coach should find a way around it but to say we are camped in our own box defending is just plain lies and very agenda driven

  83. Champagne charlie


    Yea it’s dull and ultimately self serving. If your view is immune to time and new info then what’s the point? I argue against numerous POV on here because I have my own, but I come here to expose myself to these varied views primarily. Keeps me revisiting my own and tests my resolve/belief.

  84. Raulishuss

    We might have big name name attackers but as a unit they are a mismatch. Our Senior players are scared to take responsibilities in attack and are leaving it to young saka. I like ceballos but he is a very limited offensive weapon I’d sooner get rid of him for a better offensive cm he duels too much on the ball and struggles to move us forward quickly. In a team of creators he’d be the water carrier

  85. Valentin


    “Like I said you have laid your bed on arteta enjoy”.

    That’s the point, I am not enjoying the football we play under Arteta. 😂
    Playing ultra defensive was understandable and acceptable when it was about stabilising the team and quickly get results.
    It is not when the performance are turgid and the results are bad. It is even worse when the manager uses a system that everybody has sussed out and get predictably schooled. Use the same tactic against ManUtd, and Pogba will have a field day pinging long balls to Rashford and Martial above Xhaka and Ceballos head.

    Right now we concede fewer chances per games, but most of those chances are big chances. We got lucky against Fulham, WestHam and SHU that their strikers could not shoot properly. Against better teams and better strikers our goal conceded will be closer to the xGA and we will lose games. Right now our xG is below our xGA. That’s an indicator of future losses.

    Food for thought, Maybe our attack is not good because the ultra defensive way we are setup.

  86. Freddie Ljungberg

    Compare what we have now to what we had at this stage of last season.

    Bellerin back in decent form, Tierney playing, Gabriel is a massive upgrade

    That’s 3 out of 4/5 defensive players that wasn’t available last season.

    A fully settled Ceballos instead of lighweight, inconsistent Ceballos. Partey again a massive upgrade. Willian is an upgrade on the non existent Ozil, even though he hasn’t been that good yet outside the Fulham game.

    Pepe hasn’t really kicked on as we hoped but the whole attack has been isolated and disjointed. Martinelli out and Eddie in is a downgrade.

    Overall we’re much better off now than a year ago player wise, now it’s up to Arteta to start getting much better performances out of them and it starts with getting his selections right.

  87. Captain Tierney


    So let me get this straight. Factual points are subjective but your footballing eye is not.
    WoW. Must have a really great pair ha.

    Anyways factual points in my dictionary point to the goals, assists, dribbles completed, chances created , etc etc.

    Also for those who think Pepe has done nothing. He was second highest in goal involvements for last season. In his first season in English league playing inconsistently in a disjointed team under 3 different managers.
    Has he justified the price tag? Definitely not.
    Will he ever? Maybe not.
    Has he been as bad as some point out? Far from it.

  88. Receding Hairline

    Raul how many gilt edged chances exactly did we miss against Leicester that you keep going on about? The Lacazette header and which other one?

    The disallowed goal Xhaka had to jump for the ball to go in, that’s pretty self explanatory.

    By all means though bring up my thoughts on Emery’s first season as some come back, means you have nothing else to go on.

    We wouldn’t be talking about prayers against Dundalk in his first season that’s for sure.

  89. Freddie Ljungberg


    We have been setting up the team with an ultra defensive mindset though, we don’t create because we have 5 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders and only 1 creative player on the pitch.

    That’s not a personnel problem, it’s a selection problem, we have the players to play much better and more offensive football than this.

    With Party and Gabriel there’s no need to protect our shite CBs and CMs by adding numbers, if we play the right players.

    Insist on starting Xhaka, Mustafi etc and it’s just more of the same.

  90. Gbat

    Valentin spouting his usual rubbish. Slagging off everything whilst pretending he’s some tactical genius. Probably never played the game.

  91. T

    Just a thought.. but if your strikers are not suited to play as lone front men.. then why not play with a pair? 4-4-2 diamond is one of the oldest and simplest things in the book but it certainly works with the right cogs.


    Bellerin, luiz, gabriel, tierney
    Willian, ceballos, saka
    Lacazette, auba

  92. Champagne charlie

    “So let me get this straight. Factual points are subjective but your footballing eye is not. WoW. Must have a really great pair ha.”

    You’ve not got it very straight if that’s your takeaway. Where have I said factual points are subjective? Makes no sense.

    I said the following: “You’re not going to get “factual points” because it’s all inherently subjective views that are being shared.“. That’s very much been the case as I’ve argued my reasoning for saying Nelson is a better footballer than Pepe is down to him doing the basics better, and more consistently.

    How do you want me to express those views with raw facts? You readily dismissed a data driven fact about Nelson topping our ball retention figures on the basis of limited playing time. So in reality it seems there’s nothing to provide you with.

    Let’s not forget the crux here. I think Reiss Nelson is a better footballer than Pepe for the reasons I’ve laid out 3/4 times now. You don’t. Struggling to come to terms with why your view against that trumps mine?

  93. Receding Hairline

    Starting from tonight we need to see Arteta’s long term vision for Arsenal, time to do away with the handbrake, pretty annoying he ever used that term.

    Young managers are usually known for creating feast or famine teams, that’s how you lose 5-0 to Ole but somehow you are top of the bundesliga.

    Whatever Arteta is building isn’t clear, it’s boring, starves the attacking players and still allows two of the worst signings in our recent history, Mustafi and Xhaka, to get games.

    Enough of the sound bites, we have heard all about his vision, let’s see it.

  94. Rich


    “Mostly, it’s up to Mikel to learn where to place correctly his players on the pitch.”

    Or maybe it’s about Arteta’s players learning about where he wants them to be on the pitch, then building team cohesion, and patterns of play, which takes time….

    It’s muscle memory, when you go to the tap for a drink of water because your thirsty, you don’t need to think about it, the same as driving a car, or the vast majority of things people do everyday.

    The last 17 years has seen huge advancements in sports science.

    The next 20, will be all about mental resilience and neuroscience, and in particular muscle memory.

    It won’t be long until the game is completely run by scientists and data analysts.

    You put the players with the right characteristics and skill set in place, and then you build a cohesive unit.

    We’re very much at the start of a new cycle, we’ve got no long term structure on or off the pitch, I think Arteta knows what he’s doing.

    It’s just going to take some time.

  95. raptora

    Let’s not forget Wenger played Cazorla in each of our games in the beginning of the EPL and Champions League in 2016/17. He had 11 games by mid October, including a home game to Ludogorets Razgrad when we won by 6-0. It was his last ever game in an Arsenal shirt.

    I will never forgive Wenger for this stupidity.

  96. Arsnil

    With regard to Saliba, I would much rather see a young lad getting a proper chance and maybe making teething mistakes, and then again maybe not, than watch very experienced players tanking week after week after week and still being chosen.

  97. Useroz

    “If I could stay at Arsenal, it would mean a lot to me,” says Mustafi.“

    It also means a lot of cash to Arsenal, mate. Sod off

  98. Captain Tierney


    ‘You’re not going to get “factual points” because it’s all inherently subjective views that are being shared.’

    Your own words.
    There are many factual points s out there which you can take a look at. For starters you can check goals, assists, Chances created, dribbles completed. These 4 are probably the most important stats for a winger.

    You’re salivating over one ball retention stat derived of what 81 minutes of game time?
    And this one stat justifies your imaginary viewpoint that Nelson does the basics better and is therefore a better footballer.

    Arteta and the whole coaching must also be out of their depth then. Benching our best winger ( ofc based on that 1 stat and CC’s eye. Assuming you use the same stat to fantasize that Nelson is also better than Willian) for a central Midfielders ( Joe) and a Penalty box striker ( Eddie).

  99. Useroz

    ArsnilOctober 29, 2020 13:40:56

    Many say the same things after witnessing what happened at the crime scene @ the Emirates!

  100. Useroz

    Willian reportedly said …

    “It may happen that you don’t touch the ball and get frustrated, but Mikel always says that, wait a minute, the ball will arrive. I’ve been learning a lot.”

    Cmon. Ask our forwards who played in the City ans Leicester games!

    The fucking ball didn’t come, mist of the time.

    I suppose Willian learned the lesson of joining Arsenal for the money.

  101. Champagne charlie


    I’ve explained my POV, in turn you’ve dismissed it as imaginary and the like because you disagree. Do you actually have any value here?

    Explain to me how I deliver “facts” that illustrate the areas I’ve said I rate Nelson above Pepe: namely work rate, ability to deliver tactically, directness of running/dribbling, quickness of execution? – things I believe will bring better balance to our attack.

    All in all you’re just acting like a fucking prick because you’ve got your back up over Pepe. It’s boring.

  102. London gunner


    You are being way to vague in setting out targets or minimum standards/goals that arteta has to achieve.

    Let’s put some kids up.

    For me arteta anything worse than 7th and he deserves the sack, if you trust in arteta’s ability surely you can agree with this and we can recover this at the end of the season?

    Personally for me a good season constistues 6th placed finish.

  103. Dissenter

    I wonder if this co-equal relationship between Arteta and Edu is going to work. It just seems to be set-up for meek decisions.
    One example of the flawed decision making is Reiss Nelson. He’s at that stage where he needs to play 30-45 games season to go to the next level.
    How is that he is able to stay “to fight for his place” when the club is trying to move him out on loan?
    They need to establish who’s in charge. We have a squad that’s too large and the younger players aren’t getting enough game time.

  104. Pedro

    I’d also be shocked if there were any circumstance Arteta would get himself in this season that would have him fired

  105. Gonsterous

    Only time will tell if we get better, but we do make a lot of Fk ups in the transfer window, don’t we?

    Want to see the kids play tonight, unleash ESR, see if he can fill the AM role and provide some much needed creativity. Nelson, AMN and co, hope auba s form returns soon.

    Pierre is right about one thing though, we made a massive mess of the saliba situation. 5 GKs??? Why? Someone please explain why we need that many registered for the EL or EPL?

  106. Olumide

    RH wants to see suicidal football, it’s now or never Mikel!

    I think what most Arsenal fans want to see is football that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve wasted 2 hours.

    I’ll tell you this: once a match begins and I see our opposition is defending deep, I just know that we’ll witness an eyesore.

    I doubt an attacking midfielder will just come in and make us play like Man City. There are just many things off with the way Arteta sets up our attack.

    There are many teams with worse players who are playing better attacking game. How is Arteta working only on the defence for a whole year?

    I think a genius like Arteta should be able to improve our defence and attack simultaneously.

    I hope and pray (like you) that Arteta will get it right.