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Well here we are. The day after. I’ve been doing some thinking. Ignoring the ‘haters’ as American’s would say, and I have some thoughts. Some people say ‘the best thoughts.’



I bought into a hipster vision of a manager that would play exciting football that was so expressive, they’d put it in the Louvre. We haven’t seen that yet. There have been improvements, we’ve been more effective, and we’re solid… but, the football has paid the price.

We’re now into the Emeryzone when it comes to tipping points. We’ve lost 50% of our Premier League games, we’re averaging the lowest number of shots per game in about 50 years, and the football looks badly lacking in sauce.

Arteta needs to find a solve. If you’re going to bin of Mest Ozil, you have to have something up your sleeve that is more interesting than David Luiz playing Hollywood passes from deep. We need better ideas and we need them fast. Lose against United, and things are going to look very dire.


Arsenal Wenger is on a press tour, have you noticed? Of course you have. Well, one thing I liked that he said was about giving kids a chance, even if they cost you some points. Wenger gave Cesc a chance and he thrived. He overplayed Jack Wilshere when he was 18, giving him 56 appearances. Now, I’m not asking for that, but if we have kids that can break the lines with a pass, is there not a squad we could line up with that could protect the player? Is some creativity better than 8 attempts at goal for the rest of the season? ESR, where are you? Willock? Saka? Patino? THERE MUST BE ONE KID THAT CAN CREATE. We are not City where it takes 10 years to break as a youth players. We’re Arsenal. We could be Dortmund. Is there REALLY a difference between watching kids with high ceilings make mistakes… versus watching senior players make mistakes?


I know it was one bad game, but let’s be honest, it’s been coming for a while. Mustafi always has a switch-off moment, we know what he’s about, why is he being offered a new deal? Granit Xhaka can do many things well, but we are now at a stage where the experiment can end. Thomas Partey can do all the things he can +++. It’s time to move on from player that have failed us for years. It’s time to give our new players a chance. It’s time to make Arsenal better again.


Look, I know we over-rank players that are broken… but imagine Gabriel as a focal point in attack? Powerful, aggressive, great in the air, and HUNGRY. Surely he’ll at the very least get into that front 3? I really cannot wait to get him back in the squad. Anything is more interesting than having to watch Nicolas Pepe fall over himself.


Ok, I’m sorry, but he’s on a free. Would a pay as you play be so bad? He’s 28, not 39. Am I dreaming? Could he help out? Just for one game? Give him a shot? Ok… maybe I took this blog down an incorrect path.

That’s me done, listen to the podcast, it perks up after we get over our depression.

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  1. AFC Forever

    Pedro it’s your blog mate, if you want to play hypocrite that is your right. You would hardly he the first!

  2. Rich


    It’s not up for debate that Hunter Biden had jobs he wasn’t qualified to do, didn’t speak the languages of those countries, and received monthly salary’s that are very hard to explain for someone so under qualified.

    He was also added to a board at a credit card company on big money, when Biden was responsible for legislation that credit card companies were pushing hard for,

    Joe Biden was openly bragging that he threatened to withhold $1billion of aid to Ukraine, if a prosecutor who was investigating the company Hunter had been appointed to, wasn’t fired.

    Biden’s brother won a contract to build housing in Iraq, even though he’d never built a house, or worked in construction

    Maybe it’s just nepotism and the way the world works.

    But these facts aren’t disputed

  3. Dissenter

    It doesn’t take much tickling to get you dancing
    You’re more revved up than people that have a stake in the system, you know people that actually do get to vote in that election.
    Sheeeze, you have a story for every scenario. Always the same conclusion right leaning is good- leftist are evil.

  4. London gunner

    Trump is better for America when he said America first ge actually meant it.

    I’m a life long Liberal but I think the liberals/dems/Labour have been taken over by 1989 like orwelian forces. Where if you don’t use pronouns or have a slightly risky sense of humour you will be cancelled.

    A biden win paved the way to social credit score systems and a big brother state where opinions aren’t allowed but provided for you courtesy of the state.

  5. Marc


    It’s the old story of it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

    Always has been always will be. Anyone who’s in any doubt there’s a documentary about Chimpanzee’s called Rise of the Warrior Ape’s (it was repeated the other night well worth a watch) that show’s it’s part of our evolution.

  6. AFC Forever

    Marc, your sense of humour needs a rewind mate. Either that or you haven’t realised the true potential of Viagra, yet. Sunburn is just one of those.

  7. Anonymous+Commentator

    Can anyone in the arsenal setup just convince arteta to stop trying to hide crap players and just play the 4-3-3 already?
    This 3 at the back shit is tripe, neuters our already trashy midfield, and stifles any cohesive play going forwards.
    He’s got the 5-2-3 to play against the likes of city and Liverpool, that doesn’t mean we play that shape all the fucking time FFS.
    It’s an amateur manager, I want to believe arteta has the minerals but he’s not giving me anything to work with anymore.
    Bloody hell even give willock a run so that he can attack defenders instead of us having to watch backwards and sideways passes with no one willing to attempt a dribble in midfield to pull the opposition out of position.

    And FFS why is mustafi getting minutes ahead of saliba, the kid can’t be any worse than this guy, he just can’t be.
    I want to see arteta get some stones in his briefs, completely gutless right now.

  8. Dissenter

    …”But these facts aren’t disputed”

    Like trying to out-dick Ron Jeremy
    I mean throw every baseless lie on the wall and hope something sticks
    People are saying you’re a hydra headed octopus with five cunts…dispute that if you will.
    Isn’t that how QAnon works?

  9. Marc


    I have a simple rule – I take the piss on a completely equal opportunity basis.

    I think Pedro know’s that it’s banter.

    When I have a real issue people are usually aware pretty quickly.

  10. EdTheREd

    The only thing I would like Arteta to address is his resignation letter. He’s no better than Emery, and it’s clear for everyone to see. And just like Emery, man is a coward (in managerial sense).

  11. Dissenter

    Londin gunner
    Yes, liberalism is good for the United Kingdom but is an evil for America.
    You have worker-centric labor laws and NHS thanks to liberalism but when regular people advocate for anything half as good in the states you brand them as something else.

    “A biden win paved the way to social credit score systems and a big brother state where opinions aren’t allowed but provided for you courtesy of the state.”

    I can’t even begin to decipher that, maybe you need to change the source of your drinking water – something isn’t quite right mate.

  12. Rich


    CNN is left wing leaning media, now read this transcript.

    I’m not suggesting any wrong doing, because I’m long enough in the tooth not to get dragged into that, but this isn’t up for debate.

    Here’s a video of Biden openly bragging about getting a prosecutor, investigating that company fired, by threatening to withhold €1 billion in aid.

    Call it nepotism, but Bidens son + brother have benefited from his public position, and these facts are disputed by nobody in the media.

  13. London gunner


    Mate no offence but america is an absolute mess right now. You can say anything even if its not controversial and lose your job and be shunned by society.

    Liberal radicals have taken over the media, tsken over the class room (universities) and taken over the corporate boardrooms.

    Its gone way too far. What makes it worse is its pushed by white rich people like Hollywood celebrities and rich white woke corporate elites who have nothing in touch with the average working person.

    The liberals/democrats/Labour used to stand up for the working (hardworking) people now they care more about political correctness.

    Bring back the true liberal champs in the mold of fdr.

  14. AFC Forever

    I watched highlights of the 50th game at Old Trafford. More I watch it the more blatant Rileys cheating became. Extraordinary he not only got away with it but got promoted too.

  15. salparadisenyc

    London G

    What in the actual fuck are you talking about.. Liberal Radical…

    Whens the last time you’ve actually been to Merica?

  16. Marko

    I’m not suggesting any wrong doing

    Oh that’s good.

    Here’s a video of Biden openly bragging about getting a prosecutor, investigating that company fired, by threatening to withhold €1 billion in aid.

    Yeah him and half the government’s in Europe wanted that same corrupt prosecutor binned

  17. Mb

    When Arteta was playing Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Holding and others, benching Saka, Martinelli and young blood, I thought it’s just to raise their price to sell and buy fresh.

    Boy I was wrong. Fucking wrong.

  18. EdTheRed

    Honestly, can’t I have a decent moan about substandard Arsenal manager, without having to read (again!) an absolute bullshit about lefties, wokes etc from yet another lazy English fuckabout who will blame just about anyone else for the shit his life is.

  19. Mb

    I would take Freddie anyday over Arteta now. What kind of building ans transition we are doing with Laca, Willian, Luiz and Xhaka?

    Fucking shite.

  20. Dissenter

    Even if Hunter Biden pinches my wallet on 5th Avenue and gives my credit cards to his poppa to buy thongs, I still wont vote for the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.
    Keep regurgitating Russian disinformation talking points, just keep safe.

  21. AFC Forever


    This season has seen a 40% increase in injuries compared to the next highest previously. They say it’s because of the lack of a pre-season. We lost Holding and now Luiz.

  22. Marc


    As you said earlier this season is going to be a war of attrition – I can see all teams having more injuries than normal and rotation is going to be critical.

    Of course the only player who won’t get tired or injured is Xhaka.

    I really must have been some evil bastard in a previous life.

  23. AFC Forever

    “Mike Dean appointed to the United game on Sunday”

    No. Please no. Thus is so typical of Mike Riley to do this. I bet the bloke behind VAR is one of the many referees from the Greater Manchester area

  24. Daniel Altos

    MarkoOctober 27, 2020 21:28:27
    Thuram is looking like the shit

    Always liked the dude from his guingamp days. He has it all,pace and dribbling of a winger and strength of a target man plus he can score goals from anywhere in the pitch. Marko Rose has done a good job on him. Unfortunately we don’t do super agents nowadays,as he is owned by one. His younger brother kephren thuram is also looking like a real talent,it’s like that family had football genes

  25. Marc

    “I bet the bloke behind VAR is one of the many referees from the Greater Manchester area”

    Apparently they’ve decided to cut out the middle man and just have Fergie do it.

  26. WengerEagle

    Real have dominated Monchengladbach, they just have nobody that can stick the ball in the net.

    Shows just how elite and vital that Ronaldo was to them. Always remember people saying that Real indulged him and made him look better than he really was, when the opposite was in fact true.

    They went from having a 40+ goal a season machine to now having only one player in Benz that’s even capable of putting up 20+.

  27. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    I love Benz but he’s not even half the player that Ronaldo was.

    He’s very streaky and at a club like Real Madrid, you need a player that scores every week.

  28. AFC Forever

    Manchester United were awarded 14 penalties last season, the most penalties awarded to any club in Premier League history. They weren’t all homers either, 7 home & 7 away. For comparison, Liverpool won 5, Spurs 4 and Arsenal 3. A total of 92 penalties were awarded in 2019/20.

    Manchester United conceded only 3 penalties last season (total +11) whereas Arsenal conceded 8 (total -5).

    Doesn’t look good for the Weekend especially with Dean in charge.

    on 22 penalties last season some very soft and some not pens. In fact we won fewer penalties in three seasons combined.

  29. raptora

    As much as I like Benzema, he’s a purple patch player. Not a goal scoring machine of the Ronaldo, Messi, Lewa not even in the Auba, Salah bracket.

    It’s a mental achievement that he has been their starting CF for 11 seasons now. Absolutely insane to make it for so long in possibly the greatest club in the world.

    He’ll be remembered with good, but I know plenty of Madrid fans that don’t rate him as much. Donkey at times and misses sitters.

  30. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “Casmiero scores important goals for a DM.”

    As a youngster for the Brazilian youth sides he could ball all day from midfield.

    All round midfielder as a youth.

  31. WengerEagle


    Agree to an extent but most Real fans do rate him highly.

    It’s unfair to expect him to be able to replace the best ever Real Madrid player’s goals contribution to the team.

    They replaced a 40+ goal a season player in Ronaldo with a 15-20 goal a season one in Hazard that hasnt even really played because of injuries/weight/off the field issues.

  32. AFC Forever

    Whenever any other team gets injuries it’s headlines.

    First the tackle on VVD & the outpouring of sympathy for him and villification of Pickford. Yet when Shawcross tried to end Ramsey’s career everyone was feeling sorry for Shawcross. Same Eduardo & Taylor.

    Not sure any team has been as unlucky as us with injuries and violent leg breakers.

  33. Receding Hairline

    Since Ronaldo left Madrid fans have come to appreciate Benzema, they love him now.

    He isn’t the most prolific but he can also play. Not one of those strikers that are useless when not scoring

  34. AFC Forever

    “Dean has to be one of the most bent referees I’ve ever seen”

    Yep,bright up there. We have a dreadful record with him in charge. He didn’t even give a free kick when Man Utds McNair broke Jacks ankle & who can forget the handball penalty against Gibbs at the Hawthorns. Definitely biased against us.

  35. WengerEagle

    For me prime level:

    Suarez >>> Lewandowski > Aguero > Benzema > Ibrahimovic.

    Suarez the best by a distance.

    Longevity/consistency a different story:

    Ibrahimovic > Aguero > Lewandowski > Benzema > Suarez

  36. WengerEagle


    Dont forget hes the 5th all time top goalscorer in the Champions League only behind Ronaldo, Messi, Raul and Lewandowski and ahead of names like Henry, Shevchenko, Ibrahimovic, Drogba, Eto’o, list goes on.

  37. Thorough

    I laugh at Americans arguing about choosing between 2 sane people.
    Come to Africa, we have Buhari, bland, uninventive, illiterate, a C-in-C that commands the military to shoot at unarmed protesters.

    Ya’al had better be going for Thanksgiving every Sunday. You don’t wanna belong to this mad clime.

  38. salparadisenyc


    Indeed, think he catches the man he replaced in Raul on that list as well.

    I always thought Villa was going to find the top tier, he did not but man that dude at Valencia was such a baller. Should of never made the Barca move. Saw him tear up the MLS a night or two. Positionally exceptional.

  39. WengerEagle

    Jesus is a weird player, looks a world beater in flashes and equally can look very ordinary for long spells.

    His all round skillset is very good but hes not a killer in front of goal, who knows he may well go on to develop that skill hes still only 23.

    Di Natale and Vardy both didnt find that killer instinct until their late 20s.

  40. raptora

    Henry didn’t make it to the latter stages of the UCL many times tbh whereas Real have won it in half of the years during Benzema’s stay.

    Suarez is the best striker I’ve seen in my time. The year he almost singlehandedly won Pool the title is probably the best performance of any player in the Premier League. He was unplayable and a one man wrecking crew.

  41. WengerEagle


    Hes only 5 goals off of Raul now, could conceivably overtake him this season if Real get their act together and finish the group strongly. I remember being amazed at Raul’a record as a kid in the CL and Im about to see 4 players in the very next generation overtake him with 2 if those 4 potentially doubling it, crazy.

    Yeah Villa was the tits. Think his peak was 2007-2010 and IIRC he was heavily linked to us in summer of 2009 when Ade had left us and RVP was a perma-cripple. Imagine David Villa playing ahead of Fabregas in his GOAT season, Arshavin, Nasri. Wed have scored a shedload.

    Alas wasnt to be and we instead opted for the Dane GOAT himself Nikky B. Jesus…

  42. raptora

    Okay, correction. Brazilian Ronaldo at his peak was > Suarez although a close one. I mean, during that short period Luis Nazario was probably the best player in the history of the game lol.

  43. WengerEagle


    Yeah plus Henry played on the wing until he signed for us age 22. Benzema was scoring CL goals for Lyon in his teens, still remember his left foot banger vs Fergies United.

    Agree on Suarez. His level from 2013-2016 was the highest peak that I have ever seen for a CF. That Liverpool season he used to dominate games even when he didnt score. He didnt score against us in the 5-1 but he ran the show, nearly broke the post in half with that half volley attempt too.

  44. WengerEagle

    I was too young for peak Ronaldo9, my memories of him were post-injury heavier Ronaldo that wasnt quite as devastating but was still one of the worlds best players even a couple of stone overweight.

    World Cup 2002 was my first real memories of him.

    From seeing the footage, 90s Ronaldo looked the best CF ever.

  45. salparadisenyc

    If we had to pick a CF at the peak of elite not over a career its Ronaldo 9, at Barca for the one season and the following for Inter before he buckled his knee in his second in Italy.


    Made France’s win in 98 all the more impressive even with all the conspiracy theories about Ronaldo in that final. Insane player.

  46. WengerEagle

    Lol, that Sterling goal tonight was positionally a carbon copy of his epic miss vs Lyon in the CL.

    Bet Pep still wants to put his head through the wall on a daily basis.

  47. Bojangles

    Yeah, Rise of the Warrior Apes is top viewing. If you look really close you’ll spot one or two members from a couple of rw think tanks. Evolution at work.

  48. raptora

    So crazy that we’ve witnessed so many top class attacking players, with couple of them in Messi and Ronaldo going in the history of the game forever, then you have the likes of Ronaldo da Lima, Ronaldinho, Del Piero, Henry, Suarez, Ibra, Raul, Sheva.

    And from the current footballers quality wise the only one that is in the same bracket of class is Lewandowski. And that’s it.

    It’s like in Tennis. Yes, there is Haaland, Kane, Sancho, Mane, Salah, Son but I don’t see them at the level of the above mentioned players. Only de Bruyne and Neymar would belong there in my opinion and Mbappe who will almost certainly become the best player in the world very soon especially if he completes that Madrid transfer.

    We got lucky.

  49. CaliGooner

    Call it nepotism, but Bidens son + brother have benefited from his public position, and these facts are disputed by nobody in the media.

    Did you see the republican convention??

    Nepotism is trumps middle name.

  50. Radio Raheem

    If we had to pick a CF at the peak of elite not over a career its Ronaldo 9, at Barca for the one season and the following for Inter before he buckled his knee in his second in Italy.Unplayable.

    Bang on the money Sal. I’ll add it was at a time when tackling was still allowed.

  51. raptora

    I read that Barcelona’s now ex President, announced that Barcelona have agreed to join the future European Super League of football clubs, a project promoted by the big clubs in Europe. Barcelona have also agreed to accept the future Club World Cup.

    If the big clubs unite, change will happen. It’s a matter of time.

  52. alex cutter

    A crew member of Trump’s tv show The Apprentice has become the first to break his NDA.

    Find out why he was called “Diaper Don” among other things.

    “Mate no offence but america is an absolute mess right now. You can say anything even if its not controversial and lose your job and be shunned by society.”

    Yeah, that’s America’s biggest problem. Assholes facing repercussions for their actions.

    Not blacks being shot down in the streets/homes every day. Or an extreme catholic fanatic/cultist with three years experience as a judge and who has never a heard a case becomes a supreme court judge.

    Fuck you.

    The days of old white guys getting to do and say whatever they want is over.

    The american versions of you are a week away from being flushed down the toilet and losing whatever pathetic relevancy they briefly thought they had.

    “Liberal radicals have taken over the media, taken over the classroom (universities) and taken over the corporate boardrooms.”

    See above.

  53. Nelson

    Just watched the replay of Vardy’s goal. WTF was Mustafi doing on the pitch. He was wandering around and forgot why he was there.
    Why Arteta played Auba on the right? He was so useless there. Arteta has to keep a stable front 3 formation. No top team changes the front 3 formation every game like he did.

  54. Freddie Ljungberg

    Szoboszlai banging in another goal in the CL, too bad he’s only 19….

    Was on here calling for Thuram before he went to Germany for a ridiculously low fee, (12m?)and binning off Laca, would have solved so many of our problems, oh well.

    What is this nonsense about Biden and Nepotism btw? I mean clearly Kushner is qualified for all the dozens of high level jobs he’s had in the last 4 years, and Ivanka just oozes competence, clearly she got her jobs doing whatever the fuck it is she’s doing on merit alone.

    Comparing Trump with any sane person and coming to the conclusion that Trump is the lesser evil means you belong in a mental institution, that’s just facts.
    Maybe go check in on CG while you’re there, just to make sure he’s ok.

  55. The Godfather

    Reviewing that goal ask again WTF Chaka is doing?
    When you don’t have pace and there is no hard pressure on a midfield passer you are supposed to drop to give yourself a head start. Instead the fool lets the crosser get behind him and GABRIEL has no choice but to try to get over and close … less said about the squirrel brained Mustafi the better.

    Again Chaka and Mustafi will Continue to kill Arsenal as long as they are on the books … two horrible signings

  56. The Godfather

    To think £70 million went into the pairs signing and yet some fools will come here to dog the Kroenke’s for not spending … add 70 mill plus for Pepe and you can see how their money keeps getting misused

  57. Dark Hei

    If I had a vote, I will pick Joe Biden, because he is more towards the middle ground.

    That way real people can get along to repair that country.

    And the MEGAs and the Wokes can go shout at one another in a corner, feeling so meaningful and purposeful.

    Le Grove can also go back into the freeware business of football discussion and slagging one another over mangers, tactics and what nots.

  58. Tom

    Wait ,what? Biden is corrupt? And his son was taking advantage from his daddy’s cushy job for years ? Fuck me sideways that’s a shocker.

    He’s a former senator from Delaware – our own Cayman Islands , or Bahamas if you will, with a very peculiar , world famous corporation registry. But comparing Trump’s nepotism and corruption to Biden’s is like putting in the same sentence what Bill Cosby did and some other guy who gave a girl Tylenol PM instead of a regular one.

    Kushner and Ivanka were both denied a top security clearances by Trumps own State Department, such were theirs financial entanglements and fiscal jeopardy……. until Trump intervened and overruled it of course.

    If the crooked what about the emails Hilary had installed her daughter and son in law in such positions of power against the judgment of a political apparatus designed to protect the nation, the far right talking heads would’ve exploded in a million fucking pieces, including our own don’t feed the freeloading kids Rich lol.

    Putin, Kim Jong-un, KLM of Saudi Arabia, and Erdogan all want Trump to win……….I’m sure it’s because he’s a straight shooter.
    That’s why he has a secret account in China.

  59. Dissenter

    Do you remember that famous video of Ivanka hanging out with elected leaders of the G-20, just ,mouthing off …yea…year like the barbie doll that she is.
    Trump took nepotism to a new high, never again will it happen in such brazen fashion.

  60. DivineSherlock

    I think whoever wins the elections , it will have a knock on effect over the world . Simply because there are many issues on which Trump has made his stance clear , like climate change for example. Biden winning the election will not bode well for many of Trump’s rich friends and most importantly the silicon valley technocrats . That is why they wanna ensure Trump wins no matter the cost . Americans need to wake up .

  61. Guns of SF

    This Rich fella seems fairly measured but sure does remind me of Unnai with those right wing conspiracies.

    Did Unnai become a better writer recently? Is it him? Is that you Unnai???

  62. DivineSherlock


    No doubt , but I am talking about the CEOs who silently help him . Jeff Bezos , Zuckerberg . Jack Dorsey recently got some spine and started flagging his tweets but other than that I dont see anyone opposing him.

  63. Pierre

    The Vardy goal was excellent in execution, perfect through ball, perfect cross and perfect movement and header from vardy….all done in the blink of an eye.

    It was a similar type of goal that Eddie scored in the last minute v west ham in the movement and execution.
    He has that ability to get goal side of defenders similar to Vardy withiut being picked up.
    It’s the timing of the runs from the striker that is very underrated by many , Aubamayang’s winner v rapid was an example of perfect movement and execution.

    Very difficult to defend against if all 3 parts of the move are played to perfection.

    The through ball
    The cross/pass
    The striker’s movement

  64. Sid

    The Vardy goal was a result of Xhakalson being in no mans land for the initial pass to Cengiz and Mustafinovs not covering Vardy,
    basic lack of intelligence from the usual suspects.

  65. Aussie+Gooner

    100% agree with your take Pedro. Now is the time to blood the kids ESR, Balogun, Azeez, Cottrell, Okonkwo, Saliba and anyone else that has some kind of instict to win! We know only too well what we will get when the same old faces show up as starters.My big concern is if we rush Gabi back too soon. It is crazy that we are all pinning so much hope on his young shoulders.

  66. Graham62


    Agree. Bloody hell! twice in a week.

    This is why we need Saka our on the left and not Aubameyang.

    If Pepe could do what Saka does our strikers would be salivating.

  67. Kaz

    Boys, I’ve been taking part in an app, beta phase has just finished, will be a community app based on whatever, I’ll be talking about Arsenal.

    You guys are welcome to roast me or agree with me however you wish, I’m not naming the app as I don’t want to advertise it, but would be great to see Pedro on there too!