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The big debate before the game was whether the sacrifice we’ve been making on style could be countered with the gains we’ve made on points. Win 2-0 last night, we’re a point from the top and clear in the top 4. Sadly, the argument was momentarily settled at home to a weak Leicester because Arteta bottled our first-half dominance and lost to the most obvious of strategies > let Jamie Vardy win the game late on.

Fear is not a strategy. Mikel Arteta has moved mountains when it comes to our defensive output, structure, and fight. We can all salute that. His coaching moves were made during the worst moment we’d faced as a club in 38 years. However, let’s be honest, those players he’s working with are not the 8th worst group of players in the league, they are better than that. He was supposed to breathe life into them this season, so far, he hasn’t.

From where I’m watching, it looks like he doesn’t trust his squad. We’ve eeked out wins this season, but we’ve been unadventurous and boring… Leicester beating us feels like the warning shot. You cannot shithouse your way to 4th with these players. There needs to be a second act. We need to speed up the process. The coaching staff need to show some balls and do something interesting. Being guided by what bad things ‘could’ happen is negative energy. I’m all for clean sheets, but not at the expense of looking meek. Yesterday, we looked scared… just like we did midweek when we rolled the ball into the corner to protect a lead against Austrian minnows.

After the Villa game last season, I wrote that the biggest mistake Arteta could make would be to continue to trust players with weak mindsets and output. Well, he doubled down on them… and guess what, we’re not looking great. We’re 6 games into the season and now it’s time to be real… our averageness is not a style, it’s the xG warning we had with Unai Emery.

Alex Lacazette has been atrocious for a long time. He’s physically weak and completely incapable of being a central point when it comes to attack. On another day, with a better striker, we’re exiting the first half with 2 goals. Aouar was a big miss this summer, but let’s not pretend having an elite creator was moving the needle with Alex through the middle. If Eddie can’t do it, then try Balogun. Continuously giving game time to someone that looks less and less athletic is not the answer. Alex should have gone this summer, he didn’t, but that shouldn’t mean he’s starting important games.

Nicolas Pepe might have cost £72m, but he’s not delivering to that level. Why do we keep depending on him? He’s weak, he can’t hold his balance, and he looks scared. He was useless when he came on, I’d prefer to give Reiss a chance. I don’t know whether there’s a second act with him, but so far, he looks like a huge dud.

Granit Xhaka served a purpose last season, but it’s clear that in the big games, he doesn’t have the next level. How long are we going to fool ourselves into believing he’s going to take us to the promised land? I have the exact same feelings on Mustafi. I feel terrible to give him any blame after a long period of time out, but let’s be honest, the club desperately tried to move him out this summer, he’s not getting a new deal, so how much can we expect? I’d rather fail with young players than create false hope that we can resurrect players that we know can’t do it. They do it at Dortmund, why can’t we do it at Arsenal?

The biggest mistake Arteta can continue to make is 1) Believe that there’s no way he can get our players operating in an attacking structure 2) That bum players will give him one more year after he spent the summer trying to sell half of them.

We need to see some bold action. I watched Southampton boss Everton yesterday. They don’t have a squad anywhere near our level. They attacked with free-flowing football, they caused problems all over the park, and they were worth more than the two goals they scored. Why can’t we do that?

Villa were spanked at the weekend, but they will run at you, they create, and they are exciting with players that are a long way from world-class.

Bielsa has been at Leeds for two seasons. His free-flowing brand of attacking football will likely end in tears, but he has lesser players than us and he totally dominates teams and has never offered up shit football.

There’s a system out there where we can be solid with Leno, Partey, Gabriel, Bellerin and Tierney… but still attack with Saka and Auba.

I simply do not believe that players at the level we have need to be coached so hard they can’t think outside NFL style power plays everyone has sussed.

The handbrake is on.

The players fear unleashing the magic.

We’re really fucking boring.

One of the most important things you learn as you develop as a young manager in any industry is that people who are talented have a great propensity to surprise you… but only if you empower them. Sometimes, you have to throw them off a cliff and ask them to swim. Arteta doesn’t seem to trust his squad at the moment and that, for me, is why our ceiling is crushing us.

Arteta needs to address what we don’t have with confidence, not fear. There needs to be a shift in mindset. We can’t be celebrating 1-0 losses to Manchester City as progress. We can’t be saluting Premier League players for coming back from a goal down against a bang average Austrian team. We cannot live in a world where our team collapses because David Luiz stops creating.

Last night was boring, it was predictable, it lacked intensity, and it was totally avoidable. We need to find the next stage of whatever the grand vision is because a season of ‘stop being Emery’ will not be tolerated by fans that bought into the vision of a coach that promised us progressive football and results.

This can be fixed.

Over to you, Mikel… you are better than this.

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  1. MidwestGun

    MG — missed you the other day.
    no Problem Alex. Understandable. There is a MuddyGunner, wish I would have thought of that one actually. But I have changed my content some. Priorities in life change as you know. Winning on LG or trying to being right all the time, not top priority.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Szoboszlai is hardly some rookie despite his youth, he’s played 69 games for them, with 51 goal contributions. He’s got experience of EL and CL football as well and has played 10 games for the Hungarian national team.

    He’s also got the frame to not get swamped in the PL like many other young players get when they step up.
    If we want shots from distance he’ll provide that in spades and he’s already one of the best free kick takers in Europe.

    Salzburg is in a difficult group in the CL so should be out after the groups, get in there in January and grab him asap.

    Re: Ceballos, since the restart he’s been far superior to Xhaka in every metric except heading and holding keys, remains to be seen if he’s worth keeping though, needs to show it the rest of the season.

  3. Pedro

    Tom, he brought up the squad poverty because he wanted me to know that he’s here, enjoying an Arsenal loss, again.

  4. Tom

    “Bamford a confirmed loon, haha, I really did want Dariano to be a real person, shackled in a gimp get up down in Bamford’s basement.“

    Ha, ha.

  5. Pedro

    WE, yeah, he used to run GoonerTalk back in the day, he worked for Goal, then he tried to do some sort of media company with a few Arsenal players… now he writes for that London website thing. He’s well-sourced.

  6. Pedro

    yep, when you start preparing your aliases as you are chatting on the message board… it’s pretty clear you know that what you are doing with regards to behaviour.

  7. Dream10

    Have not seen much of Szoboszlai, but he was a bit limited in open play. From the Salzburg players that I have recently watched, I like Hwang (now at Leipzig) and their #9 Daka. Both seemed shàrp and aggressive off the ball. The show the movement off the ball we rarely get from Willian, Lacazette and Pépé.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    I know the average le grove attention span is short so just a short video of some of Szoboszlais latest goals.

    Exactly what we need, we have no goals from midfield atm, someone like Isco isn’t going to change that much as good as he is a at creating, or was maybe, his last 2 seasons at Real has been underwhelming to say the least and his stats has taken a nose dive, rather invest in someone on the way up.

    Don’t know if Szoboszlais release clause is active in January but last summer it was apparently 24m payable in 3 instalments, don’t think we can get a better deal than that for any player with his ability and potential anywhere else.

  9. WengerEagle


    His name is unpronounceable though. The lads will have to nickname him Steve.

    In all seriousness I’m with Dream, in the limited amount of game time that I have seen him in he wasn’t one of Salzburg’s standouts. More impressed by Hwang, Minamino and obviously Haaland.

    Have you actually watched him play in Austria or are you like Marko going off of a handful of CL matches?

  10. Dark Hei

    Man. Arteta needs to really get his “structure” together.

    It is like Unai Emery all over again.

    Both these guys have the unenviable distinction of making us pine for Wenger-ball. It is like the Exodus story; halfway through the journey and we start dreaming of Egypt all over again.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg


    Steve works for me.

    Not going to sit through Austrian football just to watch one player, I’ve got better things to do, although if we keep playing like we are now maybe a switch is on…

    His stats speaks for themselves though. He didn’t really start putting up monster numbers until last season if I remember correctly so it’s even more impressive, even if it’s in a weaker league.

    Citing Saliba as evidence like some though isn’t really apt unless Szoboszlais mom also dies before we sign him, that’s what I think is the only issue with Saliba, where he is mentally, his talent isn’t in question.

    Not really expecting him to boss CL matvches either playing for what in most cases would be the far inferior team. Scored one hell of a goal against locomotiv Moscow last week though.

  12. MidwestGun

    So it looks like from the video he has a hell of a shot on him and plays very direct, a bit like Martinelli. But the things that would concern me are he tends to push the ball out in front of him when dribbling, not very close control. And then also all those back heel trick passes, I’m not sure those will work in the PL.

    Anyhow.. that’s my you tube scout analysis on the Szobosz dude.

  13. Freddie Ljungberg


    Didn’t want to do this, because attention spans, but here’s a longer video showing a bit more of his dribbling, only one back heel too, don’t think that’s a worry like it was with Ramsey. Doesn’t have Cazorla or Isco like close control but a good dribbler in his own right.


    Shows some more of his free kick and long range goals as well.

    Not claiming he’s the complete package, he’s only 19 after all but I think he could make an immediate impact and has world class potential.

  14. China1

    Wait wait wait

    Dariano wasn’t a real person?

    It was Bamford the whole time???

    But the disguise was so convincing!!! I for one was a firm believer.

  15. China1

    Szoboloszlai is not a guarantied world beater (no one is) but what he represents is an almost comically imbalanced risk time reward ratio

    He costs fuck all. He can be paid for in literally tiny installments. He’s a decent height with a good frame. Good work ethic. Quick and powerful. Extremely technical. Good dribbler. Great long shot. Excellent vision and passing. Can use both feet. Not afraid to ask questions of his man. Still a teenager.

    For £24m who else can offer you all that? This is one of those peak Dortmund/spurs a few years ago/pre decline wenger type signings. A better question than why should we buy him would be why shouldn’t we?

  16. China1

    My patience with Pepe is very close to running out

    I think frankly he’s been horribly utilized since he joined. He’s rarely had an extended run of games to build his confidence. He’s played in some crap setups and some seriously poor support behind him for much of the time he’s been here and he is clearly not suited to the overly defensive setup

    The above is all true and the managers since he’s been here all deserve blame for that.

    *however* he’s now been here comfortably over a year. If the managers won’t utilize him properly – ok but he’s never at any point laid a marker down for why he deserves to play. One game here or there doesn’t matter.

    Look at Saka. Kid has been shunted from pillar to post. You think he wants to go into each match with no idea what position he’ll play next and being in a constant race to adapt again and again. But look what he’s done. Is he 10/10 in every game? No. But he’s usually good and frequently excellent. If Saka can do it what’s Pepe, Willian, laca’s excuse etc?

    Saka is shitting on every good reason we can fairly raise as I did above for Pepe. I know it’s hard on him but the time to start delivering regularly is now. He’s not a kid anymore

  17. Guns of SF

    Great Solobazi video.
    I think we should get him.

    I only worry as the EPL is a beast like no other. However, a kid like this has spirit and fight and guile… he is confident all the way. He will succeed.

    24M was basically Bellerin sold last window, or some combo or Sok, or some of the other garbage.

    We need to grab him in Jan… somehow

  18. Guns of SF

    The worry is Arteta will snuff out any ounce of creativity in him, over the system
    To arteta the system is only what matters.

    Creativity is anti system

  19. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Great Solobazi video”

    Yeah, I really think we should agree on Steve…

    Artetas rigidity is a worry as you say, and his penchant for squeezing in his favourites that doesn’t merit places in the team like Xhaka, Laca and Eddie.

    We have the players to play much better than we are now, we have strengthened the defence with Gabriel who’s a massive upgrade on anyone we had before and so is Partey in midfield so we don’t have to play with 7 defensive players before and Xhaka as the 4th CB, get some ball players in there ffs.

  20. Guns of SF


    I think we need 2 creators in the midfield.
    One will not be enough….

    ideally, what we really need is dribbling demons like this… they draw so much attention it just opens up all sorts of things

  21. Guns of SF

    Hleb and Cesc with the Wenger triangles of death were a joy to watch….
    TR7, Nasri,


    Great with the ball real wizards

    I felt assured when Cesc and Tommy had the ball – we rarely got caught in posession – we held possession so well

  22. Guns of SF

    Even my boy Eboue had more creativity than most in this team.
    He was a dribbler too boy…. powerful and direct

  23. Sid

    Viera is 6′ 4 and more of box to box who would wipe the floor with Saul, Partey is 6 and a DM since Saul is better,

    The talk of him being a Viera replacement is premature.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    The latest debate is that Arsenal are short of “creativity” in the team and the problem is being
    highlighted by those who persist in criticising that Arsenal did not register Ozil to play this

    The real problem at Arsenal is that we have got a collection of underperforming players at the club who are on grossly inflated wages. Most are very average.

    What is increasingly obvious is that they are also unsaleable and in an increasing number of
    cases not even loanable.

    The obvious candidates for departure are Sokratis, Luiz, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Ozil and Lacazette who are all in final or penultimate year of contract and cost the club collectively
    around £1,000,000 per week or £52 Million per year in wages. Apart from Luiz none are now
    starting X1 players.

    That is a huge wage bill to cover for players who have no transfer value and are almost impossible to shift out of the club even on a loan basis.

    Arsenal have apparently made an offer to extend the contract of Mustafi and he has turned
    them down, because he wants to move to Italy. So he will leave this summer.

    The club will hopefully start shifting players out of the club rather than holding on to its

    Another concern is that we have also got on books players like Nketiah, Nelson, Willock,Holding Chambers and Maitland-Niles who are decent squad players, but on current evidence little more. I am doubtful that any of these players are going to make the transition to starting X1 in a top 4 club.

    So we have got on books at least 12 players who in normal circumstances should be at the point of departure in an ambitious club. Realistically Arsenal are not or more importantly cannot afford to shift these players out of club in one swoop.

    The million dollar question is how the club resolves this matter and frankly there is no short
    term solution. What I do know is that Arsenal need to write off all the players in the first category if at all possible at end of this season.

    Then the next question is how you fill the hole, because from being grossly overloaded the
    club is then depleted.

  25. Receding Hairline

    We really need to stop all this look at klopp at Liverpool nonsense.

    Klopp’s first job in football wasn’t Liverpool.

    The idea that Arteta can somehow grow into a coach that will win the league and the CL is nice as a fan but as yet isn’t backed up by reality.

    We are not playing great football and have still lost three games from six in the league despite the obsession with remaining tight at the back.

    He hasn’t settled on a first eleven or even playing players in their natural positions.

    He is not Klopp,he is Arteta.

  26. Emiratesstroller


    There is no point labelling players, but rather focussing on how to shift these players out of
    club and managing the process.

    The priority is to complete the process of strengthening the starting X1. The current holes to
    fill are Right Centre Back, Creative Midfielder and Centre Forward/Winger dependent on where you play Aubameyang.

    It should be possible to keep on books perhaps another eight or so players who are good enough to come into first team as and when required without making huge investment.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    I was never a fan to recruit Emery in first place.

    Emery was never the right Manager/Head Coach, because he lacked the basic communication skills to run a cosmopolitan team.

    If you cannot communicate then it does not matter whether you are a brilliant or average
    coach, because the messaging is not going to be understood.

  28. Samir

    Everyday I read this blog.
    Everyday I see every comment needed with ‘’ Im telling you for free!’ from Sid!
    When will it stop!

  29. Receding Hairline

    Emirates stroller communicate with who? Players or fans?

    The Arsenal dressing room is mostly multilingual, Arteta issued most of his touchline instructions against Leicester in Spanish.

    The idea Emery started last season poorly because all of a sudden players he led to an EL final and a strong competition for the top three places in the league stopped understanding him is nonsense.

  30. Receding Hairline

    Emery failed because

    – he had no real ideas on what he wanted to do besides win the next game

    – he couldn’t stand by his decisions, Ozil in Ozil out, Ramsey in Ramsey out, the Xhaka debacle finished him in the dressing room

    – he let himself be bullied on transfers

    – fans mistook the 72m paid for Pepe as a testament to his quality, there was this idea that with Pepe,Auba and Lacazette we had a front three to match the best and with Ozil behind them we should be scoring for fun, this failed to materialize and the fans revolted

    – Players needed to sacrifice some one to take the attention off themselves.

    Had nothing to do with communication

  31. Receding Hairline

    Messaging in terms of tactics or philosophy?

    We didn’t look confused when we were putting in some accomplished performances under him, I know many like to pretend all games under him was a tactical disaster but that’s just rubbish.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Emirates stroller I have no interest in Villareal

    What I have a problem with is those who bigged up this squad (in a worse state) to the high heavens now going out of their way to rubbish it.

    I kept pointing fingers at some characters in the dressings room but I was called names, there are certain players at this club who will let you down again and again, then there are some whose abilities don’t come close to their reputation among Arsenal fans.

    Now all of you have seen that.

  33. Emiratesstroller


    I have posted today exactly my view on our current squad. I am sure that Arteta and senior
    Management are not blind to reality.

    The problem is that there are too many members of squad who are either unsaleable or even

    Last season I advocated that it would be better not to qualify for Europe and cut the squad down to maybe 20-22. usable players. However, that is not what happened.

    Arsenal are now attempting to qualify for Champions League. My view is that we need still
    to recruit 3-4 “quality players”, and ensure that our bench is good enough to rotate when required with first X1.

    The rest of squad needs to be offloaded starting off with Ozil and Sokratis.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t know whether some who post on here suggesting that language skills are unimportant read a recent interview with Saliba.

    Saliba has acknowledged this week that he does not speak good English and is benefiting from having other French speaking players in squad AND also being able to communicate with Arteta in French.

    The core of Arsenal’s squad speak good English , but one or two of the new arrivals do not.
    So they have to rely on others to communicate with them.

    When you have a Head Coach plus his Assistant Coaches apart from Ljungberg who was the
    outsider being non English Speakers then you have a potential problem and that was the case at Arsenal under Emery.

    I never expressed an opinion that Emery was a poor coach or blamed him for our recruitment during his time at club.

  35. Dark Hei


    Yes, Pierre.

    We have to stay miserable even when we win games. And we have to repent when we lose.

    But on a more serious note, I am getting very uncomfortable, OGS vibes in Arteta.

    Doesn’t help to see Spurs happy and winning. Urgghhh.

  36. Pierre

    Arteta struggling, doesn’t excuse Emery’s 18 momths at the club..

    From where I’m sitting , Arteta is making the same off field mistakes as Emery and this feeds itself onto the pitch.

    Players start to lose trust and respect in the manager when they see their team mates unfairly treated.

    Emery made mistakes and Arteta since lockdown has decided to go down the same road and i believe that if he doesn’t change direction , he will lose his job…

    Martinez, Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis , saliba, Ozil ..the list is growing ..is AMN the next on the list.

    Ultimately, Emery lost his job due to performances on the pitch and the same will apply to Arteta..

    The league table position at the moment is irrelevant, 2 or 3 wins could put us top of the league and we are capable but Arteta needs to find the solution to our lack of creativity.

    I’m now 50/50 on Arteta , i am baffled by his decision making since lockdown, the FA cup win appears to have gone to his head and he thinks he’s infallible …he’s not.

    Our performance v leicester first half was good and it shows that the team is more than capable of performing well and also shows that Arteta can set the team up on the front foot , similar to when he arrived last season.

    I believe Arteta will get through this period , I believe he is a lucky manager .
    In any other season we would be 7 or 8 points off the top and out of the tittle , as it stands we are 4 points off top.

    Things can change very quickly in football, there is still time to get things right…he needs to find a system that clicks , i believe the players are good enough , they have shown it in patches this season………over to you Arteta.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    Are you seriously baffled with decisions taken over Sokratis and Ozil? Sokratis wants to leave and Ozil has been omitted on two counts which are performance and his failure to accept paycut when rest of squad did so.

    Are you seriously baffled with decision to offload Torreira and Guendouzi? Torreira and his
    family were unhappy living in England and I do not need to repeat reason for departure of

    Maitland-Niles is a borderline first team player who has just been awarded caps for England.
    Such players if they have ambition are always going to be unhappy if they don’t play. His
    situation is not dissimilar to Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Martinez sat on bench or was loaned out for 10 years. He wanted certainty in his career and
    Arteta was unable to give him the assurance that he was demanding. Personally I prefer him
    to Leno. Others do not.

    Arsenal’s current situation is the same as last season. Too many players in squad, too many
    who are not good enough and unsaleable and even unloanable and not enough money to
    recruit the three or four additional players required to raise our game.

  38. Graham62

    My son, who is 26, called me late last night and told me that he had just about had enough of all the shite that comes with being an Arsenal supporter “Welcome to my(our) world” I replied.

    “Why do they keep putting us through all of this? How is that we can see things and yet those who are in position to rectify matters, don’t”?

    What could I say? “That’s life”?

    Look at Donald Trump. I know a really bad example. Is he an idiot? Is he really that blind and that naive? How can he be? He is a successful businessman, who has built an empire and, oh yeh, he became president of the most powerful nation on the planet. He must be doing something right..

    The thing is, the vast majority of the world’s population see him as an absolute cock. An inhumane human being, who doesn’t give a fcuk what he does or what he says . Does he care though? Of course he doesn’t. Does he lie awake at night riddled with guilt? Of course he doesn’t. He thrives on confrontation. For him it’s a game, nothing more, nothing less.

    You see, when you live in a bubble where you are the only one who actually thinks they are doing the right thing, nothing else matters.

    At Arsenal, this has been the case for many many years. Wenger and Emery are history but now it is the time for Arteta to show his true colours. Will he get sucked into the bubble? Will he start to ignore the obvious and become consumed with his own methods and beliefs?

    He has more than enough experience and intelligence to rectify matters and to sort out the problems we all see. He can turn things around.The thing is, when you get thrust into a position that is alien to you, you can sometimes be consumed with a desire to be your own boss in the wrong way and lose sight of the fact that the logical and obvious actions are in fact the correct solutions.

    Of course Arteta is not DonaldTrump, we all know that. However, power can consume the best of people and I hope that Mikel proves in these next few weeks that he is prepared to step back and take stock of the situation because if he doesn’t, it could get very messy(again) at AFC.

  39. Dark Hei


    He is a staunch Emery guy just like you for Ozil.

    There is not a match go by where he will remind us not to be happy if we win and point at us when we lose.

    Very consistent.

  40. Pierre

    “I think you’ll find Wenger lost his job due to performance on the pitch.”

    He did , but his performances on the pitch never sunk to the level we are seeing now or under Emery’s last few months.

    I would say that many fans would be over the moon to see us return to the football we played in Wenger’s last few months .

    Our last 8 home games under wenger produced 25 goals.
    We were scoring at more tham 3 goals a game…

    We are lucky if we have 3 shots a game at the moment so i don’t think using wenger as an example is very wise

  41. Pierre

    “Stroller, you missed the point with Pierre. It’s all about Ozil trolling, anything else in just window dressing.”

    Are you on repeat mode …arteta is cocking it up big time, i know it , you know it and even Pedro knows it…

  42. Sid

    ‘He has more than enough experience and intelligence to rectify matters and to sort out the problems we all see. ‘

    On the contrary,
    It has been repeated how intelligent he is, people assume thats the case, please provide evidence of this intelligence.

  43. SpanishDave

    We certainly are in the doldrums.
    Our owner is not prepared to invest anywhere near the levels to get us out of this hole.
    We go cheap on a rookie manager.
    The fans are tired of continual promises of forthcoming improvement which isn’t happening.
    The real problem is having to live with zero improvement in our play combined with no flair the kind we have been used to, the Arsenal way.
    Arteta may be tightening our defense but he’s draining the life out of our style
    He won’t make it , dull player dull manager

  44. Thorough

    It’s funny people are championing Szobolai.
    Arteta probably thinks he’ll be ready in 2039.
    Send him to Luton town.

  45. Bojangles

    “He is not Klopp,he is Arteta.”

    Couldn’t agree more. So why do half the commenters here compare him to other managers?

    I said the same thing concerning Emery. The manager lives and dies by his decisions. If wrong he will suffer for them. Emery did, time will determine Arteta’s fate.

  46. Useroz

    Many of us on Le G. talked about Szoboszlai way before the TW and departure of Raul. I like him very much albeit all in paper and YT research.

    It’s like Martinez ticking the many boxes that would allow goaliea to succeed in the PL. Depute his age, Szoboszlai already has a robust body and skill framework to build on.

    No body knows if he’s the on but, at least based on YT and couple of full matches in watched, Szoboszlai looks even more impressive than Aouar. And likely half the fees.

    The question is, why hasn’t Szoboszlai be pursued and we did why isn’t he playing for us?

    Quite frankly, if we can’t find £25m or so for Szoboszlai, Arsenal doesn’t deserve to be called one of the top PL clubs any longer. Sell Mustafi, AMN, Holding etc would have bought two Szoboszlai. Even at a huge loss. It’s what we needed that matters.

    I hope Vunai isn’t looking at the sales of dross from his old financial/ accounting lens, but a footballing one., now that he became the CEO.

    That said, there’s so much we all don’t know and the more insight if inner working of the club the better. What a shame all tea ladies have been laid off!!

  47. Useroz

    Pedro. Understood it may be a bit of hassle but appreciate if you could change the colour to black and up the font size of the text box. Thanks.

  48. Useroz

    Fixed typos.

    Many of us on Le G. talked about Szoboszlai way before the TW and departure of Raul. I like him very much albeit all from paper and YT research.

    It’s like Martinez ticking the many boxes that would allow goalies to succeed in the PL. Despite his age, Szoboszlai already has a robust body and skill framework to build on.

    No body knows if he’s the one but, at least based on YT and couple of full matches in watched, Szoboszlai looks even more impressive than Aouar. And likely half the fees.

    The question is, why hasn’t Szoboszlai been pursued and if we did why isn’t he playing for us?

    Quite frankly, if we can’t find £25m or so for Szoboszlai, Arsenal doesn’t deserve to be called one of the top PL clubs any longer. Selling Mustafi, AMN, Holding etc would have bought us two Szoboszlai. Even at a huge loss. It’s what we needed that matters.

    I hope Vunai isn’t looking at the sales of the dross from his old financial/ accounting lens, but a footballing one., now that he became the CEO.

    That said, there’s so much we all don’t know and the more insights of inner working of the club the better. What a shame all tea ladies have been laid off!!

  49. Useroz

    It’s funny people are championing Szobolai.
    Arteta probably thinks he’ll be ready in 2039.
    Send him to Luton town.“

    I’d rather Szoboszlai staying around till 2039 than having the likes of Mustafi playing another season for us.

    Just visualise the crime scene where Mustafi was belatedly chasing 10 yards behind VARdy …and him speeding home after the game in his black 400hp plus Ferrari!! Wish Mustafi found that extra 30hp then.

    Indeed, that seems to be one of many similar problems at Arsenal atm.

    So let’s not kid ourselves that Arteta would play Martinelli when he’s finally match fit especially with the many bizarre decisions we observe.

    Arteta chose not to play Martinelli before the lockdown even when we are chasing a game and despite Martinelli being the 2nd top scorer at the club then! Why?!

    It’s embarrassing Saliba is gathering dust when we need to put up with Mustafi falling asleep during a 30 min or spell. Rather Saliba made that mistake and learn ‘cos Mustafi wouldn’t.