It’s over for Özil

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So, what shall we talk about today? Oh… squad lists.

Mesut Özil has been bombed from our Premier League squad list until February at the very least, but the chances are, that’s him finished forever at Arsenal FC.

It’s always a shame to watch someone push the self-destruct button on their career, and let’s be clear, that’s exactly what Mesut Özil has done to himself.

Most of his downfall is related to one thing… a lack of application. This is not an ability problem, he’s one of the most capable footballers to have lived. No, the issue is he simply doesn’t want to apply himself in 2020.

Arsene Wenger, the mollycoddler in chief, decided that he’d let him take tough away days off. Unai Emery knew the German wouldn’t do a shift, so he attempted to exit him in Jan 2019, then he lost his bottle, reinstated him, and his job shortly after. Freddie couldn’t stand him.

Then Mikel landed.

He knew what might happen because everyone at the club explained. After playing most of the games pre-lockdown, the old Mesut, lurking in the wings, reared his uninterested head. He apparently missed team Zoom calls, he didn’t do the homework the club set/tracked, and those ‘injuries’ didn’t go unnoticed.

Additionally, he didn’t play the game on the pay cuts, deciding that he’d need more info on how Arsenal losing £90m in gate revenue might affect the finances. Now, I doubt this was the main sticking point. Auba, Kola, and Mustafi were also apparently against the move. The problem, I think, is that when you are trying to build a united culture, having your most high profile player doing all of the earlier explained issues, plus not accepting a pay cut, can cause optics issues.

I know some people will say he was correct on the pay cuts. On reflection, sure, we fucked-up our restructure and the comms were atrocious. However, football is a team game. Mesut Ozil didn’t take the cut, the young players did. That might seem ‘clever’ to some, but the reality is, he just looked like a selfish individual while everyone else is pulled for the greater good.

Performance on the pitch was also a problem. He is not the same player he was 5 years ago. He’s a traditional #10 in a world that doesn’t allow for them. Andy Carroll managed more assists last season than Özil has managed in two. He simply doesn’t impact games in the way he used to. Remember, he went from blowing it up with Giroud, to tanking with… Auba. All his stats cratered.

A lot of people are trying to insinuate this move is about his righteous attack on the Chinese for their disgraceful treatment of the Uighurs. Again, I’m not so sure. He played games after that happened. This is a player that also had a brutal human rights abuser at his wedding. He also avoided blowback then as well.

He’s out because of football reasons. He doesn’t apply himself, he’d prefer to win cheap PR points than fight to get back in the team. The whole drama is just so fucking boring.

Arteta is trying to create a high-performance culture at Arsenal. One that we’ve lacked for years. People that work alone tend not to understand what goes into creating an elite team culture, which is why the beta male types that had it so absurdly wrong when it came to talents like, say, Arsene Wenger… still have it wrong with Mesut Özil. An artful quip does not make a good manager, just like a high salary and a ‘READY’ tweet does not make an elite #10 in 2020.

In a high-performance culture, every single cog in your machine needs to be at the very top of its game. Any weakness brings down everyone else. Mesut Özil is now a weak cog. He doesn’t think the rules apply to him. If Arteta gives him a pass, he gives everyone a pass, he loses authority, and performance levels dip.

Elite culture is about setting agreed standards, holding people accountable to them, and acting swiftly if people step out of line. We finally have a coach that will do that. Very few in elite level sport have been around a more extreme performance-driven setup than Arteta had been at Manchester City. He’s not guessing, he knows. So let’s trust that he has this covered.

What is clear is this: Arteta has to crack creativity. We need to find internal solutions. Willian has to look like value. Thomas Partey can’t simply be a defensive shield. We need our attack to progress, otherwise, the Öziltologists will start petitions and writers from the Crouch-End-Beyond-Meat-bacon-sarnie-set will start making poetic noises about our heathen manager that they’ll claim only goes to battle with barbarian pillagers. We can’t have that. Let’s hope Arteta can simply prove out that he was right by delivering us a ‘now’ solution that’ll lay to rest a miserable 3 years of Mesut Özil.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Pierre


    This season is all about finding a system of play that suits the players and to show progress in what Arteta is trying to achieve with our style of football .

    To me, it will be a success if we can achieve this , top 4 or a trophy is a bonus .

    At this present time , unless Arteta changes things , mid table is a distinct possibility….i just can’t see how we are going to create enough chances with the football we are presently playing to reach top 4 or even top 6..

    Hopefully Partey will provide a spark and Arteta finds a way to get the attack firing..
    Better movement, one and 2 touch football, taking risks in the final third would be a start.

  2. Dissenter

    There’s some crazily funny gene in you Brits.
    FFS are there more crazy people like Sacha Baron Cohen [Borat] in your midst.
    That man just defanged Rudy Giuliani in spectacular fashion. He will forever be known as a pedo.

  3. Pierre

    “One half of good football against Chelsea is hardly any houses on fire. Has to be more than one half. We saw Arsenal die before our eyes in that match in the second half.”

    We played well up until the Leno mistake in the 80th .minute….we did tire towards the end which was the reason we allowed chelsea back into the game.
    The football was on the front foot, as it was against united .

    Not taking anytjing away frpm the excellent performances in the FA cup v city and Chelsea , but our earlt season play under Arteta was definitely more dynamic

  4. Nelson

    Pierre ” i know he is supposed to be building the foundation”

    But he has sold the base of the foundation. I seriously doubt that without Martinez, he could have won the FA Cup.

  5. Ishola70


    The game changed much earlier against Chelsea.

    Lampard made changes to his midfield and brought in Jorginho.

    Arsenal were being wore down before Leno’s error.

  6. Tee

    ” I seriously doubt that without Martinez, he could have won the FA Cup”

    Another bullshit comment.

    Yeah, it’s all about Martinez. All the players played their parts well in the fa cup success. Tell me the number of save Martinez made in the final to keep us in the game.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    I have had some interesting feedback today on the Saliba situation, which should perhaps be of some concern.

    Someone who monitors closely matters at Arsenal watched the recent U23 game against
    Man Utd in which Saliba played and by all accounts his performance and personal attitude was poor. He showed zero interest in playing well.

    According to his viewpoint the problem with Saliba originates from the decision made by
    Arsenal not to agree an extension of the player’s loan contract to St Etienne so that he could play in French Cup Final.

    He is apparently since then in a strop and the real concern is not so much whether he is good enough to play for Arsenal or whether he is aerially good enough but one of attitude.

    Clearly something has gone wrong in the current relationship between club and player. The
    question is whether it can or will be resolved.

    Arsenal have at the moment a number of players on the books who are out in the cold and
    Arteta’s priority is to have players in squad singing from the same song sheet, which most are.

  8. Nelson


    With Martinez, the whole defense was calmer and played with confident. Martinez is a leader in defense. He communicates with his defenders. The play out from the back and also his passes were better. Also, we just lost to both MC and the Pool.

  9. Pierre

    “Yeah, it’s all about Martinez. All the players played their parts well in the fa cup success v Chelsea. Tell me the number of saves Martinez made in the final to keep us in the game.”

    To look at it a different way, You could ask ” how many mistakes did Martinez make in the game”
    And the answer would be none …and we won the game.

    You could then ask, ” how many mistakes did Leno make in the home game v chelsea ” …the answer would be one( at least ) and it lost us the game .

    And there you have it ..

  10. Aussie+Gooner


    “There’s some crazily funny gene in you Brits.
    FFS are there more crazy people like Sacha Baron Cohen [Borat] in your midst.
    That man just defanged Rudy Giuliani in spectacular fashion. He will forever be known as a pedo.”

    You are correct. Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius, has been for years. Check out his Ali G character from 1998 which is now banned in the UK due to PC issues. The Brits indeed are a funny lot, able to create comic gems throughout the years. My personal favourite comedy TV series from the UK is the very bizarre but hilarious ‘The League of Gentlemen’ and another personal favourite ‘Peep Show’. Things that cheer me up in these dark times!


    Mesut Ozil STARTED in 13 of the first 14 matches of Arteta’s reign before lockdown…..with the exception being against Olympiacos away which we won…..and in 13 games his stats were 1 goal and 2 assists (1 goal and one assist against Newcastle at the Emirates….a game we won 4-0) and the for the last game before Lockdown Westham……….

    So I don’t see what the fuss is all about…..1 goal and 2 assists in 13 games isn’t “top of the roof” creativity I’d say

  12. Tony

    Congrats Luteo hope mother and baby are doing well.

    Sleep will be a distant memory for a while as will sex.

    A cranky Luteo should be an interesting read; those in his sights (Bamford) should dig out their flak jackets and tin helmets.

    Poor me club hierarchy:
    CEO – Ozil
    MD – Pierre

    Watching Ozil troll The Arsenal one can see who Pierre learnt from.

    Pierre bringing new levels of hate & vitriol to LG. All to be expected from the very sad and pathetic old man we know as Pierre.

  13. Tony

    Not being obsessive re Pierre; Ozil is gone from the squad, so I’m done with Pierre here.

    Same as Arsenal are done with Ozil. Shame it took so long.

  14. Tony

    ES hope you’re wrong about Saliba’s Douzesque strop or another £27+ million down the drain along with the other wasters still conning a living from us.

  15. Pierre

    “Clearly something has gone wrong in the current relationship between club and player. The
    question is whether it can or will be resolved.”

    Add him to the ever increasing list that is costing the club fortunes.

    Its becoming increasingly obvious that man management isnt really Arteta’s forte is it.

  16. Pierre

    “ES hope you’re wrong about Saliba’s Douzesque strop or another £27+ million down the drain along with the other wasters still conning a living from us.”

    Of course, blame the player
    maybe it’s just another personality clash.


    Luckily we have brought in an Icelandic goalkeeper, plus mari , Elneny and Cedric as cover so that’s all ok…

    I’m sure they will keep in line and not breach the non negotiables.
    The fact that they are inferior players is of little relevance.

  17. Tony

    Just reading about the shocking Lagos shootings and police brutality issues.

    Hope the trouble subsides quickly and that Nigerian Gooners stay out of harms way.

  18. Tony

    Feel it was far more important to talk Emi into staying than AMN who is a decent squad player at best whereas Emi was essential to be kept as our first choice keeper.

    Arteta’s messiah halo has been slipping recently and could face much bigger issues if he doesn’t get back to his winning ways with the squad tonight and more importantly in the PL.

    Arteta and Edu have to improve their decision making both in-game and regarding the squad.

    Hopefully leaving out Ozil is the first of many right decisions moving forward by Edu and Arteta..

    Time will tell.

  19. Peckobill

    Saliba , sounds like another player who’s broke these pathetic non negotiables, be excluded from squads and worth by devalued to zero .
    Arteta needs to up man management skills

  20. Emiratesstroller


    You have absolutely no evidence that Arteta has made his decisions on offloading players or
    non registration on account of “personality clash” with Ozil, Sokratis, Martinez or Torreira.

    Ozil has not been registered for football reasons and size of our squad. Sokratis is and has been surplus to requirements because of number of CBs on our books. Martinez wanted a guarantee that he would be first string goalkeeper, which Arteta was unable to give and Torreira did not secure a regular starting place under both Emery and Arteta and was not
    happy in England

    The situation regarding Guendouzi has been well recorded and is hardly the fault of the manager. If a player lacks discipline then the club has to taken action.

    I must confess concern about what is going on with Saliba, but if my recollection of what occurred with the decision not to extend Saliba’s loan contract so that he could play in French Cup Final was taken elsewhere and not by Arteta. Indeed Arteta was not opposed to Saliba playing in that match.

    I asked my source a similar question about the current morale in the Arsenal squad and its
    relationship with Arteta and the opinion is that it is excellent and Arteta is hugely respected.

  21. Than you and goodnight

    My dogs hugely respected, doesn’t make him a fucking football manager though does it. Happy to save money on Ozil then waste wages on luiz, Mari,el neny, soares Willian etc. All piss poor average players as much use to the team as ozil

  22. Than you and goodnight

    And now Saliba is pissed off with the club before even playing for them. Comical coming and goings on at the emirates. We should turn it into a soap opera, after all they’re boring to watch play football so they can’t be any worse acting

  23. Dream10

    Both Özil and Sokratis featured regularly under Arteta before lockdown. Then lockdown hits. Kroenkes want the players to take mandatory pay cuts, the only PL club to do this.. Players aren’t convinced. Then the owners use Arteta to do their bidding and convince players to take the cuts “to save jobs”. The rumor is three players said no. They wanted guarantees to see if staff were retained. We know Mesut is one because club specifically briefed Arsenal covering journalists to single him out. Both Özil and Sokratis haven’t played a minute of PL football since. Sounds like Arteta is covering up and toeing the line to please Josh and Vinai.

    With regards to Saliba, I am guessing he is not in the Europa squad because the club want to avoid paying appearance bonuses tied in to his contract. Europa League group stage matches are a decent environment to ease a player in, if that is the issue. Reports are Arteta feel he is not ready. I call bullshit.

  24. Dream10

    Expecting Partey to start later on. Hope Nketiah starts at #9 so he can be among the goals. We’ve been low on creativity, so a player who takes risks to often get into goalscoring areas is needed

  25. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ozil and Sok are both not playing because they’re wank, Sok a decent defender in his day but useless with the ball. Ozil is retired.

    Had high hopes for Torreira and Guen but one wasn’t suited physically and couldn’t adapt to life in England and the other apparently has attitude problems.

    Mari and Soares are cheap cover, nothing else. We get rid of Sok and Mustafi, probably Luiz next season, that’s 300k off the wagebill just in CBs, Maris 50-60k isn’t much to cry about then if he’s at least decent, no one is expecting him to be a starter.

    Salibas mom passed away recently, he’s 19 and moved to another country, that’s probably why we tried to loan him back to his boyhood club so he could be near friends and family, but sure make it into a big conspiracy instead and throw logic out the window as per usual on here.

  26. Gonsterous

    Martinez and saliba situation has been handled poorly. I understand it was martinez decision to leave but we should have tried to hang on to him, wish leno was injured a bit longer, so emi would have kept his no.1 spot.

    Willian and partey didn’t join for the project or manager, but for the $$$. They have come in and automatically become the highest paid players at the club. Willian need to up his game and partey needs to have an instant impact.
    Top 4 still there for the taking. At least we seem to be heading in the right direction and hopefully next season, we can build on artetas impressive first full season.

  27. Tee

    “To look at it a different way, You could ask ” how many mistakes did Martinez make in the game”

    Caballero had much to deal with than Martinez all through the match and We were astute defensively.

    “And the answer would be none …and we won the game.You could then ask, ” how many mistakes did Leno make in the home game v chelsea ” …the answer would be one( at least ) and it lost us the game”

    You are boring as hell for picking the Chelsea defeat and ignoring other matches were leno was the hero of the day to make your point.

    If I may ask who manned the goalpost when Aston Villa whooped our asses? Don’t you think it would be silly for any one to now use that to make a point against Martinez – which is exactly what you just did.

    Besides, how many shot on goal/on target did we concede in the FA final?

    You are pained to the bone marrow.
    Stop lumping Saliba’s case with that nitwit of a player you adore.

  28. Na me ooo

    What I love about this Szoboszlai kid is that he’s the anti-Ozil. Does all the things that Ozil don’t do or can’t do well. And he’s only 19. Aggressive, Initiative taker and technical. Another player that fits the profile of players we are currently seeking.

  29. redbro14

    Leno. He will cost us big time. This evening he has had a calamitous game. Not a complete article. Big flaws exposed once more. When you see a miracle you better believe it, but Emi is gone now. A big mistake. We all know it….