Thomas does not like to Partey

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Sportklub Rapid Wien… formerly known as Rapid Vienna? Or known as both? What? The true Englishman coming out there. I’m sorry. But don’t make it confusing. One or the other, please.

That’s all I really have on that subject.

The Oziltologists took Per Mertesacker massively out of context as they look to push the notion that Mesut Ozil isn’t playing for non-footballing reasons. This is what was said.

“A lot has changed away from the field,”

“He got married, has a family. Perhaps his focus has changed. Nevertheless, he is still happy and happy to play football.

“He’s the only player I’ve played with for three teams – Bremen, Arsenal and also at the DFB (Germany). So I’m very sorry that he’s currently in a situation where he’s not really used.

Marriage is not an excuse for losing focus when it comes to your profession. More importantly, it is clear as day that Mertesacker is not saying that he’s been ditched because of non-footballing reasons. That sort of insidious rumour mongering is really not helpful. Accept it’s over and that if he was doing what was required, he’d be starting. Simple as that.

Rob Holding is now an injury doubt for the next 4 weeks. David Luiz licking his lips. He’s in for all the big games. I’m not sure how I feel about that, I hope he’s focused and ready for it. At this rate, we’ll end up with Saliba in the starting 11. Good move by him to not go back to France.

Thomas Partey shared some advice his dad told him.

“When I was young, my dad helped me a lot. He gave me so much advice because he used to play and he knew what I needed to be a professional. He talked to me a lot, how to be disciplined, how to respect my coaches and everyone around me.

“Then he told me to always be training and not going out all the time, that I have to rest a lot. It’s simple advice that will get you to the top.”

Thomas Partey will not be accepting your late-night calls or going for Sunday beers with you. I am sorry. That’s the way it has to be.

Right, short one again today because I made a podcast for you.

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  1. Paulinho

    Sal – I know you’re a fan bud. Just laughing thinking back to a a few comments from posters who had already claimed ‘victory’ in Ramsey being persona non grata in Turin.

  2. Emiratesstroller


    On a separate matter concerning Saliba you are critical about Arsenal’s decision not to register him for Europa Cup and the fact that he is not playing currently for first team.

    The starting point is that Arteta unlike you and me has been monitoring his performance in
    pre season and regular training so he can judge his progress.

    The player has also played two games for the reserves in which we conceded defensively
    a number of goals. Our reserve team incidentally is at the bottom of the league.

    I don’t get the impression that many people who are monitoring what is going on within the
    club disagree with the current assessment of Saliba and consider that he is better than what
    is on offer from other members of the squad.

    We have paid a large £27 million transfer fee for Saliba, but that is not sufficient reason to
    play him if he is not ready. The player is 19 years old and hopefully will improve.

  3. Pierre

    “This was complete nonsense”

    Just for the record , i said league games this year pre lockdown and post lockdown.

    And yes , our league form is a cause for concern since returning from lockdown.

    And yes, post lockdown we have

    Scored less goals per game
    Conceded more goals per game.
    Collected less points per game
    Won fewer matches per game
    Lost more matches per game.

    This is not nonsense, it is a concern and if this trend continues , we will be drifting towards mid table pretty soon.
    Arteta must try something different to reverse this trend..

    Our league form is on a downward curve, up until lockdown we were in with a shout of champons league football , that dissipated pretty quick after lockdown.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    Talent wise Saliba is head and shoulders above everyone else we have as CB bar Gabriel.

    Think they messed it up with the loan, trying to get him out of the limelight while grieving and not being able to focus 100%. He can always be included in the EL squad in a couple of months time, no biggie.

    The reason why our u18 and u23 are doing as badly as they are is that most of the best players are out on loan or in the first team, at a higher rate than previously.

  5. Pierre

    “On a separate matter concerning Saliba you are critical about Arsenal’s decision not to register him for Europa Cup and the fact that he is not playing currently for first team.”

    Not critical of saliba not playing for the first team

    If you care to look back you will see that in pre season i voiced my concerns about Saliba and his heading technique, this was before Arteta was report to also have concerns ..

    I was of course roundly criticised on Le Grove for voicing my concerns ..i was ultimately proved correct.

    At the same time ( pre season) I commented that Gabriel was much the better option due to his superb heading technique….i was ultimately proved correct.

    Only a fool wouldn’t be critical of saliba not being chosen for the europa squad …we have 4 goalkeepers in the sqiad and still no room for saliba …gross incompetence.

  6. Pierre

    “Think they messed it up with the loan, trying to get him out of the limelight while grieving and not being able to focus 100%. He can always be included in the EL squad in a couple of months time, no biggie.”

    How about this….instead of putting 4 goalkeepers in the squad , why not include saliba in the squad anyway …
    Makes sense..

    Also by saying Saliba can be added to the squad next year , you are all missing the point …

    It is highly unlikely that Saliba will get a game in the knockout stages , whereas in the easier group games it would be the perfect time to ease him into the team .

  7. Emiratesstroller


    You are completely wrong in your analysis of Arsenal’s performance level.

    Since resumption of football in June we have lost 5 games in EPL all of which were away from home. For the record we played more away games at tail end of last season.

    The two away games lost this season were against Liverpool and Man City rated by most pundits the two teams most likely to win the EPL title. Did you expect us to win those games?

    If you are going to measure performance then compare our results this season with those
    against the same opposition last season.

    Second I suggest that you review your analysis on goals conceded. We are conceding far fewer goals in league this season. We have conceded 6 goals in 5 games which is an average
    of just over 1 goal per game. For the record Liverpool conceded more goals in one game than
    we have conceded in 5 games. Our defensive performance is not bad.

    If you discount the two games against Liverpool and Man City we are averaging more than 2
    goals per game, which is a reasonable return in competitive EPL games.

    Judge our performance level at the end of December and not just after 5 games.

  8. Pierre

    “Judge our performance level at the end of December and not just after 5 games.”

    I’m judging our performances from the 1st january this year and there is a definite downward trend

    Here’s the proof.
    This year
    Post lockdown

    Premier league
    Played 16….won 8 …drawn 1….lost 6.
    goals for 24……goals against 18

    Pre lockdown

    Premier league
    Played 8…Won 4…drawn 4 …lost 0
    Goals for 14…..
    -goals against 6.

    .Basically since lockdown , there is not one stat that improves on pre lockdown.

    Wins per game ….down
    Losses per game …up
    Points per game….down
    Goals scored per game ..down
    Goals conceded per game ….up

  9. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry but your analysis is ridiculous.

    You need to look at who we played before and after lockdown and the number of away games.

    Frankly I am only interested now in our performance this season and not disingenuous facts trying to prove that we were better playing with Guendouzi, Torreira and Ozil in team.

    Guendouzi is a “nothing player” and Ozil is “finished” and has been contributing zilch for a very long time. Partey is most certainly an upgrade on Torreira.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg

    “How about this….instead of putting 4 goalkeepers in the squad , why not include saliba in the squad anyway …
    Makes sense..Also by saying Saliba can be added to the squad next year , you are all missing the point …It is highly unlikely that Saliba will get a game in the knockout stages , whereas in the easier group games it would be the perfect time to ease him into the team”

    Again, his ability is not in question, it’s his mental state at this time after losing his mom. If the management has decided to play him outside the spot light that’s fine, give him some time to grieve and adapt.

    He was a regular in France and they had one of the best defences in the league when he was playing, your just projecting your bitterness of Ozil being shitcanned on everything else. Just let the hate flow through you Pierre, heard that helps.

  11. China1

    Lol Pierre you are an absolute master of nonsense

    I forget the exact number but we’ve won something like 12 of our last 15 games. The teams we’ve lost to recently are city and Liverpool away. City was a close game we could’ve got something out of.

    If that’s worrying form then deary me your standards make no sense at all

    You have to let go of ozil man. It’s not healthy, it really isn’t

  12. China1

    Pierre you’re like a guy at a funeral shaking the corpse and screaming wake up

    Ozil is done. No amount of selective reasoning, wishful thinking or reimagining history will bring him back to life. And all you’re doing is wasting your own time and energy desperately looking for ways to justify that he is better than we all think. Nobody cares. The funeral has already been held. He’s gone, dude.

    Move on.

  13. Gonsterous

    Arteta is doing a great job but we have to admit, we made a cock of the saliba deal. We wanted to send him out on loan so we removed him for the EL squad. Then we did a U-turn but now we are not going to include him in the PL team.

    We are sending a player that was phenomenal at St. Etienne to playing a season for the reserves and U-23s.
    It’s a right mess. I’d rather we had just sent him out on loan to one of the championship sides.

  14. Tony

    Scene from Pierre’s house last night:

    Pierre affectionately stroking his Ozil monogramed well used sock with tears welling up and saying,

    “All poor Ozil for I knew Him well”

    Meanwhile poor suffering Mrs Pierre fearing she will now be the main thrust of Pierre’s carnal desires and witnessing Pierre’s meltdown says,

    “It’s ok you still have Eddie, right Pierre?” And what about the new good looking lad, Saliba, shouldn’t you get behind him like you did Ozil and Eddie?

    R.I.P Ozil finally getting the treatment he has deserved from the Arsenal for the last 2 years.

  15. Gonsterous

    I think the next person to get fired maybe Edu. I don’t think he and arteta discuss anything. Arteta has the final say and does almost everything that edu does.
    The only reason he’s lasted this long is because he has contacts in the south American market and helped to bring martinelli to the club. When that dries out, he’s going to get replaced.

  16. MD-Gunner

    Ozil will love his being dropped from the EL & PL squads. No responsibilities towards the club or results of games and for the next 8 months he will open his hand and will collect at the end of June £12 million plus for doing absolutely nothing. He is laughing all the way to the bank and the viciousness here towards him must be because he got away with murder because of the ineptness of the Arsenal front office. What a sweet deal, what it shows off is the absolute stupidity of Arsenal’s buying and selling players.

    But Karma can be a bitch, In January he can talk to other clubs and July 2021 he is a free agent with a sign on bonus for some club. If he stays in Europe and will meet Arsenal in either the EL or CL he has a motive to try playing at his best to get a player interview after the game and then let loose on what we are all trying to guess. Be careful Karma can be a bitch.

  17. Guns of SF

    And so it has come to pass,

    Ozil will not play for Arsenal anymore this season.

    He will master the art of Fortnite surely. A world cup winner for Fortite gaming he shall be… a legend

  18. havyn

    Kkarma from where? Before he joined Arsenal we were always in the CL and started going down when he joined. We only win FA Cup with him.

    He’s like the woman you shouldn’t marry and you did.

    Let him take his gold and leave
    Now he’s free to join his friend in Turkey

    Arteta should move him to train with the Hale End group so he doesn’t instigate the other players.

  19. MD-Gunner

    Games are won by teams your lack of understanding this shows by pinning the lack on CL qualification on one player but then at the same time include him in the winning of the FA Cup. You are venting your disappointment of Arsenal’s performance on the easy target of one player. He was not responsible for the hiring of a failing manager, take a closer look at the owners.

    Karma: The force created by a person’s actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person. Example the way Koscielny was treated, also over salary, should give you an idea how Karma works rather then Arsenal keeping their word to him, that action backfired as he left and Arsenal had no defense. Karma was a bitch then for the Arsenal hierarchy.

    All I am saying is the way Ozil was treated since the salary cut refusal could set up a motivational situation should he ever meet Arsenal again on the pitch that many would not want to miss.

  20. Graham62


    Mark my words, Ozil is finished as a footballer.

    His body, mind and desire to run around and kick a ball has gone, whatever he may think and anyone else says.

    He also knows that his reputation will follow him wherever he goes and, because of this, I sense he will drift away from the game totally. Will he go into coaching, I doubt it. In any case, who in their right mind would hire someone to instil structure and discipline into a group of players when that person has zero concept of that aspect of the game himself.

    Am I being overly harsh? Well let’s just say for a professional athlete to do what he has done over these past two and half years and yet continue to benefit from it, why would you want others to be taught by such a person.

    I agree with havyn, let him join his friend back in Turkey.

  21. Habesha Gooner

    Ozil might be tempted now to negotiate a buy out. He could move to anywhere on a free during any point this season. What I like about the decision is the club is showing him up if he doesnt negotiate. He said he believed he could get back in the team during the season and how he wants to help and fight for his team (lol). But now he knows he isnt playing football any time soon. So lets see if he cares about playing football. my bet is he will stay, train and play fortnite.

  22. Pierre

    “Again, his ability is not in question, it’s his mental state at this time after losing his mom. If the management has decided to play him outside the spot light that’s fine, give him some time to grieve and adapt.”

    To defend the non inclusion of saliba in the Europa squad, I have heard on le grove at least 5 or more different reasons as to why Saliba wasn’t included in the squad..
    They include

    Not recovered from his injury.
    Not fit enough
    A loan move broke down.
    His mental state of mind.
    Not enough game time in the last 12 months
    Arteta has concerns on his defending at set pieces.

    Fred , if his mental state wasn’t good , why send him on loan.

    My question is , why have 4 goalkeepers in the Europa squad and leave out a very good, young central defender.

    It just doesn’t make sense…

  23. Pierre

    “I forget the exact number but we’ve won something like 12 of our last 15 games”

    Don’t act dumb …i was talking about the all important league form and we have lost 6 out of 15 games since lockdown..

    That form will get us nowhere…except mid table.
    Arteta needs to change something, on the pitch , don’t ignore what you see with your own eyes china.

    I hate to say it but there are too many similarities to last season for my liking and too many poor decisions being made off the pitch.

  24. Dream10

    Liverpool interested in Upamecano as a January option.
    They sold Lovren and lost van Dijk for the season.

    Pirlo chose to sign Chiesa over Aouar this summer. Rumors are that Juventus may go back for the Lyon midfielder in the next window

  25. Emiratesstroller


    Chelsea have FIVE listed goalkeepers in their squad including Cech as a non contract emergency player in case of coronavirus outbreak.

    So why do you have to criticise Arsenal including FOUR?

    We know that Arsenal have a surplus of players on the books at the moment. Hopefully that
    will be resolved in January including the short term future of Saliba.

    I thought that we were beginning to include on Le Grove more positivity, by you seem to be leading the campaign to reverse that trend!!!

  26. Graham62


    Pierre is making up for lost time.

    He’s still about six and a half years behind me.

    Ah yes, 2009-2018 was a real strain for me.

    Wonder where Pierre will be in 2026?

  27. Valentin


    I think that your number of victories is wrong. During the run to win the FA Cup and the community/chariry shield, we won ties, but we drawn games and won on penalties. I would not record those game as victories but as drawn won on penalties.

    Anyway Our performances in the league have been poor since post lockdown. Our results are in fact better than what we have shown. We are currently outperforming our xGA and xG, which we all know is not sustainable in the long run.

    The argument that we played more away games does not wash, because stats in the EPL and in other European Leagues show that playing behind closed doors cancel most of the home advantage. No public means less pressure to go and attack on the home team. No fan pressure also means that when a play makes an individual mistake there is no boos ringing in his ears and therefore less risk of mental collapse by the player at fault.

    Technically we should therefore have a better away record than before. Even taking into account the fact that we played the top 2 teams, I don’t think that we do.

  28. Emiratesstroller


    You are constantly producing ridiculous stats in attempt to support your claim that our performance level has declined since football resumed in June.

    On the one hand you focus on EPL games but on the other choose to ignore the other games we have played.

    What is relevant is not how we played last season, but the results produced this season and
    that includes all games including FA Cup, Carabo Cup, Europa Cup and Community Shield.

    So far we have played this season 8 games in all competitions including 3 against Liverpool
    and 1 against Manchester City.

    Our record in all these games is 6 Wins and 2 Losses. Whilst you may not consider the games in other competitions relevant or important they provide some evidence as to how
    the team/squad are performing this season.

    Yes we have lost 2 away games against Man City and Liverpool, which were let’s be realistic to be expected. If we had lost games against weak opposition then I might might accept your argument.

    As I posted previously judge Arsenal at end of December.

  29. Valentin


    I think that Pierre is right to exclude irrelevant games to talk about our EPL performances. Arsenal victory (draw but won on penalties) against a Liverpool C team in the League Cup bears no relevance to our or Liverpool performance in the League.

    Cup competitions are different competitions. They have their own dynamic. Under Wenger, the last couple of years we won FA Cups, but we were never close to sustain that same level of performance in the league. Players can lift themselves for a one off game, but can’t do it continuously as it is required in the league.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Actually I disagree with that viewpoint.

    Arsenal are playing 2 games a week just like most of the other top teams and we are expected to perform in all our games just like Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs.

    So far this season we have lost to both Liverpool and Man City in two very difficult away games and it should not be forgotten that we are also playing away from home Man Utd
    and Spurs also in the first 6 away games. So the start of our season is very tough.

    When you look at the start of the season we are seeing most of the so called favourites for
    title and top 4 finish beginning to struggle .

    Liverpool since playing us have lost two key players with long term injuries and have also
    lost surprisingly 7-2 to Aston Villa.

    Man City have had an indifferent start to season and have lost De Bruyne.

    Chelsea have also had indifferent start to season as is the case with Man United and Spurs
    for all the positivity in recruiting Bale managed to lose a 3-0 lead by conceding 3 goals to
    West Ham in second half.

    By contrast Everton a team expected to be no better than mid table are at moment top and
    Aston Villa who were lucky not to be relegated last season have won their first 4 games this

    Arsenal’s start to the season is more or less where I expected it to be. We have beaten 3 teams we were expected to win and lost two that we were expected to lose.

    Our form has not been brilliant, but considering that we have had a very short break and we
    had some difficult fixtures at the start of season our performance level is not disastrous.

    What is clear this season is that there is a lot of uncertainty in outcomes and the teams expected to finish ahead of us are all struggling so let’s stop being so negative.


    Mesut Ozil STARTED in 13 of the first 14 matches of Arteta’s reign before lockdown…..with the exception being against Olympiacos away which we won…..and in 13 games his stats were 1 goal and 2 assists (1 goal and one assist against Newcastle at the Emirates….a game we won 4-0) and the for the last game before Lockdown Westham……….

    So I don’t see what a the fuss is all about…..1 goal and 2 assists in 13 games isn’t “top of the roof” creativity I’d say