Weekend finishes on a LOL

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Well, I felt pretty terrible about life waking up yesterday morning, but then the mighty Spurs brightened up my day when they gave up a 3-0 lead inside 18 minutes after the second coming of Gareth Bale.

Beautiful stuff. That killed off ‘THEY’RE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE’ talk pretty fast. Spurs will be up there this season, but contending the title? Have my doubts people.

Even better than that, Emi Martinez kept another clean sheet and Ross Barkley fired the impressive Aston Villa to another win against Leicester.

So, the weekend shook out quite nicely. We’re 5th, level points with Leicester. United, City, Wolves, and Chelsea are all behind us in the table.

Suddenly, losing 0-1 to Manchester City in a very tight game doesn’t look so bad. I mean, not great, but I’ll be the perspective police here and say it could have been worse. City are a very good team, we had good enough chances, we forced them into a cagey response. Games like that should be close and live on a knife-edge… I suspect if we add a little more flair to our attack in those sorts of games, we’ll not have that top 6 away record hanging around our neck much longer.

Additional good news: We currently have the second-best defensive record in the Premier League. Arteta is building from the back, if he maintains this sort of record all season, we’ll be in contention for the top 4.

A lot of fans are throwing around our dismal attacking numbers, and rightly so… but that will develop and if we’re honest, we’ll probably have to buy to really solve those challenges. We don’t have an Aouar or a Grealish in our squad and it is very unlikely anyone is going to develop into the role. The gamble for this season is that if we have a strong foundation, we can live off less chances because we have Auba. A lot of eggs in that basket though. We really need to up our creativity and share around the responsibility for scoring.

We do have a chance to experiment. This Thursday is sandbox time. We’re playing Rapid Wien, currently 2nd in the Austrian Bundesliga. This game is important as it sets the tone for the competition. Arteta will want to win, but he’ll be all too aware that we do not have the depth of quality in our squad to deal with an injury crisis this season. I expect some experience, but I also hope we see a lot of young players. Joe Willock and ESR are the best candidates for more attacking flair in our play… hopefully, they deliver a good performance. This is our back-up for top 4 this season, but we should really be walking the groups with our reserves.

We also have a really big game on Sunday. Brendan Rodgers, top 4 contenders, needs to make amends for the Villa loss. Arteta, will be desperate not to lose ground at the top of the table. It’s a huge game, how will the team react? We shall see.

Short one today, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Ben+D

    Did I just read someone write they would rather we lost 5-0 playing attacking football? Of we had taken out chances against City, we could have come away with something from that game.

    I think some of you should just stick to playing PS4! Upgrade to PS5, I hear the graphics are better.

  2. Tom

    Obviously that’s ridiculous but throwing caution to the wind down one goal and taking more chances in the last ten minutes would’ve been great to see.
    Last time I checked even the most prolific of clubs can still only score one goal at the time.
    If you conceded the second then pull back and pass it around your own half.

  3. MidwestGun

    As London G would say he is a muscular cunt. One of my fav all time Le Grove conversations about chatting up babes if I remember right.

    Wow.. Mexicano Lobos… does have some quick feet for a big man… but lucky deflection.

  4. salparadisenyc


    For the record i’m not really an ’emoji guy’, to that I was hoping for a new one that my keyboard keeps teasing, has a bit of a pig in the blanket vibe.

    Didn’t come off for me, bit like Song and Barca.

    As you were.

  5. Tom

    I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, deflecting a header into your own net or spending the next minute fixing your fucking pony tail.

  6. Graham62


    Not disputing any of that but do you seriously think that by continuing this slightly negative approach to games, we’ll achieve our goals this season?

    Cup games are different to league games. Tactically and psychologically they’re a different kettle of fish..

    The only game this season we’ve looked comfortable in was against Fulham. Says it all really.

    I know you and a few others feel some of us are asking too much too soon but I sense the players are feeling shackled by Arteta’s insistence on these regimental methods.

    Imo, we have regressed these past few weeks which, surprise surprise, coincided with Leno’s return to the fold.

    Strange that,

  7. Tom

    Leeds have the right approach but lack a bit of cutting edge which is understandable at the cut rate price they’ve been put together.

  8. Dissenter

    Leeds are going to suffer a catastrophic physical collapse in the second half of the season.
    Biela’s style is going to take them down, There’s no way they can sustain this level of sheer effort.

  9. Daniel Altos

    goals raul jimenez must have won alot of points for wolves since he signed.The amount of match winning goals he has scored must be high

  10. Tom

    I completely agree. When they gave Arsenal a scare at the Ems in the FA cup ( they did outplay us) , some said they were PL top six in the making.
    Talk about knee jerk.
    They will be happy to stay in the league.

  11. SuperRob

    Tom in the first half they were great against us but they blew their load first half and then we absolutely dominated in the 2nd half.

    If they had a better striker they’d have been 2 up v us

  12. Ishola70

    Leeds didn’t show anything of interest in the second half.

    The better and more likelier team in the second half won the match the Wolves.

  13. Dissenter

    The man from Tema
    Thanks for that video
    Is that Partey’s father with the tears welling up?
    It just goes to prove that the premier league overseas TV contract should not be shared equally. Very few clubs will make a non-UK parent tear up on seeing his/her son wear the famous jersey.

    Partey after Partey….Partey after Partey

  14. Ishola70

    “they were gassed was nothing to do with lack of interest.”

    Meant rather they didn’t show any interesting football rather than them not being interested.

    Didn’t see the first half.

  15. Aussie+Gooner

    There are two basic schools of thought when coaching any team:

    1: Play to a system


    2: Play to your strengths

    It is quite simple. No 1 can only work when you have the resources to make the appropriate changes and bring in the personnel required. Arsenal are not in that position are not likely to be any time soon under KSE. Unfortunately Arteta seems to favour this approach and continues to toil away without the appropriate tools. Like many an eager young coach he selects a ‘progressive’ system from the Coaching 101 manual and hopes it will succeed regardless of the players at his disposal. Hence the playing out from the back and the 30 passes to get the ball anywhere near the opposition’s goal, playing players out of position etc. There is a degree of arrogance about this scenario – coach knows best. It will end in tears. Players are not happy when they are not succeeding on a personal level. It undermines their confidence, ultimately reduces their status/value and creates disharmony in the squad (witness the demise of Emery).

    So to option 2. Only experienced coaches or those without ego can operate this system effectively. I t requires an acceptance of the limitations of the squad and a desire to put in the time and effort with players on an individual basis. In some ways it is a transfer of egos from coach to players. Ignite personal responsibility and promote individual flair.

  16. Pierre

    Players do look after there own self interest, in that they want to play regularly and get paid well.

    Footballers also have a brain and have feelings for their team mates , and if they feel a team mate is being mistreated by the manager or the club or both , it could well start alarm bells ringing in their head .

    By this, i mean a certain amount of mistrust could well come into play .
    A player or players must discuss privately what they feel is mistreatment of a team mate and how would they feel if the same situation could happen to them.

    Trust is so important for any manager to have from his players, if he loses the players trust , he’s lost the team.

    For a manager it is a balancing act and it is one he has to get right .
    By and large Wenger got it right and he was always deeply respected by his players..
    Emery lost the trust of the players and suffered for it.

    Arteta is still in the honeymoon period , which was prolonged due to the FA cup success..
    We are coming to the end of the honeymoon period and it could go either way for Arteta.

    Results are the key, questions will be asked if results continue on a downturn as they have since lockdown.
    To retain the players faith in his ideas , Arteta must win football matches as the quality of the football that the players are being asked to deliver is poor and the players in their heart of hearts willl know this .

    The players must be perplexed at the treatment of Guendouzi, Ozil, Torreira and also Saliba..
    These player are not just work colleagues, they are their friends and have a special relationship with them.

    I can’t see how the situation doesnt affect some of the players , especially when the manager basically talks bulllshit in the press conferences when he say everyone starts from zero and what happened a week ago is of no consequence ….

    Arteta is playing a dangerous game of power , Emery tried it and it cost him his job …results turned the players and the fans against him as the players lost their trust in him..

    Ferguson and George Graham ruled by fear but times have changed and I’m not sure ruling by fear is the way forward.

  17. Pedro

    Pierre, there’s not dangerous game here… just a manager setting our his rules and sticking to them.

    Matteo was a joke. Everyone at the club knows the deal with Mesut. It’s not a problem and no amount of conspiracy theorising from you will change that.

  18. Valentin


    It is not just managers without ego who use option 2. It is managers who value winning above being right. It is also mission/result oriented managers who don’t have a philosophy except maybe being adaptable.

    In most philosophy oriented manager’s career, there is a point where the pressure is too intense because of poor result, they have cave in to the reality and tries to adapt. They ditch their philosophy and become pragmatic. Most can’t keep the change permanent. Soon they revert to type.

    Remember when Wenger adopted a more control approach against ManCity and brought Coquelin. We won 2-0 and everybody herald that as the beginning of a new era. Within a few games, it reverted.

    I don’t think it is arrogance, I think the belief in their philosophy is what sustain most managers. Without it most are lost. That’s why it is very rare to see successful managers lasting very long in the same place. When things don’t go their way, they can’t change and still keep the faith in what they are doing. And when they don’t believe in the project, results suffer even more.

  19. Champagne charlie

    “Ferguson and George Graham ruled by fear but times have changed and I’m not sure ruling by fear is the way forward.“

    That’s why Arteta is ruling by humility and respect, and the players are lapping it up. You afford the same criteria to all and you breed harmony.

    Ozil is out because Ozil is another one that’s failed to cope with the changing times. No effort, no responsibility as a senior player, and no respect for the collective. Boring player, will be a burden his teammates are glad to have lifted when all is said and done.

  20. Nelson


    You have seen what has happened to Emery. And you think that could happen again. There is a big unknown with Arteta. He is new. We all see that he has corrected our problem with the defense. I hope he knows what to do with the offense. As you said, the result will be the deciding factor. As long as we are still winning most of the games, there won’t be any revolt even if the players don’t agree with all Arteta’s decision. Auba is also having a very important role. Arteta relies on him to score goals. And the club has no money to sign someone to reduce the dependency on Auba. If Auba is unhappy, it could be a big problem for Arteta.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Are you seriously suggesting that the four players you are listing merit a regular place in the
    starting place or bench at the Arsenal ahead of the players who are currently playing?

    Ozil is leaving the club at end of his contract and you are constantly flogging a “dead horse”.

    Guendouzi fell out with the coaching staff and by all accounts some of his teammates. So
    was not exactly flavour of month at club.Frankly I considered him grossly overrated.

    Torreira was not playing regularly under both Emery and Arteta and has been replaced by Partey considered to be an upgrade.

    I cannot comment on Saliba, because we have yet to see him perform in first team, but the
    current evidence suggests that maybe he is not considered good enough to play for Arsenal.

    Playing for a major football club is and should not be a popularity contest. The object of exercise is to build a successful team which can win titles and compete at top level.

  22. Nelson

    Most of the smart Arsenal fans know that Auba and Laca are good pals on and off the pitch. I don’t know how Laca felt when he found out Arteta replaced him by “Willian”. I am sure Auba wouldn’t find that funny.

  23. Receding Hairline

    Not everything Arteta does is perfect or makes any sense even.

    That some of you think he is above criticism doesn’t make it so.

    Guendouzi is captain of the French under 21 side, don’t know when or how he became a joke. Champagne Charlie called for the team to be built around him, Pedro called for his salary to be doubled before we lose him, all of a sudden he becomes a joke because Arteta came in and said so. Pedro has not shared any of the inside gist on him he alleges to have.

    Arteta came in and made a show of “knowing how to get the best from Ozil” then it all went to shit when he felt disrespected he wouldn’t take a pay cut he championed.

    There is a vindictiveness about his actions that he can only get away with if results stay positive despite the poor quality of football. I remember Pedro alluding to the fact some of his team mates thought him “difficult” when he was captain, I could be wrong.

    No one knows how Arteta’s coaching career will turn out or even what type of football he favors, forget press conferences we have all found out by now he talks a good game, let’s focus on what our eyes tells us.

  24. Graham62


    “Ferguson and Graham ruled by fear”.

    Not necessarily.

    They ruled because they were the boss and you had to respect your boss, whether you liked it not.

    Nowadays players and agents have the power. Certain players act like prima donnas.

    Times have changed with the onset of money and, dare I say, political correctness, and whereas the managers back then were able to focus purely on footballing matters, these days they have to juggle many different facets of the operation.

    So far, I can’t fault Arteta in these matters.

  25. SuperRob

    Those Ghanaian’s have followed the arsenal since partey joined and have more of an idea about fandom than Damford ever could.

    Wonder if they spent the game debating if this was a top 4 squad. Did they bollocks.

  26. Valentin

    Anybody knows the rule for the League Cup?
    According to Daily Cannon, To qualify for a League Cup squad you have to be in the Premier League squad on the relevant date. That means that any player not on the premiership squad is not eligible for League Cup game until at least the next transfer window.
    We already know that at least two non-home grown and older than 21 years old will miss out. If they were also out of the Europa League squad, that would mean no competitive senior football for those two until January.

  27. Pierre

    “Are you seriously suggesting that the four players you are listing merit a regular place in the
    starting place or bench at the Arsenal ahead of the players who are currently playing?”

    I haven’t suggested that but what i will say is , as an Arsenal supporter i want to see the best for the team i support.

    Since lockdown , without Ozil, Guendouzi and Torreira we have

    Fewer points per game
    Fewer goals per game
    conceded more goals per game
    Won fewer matches per game
    Lost more matches per game.

    This is what matters to me, it’s obvious that we are on a downward trend and our creativity is at an all time low..

    I like to be honest in my views and as much as i like Arteta and what he’s trying to do , i won’t support decisions that i don’t agree with , and the list is getting longer.

    You are welcome to defend Arteta’s decisions but i think he is treading a fine line and if results continue to decline, the players and fans will begin to ask questions.

  28. raptora

    Pierre:”i think he is treading a fine line and if results continue to decline, the players and fans will begin to ask questions.”

    It has already started.

    Darren Bent:
    “It’s not the fact he hasn’t scored a goal, it’s the performances,” Bent said on TalkSPORT.

    “Before he signed his contract he was absolutely everywhere – running back, tracking back, putting tackles in, breaking forward. There was a real hunger and intensity to his game.

    “At the minute, you can see there’s been a massive drop off. I don’t know if it’s coincided with the new contract, but you can tell that he’s not playing with the same intensity that he had before.

    “When you focus so much on getting a new deal like Aubameyang did, you’ll run that extra yard and make that extra effort. “When he sits down now and analyses his performances before and after the contract he’ll see that there’s been a massive change.”

    Aubameyang is a prime victim of Arteta’s style. Arsenal is 18th in the League on shots per game. How the hell is Aubameyang supposed to shine? Of course critics will show up and question him. But maybe, just maybe, most of the questions should be towards Arteta and why is Arsenal playing with zero inspiration and desire to attack in numbers even when losing the game.

  29. SuperRob

    Raptors lapping up some utter bollocks from a former spuds striker.

    You’re the exact demographic talkshite are aiming at when they come up with this shit. Gullible,
    impressionable and not very bright.

    A younger version a Graham.

  30. Valentin

    We should wait to see how we fare in term of performance and results against smaller team, but right now it does not look good.

    All the stats points to Arsenal having to score 2 goals to win a game when our attackers have less than 2 big chances per game. It is obviously skewed because of the Liverpool and ManCity games, but if the same trend continue in the next 10 games, then we are unlikely to make top 4.

    We may be extremely lucky and win most of our games with narrow victories, but bad luck, referee decisions, injuries could as well transform those narrow victories into draw or narrow defeats. Others teams in the race for top 4 may suffer more defeats and more heavy defeats than us, but if they win more than us, then they will end up ahead. Last season Chelsea (12), Spurs (11), Leicester (12) had all more defeats than us (10), but a lot less draws.

  31. Graham62


    Clinton Morrison is a very good addition to the punditry team

    Whilst the likes of Eni Aluko and Alex Scott know their subject and significantly, add a bit of glamour to the studio.

    Are you telling me that pundits like Robbie Savage, the obnoxious Chris Sutton and the exceedingly boring Tony Pullis are talented?

    It’s always been about jobs for the boys.

    Thank goodness for diversity.

    Long overdue.

  32. Graham62

    75% of the sky sports pundits, prior to diversity, should have been put out to pasture long ago.

    I do miss Charlie Nicholas though.

  33. Emiratesstroller


    Ozil’s performance over the last 2.5 years has been in serious decline and the so-called stats
    you produce are frankly nonsense.

    What exactly do you think that Ozil will contribute to improve the current team?

    1. He does not train properly
    2. His end product has declined over last 2.5 years with fewer assists and goals scored.
    3. He does not defend.
    4. His energy level was in sharp decline
    5. He sulks when not picked feigning on many occasions back injury.
    6. He refused to take a paycut despite almost all the other players in squad who earned less
    than him doing so.

    I am not clear also how you arrive at your conclusion that we have performed worse since lockdown in absence of Torreira, Guendouzi and Ozil.

    Are you factoring into your calculation the number of games we have played since June against Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Leicester, Spurs and Wolves all of who finished above us in the League last season.

    I can assure you that we conceded far more goals in games against these opponents when
    the likes of Ozil and Guendouzi played.

    Also I don’t think that our goalscoring has dropped significantly since June although I concede we should be scoring more than we do, but that is perhaps down in part to restructure of team.