… and we’re back

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Here we are, back together, ready to indulge in some peak-Barclays viewing today.

So what can we expect away at Manchester City?

A tough game. Sorry to be very obvious here, but Manchester City are hurting at the moment and they really need to impose themselves back on the league.

First game back can go either way. It’s an advantage in one sense, because teams have only had a couple of training sessions to crack the code. The fact that they don’t have KDB and a striker of note is also a big win for us.

Arteta has his side on better paper form, but really, we haven’t blown a game out the park so far this season. This would be a nice one to execute a sound plan really well.

Again, I wouldn’t be expecting us to express ourselves. We’re going to take our chances on the break, we’ll test their centre backs, and we’ll try and play very patiently.

The key is always defence. If David Luiz starts, you’ll know within 6 minutes which one showed up. We can’t have it be the Luiz who came on last time and had one of the worst performances of the season. We need the towering leader of a defender that took us to an FA Cup final win.

It’ll also be interesting to see how tempted the manager is to use Thomas Partey. Suspicion says it’s too early and he’ll go with Xhaka and Ceballos. Hopefully, he’ll see some minutes off the bench.

Nicolas Pepe, on form, could be interesting today. He lit up the last game with his energy and quick passing. Question is, does the manager really trust him? If we’re to have any sort of free-flowing football this year, it’ll likely have to include him. We know he has it in him to be world-class, we just don’t see it often enough.

I don’t have lot to offer today, but we’ll be back with a podcast and a match report tomorrow.


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  1. Captain Tierney

    Stinker from Willian, Auba and Pepe.

    But I think we had more half chances than City.
    Saka, Auba, Pepe.
    Saka in the First Half was very good. He fades in the second half. A very intelligent footballer. Should have scored the 1v1 against Ederson.

    No creativity in the side and thats again going to be the theme for the whole season. Ozil is the only creative player we have and he is not going to be registered. The next best creator we have imo is ESR. But he is still very raw and Arteta doesn’t like it raw (pun intended).

    Another good showing from Gabriel.

  2. raptora


    Same City that lost 2-5 at the Etihad to Leicester and ended 1-1 vs Leeds in the last 2 rounds.
    City had 1 point in their last 2 games.
    And you are happy you didn’t lose 8-2. Okay. Our fans are something.

  3. Buzzy

    Mourinho plays efficient football..he will never do anything that doesnt work like this passing out of the back bs which literally cost us the goal for no reason

  4. Uwot?

    A bit of perspective on here wouldn’t go amiss.We were playing the 2nd best side in the prem who’ve invested £500 plus million into their side.Whove been champions 2 of the previous 3 seasons who were desperate for a result.Yes Leicester spanked them but so f*** no what.A one off.shit happens.doubt it will occur in their next 100 meetings.Proves f** k all.Arteta can only work with the tools he has & it is a work in progress which on occasions is going to have hiccups.like it or not.We don’t have half a billion to throw at it straight away.

  5. IQ

    The games we beat Liverpool and Man C they didn’t expect us to beat their press but Arteta had improved that part of our game / we had better players that could pass the ball around the press. Also Auba took his chances. Both managers are now aware of our one trick game plan (hit Auba over the top) and are not going to be caught out again.

    Arteta has made us harder to beat but so would Big Sam and Sean Dyche and both of those managers were considered not good enough for us. The job of a top class manager is to balance attacking threat alongside a good defence which at the moment we’re falling very short of.

  6. Uwot?

    You can bet I’m happy we didn’t lose 8- 2 .Judging citeh on their last 2 games as a benchmark is taking the piss & you know it.

  7. Bamford10


    “Glad we didn’t get battered.”

    You should just admit that you don’t think very highly of this group of players. If you really thought this group was bona fide top-four quality before we signed Partey, you wouldn’t be worried about our getting “battered” by a DeBruyne-less, Aguero-at-80% Manchester City.

    Leeds played City without fear, and Leicester beat City handily — and both played City when City had DeBruyne in the XI.

    It’s time for a little more honesty around here, I think.

  8. raptora

    Tepid performance vs Sheffield, Aubameyang moves to the center and in 5 minutes we decide the game in our favor.

    Arteta: We should play Willian through the middle and Auba down the left.


    I was shocked Auba was starting through the middle when I saw the starting lineup.
    Turns out Arteta will never try it, 10 months in his reign.

  9. Marko

    Fuck off to anyone making judgments of Partey based on those ten odd minutes of pitch time. Thicker than a bloated whore’s pussylips some of you.

    Yeah I mean yeah

  10. Pedro

    Bamford, I think if you were honest, you’d accept that we’re a solid team defensively that needs to work on final third play.

    If you can’t see the progress, and you are bored competing against teams that were battering us before, I can’t help you.

  11. SpanishDave

    Zero flair boring play, endless back passing .
    That’s sums up how Arteta used to play his football.
    He thinks it’s good stuff .
    Gotta score twenty more goals than last season to get anywhere.

  12. Venga, Dani

    CalypsoOctober 17, 2020 19:41:17
    VengaYou must be a troll, both Man City and Liverpool have been battered this season.

    Nowhere did I say that they weren’t battered and I don’t think it’s controversial to say that going away to City and Liverpool are the two hardest fixtures of our year. Don’t know why that makes me a troll, mate…

  13. Pedro

    Leeds play without fear and took two seasons under Bielsa to get back to the Premier League. I love Bielsa, but the guy has never won a trophy. Let’s see where his football takes them this season.

  14. Gbat

    I like Arteta but we are very safe in our play. All sideways and backwards. Leno had the 5th highest number of completed passes for Arsenal today. It’s not at all enjoyable to watch.

  15. Peckobill

    Arteta really needs to change things up now as both Klopp and pep has sussed his system already and what the hell as auba got to do to play central , absolute bonkers decision to play him wide open when William is central .
    One thing that’s starting to worry me though big time is after working with wenger and pep I thought arteta would start to play progressive attacking football but it’s clear to see we’ve got the next mourinho

  16. Useroz

    Sadly, Arteta used the wrong sauce to marinate the food, again. The dish was poor.

    Wasn’t the first and probably not the last.

    A glimpse of Partey mode in added time though.

    Partey got the ball just into Ciry’s half and drove forward while shielded it from a City player, eventually passed it to Tierney for a cross. Assertive play.

    Too bad we had 7 + 4” of Partey. Game over just when we started getting some fun!

    With the collection of attacking talent and special sauce, Arteta can’t continue to put on these largely disjointed, mostly inconsistent and often clunky forward plays. If we get results, people may put up with such bland football for longer. But we lost.

  17. Guns of SF

    Auba is a target man, not a winger… I think this entire running in behind the defense thing is getting overcooked now.

    He can keep the CB’s honest and from moving too much by going center!

    we have good wingers. he is not one of them.

    Who the fuck is Auba crossing too when it should be him that is getting crossed to?


  18. Receding Hairline

    Seems we play every game not to get battered

    Glad we are somehow building from the back but some time during the season we will have to kick on a be a bit more adventurous.

    Still a good start to the season but we haven’t put in a decent performance except at Fulham and we have all discovered they aren’t ready for this level yet.

    Next few weeks games will come thick and fast, we will need to rotate. Willian has been a pointless signing so far.

  19. Bamford10

    My judgment wasn’t about Partey. It was about what difference Partey will ultimately be able to make within this highly inadequate Arsenal side / squad. The answer, sadly, is … very little.

    You lot should try facing facts occasionally rather than constantly lying to yourselves.

  20. raptora

    Uwot: Yes Leicester spanked them but so f*** no what.A one off.shit happens.doubt it will occur in their next 100 meetings.Proves f** k all.Arteta can only work with the tools he has & it is a work in progress which on occasions is going to have hiccups.like it or not.

    City lost 9 times in the EPL last season. 9 times. They lost points at the Etihad vs spuds, Wolves beat them, manure beat them, Crystal Palace too.

    This season they had 3 games, 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss.

    But we go there and we’re happy we lost by a goal. That’s some tragic stuff.

  21. Pierre

    The thing is ,le grove slaughtered the manager when we lost 6-3 away to city a few years back .

    We conceded a couple at the end but we gave them a proper game, we scored 3 had 2 perfectly good goals disallowed for offside and we threw the kitchen sink at it to try and get a result.

    What we have now is the same fans complaining that we were too negative.

    Make up your mind, do you want to see the team throw bodies forward, leaving us open to the counter or do you want to see the Arteta way of playing, safe , no risk football.

    Nearly everyone is happy that we have frozen out the one player( Saka the exception) who can put his foot on the ball and see a pass , yet everyone complains about our lack of creativity..

    Make up your mind …the football you are watching is what you ask for ..

    Losing to city and liverpool is not the end of the world, but what will be like the end of the world is if Leicester come to the Emirates next week and play us off the park..

    Willian looks lost and confused and the games pass him by .
    Is it the player’s fault or is the manager asking too much of him.
    He looks knackered through chasing around without the vall, and when he gets it ; he’s too tired to do anything with it.

  22. Wengaball

    Arteta has not improved our defence as most people believe he has. Putting ten behind the ball is not improving defence.

    Can he improve defence without sacrificing offence? That would be real improvement. The evidence so far says no.

  23. CHEN

    Willian should only start on right wing against team we will be guaranteed 60% or more possession…. against big teams, pepe is more of a threat.

    Laca’s record against big team is better than the rest of the squad… I dont understand his omission.

    Also rob holding hurting during warm up didnt help … he could have done better than luiz in covering the right side for the first goal..

    Martinez would have caught the goal which leno blocked that led to the goal..

    I’m a supporter of MA but he needs to learn A LOT from his MANY mistakes or else he wont last long.

    Waited for 2 weeks to see this toothless, timid football. Such a waste.

  24. Pedro

    Pierre, no one is asking for Mesut to come back. He’s had enough chances to prove himself in away games against top 6 sides. Our minds are made up, keep him in the bin.

  25. Champagne charlie

    “Really drab football from Arsenal. If we had watched football that drab while Emery was in charge, the Emery-was-a-bland-hire crowd would be fulminating endlessly about how a Europa League manager was slowly ruining a once-great club. No question.“

    Pathetic take as per from ‘Mr.what’s failure this season’.

    Emery was a fucking mess, there’s nothing remotely messy about us right now and it’s clear as day we’re improving the defensive and structural foundation of the side.

    You’re typically full of verve after an Arsenal defeat and aiming to rekindle Emery as a fallen hero. Just fuck off you wet wipe.

  26. Chris

    I think the level headed view of that game is that it was disappointing not to impose ourselves more in an attacking sense, as other teams have recently done against City, but it isn’t games like this that will decide our top 4 ambitions, it will largely be our record against the teams outside the top 6, and I expect us to be competitive once again in the home fixtures against top 6.

    But the lack of attacking verve by in large this evening was sad to see. I think Saka on the left needs to be a permanent thing, it is where he is most effective by far, and put our 25 goal a season striker in the centre.

    Not worth getting too worked out about this defeat, but need to see more bite and thrust in attack moving forwards.

  27. G8

    Arteta has to grow some balls and be more adventurous!
    This is as timid and negative as it comes
    It’s just about bearable when we get a result, but we ain’t winning shit with this kind of football!

  28. Kaz

    Some quick fixes for Arteta that anyone can see.

    1. Play Auba centrally up top. The team rev to life and it is no coincidence.

    2. Stop starting Xhaka and Cebellos, the correct double pivot is Partey and El Neny as a double box to box. Do not stop them taking it in turns going forward!! Very important!

    3. Get Leno to kick it long, train him to do it.

    These 3 changes make us menacing, solid and dangerous.

    Someone send this to Arsenal HQ

  29. Jay

    Arteta needs to apologise for the rubbish 🗑 football, ozil can’t be any worse then the trash we already have on the field. bring ozil back.

  30. Marko

    Bamford you need to face facts too my friend. The main one being that you’re not an Arsenal fan and a follow up would be how little of football you truly know. I mean you’re the most pointless poster around here it’s not even funny. You make excuses for rivals and their signings while you make a proclamation about an Arsenal signing after a 10 minute cameo. Just pathetic commentary since you were allowed back in from the wilderness.

  31. Rich

    We were unlucky, game could have gone either way, Arteta has made us competitive and compact, and the players look comfortable in possession in deep areas.

    Saka is magic, but relying solely on a 19yr old for some spark, will always come back and bite us eventually.

    Gutted we didn’t get in a top class creator, with Van Dijk looking like he’s out for the season, the titles there for the taking.

    Let’s hope the unthinkable doesn’t happen.

  32. Chris

    Also hope there is more to come from Willian, and that Pepe can achieve some consistency but at the moment the latter is really starting to look like an underwhelming signing.

    It’s hard to believe the Aguero incident with the lines woman didn’t get more condemnation from the commentators. I mean it was seriously wrong.

  33. raptora

    Look, I get the idea.

    Have a stable 60 mins, try to limit their chances and have a chance to get something in the last 30 minutes. It’s alright.

    But when the last 30 mins happened Arteta showed NO ambition. Zero.
    He didn’t push his team forward, he didn’t make any big substitutions. He was perfectly fine to let the clock run down. Like what??? Minutes ran down and we were sideways passing. ?????

  34. Marko

    Also am I the only one who is really impressed by how Ceballos has transformed his game these last few months. Really good at holding the ball in tight areas and his tackling and duals have gotten so much better since the restart. Lad looks like a baller for us.

  35. Havyn

    Ozil my foot
    Ozil don’t create any more
    Saka is the better creator now
    Saka should’ve scored though

    Arteta should’ve kept Martinez

  36. Bamford10


    I literally just explained that it wasn’t a judgment about the player but a judgment about how much of a difference he will be able to make within this highly inadequate side / squad.

    You do your thing, though.

  37. AFC Forever

    So funny listening to the predictable usual suspects like Bamford, enjoying the defeat.

    We have Micah Richatds, Sol Campbell & Pepe Guardiola praising Arsenal but the Le Grove baying mob know best. Arsenal are a work in progress, which you know. Pep has spent £820m to build his team while Artetas only just started out.

    We played away and lost by one goal. We had two great chances & a penalty denied. At last we don’t look soft, they hardly hurt us and we competed far better than the last League meeting.

    Criticising is fine if it’s fair & knowledgeable. It’s not. For some of you, Bamford, it’s because you are imposters for others I have no idea why you bitch so much, it was just moan, moan, moan. So what do you expect us to do? Win the league? Win the double?
    Beat City 3-0? Brain dead opinions, it’s embarrassing.

    Good to see Man Utd losing & he’s had longer than Arteta but they look a shambles.

  38. raptora

    It’s not even about which player, but that we kept doing it and Arteta didn’t give instructions to be more adventurous going forward, he didn’t move his defenders forward try to push City in, he didn’t make a meaningful change until the 83rd minute, he didn’t try Auba up front, he didn’t do anything. He let the game go same way it started. He didn’t change our plan. We ended exactly in the same way as we started. Losing by a goal.

  39. Champagne charlie

    “You lot should try facing facts occasionally rather than constantly lying to yourselves.“

    The “fact” being that Thomas Partey will have little impact on Arsenal this season. Subjective opinion about about future events now considered fact, wonders never cease.

    What an absolute bellend, got a crystal ball on loan from Dariano clearly.

  40. Leftside


    Any poster who revels in their own teams misfortune and bets against “their” side is a cunt, plain and simple. Repetitive boring cunt Bamford is.

  41. Moe

    This City team ain’t battering no top team…..them days are behind us. Arteta was timid and too deferential and that’s looking more and more like his true nature. This is not the City team of 2-3 years ago. Unnecessarily complicating the match with that Willian experiment.

  42. London gunner

    Few cold hard truths

    Pepe isn’t a good football player we need to sell him next season.

    Willian should be benched for martinelle as soon as is fit.

    However I cant see areta doing this.

    First 11 should be

    Saka auba martinelle
    Partey ceballos elneny
    Tierney gabriel Luiz bellerin

    433 or 4231

  43. Guns of SF

    Honestly top 4 is going to be hard. Its not the usual suspects this year.
    Leicester, Everton, Tott, and others are going to be in the mix.

    We could have gone 2nd today with a win, Now we are 5th.

    This was a lame showing today…. a game we had to win …. we cannot excuse shit like this!

  44. Ishola70

    “It’s not even about which player, but that we kept doing it and Arteta didn’t give instructions to be more adventurous going forward, he didn’t move his defenders forward try to push City in”

    Well you know we have players in this team that prefer to play deep. They don’t like playing high up.

    That’s where the problem starts.

    Great wasn’t it in some FA Cup wins but not really progressive over a whole league campaign.

  45. Guns of SF


    I would make a small edit. Bellerin needs to sit for AMN. We get better defending and movement in the attack, than Bellerin can give. He did nada today for our attack.

    Saka auba martinelle
    Partey ceballos elneny
    Tierney gabriel Luiz AMN

  46. London gunner


    To add to yours and Pedro’s comments ceballos defensive stats have been top notch for a non dm midfielder even better than parteys. In fact all his stats from dribbling, passing and defensive actions has been very good. He isn’t quite the playmaking wizard but more a very technical all-rounder which is compliment not an insult.

  47. raptora

    It’s infuriating that the best starting lineup is so obvious or at least the one on paper but Arteta will just not give it a chance.

    Bellerin Luiz Gabriel Tierney
    Partey Ceballos
    Pepe Willian Saka

    I don’t know which god to pray to, to get this lineup in 5 games straight and see how it goes.

    When Martinelli comes change it to

    Pepe/Willian Saka Martinelli

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Pepe has less meat on his legs than a chicken

    He has been sussed by the prem

    Sell the cunt and use the 20m to get a decent player

    Salute the cunt away

  49. Buzzy

    How anyone can justify playing Willian in the centre and sacrificing our top striker is srsly beyond me. You’re basically biased if you are not putting the blame on the manager for that.

  50. Dissenter

    It seems Jordan Pickford has condemned VVD to knee ligament/meniscus damage. He’s put for 6-8 months.
    Just like that the fortunes of a club can change in one quick second.

  51. AFC Forever

    “Bamford has to be the biggest cunt ive seen on here”

    He’s a troll who doesn’t like Arsenal or it’s fans. Every now and then we he gets wound up, Dariano let’s his mask slip; referring to ‘Arsenal in third party terms like ‘your Arsenal’ etc. All he does us trash the club, it’s players and try to wind up Arsenal fans. No idea why Pete let’s him behave like this unless it’s because he gets everyone to bite driving can ntent. Absolute bell end.

  52. Marc


    “Ceballos has been so good… he was outstanding in the first half. Gonna look great next to Partey.

    So you agree Xhaka isn’t good enough?

    Why was he playing so high up the pitch in the first half? It just knackers Ceballos who has to cover the ground when Xhaka can’t get back.

  53. AFC Forever


    Yes agree. That Pickford challenge could turn the Premier League on its head. They just said Van Dijk could be out for the season. ACL.

  54. Kaz

    I love that the fans can see issues but the top brass truly cannot.

    For years we cried out to Wenger to buy a solid destroyer in midfield. He did not.

    The fans are crying out for Auba to play in the middle. What’s the chances? 😂

  55. raptora


    Man. Imagine getting 2 players for the RWF position in the last 2 years, both of them big names, and both of them look shit.

    Clearly they are quality players. Can’t make up my mind who’s to blame and what can be changed to see much, much more of them than we are now.

  56. London gunner


    I’d agree AMN over bellerin actually but I’d give bellerin some chances to start here and there.

    I think AMN is better defensively. They are both awful final ball though. If you look at Liverpool they got Robertson on one side Arnold on the other reining death with inswing crosses and also both are capable of driving runs.

    AMN and also Bellerin have shown glimpses of having the driving runs part but 9/10 they kill the final ball.

  57. Rich


    I agree with you, I think we’re more set up for a George Graham season, it’s not pretty, but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

    We’re competitive, we’ve got some experience in the squad, and I’m not convinced we’re designed as a squad to play anything much more expansive, we also have efficient goal scorers.

    This season is likely going to be a massive scrap inside the top 8, and I don’t think changing the manager will change that.

    Hopefully the fans stick with Arteta, I like what he’s doing, we just lack some spark in the final third.

  58. DivineSherlock

    That was a really good game couldve had a draw , Aguero didnt even have a shot apart from the first half header. I really think its time we move past 3-4-3 , makes us predictable now. 4-3-3 with Ceballos , Partey and xhaka / Elneny gives us more dominance. Probably in hindsight couldve played AMN from the start , with Saka in position of Willian .

  59. Useroz

    Same City that lost 2-5 at the Etihad to Leicester and ended 1-1 vs Leeds in the last 2 rounds.
    City had 1 point in their last 2 games.
    And you are happy you didn’t lose 8-2. Okay. Our fans are something.“

    Quite right. If there’s indeed special sauce, it needn’t take years to improve. Our forward has hardly changed for the better both aesthetically or analytically.

    Probably still top 5 in shots against and bottom 3 in shots for/ taken. Is this the sort of improvement we look forward to?

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The announcement of our arrival back in the big time is so premature..
    Like a 13 year old kid wanking to love island…we ain’t going anywhere quick that’s for sure

    We ain’t

  61. Dissenter

    When you see Saint Maxime running at defenses, you have to wonder why we paid so much for Pepe.
    Our 25k weekly wage youth academy gradua is also outplaying Pepe.
    Pepe needs to stand up and be counted. His body language makes Oliver Giroud look like a aunt.

  62. Marko

    Created 2 chances
    10 ball recoveries
    3/3 successful tackles
    91% pass completion

    Yes Pedro yes. Lad is turning out performances that he’s not known for. I mean his ball winning ability these days is fantastic

  63. Marc

    I don’t want to see Arteta go gung ho away from home against the other top 6 but I’d like to see him just be 10% -15% more adventurous and see the difference it makes.

  64. Guns of SF

    AMN is an athlete and has good pace, recovery pace, etc. Not playing him against teams like this makes me wonder. Bellerin, on a weekly basis gets turned and spun around all the time by the attacker. Most times he gets bailed out by someone who covers for him. he offers not much in attack either. AMN needs more minutes!

    I wonder how many teams were serious about buying him,,, I honestly think we could have grabbed some cash and used it on a CAM….

    Anyhow, thats neither here or there… Arteta needs a hard review of this and his tactics….

  65. Moe


    I surely will be back in December……this City team ain’t battering any of the top 6 teams home or away. Add Leicester and Everton to make it top 8 if you wish.

  66. AFC Forever


    As you say the recovery from an ACL often leaves longstanding mobility issues. It’s a shame for him but weakens Liverpool.

  67. London gunner

    That’s a gianrmous blow for Liverpool.

    Vvd decreases Liverpool chances of league win/cl victory by a ton of percentage points.

    I think the league just opened up but it would so boring of city win it.

  68. Dissenter

    Referees still send players off after the final whistle is blown fir unprofessional. Induct/ dangerous play.

    Where did that rule is can’t call a fouls because the ball is fed come from.
    I’ve never fancied premier league referees
    Jokers, the lot of them. It’s no wonder that it’s a premier league ref that have a player three yellow cards in the WC

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We’ve overspent on dross .. mugged off by other selling clubs
    We have been punching above our weight for years

    Laca shit
    Pape shit too skinny offers nothing
    William … Wow worthless
    Auba … Can’t do it when it matters against big six.. sell in Jan

  70. raptora

    Arteta has washed so many brains at this point that fans want a midfield three of Xhaka, Dani, Thomas.

    Yes. Why have creative players when you can have 3 DM/CMs. They have around 5 assists a season in total. Might as well have 1 player in the opponent half at this point.

  71. Marc

    Sorry everyone but I have zero sympathy for Liverpool or VVD – firstly Scouser’s are cunts always have been always will be. Secondly how many ACL’s have we had in the last couple of years? How many of those ACL’s were years off the injuries to Diaby, Ramsey, Eduardo etc etc?

  72. London gunner

    Bellerin has lost his pace as well I thought it might come back as sometimes players get it back after the rust comes off after an injury.

    I think if bellerin before injury was average paced player he’d be slow now because he was so fast I think his lost pace means he is now average paced. But pace was always his biggest assist so even of he isn’t sloth paced most of his game is gone.

  73. Useroz

    We had 2 to 3 big chances however didn’t take any.
    • Saka ,shot hit GK shoulder 1v1
    • Auba shot straight at GK 1v1
    • Pepe free header wide.

    First two came before HT. A very different game if equalised.

    At this level, missed chances hurt like hell.

  74. Bamford10


    I agree. It’s not on Arteta. He’s working with a fairly inadequate squad. It’s going to take time to rebuild Arsenal into a genuinely top four outfit.

  75. WengerEagle

    The last of those was 10 years ago Marc and they did get sympathy from fans other than those Orcs up in Stoke.

    Like others have said, Liverpool being significantly weakened is a positive for the rest of the PL and I love it myself, but how can you not feel for the actual player?

  76. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    The treatment of ACL/MCL injuries has come a long way. Recovery can be 100% in this age and time.
    VVD will just have to adapt his game when he returns

  77. Champagne charlie

    “Arteta has washed so many brains at this point that fans want a midfield three of Xhaka, Dani, Thomas“

    Is that why the fans spent the summer hoping Aouar would be signed, and the club did their best to chase him the whole way?

    Maybe, just maybe, folk are speculating what they think would be the best balance of what we have.

  78. Rich


    Arsene towards the end went with a back 3

    Emery had never been with a back 3, but decided it was our best bet.

    Arteta started off with a back 4, but reverted to a back 3.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    I think it’s this group of players, and confidence was so low when Arteta took over, he just had to solidify the team.

    Arteta spoke at the end of last season about our lack of No10 types, Luiz can’t play in a back 4, and I’m convinced of any of our other 7 centre half’s can either.

    With this current set of players, I think Arteta is 100% right in going with ruthless pragmatism.

  79. WengerEagle


    Bellerin’s like Walcott, he was so stupidly fast that like you say, even any sort of substantial drop off would still see him quicker than the average player.

    Go back and watch Arsenal 2-0 Bayern Munich to remind yourself of just how fast Bellerin was. And Walcott in his teens/early twenties before the Spurs injury.

  80. Dissenter

    Of course I feel sorry for VVD
    Anyone who’s hacked down by an orc has earned my sympathy
    To think the ref and VAR reviewed that and said … it’s okay is laughable

  81. Danny+S

    Still hard to believe Arteta likes to play out the back, and ‘around the press’ yet we sold the keeper that is most comfortable with the ball at his feet and could actually hold a ball and command a defence.

    Leno is not a possession keeper.

  82. Marc


    It’s not laughable it’s disgusting but it wasn’t an issue that needed dealing with when Arsenal players were being mutilated it was all giggles back then so fuck Liverpool and fuck VVD.

    What goes around comes around – we’ve had two players pick up ACL’s caused by questionable challenges by ManU players in the last couple of years.

  83. G8

    Xhaka was hopeless today
    Cebellos was doing it all on his own, and that’s part of the problem why we couldn’t move the ball forward

    He either passes sideway or backward, occasionally long ball, but he never tries one twos, pass and move forward with the ball.
    He can be useful in some games, definatley not when you are outnumbered and outclassed in central midfield

  84. raptora


    You are the one who is happy “being sound defensively” aka playing with 0 risks sideways passing so we concede as least as possible even in the last 30, 20, 10 minutes of the game.

    No way we are that shit when Leeds, Wolves, Villa, Everton, Leicester are all taking chances when going away to big clubs.

    Might as well put another DM in there right. Sideway passing to the keeper and the full backs for 90 minutes. We will be very “sound defensively”.

  85. AFC Forever

    “To think the ref and VAR reviewed that and said … it’s okay is laughable”

    The whole VAR thing is a joke. It was supposed to stop miscarriages of justice but it creates them. They are so inconsistent with it. Another example ith Kyle Walker today who gave a penalty away but VAR apparently didn’t review it because of, ‘what they saw in real time’. No point having it if it’s the same poor referees in charge of it.

  86. WengerEagle

    It has come a long way Dissenter but ACL is still pretty much the worst injury that a footballer can get.

    Between the long-lay off, instability in the knee when compared to the stronger knee making you susceptible to suffering another ACL in your other leg ala Ronaldo, Michael Essien, Strootman, etc and the effect it has on a player lateral movements and change of direction, which arguably is even more important for a defender than an attacker.

    Much like getting an Achilles in Basketball. There’s pretty much no examples of footballers who have come back after ACL injuries the same player.

  87. AFC Forever

    “It’s not laughable it’s disgusting but it wasn’t an issue that needed dealing with when Arsenal players were being mutilated”


  88. Guns of SF

    G8 Dani has his limitations. I agree, he likes to play it safe with posession on offense.
    He seems better in defense, breaking up play, dropping deep and helping.

    Does not help when Xhaka does the same thing essentially.

    Dani has way more mobility than xhaka, and him and Partey should start. Lets see what both of them can do….

  89. Marc


    The biggest problem with our CB’s has been no midfield in front of them. You put Dixon, Winterburn, Adam’s and Bould behind the shower we’ve had the last few years and they’d look shit.

  90. Guns of SF

    Martinelli had a “knee injury”
    the club did not reveal what it was specifically
    I hope this was not a tear like ACL….. and I do hope he has kept his pace

  91. G8

    Rich, pragmatism hasn’t got us so far though!
    You have to take some risks sometimes , especially when you’re loosing the game

  92. Venga, Dani

    Anyone know anything about Azeez? I would love to transition to a midfield 3, but I dont think we can do that with only Xhaka, Elneny, Party, and Ceballos for a whole year.

  93. Marc


    Drives me nuts that so called Arsenal supporters are all teary eyed about poor VVD after the shit we’ve seen.

    Death to Scousers.

    And Manc’s,, Chav’s, Spud’s and all the other cunts out there.

  94. Champagne charlie


    Being sound defensively hasn’t been a thing for a good decade-plus, the very fact you can be such a toddler after that game away at City says everything to me. You’re as short sighted as it gets.

  95. London gunner


    Roy keane came back a better player after his acl.

    I think its a terrible injury but everyone’s body reacts differently and has a different capacity to heal.

  96. Rich


    We’re amongst the lowest for tackles and interceptions in the league, and also amongst the lowest for chance creation.

    We’re the least dynamic team in the league, even though we cover the most ground, both under Emery and Arteta.

    My worry about our centre half’s is only Luiz is comfortable in possession, but you can only play Luiz in a 3, and you never know which side of the bed he’s going to get out of,

    The FA Cup win and turning over some big teams has got fan expectation up, but this season is going to be another massive slog, without a top class right sided centre half who can play in a 4, and a top class no8 who can produce some magic, I just don’t see much changing.

    We’ve got a bit more experience in the squad which will help, but if Arteta gets us into the top 4, I think he’ll have slightly overachieved

  97. GunnerDNA

    The tackle on VVD wasn’t as bad as the ones on Ramsey, Eduardo and Diaby. Injuries is apart of the game he will be ok!

  98. AFC Forever


    Good foundations being defensively sound. It’s how good teams get built. Something we haven’t been for years. It’s funny how hypocritical people can be.

    Arteta is doing great. We are organised, players know what he wants and we are no longer a soft touch. Foundations care in place to build on. We are good off the ball now it’s doing the same with the ball. We do need more creativity but that will come. Some people either don’t understand football or don’t want to.

  99. Rich


    Pragmatism won us the FA Cup and Charity Shield, it’s also made us more competitive in big games than it has at any time over the past 15 years

    We don’t have the creative midfielders or the central defenders to play anything much more expansive,

  100. Marc

    “Xhaka was hopeless today
    Cebellos was doing it all on his own, and that’s part of the problem why we couldn’t move the ball forward”

    Agree and why was Xhaka so far up the pitch so often – it takes him too long to get back in position.

  101. Kaz

    It’s Emery people

    “We created some big opportunities, maybe two or three, and we have to convert them if want to win matches like this.

    “We didn’t, but apart from that the belief I sense in this team made me very proud.

    “I have seen a lot of teams come here in four years working here. So I know to do what we did tonight is really difficult.

    “Overall I cannot be any prouder. If we have to lose football matches, I would prefer to lose matches like this. So I can take a lot of positives, but I hate losing.”

    Sad times.

  102. AFC Forever

    “Sideways passing for 90 mins. Setting up not to get battered. Playing with less ambition than Brighton. Maybe I’m the one that doesn’t get it.”

    Not the only one, no.

    It’s funny isn’t it. Last few years people have been moaning we can’t defend, are useless off the ball and don’t know what we are doing. Arteta has fixed that.

    We had 2 great chances, Saka and Auba plus a stonewall penalty.

    Creatively we have some way to go but if you can’t see how we are improving and developing I can’t help you. If you don’t think building a team takes time, I can’t help you. If you can’t accept that we are 3/4 years behind teams like Liverpool & Man City (the £830m team) I can’t help you. People see what they want mate..

  103. Guns of SF

    We don’t have the creative midfielders or the central defenders to play anything much more expansive,

    Rich, I dont really agree with this…. we have talent, but Arteta is struggling on how to use them properly and also develop attacking tactics.

    It seems he is more or less ok with just give the ball to Saka or Willian and let them do something.
    He will burn these players out in no time.

    His late subs did not help when chasing the game.

    He needs to take some responsibity with this loss. Show some fucking ambition, we gave their back line fits, they fouled us way outside their box and all of them picked up yellows.

    What did we do then? nothing…. still more of the same.

    its hard to see any sort of offensive tactics throughout the course of the game.

    It begs the question…. would you rather lose 1 nil and show little ambition, or lost 4-3 but show the attacking ambition?

    he seems to be ok with the first. I think the fans would have liked to see more gusto and go for it, especially since we were down from the 23rd minute on.

    Leicester will come at us …. like City. I would argue that their attack is just as good…. lets see what happens after this ….

  104. Champagne charlie


    Our soft underbelly and brittle defence has been a meme for years, fact we can suffocate a team like City who are levels above us for ability is testament to the work being done.

    Personally think it’s a bit of a joke to expect all pieces of the puzzle to be “on” at this stage all things considered. We’ve signed up a young manager to a dedicated project, and we’re 5 games into the PL season hearing about how we’re horrible for not turning over City at the Etihad. Bore off with that.

    We’re a work in progress, I look forward to watching us get better at the parts we’re struggling with.

  105. Kaz

    Our current tactics worked when we had a 6’5 keeper with long arms and velcro hands who could distribute the ball quickly and had the repertoire to pass short and long.

    They worked because no one knew how we were trying to get Auba into the left hand channel alone with a diagonal ball over the top.

    We sold the the first and the second has been worked out.

    Tactically we gotta change.

    I cannot believe he’s proud of that. You would think our players were relegation level. They aren’t.

    He has to demand more from them and from himself, and he has to take off the handbrake.

    Even with the personnel we can shift between attacking and defensive football, he just doesn’t want to use them.