… and we’re back

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Here we are, back together, ready to indulge in some peak-Barclays viewing today.

So what can we expect away at Manchester City?

A tough game. Sorry to be very obvious here, but Manchester City are hurting at the moment and they really need to impose themselves back on the league.

First game back can go either way. It’s an advantage in one sense, because teams have only had a couple of training sessions to crack the code. The fact that they don’t have KDB and a striker of note is also a big win for us.

Arteta has his side on better paper form, but really, we haven’t blown a game out the park so far this season. This would be a nice one to execute a sound plan really well.

Again, I wouldn’t be expecting us to express ourselves. We’re going to take our chances on the break, we’ll test their centre backs, and we’ll try and play very patiently.

The key is always defence. If David Luiz starts, you’ll know within 6 minutes which one showed up. We can’t have it be the Luiz who came on last time and had one of the worst performances of the season. We need the towering leader of a defender that took us to an FA Cup final win.

It’ll also be interesting to see how tempted the manager is to use Thomas Partey. Suspicion says it’s too early and he’ll go with Xhaka and Ceballos. Hopefully, he’ll see some minutes off the bench.

Nicolas Pepe, on form, could be interesting today. He lit up the last game with his energy and quick passing. Question is, does the manager really trust him? If we’re to have any sort of free-flowing football this year, it’ll likely have to include him. We know he has it in him to be world-class, we just don’t see it often enough.

I don’t have lot to offer today, but we’ll be back with a podcast and a match report tomorrow.


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  1. karim

    CalypsoOctober 18, 2020 09:08:02
    To be honest Arsenal’s defence was always going to tighten up once Wenger left the club.

    Red has a point

  2. Graham62

    Kudos to NZ for hitting Covid-19 on the head. Extra special kudos to the leadership of Jacinda Ardern. On the ball from day one. Clear, precise and honest communication works wonders.

    Obviously the demographics of the country helps, as does the fact that NZ has more sheep than humans but still a great sight to see 46000 crammed into Eden Park.

  3. Up 4 grabs now


    Pre warned, sorry for the long post

    After yesterdays game its pretty clear how far off the likes of City & the Bindippers we are.
    squad wise and first eleven.
    it was a problem under Emery and still a problem under Arteta.

    I like Arteta (He wasnt my choice i wanted Don Carlo or paddy but now hes here you back him)
    You can see the defensive improvements that he’s managed, but that does not give him a free pass for some of the errors hes making.

    you dont spend 45 million on Partey to bring him on with 6 minutes to go chasing the game. it would have been better to start him and take him off if he was tiring later.
    it wasn’t working at half time no matter that spell near the end, and he should have made the change then.
    xhaka and ceballos as a partnership doesnt work, xhaka was the furthest forward channeling his best Alex song impression and was way back behind the play for the city goal

    playing Auba on the wing was pointless, he was missing most of the game, playing willian in the center was ridiculous, the front three were poor.

    The only player that walks away with some credit is Saka who tried to make things happen, he was on the front foot trying to go forwards rather than side ways and back passing, the frustrating this was 3 out 4 of citys back line were on yellows and terrified of him.

    Arteta should have used this and made sure the ball was heading as much as possible to him to run at them.

    The playing out from the back is a risk waiting to happen, especially against citys press, it was just inviting danger, i have no problem with a quick release to a bombing on fullback or winger, or even a quick pass out to a sitting midfielder (as long as its not xhaka) who can then try and thread a pass.
    god i miss Santi

    but passing along your six yard box one side to the other and almost always losing it is pointless,
    you may as well play the percentages and boot it up the field, at least if you lose it there its not on the edge of your penalty box.

    Leno apart from the goal conceded, played well, and saved us a few times.
    But thats the point, apart from the goal which is the important part!

    He doesnt instill confidence in the defence like martinez did who was more comfortable catching a ball rather than palming it into the danger area, as others have mentioned selling Martinez may well come back to bite us on the arse.

    yes losing one nil to city is an improvement on some of the performances over the years, but its not good enough.At least give yourself the best chance of getting something from the game. .

    The rookie errors have to stop, we were never going to win the league this year, or even compete for it, and theirs still plenty of time to make 4th. But not playing your best players out of position or picking your favorites.

    We berated Wenger for doing this, it wasn’t acceptable then, and isn’t now.

  4. Valentin

    The most infuriating thing with Arteta is his stubborness and refusal to even acknowledge that we were poor. And let be not fooled by the narrow victory, if ManCity had needed to win by 3 goals, they would have score 3 goals. They were never out of 2nd gear.

    Once they were ahead, they sussed out that we would not be able to come back. The problem is that most teams knows that as well. There is a statistics that under Arteta Arsenal is the premiership team that recover the least amount of points once it falls behind.

    That happy underdog “let’s not be embarrassed” mentality is getting tiresome. That work on one-off game to win cups, but will leave us out of the top 4 if we repeat the kind of performance against Brighton, Southampton, Crystal Palace.

  5. Up 4 grabs now


    I wanted Carlo when Wenger left, was more keen on paddy than arteta if we were going the rookie route.
    think arteta is doing better than Emery, but he still has the same problems that Emery had.

    poor squad to begin with, not much money to spend after the quality of the squad decreased over so many years.
    poor mentality with certain players.

    he starting to turn it around but he has to get top four this year or the knives will be out.

  6. Up 4 grabs now

    Valentin have to agree with you.

    yes we didnt get a pasting but bare in mind they still won easily with no kevin de bryne,
    jesus, or laporte, and a half fit ageuro.
    i dont know why arteta was so upbeat!

  7. Valentin

    Unless TH14 suddenly becomes a world class coach, I don’t think any of the Arsenal invincibles will be great coaches.
    PV4 is treading treacle at Nice. Not bad, but nothing to be excited either.
    Bergkamp does not want to become a manager, just a specialist coach for strikers and academy players.
    Pires is enjoying life too much to become a manager.
    Kolo is happy to be a No2 at Leicester.
    Sol Campbell is still scaring club chairman and will only be offered lower league position by desperate clubs.
    Mad Jens is busy fighting everybody at his different clubs to build a legacy.