Partey time?

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This is going to be a power-post because the week I’m having looks like Denilson in midfield against Stoke.

Mikel Arteta wants Arsene back at the club.

I would like to see him back around us. He was a massive figure for me and he’s someone that I can still learn a lot of things from and I would like to have him closer to us.

Obviously the actual environment doesn’t allow us to do it, but I think he’s a figure that has to be very present in what we do at the football club because he is, in my opinion, the one who had the vision and helped this club to evolve and be what it is today.

The man does not miss with the press. You cannot force him into an error, he’s very, very good with media folk. Pretty sure he’d not be wanting Wenger making decisions, but one day, you have to expect that Wenger will take on a Bobby Charlton like role at Arsenal. He’s an elite figurehead.

Mesut Ozil is now 32. posted a miserable picture of him and wished him happy returns. All a bit sad really, he’s on the back 9 and clinging on at a club he doesn’t need to be at. It’s so, so boring.

THOMAS PARTEY IS TRAINING AND FIT. He might start, though I find that a bit of a stretch. He’ll be on the bench though… ready to ease our sorrows when we’re 3-0 down after 20 mins.

This game will be interesting. Coming back off the international break in great form is tough. Who knows which City will show. Arteta says they’ve been unlucky in games. No, they haven’t. Leicester spanked them and a team of their calibre shouldn’t be challenged by a side like Leeds. I don’t know what is going on at City, but they have been in a hangover. We could win 2-0 or get our asses absolutely handed to us. You just don’t know which side will show.

The big question mark over team selection will be whether Kieran T will play. It seems pretty clear the club are arguing he had it this summer, so he’s immune… so we’ll see how that pans out. Either way, it’s clear he’s integral to any success we might have. This sort of thing is exactly why international breaks through the season are a lump of bullshit.

Right, really short post. See you tomorrow. x



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  1. Havyn

    Pool scored a handball against us nobody complained
    Mane battered KT and had only a yellow card and none complained but it’s Pool and they will talk and talk unend

  2. Graham62

    There are not only so many things wrong with the application of VAR, there are so many things wrong with those individuals overseeing VAR.

    Yep, Klopp is annoyed.

    He’s trying to hold it together.

  3. Dissenter

    ‘ Everton are Arsenal’s direct rivals, how this is a good result for us someone needs to explain to me.’

    I was trying not to rock the boat.
    People are forgetting the role of momentum in sports.
    The unbeaten season we had in 2003-2004 was sparked by the drama at OT in September 2013. After all the shenanigans on the field, had Van Nisteroy scored that penalty….the history would read different.
    Everton are going to draw belief from this game. They will still keep beating weaker teams Nd may very well be in contention for top-4 by April/May of 2021.

  4. Bamford10


    “Liverpool zero goal difference. Still number 1 in the Power Rankings though, yeah?”

    Yes, clown, because they’re still the best team in the league in terms of player quality, squad quality, system and organization.

    It’s true they look more vulnerable this season than they ever did last — and I now think they’re genuinely open to a challenge from Chelsea — but for the moment, they’re still Liverpool, and they’re still the best team in the PL.

  5. Marc

    Graham’s right the problem isn’t VAR it’s the fact VAR’s being run by the same moron ref’s who were the reason we needed VAR in the first place.

  6. London gunner

    The problem is of everton keep playing like this and getting results there is a chance they can build up momentum and get top 4.

    Needed that to be nipped in the bud today.
    Don’t really give a shit if liverpool win another title as long we get top four and the spuds don’t win the league im happy.

    Its too early to say but evertons new team is looking the dogs bollocks.

    Add to that tottenham have had an insanely good transfer window on paper (hopefully it doesn’t pan out that way)

    Even if man united continue flopping we got mad competition top four including lecister and not even talking about Chelsea.

    On paper best teams in regards to players

    Liverpool (when all players fit)
    Man united (many will say they have a better team due to last season but the sheer amount of penalties they got won them top 4)

    If arteta gets us top four he has massively overachieved

  7. Dissenter

    They have to explain why Pickford wasn’t sent off.
    If o1ffisde was called and. Player goes on to head but another player in the ensuing seconds – a red card will be given for dangerous play/unprofessional conduct.
    Why is Pickford’s footed lunge any different? It doesn’t matter that the ball was dead.
    Premier league referees are really pathetic.

  8. Aussie+Gooner


    Very easy, if we are to succeed then Liverpool are our direct rivals. I we are to fight for 6th place then Everton are our rivals! I prefer success!

    Klopp very salty in his post match interview!


    If Torreira has a very good season then his value/desirability will climb. Who knows, if he is that good he might be worth keeping!

  9. Bamford10

    I’ll just note that London has Arsenal 7th, and but for his placing United below us — something I’ll circle back to — he’d have us 8th.

  10. Tom

    Liverpool will finish 20+ points above us come May
    so them dropping points is about as consequential from our stand point as Fulham dropping points.

    Everton gaining one point from this on the other hand is one more point Arsenal will need to scrap for along the way..

  11. Marc

    “If Torreira has a very good season then his value/desirability will climb. Who knows, if he is that good he might be worth keeping!”

    Unfortunately Arteta’s PTR at the moment is can’t let players leave – so he’ll turn down a £40 million bid for Torreira and then not play him to keep Xhaka on the pitch.

  12. Havyn

    I love James
    So good and wish we got him
    He was not even playing at Madrid and was being shipped around on loan deals
    Our scouting team are poor not to pick him and was available cheap

  13. Marko

    but for his placing United below us — something I’ll circle back to

    Of course you will. Someone has Arsenal finishing above the team you support so you’ll have to argue that obviously.

  14. Useroz

    We mussst train damn hard to drastically cut down on the touches and time we take before making passes.

    The Poo as much as i dint fancy them is playing almost one touch up and down the pitch whether or not triangles are involved in the build up. Bloody quick.

    I suppose we can’t afford to have Xhara, Elneny, Ceballos on the pitch ! We look so laboured in our forward plays. Hopefully Partey can kick down the handbrake once and for all.

  15. Bamford10


    “many will say Man United have a better team due to last season but the sheer amount of penalties they got won them top 4”

    They finished ten points above us because despite whatever weaknesses they have, they still have a lot more quality in their team than we do.

    As for penalties, they get the number of penalties they get because of how many quality dribblers they have — Martial, Rashford, Fernandes, Pogba, Greenwood — and how much clever passing and interplay they do in the box. There’s no conspiracy, and it’s not all chance.

    Do a lot of clever passing and dribbling in the opposition’s box —-> draw a lot of penalties. It’s pretty simple.

  16. Marc


    Only a dishonest ManU supporter would argue that they get all the pens they do fairly.

    They are diving cheating cunts and always have been

  17. Buzzy

    Really nees to get the balance right today ..the moment Auba moved central against.Sheffield we immediately looked more balanced and threatening ..the front three need to be Willian/Saka Auba and Pepe/ Lacazette and especially no Nkiteah

  18. WengerEagle

    Plenty of United’s penalties have been dubious to say the least.

    Last season they were on par with 2015 Barcelona for penalties won, with the best front 3 in history in MSN.

    I’m sure that Rashford, Greenwood and Martial are comparable to prime Messi, Suarez and Neymar for dribbling, clever passing and interplay all right…

  19. Marko

    I remember claudio he was decent enough but the kid looks like he’s going straight to the tippity top. That Dortmund model… once nearly going out of business had to borrow money from Bayern and now they churn out massive money on young prospects bought good and early. After the inevitable 100+ million they get for Sancho they’ll get huge money for Zagadou, Reyna, Bellingham and this Moukoko lad who’s only 15 is supposed to be ridiculous. Only the 60 odd million for Haaland though because of the clause

  20. Bamford10


    I didn’t say that every single penalty they get is deserved. Nor did I deny that some of their players sell the foul from time to time. Some would argue that that is smart, and I’m not sure you can argue that no Arsenal player ever does this.

    All I’m saying is that they get the number of penalties they get for good reason, and I’ve explained that reason above. You’re welcome to go with the biased, largely evidence-free, tribalist, they’re-diving-cunts narrative, though. To each his own.

  21. Aussie+Gooner


    It begs the question – why can’t we find these hidden gems? Surely we have at least the same resources as Dortmund? How come they always seem to find these wonder kids and we don’t?

  22. Marko

    Eh, Zagadou isn’t all that.

    My point being he was bought super young for next to nothing and his value has gone up massively to make them a huge profit when he eventually leaves.

  23. Bamford10


    Didn’t you say last season that you’d “never post on Le Grove again” if United finished above us?

    I’m pretty sure they finished 10 points above us. And yet here you are, as arrogant and dismissive as ever.

    Care to explain?

  24. WengerEagle

    ‘How come they always seem to find these wonder kids and we don’t?’

    They take a chance on kids which we used to do back in the Cesc days.

    Bellingham cost them 25m and he had lit up the Championship at age 16, he wasn’t exactly hidden. Even Sancho cost them 8m which isn’t pennies for an academy player at Citeh.

    But yes, their model is admirable. They essentially are what we used to be now though, a selling club that will never be able to hold onto their best players long-term.

  25. Useroz

    Rationally a Everton loss works best for us.

    Emotionally don’t like it when Poo pulled a stunt during Fergie time.

    Feel good neither won.

  26. WengerEagle


    You still holding onto your ‘wager’? The one that was made before the Bruno Fernandes signing and our gaffer getting sacked and replaced.

    Like I said before, as soon as you admit that your little friend Dariano doesn’t exist, I’ll stop posting on here.

  27. Dissenter

    OGS ha going through get sacked this season. There are two top managers on the employment bin waiting for that call.

  28. Leftfootcurler

    If Arsenal and City play as they have in the recent fixtures,it should be an easy win for arsenal.

    I see many think Chelsea are 3rd best team in the league.
    Well, taking Lampard’s tactics and Pulisic’s fitness record into account, I think they are at the most risk at losing their top 4 spot.

    Their attackers are all very direct,not much ball retention in final 3rd.

    And when they lose the ball, Lampard is very Wenger esque in defending counters.

    Spurs and utd are better imo

  29. Marko

    Surely we have at least the same resources as Dortmund? How come they always seem to find these wonder kids and we don’t?

    Good question. Don’t know. Absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have signed up some of these types of young players. I think it’s slowly being addressed now with the likes of Martinelli, Guendouzi and Saliba being signed Rekik too along with links to the likes of Nuno Mendes, Ihatteran and Kokcu and Gabriel Veron. Unfortunately we still take an age to pull the trigger on some signings but you know hopefully that’ll all change when we’re back in the champions league and have several hundreds of thousands of space on the wage bill next summer

  30. Marko

    You done it WE you mentioned Dariano. Now he’s going to disappear for a bit and return in the hopes that people don’t bring up Dariano again

  31. Kris

    Torreira reportedly playing well in the first 30 minutes according to commentators. Will def. be worth 40 M next year. Trying to watch, but I’d need some proper opiates to watch Atletico more than 10 minutes. Simeone is Big Sam on steroids (and with a cosa nostra tailor).

  32. Useroz

    The media reported AM has an option to buy Torreira for €20m. Doesn’t sound as though we have the control to up the fee or sell to another club for more as long as AM exercise the option.

    The same old stupid contract Arsenal likes to sign I suppose, unless there are riders such as Arsenal has an option to rescind if done before certain times. Doubt our contract folks are astute though.

  33. London gunner

    Pedro you should add a polling feature

    Q1: how do le grovers rate arsenals squad on paper.

    I regard as 7th best in league.

    Q2: how do le grovers rate arsenals manager

    4th best manager in the league.

    (FYI klopp > pep > ancelottii* > areta > rodgers > biesla*)

    Asterix based on hunch as these managers are some what unknown quantity in this league.

    Arteta is the least experienced and has potential to increase his level further.

  34. Useroz

    To an early point people raised on James and Willian. I think we needed James much more than Willian.

    But the big man Edu is a Brazilian last i checked. Well, Edu should have known better.

    I would be surprised we didn’t need to pay sign on bonus and agent’s fee in Willian’s free transfer. In which case it’s a matter of amounts. We desperately need genuine creativity and flair at James’ level. If we went for James, the only thing we’d argue against is his fitness and pace to play in the PL.

    As one said, imagine Partey and James….. Ceballos would be James’s understudy.

  35. raptora

    Ceballos will never score or assist goals at the rate someone like James does. He just doesn’t go to the dangerous areas. He likes to dictate the game from the middle of the field like Cesc did at the start and at the end of his career. Ceballos scores like 2 goals and assists another 2 a season. James can give you a 20 goals/assists total on a good season. It’s incomparable.

    I would love it if Ceballos can develop his attacking play in a similar way to Cesc. I don’t see it happening though. Still happy with what he is giving us.