Thomas Partey: Solid airport attire + SPACs to debut in sport?

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Is that… you… light…?

Yes, it is.

Finally, the bore-fest of international football is coming to a close and we have REAL football coming back to our screens.

What better way to introduce a better reality than a Thomas Partey special?

I like the travel look. Clearly, this isn’t a man who cares about comfort on a flight and I admire that. A major scourge of modern fashion is the Ryanair-Leisure crew who find the thought of sitting on a seat for two hours so horrifying, they degrade themselves to wearing items like crocs, tennis socks, matching partner tracksuits, and slovenly accessories like neck pillows. I can’t have it, it’s the visual equivalent of a small child kicking your chair.

I’m glad that’s not Thomas Partey. A nice black jean jacket, a polo, and smart trousers. That’s a sophisticated man right there. I also like that he’s a proper watch guy. You always worry about someone when they rock a smartwatch, especially if the band is customised. The 2020 version of a phone holster.

Our new midfield dynamo is going to wear the #22 shirt. He’s picking-up from legends like Gael Clichy, Yaya Sanogo, and Franny Coquelin. Big boots the fill (or iceskates lololololol)

CORRECTION: #18. If I had a smartwatch, this would NOT have happened.

It’ll be very interesting to see what Mikel Arteta does with the line-up this weekend. There’s no team you’d rather your debut signing lands for than a heavy pressing Manchester City. There’s also no worse game because if he plays badly, we’ll all cry and have to sacrifice to the truth-telling radar merchants. Jokes aside, the player is Simeone levels of fitness, so that’s not a worry. The question is whether Arteta wants to throw a new player into a fairly settled system so soon after joining? Two training sessions is not a lot. Still, the player speaks very good English, he’s elite, and there’s no point in buying players if you don’t play them.

Kante has reportedly fallen foul of Frank Lampard and might be exiting the business this January. How do you fall out with Kante? Seems like the nicest guy in the game. Well, we can guess… touchline Billy Mitchell from Eastenders can’t help himself. Wonder if Kante wants to stay in London? Imagine…

I’m not sure if I wrote about Project Let’s Takeover Football this week? Arsenal is part of the big 6 set of clubs that are using the EFLs bailout to take over the game (have the proposal, yet to decide). It’s a grim project where the gist seems to be that the big clubs in the league want to control decisions and the flow of money.

The Premier League is popular, in part, because the prize money is equally shared. Unlike Serie A and La Liga, who distributed according to club size back in the day. Pound for pound, our clubs are richer, which means they can afford much better players than the rest of Europe, up and down the league. The idea that the Billionaires Club wants to end that to entrench their power is not a shock. It’s disappointing though and I’m glad the Government has stepped in.

It was interesting to read that the Liverpool owners are looking to create a SPAC for sporting entities. SPACs are the new hot thing on Wall Street, it’s a blank check company that goes to market with the intention of merging with other companies. I got burned badly when I invested money in Nikola, the CEO floated an electric truck company with no trucks, then he was called out as being a bald fraud by an analyst, and it all went to shit. Fuck him and my shares that are on the floor.

Anyway, Fenway Group wants to create a RedBall SPAC and float it. They’ll buy up sporting tech firms and clubs and build out a mega-portfolio.

As a public company, Fenway could look to buy up more clubs in Europe, where a number have been on the block, according to a person familiar with the matter.

A publicly traded sports organization would be a relatively untested concept in the U.S. Liberty Media Corp. owns the Atlanta Braves, but the baseball team is a subsidiary of a much larger company. The NFL’s Green Bay Packers is owned by shareholders who mostly consist of fans.

RedBall’s board includes former Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore, during whose 20 years in charge English soccer turned into a global export and a television-rights cash cow. Premier League matches air in more than 190 countries every weekend of its 10-month season.

What helps the value of something like that rise? Entrenched power and more TV money. Sport is such a great game to get into. It’s largely recession-proof, the fanbase is inelastic, and the growth opportunity keeps getting bigger as the pipes get wider and distribution becomes easier. Scudamore, an incredibly influential string-puller is on the board. Billy Beane is involved. Let’s see how all that influence pans out as smart people look to channel the sea of money in football into their pockets.

Ok, that is all I have time today. Do NOT be sad. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fresh content.

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  1. Danny

    I agree with a lot here from the previous post regarding Wenger’s book – I wont be buying it, he’s a serial liar, it’s impossible to believe a word of what he’s written in it.

  2. GoonerInNY

    I know this is literally the least important issue in the world, but:

    1) Partey is wearing 18 in all the pictures from today. Did he switch it to 22?
    2) Isn’t it likely that when Sokratis is left off the Premier League roster, Partey takes his 5?

  3. Tom

    No way is Partey starting on two practice sessions against a well drilled City.

    Billionaire owners constantly thinking up ways how to milk the fans for every last penny to enrich themselves and gain undue advantage over the competition………well , color me shocked!

  4. redbro14

    Pedro, the short chapter under our Man’s photo is the funnies I read in a long, long time! Shit day in London, so reading this has really made me lough out loud! 10 out of 10!

  5. Words on a Blog

    Going back to the conversation on here from a few days ago on whether Wenger deserved a “legends” statue outside the Emirates, and who else deserved a statue, I was truly saddened by the lack of support for my suggestion of Lord Bendtner, a truly underrated footballing genius.

    So here’s another suggestion: why not have a statue for the bimbo who managed to blackmail him into paying for a new pair of tits by pretending he’d got her pregnant?

  6. shad

    The EPL revamp proposals are a poisoned chalice because the competition is already skewed in the elite’s favour. Creating a billionaires boys club from that so that they determine happenings for the lower tier clubs is simply killing the game. Live and let live.

    ION, #FreeKanteFromFatLampsChubbies

  7. shad

    How would you buy Wenger’s autobio? I’d steer clear off it especially if chapter 3 is : Chamakh and Lord Bendtner: A duo to die for, and chapter 4 : The world class players I almost sinned but chapter 3.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    I’d put partey in straight away, even if his not up to speed yet it’s better than Mr concrete boots.

    He’s an international player whose played for simeone, I think he’s disciplined enough not to make a year of himself on his debut.

  9. Northbanker

    Up4 – so would I as he’s been playing already and even put in zero effort for Ghana the other night to save himself for this match

  10. Valentin

    Years ago, people joined an investment club and watched as their investment managed by Bully Big mouth was tanking.

    Then Hedge funds were created where people were giving their money to a shyster who got lucky once in exchange for promised return that he was in most case unable to repeat. And in the few cases when they repeat fabulous return continously over 10 years, they turn out to be Ponzi scheme.

    What history has shown is that over a longer period of time, nearly none of the hedge funds beats the return of a tracker fund.

    SPACs is the new fads that gives people the feeling that they are part of it. It is mostly a con job. In most case, the strategy is so risky than most reputable banks and financial institutions don’t want want to touch it with a barge pole. In others, consultancy and management fees eat most of the profit. For every success story, you’ll find 100 of disasters where the only people who made were the initiators who also took a cut to run the damn thing.

  11. AFC Forever


    “I like the travel look. Clearly, this isn’t a man who cares about comfort on a flight and I admire that”

    He’s travelling first class you clown. You try wearing what he is wearing in economy class. Last thing I want is a metal button sticking in some random part of my body because the fat bird in the next seat can’t control her eating.

  12. Words on a Blog


    Do you mean you’re not gonna participate for the fund I’m raising money for to build the new statue of Bendtner ‘s former lover/blackmailer?

    The private viewings I’ve organised are guaranteed to raise money. Vic and HighburyL have given me firm commitments that they’ll pay £1,000 each…..

  13. AFC Forever


    “The book is absolute magic!:

    Well he has a magic hat. It’s got some good bits in it definitely. First half is his life before Arsenal. Best bits for me are the player insights and the Invincibles.

    People forget in 2001-2 we didn’t lose a single away game and that prompted Wenger to say Arsenal could win the title without losing a single game. He said it to give the players confidence not because he believed it. 30 games unbeaten the next season (2002/3) until Rooney stuck that one in the top corner in the last minute at Everton. At the start of the 2003/4 he said it again to the players; you can go unbeaten; this time he actually believed it. The rest is history.

  14. AFC Forever


    “And the loser has to read it!”


    You would be reading it forever with the ego he has. It would be 10,000 pages long.

  15. Marc

    Why does it not surprise me that there are rumours Fat Frank has fallen out with another player. The guy has always struck me as being a massive cunt – too many stories about his behaviour etc.

  16. Dissenter

    Lampard is turning out to be a dick
    Who denies a player request to attend his friend’s wedding. It’s not like he’s a neurosurgeon required to do life saving surgery that can’t wait.
    What a bum-manager. Doesn’t he know that when the klieg lights are removed the player still has to fall back on family and friends?

  17. alex cutter

    Billionaires/corporations using natural disasters to exploit the situation for their gain is commonplace in capitalist systems, and this proposal shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

    It’s called “Disaster Capitalism” — “This centers on the exploitation of national crises (disasters or upheavals) to establish controversial and questionable policies, while citizens are too distracted (emotionally and physically) to engage and develop an adequate response, and resist effectively.”

  18. Tom

    “Who denies a player request to attend his friend’s wedding. It’s not like he’s a neurosurgeon required to do life saving surgery that can’t wait.“

    Is that the real reason given?
    Seems like a perfectly reasonable no go from a manager of a football club during a pandemic.

    Took my wife out to eat at a restaurant in a Chicago suburb where they stay open late and allow dancing by the DJ stand.
    Walking in we walked past a wedding party in one of the two banquet rooms, where in a party of roughly 75 people no one was wearing a mask.

  19. DivineSherlock


    The book of Bendtner , ah what a privilege it would be for the winner , I nominate Dariano btw. If only Pedro had the guts to publish an excerpt from the book on the blog.

  20. Northbanker

    AFC – in some ways 2002/03 was incredible at least for the first half of the season. We seemed to go 2-0 up in 20 minutes nearly every match at one point

    I think we played the best football of all that ‘middle season’ although we only won the FA cup in the end (and came 2nd). Those 3 years were amazing

  21. Big Dave

    You’re on fire, Peds.
    “The 2020 version of a phone holster.”

    ” Our new midfield dynamo is going to wear the #22 shirt. He’s picking-up from legends like Gael Clichy, Yaya Sanogo, and Franny Coquelin. Big boots the fill (or iceskates..)

    “CORRECTION: #18. If I had a smartwatch, this would NOT have happened”

    All that A list material and:

    “Touchline Billy Mitchell”

    Love it.

  22. karim

    Pires’s one has to be the dullest ever.

    Met the twat who wrote it ( Xavier Rivoire, absolute jerk ) when I was living in London, he was friends with my french expats football coach.

    We used to play at Battersea park on Wednesday nights ( 2002 – 2004 )

    Any chance any of you cunts played against us ?

  23. karim

    Switzerland leading 3-2 in Germany with less than half an hour to go.
    Xhaka’s playing but not Leno.

    Gnabry with the equaliser !

  24. Nelson

    Germany va Switzerland turns out to be a good game. I find that Xhaka’s game has improved since coaching from Arteta. He can pass the ball faster now.

  25. Tom

    Apparently the German authorities allowed 300 spectators in a 47k capacity stadium for this game and the German FA said why bother.

  26. AFC Forever


    “AFC – in some ways 2002/03 was incredible at least for the first half of the season. We seemed to go 2-0 up in 20 minutes nearly every match at one point”

    Yes mate. Won the double the previous season didn’t we, but just couldn’t do it again. We had an 8 point lead in March, I think then had a wobble, then Campbell missed the season when he was sent off against Man Utd for an ‘elbow’ on Solskjar which wasn’t, in a game we should have won. Shame Man Utd had such a strong side then with the referees as back-up or we would have been the dominant team..That side we had then was ridiculous. A period of perhaps 6-7 years where the football was mind bending too, leading up to the CL Final in 2006. Robbed of the Champions League because of Lehmans mad moment; poor Robbie Pires trudging off so we could bring another keeper on and still taking the lead. Only to watch Henry miss three chances he would normally bury; no justice. We broke clean sheet records too getting to that final. Best team never to win the Champions League that Invincible one imo. Losing that final was a turning point.

  27. AFC Forever


    “I travel economy more than most. I always dress well. Do not be excusing crocs on this website”

    Crocs are for the tree hugging community. If I had to create a list of ten items that should be a fashionable offence, Crocs are at the top. Closely followed by dungarees.

  28. Danny+S

    Doesn’t matter who we have in midfield, if city press Leno hard enough when we are trying to play out the back they will score lots.
    No confidence in his possession play at all.

  29. AFC Forever

    Pedro, “I also like that he’s a proper watch guy. You always worry about someone when they rock a smartwatch

    Yes you do. Suspect.

    You have to have a proper watch. Makes you look classy & the Ladies love a bit of sophistication. Shaken not stirred and all that. You don’t buy a beer and stick a straw in it.

    If you can’t afford to travel First Class at least make it look like YOU are First Class. A second hand Rolex or a decent TAG will do the job. A grand will do it. Watch the looks you get sitting in economy class with your shirt sleeves rolled up. I always give mine a little polish, so it glints in the light like a celebrities freshly polished plastic teeth. Sophistication beats IT Geek every day of the week. Just don’t get one that ticks, people get a bit nervous on a plane.

  30. Zacharse

    Whenever i see billy beane’s name now i always take a second look. Not knocking sports stats cuz obviously its an important aspect but beane has been bs from the start imho. As an oakland resident and A’s fan since 80’s his legacy has been DOGSHIT. He gets this magical narrative that’s the equivalent of pretending the Invincibles didnt have Henry and Patty in the squad. During the worst drought of the century the local paper published Beane as the largest residential user of water for his extensive lawns… that and he won jackfucking shit w the a’s after his predecessor brought us to multiple world series’…
    Anyway, point is beane is the equivalent of late wenger so don’t believe the hype

  31. Ashwin Gunner

    SPAC is looking like a conglomerate of multiple businesses under one umbrella. This is a massive cash cow, but when the recession hits, they will fall flat…

  32. Uwot?

    AFC- agree with it all.Except you left out a dishonourable mention for “ coco” Almunia.New we were f** d the minute he came on. For me at fault for the two goals.Though 2nd offside.The ref gave Henry no protection from caveman Puyol & his partner who kicked the life out of Henry at every attempt & we had v.little luck that night.13 mins away from delivering the dream.Maybe one we’ll go back & rectify it with some of the luck that the jammy b’stards from Manure,Dippers & chavs have had in some of their finals.

  33. Pierre

    Another winner for Nketiah tonight, broke Shearer’s under 21 goalscoring record …14 goals in 12 games., and yes he plays for Arsenal and has come through the academy.
    Saka and AMN with the England squad and yes, they came through the academy .

    Eddie will score goals, whatever level he plays at …its early in the season but 2 goals in 146 minutes game time, shows that Eddie is coming along nicely .

    His goals per minute ratio for England and Arsenal this season I doubt is bettered anywhere across Europe.

    And yes, he plays for Arsenal football club .

  34. Ashwin Gunner

    “Sophistication beats IT Geek every day of the week”

    IT geeks can be sophisticated….. (Me writing this while brushing my beard)

  35. AFC Forever

    “Maybe one we’ll go back & rectify it with some of the luck that the jammy b’stards from Manure, Dippers & chavs have had in some of their finals”

    Lets hope so. You are right about some of the fortune the others have had.

  36. Luteo Guenreira

    “If you can’t afford to travel First Class at least make it look like YOU are First Class. A second hand Rolex or a decent TAG will do the job. A grand will do it. Watch the looks you get sitting in economy class with your shirt sleeves rolled up. I always give mine a little polish, so it glints in the light like a celebrities freshly polished plastic teeth.”

    Ew. This made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good but showing off your TAG in economy class for the envious looks from that “fat bird”, I’d rather be a smartwatch wearing numpty than this big of a pompous douchebag 😀

  37. Guns of Brixton

    Granit Xhaka was up against Kroos, Goretzka & Kimmich in midfield tonight.

    He finished the game with 95% pass accuracy, 100% long ball accuracy, 100% dribble success rate, 100% crossing accuracy, 6 duels won, 2 clearances, 1 block, 1 interception & 1 tackle.

    From Twitter.

  38. Marko

    Wait so the space where we completely shit talk international football is now propping up someone for their performance in an international game? Hey good for Xhaka having a good game tonight I believe he had a garbage game a few days earlier but who cares about that one

  39. Luteo Guenreira

    Pedro you’re preaching to the choir, I also get the exit row whenever I can. Was just needling at AFC for calling the imaginary person next to him on the plane a “fat bird” in one comment and then proceeds to explain how he impresses them with this shiny watches on the next. Maybe you missed that bit as you were taking notes on what the ladies love, it’s secondhand Rolexes if you missed it.

  40. Aussie+Gooner

    “Youssoufa Moukoko will be called up to Borussia Dortmund’s official squad for the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League group stage, the club have confirmed.”

    So Dortmund are prepared to put a 15 year old in the Champions League squad while Arsenal think Saliba is not ready for the Europa League!

  41. AFC Forever

    Luteo, yes you got me there mate.

    Jamie, kids movements, love that comment. My mate hates my Rolex keeps telling me his TAG is better – I will be beating him up with your comment.


    Bit harsh on Xhaka. You know you can actually not like someone but still acknowledge when they play well? Being fair always makes an opinion more valid.

  42. DAveB666

    Crocs – fine for surgeons and theatre nurses, everyone else HELL NO!

    Got to say I’m liking the initial Partey interviews and reaction – seems like maybe for the first time (in a long time) we have a new Viera/Gilberto.

    Looking forward to seeing our new #22 🙂

  43. AFC Forever


    Lol. Chantel & her three kids, that certainly raised a smile in the Forever household. I guess checking your emails or speaking into your watch is kind of Bondesque. Do you do that wearing your crocs?

  44. China1

    Everyone knows if you want a Rolex you buy one from one of the sellers on the beach in Thailand tourist hotspots. They Only cost £10 as well! They are inflating the prices a whole lot in those “official” shops!!


    AFC forever

    EXACTLY what I wanted to point out before you beat me to it……’s possible to dislike a footballer and actually give praise for a good performance, and Xhaka was good against Germany…..very good infact

  46. China1

    CC I asked you a few weeks back if you always wear a black/navy turtleneck but didn’t see if you replied

    It’s got to be a yes right

  47. Freddie Ljungberg


    Tag actually has in house movement(s) no idea how good it is though.

    Not sure what kind of Rolex you’ll get for a grand, maybe a oyster from the swinging 30s? Or you can get a bezel or dial for a modern-ish datejust for that price.

  48. Freddie Ljungberg

    Re: Xhaka.

    International games are usually played more at his pace so good for him that he managed to keep up, doesn’t make him good enough for us or suitable to the PL.

    Can’t wait to get the Partey started, think he’ll play against City, been too much hype around him not to. Maybe only the last 20 minutes but I hope he starts.

  49. China1

    Freddie I’d love him to but I suspect he’ll be on the bench and only come on late

    I don’t fear city at all and think we have a great chance of winning this game, but I have an inkling we’re going to have a bad day at the office and lose comprehensively. Almost like a punishment for us all getting hype about Partey signing

    But my prediction success rate is remarkably low so that means we’ll probably smash them

  50. China1

    Apart from it benefiting the big 6, are there any actual *long term* benefits to this ‘project big picture’ proposed by liverpool and utd?

    It’s ironic as hell that it’s called project big picture but they’ve failed to sell any particular ‘big picture’ to the fans. It’s just a simple power grab for the big 6 and a large covid payment to the lower leagues to buy their support. Absolutely crap proposal

    I also don’t see any particular logical basis for some of the proposals. For example abolishing the charity shield? Why lol? It’s a single game. It’s a preseason friendly and season opener and a nice celebration for the league and cup winners. How on earth is this a big enough deal to cancel? How does the charity shield worsen the PL? Such a dumb proposal

    As for abolishing the league cup? Again, why? Any argument about too many games is complete BS because teams can and do rotate massively. Teenagers are under 20s can be readily used to give them experience and make up numbers. Any manager that can’t cope with the extra games is just trash at rotating for low priority competitions

    Are liverpool such sore losers that we beat them in the Charity Shield and league cup this season that they want them to be cancelled??? Fucking jokers

    This proposal needs dumping straight in the trash and liverpool and utd should be laughed out of the building. Shame on arsenal is they support this

  51. China1

    The invincibles and double winning arsenal teams used to win/compete for the league and cup, get out of groups in the CL and play the kids for the league cup. However did we survive…

  52. China1

    The other big 6 after utd and liverpool seem to be. Dry quiet on this

    I suspect they’d support it go through but don’t want to be seen to adamantly back it to save face if it fails. Let utd and liverpool take the fall in terms of reputation

    Also notice this proposal comes during covid when lower league clubs are desperate for a bailout and fans aren’t in the stadium to protest. The whole thing is so patently cynical

  53. Aussie+Gooner

    “Eddie Nketiah fired himself into the record books as England U21s all-time top scorer – as the Young Lions secured their place at the Euro U21 finals next year. He jumped one clear of Alan Shearer and Francis Jeffers on 13 and has done it in just 12 games.”

    Congratulations Eddie! Keep knocking them in! But please take the Shearer path and not the Jeffers one!

  54. Jamie

    Freddie –

    I thought TAG still used ETA movements, basically like a Swatch in a steel case. Guess they’ve started making their own in-house.

    Instead of paying a couple grand (the worst price point for a watch, imo)for a TAG, I’d probably get a Tudor. Or spend more money on something that will hold its value. TAGs don’t really.

    It’s genuinely the kind of watch you get given at a bar mitzvah/confirmation/13th birthday.

  55. Sid

    Since the immigrants in the German team have retired its a shadow of itself while the swiss team has improved with addition of immigrants

  56. Pierre

    AFC forever
    “Marko….You know you can actually not like someone but still acknowledge when they play well? Being fair always makes an opinion more valid.”

    Excellent point…

  57. Pierre

    The league cup was, and still is , a great vehicle for showcasing the youth coming through the ranks, plus its ideal for giving players game time who are coming back from injuries and/or are struggling to make the first 11.

    It always proves to be a great experience for the kids to play in competitive matches in front of large crowds.and on TV.

    If they want to reduce matches, the simple solution is do away with the international matches , especially friendlies and the nations league.

  58. Left testicle

    SPACs are the new hot thing on Wall Street.
    You can’t say that. Maybe in the late 70s/early 80s – but not now.

  59. Left testicle

    The male ‘youth’ in this country either don’t care how they look (scruffy jog pants/hoodie) or dress like women with skin tight jeans half way up their leg and a blouse). I imagine Pedro is in the ‘jeggings’ camp.

  60. Left testicle

    Post of the day…

    October 13, 2020 18:14:12
    Partey should smack Xhakalson Viera style with his longstuff

  61. Dream10

    Don’t be surprised if Partey stays on the bench until after next int’l break in November away to Leeds. Can see Arteta rotating between Xhaka/Ceballos/Elneny for the next couple of league matches

  62. Uwot?

    China agreed.WTF are they smoking over at Liverpool.?Looking at some of the finer detail.It appears that the dippers,oilers,spuds & manure ( not sure about the chavs) will be reimbursed for any stadium builds/ repairs undertaken in last 10 years.Spuds chomping at the bit because the apparently get a £ 125 million rebate! Wtf is in it for us?Anyway it seems Arsenal despite The big six tag are not playing ball.( This from a Telegraph article yesterday?)

  63. Marc

    ManU and Liverpool threatening a breakaway league – tell them to fuck off and docked them 50 points a season for 10 seasons.

    It was reported last night that the fan groups of several clubs including Arsenal, Spud’s and Chelsea are against the move – everyone needs to back them.

  64. Danny

    You watch on Sunday.
    The match is on Saturday.

    I expect Partey to start, he’s fit and ready to go.
    If El-fuckin’-Neny starts then Man City will destroy us.

  65. Left testicle

    *Sorry, I do know it’s Saturday. The family have organised a Skype get together for my birthday for 6.30pm. Kick off is at 5.30pm!

  66. Bamford10

    City played the XI below in a 4-3-3 in their last PL match, a 1-1 draw with Leeds.

    Aymeric Laporte
    Rúben Dias
    Benjamin Mendy
    Kyle Walker
    Phil Foden
    Kevin De Bruyne
    Riyad Mahrez
    Raheem Sterling
    Ferran Torres

  67. Bamford10

    Arsenal’s next six matches:

    Manchester City (Sat, 10/17)
    Rapid Vienna (Thu, 10/22)
    Leicester City (Sun, 10/25)
    Dundalk (Thu, 10/29)
    Manchester United (Sun, 11/1)
    Molde (Thu, 11/5)

    A shame we won’t be seeing Saliba in the Europa League matches. That would’ve made those matches more interesting.

  68. Pierre

    “A shame we won’t be seeing Saliba in the Europa League matches. That would’ve made those matches more interesting.”

    Maybe it saves Arsenal money not to play Saliba….

  69. Useroz

    The Maure and Poo proposal is exactly that. Self serving, profit driven, pretentious, short sighted… and it gives the awful feeling that both companies ate trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 challenges and sneak this in.

    Special voting rights?? Since the birth of the PL, other than the usual ‘top 4’ , there have been many clubs that occupied 5 to 10th! Man city nearly relegated once?

    The EPL is being taken for a ride too in the proposal. TV dollars will drop (not purely due to Covid):

    • fewer teams mean fewer games and people bid less for TV rights

    • PPV individual clubs are pushing in any way would erode TV income — fewer audience means lower ads incomes

    Ultimately, a proposal conjured up by two companies would never work. No consultation, discussion etc ( thats been reported) with other players in the industry tells us how arrogant these self righteous folks indeed become.

  70. englandsbest

    It’s ominous that the Big 6 (at any rate LFC and Man U) threaten to leave PL if their Big Picture is not okayed. Is this an empty threat or do they have a European league in mind? Or even a pan-global one?

    Many of the big European clubs have been threatening Eufa with this for years. Hence the climb-down on Football Fair Play.

    This is all about money, of course. Big money, assured money.

    The fact is that neither Uefa nor FIFA can survive as big-time organisations without the big Clubs of Europe. Meaningful international football cannot exist without them.

    My guess is that this is a forerunner, a litmus test. Liverpool and Man U will get some of what they want, but not all. The next steps will likely happen in Europe,

    Let’s hope that FA are no longer useless, as they always have been.

  71. Useroz

    “… glad that’s not Thomas Partey. A nice black jean jacket, a polo, and smart trousers. That’s a sophisticated man right there. I also like that he’s a proper watch guy. You always worry about someone when they rock a smartwatch, especially if the band is customised”

    Jesus. If Partey isn’t on a chartered flight it’d have been first class, not to mention his reportedly £250k per week base salary ie can try to dress as smart as he can be.

    To be fair, not all footballers look tasteful even with plenty of expensive clothes and accessories.

    Though, our Partey wouldn’t look out of place going to a London party!

    I say put on the Partey in the City party. Can’t be worse than the resurgent Elneny. Surely. As the second highest paid star, why wouldn’t Partey be able to navigate even with minimal practice with the team. Partey had featured for AM during the TW and Ghana days ago. As ready as he’d be.

    Worse case, take him off after 60” and Arteta would have ready made excuses. No better time to throw him in. I genuinely think Partey would positively surprise, and we need the win.

  72. Marc


    The FA are useless – the fans are the best chance to stop this. Personally I’d like to see the other PL clubs man up and tell them if they don’t like it to fuck off.

    As big as some PL clubs are they are nothing if they don’t have opposition to play and the simple fact is even Liverpool fans want the Monday morning banter after playing Arsenal, West Ham or the Spud’s etc.

  73. Habesha Gooner

    My lineup against mancity would be a bit defensive but we can do damage. It will be tough throwing in partey at the deep end but I would still start him instead of xhaka.

    Holding, Luiz, Gabriel
    Bellerin, Thomas, Ceballos, AMN
    Pepe, Auba, Willian

    I think we could cause them trouble with this. There is no tierney so I hope to God we play a normal 343 instead of the shifting 343 to 433 formation. Kolasinac cant handle that and we will get desstroyed by mahrez.

  74. Graham62

    I find it sickening that all this ‘big 6’ crap has arisen when so many lower league clubs are struggling.

    Of course, as we all know, it’s all to do with money, nevertheless, it’s about time the FA and PL put the good of the domestic game above their own selfish and distorted needs. UEFA and FIFA are not fit for purpose, we all know that to, but the leaders of our game should be far more concerned about the incredible mis-distribution of wealth and the fact that our game is being destroyed because of greed.

    I love my club but I love football more. If this is a sign of things to come, that would be it for me.

    The governing bodies need to get their act together.

  75. Tom

    “Not sure what kind of Rolex you’ll get for a grand, maybe a oyster from the swinging 30s? Or you can get a bezel or dial for a modern-ish datejust for that price.“

    Freddie, none worth having……….even a hot entry level Rolex will cost you more than a couple grand.
    Friend of mine has a trucking repair shop and clients short on cash offer him goods as payment for servicing their fleet sometimes. And since he’s a wrist watch aficionado his collection is into dozens.
    It’s simply crazy that in this day and age expensive goods still get stolen daily, keeping the phrase “fell off a truck” alive and well.

  76. Marc


    All this appears to be being driven by ManU and Liverpool with “incentives” to get the other big clubs on board. The fear for Arsenal, Chelsea, Spud’s etc is being left behind but the truth is with out the other clubs ManU and Liverpool are fucked. The fans of all the clubs need to be united on this – last time they tried something like this was the 39th game and fan power put a stop to it. The threat of no fans in the stadiums once lock down restrictions are lifted will keep them in line.

  77. Up 4 grabs now


    Tell the bindippers and utd to jog on.

    If they want to break away and form a super league or European league see how long it would last. Do they think it’s going to be top end games every week.

    Take the top 6 teams from England, then the other big leagues.
    Spain: Real, Barcelona, athletico that’s nine teams. then look at the other leagues.
    Portugal:Porto or benfica?
    France:Psg and ??
    Scotland: Celtic and rangers
    Germany: Bayern and Dortmund
    Italy: Juventus and inter Milan.
    Dutch league: PSV and ajax.

    That’s 21 teams which some arent exactly big draw teams.

    Fans enjoy the league games, then europe is the cherry on top when your playing the likes of real or Barcelona etc.

    If you break away you dont still have the league games.
    And fans will lose interest.
    In the long run it wont last.

  78. englandsbest

    What shape would a European league take? I imagine there would be two, an upper and a lower, to allow promotion from the lower, and relegation from the upper. And space made by relegation from the lower to allow entry by an outsider.

    I guess the EFL top tier would become the PL, perhaps including ‘feeders’ from the European League.

  79. Marc


    They eventually push for no relegation from the PL – they wouldn’t admit it now but once they’ve got the decisions being controlled by the “big 9” that’s what will follow. It’s worrying that this is being driven by 2 American owned clubs with who owns us.

  80. Marc


    Agree 100% – if ManU and Liverpool continue to push for this or threaten to leave the PL – kick them out of it. See how long before they’re begging to return.

  81. Valentin

    The Champion’s League revamping is pretty close to a European Super League anyway.

    A European Super League would need to find a way of mitigating the risk of relegation for the big boys. So qualification may be done by a mix of League position, play-off and average of previous season position. So a club with an extraordinary season could participate as one-off. But big clubs would be unlikely to miss it anyway.

    Another possibility would be to have a closed European League with 6~10 places open for invitations. With criteria based on their league position and status. I doubt they would want Burnley invited because they have had a good season.

    So relegation may be decided as a play-off or based on the average points over the last 2 or 3 seasons. So any one season hiccup would have a minimal impact on a club standing.

  82. Marc


    Actually hadn’t thought about it before but would the other “big” clubs across Europe be happy with the English clubs dominating the numbers?

  83. Marc


    That idea is so stupid it’s bordering on retarded – Arsenal bring in close to £100 million a year in match day revenue – do you honestly think they’ll put that at risk?