Thomas Partey: Solid airport attire + SPACs to debut in sport?

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Is that… you… light…?

Yes, it is.

Finally, the bore-fest of international football is coming to a close and we have REAL football coming back to our screens.

What better way to introduce a better reality than a Thomas Partey special?

I like the travel look. Clearly, this isn’t a man who cares about comfort on a flight and I admire that. A major scourge of modern fashion is the Ryanair-Leisure crew who find the thought of sitting on a seat for two hours so horrifying, they degrade themselves to wearing items like crocs, tennis socks, matching partner tracksuits, and slovenly accessories like neck pillows. I can’t have it, it’s the visual equivalent of a small child kicking your chair.

I’m glad that’s not Thomas Partey. A nice black jean jacket, a polo, and smart trousers. That’s a sophisticated man right there. I also like that he’s a proper watch guy. You always worry about someone when they rock a smartwatch, especially if the band is customised. The 2020 version of a phone holster.

Our new midfield dynamo is going to wear the #22 shirt. He’s picking-up from legends like Gael Clichy, Yaya Sanogo, and Franny Coquelin. Big boots the fill (or iceskates lololololol)

CORRECTION: #18. If I had a smartwatch, this would NOT have happened.

It’ll be very interesting to see what Mikel Arteta does with the line-up this weekend. There’s no team you’d rather your debut signing lands for than a heavy pressing Manchester City. There’s also no worse game because if he plays badly, we’ll all cry and have to sacrifice to the truth-telling radar merchants. Jokes aside, the player is Simeone levels of fitness, so that’s not a worry. The question is whether Arteta wants to throw a new player into a fairly settled system so soon after joining? Two training sessions is not a lot. Still, the player speaks very good English, he’s elite, and there’s no point in buying players if you don’t play them.

Kante has reportedly fallen foul of Frank Lampard and might be exiting the business this January. How do you fall out with Kante? Seems like the nicest guy in the game. Well, we can guess… touchline Billy Mitchell from Eastenders can’t help himself. Wonder if Kante wants to stay in London? Imagine…

I’m not sure if I wrote about Project Let’s Takeover Football this week? Arsenal is part of the big 6 set of clubs that are using the EFLs bailout to take over the game (have the proposal, yet to decide). It’s a grim project where the gist seems to be that the big clubs in the league want to control decisions and the flow of money.

The Premier League is popular, in part, because the prize money is equally shared. Unlike Serie A and La Liga, who distributed according to club size back in the day. Pound for pound, our clubs are richer, which means they can afford much better players than the rest of Europe, up and down the league. The idea that the Billionaires Club wants to end that to entrench their power is not a shock. It’s disappointing though and I’m glad the Government has stepped in.

It was interesting to read that the Liverpool owners are looking to create a SPAC for sporting entities. SPACs are the new hot thing on Wall Street, it’s a blank check company that goes to market with the intention of merging with other companies. I got burned badly when I invested money in Nikola, the CEO floated an electric truck company with no trucks, then he was called out as being a bald fraud by an analyst, and it all went to shit. Fuck him and my shares that are on the floor.

Anyway, Fenway Group wants to create a RedBall SPAC and float it. They’ll buy up sporting tech firms and clubs and build out a mega-portfolio.

As a public company, Fenway could look to buy up more clubs in Europe, where a number have been on the block, according to a person familiar with the matter.

A publicly traded sports organization would be a relatively untested concept in the U.S. Liberty Media Corp. owns the Atlanta Braves, but the baseball team is a subsidiary of a much larger company. The NFL’s Green Bay Packers is owned by shareholders who mostly consist of fans.

RedBall’s board includes former Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore, during whose 20 years in charge English soccer turned into a global export and a television-rights cash cow. Premier League matches air in more than 190 countries every weekend of its 10-month season.

What helps the value of something like that rise? Entrenched power and more TV money. Sport is such a great game to get into. It’s largely recession-proof, the fanbase is inelastic, and the growth opportunity keeps getting bigger as the pipes get wider and distribution becomes easier. Scudamore, an incredibly influential string-puller is on the board. Billy Beane is involved. Let’s see how all that influence pans out as smart people look to channel the sea of money in football into their pockets.

Ok, that is all I have time today. Do NOT be sad. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more fresh content.

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  1. Gonsterous

    Guys let’s not forget it was luiz that injured martinelli in training. Really beggars belief why footballers would do that in training. No wonder most footballers go broke, really thick people.

  2. Marko

    His comments on Ozil should be eye opening for some. Honestly there’s still some kinks for Arteta to improve upon sure but I absolutely love how he’s installed a hard working and commitment culture at the club. Something that was clearly lacking under Wenger.

  3. Bamford10

    The Godfather

    “Arteta is a really strange dude.”

    Again, Arteta is doing all of this for the first time; we should expect some hiccups.

  4. Bamford10


    As silly as his Ozil comments were, his comments about the current squad were equally dumb.

    “They [Arsenal] have everything,” he said.

    No, we don’t. Not even close.

    The guy is an empty wind-bag, and he has been for years.

  5. Marko

    He’s probably super complimentary of Ole and the job he’s doing at United such is the insightfulness of Arsene Wenger’s commentary these days

  6. MidwestGun

    My personal opinion is that the Club needs more time to breath without Wenger in the atmosphere. We are trying to rebuild something and we don’t need the shadow over hanging the Emirates. I believe this is one of the main issues with Sir Alex lurking around every corner over at United. United won’t move forward until he isn’t shown every 10 secs with a reaction shot of him sitting in the luxury box.

    Give Wenger his statue sure.. He earned that and more but he didn’t earn the right to influence decision making at the Club in the present .. especially given they way he failed to realize we needed to have a successful transition on his departure and he did nothing years earlier to facilitate that.(Klopp was practically begging to come here at one point) like Sir Alex seems to be doing at United still lurking everywhere on the shoulders of their managers.

    And I think Wenger knows this. Hence why he has kept his distance so far but third season in is not enough time passed. Maybe after a few more seasons under our belt depending how things go with Arteta we can start the nostalgia tour, hopefully, after some successful ones without him around.

  7. Bamford10


    Tell us more about how Wenger was still capable of winning PL titles in his later years and how the problem was really Stan Kroenke. Everyone would like to hear more about that.

  8. Marko

    Midwest there’s a difference between Ferguson hanging around a club and Wenger hanging around a club. For one Ferguson was successful until the very end while Wenger left us declining before he was forced out. That in itself suggests that we’re better off without any sort of influence from that man especially now. I don’t even know where all this has come from honestly. A glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel and a massively important season upon us and this nonsense gets brought up? Why? Let him sell his book and talk irrelevance while we move on and hopefully get back into the champions league. That is the single most important thing for us this season it’s absolutely vital to get back into the champions league this season and with all the finances that comes with it considering the amount of change that is about to take place next summer. Could be the difference between an actual ambitious period for us or more of the same

  9. Champagne charlie


    When you banter someone you’ve really got to stick to things they actually say, and not some warped bollocks you’ve misunderstood. It’s why you’re inevitably the butt of the joke lad, I’ll wager that….

  10. Bamford10

    Also, whoever said that Wenger “knows” he stayed around too long has misunderstood the man, I think. I

    At the end of his new book, he says the following about the decision to show him the door: “It seemed to me that the people making the decisions for the club knew it less well than I did.”

    Wenger still thinks he knew best, and he thinks the club mistreated him at the end. In reality, the club was far too deferential to him for far too long, and he should have been replaced *years* before he was.

  11. Victorious

    You know there is absolute no point coming here during the fvking international break when all you’ll likely meet is idiots like Binford and Marko chatting absolute nonsense about the greatest manager in the club’s history,plastic twats.

  12. DivineSherlock


    Apart from maybe Bergkamp & Henry . I have seen every Arsenal player or manager get slated on here at Legrove , maybe you should stay at Untold if it pisses you off.

  13. Bamford10


    Except that that is what you said, and you know it.

    No surprise you’re running away from it and lying about it now, though. That’s very you.

  14. Marc

    I know it’s off topic and will piss off Pedro but what the fuck are they doing in Manchester?
    Refusing to go into a Tier 3 lockdown when their cases are so high is irresponsible.

    In a couple of weeks they’ll be on the news bitching about dead relatives etc and it’ll still be the fault of those “down South”.

  15. Jamie

    Bamford creates an alt for the sole purpose of throwing shade at the blog, then has the temerity to call others’ honesty into question.

    That’s very him though.

  16. Calypso

    I do recall Wenger saying he’d be happy for Arsenal to finish 2nd for the next 20 years, suggesting fans should shut up and be grateful for small mercies.

  17. Champagne charlie


    You’ve pulled at that thread maybe a dozen times and been left embarrassed each and every time.

    You’re an odd fella, suppose that’s to be expected of someone that fights for fake authority online and does nothing but denigrate a supremely successful professional in Arsene Wenger because you feel it gives yourself an intellectual rise.

    All hail Banford, keeper of truth and knower of things, what a guy.

  18. Victorious

    Apart from maybe Bergkamp & Henry . I have seen every Arsenal player or manager get slated on here at Legrove , maybe you should stay at Untold if it pisses you off.”

    Look here, its one thing slating the players and managers of the club you claim you support irrespective of the credibility of such criticisms and another different matter to come out with something like so:

    ‘Arsene Wenger shouldn’t be anywhere near this club in any capacity.’

    I’ll accept your excuse of being not completely abreast with the difference though, and btw what’s ‘Untold’?

  19. Luteo Guenreira

    Vic said the exact same thing yesterday, how there’s no point coming here on international breaks. And yet here he is again. Another on the list of posters that find no value in meaning what they say. Same kind of internal incongruency that allows him to support Liverpool instead of Arsenal whenever he fancies it I suppose.

    Also whenever Bamford tries to argue with Charlie, it’s like watching a dwarf trying to get a snack off a high shelf he’s never reached before. Maybe today will be the day though! Reach for the stars, guy.

  20. Calypso

    Arsène Wenger Happy To Be Second Best

    Matt Hughes

    Saturday April 09 2011, 1.00am, The Times

    Arsène Wenger mounted a passionate defence of his record at Arsenal yesterday in the face of increasing criticism from the club’s fans over a lack of silverware in recent years.

    The Arsenal manager made the controversial claim that he would happily accept finishing second in the Barclays Premier League for the next 20 years, because he is more concerned with consistency and ensuring the club’s continued place in the Champions League.

  21. DivineSherlock


    Whats wrong with that statement ? Arsene Wenger did do incredible things at Arsenal but now he is not at peak of his powers . He steadily oversaw Arsenal decline , which is why rightly he shouldnt be involved in decision making at Arsenal whatsoever.

  22. Hitman

    Marc -Its crazy situation in the North.
    The Champagne socialist mayor in Manchester doesn’t want Tier 3 Lockdown.
    However his Leader in Westminster ( the traitor who was tipping off the EU behind Boris’s back) wants a full nationwide lockdown.
    Make your mind up guys.

    I think Starmer wants a full lockdown to trash the economy further – as it gives him a better shot at the next election. Copying what seems to be happening in USA.
    Cynical gutter politicians. Any thing to get elected. Including betraying your country and its well being.

  23. Luteo Guenreira

    Domestic window ends tomorrow, but doesn’t sound like Arsenal have anything in the works.

    Saliba still a weird one. Wonder which competitions he’ll play if he’s staying with the squad.

    Pochettino and Allegri both eternally being mooted as options for the United job, really hope Ole lasts this season at least.

  24. Marko

    Listen here super fan victorious you openly cheered for a Huddersfield Town victory over Arsenal under Emery so forgive me if I don’t take anything you say about Arsenal seriously. So far entrenched in Arsene’s rectum you are

  25. AFC Forever

    “I think Starmer wants a full lockdown to trash the economy further – as it gives him a better shot at the next election”

    This is the man who decided Jimmy Saville shouldn’t be prosecuted for having relationships with children and dead bodies. Politicians are a classic example of someone who has never had a job in their lives. A bit like Gareth Southgate; utterly clueless.

  26. Victorious


    Really doing a good job so far outing yourself as one of the plastics I mentioned earlier

    Top 4 every year for 20 years doesn’t sound like a decline to me.

    But it wasn’t good enough for the plastics, so they treated him like dirt, . . .

    The man literally gave the club one of the best teams ever to grace the EPL in the invincibles and yet I’m supposed to take a few pompous fans opinions serious in not wanting him back at the club at ‘whatever’ capacity?

    Go sit down somewhere and have a rethink of the cockwomble you’re coming out with.

  27. Marko

    This is the man who decided Jimmy Saville shouldn’t be prosecuted for having relationships with children and dead bodies. Politicians are a classic example of someone who has never had a job in their lives. A bit like Gareth Southgate; utterly clueless.

    Don is that you?

  28. Marc


    You don’t have to convince me. As far as I’m concerned I’d tell Manchester do what the fuck you want but from now on the area of Greater Manchester will no longer be provided any finance by the Government in relation to COVID. If they’ve got a problem with that don’t bitch to Boris go and tell Burnham.

  29. Graham62

    Have been reading Wenger’s memoirs at my leisure. Nothing to write home about…….. so far. Bought the hardback copy at £25. 350 pages – minus 200 for pictures and data. Loads of blank pages. Q &A segment at the end is very tame. To be honest, I knew he wouldn’t include things that we’d all love to hear about but I must admit his perceptions on Ozil show just why we ended up in the shite with this guy. The fact that Wenger was so lenient in dealing with him is probably one of the main reasons why Ozil ended up being a thorn in our backside.

    I promise to give my full appraisal once I’ve finished the read.

    A spoilt brat.

  30. Champagne charlie


    The list of posters on your “pointless to talk to” list far outweighs the rest, maybe you can get a poster power rankings going next time you’re in excel.

    The dishonesty quips don’t land from you I’m afraid, I could waste my time digging up the posts you’re referring to but it’s been done numerous times and still you, and Red, seem the only ones unable to decipher what I said at that moment. If you still don’t get it literal years later then maybe, just maybe, it’s worth ignoring? Just a thought.

    But if you do want to persist with the dishonesty chat then please put yourself forward for discussion as there’s certainly some ambiguity left in the Dariano tales that are all too recent a feature on here. So over to you on that one, just who is Dariano and where’s he been of late since suspiciously sprouting a voice at the very moment you were banned.

    Do share….

  31. Champagne charlie

    Excuse me, how rude..

    Do share…..Dariano, who is of course a totally separate entity to dear Banford and I wrongly suggested otherwise whilst replying to the latter.

    Apologies Dariano, but how’s things nonetheless? Where are you from and all that, some idle chat always welcome during the international lull.

  32. DivineSherlock


    There is no shame in admitting that the person who once was great isnt anymore. He did plenty of things but like Sir Alex at ManUtd he shouldnt be involved in decision making. Pipe down the Wenger love , this aint the 2000s . Maybe you should visit Untold . Its a website only for Wenger lovers, you’d fit right in with the cockwomble (whatever that means) of yours.

  33. MidwestGun

    Benrahma would have been the one that interested me based on .. seeing him play all of 2 times. 😀 But if they want 30 mill for him… Probably priced out of what would spend on another winger type player. Good signing for West Ham though if it happens.

    So.. that plus the next window is only 78 days away. Not surprised if we are done for now and we wait to see how we do and see what the injury situation looks like in January and return of Martinelli, etc off injury.
    Really wanted an attacking midfield option.. but also wouldn’t mind seeing what Saka and Willian could do from the midfield given that Partey will improve our midfield in the center of the park, hopefully sooner then later though.. Will be very interested to see how it all works out. Our schedule is not kind for working things out slowly, either.

  34. Bamford10


    It is one thing to say that Wenger deserves respect for what he accomplished in his first ten years at the club. He does. It is quite another thing to deny that he was bad and a problem in his second ten years, which is what you are now doing. Wenger was in fact bad in his second ten years at the club, Arsenal were poorly-managed during that time, and Wenger was the central problem at Arsenal during that time. Insulting others because they saw this and you didn’t is no credit to you.

  35. Marc


    “The Country should be burning effigies of Boris for openly infecting the Country.”

    I think that’s case closed on whether Calypso is Redtruth or not.

  36. AFC Forever

    “The man literally gave the club one of the best teams ever to grace the EPL in the invincibles”

    Can’t argue with that. What a team and the attacking football was something else.

    How many of the Invincibles would make an Arsenal greatest 11? Or was it their blending as a team that made them so special? Food for thought.

    Lauren Campbell Toure Cole
    Freddie Vieira Gilberto Silva Pires
    Bergkamp Henry

    What players would be added to make an Arsenal ‘greatest ever’ team, I wonder.

  37. Bamford10


    I remember when you used to defend Lacazette against those here, including myself, who said he wasn’t good enough to be our first-choice #9.

    Now you seem resigned to this view.

    What changed? Your opinion of Lacazette — or Lacazette? Were you wrong about Lacazette?

  38. AFC Forever

    “Not surprised if we are done for now and we wait to see how we do and see what the injury situation looks like in January and return of Martinelli, etc off injury.”

    We are done. Looking forward to Martinelli coming back, he may still be just a kid but he has huge potential. I agree with you about the attacking midfield area, imagine adding a Kevin De Bruyne type? Perhaps Arteta could have a word.

  39. Victorious


    There was no decline in Arsenal’s overall performances between 2005 and 2015/16. In that period the investment in the squad by the club never peaked above 5th but Arsène always appeared in the top 4. He over performed and that’s a fact.

    And with the exception of only one year the winning club always came from a team spending in the top 3. Expecting Wenger to beat clubs spending 10 or 11 times the amount he had over that period was insane

    And Divine with this untold talk again, lol the Fckin irony as you even seem to hnow more about the website than I do

    I suspect you’re even an erstwhile(or active) member of the site.

  40. Victorious

    Can’t argue with that. What a team and the attacking football was something else.”

    Makes you wonder really how far off we’re in seeing anything close to peak Wengaball again anytime soon

    At his absolute peak, the man knew his onions on how to set up a team and just play beautiful football.

  41. MidwestGun

    Yeah I think I saw a thing on him on the Discovery Channel. The creepy mask guy… anyhow. I can honestly say I have never seen an effigy burning. We just make fun of our politicians on late night comedy shows here… no lighter fluid needed.

  42. MidwestGun

    Redtruth loved David Ospina.. a little too much .. in a creepy way.. Just saying.

    Also, I think the worry about Saliba is a little too much as well.. Do people think Arteta is gonna do a Park Chu Young on him? Because I’m not worried about that.

  43. Marc


    Oh dear! Guy Fawkes was part of a conspiracy to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill the King. The plot was discovered on 5th November 1605 and it’s part of English tradition on the 5th November to have a fire works display with a bonfire on which is placed a “Guy”.

  44. karim

    Watching 10 000 people without masks in the stands during Croatia v France really was a breath of fresh air ( no pun intended )

    Meanwhile, the french authorities are setting up curfews from 9 pm to 6 am in all the major cities.

    Depressing stuff really

  45. Bertie Mee

    Undoubtedly Wenger lost his mojo a long time ago. He stayed way too long and made many mistakes .
    But at one time he was probably the best coach in world football and he surpassed Ferguson who is probably the greatest manager of all time.
    Some of the nomarks berating him on here haven’t achieved a shred of what he achieved .

  46. AFC Forever

    “What do you think of Corbyn?”

    He is a Gooner, so I will go easy. Put these two words together: Bell and End

    Imagine him riding through those Communist countries on his moped with his lover, Diane, holding on while counting down the kilometres covered. “That’s eleventy sixteen kilowatts so far, Jerry” she says, wondering why the two left shoes on her feet are so uncomfortable. “Well Jerry, I know he murdered 50 million people but on reflection I’ve decided Chairman Mao did more good than harm” Jeremy nods his approval, just before they pull up to meet their friends who are passing around Molotov cocktails inside a large tent. They pass one to Diane, who takes a sip, “Nice but I think I would prefer a Mojito” she says, reaching for a match to light her Panama cigar.

    “DUCK” screams one of their gun totting friends. Diane laughs, “no, it’s like a “c i g a r e t t e’ she says. “a duck is an animal” One of the terrorists mutters in his own language ‘If her brains were dynamite, there wouldn’t be enough to blow off her wig. How on earth is she an MP”.

  47. AFC Forever

    “If it turns out AFC Forever really is the best behaved version of Un Na Nai……and even then all he could manage was economy class James Bond? Fucking hilarious”

    I can assure you I am not the other contributor.

    Economy class James Bond, loving it.

  48. Bamford10


    “how to set up a team and just play beautiful football”

    The 2010-11 team was the last Wenger team to play “beautiful football”. From 2012 on, the football was very “meh”. Anyone who says otherwise is lying and doing a disservice to the quality of football that Arsenal played under Wenger prior to 2012. Sorry.

  49. AFC Forever

    Talking watches.

    A friend of mine bought me a watch for my birthday but it’s stopped working. I should tell him but I just can’t seem to find the right time.

  50. Champagne charlie

    “I remember when you used to defend Lacazette against those here, including myself, who said he wasn’t good enough to be our first-choice #9.“

    The idea he’s not good enough to be our CF is still a ridiculous POV. I’ve long argued for better balance of our front line and felt the purchase of Auba was the wrong choice at the time and we’d have been better suited buying an actual left winger.

    Since then Auba has maintained, and arguably improved, his potency whilst Laca has changed his game to a striker that operates almost entirely outside the 18 yard box in deep positions – practically nullifying his goal scoring threat.

    At this point I’d sooner put Auba central instead of Laca and replace Laca with a genuine left winger. I don’t love the balance of the front 3, but I’ve a degree of sympathy with Lacazette the past 18 months because we’ve vacated CM of anything creative and Auba is still a player that does all his best work between the goal posts which offers little help to the CF when he’s left.

  51. Kris

    Bamford, if post-2011 Wenger football was “meh”, how would you describe Arteta’s football (up to now, when he’s not yet had players of the calibre of Gibbs, Walcott, Chamakh, Gervinho, or Bendtner to make it more palatable)?

  52. prvhc

    Football under Arteta has been dire, there’s no question about that.
    The fans are tolerant because he’s still in the honeymoon period and is getting better results than Emery and Wenger at their worst.

  53. alexanderhenry


    Good points.

    We were never going to be serious contenders during that period (approx 2005 to 2015).
    Not with the transfer budget Wenger had to work under and definitely not while Man U, Chelsea and Man City were spendling so vastly in comparison.

    At the time, those who thought otherwise were just kidding themselves.

    The bitter irony is that when Wenger was at last given some cash to spend , the old man had lost his judgement. That was when he should have been replaced.
    Instead he was given a new contract personally by Kroenke. He went on to spend very badly on Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi and others and we’re still suffering from that today.
    His decline culminated in the Alexis fiasco when he effectively let £60 million walk out the door.

    He still managed to bag three FA cups though.
    Only the very last season was a complete failure.

  54. AFC Forever


    In the way we set up under Arteta, Lacazette is being asked to do a difficult job. He has played for the ‘team’ and not himself and deserves credit for not throwing a strop, as some would. Very tough to play back to goal against two physical Centre Backs and then be expected to press the back line. Hence why he rotates with Nketiah.

    We have to be fair to Arteta he is trying to mould us into a team and he’s had to do that with other peoples signings. For the role being asked of him, I agree it’s not Laca’s best fit. I think Auba is wasted out wide but then again Henry used to float in from there and that didn’t turn out too badly.

    It is a honeymoon period but I think we know it takes time to build a great team, look at Liverpool.

  55. Bamford10


    “There was no decline in Arsenal’s overall performances between 2005 and 2015/16. In that period, the investment in the squad never peaked above 5th, but Arsène always appeared in the top 4. He over performed and that’s a fact.”

    I would like to challenge a number of aspects of this bullshit claim, but allow me to start by pointing out that Arsenal were in the top three or four in terms of wage-bill spending for most if not all of those years. Indeed, for much of that time, Arsenal spent nearly as much on player salaries as United did, despite the fact that United had far more success during that time.

    For example, in 2006-07, Arsenal were third in wage-bill spending — just behind United, who were 2nd — and finished 4th in the league. Importantly, though, despite spending only £2m less than United on player salaries that year, Arsenal finished *21 points* below United.

    So Wenger spent pretty much the same amount on his players that year as SAF did, and yet he finished *22 points* below him. And yet Victorious would have you believe that: (i) there was no decline in performance during this time, and (ii) any differences in outcome were down to money.

  56. Bamford10


    The football under Arteta so far has been dreck. This can’t really be pinned on Arteta, though, because (i) he’s working with a poor squad, and (ii) he’s focused on playing conservatively, covering over the squad’s weaknesses and getting results. If we’re still playing dreck football in a year, that will be a problem.

  57. MidwestGun

    As your agent.. I can’t let you start giving out information for free like Sid. My fee of 10% doesn’t work out that way..

    As my Grandfather would say… Something times nothing is always nothing.

  58. AFC Forever


    Reading your comments, I think you are obsessed with Wenger. He has gone mate, get on with your life it’s boring. Did he bang your wife?

  59. Champagne charlie


    I don’t disagree, Arteta inherited a team with its strengths and weaknesses and has had little chance to mould it into his own just yet. One significant window so far, and that was a challenging window even at that – yet still very productive.

  60. Bamford10


    Wow, that was a whole lot of waffle.

    Let me get this straight: Lacazette is totally good enough, in your opinion, but you think Aubameyang should start over him through the center and that we should sell Lacazette.


    That’s interesting, because one, that means Lacazette isn’t good enough, and two, that’s precisely what we were saying about the situation some time ago, when you fought us on this point endlessly.

    Regardless, I’m glad you’ve come around to our point of view: Lacazette isn’t good enough to be our starting #9 and should be sold.

  61. Northbanker

    Arteta has to focus on defence because we’ve been so poor there for so long. He inherited poor players too both in defence and in midfield cover. Gabriel and Partey should now help to address this, as will Tierney.

  62. Champagne charlie


    You’re monumentally stupid, of course any opinion beyond the surface leaves you chewing your own tongue like you’re right off the sunshine bus.

    If you want a cliff notes version here you go: we’re a EL team aiming for top 4, Lacazette is blatantly good enough to be our CF. That said, we just signed Auba to a new long term deal and Laca is entering the final two years of his, so I’d sooner see us establish a better balance and the “choice” on who to sell isn’t much of one.

    Did you touch on the subject of Dariano btw? You know, in amongst my “waffle”..

  63. Bamford10


    There are doubts about Sterling as well. So City could be without both of them. They still have plenty of other good players, though. All the same, playing City while they are without DeBruyne, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero definitely helps a little.

  64. Guns of SF

    Bamford I think we take all the points… I mean seriously without that firepower there should be no excuses to not win this game.

    We have a tough fixture list this month, so a win here is mandatory

  65. AFC Forever

    Yes, that is the point really. A Manager needs time because he will need the right players to fit into the system he wants to play. The players need time too, to be coached and know what is expected of them. Bamford was saying that next season if we aren’t better there could be trouble. Who from? It is ignorant to expect a Manager to inherit a squad of players and suddenly turn them into World beaters. It’s taken Klopp 5 years. It’s not as if we can do an early Mourinho or Sir Alex and just buy anyone we want irrespective of price. We need a couple of transfer windows but so far so good.

  66. Marko

    All the same, playing City while they are without DeBruyne, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero definitely helps a little.

    Just a little

  67. Bamford10


    I think we have a better chance of getting a result, but I don’t know that I’d say I expect us to win or that there’s “no excuse” for not winning. They still have loads of quality.

  68. Bamford10


    Dariano is a guy I know who posted a comment on here for me when Pete wasn’t allowing me to post on here. That is all. These yokels think I created a fake person and moniker (“Dariano”). I didn’t.

  69. Dissenter

    “All the same, playing City while they are without DeBruyne, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Aguero definitely helps a little.”

    We need to win on Saturday.
    No ifs, ands or buts.
    City are beatable.

  70. Bamford10


    Also, I’m not “obsessed” with Arsene Wenger. In truth, until recently I had completely forgotten about the man. However, if former AKB’s are going to come here and spout bullshit about the man and his record, I and others will speak up in opposition to said bullshit. That is all.

  71. Luteo Guenreira

    Dariano is the big brother we all wish we had. The friend you lean on when the internet has turned its back on you. The proxy you ask to bang your wife for you when your own dick is so small that her immune system attacks it whenever you put it in.

  72. Dissenter

    Dariano is just an alter ego that was created to cope with internet bullying on le-grove.
    He’s like a teddy bear that gets you to sleep restfully at night.

  73. Dissenter

    **Dariano is just an alter ego that was created to cope with internet bullying on le-grove.
    He’s like a teddy bear that gets you to sleep restfully at night

  74. Uwot?

    I fully expect citeh to have at least 2 if not 3 Of those players ready.Trust me they’ll have them ready in some capacity.They desperate to beat us.De Bruyne had a little tweak.Take that to mean I’d better get off early for Saturday.Stirling has been rested for the last week in prep & Aguero is back in full training.Dont trust the so called injury leak one bit.More concerned what ref Riley has lined up to stitch us up.

  75. Uwot?

    Just checked.Its Chris Kavanagh.where is from?…………………Manchester.😂good old mike the c**t.keeping up the standards hey.

  76. Guns of SF

    Hope to see Partey play. I think he might come off the bench tho

    I wonder what formation we go with?

    against City, I am guessing 3 in the back again since Arty likes to play it safe mostly.

    Needing a solid game from Willian …… fella needs to bring the A game

  77. AFC Forever

    Luteo, Dissenter, Bamford

    Thanks. I googled it just now & found it 17th August on Legrove

    I confess to laughing. I have never seen anything quite like that. Come on Banford that was clearly you on a wind up. Nobody would have the balls to ask a mate to do that, I mean it would be too embarrassing.

  78. MidwestGun

    I’m the real Dariano, Yes, I’m the Dariano
    All you other Dariano’s are just imitating
    So won’t the real Dariano, please stand up, please stand up ?

    Cuz, I’m the Dariano, Yes I’m the real Dariano.
    All you other Dariano’s are just imitating
    So won’t the real Dariano, Please stand up,
    Please Stand up?

  79. Guns of SF

    I hope Arteta allows Partey some freedom… instead of just a DM.

    Ive read enough and seen enough youtube to know the fella got skillz

    Likes to dribble, shoot, can easily be a B2B

    How this works with Xhaka and Dani to be seen!

  80. AFC Forever


    I like what you did there, very shady. You missed this verse:

    May I have your attention, please
    May I have your attention, please

  81. AFC Forever


    Really looking forward to seeing Partey, like you. I don’t think he will be told to sit because he offers something we don’t have in midfield.

  82. Marc

    Good people of Le Grove (and all the other posters) please any CM we have is going to have sit deep to cover for Xhaka. The idea that having a midfield of Partey, Xhaka and Ceballos is suddenly going to have one or two B2B’s pushing play up the field – which is what we all want to see – is not going to happen.

    If Xhaka’s leg falls off between now and Saturday and it’ll be a different matter till that happens we’re going to continue to see a very conservative midfield set up.

  83. Samesong

    Fun and games on le grove.

    What Does Name “Dariano” Mean
    You are strong in material matters, determined and stubborn. You have good business ability. You are a good worker, steady and practical, a builder who takes responsibility well. These qualities may bring you a position of authority and power. You are a doer, down-to-earth, serious-minded, reliable, and self-disciplined; have good power of concentration.You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.
    Position and social status is very important for you and you are always looking for way to improve your position in society. You have power and ability to chose your own destiny and achieve anything you want in life. You can expand in any direction according to your will and the set of values. You have passion for justice and belong to the position of authority. You have an inherent courage and endurance to accomplish “The Impossible Dream”. With the power comes responsibility. You hold keys to the material world, but with this gift comes high spiritual responsibility to be fair and true to others. You are philosophical and mature, determined and intense with a desire to endure, often religious.

  84. Words on a Blog

    AFC Forever,

    Dariano is a “friend of Bamford“ who Bamford will introduce me to as a forfeit when I win the bet I have against Bam when Arsenal finish above Leicester in the Premier league at the end of the season.

  85. Marc


    Why do I get the feeling if I asked your clearly expert opinion on names what Marc means instead of getting a long comment it’d just be one word:


  86. Samesong

    SamesongWhy do I get the feeling if I asked your clearly expert opinion on names what Marc means instead of getting a long comment it’d just be one word:



  87. Marc


    You were supposed to say “No Marc is an ancient name that represents stunning intelligence, boyish good looks and being hung like a baboon” not fucking agree that I’m a tosser.

  88. Champagne charlie

    “Dariano is a guy I know who posted a comment on here for me when Pete wasn’t allowing me to post on here. That is all. These yokels think I created a fake person and moniker (“Dariano”). I didn’t.“

    I’ve never seen Dariano post something on here before then, or since.

    So begs the question, if you were that desperate to air a view about your lame wager with TR7 and Weagle then why didn’t you simply make an alt account yourself, immediately own the fact it was you under a different name, and then address the wager issue……instead of your version which was to allegedly get a complete stranger to the blog to sign up to the blog and post a comment on your behalf?

    How did you get Dariano to express exactly what you wanted? Did you email him? Text him? Sit next to him and tell him what to write?

    Whole thing utterly stinks of desperate embarrassment, hate to see it.

  89. AFC Forever

    Words on a blog

    Seriously? Who the hell bets on the team they claim/pretend to support to do badly.? I thought his gripe was Wenger but it’s the whole club. I did pull him up previously on Arsenal to finish 6th or 7th. Obviously a troll, more than likely a Spud/Chelsea fanboy.. Mind you, those Dariano posts were hilarious, top quality trolling. Pedro loves it, I bet.

  90. Leftside

    Bam, what does Dariano think about London Tier 2? Can you ask “him” what he thinks about our chances against City on Saturday? What does he think of the power rankings?

  91. Marc


    Bamford took inspiration from Pierre – it could even be some sort of demonic sex cult where Pierre is the master and Bamford the apprentice.

  92. Leftside

    Marc, as “he’s” so closely affiliated with Bamford it will probably be an inane obnoxious point of view.

    Top marks for the name Dariano though. 10 for originality although if names were an indicator of character I would think he was a cunt.

  93. Luteo Guenreira

    “why didn’t you simply make an alt account yourself”

    Even funnier to me is that he didn’t even need to do that either, Pedro said Bamford wasn’t even banned at that point when Dariano rose up from the ether.

    Bam couldn’t even bring himself to make a test post under his normal moniker before going Sybil on himself, his pride wouldn’t allow it. The sense of rejection was too great 🤣

  94. Words on a Blog


    Shit, if Dariano and Bamford are one and the same person, does that mean that when Arsenal finish ahead of Leicester at the end of the season and I win my bet against Bam, the person Bamford will introduce me to is…..Bamford.

    Now I’m really scared.

    All alone…locked in a basement….with Bamford/Dariano and possibly Pierre and Özil.

  95. AFC Forever

    All jokes aside, he could have multiple personality disorder. That’s no laughing matter. They genuinely believe they are different people. Banford could be giving Dariano a good rogering as we speak. . Some people develope more personalities, so don’t be surprised if Dr Dick from the Dariano Institute starts blogging pleading with you to cancel your bets.

  96. Words on a Blog

    AFC Forever,

    Without meaning to be disrespectful to you or to people with multiple personality disorders,
    but if you’re a person(s) with such a disorder, say for the sake of argument Bamford and Dariano, how is it possible to roger yourself?

  97. Marc


    “All alone…locked in a basement….with Bamford/Dariano and possibly Pierre and Özil.”

    Don’t worry we’ll remember how you took one – literally – for the team. We’ll all write comments remembering WOAB in future years on match days when we’re playing Leicester. Some will even talk of the chance that somewhere Words on a Blog is out there ready to make his escape.

  98. Moe

    The quote was “Wenger had it in him to win another trophy.”…….hell fuckin NO, he didn’t. Hope he gets ostracized from the club