Free transfer rumours begin to swirl

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So… after a whole week of debating the merits of loaning out William Saliba, David Ornstein reckons he’ll be staying this season.

What a bloody farce.

The only thing I care about is the player being ready for next season. Keeping him is all well and good, but not if he doesn’t land any game time. He’s not going to play in the Europa League because he’s not in the squad. It’d be a very random choice to leave him out of that then keep him in the Premier League one…?

He must have found a stash of pictures or absolutely obliterated a bleep test if he’s suddenly found favour after all the off and on the record commentary. Maybe he trimmed his facial hair? That did need to go.

There’s a story in Spain that Mesut Ozil is about to agree to terminate his deal and join AC Milan. It sounds too good to be true, but honestly, why wouldn’t he? Cancel the Arsenal deal, go to Milan and earn a fat fee, rip up a slower league, get a big deal next year. It’s also rumoured that Juve are circling. Staying at a place that doesn’t want you for another 9 months is bad for the rep and the psyche. Go Mesut… be free.

Gabi 1 is coming back from injury and he’s feeling good.

“I’m feeling very well, I’m regaining confidence and I can feel my knee is better.

“After an injury like this you are kind of scared to force the knee again but the past couple of weeks it has been fine and soon I can start training with the ball.

“I think we have an excellent squad and along with Mikel’s forward-thinking and winning mentality we can carry on doing well.

“We are playing well and training well, everyone wants to win and we are all giving everything. I believe this season is very promising.

He really is an exciting talent. Hopefully he comes back with the same aggression and pace. Question is, where does Arteta play him? Is he going to compete for a spot on the left, or will he look to compete with Eddie and Lacazette as a 9?

Just a short one today because it is NOT a high traffic news day. See you in the comments. x



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  1. Marko

    Are people actually going to buy his book? I mean he was never going to say what really happened in situations that we’d like to know more on because he’s unable to admit fault his ego is too much and it was never going to be controversial or ruffle any feathers because he comes across as boring at. Yes best avoid like I’m sure he does the whole Park Chu Young signing in his book.

    As for Tierney I think the argument being put forward is that he adhered to social distancing and protocol when it came to Christie’s being covid positive and he also tested negative so why does he still have to self quarantine for 14 days.

  2. shad

    Gabi has to displace Eddie and Laca. He has proven lethal through the centre or cutting in from the flank and plays high IQ football. Laca has been decent but he slows our counters and Eddie is still very raw and tbh I don’t think will cut it in a top 6 team.
    A dynamic front 3 of Saka, Auba and Gabi is already giving me a stiffy.

  3. shad

    Speaking of Westham, what on earth do they do their skilful players? Arnatuovic degenerated there and Anderson was a shadow of himself last season… and at one point I actually thought Anderson would be snapped by a top 4 club..

  4. Bamford10

    What happened in the last six days to change Arteta’s thinking regarding Saliba? If they’ve had daily training sessions with the players who are not away on international duty, has Arteta seen something in training that has made him more interested in Saliba, more interested in taking Saliba under his wing, so to speak? Has he had a conversation with the young man? Did the club’s conversations with the Championship clubs give Arteta pause? What changed?

  5. Upstate Gooner

    Sick and tired of Ozil talks. I know one thing is for sure, if I got a chance to sit on my arse, do nothing, and collect 18mil in the process, I wouldn’t say no. And if anyone says they wouldn’t, they’d be flat out lying. Love it or hate it, he’s got a contract and the club has to honor it. Ozil can do as he pleases. More power to him. As to why all of a sudden Arteta stopped playing him is clear as day. It happened pretty much right after Ozil made some comments about China and their treatment of Muslims. Arsenal were very quick to distant themselves from it, and subsequently Ozil was never picked again. Not because he turned into a shite footballer over night but because Arteta (who picked him for every game prior to pre Covid) was told to do so by the higher ups in order to keep that Chinese market happy. If I recall correctly, they pulled our game against Man City from the air, and that was beginning of the end for Ozil.

  6. Bamford10

    Subject: Wenger’s Book

    I personally am most curious to know what Wenger has to say about his final twelve months at Arsenal. Some key moments in the timeline include:

    April 2017: Wenger is publicly asked about whether the club will bring in a Director of Football to work with him; Wenger says he has no idea what a Director of Football does. “It is somebody who stands in the road and directs play right and left?” (Yes, he really said this.)

    May 2017: Arsenal finish 5th and outside the top 4 for the first time in Wenger’s reign. Arsenal finish 18 points off of 1st; Spurs finish 2nd.

    January 2018: Arsenal sign Aubameyang for record fee. Gazidis and Mislintat are photographed in Germany finalizing the deal.

    February 2018: Josh Kroenke arrives in London for a reported three-month stay. He is said to be taking a closer look at all aspects of how the club is run. The younger Kroenke ends up staying for only six weeks. Rumors abound that Arsenal are planning for a post-Wenger future.

    April 20, 2018: Arsene Wenger announces he will be leaving the club at the end of the season, saying: “After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.”

  7. Gonsterous

    Unpopular opinion, but I’m with trump on keeping an eye on China. They are a dodgy country, who are gaining too much power and need to be kept in check (sorry in advance for the politics talks)

  8. Gonsterous

    Another unpopular opinion, I agree with pierre as in, we need to keep saliba and let him play the league cup and europa league games, then the fa cup games. Maybe playing him in 40 games is not a good idea, so we can control that, if he’s at the club. And can develop training beside gabriel and co.

  9. Tom

    Arnautovic when moved to a striker was very good for the hammers but decided he wanted to leave for China against the club wishes.
    He did well there but realized like most players going to China that their league is shit and wanted to come back.

    Anderson has been in the same predicament for them as Pepe for us.
    Brilliant on occasion but not consistent enough, and definitely not a well rounded player who can be reliable with his defensive duties.
    West Ham resurgence has been based on hard work at both ends and players like Anderson or Yarmolenko ,who don’t offer enough when without the ball , have seen their minutes cut.

    You could say Moyes and Arteta have a similar philosophy of non negotiables

  10. crimson

    Looks like a U-turn on Saliba being loaned out. Mistakes were made by not including him in europa league squad. Its 2 and a half months till he can be a loaned back to St Etienne. Time for him to learn the English lingo playing in Premier league 2 and maybe sitting on bench for the real thing. Hmmm

    Mesut got another payout. Not his fault. Gazidis too blame for that.

    Auba should be fine for man City… Pheww
    Tierney is out… BOO
    International breaks are Poo
    The TV companies asking for more money to watch a game- they haven’t got a clue

    Happy that Martinellis knee is on the mend… Missed him.

  11. Zfree


    Interesting thought but I doubt that is what happened with Ozil. That’s the sort of thing you can easily work through with the player if everything else is okay. Club would make a statement. Would have player make some kind of statement. Freezing out a starter entirely bc you want to preserve fans in China? Nah.

    Ozil’s not playing bc he doesn’t work hard, he’s got a terrible attitude, he refused to take the pay cut, breaking ranks with leadership and his teammates, and bc they probably hoped him never being selected would convince him to be open to a move away.

  12. Tom

    Unpopular opinion, but I’m with trump on keeping an eye on China. They are a dodgy country, who are gaining too much power and need to be kept in check (sorry in advance for the politics talks)


    A totally not an unpopular opinion regardless of ones party affiliations.
    China is a menace and a thief of intellectual property the likes of which the world has never seen.

  13. silentstan

    you label the Saliba situation a farce.
    But its only a farce because know nothings like yourself keep commenting on unsubstantiated rumours.
    As for Ozil. He knows he isn’t required, loves the 350k for doing nothing and he plays petty social media games, so by all means sod off

  14. Zfree

    It was really weird to me that arsenal had Özil do some video on their website/social media. Was that an attempt to make him work for his wages? What was the point of that? If freezing out a player, why dangle him to the fans on the social media accounts?

  15. Valentin

    Btw somebody should tell the club and Özil that this PR campaign run by Arsenal against Özil and the one by Özil against the club is unedifying for both parties. The world knows that Ornstein is the unofficial mouth piece of Arsenal. So when he reveals that Özil has received a £8 millions loyalty payment, it is clear as day that came directly from Arsenal to embarrass Özil after the stunt he pulled with Gunnersaurus. It is petty and counterproductive.

    Fans know the broad fact related to Özik, so releasing that loyalty bonus info will not change their opinion. Those who already thought that he was a leech will just be even more convinced. Others will think that irrespective of the individual, a company that willfully sign a contract should not complain later about the term of the contract. Especially when the club have just signed another player on similar terms. Care to explain how Partey having a £2 millions signing bonus differs from a loyalty bonus and still expecting Athletico Madrid to pay for his previous year loyalty bonus because he has not officially dropped a transfer request when it is clear that his agent had been chasing a deal with Arsenal since last year.

  16. Dissenter

    Isn’t Benrahma a winger?
    We don’t need him. He’s 25 year old and still in the championship.
    I’ll play Saka ahead of him everyday of the week.

  17. Karsa

    Arteta stopped playing him is clear as day. It happened pretty much right after Ozil made some comments about China and their treatment of Muslims.

    Upstate. I believe Ozil played another 12 games for Arsenal after making those comments about China.

  18. Zfree

    Pedro (or comments section)

    What’s the deal with this “Project Big Picture” and do these proposed changes have any chance of passing?

    I’m seeing that one of the things included is “retrospective subsidies for stadium builds/improvements.” And that Liverpool and Spuds would benefit from that.

    Is this to the point where Pedro should do a post on it, or is this all very far fetched still?

  19. Dissenter

    The only way a loan to a championship club is acceptable for Saliba is to include penalty clauses. He has to play so have the receiving club agree to a financial penalty if he’s fit and not playing.

    Westham were ready to sign. a 50k weekly non-playing penalty to sign Tomori on loan from Chelsea . [if you believe the tabloids]

  20. Chuma Ikeazor

    Ozil was once Arsene Wenger’s golden goose hence the fat contract, how Art the Mighty Fallen, I have huge respect for him except when he looses the ball. It would surely make huge meaning if he moved on…surely, he is talented enough to find a safe space anywhere, surely America would be ideal for him given his age currently, as DIE HARD Arsenal fan, I will always wish him well.
    Parties should find a solution once and for all.

  21. Valentin


    Like many have said the argument that Saliba was not physically ready was pure non-sense. If a player is not physically ready for the premiership, you definitely do not send him in the Championship that is a more brutal and more relentless league without the subtleties and technical abilities of the premiership best strikers.

    Look forward for the mental gymnastic by some to justify now the opposite decision that they supported one day ago. It was the wrong decision then and those not taken by the cult of Arteta could see it. Good job the coaching staff also realised it. Better late than never.

    The main issue with Arteta making a U-turn is the fact that Saliba won’t be able to play in the Europa League. However as Arteta had made clear that he wants to go for that competition, he will therefore use his first team rather than make 11 changes and rely on fringe players. So even if he had been included in the list, he may not have played in the competition anyway.

  22. Dissenter

    Wit all due respects, your comment.about telling Arsenal to desist from running negative news about Ozil is bollocks.
    The club is perfectly entitled to fight back against a player “offering” to pay the wages of a laid off mascot-staff.
    The news about Ozil receiving an £8 million ‘loyalty bonus’ is pertinent info that all fans would have before making up their mind either way.
    ‘Loyalty bonus’ while he stabbing the club in the back every chance he gets.

  23. Bamford10

    Ozil posted his criticism of the Chinese government’s treatment of Uighurs on December 13, 2019. Our match with City two days later was blacked out in China, and Ozil’s social media accounts were blocked in China as well.

    While Ozil did not play in the next PL match — 12/21, against Everton, Freddie’s last match as manager — he started every single PL match thereafter until the shutdown, that is, every single match between December 26 and March 7.

    It wasn’t until football returned in June that we began seeing Ozil-less starting XI’s at Arsenal, and this started in the first match back, on June 17 against Man City.

    There is no evidence to support the claim that Ozil is out of favor at Arsenal because of his political statements on China. Instead, it looks like he fell out of favor at some point during the shutdown, the return to training and the preparation for the restart.

  24. Bamford10

    Just to be clear: Ozil started in 10 straight PL matches between 12/26 and 3/7.

    He posted his criticism of the Chinese government on 12/13.

  25. Dissenter

    Some of Ozil’s public utterances have burned whatever bridges are left; The interview in the summer and the gunnersaurus tweet.
    There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, I wish the club just considered him a business loss and nothing more. Don’t register him in the premier league and don’t let him train with the senior squad.
    He can leave in January or when his contract is over, the choice is his.

  26. Uwot?

    The day we no longer hear any reference to that waste of space ozil will be a blessing.Seeing as Gazidis is to blame for offering / authorising the ridiculous contract he( ozil ) is on ,its only fitting that the snake oil salesman should replicate that at A C Milan & take ozil off our hands.Aplogies to AC fans in advance but hopefully you’ll be able to sack Gazidis end of next season for gross stupidity & negligence.Weve suffered enough already.

  27. AC

    Hypothetical scenario: what if Ozil decides to stick it to us by ripping up our contract and joining spurs to prove that he is a good player. I mean if he wants he can be good and he will be ready to take a big pay cut just to stick it to arteta and board. I guess there are too many “ifs” here.

  28. Guns of SF

    Aplogies to AC fans in advance but hopefully you’ll be able to sack Gazidis end of next season for gross stupidity & negligence.Weve suffered enough already.

    spot on!

  29. Guns of SF

    he can go to whatever team I dont care. Spurs or whomever.
    His time is over here and needs to leave.

    We need to get a proper CAM next. Not OZil never.

  30. Marc

    ” what if Ozil decides to stick it to us by ripping up our contract and joining spurs to prove that he is a good player.”

    Oh my God he got an assist – fortunately he then needed 3 weeks off, missed the next 2 matches because he didn’t fancy them and then fell out with Mourinho.

    Crying out loud – if something gets him off the wage bill it doesn’t matter where he goes.

  31. Madhushekar MC

    It’s clearly due to him.not accepting a pay cut when everyone in the team did. It’s Ozil saying he js different from team. Many during the pandemic had pay cut. My pay was cut and nobody asked me they just sent an email. Sure Ozil tried to do PR drama by saying that he will pay Gunnersauraus but Arsenal PR kissed a trick by saying thay if Ozil had taken his pay cut it would have saved Gunnersauraus job!

  32. Tom

    Valentin, a cult of Arteta, seriously?
    As a non member can I just say that I trust Arteta’s judgment if he thinks Saliba isn’t ready and the reasons as to why aren’t really important to me?

    If Arteta reverses himself twice more I just might find it weird but still won’t lose my shit over it the way some have.

  33. karim


    I would certainly know that kids like playing for hours after school in addition to their club sessions, I was one of them.
    My dad even had to drive all around my local area in order to find me when I was 10 or something.
    I do remember his reaction when he eventually put his hands on me lol !

  34. Uwot?

    If the topic PBP has already been discussed my apologies s.But it seems to me to appear to be a bit of a proposed “ carve up” for Liverpool & Man U.With the likes of the spuds potentially benefiting to the tune of £150 million ffs.Even the oilers could get £50 million backdated for a recent stand improvement.( which is taking the piss,seeing as the stadium is owned by the council)Don’t see any mention Of Arsenal benefitting from this proposed plan as their stadium costs are older than 10 years.The Proposed cut off point.Is this a f*** ng joke? 😤I refer to the article in The Daily Telegraph.

  35. Valentin


    I wrote BOTH are unedifying.
    Everybody could see that what Özil wrote was correct but that his motivation was self interest.
    Responding in kind is just bad judgement and make Arsenal look petty.
    In my view best to leave it there and ignore his tweets. Getting involved in a tit for tat tweet war is just plain daft.

    George Bernard Shaw Quotes
    I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

  36. englandsbest

    One thing you do have to admire about Ozil is his byzantine cunning. He has played Arsenal like a tame trout. No doubt he’ll skewer the club for millions more to just pack his kit and leave. He’d make an awesome politician.. Turkey’s next president?

  37. Marc


    There’s been rumours the Government isn’t too happy with the proposals and I believe that for any rule changes it takes 14 clubs to agree. Now my guess is there’s going to be at least a handful of teams that will shit themselves at the thought of going down to 18 teams – with the prospect of once the rules are passed a year or two down the road the rules are changed again to stop any relegation when they will have no say.

    The fans do need to make their voices heard on this and get the fan groups across all the teams to start putting pressure on the clubs, Government, FA and anyone else who can be got onside.

  38. Wengaball

    This is my take in the Özil situation – long post warning.

    1) the new post Wenger regime wanted a financial rationalisation. Kroenke junior said on record – we’ are a Europa league team on Champions league wages/budget.

    (As a complete aside, he never bothered mentioning that we had been a Champions League team on a Championship budget for 20 years)

    2) Part of the rationalisation was to get rid of Özil. He was probably asked to find another club when Emery came in. My hypothesis is he refused – he had literally just signed the contract. And that’s where the enmity began.

    3) Either because of bruised egos or in a bid to force him out, Emery was possibly instructed to not play him.

    4) By now it was a battle of egos. Özil probably decided to dig in his heels.

    5) At some point Emery reintegrated the player – possibly because the squad was playing so badly that egos were kept aside.

    6) Arteta clearly fancied the player and got a good stint out of him. Özil dug himself onto a hole with his China comment but the club, probably on Arteta’s insistence, let it go.

    7) The pay cut refusal was the last straw. Özil probably had no interest in doing any favours to the bunch that had been wanting him out, and Kroenke Jr. was not having any more of what he probably saw as insubordination. By this time Arteta probably didn’t have any say.

    8) The summer interview and latest Gunnersaurus episodes, especially the latter, was the player trolling the club after he had been categorically told he would never play again.

    Lots of assumptions but if you follow this logic, you would not conclude that the player is not interested in playing, just collecting his pay cheque. It is more likely a bitter situation came about after a series of bad decisions on both sides.

    The club should have probably concluded a long time ago that there’s no point trying to force him out,, a d handled it more pragmatically. On Özil’s part, he should have probably left when he realised he was not wanted. And specially not resisted the pay cut when he knew the situation was already pretty dismal between him and the club.

  39. Marc


    There are a lot of rumours that Ozil wouldn’t tow the line during lockdown on training or taking part in online meetings.

    Simple fact is Ozil’s a bad egg on crazy money who doesn’t even have an up side anymore.

  40. Valentin


    Your dad may have been strict but at least he came looking for you! You may have ended up differently (I mean worse off) if you had been allowed to spend the entire night outside with older and more dangerous people!

  41. Valentin

    The drop to 18 clubs make sense when you compare with the other major European countries that most have only 18 teams.
    However when you know that the purpose is to free dates to accommodate the expansion of the Champion’s League, you then realise how self interest and agenda drive is that allegedly friendly offer.
    For a nano second, I fell for it and believed that the rapacious Glazers that would be willing to do something that will cost them money for the good of their hearts. Then I woke up.

    This is clearly the first step toward a closed up or relegation and qualification to the European tournament based on average position of multiple years meaning no relegation for the big 6 and no qualification for clubs outside the big 6.

  42. Marc


    The whole thing stinks – why on earth we need to be able to accommodate more fixtures in the CL is beyond me the group matches already contain 50 odd % that are a waste of time.

    The whole reason the PL has be the success it is is because of the way it made decisions and spread the money. There may be some bribes I mean sweeteners early on but it’ll fuck the cast majority of clubs.

  43. G

    ” Are people actually going to buy his book? I mean he was never going to say what really happened in situations that we’d like to know more on because he’s unable to admit fault his ego is too much and it was never going to be controversial or ruffle any feathers because he comes across as boring at. Yes best avoid like I’m sure he does the whole Park Chu Young signing in his book.”
    Would defo read his book.. MOST Arsenal supporters will

  44. Marc


    Sorry mate missed your point but I’m guessing it’s that Xhaka is now not required in any way shape or form.

    I should point out that pissing me off is not a benefit to Arsenal.

  45. Up 4 grabs now

    Good evening,

    Valentin, only the Dutch and German league have 18 teams all the rest have 20 teams.

    They tried this year’s ago where most of the league’s had 16 or 18 teams. It didn’t work then so they all went back to 20 teams.

    The old division one before it became the premier league used to be 22 teams!

  46. raptora

    “Partey can do it all” is what I read in a SkySports article.
    He doesn’t have many weak sides to his game. It’s a matter of surrounding him with serious players and he will be great for us. He could be our Fernandinho, another player who has/had it all.

    Arteta will try to replicate Pep’s Man City. Aouar was supposed to be our KdB I assume but Ceballos will have the honour this season.

    I’ll stay open to a Xhaka, Partey midfield, as I should be, maybe it works out, maybe not. I’m pessimistic about it but we have to try it and see how it goes. Then the obvious and best mid combo in my eyes would be Ceballos, Partey.

    All I want is that if we are going to play with 3 in midfield and 4 in defence, then I hope the 3rd in midfield is an actual attacker like Willian or Saka. I wouldn’t want to watch a mid of Xhaka, Partey, Elneny. If you need defensive stability rather play Partey, Elneny base, where they are primarily defending, and have the front 3 + one of Willian/Saka, even Martinelli, as our CAM to have enough people attacking. A defensive midfield 3 will be such a bore especially when we just upgraded with Partey in.

  47. Pierre

    Dear oh dear , If it’s not the Wenger obsessives ,it’s the Ozil Obsessives……Wenger and Ozil, hated by a minority of their own supporters but respected all around the world for the joy they have brought to millions of football fans on and off the pitch..


  48. raptora

    Ashwin GunnerOctober 12, 2020 16:17:16
    I think they have to submit the list of squad before 16th. Guess Arteta can still put Saliba in the squad.

    No, 16th is for the Premier League and Salina isn’t even a problem there since he is 19 and he doesn’t even need to be registered.

    Europa registration for group stage is over from what I’ve read. It’s done and dusted. Saliba will not be playing in Europa League’s group stages.

    Good thing we have all the other 320 CBs that made the cut.

    Club really butchered it. The funny thing is Saliba has already played in Europa in his career. But was supposedly not good enough to play there for us?

  49. Danny+S


    Respected all over the world….. that’s why all those clubs have been bidding for him desperate to take him away from his misery at arsenal.

    As I’ve said before, your defence of Ozil says a lot about your character Pierre.

  50. Victorious

    Partey has a very good long ball on him,Can see the likes of Auba,Pepe and Saka licking their lips at the prospect,further negates Xhaka’s usefulness to the side

    Simply put id be very worried if I was Xhaka.

  51. andy1886

    Wengaball – this one made me laugh “(As a complete aside, he never bothered mentioning that we had been a Champions League team on a Championship budget for 20 years)”

    Funnily enough while AFC were finishing 3rd and 4th during that time we were doing it on the 3td or fourth highest wage bill.

    So par for the course.

    Also as you may not have been aware over the last five years or so we have the third highest net spend behind only the two Manchester clubs (and ahead of Chelsea even after their splurge this summer).

    So this ‘myth’ of poverty really is just that – a myth.

  52. Graham62


    You use the “hate” word again.

    The only obsessive on here is you which, based on my calculations, puts you in the minority.

    The vast majority of fans wanted Wenger out of the club and the vast majority of fans also want Ozil gone.

    Simple really.

    Both Wenger and Ozil deserve their plaudits for what they achieved but at the same time they deserve to be scorned for their failings and embarrassments .

  53. Dissenter

    Arsenal need to object to this ‘project big picture’ nonsense
    Just read that all clubs will put about £150 million yearly into a central pot for stadium redevelopment such that the likes of spuds will qualify for about £125 Million for their new stadium,
    The whole project is crap. The project started made the league the most profitable in the world. It’s not broken so why fight to dismantle it?

  54. Rich

    Monopolies are bad for football.

    The German, French, Italian, Scottish league’s, have rarely been interesting within the last decade, and the competitiveness of the Spanish league isn’t much better.

    The draw of the PL is it’s competitiveness, and the cycles of different winners over the past decade.

    I’d like to see the 17/8 rule brought down to 15/10 or 14/11, we can still attract the best from around the world.

    But have more emphasis on giving young people opportunities, so instead of just knowing who the best cheque book managers are, we’ll find out which coaches are the best at developing young talent.

    The argument against this is that you’ll put the supply + demand aspect too far in favour of homegrown talent, and wages will spiral, the counter argument is, invest more into our academies and into young people, not just in their footballing education, but their education away from the pitch.

    We need to make the league more competitive, not less.

    Forcing the hand of cheque book managers like Pep to give more young people opportunities, ales the league much more interesting


  55. Upstate+Gooner

    “The vast majority of fans wanted Wenger out of the club and the vast majority of fans also want Ozil gone.”

    You’re talking out of your arse, Graham. By far more fans wanted/want the opposite. I’ve been following Arseblog, Untold, 7am kickoff, JustArsenal, and I can say that majority of opinions differ from those on Le Grove. After the game against Fulham, video of Ozil in training got over 250k views on Youtube in 2 days with mainly positive feedback. How many different posters are on here? Exactly.

  56. Pedro

    Upstate, internet support and in the ground support are not the same. Fans weren’t going to games at the end of his tenure… the atmosphere was toxic. A bunch of cucks on the internet calling him daddy isn’t indicative of reality.

    Also, 250k is not a big number on the Arsenal Youtube. Majority of Arsenal fans, not Oziltoligists, have wanted him gone for a long time.

  57. Upstate Gooner

    A bunch of cucks calling for his head on here isn’t a good indicator either, Pedro. The last poll I’ve seen online had close to 65% in favor of Ozil. That’s two thirds of people who voted. Personally, I got no beef with him. Always liked him as a player and always will remember him fondly. His contract shouldn’t even be discussed. Him and his agent did good, and the club must honor it. Bet they still sells a ton of jerseys with his name on the back.

  58. Pedro

    Twitter polls are the worst barometer of reality. You have very low standards if you’ll remember Ozil’s time with us with fondness.

    Wenger can’t get a job, that’s a pretty good indicator of where the coach stands in world football.

  59. raptora

    1 year ago. 51% Ozil out.
    That’s with a Emery on his way out.

    The Arteta factor is massive at the moment. He’s developing what would be AKB II.
    With Arteta’s influence in mind, and how he has more or less united the fanbase, I’d expect 2/3 of the people to be perfectly fine if Ozil never plays for us again and would have agreed to offload him asap if a chance arises.

  60. Uwot?

    I’d be fairly certain any online poll in favour of ozil staying at Arsenal is primarily made up of Turks,Muslims & opposition fans on a wind up who’d love to see us stuck with him forever.why? Cos he no longer contributes.By that I mean the quicker he f**s off the better for all concerned.

  61. Rich

    The Ozil argument is over, he’s absolutely finished, and has been for a long time.

    Arteta is going in a different direction, the only question left is, does Ozil stay and collect his wages? Or does he cancel his contract now?

    My guess is he’ll probably stay until end of Jan, then go join Inter Miami.

    His options at this point are likely narrowed down to The States, The Middle East, or Turkey.

    Any of the big guns in Europe would be crazy to take a punt on him.

    A joy to watch on his day, unfortunately those days haven’t been anywhere near as regular as they should have been, he’s not had a consistent run of form since the first half of the 2015/16 season.

    I’ve never quite understood the hype, an expensive luxury, we should never have accommodated.

  62. andy1886

    Upstate, Untold isn’t a blog, it’s a cult.

    So you don’t begrudge Ozil his wages even though it’s damaging the club you to support? Like Untold that’s the cult of personality, supporting the club means something bigger than any one individual.

  63. Upstate Gooner

    Low standards, Pedro? We have the likes of Xhaka and Elneny playing for us week in and week out. The midfield and the front three are starved of creativity. I’d rather see Ozil out there than someone like Willock. Villa beat Pool 7-2 a week after we took a 3-1 hammering from them. Unreal. Partey signing might paper over the cracks some but the harsh reality is going to bite us in the arse pretty soon, I’m afraid. It’s top 4 or bust for your golden boy. Anything less will be considered as a failure. And I’m really hoping that Ozil won’t be the last one to have a laugh because he sure did with Emery.

  64. izzo

    Lol saying you’d rather see Ozil play. To do what exactly? its 2020 and the Ozil you saw in 2015 is not the same one you see today who is mailing it in and doing nothing for our future. Do you love Arsenal or Ozil??? Pick one! I really expect once he finally leaves you lot follow him out the club. Don’t show your face here commenting like you care about the club. Disgusting sheep!

  65. izzo

    Also this Saliba talk is boring af. If he’s being a whiny little bum teenager and isn’t ready., bitch the door is wide open and he can leave. There is always another Saliba out there. World of football is an endless machine and its ridiculous how much fans latch onto players. Were you not loved by your parents? Sheesh get a life! If they suck I won’t bat an eyelid if they’re sent packing.

  66. Pierre

    Ozil will only be over when we bring in someone better than him….as yet that hasn’t happened, so of course , when the team plays with such an obvious lack of invention and creativity , ozil’s name will come to the fore.

    When we sold Anelka , Henry was brought in and then RVP took over the mantle.
    When we sold overmars…pires was brought in .
    When Berkamp retired , Fabregas and then Ozil were the creative sparks
    When we sold Vieira… replacement, and that’s why fans still talk about him to this day .

    Last season it was supposed to be Ceballos who would step into Ozil’s shoes ….it didn’t happen .
    This season, Willian was supposed to provide the creative spark….I’m not convinced .

    So yes, supporters of Arsenal who like to watch quality football and haven’t a sad agenda against Ozil ,will question as to why he is being overlooked, and that will continue to happen until we sign or bring through a player that is better than him .

    Mayne it is just not that easy to replace a player of Ozil’s talent…

  67. Dissenter

    Ozil is as far away from quality football as the North Pole is distant from the South Pole.
    Ozil, is done at Arsenal, whether you like it or not.
    My commiserations to you because you have to take your fixation elsewhere..

  68. Bamford10


    “By far more fans wanted/want the opposite” — i.e., wanted Wenger to stay, want to see Ozil return.

    Right, but this is only proof that most Arsenal fans are clueless.

    Wenger was a past-it, clueless dinosaur *for years* before he was shown the door. Anyone who didn’t see this was either not paying close enough attention or doesn’t see things very well when it comes to football.

    As for Ozil, he has been a non-entity of a footballer for years now. Look at his stats over 90 minutes for the last three years. They’re pathetic. The last time he had even a decent season was 2016, i.e., four years ago. Ozil is dead as a footballer and he has been for some time.

  69. Tee

    Can’t believe there are fans who love certain player more than the club they chose to support.

    It’s obvious to the blind and audible to the deaf that Ozil is on a mission to fleece the club. How Pierre and his likes find it comfortable to back this bursted flush at the expense of the progress of the team they support shows the kind of fans they are.


  70. Tee


    Hope you would follow Ozil to wherever he goes? At least, it will save us the migraine of reading your Ozil love post everyday.

  71. Pedro

    Upstate, the golden boy has beaten Liverpool 3 out of 4 times. Again, what a weird world view you have when you use the biggest freak result of the century to prove we need a player in the team that has less assists over two seasons than Andy Carroll in one;.

    Though it is not surprising that you’d prefer to see us getting rolled with Mesut Ozil in the side, than watch us win. That is very in keeping with the nostalgia crew that call Wenger ‘father.’

  72. Emiratesstroller


    I do not understand your rationale that the Ozil saga will be only over when we bring in someone better.

    The reality is that every player on our books who is committed to playing for the club is better and of more value than him.

    He is an unwanted player who’s is plainly on a crusade to embarrass the club and highlight
    just how idiotic it was in offering him such an obscene and ridiculous contract.

    As far as I am concerned he should be put on gardening leave until his contract ends or he chooses to leave the club on his volition.

  73. Guns of SF

    Ceballos, a loanee is better than Ozil. Sorry Pierre you are wrong.
    Even with assists!

    The game has moved on. Ozil is a relic, a dinosaur and a dishonest person. he is a mercenary who does nothing to collect his massive pay check. Someone without sporting integrity. How are you so fooled so easily?

    Every man and his dog can see this but you.

    His 8M bonus is the reason he keeps saying how much he loves this club on social media. ITs a few minutes on his cell phone to post this rubbish and a massive pay day continues.

    He is playing the club. The club were idiots to pay him this much but he milked the Sanchez situation to his gain.

    He had Arsenal by the balls.

    He still does.

    He is a pathetic cunt. A loser. I would not even have him as gunnersaurus. Not fit enough to wear the costume

  74. Pierre

    Strange lot on here …I put across a perfectly acceptable point as to why Ozil’s name is continually brought up due to the teams lack of creativity..

    ..and this is the replies.

    Dissenter 2 out of 10 …no relevance to what I posted.

    “Ozil is as far away from quality football as the North Pole is distant from the South Pole.
    Ozil, is done at Arsenal, whether you like it or not.”

    Tee 2 out of relevance to what I posted.

    “Hope you would follow Ozil to wherever he goes? At least, it will save us the migraine of reading your Ozil love post everyday.”

    Pedro 1 out of 10….pathetic response..
    Descending to the level of fred.

    “Pierre, Andy Carroll had more assists than Ozil last seaosn then the German had in 2 seasons.””

    The irrelevance of the above comment to what I posted makes it undeserving of a reply.

  75. Freddie Ljungberg

    “I put across a perfectly acceptable point as to why Ozil’s name is continually brought up due to the teams lack of creativity..”

    Pointing out that Ozil is one of the less creative players in the English top flight is a pathetic response apparently. Smh.

    Would be a lot easier to get a Cam in too if we weren’t hamstrung by Ozils wages, and now his so called “loyalty” bonuses, the cunt is actively holding the club back by refusing to move on and he still has people cheering him on.

    It’s come to the point where you have to choose, Arsenal fan or Ozil fan, you can’t be both, the concepts are not compatible. He’s that much of a cunt and a millstone on the clubs neck.

  76. Upstate Gooner

    izzo, Tee, Dissenter, Bamford, Pedro, and Co. aka The Miserable Bunch…

    Here’s something for you to chew on… Ozil is NOT the problem. He hasn’t been playing for a while now. So why are our performances have been so pathetic as of late? Could it be because of Xhaka… Elneny… or our “genius” of a manager who thinks that Sheffield United are as good as Liverpool and we should use the same tactics against them as we did against the Champions? All of the above, perhaps? Emery had a 21 game unbeaten streak. He got found out, and I hated his guts. Arteta is making the same mistakes. He’s gonna have to pick up the slack very fast or he’s gonna get found out very soon too.

  77. Pierre

    Pedro to upstate.
    “Though it is not surprising that you’d prefer to see us getting rolled with Mesut Ozil in the side, than watch us win. .’

    If his was true then the comment would have some substance …

    It isn’t true.

    It should read

    I know that Arsenal had a superb record with Ozil starting every game , unbeaten this year domestically before lockdown…

    And yes I know we lost numerous games after lockdown without Ozil in the side but the truth is , Ozil breached the non negotiables and that is why he is not in the side…

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    4 goals 6 assists in 44 games in the last 2 seasons. Playing as a Cam for a team with the deadliest striker in the PL. This is the player that will fix our creativity? Shut the fuck up. Seriously.

  79. Guns of SF

    Wenger has even stated that without the ball, Ozil is basically lazy and needs defensive minded players near him to pick up his slack.

    Ozil played Wenger with all his sick days for these mystery illnesses. Wenger covered for him and lied repeatedly to take the eyes off Ozil.

    Emery got tough with him- work ethic
    Freddie too
    Arteta too

    At some point, Ozil is not motivated enough or good enough to play anymore. He does love the club so much and will be fine not doing an ounce more work to get back into the team. He is fine with his 0 mins and 24M.

    He loves his direct deposit from Arsenal.

    He is a leach.

  80. Freddie Ljungberg

    And those stats are skewed because he almost never played any difficult games, sat out most of the away games against difficult opponents and only padded his pathetic stats against easier teams at home.

  81. Pierre

    “Pointing out that Ozil is one of the less creative players in the English top flight ”

    That’s funny ..confirms my suspicion of your football knowledge or lack of.

    Creativity on a football pitch comes in many forms and guises of which you seem to have difficulty in understanding ….

  82. Upstate Gooner

    Ozil fan or Arsenal fan? What kind of comments are those? I don’t know about Pierre but I have been an Arsenal fan for 20+ years. Favorite player? Bergkamp. Then (cough, cunt, cough), RVP. Then… Ozil. I don’t care what anyone says. He is the Best… Creative… Player… Ever. Is Mourinho the biggest jackass of all time? Yes. Is he … or was he a good manager? Yes. He called Ozil the best number 10 in the world. He wasn’t wrong. Again, irrelevant of our shit performances as of late. Here’s looking at you, Arteta…

  83. Freddie Ljungberg


    He can paint as many paintings or sculpt as many statues as he likes, if he doesn’t provide end product in the position he’s in then what’s the point?

    Was it 1 or 0 big chances created last season? Can’t remember but all he manages is low probability chances, a speculative cross or sideways pass well outside the box that leads to a shot on goal, and that’s simply not good enough. He’s a has been, deal with it.

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    You can be a fan of what Ozil has been in the past but if you’re backing him or want him back in the team right now to the detriment of the team then no, I don’t think you can call yourself an Arsenal fan, it has gone that far, he’s holding the club back that much, actively, and he’s that shite now. Just my opinion of course but if you put a over the hill semi retired footballer who only cares about his pay check and playing social media mind games with the club you’re an Ozil fanboy, not an Arsenal fan.

  85. Bamford10


    “So why have our performances been so pathetic as of late?”

    Because there isn’t a lot of quality in this squad, and because Arteta is going with a hyper-pragmatic, balance-first, eke-out-results approach.

    Ozil isn’t the problem, but he’s also not the solution. He hasn’t been for years.

    No *one* player is the solution. Good teams have many clever players, not one. This Arsenal squad is going to need many quality additions before it plays attractive, attacking football again.

    And this has nothing to do with Mesut Ozil. Arsenal played way better football before Ozil arrived; Arsenal will play great football again in the future. And we don’t Mesut Ozil to do it.

  86. China1

    Another day another angry ozil conversation

    Regardless of which side people sit on, this is in and of itself reason why he has to go. Just like wenger in his latter years, this arrangement where every day the fan base is arguing over and over with itself about a single person is really quite toxic

    It’s not a healthy arrangement and it’s only going to get worse as it did with wenger

  87. Dissenter

    Wenger is part of the reason why we got into this Ozil situation in the first place.
    He always treated Ozil different from the rest, off field Nd on the field. He l]allowed him to get way with murder. He also pushed for that stupid deal in 2018.
    Aaron Ramsey famously called Ozil the “teacher’s pet” in 2016.
    ”Probably, Mesut. He’s the teacher’s pet.” Ramsey told ​Soccer AM. “He gets a few extra days off than the rest of us. He’s always in the boss’s room asking for something, and he seems to get it.”

    Wenger laid the foundation for Ozil’s bad behaviors. I credit Arteta for have the balls to put a stop to it and stand his ground.

  88. Bamford10


    “I don’t care what anyone says. [Ozil] is the Best… Creative… Player… Ever.”

    No offense, but … you’re … fucking … clueless.

    Ozil was a fantastic player from 2010 to 2013. One of the best attacking midfielders in the world at that time, maybe the best. His level dropped, though, before he left Madrid, and his level has steadily dropped every season since arriving at Arsenal. Most to the point, he has been more or less a complete non-entity for 2-3 years now.

    If it were the year 2011, what you’re saying would make a lot of sense. It’s 2020, though, Ozil is a shell of the player he once was, and he has averaged one assist every 9 PL matches over the past two seasons.

    He has also clearly done something to discredit himself in Arteta’s eyes. And no, this has nothing to do with China or politics, as Arteta started Ozil in ten plus consecutive matches after that whole affair.

    Ozil is dead as a footballer. Move on.

  89. Upstate Gooner

    Why is Ozil holding us back? He’s not even playing. His contract and wages are irrelevant. Arteta is managing the club, and the likes of Xhaka and Elneny are apparently what’s supposed to take us forward. Throw in RM reject Ceballos in there as well. We beat Fulham, Sheffield United, and West Ham (how?) and lost to Liverpool so far. Pretty much expected. Next up.. Man City. Effin Leicester City and the most overrated manager in BR beat them 5-2. You think we can do it? If we can/do, I’ll shut up for a few mont.. weeks at least.

  90. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Why is Ozil holding us back? He’s not even playing. His contract and wages are irrelevant.”

    So him costing us 44m (including his “loyalty” bonus) over the last 2 seasons while contributing less than a youth player isn’t holding us back? You don’t think we could have got a vastly better player if he moved his carcass 2 years ago instead of sucking the club dry? He’s not playing because he’s shite, but him refusing to leave is massively holding us back, that’s not even debatable at this point.

    “the likes of Xhaka and Elneny are apparently what’s supposed to take us forward. Throw in RM reject Ceballos in there as well.”

    Don’t think Xhaka and Elneny is what’s going to take us forward at all, and Ceballos has been brilliant the last 6 months or so.

    Partey – Ceballos in midfield is a good start, too bad we didn’t have an extra 44m laying around to buy a decent creative player to play in front of them though…

  91. Bamford10


    His wages are irrelevant? He makes £350k a week! Until just recently, James Maddison was making £55k a week at Leicester and Jack Grealish was making £65k at Villa. That means Ozil’s wages could pay for six James Maddisons or five Jack Grealishes. Of course his stupid bloated contract is holding us back.

  92. Upstate Gooner

    Arteta has no ballz just like Emery didn’t. One gave in when he ran out of ideas… the other is just another Yes man who succumbed to the pressure of the rich and powerful (I still think China comments are what cost Ozil his place in the squad).

  93. Aussie+Gooner

    I believe the recent proposals to alter the EPL is an attempt to transition the EPL elite to be part of a euro super league. Thus reduction to 18 clubs and the expansion of the champions league facilitates this objective. The elite clubs know that playing other elite clubs is the money shot. Unfortunately this is shortermism at its finest. It would reduce second tier football clubs to Sunday league status, hinder the development of young players and ultimately kill grass roots interest in football. The fish would die from the tail up!

    The Saliba fiasco is on going. Now that he is not going out on loan and also not included in the Euro squad his playing chances have been diminished still further. In no way is he not ready to face second tier opposition in the Europa League. Sorry, but it could easily look like someone at the club was trying to scupper his career. This situation has not been managed well and is once again an example of naivety in club management. When will we start to get the basics rights in order to support the first 11 team?

    Ozil is having the last laugh – please lets try to ignore him until he disappears off the radar next year! He has been a poisonous entity at the club for several years and has caused endless disharmony with his antics. He is going no where until his contract expires or is bought out.

  94. Bamford10


    Your Ozil-isn’t-playing-because-of-China theory is bogus. Ozil started under Arteta game-in, game-out for months after that social media brouhaha. It wasn’t until June — when the PL returned from the shutdown — that we began seeing Ozil-less starting XI’s. Nothing to do with China.

  95. Upstate Gooner

    350k a week that the club has signed on. Play him or pay him off to go away. Are you Bam, FL, or anyone else telling me you’d walk away from that kind of money? If I’m Ozil, I’m sitting on my arse, eating popcorn, and watching uninspiring Arsenal performances with a sad smile on my face. Well, maybe not so sad… because the pricks in charge apparently don’t care for the welfare of the club.

  96. China1

    The thing I find odd about those who defend ozil is I wonder how they manage to keep such a clean picture of him

    Like it’s clear when they think of him they are specifically remembering the ozil that showed up. The magician. The assist king etc. but why would you remember that and focus on that and completely forget the 4-5 games in between each of those performances where you couldn’t even find him on the pitch? Why does the 1 awesome game engage the 4 non-existent ones?

    People point to how he played every game under arteta until lockdown then got dropped for political reasons and it’s not fair. But wait. In those early arteta games where ozil played, did you see ozil the genius? Mesut was on the pitch but the primary compliments he got were that he was running more than before. Ozil the creative genius has made 0 appearances for artetas arsenal.

    So which player do you expect to show up when you put him on the pitch? The one who dominated what all of 5 games in the last 2 years or the player who was barely visible for all the remainder of the performances in that time?

    If you’re expecting the former you’re simply not paying attention.

  97. Freddie Ljungberg


    350k a week that Wenger and Gazidis has signed on.
    So he is holding the club back then, you just agree with what he’s doing because you don’t like the new management, presumably because they’re not named Arsene.

    Pay him off to the tune of 26m for his last year, in one go? That wasn’t really an option.

    It’s not a choice of 350k a week or 0 for Ozil either, he’s had options if he loved the club so much, not great options sure, but that’s because he’s not good enough for any serious club to consider signing him. He could have moved to the middle east on the same money or even more, or gone to Turkey or the US on reduced salary but longer contract if he was interested in plying football even one bit.

  98. Upstate Gooner

    At 175k a month on a free transfer Ozil would have plenty of suitors. Would you take a 50% pay cut though? I know I wouldn’t. He’ll be playing in Turkey, US, or Saudi Arabia next year so you can relax and have a drink.

  99. Upstate Gooner

    Watching Dancing with the Stars right now. “You’re getting better every week… but this wasn’t your best performance so far”… one of the judges comments. Feels like Arteta’s Arsenal. Makes no fucking sense at all that is.

  100. China1

    Upstate taking pay cuts in the latter stages of a footballing career is quite common. Bergkamp took pay cuts in his final contracts

    Players do it because their entire footballing careers are only about 15 years long (if they’re lucky). They’re not stressed with money. Ozil has paid for houses, cars, retirement, kids and grandkids tuition fees and luxury holidays several times over. He also has the entire rest of his life to make more money. Write a book, become a coach, start a business. The world is his oyster.

    But these footballing years disappear through your fingers in no time at all. So if in light of the above, in ozils shoes, if you’d rather have just a bit more money and not get to kick a football in the twilight of your career then it says you are all greed and not a footballer

  101. Freddie Ljungberg


    Even at that wage he’d be massively overpaid for what he gives on the pitch, I would be pissed if he performed as he has the last 2 years and we wasted 35k a week on him, that’s how bad he’s been.

    Even so he would have some teams signing him for that because of his name. He could probably get a 3-4 year contract at those wages though so that would make up for any loss in wages he would have got from leaving the club he claims to love and is holding back.

    He’s also had offers from the middle east that would have seen him make the same he is now or more after tax so he’s basically just being a dick at this point, what else is new.

  102. China1

    Players normally HATE not getting time on the pitch. They spent their entire childhood leading up to this period. This is it and it will never get better for 99.9% of players.

    You can be willing to sit and do nothing for a huge salary because it demonstrates that the money is worth more to you than the enjoyment and satisfaction of doing your actual job. Which is far enough. Just like you I’d happily do nothing at work for an insane salary. But that’s because our jobs are nothing like a footballers. I derive no special enjoyment out of my job, it’s just a means to an end, probably same as yours. My career isn’t timeboxed into a short 15 years and I doubt yours is either. You or I are unlikely to look back in 10 or 20 years and be disappointed in ourselves for taking it easy for a year because we’re probably not missing much

    In short, our careers are nothing like a footballers, least of all mesut.

    But therein lies the problem. Ozil cafes as much about football as you or I do about our jobs. For him it’s a boring 9-5 desk job which he happens to be extremely good at but he isn’t interested enough to apply himself at.

  103. Dissenter

    Taking pay-cuts is common in all team sports.
    The best players in the NBA routinely take pay-cuts to free up the salary cap and make it easier to attract heavy hitters to the team.
    Ronaldo took a pay cut at Juventus this summer, the best players have other sources of income besides their wages.

  104. Upstate Gooner

    I take pride in what I do… I like what I do… I like the people I work with. However, there’s only reason I go to work every day… and that’s my paycheck. If I didn’t have to, I wouldn’t. I don’t blame Ozil for doing the same… especially when the club and the manager are treating him this way.

  105. Dark Hei

    “350k a week that Wenger and Gazidis has signed on.”

    Why is the myth still perpetuated.

    Isn’t it clear by then that Wenger wasn’t in control of player singings anymore.

  106. DivineSherlock

    Oh god if One Ozil lover wasnt enough now we have another . Geez. Have to give to that lazy cunt , always manages to make someone believe his cause . The day he leaves the building will be despair for his followers. Pathetic .

  107. Moray

    Upstate, I doubt even Gazidis would take Özil for 175k per month.

    He’s lazy (and always has been) and is also now a PR disaster.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired once he left us. It very much looks as though he’s got used to sitting around at home getting his cock sucked and watching his bank balance increase. Well, now he’s married, he should know that Won’t last for too much longer. And Nor will his cash cow.

  108. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal should not pay Ozil off, because if you do so he is being made redundant and one suspects will then be entitled to “tax relief”!!!!

    I doubt that Ozil is the architect of the current impasse. I don’t think that he is so intelligent. I
    suspect that he is being briefed in this matter by his agent who is a highly qualified lawyer.

    Both are clearly after their “pound of flesh” to extract the maximum inconvenience and embarrassment from the club as well as perhaps a large fat pay cheque.

    Ozil’s pretence that he “loves” the club is a myth. He knows that he is a pariah with no legacy
    at the club when he leaves apart from with perhaps a small minority of supporters like Pierre.

  109. Moray

    We grow up in the UK with this idea that footballers are all like Gerrard and Rooney. That they love playing and would probably do it for nothing. But the truth is that being a TOP flight footballer these days is tough. Physically tough. And on TOP of that there is the media scrutiny. There are probably as many who actually don’t really enjoy Football. Batty, Scholes come to mind. And maybe for the majority it just becomes their job.

    Özil is probably not too different from many. Though he’s risen to the TOP through his talent more than application. We knew this when we signed him though, never mind when we extended him on a kings ransom. One of the worst decisions ever made by the club, and there have been many in recent years.

  110. Emiratesstroller


    Ozil is not remotely someone who loves football or for that matter is loyal to his club.

    He is someone who “loves” money more and no doubt when his football days are over will continue to rake it in.

    There will be the controversial “ghosted book” followed by the “fashion labels”. He will be loved by the jet set most probably in Monte Carlo or Los Angeles as well as of course in Turkey.

    The idea that he will become a Manager, Coach or Media Pundit is most unlikely. That will be from his perspective too much like “hard work” and stressful”.

  111. Moray

    Stroller, agreed. I don’t think Özil is loved in Germany either. So I don’t see any future in the game. Perhaps his Brand’s transcends football? Like Beckham?

    Not loving Football is one thing but he has shown zero loyalty to Arsenal and little application for many years. I can’t wish the fucker well.

  112. Guns of SF

    What the hell is Ozil Brand?
    A funny logo on a hat? Adidas let him go…
    What exactly is his brand? He does not play so it cannot be performance related?
    maybe cologne? who knows… perhaps an Ozil scent?

    lol, I think I just threw up in my mouth!

  113. Guns of SF

    If he loves the club so much, why didnt he

    take a pay cut to help the club- he took 8M a month ago. makes no sense
    train harder to become a more robust athlete
    train harder to expand his game
    train harder to help the team on the pitch in other ways
    stop calling in sick when Wenger was around
    leave with integrity through the front door knowing that he will never get playing time again
    Take offers to join other teams to continue to play football – since its what he loves!?

    I can go on, but we all know, he is a money hungry chump who is constantly toying with his beloved Arsenal.

    He is a terrible player. I hate his game….. a pussy who always runs to the wings to put in crosses to pad his stats