Free transfer rumours begin to swirl

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So… after a whole week of debating the merits of loaning out William Saliba, David Ornstein reckons he’ll be staying this season.

What a bloody farce.

The only thing I care about is the player being ready for next season. Keeping him is all well and good, but not if he doesn’t land any game time. He’s not going to play in the Europa League because he’s not in the squad. It’d be a very random choice to leave him out of that then keep him in the Premier League one…?

He must have found a stash of pictures or absolutely obliterated a bleep test if he’s suddenly found favour after all the off and on the record commentary. Maybe he trimmed his facial hair? That did need to go.

There’s a story in Spain that Mesut Ozil is about to agree to terminate his deal and join AC Milan. It sounds too good to be true, but honestly, why wouldn’t he? Cancel the Arsenal deal, go to Milan and earn a fat fee, rip up a slower league, get a big deal next year. It’s also rumoured that Juve are circling. Staying at a place that doesn’t want you for another 9 months is bad for the rep and the psyche. Go Mesut… be free.

Gabi 1 is coming back from injury and he’s feeling good.

“I’m feeling very well, I’m regaining confidence and I can feel my knee is better.

“After an injury like this you are kind of scared to force the knee again but the past couple of weeks it has been fine and soon I can start training with the ball.

“I think we have an excellent squad and along with Mikel’s forward-thinking and winning mentality we can carry on doing well.

“We are playing well and training well, everyone wants to win and we are all giving everything. I believe this season is very promising.

He really is an exciting talent. Hopefully he comes back with the same aggression and pace. Question is, where does Arteta play him? Is he going to compete for a spot on the left, or will he look to compete with Eddie and Lacazette as a 9?

Just a short one today because it is NOT a high traffic news day. See you in the comments. x



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  1. Moray

    Guns, all these cunts have brands now. Look at Bellerin; a half-assed right back With poor dress sense and a dodgy haircut, playing for a mid table club. There’s always a few million lost souls who want to identify with someone in the public eye. I suspect Özil has the Turks and the sunnis. And he’s married to a model so he’s a role model for bug-eyed men around the world.

  2. MidwestGun

    Pele, Baggio, Hagi, Pirlo.. nope, was Ozil Most creative ever. oh my God. 😆

    Seriously, Pedro might be right Covid quarantine has made people lose their minds.

  3. Aussie+Gooner

    Ozil was never the best. He never put in the effort to be a truly great player, always doing the bare minimum which would just get him over the line. Can’t even be bothered to do that now. He is done and dusted. I too would not be surprised if he jacked it all in when his contract ends, unless he gets a gig playing well paid ‘exhibition’ matches in some footballing back water.

  4. Guns of SF

    What about now, Debruyne, Mane, even Kane has 6 assists already!
    Ozil had his one good season, and that was followed up by winning the world cup.. I guess some folks cannot seem to remember anything that happened after that….

    Its too bad.. Ozil if he cared, could have been someone. But no, he is the perpetual victim by the OKB’s in the world.

  5. Graham62


    Pretty clueless fellow aren’t you.

    Even the WKB hoards knew Wenger’s time was up.

    As for Ozil…………….😂

    The vast majority of those tuning into YouTube to see Ozil training were probably only doing it to have a laugh. They couldn’t believe he was actually training.


  6. Guns of SF

    That 8M bonus could have gone to aouar. or hell, even someone else.
    Not a small chunk of change. Any Bonus should be performance related with metrics versus just for “staying on for longer”

    Stupid Gazidis total amateur.

    Pls take Ozil back.

  7. Arsenic


    “Emery had a 21 game unbeaten streak. He got found out, and I hated his guts. Arteta is making the same mistakes. He’s gonna have to pick up the slack very fast or he’s gonna get found out very soon too.”

    It’s quite concerning to see an Arsenal fan waiting for our new manager to fail, just because he’s not using the player you like seeing. I’ve actually enjoyed watching Mesut Ozil play ever since he’s donned the Arsenal shirt, but if a manager cannot accommodate him into his plans, politics aside, there’s not much of an option the player’s got than to look for a move elsewhere (unless playing football regularly isn’t his top priority).

    Arteta’s got a massive job on his hands already (since Emery’s sacking) and he’s done a pretty decent job in bringing togetherness into the team that looked down and out in December. Your comments on Partey/Xhaka/Elneny/Dani forming the creative fulcrum to take things ahead for the club is quite hollow. No manager in transition will continue playing the same players week in/week out when there are better players available in the market. We will for sure bring in more upgrades to our creative midfield and attack once Arteta manages to get the right balance.

    Playing Ozil is not a sure shot solution to our creative problems. But let’s wait a couple more weeks to see if or how Arteta changes his system with Partey’s arrival. Until then, discussions about why Ozil isn’t getting a game is nothing but a waste of time.

  8. Moray

    It wasn’t Long ago that we had optional contract renewals, which Gibbs took advantage of.

    Hopefully some more thought is going into our contracts these days, as we enter the real world.

  9. Guns of SF

    Ozil is the story for any club with any aspirations to take note of. How not to do a contract and get screwed for years by it.

    Contracts need to be laden with ways the team can cut ways with the player. No more should we get screwed over by incompetence and desperation.

  10. Moray

    It’s also about proper planning. If you put yourself in a position where you let the contract run down of your Teo most expensive players, you end up making stupid decisions.

    The who Wenger era is typified by stupid decisions like this. And they have huge ramifications. If you have a player on 375k per week or whatever, other players will demand similar and it becomes more expensive to buy And retain players. It’s a vicious cycle.

  11. Moray

    An honest question: why is international Football still going on? It’s ridiculously high risk to have players in a pandemic mixing Like that and internationally as well.

    It’s going to be tough enough to get the domestic season finished.

    Too many people in Football with only their own interests at heart. Somebody should have ruled on this.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    In just over EIGHT MONTHS time we will see Ozil leave the club and we can then move on from this sad situation that we find ourselves in.

    Most people who post on here can forgive a “limited footballer” who has played to the best of his ability, but not one with talent who has taken the club for a ride and has shown utter contempt.

    Let’s move on now and hopefully rebuild the club and make a fresh start recruiting players who are “professional” and have not only got talent, but will fight for the shirt.

  13. Graham62

    What is a loyalty bonus exactly?

    Ozil was paid £8m and he hasn’t played for the club for seven months

    Do they do ‘disloyalty penalties’?

    “Sorry Mesut, you owe us……”

  14. Waz

    Pedro shame on you. Given the guy has lost his mother I doubt he’s found a stash of pictures, maybe he’s just getting the support he needs.

    What a despicable attitude, if you’re going to sail close to the wind at least be funny.

    We can all pine on about Arsenal values but that comment is the absolute antithesis of what this club has done for players in hardship over the years so don’t be a hypocrite otherwise go support Mourinho

  15. charlie

    @Guns of SF

    “He is a terrible player. I hate his game….. a pussy who always runs to the wings to put in crosses to pad his stats”

    Good One 👍🏾

  16. Gonsterous

    The only reason pierre is begging for ozil to play is because every game ozil sits out and we win is going against his stat of having more win percentage with ozil in the side. That is slowly diminishing, we are team without ozil and long may it continue.
    7 more months of pierre visiting the blog so let’s be nice to him

  17. Gonsterous

    October 13, 2020 07:07:57
    An honest question: why is international Football still going on? It’s ridiculously high risk to have players in a pandemic mixing Like that and internationally as well.

    Ever heard of FIFA? That word alone should let you know why international footie is going on. Corrupted and well, they still need to act relevant during the pandemic.

  18. Aussie+Gooner

    Forget Wenger’s auto-biography – this is the go to one!

    “Nicklas Bendtner was blackmailed by a former lover into paying for a boob job after claiming he had got her pregnant. That is one bombshell revelation he has made in his auto-biography Both Sides”.

  19. Leedsgunner

    For years AFC have been playing squad players like Xhaka and telling us that they are good enough to be in a first XI.

    Partey corrects this. He really is a first XI player. Xhaka needs to step up and try to raise his level or be content that he is a squad player now.

  20. Aussie+Gooner

    Wiltshire names his five top team mates throughout his career. Three are from the Arsenal midfield – Cesc, Rosicky and Cazorla. Where would we be today with at least one of them in our midfield in their prime?

  21. Pierre

    “Looking forward to the book launch:“I completed 50,000 passes”
    By Mesut Ozil”

    Looking forward to your book launch entitled ” my life as a snide “

  22. Uwot?

    By my calculations ozil has cost us or is costing us the equivalent of one top player per season.Thats around 3/ 4 players up to the present.Now think about it.Three to four more top players on this squad & we would undoubtedly be title contenders.No question.Thats what’s he’s costing us.& for his fanboys.If he was in the side instead of these extra four top players would be title contenders? I think we all know the true answer.

  23. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Hazard had a stinker of a season over at Real Madrid.. and he’s not pushing any exciting buttons. Wouldn’t mind nabbing him if we’re going to make a habit of picking up ex-Chelsea players.

    Remember when he was heavily heavily linked with us before he went over to Chelsea? Had Chelsea not won that freak Champions’ League under Roberto DiMatteo, I reckon we would have got him too because he joined them from Lille for £35m soon after.


  24. Leedsgunner

    “Not liking Arsene being so vocal about Ozil. Would have thought he would have had respect for Mikel.”


    That’s pretty much torpedoed any chance, of Mesut getting into team. Arteta won’t want to be dictated by anyone else what he should do.

    A bit cringey on Mesut’s part too. I bit like a note from your mum berating the coach for not being picked for the team… uggh.. I would be embarrassed to be picked out like that by a former manager.

    Wenger pandered to Özil and that wasn’t good for team morale either!

  25. Kaz


    Hazard last season was a mixed bag of injuries and not being in good shape. Let’s see how he is this season first to see if the hunger is still there or not.

    Considering how intelligent Arsene is I don’t think this is super friendly advice either, he could just have easily called Arteta up. Feels more like a dig.
    If Ozil wasn’t attending lookdown Zoom meetings as well as refusing the paycut it points to a lack of respect towards Arteta, very easy to see why he’s being frozen out.

    Arsene never got Ozil purring either, remember when he was putting him out wide and Ozil kept complaining? Then he was put as a number 10 and got marked out the game twice in a row.

    Short memories.

  26. Marc

    Anything Wenger comes out with at the moment is purely about causing sensation to get coverage for his book. Best way to deal with it is to ignore it.

  27. andy1886

    @Marc, yeah, glad if it does fail though. Another potential step along the way to a European super league which we for one wouldn’t be part of. Big six to start, then big three (all based on money not historical or even recent achievements), then it would be a big eight or ten in Europe and so on. Bunch of greedy self-serving parasite clubs. Fuck ’em.

  28. andy1886

    Marc – Wenger’s on the BBC telling us again how he ‘built the training ground’ and ‘built the stadium’. Funny that, I thought that Danny Fiszman was the main driver behind the stadium project…

  29. englandsbest

    Oh my, how egocentric can Wenger get! He’s shouting, ‘Look, if it were still me, Ozil would still be the world’s most creative player.’ Like a spoilt kid who has had his puppy given away, he fears the puppy will love the new owner more than him.

  30. Graham62


    Got my copy this morning. Hardback. Very nice. £25.

    Will read it at my leisure.

    Have a feeling there won’t be too many juicy bits in it. Let’s see.

    What would be the title for your book?

  31. GunnerDNA

    Liverpool and United owners trying to change the structure of English football wtaf! Imagine some American who just starting paying attention to the PL for probably 15 yrs putting together proposal to do away with the league cup, community shield and reduce the league to 18 teams. How is this even possible? The PL is loved because of all the tradition and these set of clowns from nowhere thinks they’re super privileged to categories Spurs as big six team, this COVID surely having people losing their minds. Embarrassing!

  32. AFC Forever

    Wenger; My life in Red & White has arrived at 7am this morning

    Interesting read. On the stadium, young players, Giroud, Cazorla, Ozil, Van Persie, Agents, his breakdown etc. Really good read:-

    Stadium quote:-
    “We took out a loan amounting to £260 million to fund the project; but it ended up costing us £390 million. The land on which we decided to build cost £128m alone. And a number of Companies & a recycling plant had to be relocated. At the time it was built, each seat cost £4,000 (60,000 seats).

    We became dependent on the banks. The banks demanded guarantees such as restricting salaries to 50 percent of the overall budget. And they sought a technical guarantee by asking me to sign up for 5 years. The project and I were interconnected. That committed me over the long term. I had just spent 10 years at Arsenal and I was signing up for a 5 year term full of pitfalls.

    On 9 August 2006, we inaugurated the Emirates Stadium. I knew we had no room for manoeuvre financially. We were going yo have to cut our costs, watch every single penny, and at the same time play against clubs that had even more money than before. It was the most critical and most dangerous period. For seven years we would have to concentrate on survival, managing the club with the most utmost rigour & getting the best from the team. Paradoxically, it was during this period, when results were more difficult to come by, that I was working the hardest, putting aside my personal ambition as I was receiving offers from many other clubs and declining them all, even the most tempting ones. Juventus, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern, France, England”.

    Young players:

    “A player s not the same and doesn’t offer the same to the team between the ages of 16 & 22 as he does between 24 and 28. It is this level of maturity , experience and clearheadedness that we were lacking in big matches. We lost those matches on small details that were always related to a want of experience. However, this was the route we needed to take in order to build the club of the future. With our colossal bank debts , we were less able to buy players ; this is why we turned to young ones, while other clubs, which had artificial resources and existed on external sponsorship, clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United & Manchester City had huge financial clout and could buy whomever they wanted, often even our own players. That was also difficult but I had prepared for that; we had to stay within our budget no matter what, keep to our financial commitments. Our budget was strictly managed and. whenever we bought a player, we negotiated his salary hard. We had to make sure our payroll did not exceed 50 percent of the clubs budget. The only cash we had available was the money that was freed up by transfers when we made a good sale. But with less money we were still effective and that for me was key; in a tough league we were always competitive enough to finish in the top four.

    On Young players:

    We had chosen to undertake an ambitious project for the club and that had consequences.

    Numerous players, and the younger ones in particular, experienced some terrible injuries. For some of them, it put stop to their careers, for others it certainly hindered them a great deal, especially if they were out of action for a long time. They are one of the great regrets of my career, those major injuries. I gave many young players their debut when they were sixteen or seventeen. It is an age when they are vulnerable , both physically and tactically, in that they have a tendency to head straight into a dangerous situation and not know how to protect themselves, charging into some perilous duels; Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby and Eduardo Silva were injured in aggressive tackles, which – perhaps in association with a weakness in a joint – handicapped them for a long time afterwards. This does not mean we should have waited until they were older to select them. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas all began their careers when they were young. It is a risk but I think that players are better protected today and in less danger than they were in those days”.

    David Dein:
    “During that whole period of extremely intensive work, while also coping with the pressure from the media and fans who were demanding the same results as before without necessarily seeing what we were achieving so magnificently, heads held high. I had to deal with another change that had a huge effect on me; the departure of my good friend David Dein. By wanting to bring in Stan Kroenke, a Director at Arsenal since 2008 & majority shareholder, onto the bard, David had put himself into open conflict with the directors. David is an innovator, a highly sociable man with incredible tenacity and unparalleled generosity. When he left he sold his shares to Usmanov. With Davis’s departure, I sensed the club would change, that the Arsenal spirit would endure but with the evolution that was occurring in football and in club ownership, even if my life as a coach stayed the same, my life as a manager would be quite different.”

  33. AFC Forever

    Highbury legend.

    “I’ve built the training ground.”
    “I’ve built the stadium.”

    I haven’t read the whole book but it doesn’t say any of that.

    The book has corrected a few of my misunderstandings. It’s mostly about the players, very interesting read on the players.

  34. andy1886

    Question for Wenger then, if we had to limit player wages to 50% of budget WTF were you doing paying Bendtner £52,000 per week when he wasn’t even a regular first team player?

  35. AFC Forever


    Thats only a couple of pages!!

    People can decipher what they want, I guess. It’s a good read though, especially about the players. It does give an insight you never get from the media and might better answer some of the questions fans have. Ultimately, agendas always skew accuracy; so if you like or dislike Wenger, you will take out of it what fits your own particular narrative. For me, it give an insight into the players and the running of the club so it’s cool.

  36. Dissenter

    Wenger is being very disrespectful towards Arsenal with these pathetic Ozil comments. He handled Ozil by overly indulging him. The new manager wants to treat him like the rest if the squad.
    He knows the club can’t forcefully reply his public comments.
    He should just eff off and go sell his boring autobiography. It’s like he compiled all his press conferences and rolled them into a book.

  37. Dissenter

    AFC Forever
    Those excepts you posters are publicly available information. You didn’t have to buy a book to know that.
    I guess that’s what happens when you stay too long.

  38. Bamford10


    I see why people are describing the book as “bland”. Those passages take topics that might be interesting and reduce them to bland generalities. No new details, stories or insights.

    What does he say about his final twelve months, though? That’s what I want to know.

  39. Dissenter

    Assuming the banks felt more comfortable with Wenger signing a long term contract hence the 5 year contract. There cannot have been a stipulation that Wenger he to stay till the end of the contract.
    That would have been an unenforceable and illegal contractual cause because the contracted party was Arsenal FC, not Arsenal Wenger.

    I hope Wenger clarifies that the banks didn’t force him to finish that 5 year contract. That was him enjoying the total power he had to do as he wished. That was his choice. Same as all the subsequent contracts he signed. He would have known he won’t have lasted two years at Real Madrid.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @Raptora –

    “Yeah, imagine a seat that is worth 4k pounds. What do you mean? Can this be true???”

    No, he is using that as an example of the overall cost of the stadium. 4,000 x 60,000 = 240,000,000 the initial expected cost of the stadium.

  41. Words+on+a+Blog


    There was I recall a stipulation that Wenger remained as Arsenal manager for 5 years.

    Can’t recall whether that was 5 years from when the bank loan was made or 5 years from when the stadium was complete.

    I haven’t read the book but from the excerpts I’ve read Wenger sounds justified and accurate about his early Emirates era.

    He almost got us there in 2011.

    Thereafter it was downhill I’m afraid with Santi and one season of the Ozil/Alexis combo the only bright sparks

  42. Graham62


    Got to remember though these are all of Wenger’s perceptions.

    I’m not expecting revelations. Already interesting to read about his early childhood and how his character was moulded.

    Now I have a better understanding of why we weren’t able to rectify our failings after 2006 and our move to the Emirates.

    It had nothing to do with money either.

  43. andy1886

    Words, there’s no way a bank can stipulate that an employee of another company remains employed by that company, if the person concerned wants to walk the day after the contract is signed there is nothing that they can do about it. All they can say is that he should be offered a five year deal.

    Perhaps rather than concentration on the restrictions Wenger might acknowledge the benefits. Gate receipt money doubled overnight from less than £50m a season at Highbury to nearly £100m a season at the Emirates plus additional revenue for non-football events held there.

    He seems to love feeding the idea that he was financially restricted but that’s not entirely true. He also avoids the fact that what money we did have was spent very badly for which he was primarily responsible.

  44. Graham62

    I will not be tempted to delve into the book to find out about his thoughts on Ozil and the contract negotiations.

    I doubt there’s anything of significance to read about anyway.

  45. andy1886

    Probably not Graham. Wenger said that Sanchez and Ozil going into the last 12 months of their contracts was an ‘ideal situation’. Given how it turned out I’m pretty sure that’s a statement that he will not want to revisit.

  46. AFC Forever


    Until I read the book I had no idea that the Borussia Dortmund player with the most red cards in the clubs history was a certain; Jens Lehmann. Considering he doesn’t have to make ‘tackles’ that is some record!

  47. englandsbest

    It’s hard to admit an idol has feet of clay. I was a staunch supporter of Wenger in the good years before the Emirates, and through the tough sell-to-buy years. (My villain was Stan K: a few quid from the multi-billionaire would have made all the difference.)

    So what changed? Wenger changed.

    He is a classic case of ‘all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. It’s clear that his self-esteem outgrew his judgement. Missing out on Suarez, buying Ozil, selling RvP to Man U…. My faith in him withered and died.

    A relic now, raking over a past that started glorious and ended disastrous.

  48. Marko

    Again anyone expecting that charlatan to give an honest account and admit to anything surrounding the tough times and frankly bizarre decisions and obvious mistakes that he made over the years were sadly and obviously mistaken. He’d never admit fault it was always going to be a puff piece to stroke his ego filled with excuses and no admission of guilt. But at least it’ll show how boring he is.

    Don’t suppose there’s anything about the scandal and estrangement from his daughter? No? Ah well

  49. AFC Forever


    “Missing out on Suarez, selling RvP to Man U…. My faith in him withered and died”

    I am a bit similar to you but he gave us some unbelievable players, trophies, an unbeaten season etc so I am always grateful for that. Yes, in the latter part of his career we all know he lost his mojo and stayed too long.

    Anyway, this what the book says re Suarez and RVP:-

    Wenger says Suarez and his agent had agreed to join Arsenal. The agent claimed there was a release clause; with an offer above £40 million obliging Liverpool to sell. However, thanks to an ‘indiscretion’ within Liverpool, Arsenal found out the clause never existed. To verify,, they offered £40,000,001 – Wenger himself admits the offer seemed ludicrous but it was to establish if the clause existed. It didn’t.

    Van Persie
    We signed him from Feyenoord reserves in 2004. Apparently RVP failed stamina tests but the club bought him anyway. At first he was a bit arrogant and selfish and he had a difficult relationship with Thierry Henry.

    Wenger quote:
    “In 2012 (Van Persie) announced his intention not to extend his contract. All the big clubs were courting him. I sold him to Manchester United. The supporters were angry with me for this but we could not match the offer. I managed to negotiate his departure for £24 million, which was a huge amount at the time for a player with a year left on his contract. After three years of the four he was injured and sold to Fenerbache. He called me because he wanted to come back, but it was impossible. He was at the end of his career and we were investing in young players”.

  50. Marko

    Arsenal found out the clause never existed. To verify,, they offered £40,000,001 – Wenger himself admits the offer seemed ludicrous but it was to establish if the clause existed. It didn’t.

    I take it back he’s basically admitting to not seriously attempting to sign Suarez here.

  51. Globalgunner

    I wouldn’t buy Wengers book for 5p and if I was somehow gifted one Id use the pages to wipe my Arsenal

    He was ok for his first 6 years but I was sick of him long before the heroics of 2006. Given a choice between a Ferrari and a Skoda. He would buy the Skoda and start telling you how in a few years it will turn magically into a Lamborghini. Just you wait and see

  52. AFC Forever

    “I wouldn’t buy Wengers book for 5p”

    It cost me less than watching Sheffield Utd v Burnley on the Premier Leagues rip off Pay per game scheme.

    Can anyone explain to me why the Premier League have decided to rip off fans during a pandemic when people are losing their jobs or earning less?

    Absolute disgrace.

  53. Northbanker

    Thanks AFC – some of it might have interesting insights, but generally I find books written by managers and players or their biographies written by star-struck sycophants to be the dullest reads imaginable. The one on Thierry Henry was deadly dull. The few exceptions were Roy Keane and Tony Adams – Kevin Keegan’s autobiography wasn’t bad, and Sir Matt Busby did capture my interest. Stanley Matthews autobiography definitely up there.. Most of this genre though is pure narcissistic drivel

  54. Danny

    By wanting to bring in Stan Kroenke, a Director at Arsenal since 2008 & majority shareholder, onto the bard, David had put himself into open conflict with the directors. David is an innovator, a highly sociable man with incredible tenacity and unparalleled generosity. When he left he sold his shares to Usmanov.
    I’ve never understood this, he wanted Kroenke but sold his shares to Usmanov? Doesn’t make any sense.

  55. Dissenter

    I have to laugh at the left testicle comment about not wasting one’s piss to squelch a Wenger book from burning.
    That one was funny.

    Wenger … just go away.
    Maybe he can get the Liberian government to but 1,000 official copies for the national library.. That book will be on the $1.99 pile on pretty soon.

  56. Danny

    but it was to establish if the clause existed. It didn’t.
    Suarez’s agent told Arsenal to make that offer at least thats what was mentioned at the time.
    John Henry apparently told Kroenke it did exist but he wouldn’t sell him anyway!

  57. raptora

    If it’s a release clause can do selling club do anything to stop the deal? We saw in Spain Atletico couldn’t do shit. But maybe it’s different in England.

  58. AFC Forever


    “I take it back he’s basically admitting to not seriously attempting to sign Suarez here”

    No he isn’t.

    Arsenal had been wrongly advised by the agent that Suarez had a minimal release clause of just £40m. So the deal agreed with Suarez and the agent was pointless. Arsenal somehow found out that the release clause didn’t exist but posted the £40,000,001 to test. (You don’t have to believe this but it’s what has been said).

    The agents ‘trick’ worked because Liverpool improved Suarez’s contract and promised to sell him the year later to a club abroad (Barca) who the agent and Suarez had already been speaking to.

    This highlights one of the complaints we hear about the way some agents, not all, operate.

  59. Marko

    In Spain every single player has a release clause. Every one. They’re usually mammoth so as to stop them being an issue like fati has one for 400 million

  60. Marko

    AFC you literally wrote that we found out the clause didn’t exist tried to verify it by making a “ludicrous” offer according to Wenger. So he’s admitting to not seriously attempting to sign Suarez. Now if he had come back with a 45 million offer or 50 million then yes he would have been seriously trying to sign the player but he didn’t seem like he was arsed

  61. AFC Forever


    Dick Law the Arsenal transfer negotiator explained the situation.

    When Liverpool signed Luis Suarez from Ajax, the player had a clause in his contract which meant he had to be informed if any suitors made a bid of £40 million or more for him. This clause was NOT a release clause but just a point at which Suarez had to be told of the interest.

    In the spring of 2013 it became known that Suarez wanted to leave Anfield and Arsenal were aware of this.

    “That spring, news got round to us that Suarez wanted out of Liverpool,” he told Goal.

    “We got some information that showed us what was negotiated between Liverpool and the player, and in our internal conversations we decided that the clause was meaningless, that it was not a buy-out and it didn’t obligate Liverpool to do anything apart from have a conversation.

    “So, whoever agreed to that clause in the Suarez camp was being less than clever because it was never a buy-out. What there was, was an obligation to discuss a transfer if a threshold was met and that threshold was £40m.”

    Law added: “Now, we didn’t know if Liverpool received an offer of £40m whether they would say, ‘that’s not more than £40m’. We could have gone with £45m, but the point is we knew there was never a buy-out.

    “So, it was never going to be a bid of £40m+1, it was always going to be the start of a negotiation.”

    The offer was not received well by Liverpool owner, John Henry, who famously responded with the line: “What do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates?”

    Law explained that the bid was only meant to kick off a conversation between the two parties and was not meant to be taken as a serious offer in itself.

    “We knew that we had to exceed a certain threshold and so we decided to throw another pound on it,” he said. “We could have thrown £50 or £500,000, but it wasn’t going to make any difference to the final negotiation.

    “The offer was just a trigger. Liverpool wanted to make a big deal out of it and that’s fine. When they received our offer they immediately publicised it. I think John Henry wanted to know what we were smoking, which I thought was a bit disrespectful. It was him having a bit of a go because he was getting ready to lose his star player. (who eventually went to Barca). It was a good way to deflect attention.”

  62. Words on a Blog


    At the time, I worked in one of the banks that Emirates, and knew the people working on that financing. all the banks wanted continuity of manage,ent, and specifically Wenger to be there for a period of time after the stadium was built to ensure continuity and to make sure that wages were under 50% as stated by Wenger.

    “Key man“ covenants are not uncommon.

  63. Words on a Blog

    Wenger has a strong case when he argues that he did very well Getting us into top 4 “with kids” given the financial circumstances in the period up to around 2011 or 2012.

    It’s when the purse strings subsequently began to loosen from around 2013 and he had access to much more money that his case begins to fall apart.

    The problem by then was that he had too much control of everything inside Arsenal, and as Pedro blogged at the time, he wouldn’t or couldn’t delegate, and wouldn’t or couldn’t rely on people with new ideas on using data, conditioning, tactics etc, etc.

  64. Tom

    Always wondered what our reaction would’ve been two years on had Wenger actually matched United’s RVP terms and put him on 250-300 kpw for as many years as they did.

    He only had one great season with them.
    Another Ozil situation perhaps.

  65. AFC Forever


    I think you nailed it.

    Key man clauses or guarantees are common in the investment world. If I invest millions in a racing team with Hamilton driving and Mercedes providing the engine, I may want a clause that ensures Hamilton remains the driver and Mercedes the supplier. If not, they could decide to employ some 17 year old novice to drive and have the engines supplied by Skoda., risking my investment.

  66. Words on a Blog

    Ultimately that’s the difference between Wenger and Ferguson, who was (despite being a miserable git) a great manager. Fergie, knew how to delegate and who to delegate to, and he knew how to move with the times.

    Wenger didn’t delegate, and he couldn’t adapt or move with the times

  67. Ashwin Gunner

    i wont say Wenger but Arsenal Representatives messed up the Suarez clause. If you are serious about buying the player, you could have gone with 45 mil to start with. you cant activate the release clause with 1 pound. It was almost as if you are trying to mock Liverpool which irked them rightly.

  68. Up 4 grabs now


    if we had kept RVP im pretty sure we win the league that year.
    his last season he got 30 in 38 games for us
    he scored 26 goals in 38 games for united, they won the league at a canter.
    we finished 4th, 5 points behind city in second that year and 16 behind united.

    if we had won the league, he possibly signs a new contract and we kick on, instead we let him go.

    never forgave wenger after that, and thats when i wanted him gone.

  69. Ashwin Gunner


    Fergie did delegate the work, but everything went through him. He was the final authority. He was the main bridge between his coaches / players with the club management. he also enjoyed pretty much total control. Difference is where he was able to accept his mistakes and would rectify it almost immediately. Wenger was too strong headed to even accept that there are mistakes. you will never see a manager as shameless as Wenger who connned his own fans.

  70. Ashwin Gunner

    To be fair to Wenger, he didnt want to pay RvP 300k pw. I mean, a one season wonder who has spent most of his time in treatment table does not warrant that kind of money. It was always a gamble. Fergie took the risk and it paid him off. but it could easily have gone south for him.

  71. Words+on+a+Blog


    I wouldn’t call Wenger a fraud (except maybe towards the very end of his time). He had his football philosophy and he refused to beer away from it.

    But I do agree with you that he was damn damn stubborn! And that despite his sophisticated persona, he was never really open to change.

    So ultimately the man from Glasgow was
    Much more sophisticated and adaptable than the suave multilingual Frenchman!

  72. englandsbest

    AFC Forever

    I haven’t read the book yet, but might it be better-titled ‘My Lies in Black and White’?

    The explanation of the ludicrous Suarez bid sounds like an attempt by Wenger and Law to make themselves seem less stupid.

    Nor does his explanation of the sale of RvP ring true. As I recall Wenger made promises to him that he did not keep. To sell the best striker in the country to your major rival is unforgiveable no matter the price. And the idea that RvP asked for his job back sound unreal.

  73. andy1886

    Words, I understand what you’re saying but a bank or any company cannot compel an employee to stay in his job if he doesn’t want to. Wenger could have walked whenever he wished, as we know in football contracts are there to be broken. Sure there may have been a renegotiation between club and lenders, but an individual always has the right to terminate their employment (even if a court case may ensue for breach of contract).

    My point is that it’s just another example of Wenger playing the martyr.

  74. Guns of Hackney

    The Suarez bid was a balls up and the twats got some mixed up intel with regards to the actual ‘clause’. His clause was for £40m but that obviously only triggered it, what Arsenal failed to understand is that Liverpool never had to accept any bid, let alone for £1.00 more than the £40m. If a bid came in, Liverpool had to tell Suarez etc and then enter negs if they/he wanted.

    Arsenal obviously thought that the buy out was £40m so stuck a ‘fuck you’ in to take the piss. Arsenal just do not understand contracts, business or how to conduct themselves with the big clubs. Or little ones for that matter.

  75. Valentin


    Clearly you have no experience with loan banking covenant. That kind of stipulation is a lot more common than you think. Banks lend money to an institution quite often on the assumption that the main asset or rainmaker will still be involved.

    A bank can stipulate whatever they want in a loan covenant.
    If they wanted to have Wenger as part of their covenant, I am pretty sure they could.
    I have a friend who worked for a hedge fund where the line of credit was contingent on the rainmaker being in charge. Any attempt to sack him and the loans could be recalled with a 90 days notice which is completely unworkable for long term derivatives. When the guy died in a paragliding accident, it was panic station. Nobody had a clue what was going to be the response to that unexpected death.

    So if Arsenal had covenant that Arsene Wenger had to be in charge that meant that if he were to leave, the bank could recall the loan. The period of recall may be long enough to negotiate another funding line on worse terms, but it could also be short enough that Arsenal would be basically as good as dead.

  76. Up 4 grabs now

    lol, im good mate.

    been popping in to read the blog and comment occasionally, but the bickering has been pretty solid on here some days, so duck out just as quick!

    seen a few of your posts though, they have brighten up a few dull days!

  77. Guns of Hackney

    Up for

    Believe it or not, I do the same. Dip in, cause havoc and slip out the back door for a while.

    I do love this blog though. The self righteousness burns like a supernova.


  78. Danny

    The Suarez bid was a balls up
    Except for Suarez and his agent, Liverpool gave him a huge rise so well played on the part of the agent!

  79. James wood.

    Every top club wanted him.
    But he new how especially
    Spanish clubs sacked managers
    for failure and incompetence?
    Wenger new where he’s bread was buttered.
    And like Ozil milked it to the death.
    Great memories but a sad ends.

  80. AFC Forever


    “The one on Thierry Henry was deadly dull.”

    Agreed. That was a cure for insomnia, as many are. Perry Groves book was quite a good one, very funny.

  81. Chris

    “ He was ok for his first 6 years but I was sick of him long before the heroics of 2006”

    You were sick of him before 2006? Honestly? I can’t help but feel that you are skewed by a probably intense dislike of him towards the end of his reign.

    In 2006 pretty much every Arsenal fan would have wanted Wenger to stay another 5-10 years at least, that’s obviously unbeknownst to what was to come post 2011 etc

    2017 after the Cup Final Kroenke should have not given Arsene the option, and told him to walk off into the sunset with the cup under his arm.

  82. Dissenter

    Your last comment about loan covenants was utter bollocks written in your finest tradition
    The banks can put anything they want on the loan including having a hamster deliver morning coffee to them every day but they can;t enforce it.
    Stipulating that an EMPLOYEE has to remain in that business is unenforceable and illegal because it is a violation of that employee’s rights. Don’t forget that the loan is issued to Arsenal FC not to Arsene Wenger.
    Wenger needs to lying that he was made to stay for five years at his prime because he could have left and there’s no way a bank will recall a loan to a 90 year old world famous club because the manager left. Arsenal would have have them for cleaners in a court of law, probably take over that bank.
    Wenger stayed because he realized that he had a job for the rest if his working life in exchange. A job with unparalleled power. He could have left after that five year period ended, so why then did he stay for another 10 years?
    I too am required to sign a contract with a covenant starting that I can’t work anywhere within 50 miles of the establishment for 3 years after I leave. It’s a shit convenient because it won’t hold up in a court of law so good luck enforcing it.- that’s why I’ e always gleefully signed it with a smile.

  83. Uwot?

    WOAB- yes the huge diff between wenger & Ferguson was ol blue nose knew his limitations.Was prepared to listen to advice & take it AND had the sense to freshen things up every 3/ 4 seasons with a quick rebuild.He maintained power with regular success.Wenger as we all know never did any of this .