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It’ll be very casual writing over the next couple of weeks. I don’t have much interest in the international matches and there’s not an awful lot going off on the Arsenal front.

Houssem Aouar wants you to know he’s ok. Honestly, he’s just fine.

“It wasn’t really Arsenal or nothing else, although at the end it was close to that. Really, a choice had to be made and I’m happy to stay here.

“I spoke about it a lot with sporting director Juninho. He shows me confidence every day and it’s a real pleasure to work with him. To stay here for another season – or more – with him, it’s a great pride.”

Those are NOT tears. It’s runny icing from a cake or something.

I have to say, looking back on the window, I am kind of happy we landed Partey, despite the priority clearly being attacking capabilities. If we were looking at how the season would shape up right now with just a creator signed, I think we might be wondering about how we’d deal with the lack of power in our midfield this season.

Don’t get me wrong, Houssem is an excellent player that could have been a game-changer for us. However, I do think we’ll have more luck finding a creative spark with a stable midfield, than trying to find power and control.

… and look, missing out on him likely means the move is over. I truly hope a greedy agent didn’t scupper his move. Anyway, that could open us up to better options next season. If we manage to sneak into the Champions League, we might have the finances to make Jack Grealish happen. A player that produces the numbers we need, someone who says The Grove is his fave stadium, a player that’ll be finding peak next season. One can dream, right?

Just to deviate back to Thomas Partey, the below video should get you excited. A stats person actually excited about the signing, and I am all for it.

I was wondering to myself whether the club will go back in for a Head of Recruitment type figure. We lost Cagigao, Sven is in Germany… there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of rumours with regards to that role. One would assume another £1m a year hire is probably not on the agenda of a club guillotining the club mascot. So what does that mean? Did the head of recruitment job get the internal solutions treatment? Wenger would be proud. The analysts must be picking up the slack and one would assume Edu and Arteta are probably more wired into what good looks like that Raul and Emery.

Not to cover old ground, but I still can’t believe Emery had Partey at the table last season and thought the priority was £72m winger. The best winger on the planet wasn’t making Arsenal a force last season. Baffling.

The transfer strategy this season looked fairly sensible, but we didn’t do anything overly curveball. I’m looking forward to seeing if that changes as we increase revenue over the next few years. Will Arsenal spend more time in eastern Europe, a well of exciting players with elite mindsets. When will we start paying more attention to Africa? North Africa has been a talent hive for years, same for the west. But what about the more southern areas?

Patson Daka, striking sensation playing his trade at RB Salzburg, originates in Zambia. He scored 27 last season, and he’s on 11 already this year. Following where teams like RB scout is never a bad bet. They have an ingredients list for their players and it doesn’t stop delivering hits. Keep and eye of this guy, he looks like the sort of player that’d thrive in the Premier League. He’d certainly be a good replacement for Lacazette when we look to upgrade. At 22, he’s hit the Logan’s Run age where they’ll look to move him out to the German Franchise or to whoever has the cash to get him.

I also wonder why we aren’t organising a feeder club system like City and others are attempting at the minute. The Colorado Rapids aren’t up to much this season, but it seems odd that there aren’t closer ties to Arsenal. Firstly, because the United States and the MLS in particular, has been producing some hits when it comes to young players. Factor in that lots of parents of precocious athletes might start favouring football, because, you know, it doesn’t melt brains… well, there’s probably not a better time to start expanding the new Arsenal IP and creating a feeder factory.

This is what happens when there’s no football.

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yep, it was disgusting before, now he has taken it to the next level is the next level.

    Just since the pandemic started he has leeched 18m from the club, refused to take a pay cut or move to a club were he can play, all the while being too shite to play for us.
    And then he shames the club for having to let people go, shameless. And his stupid fanboys are lapping it up like he’s some great fucking humanitarian who’s been hard done by. Unbelievable. He should be tarred and feathered and put on the first rowboat to his pal Erdogan asap, massive cunt.

  2. raptora

    That Xhaka got nutmegged was his big fault. He is literally right infront of the ball, nothing a stretching opponent could do but try to nutmeg him and Granit obviously falls for it.

  3. Left testicle

    I honestly don’t get why Xhaka was captain. Ducks at every opportunity and a very naive footballer. No balls.

  4. Graham62

    Not able to understand why Ozil was given the contract in the first place.

    Mind-blowingly stupid decision.

    No doubt Wenger will be covering his own ass in the book.

    I’ve ordered my copy.

  5. raptora

    Martinelli is my favorite player from this Arsenal behind only Auba. I’m actually more invested in him cause he could be a really special player. Maybe the attacker with highest potential we’ve had in a long ass time. Who was the last young offensive player we had that was a starting 11 player for years? Walcott? He scored over 100 goals for us. Gabi could too.

  6. SP

    Left testicle.

    Sorry I meant to ask why we didn’t terminate his contract before September ? Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. I think Ozil must have already inserted a clause there.

  7. Marc

    You can’t just terminate a players contract without agreement on both sides or if the player is deemed to have committed something to warrant it ie get caught on the Bolivian marching powder.

    If you want to just tear up a contract you’d have to pay up the remaining amount.

  8. Jim Lahey

    “Not able to understand why Ozil was given the contract in the first place.”

    I mean, you just need to go back to when he was offered the new contact, he had the club bent over a barrel with the Sanchez situation, the club couldn’t afford for both of their top players to walk away.

    Its easy with the gift of hindsight to say what a horrendous mistake it was but to be honest its a lose lose situation for the club. Could you imagine the push back from the fans if both Ozil and Sanchez walked away at the same time?

    Obviously it would have been for the best, the club would be in a much stronger position today is the sponge has just walked at that time.

  9. Nelson

    I wish I was living in London. Then I could meet up with some Le Grovers in the Emirates, watching Arsenal play on a 86″ scene while continuing our arguments there. LOL!

  10. Graham62

    Jim Lahey

    I get it, the whole saga was a fiasco.

    The thing is Jim, there was enough evidence prior to Ozil’s contract negotiations that showed we were going to suffer massively by giving Ozil what he wanted and I’m just not talking financially.

    By allowing Sanchez to run down his contract the club lost out on a possible £60m. Wenger and Gazidis should have been sacked for that alone. Add the Ozil situation to it and you have one hell of a financial mess. Total cost of f##k up, £120m less bonuses.

    I’m sure the majority of fans would have preferred the money.

    It’s called covering their own backs.

    And there are some on here who wonder why Wenger has not stepped foot again in the club.

  11. Marc


    Whilst I agree with your point in principle if Gazidis had dealt with the situation properly ie telling Wenger to keep his nose out of it, either tied the players down to new contracts a year or two before or accepted the £60 million bid for Sanchez and reinvested that money into the squad it wouldn’t have been the problem it was.

    Wenger rightly gets a lot of criticism on here but Gazidis deserves at least as much.

  12. Paddy got Bored

    Wenger rightly gets a lot of criticism on here but Gazidis deserves at least as much.

    Never a truer statement written. And they both deserve to be criticized daily

  13. Jim Lahey

    @Graham & Marc –

    I agree with you both, players should never be allowed to run their contacts down and put the club in a situation where they can demand crazy money or walk away. Club totally at fault there.

    Also, as I remember, even before Ozil signed there were serious concerns around him. The man missed close to every third game through “injury” and went missing more often than not when he played.

    It was just a terrible situation the club allowed themselves to get into and we are paying the price now.

  14. Pierre

    I suppose the posters on here who adamantly defended Arteta and the decision to send Saliba on loan will now do a complete u turn and heap praise on the manager for deciding that a loan would not be beneficial to the player ……as a few of us said all along..

  15. Pierre

    The clubs were mugs for giving Ozil the contract and they have been mugs in their treatment of him the last 2 years , and now they are being mugged off ……they only have themselves to blame .

  16. Marc


    The good news is come next summer Ozil is a mistake we can consign to history, hopefully Edu, Arteta and other senior members of the clubs management will have had their fingers sufficiently burnt to never repeat such a crazy thing.

  17. Ernest Reed

    The pure fact that Wenger openly admitted to knowing what kind of player Ozil was and still is, and then proceeded, along with Gazidis, to give him that bombastically ridiculous contract extension – how can anyone not have pure and utter contempt for Wenger? And then he has the temerity to ask why he has not been invited back to the club? As with Ozil, Wenger too has absolutely no shame.

  18. raptora

    The shitty thing about Saliba supposedly staying is that they’ve already omitted him from our Europa League Group phase squad. Keeping him made most sense cause he would have been training and learning the Arsenal way, while playing some not as important games. They managed to butcher their decision cause now he will almost get no games at all. What were they thinking? Literally all over the place and can’t make their mind up.

  19. Marc


    I haven’t heard any details as to why they’ve changed their minds on a loan for Saliba.

    I hope it’s not another case of Arteta not being able to let players go.

  20. Nelson

    “The clubs were mugs for giving Ozil the contract and they have been mugs in their treatment of him the last 2 years , and now they are being mugged off”

    What the club did was really dumb. What do they gain by humiliating Ozil? It is a lose lose situation.

  21. Bamford10


    Tierney has tested negative & is only required to isolate because of close contact with a positive. James of Gunnerblog just said on the the latest Arsecast that he thinks Tierney will be able to play Saturday because the PL only requires one week of isolation.

  22. englandsbest

    Nothing will ever prick Wenger’s ego. In his chat with God at the Pearly Gates, he will probably tell Him, “You must need me up here.”

    That makes any sincere admission of guilt about the Sanchez swap, the Ozil contract, the RVP departure in ‘My Lies in Black and White’ highly unlikely.

  23. Left testicle

    I’m afraid it’s 14 days…

    What should I do if I am a contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
    If you have been informed that you are a contact, you must self-isolate at home for 14 days from the date of your last contact with the person who has tested positive for COVID-19. Self-isolation means you must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days.

  24. Bamford10

    Marc & Raptora

    That’s my question: what happened in the last six days to change Arteta’s thinking regarding Saliba? If they’ve had daily training sessions for the players who are not away on international duty, has Arteta seen something in training that has made him more interested in Saliba, in taking Saliba under his wing so to speak? Has he had a conversation with the young man? Did his conversations with the Championship clubs give him pause? What changed?

  25. Chris

    From what I have read in the past, Wenger strongly resented the contract offered to Ozil. So was this a desperate roll of the dice by Gazidis? Perhaps Wenger wasn’t involved as much as people think. Perhaps we will find out his side of it in the book! It is out tomorrow!

  26. Bamford10


    Wenger is also likely the reason we were negotiating with Ozil and Alexis in the final years of their contracts rather than with two years remaining on their contracts. There’s no reason Gazidis would’ve put off (or not forced) a discussion like that; there’s every reason to believe Wenger would have.

    Wenger won’t depict the Ozil contract as a mistake in his book, though, for a number of reasons. He’ll say “Ozil is an artist” and “you must pay top money for great art,” or some such bullshit.

  27. Chris

    Regarding Saliba, perhaps there was no forthcoming offer from a club deemed suitable for a loan move by Arsenal. I think the club has come along way from the days off just throwing Gnabry at Tony Pulis and hoping it works out.

  28. Uwot?

    Some brain dead tosses is organising an online petition to get Ozil reinstated? I shit you not.un f*** ng belevable!No wonder our club has been taken to the cleaners for the last to be a wind up.The piss taking c** t actually got an £8 million loyalty bonus recently.Thats right.A loyalty😂Reported on joe.i.e if can be believed? Seeing as their a Bunch of Manure lovers who gleefully report on anything negative when it comes to Arsenal.

  29. Bamford10


    Where are you getting that blurb from? If the government health department, are rules for footballers different? I heard they have some exception because of their protocols.

  30. Marc


    What’s the point of testing someone who’s been in “close contact” if they have to isolate for 14 days anyway?

    Surely a negative test after a few days means you’re clear?

  31. Marc


    You’re looking at it the wrong way – it’ll be interesting and possibly really funny to see how many times Pierre can sign it!

  32. Ernest Reed

    Any way you look at it Bamford, it was horrible business and the results will continue to have a residual impact for a long time to come. No one benefitted from Wenger’s prolonged stay, other than Wenger himself.

  33. Marc


    There are exceptions for some football clubs – for example Ceballos didn’t have to isolate after coming back over from Spain.

    I don’t know all the details but if there weren’t exceptions you wouldn’t be able to have any international or European football.

  34. grooveydaddy

    Charles Watts and others are saying they found Wenger’s book disappointingly bland and lacking any real insight into various issues everyone hoped he would shed some light on, finally.

  35. Bamford10

    I personally am most curious to know what Wenger has to say about his final twelve months at Arsenal. Some key moments in the timeline include:

    April 2017: Wenger is publicly asked about whether the club will bring in a Director of Football to work with him; Wenger says he has no idea what a Director of Football does. “It is somebody who stands in the road and directs play right and left?” (Yes, he really said this.)

    May 2017: Arsenal finish 5th & outside the top 4 for the first time in Wenger’s reign. Arsenal finish 18 points off of 1st; Spurs finish 2nd.

    January 2018: Arsenal sign Aubameyang for record fee. Gazidis and Mislintat are photographed in Germany finalizing the deal.

    February 2018: Josh Kroenke arrives in London for a reported three-month stay. He is said to be taking a closer look at all aspects of how the club is run. The younger Kroenke ends up staying for only six weeks. Rumors abound that Arsenal are planning for a post-Wenger future.

    April 20, 2018: Arsene Wenger announces he will be leaving the club at the end of the season, saying: “After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.”

  36. grooveydaddy


    Certainly doesn’t make me want to throw down my hard-earned on it. I might get a pirate digital copy when they do the rounds, but more than likely the odd quotes we’re going to be seeing on social media over the next few days will be enough.

  37. raptora

    London-based Noah Media Group is joining forces with Paris-headquartered Federation Entertainment on “Arsène Wenger: Invincible,” a feature documentary portraying the French soccer pioneer who changed the landscape of the English Premier League.

    I’d watch it.

  38. Marko

    Are people actually going to buy his book? I mean he was never going to say what really happened in situations that we’d like to know more on because he’s unable to admit fault his ego is too much and it was never going to be controversial or ruffle any feathers because he comes across as boring at. Yes best avoid like I’m sure he does the whole Park Chu Young signing in his book.

    As for Tierney I think the argument being put forward is that he adhered to social distancing and protocol when it came to Christie’s being covid positive and he also tested negative so why does he still have to self quarantine for 14 days.

  39. Valentin


    Look forward for the mental gymnastic by some to justify now the opposite decision that they supported one day ago. It was the wrong decision then and those not taken by the cult of Arteta could see it. Good job the coaching staff also realised it.

    Like many have said the argument that Saliba was not physically ready was pure non-sense. Also if a player is not physically ready for the premiership, you definitely do not send him in the Championship that is a more brutal and more relentless league without the subtleties and technical abilities of the premiership best strikers.