Virgil van Dijk and William Saliba parallels are interesting

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Well, you know it’s a sign of the non-banter era when the biggest international break debate is whether or not there’s a conspiracy against William Saliba because the club wants to loan him to a Championship team.

A few things I wanted to clarify.


I think he’ll be a top player. The signing, as a standalone investment, was kind of wild, but I think his first season in Ligue 1 showed that he has the tools to make it big for us at some point.


Although I think the deal was bad business, I don’t think it was failed business. This should be a good signing. My overarching point was that signing him was a little bit like spending $16k of your £18k home-improvement budget on beer cooler… before you’ve addressed the fact you don’t have a roof or running water.

Ligue 1 Quality

I 100% believe the Championship slander is off the mark. It’s a very strong league that consistently produces top, top talent. Ligue 1 is superior technically, because France, as a general rule of thumb, does its shit right. However, there’s a reason only one teenage centre back managed more than 300 minutes of football in the last 4 seasons in the Premier League… because it is far more competitive. In France, nine U20 players were given +600 minutes (thank you @GiantGooner), why? Because it doesn’t boast the same pound for pound quality as the Premier League… and I think you’d find that our top Championship clubs would battle it out in the top 8 in Ligue 1.

Generational Stuff

People keep batting around the notion of ‘generational talent’, it’s the new hot thing to talk about. However, it’s worth reading up on the early years of VVD. Things weren’t going off for him at 19 years old. He was apparently ‘overtired’ from playing a season at Willem II reserves. Even more interesting than that, and something that might be a consdieration for Saliba is this little snippet from when the player was 17 years old.

Van Dijk’s long rise began the summer he turned 17, in 2008, when he shot up 18 centimeters (7 inches) in height. Before then, Van Dijk has admitted to the BBC, he was a slow, short right-back with an unstable knee, not a player who was good enough to dominate as a central defender.

Saliba is 6ft4, has a huge frame, and he’s only 19 (debuted younger). That’s rapid growth. That sometimes comes with challenges that are best ironed out outside a top 4 challenging team in the Premier League.

Back to VVD, things eventually clicked at Groningen. He then moved to… Celtic. He left Celtic at 24 to go to Southampton. This generational talent didn’t make it to Liverpool until he was 27 years old. Why am I telling you this? Because we need to drop the idea that this loan says anything about Saliba’s future, and we need to take seriously the reality that it is VERY hard to make it as a young centre back at a big club.


The Premier League announced that we, the fans, can watch all the games this season. The games that aren’t shown on the normal channels can be purchased for £14.95. Wow, what a treat?!

This is a dreadful decision that reads like it has been made by a group of people that would be more likely to know the exact price of an AP Royal Oak, than that of a pint of milk.

The pricing structure makes so little sense on so many levels. Firstly, shouldn’t the league be looking to draw in new customers, versus hammering people you know will already pay £20 for a ticket (the captives)? The price point is so high, you immediately rule out casual fans from the party, that’s money only obsessives pay.

Also, is that sort of price point not a bit detached from humanity in an era of mass unemployment? There aren’t many places to find joy right now. Food, booze, and sport is where I get my kicks. Making football really expensive right now seems really unfair. It’s also counter-productive, because the thing with the internet, is if people think the price is too high, they simply find it for free. The music industry learned that the hard way, then Spotify reimagined its structure for the internet. I’m not sure why the Premier League thinks gouging fans is a smart move?

£5 would be fair. £7.50 would be pricey. £10 for me would be a monthly subscription. £14.95 is just a rip off… it is especially jarring when you consider clubs just dropped £1.2b on players. Between them, the couldn’t come to arrangement to calm down the pricetags and wages of players… so they just dumped the bill on the fans.

I speak out of both sides of my mouth because the reality is I love the signings and I’ll pay the price of the games… but as always, it’s a losing game to be a fan. Still, at least we can all be skint watching Thomas Partey beating the press.

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526 Responses to “Virgil van Dijk and William Saliba parallels are interesting”

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  1. Guns of SF

    So fucking naive – what happens when a cell tower goes down? Or a network is hacked?

    someone sounds paranoid of modern era change

  2. Luteo Guenreira


    The first three times are in like the 19th century and previous. It’s the Bush/Gore election in 2000 and Trump in 2016 where it happened in modern times, with like all 50 states and all that.

  3. Dissenter

    Because people need to be reminded that elections have consequences.
    I don’t buy this notion of “poor” people can’t vote because the line is too long. What stops them from voting early or voting by mail.
    I have never voted on election day for work reasons. I have never spent more than 20 minutes in line to vote before.
    I always vote early, on my way home at. night or early on a weekend day. This year I’ve already mailed my ballot already and tracked it to make sure it was accepted.

  4. Pedro

    Rich, New York, London, and LA are 3 of the greatest cities in the world. When the pandemic ends, people will flood back. Culture, people, music, bars, restaurants… you think wealth creators are going to want to set up offices in the burbs? Don’t be ridiculous.

  5. Dissenter

    “Bernie failed because he couldn’t get people to vote for him… that’s a flaw.”

    Because many democrats knew he would never win a general election and the guy was just promising a chicken in every pot. The numbers didn’t add up.
    Free this…free dat
    Who’s going to pay for it?

  6. London gunner


    Easy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    In 2016 when it was leaked the dnc conspired/rigged the nomination away from bernie and they instead put the /criminal hilary as their candidate the veil was pulled from my eyes and I realised the democratic party was rotten to the absolute core.

    I want them to burn down to the ground and trump to stomp on their ashes then hopefully an fdr type figure can rebuild them to their old values and supporting working and midde class people rather than retarded woke activists.

    Also to add trump is very anti China which is very much needed china are the biggest threat to the world imo and need a heavy hand holding them back.

  7. Guns of SF


    Come on man, any form of suppression needs to be looked at no matter how easy voting for you is, Its easy for me to but not for a lot of folks.

    Being arrested, intimidated, threatened, and or making the voting process more work than it should be is forms of suppression.

    Remove suppression efforts, and make it easy. I still do not see anything wrong with having the voting window open for a week. Other countries do this without issues.

  8. Goobergooner

    “Bamford 17.24
    He usually brings him in a pram?For gods sake Bambo get a life asking
    mundane trivial shitttttt”

    Stfu mate, give him shit for his BS statements, not a reasonable question.

  9. Rich

    LA NYC and London “used” to be the three of the best cities in the world.

    The mass exodus in LA is currently happening, the money is leaving, homeless people have moved into affluent areas, and people are jumping on mass, this is a fact.

    The same homeless problem in LA that is now plaguing NYC, along will the spiralling crime rates, will see the same happen there, it’s the logical conclusion.

    The exodus in London isn’t happening yet, which isn’t what the remainers told us.

    But keep an eye on the crime rates and the homelessness problem, we’re not at the levels of LA or NYC yet, but the numbers have been steadily climbing for years.

    When the money men decide it’s not safe for their families, then the thing that’s currently happening in LA, will happen elsewhere.

    And great nightlife won’t mean anything, if you’re not safe getting home from there.

  10. Marc


    You talk about voting suppression and intimidation I’m guessing this only happens by Republican’s?

    Why the fuck aren’t the Democrat’s putting out monitors, arranging group travel for those who are at risk or who can’t make it to the polling stations etc etc.

    Really sounds like a group who can’t get their shit together.

  11. Luteo Guenreira


    As someone who lives in this city, I will again tell you that you are wrong about everyone leaving. Journalistic spin you’ve fallen for I’m afraid.

  12. Marc


    “The exodus in London isn’t happening yet, which isn’t what the remainers told us.”

    You’re now just talking bollocks. The remainers argument was that the City of London (ie the financial services industry) would see tens for thousands of jobs leave. It’s seen a few thousand jobs go but London as a city is still rammed.

  13. Luteo Guenreira

    “Really sounds like a group who can’t get their shit together”

    The democrats here really are pretty incompetent, has to be said. But republicans are far, far more malicious in their efforts though.

    Whether you want the incompetent bunch or the malicious bunch, guess that’s up to you. Might as well choose between a turd sandwich and a douche bag.

  14. Pedro

    Rich, again, because you don’t live here, you don’t understand that…

    1) There’s an oversaturation of luxury apartments in New York. This has been an issue for many years.
    2) We’re in the middle of a pandemic… in the most uncertain time of the last 30 years, in a city that was the worst affected and the worst suited to covid

    That is not proof people are not coming back, that is proof there are too many luxury apartments and… the pandemic is still an issue.

  15. Marc


    Just to point out I’m neutral on this. I would like the US as the largest economy in the world and a long standing ally of the UK to get it’s shit together for everyone’s sake but we’ll see!

  16. Pedro evidencing the exodus as

    Lot of homeless people
    ‘You hear this time and time again from people.’
    … and $100m a year Joe Rogan moving to Austin… where, homelessness is also a massive issue.

  17. Rich


    There’s no proof they are coming back either….

    And the exodus in LA is real, just look for the list of businesses that are running.

  18. Rich

    Pedro if there’s an oversupply of luxury apartments?

    Then take that as there’s no longer a demand, because nobody with any money, wants to live in a cess pit of crime and homelessness.

    The exodus is happening.

    You have an oversupply of luxury housing, and an under supply of rich people who are willing to take them off the market

  19. Pedro

    Rich, Cali has a population of what, 40m? How many are leaving? How many are not coming back? Who are they? What data do you have that suggests anything substantial? Can you point to ‘why’? Outside it being really fucking expensive.

    Not sure Joe Rogan really makes your story valid.

  20. Marc


    Actually truth be told on most things yes – it just seems wanting the death penalty for lefty scum is seen as making you far right.

    I really don’t know whats wrong with the world.

  21. Marc

    I’ll bet anyone a cold beer on a warm sunny day that the population of California is either the same or more than the current numbers in 5 or 10 years.

  22. Pedro

    Rich, it might shock you, but it’s quite hard to rustle up the cash for a £2m condo, even in new york.

    My guess here, is you get your info from right-wing news on the state of New York… where I get mine from looking out the window. The only shit thing about NYC right now is we can’t sit in bars or restaurants.

    New York is elite, will always be elite, will never die.

    You can’t evidence any of your commentary.

    Again, where are you based?

  23. Marc


    It’s shocking but I’ve been criticised for suggesting that carpet bombing Liverpool and Manchester is a reasonable and sensible way to reduce the COVID outbreak in the North.

  24. Luteo Guenreira

    “ And the exodus in LA is real, just look for the list of businesses that are running.”

    You mean during a pandemic where the state’s harsher mandates have made it more difficult to operate compared to other places? Okay. And yes of course the taxes here are higher.

    This has nothing to with your claim that people are running from the city due to crime and danger though.

  25. Pedro

    Luteo, only a person that has never been to LA or NYC would call them cesspits.

    I fucking LOVE LA. What a place. Abbot Kinney? Take me there right now

  26. Rich


    You have to ask why it’s so expensive?

    Why crime rates are soaring?

    Why homelessness is soaring?

    1. The city is over populated, you have an oversupply of people, and an under supply of housing, and the state itself is virtually bankrupt.

    2. Because you have some of the highest rates in the country, the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen, there needs to be money in the economy, for the economy to function, and because rates and housing is so expensive, due to demand, living conditions have consistently decreased.

    3. Homelessness has soared, because LA city council allowed people to move onto the streets, by making it illegal, to remove peoples property from public areas, people then moved onto the streets, because there was nothing stopping them, homelessness is linked to drug problems, drug problems are linked to crime, crime is linked to people with any money fleeing where they live, taking their jobs with them.

    All that’s going to be left is, an oversupply of people, an under supply of jobs, a bankrupt state, and complete anarchy.

  27. Rich

    Pedro, you’re point about prices is nil and void, London property market is still going strong, and prices are just as expensive.

    The difference being property rates.

    Council tax and rates are much lower in London.

    This is the problem with socialism which needs higher tax revenue to support bigger government, is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

    The top 1% in NYC pay $107,000 for every €545 the rest pay, if they leave? You’re talking Armageddon

    And trust me, it’s happening

  28. Luteo Guenreira


    Yeah LA and NY are about as good as it gets, aside from London obviously. Lived in NY/NJ for a couple years in my 20s for work. The pace is insane compared to LA,
    NY is the Premier League of the US. 3am and guys are like “where are we going next?” Seriously hard to find better food or culture in the US though. LA Miami Chicago Seattle SF fight it out for the other top spots.

  29. Pedro

    Luteo, I thought London was brutal for the work pace… it took me a year to adapt to NYC. Now, I think I’d be bored working in any other environment.

    Thought I do love LA… lifestyle is so elite. I also love Austin. It has everything.

    … but i do love my cesspool city.

  30. raptora

    “It absolutely does my head in that they’ve got rid of him just to save money. How many other clubs, ones in the lower leagues who are really struggling, have done that? Even if they bring him back when fans are allowed back in the stadium, it’s a disgrace.”

    Former Arsenal winger Merson added: “They’ve just signed Thomas Partey for £45m. If he’s on £150,000-a-week, are you telling me they couldn’t have offered £149,000 and given the rest to the dinosaur?

    “The club are putting money above the fans, above the things that are important. I can’t catch my breath if I’m being honest. I don’t think the people who run the club understand the club really.

    “I like where Arsenal are going on the pitch. Mikel Arteta is doing really well. And Partey is an unbelievable signing.

    “I don’t know why Manchester United or even Manchester City didn’t go for him. He’s better than what they’ve got.

    “But off the pitch, I don’t like what is happening at Arsenal at all sometimes. It’s not the club I remember. It would have been so easy to keep Jerry Quy on. But they just went: ‘Let’s save ourselves a tuppence’. Because that’s all it is at the end of the day.”

    Merson has a point obviously. Arsenal netted a glorious own goal sacking Gunnersaurus.

    What I noticed was Merson saying Partey is on 150k pw and this is a vastly different to most media that reported 250k pw.

    If 150k is the real number then that’s a very sensible salary Partey is on. 250k in addition to cash money of 45m pounds, sign on fee and agent fee would have been overpaying imo.

  31. Rich

    When the money leaves, and nobody can sell their properties?

    You’ll again have negative equity within the housing market, at which point, many will simply see bankruptcy as the easiest way out.

    At which point you’ll be looking at another banking crisis, and housing crash.

    Worryingly the Tories are talking about going back to cheap zero deposit mortgages, which might solve the problem of demand in the immediate, but we’ve all been here before, and we know that all bubbles burst, and when that bubble bursts, it won’t be pretty.

    Also the reason house prices have risen recently, is because of the temporary scrapping of stamp duty, it happened last time as well, a percentage of the stamp duty is used to increase the value of the property.

  32. Rich

    Pedro I’m from South Wales originally, I’ve lived in London when I was in my early twenties I’ve lived in Melbourne for 12 months, Sydney for 11 years, and I’m currently back in South Wales for a bit, as Dad hasn’t been too well.

  33. Pedro


    These cities are only collapsing in your mind.

    Rich people aren’t abandoning LA, London and NYC because of crime.

    New York isn’t socialist. Rich people pay more tax because they earn more money. That’s how capitalism usually works.

    If people are buying a property in London, it’s because it’s a great place to live, which runs counter to ‘people are escaping the crime.’ If you scraped stamp duty in Allepo, not sure people would be rushing in.

    Some real Katie Hopkins ‘I HATE THE CITY ELITES’ vibes coming from you. Have my doubts you’ve stepped foot in any of the majors in the last year. Because none of your comments marry to reality.

  34. Pedro

    So Rich, you are living in Wales right now telling a NYC resident, a Londoner, and a LA person their cities are collapsing… without being there? Colour me shocked.

    Sydney and Melbourne are very nice though. Bet that was fun.

  35. Marc

    ” I’ve lived in London when I was in my early twenties”

    Stupid fucking comment – London is a big place with a population of over 8 million. It’s almost twice the level of Ireland but if someone said I’ve lived in Ireland so I know everything about it they’d be called a moron – Dublin and some really rural place in Southern Ireland are completely different things.

  36. Rich


    NYC is run by a socialist mayor, who’s moved homeless people into affluent areas, and released prisoners from their sentences earlier than they should have been, and as a result, crime is spiking, and you’re in denial about it.

    People aren’t abandoning London, yet…. I never said they were, I said I think they will down the line, if they don’t get hold of crime and the gang culture,

    Big business are currently fleeing LA though, this is a fact

    You think people are coming back to NYC after COVID, the property market suggests otherwise, and if they don’t get a hold of the spike in homelessness and crime? They’ll never return.

    Yo completely misunderstand capitalism and socialism.

    Capitalism is:
    Lower taxes
    Lower rates
    Smaller government
    Less bureaucracy

    Socialism is:
    Higher taxes
    Higher rates
    Bigger government
    More bureaucracy

    As bureaucracy rises, so do the taxes, as taxes rise, people’s standard of living lowers, as do their personal freedoms.

    Any additional taxes on big business to pay for increased bureaucracy, gets passed onto citizens, with higher consumer prices, which again lowers standards of living.

    The reason LA is in a mess, is mass uncontrolled immigration, you’ll say that’s racist, because that’s the lefts answer to everything, I’ll say it’s basic economics, if you lose the supply and demand aspect of housing and the jobs market? You’ll end up with anarchy.

    If you allow people to move onto the streets?
    Don’t be surprised when people no longer want to buy the property on those streets

  37. Rich


    I’m a welder fabricator by trade, so by “I worked in London in my early twenties”

    I wasn’t in one place, I also worked up North, and down in Poole as well, but mainly across London

  38. Rich

    No Marc, when one jobs finishes, another starts, for example when you finish working on an Asda in Sutton, you then get moved to another job in Fitzrovia, then Scunthorpe, which was an experience, Whitley Bay, which was fantastic and so on…

  39. Dissenter

    I don’t know what passes as truth in South Wales but I bet my wheaten terrier knows about what passes as truth in America than all the yammering you’re doing here.
    NYC is run by a socialist?
    I bet De Blasio is more centrist that most politicians you have in Wales.
    I mean you live in a country where a minimum wage is basic policy, family leave is standard and a national health service if a given. An American politician that advocates for those positions is ….”a socialist.
    Most of the billionaire class in America are democrats.

  40. Rich

    There’s no need to keep building blocks of flats or supermarkets, once you’ve completed those jobs.

    Working all over the country is a young mans game, I’m happy in sunny Freshwater Australia now, been living on a Sydney’s Northern beaches for 11 out of the last 12 years
    It’s paradise on Earth

  41. Rich

    De Blasio is a well known Marxist, who regularly quotes Karl Marx and Lenin, and has supported most of the radical Marxist governments across central and South America.
    But never let the truth get in the way of a good story

  42. Pedro

    Rich, paying taxes isn’t socialism. New York is not socialist. This place is the absolute heart of capitalism.

    The saturation of the luxury condo market is not a sign that rich people don’t want to live in New York.

    … but there we are. A place you’ve never been is a mess by metrics you can’t state… because of immigration.


  43. Pedro

    Rich, everyone in New York hates the Mayor, I’m really not sure you know the point that you are trying to make here.

    I wish this place was socialist… $50 copay to go to the doctors for 6mins. No thanks.

  44. Dissenter

    “De Blasio is a well known Marxist, who regularly quotes Karl Marx and Lenin, and has supported most of the radical Marxist governments across central and South America.
    But never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

    Good Jaysus!
    Di Blasio is no more leftist that Ken Livingstone who was fairly competent mayor of London.
    You’re hooked on these right wing alternate reality conspiracy theory news feeds.

  45. Tom

    Pedro, Ok but what about the New York elites running the pedo rings for affluent politicians thing. And don’t try to deny it because you know it’s true.

  46. Pedro

    Tom, if you replaced the word pizza with children on the DNC emails…. it’s pretty fucking clear what’s going on,

  47. Pedro

    Tom, it’s so fucking socialist over here… people from South Wales complain on Arsenal blogs about how well New York and LA do with the homeless people, who, due to the fair and righteous distro of wealth… does not have an issue… no wait?

    Rich… hold on a minute?

  48. Luteo Guenreira

    Sadly I’m pretty sure the pedo rings are a bipartisan effort.

    As for Rich, not sure you can blame him. There are literally millions of people that actually live in America and believe the same nonsense he does. This is a global media problem. People smarter than the average consumer are constantly figuring ways to get you addicted to the content that’s being pumped out. Your news is not news, it’s content tailor-made to help reinforce the things you already want to believe about yourself and the world.

    This is not a conspiracy, it’s the fucking user agreement you click yes to on every media page and in every app.

  49. Dissenter

    One month supply of Lantus Insulin in Niagara Falls, NY USA is $1000
    One month supply of Lantus Insulin in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada os $100

    Any US politician that tries to address that imbalance is s “socialist, per Rich.
    Add paid family leave and that politician is a communist
    Add minimum wage …. and that politician eats little children for breakfast

  50. Pedro

    Luteo, so true,

    Normal smart people think covid is a democrat conspiracy and my parents think I live in a Tehran like city.

    Quite incredible how people have served up their curiosity to the algorithm.

    I didn’t think people would die for these beliefs, but here we are, there are still Trump fans despite the death and carnage.

  51. CaliGooner

    Hey Rich stay in Australia because you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. I just sold my house in LA and it took a week. Immigration is and always has been a red herring. Immigration is good. Rich people not paying taxes and blaming immigration is bad.

  52. Guns of SF

    Rich you remove immigrant labor and its impact on the economy and ill show you an ecomony that is crashing.

    Blaming immigrants is the oldest tactic and one of the most dangerous out there. When things do not go well, blame the immigrants, blame them for all the woes.

    Your smarter than this…. come on

  53. Moray

    Most economies are comprised to around 70% Of SMEs.

    It’s SMEs who are typically now only a few months from collapse. With Europe seemingly unable to control their populations and travel, Covid is not going to be under control any time soon.

    This means in 2021 we will see the collapse of these businesses at scale. Particularly since governments no longer have defensive measures available to them and interest rates are already effectively at zero. Plus, the growth since 2008 has been largely due to QE.

    You can forget your Super rich, the share prices and The condos running empty. We are about to see a complete collapse. And it will happen because the working heart of the population in most countries explodes.

  54. Moray

    “ Normal smart people think covid is a democrat conspiracy and my parents think I live in a Tehran like city”

    By definition then they are not smart people, Pedders.

  55. DivineSherlock

    Didnt anybody see the absolute shocker of a documentary named The Social Dilemma ? Its on Netflix . Pedro do check that out. Internet was supposed to be free tool accessible for anyone who wanted to educate themselves , now its just emboldening bullshit conspiracy theories like flat earth and anti vaxx . God help the right wingers.

  56. Aussie+Gooner


    “There are plenty of top class Centre Backs who have played down the years in similar fashion either in lower English Leagues or elsewhere.
    Van Dijk played in a lower league until the age of 24 and so did I believe Maguire.”

    True, but did they cost 27m as 18/19 year olds? Herein lies the problem for a ‘cash strapped’ club.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Aussie + Gooner

    There are plenty of footballers who cost significantly more than £27 million who are not
    playing for the club who spent the money.

    I accept that we have probably overpaid for this player, but would also remind you that there were a number of other clubs in the market competing for his signature at the time.

    Let’s judge him when he reaches 21 and not now. Varane was also considered one of the best
    young CBs when he joined Real Madrid. It took a long time to establish himself as a regular first team player.

    Arsenal are no more cash strapped than most of the top teams in world football. The only difference is that the owners have dug in their pockets and coughed up money, which Kronke has been unwilling to do until now.

  58. China1

    £15 for a single match on tv is a fucking disgrace. This needs to go so hard into the bin. Unreal price tag. The average fan will hopefully dodge this like the plague because it’s honestly an appalling price point.

    £5 would’ve been expensive for a match. It’s just a 90 min stream ffs.

    How much does it cost to stream a movie? I don’t know but it ain’t £15. Absolute jokers

    Meanwhile in China I will be (legitimately) paying for the same streams for about £1 a game. Go figure.

  59. Sanmi

    I just read Pedro berating someone for wanting Trump to win. This is why trump supporters don’t talk to polls and you get a skewed poll.
    Pedro, tell me why you think Trump is the worst president.
    By the way, I guarantee you that Trump will win and it won’t be close. We can wager £50 if you are up for it. I’m voting him and I’m black from Nigeria.

    The media painted him worse than he actually is. How they can call Trump a racist and he did prison reform meanwhile they are rooting for the man that created the mass incarceration bill.

    The media is the problem

  60. Sanmi

    COVID 19 isn’t a conspiracy. But the response by some authority has sinister motives. Lockdown was never necessary, after 2 weeks ( time to understand the virus) . The lockdowns became political, just like global warming. It was no longer about the science, it was about making your political opponents look bad. Democrats want to keep it shut down so the economy never recovers in time.

  61. TR7


    I don’t have any direct stake in the US elections directly but I think Trump did great on the economy and job front before Chinese virus decimated the world economy. His peace effort in middle east deserves a Nobel Peace prize but I know the left liberals will ensure he never gets one. They gave it to Obama who killed more people in the world than many of his predecessors and scored a fat zero in resolving any big issue in the world. Trump as he promised did not drag the US in to any new war. He is the only leader in the world who called China’s bluff both on Corona and trade deals. Mike Pomepeo has been instrumental in giving shape to QUAD ( Australia, India, Japan and the US alliance) which can be a great counter balace to China’a despotic powers. Abu Bakr got killed on Trump’s watch. He also tried to normalize relationship with North Korea. The US was giving a lot of money to Pakistan, a terrorist nation, in the name of ‘fighting against terror’. Trump was smart enough to realize Pak was swindling money from the US. I love it how he gives it back to left loonies in the media whose only job is to malign him 24*7. They are a joke. I have read his work on judicial reforms is commendable although I admit I don’t know much about domestic politics of the US. But Trump has done very well on international issues in my opinion. I find Biden to be a bumbling buffoon. His son had done some shady deals. If Biden gets elected I expect the nexus of left loonies and Islamist to flourish once again.

    To Bernie Sanders fan I want to say read the most elementary book of economics first before speaking out on politics, socialism and marxism. Anyone who has read even one elementary book on economics will never back Bernie. Only a fool who lives in a la la land can idolize Bernie.

  62. Freddie Ljungberg

    The politics at least exposes the crazies, no surprise who they are though.

    About Saliba, I don’t think he’s physically not ready, he’s built like a tank and bullied attackers in ligue 1 for fun.

    I think it’s a combination of not getting as much game time as we hoped last season because of injuries and covid, about 20 less than optimal so he needs games, and experience,and the fact that his mom died, professional or not it doesn’t matter, he’s still 19 years old and putting him in the spotlight with our partially retarded fanbase could break him.
    Just look at complete spastics like GoH whose only human emotion is rage and see how much sympathy he’d get if his concentration levels weren’t 100% at all times.

    He’s still highly rated and one of the top CB prospects in the world and it’s a bit early to whine about value for money, same as it is about Pepe after one season.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    New York and London are not very different.

    Both cities have extremes of wealth and poverty. London had until recent times more billionaires living there than any city in western world.

    Yet London is fundamentally a socialist voting city and that applies to many of the wealthiest class.

    I don’t want to go into much detail but if you live and own property in most upmarket districts in north london whether it is Hampstead, Highgate or Muswell Hill the probability
    is that you are a millionaire and yet the vast majority are either champagne or hard left socialists.

    Interestingly one of the best independent schools in the district is Highgate School. The pupils and staff in that school were in the 1960s a mix of conservative and socialists. Today
    the school pupils and I suspect staff are more likely to vote labour and Corbyn.

    The Founders of the Fabian Society and most recently Lansman the founder of Momentum
    both went to Highgate School as did Michael Mansfield the ultra left wing lawyer. All were
    or are fairly well off.

  64. Bertie Mee

    Trump is a loathsome moron whose lack of personal consciousness, malignant narcissism , ego and inability to express himself in anything other than the most basic and banal terms have given an image of America to the world that is harmful and inaccurate. Nate James calls him ‘ The Shakespeare of Shit’ because he expresses himself so crudely and in such a limited way. He is utterly devoid of humour, charm or self -critical assessment and his presence in the White House is a stain on America.
    His handling of Covid. has been to see it as an election issue not a health or humanitarian issue and it has been , like him, totally erratic, one minute advocating one thing the next another .. While it is theoretically possible for him to win , the state of the electoral college and voter’s intentions suggest that a Trump landslide is an impossibility .
    I can’t think of a public figure in the USA or UK who has emerged in my lifetime who is less worthy of imitation or idolisation , more open to extreme caricature and who deserves more to fall in ignominy. If he refuses to accept the election result as he may well do it will underline just what a flawed individual he is. . Biden is a profoundly unimpressive candidate but that says everything about the System that breeds political candidates nowadays .

  65. Sid

    I doubt that one in 10 British people has any idea of what the -Corporation of the City of London- is and how it works.

    The Dragons (DF-26) are growing by the day, Kings landing will burn and the citizens are clueless.

  66. Tony

    “anyone see Un nai lately? maybe on vacay?”

    Most likely not on vacay as he normally posts from his travel locations.

    If his not in the bin, he’s probably been arrested for inciting racist violence.

    I wondered if he was Red Army as the syntax was similar to Don’s waffle.After all he’s probably had the most monikers on LG.

    Some good posts recently.

    LA was probably the best city in the US in the 70s & 80s with NYC running a close 2nd. Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam and Paris were also vibrantly wild (in a good way) back in the day, but London led the way for most people.

    When I was back in LA in the mid 90s it had lost its way and far more dangerous where on Sunset Blvd I was advised by band security not to walk past the Comedy Club on foot after 11pm. Whereas back in the 70s/80s (pre riot days) you could walk down to SIR studios and rehearsal room a mile or so past the comedy club at any time day and night.

    Haven’t stayed there for a very long time, but the Sunset Marquis was a great place to stay where the Whiskey bar was the perfect meeting place and where many a good party evolved and then continued on in one of the Hill’s palatial homes. Perfectly located also for the Whisky a go go and other Sunset Blvd clubs.

  67. Northbanker


    Would be fantastic if we can sign Szobozlai this Jan. I wonder who we have to sell to achieve that though. Selling atop player to get another doesn’t take us that much further

    The problem is our dross is seen by everyone else as exactly that

  68. Luteo Guenreira

    The ones entrenched in either side who are convinced that either democracy or conservatism will end in some calamitous way when Trump or Biden wins, seriously have a word with yourselves.

    The world always goes on. Wherever you may stand, if you think that one result is going to affect your life across the globe to that degree, you’ve fallen hook line and sinker for the fear mongering that’s being spread from all sides.

    There’s no reason to get scared like all your beliefs are at stake. They’re not. Having different perspectives taking turns leading the country is exactly what is supposed to happen. That’s the whole fucking point of elections.

    I must say though that the doomsday scenario is championed by far more right wingers than left. Conservatives scare more easily, which is what makes them that much more likely to be affected by media and headlines.

  69. Useroz

    Saliba. If Arteta or whoever’s concern is physicality and his robustness, it further begs the question why subject Saliba to the wilderness of the Championship where people use words such as ruthless, rough, physical ,highly competitive, etc.

    Wouldn’t Saliba be likely to get hurt ,again , as supposedly he’s a kid and his physique at 6’4” isn’t there?

    This isn’t about development of English football if ww steer towards physical. Wouldn’t prescribed gym work by experts at the club ,and time, would help even if Arteta would supposedly be occupied and focused on results?

  70. Freddie Ljungberg


    All the reports stated he has a buyout of 24m, payable in 3 installments, if we can’t find 8m from somewhere we’re in deep shite.

    Next summer we’re going to save 7-800k a week on wages just from players with expiring contracts so our situation will look a lot better then too, should be able to borrow some money from the summer budget if needed.

  71. Emiratesstroller

    Bertie Mee

    I am not remotely socialist in my political outlook, but I have to confess I find Donald Trump
    one of the most distasteful politicians to have been around during my lifetime.

    I think that there will be plenty of Republicans in US not voting for him in the Presidential Election. If I was a US Voter I would not vote for him.

  72. China1

    Arsenal need to pay that release clause. As soon as possible. Otherwise he’ll be put on a new contract/on his way to Madrid or wherever. Tbh I’d much rather big Dom than Aouar. Cheaper, bigger and more physical. At the prices being touted we will need to move sharpish on him

  73. Freddie Ljungberg


    Agreed. He got 30 goal contributions in 40 games last season, 6 in 6 this season. He’s a beast and is only bound to get better. Has all the physical attributes to succeed in England too.
    If he can give us even half of what he’s producing now on the PL level he’ll be a hundred times better than the waster we have at the club right now.

  74. Goobergooner

    Haha thanks Freddie for bringing this place back from the pits of politics 😂😂

    God damn international break

  75. Freddie Ljungberg


    Had to be done. Trump is a human dumpster fire of a person, the end. No need to to debate it endlessly.


    Don has been banned for the umpteenth time, presumably for being himself.
    Been very pleasant on here lately without him and Cunty Git, just the occasional drive by by GoH bringing the place down into the gutter.

  76. China1

    Freddie yeah it’s his frame as much as anything. With that technique goal and assist output plus his ability to control a game, that’s special, but with his frame alongside partey it’s like okay the arsenal midget CM experiment can finally be laid to rest

  77. China1

    Don’t get me wrong Aouar looks quality but he looks more like a like for like with Ceballos (a bit better tho), whereas Dom looks like the guy to drive through behind our attack

  78. Pierre

    The crusade to defend Arteta at every turn is becoming laughable.

    They defend him on his handling of Saliba and loaning him out.
    They defend him on the transfer of Martinez
    They defend him on the signings of Mari and Cedric.
    They defend him on the treatment of Guendouzi .
    They defend his lack of honesty.

    Sometimes you are defending the indefensible, it is possible to support the manager and be balanced in your admiration and also your criticism of him.

    To continually defend Arteta when the same fans would have criticised Emery for those decisions reeks of double standards.

    The thing is with Saliba , no fan is expecting him to start in the league games , but one would expect him to play the league cup games and Europa group games up until the end of the year.

    This would give Arteta and the coaching staff a little time to assess his capabilities and then a decision can be made in January on whether to loan him out or not.

    Why not give him a go , surely he can’t be that bad a player to not even play him Europa ..

    Sending him out on loan doesn’t make sense to me

  79. bacaryisgod

    Wow, I missed a good back and forth. Talking about socialists, looks like Arsene has announced himself as such. Not sure if that was public knowledge before. Excellent Q+A in The Guardian today.

    Funniest reply from Wenger:

    ‘But after 20 years, when my friends came to my home and said, “What do I have to visit in London?”, I always told them: “I know only the way to the training centre and to Arsenal, to the Emirates.” I don’t know what is in London. It’s a box I never opened. In the evenings, I watch football’.

    Most mind-boggling reply from Wenger:

    ‘The critics started in 2016, when we finished second in the league, because we didn’t win the championship. And I would say that if we finished second in the league today, it would be a huge success’.

    I guess Arsene never read Le Grove. Pretty sure the critics started many, many years before that, In fact, here’s an Arsene description from 2007-2008….

    ‘Wenger was subject to criticism from Arsenal fans; he praised the travelling supporters, though referred to a section of the home crowd as treating him “like a murderer”.’

  80. China1

    Yes Pierre just as you were a balanced critic of arsene and remain a balanced critic of Ozil

    Pot. Kettle. Glass houses.. bla bla

  81. bacaryisgod

    By the way, I live in L.A. It’s far from perfect and the income inequality mains a huge problem just as it is in London and New York, but there’s much to love about the city. I’ve lived in L.A, New York, San Francisco and London and all have their qualities but I’m probably here to stay in L.A.

    New York had some brutally cold winters. London rained too much San Francisco was a parking nightmare and L.A of course has the traffic issues on the main freeways, but I found a way to avoid the worst of the traffic. Anyone that calls them cesspits is just plainly ignorant.

  82. Emiratesstroller


    Sending out Saliba makes perfect sense if you are not going to play him regularly in our first team.

    This is a young player who needs regular football and is unlikely to improve if he plays in our U23s. That seems incidentally to be also the policy with a growing number of the older players in our Academy who are being sent out on loans to Championship and League 1 Teams.

  83. raptora

    It also worked wonders for Nketiah (2 starts) and Nelson (6 starts). As seen when they recalled Eddie, he played a lot more for us than in his loan. Is that what you want to happen to Saliba? Instead of guaranteed games in Europa League which is a really good platform for first team football, you take a gamble that the player would play every game in the Championship, which is wishful thinking at best looking at Eddie, Reiss and Gnabry.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  84. Pierre

    “Let’s not forget benching Martinelli for Reiss and Eddie. A player who managed to shine even under Emery.”

    I agree , Martinelli proved that he was more than good enough to deserve more than the few limited appearances under Arteta…

  85. Emiratesstroller


    Nketiah was sent out to a club who did not play him regularly.

    I think that there is a change in policy where players are now being loaned out to clubs who
    are playing the player on a more regular basis.

    One of the reasons that Arsenal pulled out of loaning Saliba to St Etienne was that they wanted to impose conditions on his playing time and more supervision of training and medical support than was case previously. St Etienne declined to agree to this.

    You are also talking rubbish about Martinelli. Before lockdown Martinelli had started to playing regularly under Arteta. After resumption he suffered an injury.

  86. Pierre

    “Sending out Saliba makes perfect sense if you are not going to play him regularly in our first team.”

    First team ?

    I can guarantee you that he would play more games for Arsenal than a championship club in the run up to Christmas if he had played for our 2nd string in the league cup and Europa. many as 10 games.

    A championship side will not put him straight in and centre backs are very rarely used as substitutes.

    Time will tell on this one …I think we will end up with another Eddie loan situation of which I was totally against.
    He played very few games when he could gave been playing in Europe and league cup for Arsenal.

  87. Sid

    Xavi is a genuine person, declined the Barca job knowing he is not ready meanwhile diet Pep is on an ego trip to compensate his days as a mediocre player

  88. Pierre

    Arteta is doing a good job in very difficult circumstances.

    The team was in the depths of despair when he took over and he is slowly turning things around.

    He is trying to rule with an iron fist, but to do that it has to be consistent with every member of the squad or the players will lose their trust in him .

    He has more of the George Graham about him than Wenger
    There are many similarities in his management style.

    When Graham arrived he gradually rid the club of the more experienced well paid players and focused on building a defensive unit.

    He brought in players like Perry groves , Richardson and Marwood who were more workers than flair players.

    He promoted youth ..Adam’s, Thomas , Rocastle and Merson became regular starters and then bought Seaman which was a great piece of business.

    Winning the league cup v liverpool was the springboard for Graham’s success , let’s hope Arteta can emulate Graham’s success.

  89. Northbanker

    Freddie – thanks as didn’t realise that Dom (as we’re now all calling him) had a buyout clause. If thats true it seems unusual that it specifies instalments but that is good news. Agree that we will have a major salary clear out which is helpful and who knows maybe go down to a working number of CBs.

    I agree it is bonkers we can get him and Edouard (or Sangare) for the same money as Aouar. Meanwhile we have nearly 3 months to learn what the plot is with Willian as that could be influential. Arteta is apparently already asserting he will buy 2 more players in Jan. He’s a man in a hurry

  90. Sid

    Arteta is doing a good job in very difficult circumstances.”

    Caused by

    “He is trying to rule with an iron fist, but to do that it has to be consistent with every member of the squad or the players will lose their trust in him .”

  91. Emiratesstroller


    Martinelli was given 6 full games [3 EPL and 3FAC] in 2020 before lockdown. He played also
    in 3 other games [2 against Olympiacos + 1 other EPL]

    He was also out injured in 2 other games in New Year. So the accusation that he was not being played by Arteta is nonsense.


    You are making assumptions about the amount of game time that Saliba would be offered in
    Championship if loaned out.

    Arsenal recalled Nketiah from Leeds when it was clear that he was not playing regular football and I am pretty sure that Arteta would adopt similar policy with Saliba.

  92. raptora

    check this link out

    10 games that Martinelli was healthy, 8 in the EPL and 2 in Europa.

    He started in 4 games,
    was used as a sub in another 2 games
    and unused sub in the other 4 games.

    When he didn’t start, we lost to Man City, Brighton and Olympiacos.

    Versus Brighton and Olympiacos he played Willock, Nketiah, Nelson ahead of Martinelli.

    In the 4 games he started he scored 2 goals.

    Versus Olympiacos we didn’t have a shot on goal for 77 mins, Arteta’s changes were Torreira, Willock. In the extra time, 105th minute after the whole legrove and Arsenal fanbase have been screaming for this change he brings in Martinelli, playing as a CF, he gives us the energy and intensity we were lacking, makes a few good plays, fights for a cross, the ball comes of his back to Aubameyang’s stunning scissors kick. Who would have thought he would have made the difference?!

    We’ll see when he is in good condition to play, if he’s going to get the chances Eddie’s been getting. In my mind, the question who of the two is the better player, the better option, the superior player, by far it’s Martinelli, it’s not even close. He isn’t a tap in merchant. Actually reminds me of Aguero the way he can find space to shoot. Clever, skillful, fast, combative, and above all stone cold in front of goal. He has it all.

  93. SpanishDave

    Worried about Salinas age
    Cesc.was tearing it up at 18, Anelka played every game at 19.
    If he’s good enough he’s old enough.

  94. bacaryisgod

    Trump shouldn’t even be within spitting distance of Biden. The fact that he’s relatively close in the swing states is scary as hell and just shows how deeply divided the U.S is.

    Biden is a flawed candidate but possibly the right antidote for Trump in this election. The real key is that he gets a senate majority and that’s a toss-up right now. If the Republicans have the Senate and The Superior Court then Biden will be able to get nothing done.

    The original sin is in the constitution which means large states like California and small states like Wyoming have 2 senators to represent them even though the population of California is 50 times greater. .

  95. raptora

    ES: “Arsenal recalled Nketiah from Leeds when it was clear that he was not playing regular football and I am pretty sure that Arteta would adopt similar policy with Saliba.”

    So he’ll basically risk Saliba wasting 3-4 months of his career when he can GUARANTEE him 10 starts for Arsenal till January? Playing and training for us, learning the Arsenal way? He just doesn’t fancy him. He’d rather play Mustafi, Holding, Chambers, Mari, Gabriel, David Luiz as they are all in our Europa League squad. But he isn’t.

  96. Emiratesstroller


    I look at the precise stats of playing time in each game played, which is available for every player on transfermarkt.

    You made a statement about the amount of Martinelli’s playing time under Arteta. If necessary I can publish the exact number of minutes played.

    There were 11 weeks in 2020 before lock down and Martinelli had gametime in at least 9 of
    those weeks. As I pointed out he missed two games through injury.

    So considering his age and this was his first season with Arsenal I think that he was well
    used by Arteta.

  97. Pierre

    “He isn’t a tap in merchant. Actually reminds me of Aguero the way he can find space to shoot. Clever, skillful, fast, combative, and above all stone cold in front of goal. He has it all.”

    If I would liken Martinelli to anyone ,it would be Trevor Francis .

    They have very similar traits in their game and both exploded onto the scene at a very young age.

    Francis was a precocious youngster, 16 I think he was when he made his debut and immediately made his mark , similar to Martinelli.

    They have a very similar running and dribbling action and both know where the goal is /was..

  98. Uwot?

    Freddie & Northbanker- would much prefer Szoboszlai.Hope we have turned our attentions to him.Definitely affordable.They Edu/ Vinai should be tying up that deal pronto.January? Especially with PSG sniffing about.Is it possible u think.? Perhaps a quick email whacked off to Edu & vinai might do the trick.As you state must be loose change knocking about from the collapsed Aouar deal.

  99. Nelson

    I also like Martinelli a lot. He is not only a very hard worker, but has already good technique. I suspect that his injury is caused by his playing style andthe number of games played. His body is not used to this stress.

  100. AFC Forever

    “£5 would be fair. £7.50 would be pricey. £10 for me would be a monthly subscription. £14.95 is just a rip off”

    Spot on.

    I pay £120 month to watch Sky & BT Sport’s. That’s already too much

    In this pandemic we are watching games without any atmosphere. For many people their incomes have been affected, there have been furlough & redundancies..

    Yet the Premier League has found away to prove it doesn’t give a xxxx for fans by RIPPING US OFF. It is utterly disgraceful profiteering.

  101. AFC Forever


    “If would liken Martinelli to anyone ,it would be Trevor Francis ”

    The first £1 million player – how times have changed. They earn that in a month now.