Impressive victory keeps the momentum going

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Well, you’ll take that, right?

Arsenal made 7 changes against a very good Leicester team and came out worthy victors.

It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but it was a dogged hard-fought victory with plenty of positives.

Firstly, we’re back to winn… oh, wait, we beat West Ham. Felt like a loss. We’re back to winning with purpose after a grubby blip at the weekend.

Secondly, the team put their all into a comp most don’t really care about. I know that should be mandatory, but it isn’t always in this game. I like that everyone is fired up and ready to take their chance whenever it is offered up.

I’ll stop doing this numerically now. I was extremely happy to see Eddie back on the scoresheet after scoring the ugliest goal of the season. He’s a confidence player. You know he’ll always work hard and do the dirty work, but things just haven’t happened for him in front of goal. Well, he scored against West Ham for the winner, and he did the same tonight after connecting with Bellerin’s mazy run/pass, fumbling the ball into the net from close range.

Pepe has yet to find what his true purpose is going to be in this Arteta side, but he’s giving it a go. He’s very unconentional with the way he moves the ball, but you can see there’s a player waiting to burst out at some point. He’s fast, he can breeze past people, he just struggles with his end product.  Not sure he landed the assist tonight, but his shot/cross that hit the post caused and own goal. I’m sure there’s some fancy stat you can attribute to him.

Bernd Leno showed a little more confidence. He came for a couple of looping crosses that must have been tough in the wind and rain. I’d still like his handling to be a little better. He tipped a shot into danger and he flapped a cross in the second half. It’s early days, he was out injured for a while, so it might take some time to see peak Bernd.

Kola shouldn’t keep getting games. He’s not focused nor is he good enough. He lost a runner with lazy marking and it could of cost us. I did love to David Luiz having a pop at him. In general, it was good to see him back in the side, he was having a heated mentoring session on the way to the tunnel with Saka at half time as well.

Talking of Saka, the kid is absolutely class. He put on a much better show this evening.

Last point. Matteo and Mesut. Left behind. They can’t even make the League Cup. They need to find new clubs. This is ruthless behaviour, but smart. Bring two people that don’t do what you need them to do in for a cup game, and, well, it shows you don’t care about the game. We won. Our 7th domestic cup win in a row. Can’t argue they needed to be included, can you?

Overall, that is a great win. It’s the exact sort of momentum you’ll take going into the game against Liverpool. Most of the players on the pitch put their hats in the ring for selection next Monday. That’s all you can ask.

Short one today, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Pedro

    CG, the 5 academy players not enough boldness? He needed to put in a player that he doesn’t feel ready to make that victory feel just?

  2. Northbanker

    There is a massive difference in football terms between a 19 and a 22 year old. Add in that both Gabriel and Saliba need to play back into fitness and it is obvious you would not start with both in your back 3

    I suspect Saliba may have played in a home game against a championship team but not make his debut away to Leicester

    Totally agree with MAs strategy

  3. CG


    “””CG, the 5 academy players not enough boldness? He needed to put in a player that he doesn’t feel ready to make that victory feel just?””””

    Its not a criticism of him, its an observation.
    Arteta was a very efficient player and he clearly is a very efficient coach.

    I think its becuase he himself lacks experience – he gravitates towards the older players as opposed to the younger ones.

    I also feel he is quite unnerved from the mavericks in the squad.
    Ozil, Pepe, Martinelli types etc

    Also an obersevation not a criticism.

    As for Saliba ,not being ready.

    the boy is ready!

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  5. Pierre

    Unwritten rule of Le Grove is , NEVER question anything about Saliba or Martinelli , but slag off Nketiah at will and I guarantee you will gain more friends than enemies on Le Grove.

    That’s how it works I’m afraid.

  6. Bamford10


    Klopp is a super nice guy, so on one level, he was definitely being friendly and complimentary towards a younger peer. But I think he genuinely respects Arteta as well. His comments about how organized the side is and how “balanced” it is between attack and defense are definitely sincere, as he has seen this “balance” (and the difficulty it poses an opposing side) first-hand. However, the “balance” Arteta has achieved is the result of adopting a more defensive posture tactically; whether this more defensive posture can succeed over 38 matches or whether he can transition to a more expansive approach and succeed remains to be seen.

    I’ll note again that we have been outshot 13 to 9 in Arteta’s 22 PL matches thus far — a statistic that deserves at least a moment’s consideration — and I will remind people that under Arteta we were knocked out of the Europa League in the round of 32 at home by Olympiacos last season.

    He’s a smart and capable guy, but whether he will succeed remains to be seen; and while I think he is doing some good things, I am not buying this “we have already seen / we are already seeing a revolution at Arsenal” narrative. I see some positive signs here or there, but I am not seeing any revolution just yet. To each his own, though.

  7. Valentin


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  8. Leftside

    Pierre, come on that is a weak comment even by your standards. You put lots of wife’s friends to shame with your cattiness.

  9. PhD2020

    Left testicleSeptember 25, 2020 15:57:59
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  10. Pedro

    CG, that doesn’t make sense.

    Arteta picked one player in their 30s for that game. 5 academy players. Average starting 11 of 24.5.

    He also won the game quite easily.

    Your criticism is grounded in what you would have done. Someone who doesn’t train with Saliba every day.

  11. TallestTiz

    Obviously, Arteta rates Holding more ready for EPL at the moment than Saliba.
    The young lad is facing serious competition for playing time with Arsenal having more than 5 right sided center backs in Holding, Luiz, Mustafi, Chambers, Sokratis plus himself (Saliba).
    Gabriel is literally having only injured Mari to compete with – hence don’t be too surprised he’s playing already.

    Calm down on the Saliba agenda FFS! He’ll come good

  12. Tom

    “Then why did so many on Le Grove want him to start and then criticise me for telling it how it is.“
    Probably his price tag and the promise usually associated with it, but like CC said, the fact he’s only 19 should probably be the beginning and end of this particular debate.

  13. shaun

    “What does surprise me is that Arsenal are prepared to consider loaning Torreira to Athletico
    Madrid without obligation to buy and a significant loan fee. If they are playing hard ball we
    should reciprocate and do business elsewhere. I would rather loan him out in Italy if that is
    the only option.2 exactly we should not be entertaining Athletico all it’s 20 mill off the partey deal or go fuck your self ……………..the bare face cheek of it , don’t get me wrong we need to get rid of the cry baby ASAP but not to those sleaze bags ARSENAL should not be entertaining and kind of loan deal for tor unless there is a significant loan fee and agreement to buy

  14. Valentin

    The thing with Holding is that despite being being right footed, he has looked a lot more assured on the left of the defense. The FA Cup final against Chelsea, Per was on the right and Holding on the left.

    However because Arteta uses the left sided CB as a weird makeshift CB/wingback, more mobile players there who can also play wingback are preferred. Personally in view of the shambles and disaster that is Kolasinac, I would still prefer to play Holding there anyway.
    If Tierney is still out, I can’t see Kolasinac being able to handle Mo Salah.

  15. zeus

    According to Romano, City in talks to sign Ruben Dias including Otamendi as part of the deal. City always decisive, not sitting around waiting for Napoli to sanction Khoulibaly.

    Meanwhile Arsenal are on day 700 on Partey and Auoar. These 2 players can’t be the only 2 recommendations by StatDNA. Let’s move on already.

  16. Leftside

    Zeus, so if AFC struggling after this time with our two primary targets you think they would be able to get in other targets in the amount of time left in this window?

  17. CG


    “”””Your criticism is grounded in what you would have done. Someone who doesn’t train with Saliba every day.”””””

    But I have seen Luiz in an Arsenal shirt.

    Give away a penalty at Anfield
    See Red at Manchester City and give away a pen
    See Red at Chelsea and give away a pen.

    So Saliba must be stinking the place out in training if he cant get ahead of Luiz.

    If Luiz starts at Anfield, when talent like Saliba remains on the bench- My Arteta Out bandwagon will start in earnest.

  18. kristoman

    what is the definition of progress?
    if any body here say something negative about what he or she observe in this current team and draw a conclusion he is anti arsenal. question though, where does arteta have to finish this se4ason to consider it “progress”?
    i know i will not get an answer, what do i know, our savior is here after all.

  19. kristoman

    oh bamford
    you say a lot of trash at times but you are 100% correct about arteta formation game plan, what i don’t know is whether he can maintain it to a least get a top 4. whether he is defensive or not i don’t care., only some idiots here criticizes other coaches if they are defensive not me, i have no problem if arteta is a defensive coach or not as long as he delivers the goods, am okay.

  20. zeus

    @ Leftside

    It depends on who those targets are. The Lyon president is notoriously difficlut to deal with and the Atletico team aren’t novices either. I’m not willing to bank on either of them blinking first in this game of chicken. This is turning out to be Sancho to Man Utd stuff.

    Other targets, lesser profiles and transfer fees might wield a higher probability of success.