Transfer wheels need to start turning this week

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I think we’re heading into a week of action.

Some teams have had shockers and lost.

Some teams have had shockers and clearly showcased their weaknesses (hello, Arsenal).

Some teams just need to make some moves.

Arsenal hasn’t done much of a job moving on the problem players this summer, but I suspect things are going to come to a head as Arteta gets real with his intentions.

Lacazette isn’t getting a new deal, so it doesn’t matter how much quality the manager thinks he has, we need to move him on before we get into a Rambo like situation. This is Arteta.

“At the moment, we haven’t started any negotiations,”

“We have a lot of things still to do in this market and at the moment we are focusing on those things.”

“He’s a player I’m really happy with. I think we’ve shown him a lot of faith since I arrived here.”

“But we cannot start any speculation. We know that any player who is under two years of their contract is always going to be talked about.”

It’s clear from the above that he’s not a priority from a contract perspective. He’s a goal scorer, he might be expensive, but he can be a difference-maker, so let’s hope someone is feeling generous. Also, let’s hope Edouard is being benched for Arsenal, not Spurs.

We need to move on some of our centre backs this week. We are stocked heavily and there is just no way any of them are getting games. Sokratis and Cal Chambers seem the most likely to be moved on, with West Ham and Fulham looking likely destinations for the Englishman. Rumours are also quite strong that Lazio is interested in Mustafi.

The two players that have been notably absent with very little movement are Matteo G and Lucas Torreira. No one wants a piece of the Frenchman, something I suspect the player didn’t expect. He must be in panic mode because he was literally the move valued teenager of all time this January, now the best he can do is a phone call from Unai Emery.

Torreira is a different story, he’s attracted a lot of average interest from Italy… but Spanish media is moving on the idea that Simeone wants to pull the trigger and make a deal happen. He’s apparently spoken to the player and the obvious deal is he leaves with Partey coming the other way. It’s a face-saving swap for the Spaniards and it leaves both parties with decent players.

The clearest issue we have in our squad though is the lack of creativity in the final third. Willian put in a duff performance against West Ham, making it quite clear that we need a real specialist in the area of unlocking deep and medium blocks. I think we’ll make it happen for Aouar, but Aulas won’t make it easy for Arsenal… but, they dind’t make it easy for Alex Lacazette back in the day.


“I think Mikel Arteta is punching above his weight,” said Neville on his podcast. “He is going above and beyond the players he has. The shape and the organisation, things we have criticised Arsenal for in the past, is good.

“They are not finishing in the top four like Arsene Wenger used to get criticised for but they look like a team which is more cohesive. It has continued from the end of last season and he is doing a great job.

“I just think Mikel Arteta would love that £150 million that Frank Lampard has got this summer.”

The Nuggets are doing well at the minute, let’s see if Stan and Josh feel like they can unlock some of their cash and make this summer a Christmas miracle.

Short post today, see you in the comments!

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  1. Valentin


    Like I wrote, most of the time I disagree with Bamford. That does not mean that I am entitled to call him names, insult him and belittling him.
    I find him infuriating and annoying, but I try to stay courteous when discuss things with him.

  2. Luteo Guenreira


    Mirror for what? Yes I’ve insulted you because I think you’re a joke. Same with RH and Bamford, I don’t need a mirror, I’ve not hid what I’m trying to do or skirted around the issue at all. Try not to take it personally I guess, cause it’s just things I think are funny in the moment?

    You wanna talk about honest discourse, when you offer points like you’re a fly on the wall in every back office meeting in Europe? And you think the bullshit tautology you offer is courteous? Spare me please, being called a cunt once in awhile is way nicer than being dragged through a pointless discourse based on fanciful conjectures with the likes of you.

  3. azed


    If Zaha comes in then it’s au revoir Pepe unless Arteta is going to play Aubameyang down the middle.

    We definitely cannot afford to have William, Pepe and Zaha fighting for one spot in the first 11

  4. Valentin


    Time to take you medicine and go to bed.
    Each new posts just show you for the little unhinged aggressive repressed frustrated idiot that I always thought you were.

  5. CaliGooner

    The latest manager has beaten Liverpool twice, United, wolves, Chelsea, city and won a trophy.

    What did emery win? How did the defense play when emery was here?

    Red atop bringing up emery. It’s just as boring as the Emi vs Leno debate in that there shouldn’t be a debate. Emery isn’t here anymore. Emi isn’t here anymore. It’s a waste of time. The team and most of the players have been much better under the latest manager. It literally can’t be argued whether by watching with your eyeballs or the statistics. So piss off with you emery arguments. They are a nonstarter.

  6. salparadisenyc


    How those players are transferred could be down to take on the wage in this climate but thats certainly something and seems to be priority at this stage: CLEAR WAGE BILL

    Last minute attacker joining party unexpected, all for if its Zaha puts Pepe is in the crosshairs for me and I don’t see any problems with that based on what we’ve seen. Bold move, suppose Zaha enters on loan with option and Pepe gets pushed further down pecking order which may be the fire he needs.

    Or Laca is sold.

    End game is upgrade where you can!

  7. Luteo Guenreira


    You addressed me first. All I’ve done is respond based on what you said, with a little more humour and colour than you are capable of comprehending. You said something about me, so I said something about you. I don’t know why you’re trying to make it like it’s some overreaction. Take it easy, I told you that I haven’t read your posts in two years because I know you’re full of shit and I haven’t, I won’t unless you address me.

    You’re trying to drag me through another one of your shit piles but I don’t want play, so carry on with your roundabout nonsense and your football detective schtick.

  8. Guns of SF

    This does raise some questions.
    We have some wingers that might not get much time.
    I personally like Reiss, even more than Pepe. However, with Willian, Gabby, Auba, Saka AMN its going to be hard to keep everyone happy.

    As with our CB,s we might need to off load some Wingers too. But given Pepe’s price tag, it does seem Reiss might be the one.

    SO on the block we have: Mustafi, Chambers, Torr, Guen, Reiss, Sokratis, Holding, El Neny,

    That is some that come to mind. I do hope we can sell in these last 2 weeks quite quicky. Not a fan of puny $ loans… we need some cold hard cash coming in…

  9. Ernest Reed

    “Bamford speaks on.behalf of Arsenal while the rest are more interested on defending the manager.”

    What planet are you from, RedTruth? You are more hopeless than i ever imagined.

  10. TR7

    Mohamed Elneny has received offers from Galatasaray & Trabzonspor, with his agent currently in Turkey. Elneny is yet to decide his future with Arsenal.

  11. Ernest Reed

    “David Moyes and two players have tested positive for Covid-19”

    The repercussions of this are far reaching. Seems many have become complacent of their responsibilities. Covid does not take days off, pay attention.

  12. Champagne charlie

    “If Zaha comes in then it’s au revoir Pepe unless Arteta is going to play Aubameyang down the middle.We definitely cannot afford to have William, Pepe and Zaha fighting for one spot in the first 11“

    I think we’re looking to offload Laca, and personally I see Zaha being a really good option for us is that was the case. Also of the view there’s big reservations about Pepe.

    Zaha-Auba-Willian with Pepe and Saka offering options on either side is a good look.

    Zaha is homegrown which is important, plus he’s in London and Palace would arguably be keen to do a deal involving the likes of Nelson. Could be a move that is able to be done with little fuss in terms of logistics etc should we move that way end of the window.

    Totally agree mate, looks like a deal that could be done midday on deadline day if at all. Part of me wants to see the lad here finally because he’s a mad gooner too, will have such a point to prove and I love that in a player tbh.

  13. Tee

    “doesn’t seem to concern you one jot that Leno is now cemented in as our # 1 GK, with no adequate backup”

    You just changed the goalpost.

    Yes, We definitely need a backup that will challenge Leno.

  14. Victorious

    I am kind of very bored of this transfer windows. We need players to improve the team, but we have to sell first, which we have been super slow so far! Sok is still here, there is no evidence that we might get rid of Kola, and Torreira’s transfer saga is being there forever.

    My only hope is that some team comes with a panic buy and makes a bid for one of our players. I am more or less sure that we won’t hear anything concrete this week.

  15. Guns of SF

    teams want our players for extra cheap. They are cheap already. The ones we are selling are of the shitty variety. Discounted already.
    Some teams want deep discounts. I figure next week we might get some buyers for the additional 40% off deals

  16. CG


    “””””We definitely cannot afford to have William, Pepe and Zaha fighting for one spot in the first 11″”””

    They would not be fighting out for one spot
    Willian and Pepe would be polishing Zaha’s boots.

    Please dont compare.

    Zaha is quicker than Mane, more skilful than Rashford and more fiery than Diego Costa.

    we should have signed him 12 months ago
    we now have 12 days or less to do so.

    and he is Gunner too and therefore naturally reads Le Grove.

  17. Marko

    : “Aouar and Partey are Arsenal’s top CM targets. They are trying, whether they’ll get 1 or both, idk. They have backup options. Could come down to who Arsenal are willing to shift out to free squad space and willingness of owners to sanction such investments.”

    : Lyon are tough negotiators, especially their president Aulas, that could complicate things around Aouar. On the flip side to all of that, Edu has a very good relationship with Juninho and Aouar is represented by the same agency as Mikel Arteta

  18. karim

    17 min
    : “Aouar & Partey are Arsenal’s top two central midfield targets for this window. They are trying, whether or not they get one or both of them, I don’t know. They do have back-up options if they don’t.“ [Ask Ornstein] #afc

  19. karim

    : “It could come down to who Arsenal are able to shift out of the club to free up squad space & willingness of their owners to sanction such investments. Evidence of the last year or so, suggest that they will, however, I can’t give you a definitive answer.”

  20. Nelson

    Dream10 “David Moyes and two players have tested positive for Covid-19”

    That is shocking. Hope done of our guys are infected. The football season may be halted. Shit!

  21. Marc

    “David Moyes and two players have tested positive for Covid-19”

    That’s a concern for Arsenal outside of the obvious health implications our squad is short in defence due to current injuries and we have no midfield when everyone’s fit. If we have players who test positive we’d be in trouble for Monday.

  22. Marko

    Key word could be who we’re willing to shift out. I’m telling you we might just live to regret the fact that we let 20+ million go for AMN.

  23. Victorious

    Nothing exactly new there from Orny

    Just regurgitation of what’s been out on the media for the last few weeks now, very boring now tbf

    Considering how slow we’re in getting deals over the line, we’d be lucky to sign one of those players before the end of the window

  24. Aaron

    AMN could still go, but is kolA going to play defense on the left if Tierney goes out?
    We need to upgrade though that is clear.

  25. salparadisenyc

    Luteo has probably hit the nail on head there….

    I’m hoping for:
    Aouar, Fekir, Rodrigo De Paul
    Partey, Kante, Brozović

    Kante seems pipe dream but there quite a few rumors of his moving, and Frank is daft as shit.

  26. Luteo Guenreira

    Maybe Cesc Appeal will come back if Kante comes to Arsenal. Great poster, remember talking to him about how we could have had Kante instead of Xhaka for about the same price. Heard Kante was interested in coming then but that Wenger chose to move on w/ Xhaka instead. If true what a mistake that was. Xhaka has his supporters and detractors but cant think anyone would take him over Kante knowing what we know now.

  27. Daniel Altos

    How the fuck are leeds linked with diego llorente today morning and by now they have completed his signing ?Plus where are they getting all this money?Wtf is wrong with Arsenal?We spent weeks completing a free transfer and now we can’t even get deals over the line.We have been linked with partey and aouar since forever ffs.I am okay with knowing that we can’t sign shit but what worries me is how we can’t shift shit either …can’t we do some kind of payoffs to get the mustafis and kolasinac off Arsenal Football Club?

  28. Marc

    “Plus where are they getting all this money?”

    Leeds have just won the lottery – by getting into the PL they’ve suddenly got over £100 million in cash they didn’t have before, even with the effects of COVID they have more income than they’ve ever had.

    Arsenal were losing £20 plus million a year before we lost the £100 odd million a year we get in gate receipts.

    Some fans seem to live in a very small bubble when it comes to how things work.

  29. Daniel Altos

    DaniMaybe they’ve been working on the transfer for weeks, but no one cared to report on it or leak it because it’s fucking Leeds?

    @ luteo Was it the same for rodrigo,jota or many other players?My point is that how comes most of the clubs finish deals within a day,two or 5 and we take months to complete shit?

  30. Luteo Guenreira


    I actually didn’t want to get anyone started on anything Xhaka, which is why I specifically made an effort to mention both the supporters and detractors. But I should have known better, forgot where I was for a moment.

    Kante was coming off a monster season for Leicester too, EPL proven. I think he’s fallen off a level since then, bit of a crock now to be honest, but 2016-2018 Kante was a monster.

  31. Luteo Guenreira

    how comes most of the clubs finish deals within a day,two or 5 and we take months to complete shit?

    Well. The Gunarsson deal seemed to go through pretty fast?

    I think it’s easy to push a transfer through if both clubs, agent, and player are on the same page. Wolves got a good price, Liverpool paid it. I don’t think Arsenal are in the same situation with our top two targets and the clubs we’re dealing with.

    There have been reports, true or not, that personal terms have long ago been agreed with both Partey and Aouar. It’s just the clubs playing a game of chess right now. The fact that once everything is agreed it only takes half a day to push it through is a good sign, it means there’s plenty of time left to get it done.

  32. Marko

    Kante isn’t going to happen though. He’s still an important player for them and Chelsea don’t usually sell us players they want to keep. Rudiger could be an option though. Or Kepa. Could do with a number two

  33. Victorious

    There is every possibility we’re the worse run club in the world in terms of transfers at least,honestly its mind boggling how sluggish we seem to move on players tansfer

    Used to believe Wenger, the old past it hagger was the sole reason for this until…..

  34. Bamford10


    “I always assumed that you were American and now I it is open warfare due to Bamford allegedly insulting you on the basis of your Nigerian heritage.”

    I never insulted anyone on the basis of their heritage. Not once, not ever. This was a bogus allegation made by Champagne Charlie, which he later lamely tried to pass off as “sarcasm”. Please do not repeat bogus (and defamatory) things like the above without looking into what was actually said. Thanks.

  35. Champagne charlie


    I rate Zaha, but I mention him more because he’s a player that’s been touted as a last minute option.

    If you ask me who is bringing more value to us this season, Zaha or Nelson then the answer is pretty emphatic. I’m also of the opinion Arteta isn’t convinced by Pepe so would like more than Willian as our creative outlet at the very top end of the pitch.

  36. Marc

    It staggers me that so many on here can’t see the wood for the tree’s.

    We have a rookie manager who’s just been promoted (from 1st team coach) and has never been involved in running a summer transfer window before, we have a Tech Dir who’s a rookie and who’s never run a summer transfer window before. We’re a club that is broke due to a CL wage bill with no CL income and the COVID situation. On top of all of that we have a squad full of highly paid dross and we need to unload a lot of these players to have the money to buy the players we desperately need.

    Is it really that difficult to comprehend?

  37. Champagne charlie

    Lots of shit about any potential swap with Chelsea involving a homegrown player, seems we’ve not masses of wiggle room there when it comes down to that particular composition.

    I hear that and immediately think Ross Barkley for Guendouzi if there’s anything at all to that talk of swaps.

  38. Champagne charlie

    “This was a bogus allegation made by Champagne Charlie, which he later lamely tried to pass off as “sarcasm”.“

    Jamie help this lost soul out when you’re done being an unpleasant and useless person to talk to.

  39. Champagne charlie


    I think if it were true it would be more a measure of Barkley being a much more useful player than Guendouzi. He’s woefully inconsistent viewed from afar, but he has ability and a great physicality for the middle of the pitch. Country mile better than Elneny and Torreira.

  40. MLC

    Arsenal were among the Premier League clubs who underwent routine #COVID19 testing on Monday and despite coming into contact on Saturday with West Ham (who have since returned 3 positives), all #AFC results came back today as negative – Ornstein

  41. Marc


    I just think he’d be another “squad” player on high wages that we’re stuck with in a seasons time.


    Hopefully that good news doesn’t change in the next few days.

  42. Marko

    I dunno if the home grown stuff is an issue for us charles I think it’s more non home grown quota but if the likes of Sokratis and Elneny leave we can get in Aouar and Partey. I don’t think we need HG players with the fuck tonne of young crappy ones we have

  43. andy1886

    Barkley reminds me of a bag of cement whenever I watch him. Definite ‘No’ from me. We already have one relatively immobile lump in Xhaka.

    Ornstein says we have alternatives lined up if we can’t get Partey or Aouar, would be interested to see who they might be.

  44. Luteo Guenreira

    I think Jamie’s full name is actually N’golo Jamie btw

    Feel like the only way another wide forward like Zaha comes is if Lacazette leaves. I suppose he can be benched and put Auba up top. Don’t think there’s a market for Pepe in which any value can be salvaged right now, so he’s not going anywhere. Guess that would push Willian to the middle like it was being talked about weeks ago when he signed?


  45. Champagne charlie


    I’ve no idea, or much interest, what we need to make the grade to be fair. Just read it was a consideration for elements of our business, and particularly what was touted in this Chelsea swap story.

    Whether that’s more HG or less foreign fuckers it’s much of a muchness, we’re cognisant of meeting the outlined needs for squad composition is all. Maybe a Ross Barkley gives us license to buy the proper talent and send a HG on loan without disturbing the ratio?

    No clue, but I’d imagine/hope any deal we’d look to strike with Chelsea would serve us well and have a lick of sense to it.

  46. Marko

    Maybe a Ross Barkley gives us license to buy the proper talent and send a HG on loan without disturbing the ratio?

    That’s what I’m saying we currently have 10. Now unless all of Willock, Nelson, Chambers, Holding, Macey and Bellerin leave then we might have to do something about the HG quota but I think we’re honestly good it’s more. We’re honestly fine in that regard. We could even afford to lose Macey and promote Okonkwo (highly regarded) so we’re not even that desperate that we would have to keep Macey for example.

  47. salparadisenyc

    Ross Barkley not coming in unless all else has gone considerably tits up and KSE have told Arteta to deal, which would be harsh considering.

  48. Marko

    Here’s something that is worth remembering too by the end of next season Martinelli and Saliba will be considered HG. Joel Lopez too if he ends up being good enough

  49. Nelson

    I suspect that Arteta is putting too much pressure on the players in the training ground. Cedric Soares, PapaSok and ESR all suffer injures during training.

  50. Bojangles

    “You need to direct that to the people who think Martinez is better than Leno and who think we made a mistake selling him”

    Can’t say I’m surprised by your response.

  51. Valentin


    I specifically used “allegedly” because I had not read the thread before.
    My apologies if you were offended by my question.

    As both you and RH seems to agree that you never even mentioned his nationality, I would tend to believe you.

    As I mentioned before, I am quite often in disagreement with your argument, but I must commend the fact that even when on the receiving end of vitriolic and insulting comments and what I would call Gaslighting and bullying tactics, I have rarely seen you resorting to insult or belittle people.

  52. Valentin


    Whenever I see Barkley play, I think deer in headlight. Somebody who has all the physical attributes to be unplayable, but whose brain never let him make the right choice.
    A little like the ox, so afraid to make a mistake that unless he plays by instinct he always procrastinate about the right pass until the opportunity is gone.
    I remember an Arsenal game against Barcelona where Arsenal had a numerical advantage and he has the possibility to make a simple pass but he hesitated and hesitated and in the end lost the ball.
    No amount of coaching can change that, because it is a character flaw. They need a sport sophrologist to solve that problem first, then a good coach.

  53. Batistuta


    The Cedric Soares deal remains a head scratcher… Still yet to see any argument that convinces me it was a good deal

  54. CaliGooner

    CaliGoonerThe last game was pitiful or was the grass too long .lol

    What is the expectation? We supposed to beat every team 3-0? Seems like that’s your argument so you can always have something to complain about. Did we play great? Absolutely not. Did we win? Yes. Did you show up for weeks after the fa cup win? No. Ah so there we are. Troll life. Just show up when the results aren’t great so you can spew your negativity. I get it. I’m done with you. Don’t feed the troll.

  55. Tee

    “I suspect that Arteta is putting too much pressure on the players in the training ground. Cedric Soares, PapaSok and ESR all suffer injures during training”

    So much pressure you say? Why is aubameyang or willian at their age not breaking down?

  56. Valentin

    Every clubs is suffering from injuries.

    Between a overlong previous season, a very short break, a time compressed season (8 months instead of 9), conditioning and size and depth of squads could play a larger part in this season outcome. Especially for the 3~8 places as team that will be involved in Europe will not have a proper break between now and the end of the season.

  57. Rosapirescastle

    I wonder would Laca go back to Lyon in a player plus cash deal for Aouror.

    They need experienced head up top to get them back into champions league
    Laca tipping it up in Ligue 1 would put pressure on Girouds selection or that of Martial

    Could and should suit both clubs.

    On the whole Chelsea swap deal it’s hard to see anything coming of it. Cesar Azpilicueta if Bellerin was gone might make sense but he’s more a RCB than RWB besides that any deal containing laca be backward for us and I don’t like the thoughts of Guendouzi going to them.

    Maybe swap Ozil for Hudson-Odoi

  58. Henry+Root

    Lacazette is paid probably twice what he would be paid at Lyon at Arsenal. The club is out of Europe and he would have much better options with other clubs
    I don’t think the Chelsea swap rumours are anything more than that but nobody would take on much of Ozil’s wages . He is unswappable.