Arteta repetitions are a message to the players

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I don’t know about you, but does this year’s transfer window feel double weird on a fan level? It’s like quarantine has made people lose their minds. No chill whatsoever. I feel sorry for journalists. I saw someone sending around a petition to sack the Arsenal social guy the other day. It’s fucking nuts. Also, people are so desperate to seek out information, they start to behave like your gran on Facebook.

‘Pete, it’s honestly true. I have a friend that’s close with the army and covid was the lizard people’

A few things to remember with transfers.

If the account is called @TransferSourceNUMERuno with a bio of ‘LEGIT NEWS NO BS’, the chances are 100% this account is a teenager in their bedroom with zero intel on anything.


No. He hedges bets on everything based on real journo news, then deletes tweets that are incorrect.

There are very few people with legitimate sources on the internet that don’t work in the game or have a platform worth talking to. Clubs do not like leaks. If a nobody is tweeting things that are legitimate, clubs often try and track the leak within the club. That is such a fucking rarity though. The bigger problem is people making things up that damage the club or internal relationships.

If you are in a position of power (gatekeeper of elite info), you are generally pretty guarded about what you share and with who (there is a collection of prominent old school Arsenal fans with elite info that don’t put it on their feeds because they don’t want to fuck over their people). If you work as a coach at Arsenal, you cherish that job. If your mate Dave that you share beers with on a Friday starts tweeting out off-the-record goss and builds a following of 50,000 in two weeks, someone will work out what is going on. Leakers generally have nothing to gain by giving their friends internet stardom, which is why these people are generally bullshitters.

So in short, don’t work yourself up over nobodies that are literally getting sexually aroused by sharing fake rumours about the club.

Today we have a HUGE game against West Ham. They are in a very negative position at the moment, literally doing anything they can to buy a defender. The dressing room is a mess, the football is absolutely shite, and they are looking like relegation fodder this year… which means they are more than capable of beating us with a shithoused goal in the 89th.

This is Arteta on West Ham.

‘Well they have many strengths and some weaknesses, like we all have. I know David, the manager, really well and I know what he will be trying to do tomorrow to hurt us as well. It will be a tough game and I am expecting a difficult battle tomorrow.’

This is the sort of game where I think we’ll learn something about the sort of Arsenal we’re dealing with this season. Last year, West Ham might have caused a problem, will they this year? Or will the players turn up with fire in their stomachs and execute the plan at 100%? If we can deal with the teams that’ll sling 8 behind the ball on a downer, then it’ll start to build belief. We cannot have games like we did against Villa and Watford. We need to progress the way we operate in situations where we ‘could’ be complacent.

The press still can’t leave the Auba story alone, they once again probed with ‘Are you happy your best striker signed’ questions. This answer, about outside interest in him, was the one I liked.

‘Yes, but the size of our clubs is as big as those names. That is what I am saying, the most important thing is the club, what we inspire, who we are as a club and what we can achieve in the future as well, and how we can explain what we are trying to do so the players believe in our project.’

Perception is sometimes more important than reality. Mikel has been doing a fantastic job of late reengineering our reputation off the pitch. There’s a conviction in his communications when he talks about the greatness of the badge. He doesn’t budge. We are a big club, with great facilities, and we’re going back to the top. If you keep repeating things over and over, people start to believe them. Too many Arsenal fans spent the last decade bemoaning fans with standards. ‘Spoilt Arsenal fans shouldn’t expect trophies’… how wrong was that? Arteta expects trophies. The players know that. He communicates how they’ll do it. Everything pushes in that direction. Football is solely about winning trophies, if your standards aren’t at that level, what are you doing?

The club is still trying to do business to make BIG trophies more likely. Ignore anyone that tells you we’re finished for the window. That is absolutely incorrect. We will bring in a keeper and we’ll push hard for a 6 and an 8. It doesn’t matter that Aulas thinks we’ll miss out on Aouar, do you think one of the greatest negotiators in the history of football is giving the real story to a random off Twitter? Don’t be soft. Aulas will push and push and push to extract the max fee he can earn.

There were rumours in the air that we’re looking at a swap deal for Zaha and Reiss. Stories are creeping out of Spain that Simeone has told Torreira that he wants him in Madrid. All of it could be nonsense, but these are the sort of surprise moves that can happen in the blink of an eye. We might not be close to any sales yet, but they’ll arrive as clubs start to realise they have to move on their squads.

In short. It doesn’t matter that clubs, agents and virgins are leaking against us. All that matters is where things land on October 6th, and trust me, things will move.

Right, enjoy the game today, steer clear of fake Twitter. x

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  1. TR7

    ‘How many players go 10 years being bang average then suddenly turn into a world beater?’

    There’s no need to be get in to tags such as average and world beater. Martinez looked the part for about 2 months and surely his great performance was no fluke. Basis his form alone he deserved to play as no 1 at the start of this season and if he continued to play well then great otherwise Leno would have come back. It’s really simple.

  2. Dissenter

    Barca aren’t coming for Bellerin
    PSG aren’t coming for him either
    Their scouts aren’t that bad either. Compare prime Bellerin to current day Lamptey and you’ll see how gooners love to overrate our own players.
    A full back mush have a lot more that speed t he considered top class, Bellerin only had lace and even that is gone.

  3. Karsa

    Basis his form alone he deserved to play as no 1 at the start of this season and if he continued to play well then great otherwise Leno would have come back

    But there is a reason Martinez didn’t want to hang around to compete for the No 1 jersey.

  4. Danny Morales salazar

    Arguably Leno is much more suited to elite football ie champions league etc since those teams don’t pump balls in to the box frequently.

    I would have to say that Emi will prove to be the better premier league keeper. Not only can he nullify teams that pump balls into the box but he is also a good shot stopper.

    I think we would have sold Leno if given the choice had he not been injured. No1 is looking to take a punt on a returning crocked keeper versus a keeper who was in electric form.

    I think we should have kept emi until the transfer deadline, that way if we don’t manage to bring in partey or aouar we atleast have 2 wc keepers.

  5. CG


    “””CG Why dont you just admit that trusting your 2nd best player of last 2 years with the no.1 jersey is not a mistake.”””

    Taking aside Fulham, where you dont need a goalkeeper.

    Leno’s last Arsenal game for against Brighton – we lost and were garbage.

    Leno next game,last night against West Ham – we should have lost and were also garbage

    When Leno was out injured-we were not garbage.
    We won the Cup.

    I dont thinks its coincincidental.

    Goalkeepers always set the tone.

  6. Captain Tierney

    Leno’s last game against Brighton.
    Leno’s next game against West Ham conceded only 1 goal when West Ham had an xG of 2.4 or something.
    Kept a clean sheet until he went on injured.

    Also had the best save % record in the league for players playing more than 25 games and iirc outperformed his xGA more than any other keeper. (need to fact check second statement)

    Also voted as the 2nd best player by Arsenal fans.

    Thankfully in the Arsenal fan base you are a massive outlier.

  7. Bamford10


    ESPN thinks it’s a 4-3-3, with Mount, Werner and Havertz across the front three and Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic in central midfield. I realize you can cut the same line-up up in different ways, but if Mount and Havertz play wide, it’s more a 4-3-3 (or even a 4-5-1), no? We will see.

  8. Buzzy


    Yep that makes more sense.

    Let’s hope Liverpool win this anyway so they’re aren’t wounded when we meet them. This Chelsea lineup looks really uninspiring with Ziyech and Pulisic out injured. Will be very suprised if Chelsea even come away with a point from this. Liverpools defense hasnt looked that great though..theyve almost looked like they are not bothered and with Fabinho there today maybe there’s some hope for the chavs.

  9. Up 4 grabs now

    A nice high scoring stamina draining 5-4 to the bindippers will do me.
    Throw in a punch up and a few red cards for the bindippers, happy days!

  10. Nelson

    Yesterday’s performance is a reminder that the current squad is no more than a cup team. They can get up for one game. But they don’t have the quality nor the energy to sustain a long fight in the EPL.

  11. Leftfootcurler

    It’s a bit of a shame that Lampard chose Jorginho-kante-kovacic midfield instead of having Havertz and mount there.

    If he had Havertz and Mount in CM,like last game,would have lost 5-0.

    Still expect Liverpool to win as Chelsea have only one outlet to relieve pressure.

    Pulisic is a huge miss.

  12. Jamie


    “West Ham outshot us 14 to 7 yesterday, and Leno was forced to make “a couple of important saves to keep us in the game,” in your estimation. Was this sad state of affairs down to disorganization or to something else, in your opinion? If something else, what was this something else? What were our problems yesterday, IYO?”

    You won’t get a list from me because it’s fairly basic – we didn’t play well. It happens..

    We don’t need to play like peak Barca every time we win. Playing to the final whistle rather than shitting the bed also helps.

  13. Bamford10

    “Playing central defence against Timo Werner is difficult … Reckon this could be tricky for Liverpool.” – Barney Ronay

    He might be right. It will be interesting to see how Chelsea have improved, if at all, organizationally and in terms of chemistry in the past week. They won last week, of course, but they looked a little like they didn’t totally know how to play together or where everyone should be.

  14. Dream10

    We need to at least score 70 goals to get CL football

    If Aubameyang is the only player who will score over 15, then it ain’t happening. Can’t have the #9 position on 9-11 goals being praised solely for link play or Pépé with 5 goals and 5 assists solely being praised for dribbling.

    Need output. That should be Arteta’s #1 priority

  15. Bamford10


    So nothing about yesterday makes you think we might not be all that much better than we were at the start of 2019-20? You have no concerns about the overall quality, incl. athleticism, of this group of players? All is well in sauce-land, IYO?

  16. Jamie

    Bamford –

    Too reductive. Football is fluid – ups and downs over a 38 game season. The key is building momentum, and the best way to do that is to win games.

    I have plenty of concerns, mostly surrounding our midfield. If Arteta can keep nullifying individual players’ weaknesses, we’ll do better this season than last.

    Keeping Kola and Holding away from the first 11 will also help.

  17. Bamford10


    “Keeping Kola and Holding away from the first 11 will also help.”

    Agreed. What is our best back five, IYO? What is our best back four? Is either good enough to finish top four, IYO?

  18. Leftfootcurler

    Theoretically Werner will drift into space that Trent vacates.

    But overall I just don’t see Chelsea stretching Liverpool’s shape enough with Mount and Havertz wide.

    Also how will Mount and Havertz defend Trent and Robertson is a big question

  19. Jamie

    Bamford –

    “Agreed. What is our best back five, IYO? What is our best back four? Is either good enough to finish top four, IYO?”

    While our midfield is weak, I like a back 3. Gab, Luiz and Tierney the obvious choices for me. Hector and Saka on either side.

    If we get a Partey-like player in midfield, we might shift to a back 4, but personally I think Arteta will stick with wingbacks regardless. In the unlikely event that we get a Partey and an Aouar, Arteta will have more flexibility to change things up. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Calling top 4 at this stage is premature. Like everyone else, I hope we do. I feel like we might, but who knows.. 2 games deep is too soon to be drawing any sort of conclusion. We’ll know more about ourselves and our competitors in Jan.

    Until then, I hope we keep picking up wins any which way possible, with some mustard every now and then.

  20. Bamford10

    “Mustafi was proposed to Lazio through intermediaries in the past few days. Mustafi is valued at £14m and Arsenal is open to selling him.” – @OsmanZtheGooner

    This is coming from Italian newspapers, apparently.

  21. Pierre

    Well , whatever happens today , we will be at least 3 points in front of Tottenham, City , united and chelsea or liverpool..

  22. Leftfootcurler

    Tammy Abraham is on the bench.

    If he is fit, should have started.
    Werner LW with Abraham ST.

    Would have been a far more closely fought game.

    If Lampard doesn’t rate Tammy, Arsenal should try to get him.

    Perfect CF for the system Arteta is playing.

  23. Bamford10


    Got it. You think we’re best with the back five below, and you think he’ll likely stay in the 3-4-3 regardless of who we add to midfield. You might be right.


    For me, the above is a decent side, but I don’t see it creating enough chances against the better teams. We’d definitely be better off if we could play a back four and a central three, but I don’t know if we’ll have four defenders who can serve as a solid and reliable back four. We will see.

  24. CG


    “”””If Lampard doesn’t rate Tammy, Arsenal should try to get him.””””

    Maybe in 10 years time.

    Arsenal like them old, decrepid crusty and with a lot of miles on the clock when we get them from The Bridge.

    Eg. Cech, Gallas, Willian and Luiz.

  25. Jamie

    Bamford –

    Yep, that line-up is about right for me (pending form and injuries).

    There isn’t a whole heap of chance-creation in that side, but we don’t need to create 20 chances a game. Auba is lethal, and has been for years. It’s what kept Emery in a job at Arsenal for as long as it did.

    What is more critical is not conceding 3 goals a game like we used to. Impossible to maintain a push for CL when we were leaking goals for fun.

    If Pepe can find some form and learn how to play as part of a hard working team, it would help immensely too. Willian is everything Pepe isn’t at the moment.

  26. Moe

    That Lamptey kid looks good as a wb………someone better grab him now. Pace, dribbling, smart runs, defending…….wow he looks impressive. I can confidently say he’s clearly better than both Bellerin and AMN after watching him for only 1 game.

  27. Bamford10

    Frank clearly still has a lot to think about, a lot to figure out. He has a lot of good pieces, but it isn’t clear how they are best arranged.

    Leftfoot might be right that they’d be better with Mount and Havertz in midfield. Abraham, Werner and someone else up front.

  28. Moe

    Only Holding can make me miss Mustafi……..God, he’s pants. Forget a loan deal, sell him for 10 mil and stop our misery already.

  29. Dream10


    Good take on Lamptey. Very good player. He is a skilled player. Brighton have done very well with their recruitment.

    Arteta should not be allowed to keep Holding

  30. Marko

    Despite it being a game between the best team in the country and a team who’s spent 200 million on players it’s been pretty poor so far.

  31. Valentin

    Funny enough, the same people who are now arguing that Leno poor handling is not a problem because of the victory are the same people who were arguing that Arsenal poor performances under Emery despite victories was not a problem.

    There is a willingness by some to ignore potential problems until it hit them in the face.
    The fact that WestHam did not exploit Leno poor handling was more due to WestHam having poor strikers than Arsenal own play. When a goalkeeper does not shout keeper and then hit his own player Ceballos is just a proof of poor communication and not being vocal enough.

  32. Champagne charlie


    You never did address my comment about why you seem buoyed by our poor performance yesterday, and keen as mustard to draw conclusions off that alone?

    Exactly what I talked about with you never meeting that sort of discourse head on.

  33. Bamford10

    How was Havertz not aware of the fact that he was five yards off there? He may be skillful, but he looks a little slow mentally at the moment. He is moving and thinking at x; the PL moves at 2x.

  34. Bamford10


    No offense, but I’m not obligated to answer every question you have. You yourself and others drew all kinds of conclusions from our 3-0 win over Fulham. I said people should temper some of that optimism given that Fulham are terrible and we beat them by three or more goals twice under Emery.

    I have no problem with drawing conclusions from a single match, context depending. I saw many of the same problems with Arsenal yesterday that we have seen for some time now. I do not see yesterday as some “one-off”. Indeed there were stretches last season under Arteta where we were getting results but the underlying stats looked dubious. Some of us highlighted this as a long-term concern. You are welcome to think we are some transformed outfit. I don’t think so, and I think yesterday is evidence of this.

    To each his own.

  35. China1

    Oh CG you truly are an absolute moron lol

    You say the last time Leno played was against Brighton when we were crap and lost – yes you mean the game where he came off injured early in the match? Wow that result is all on Leno

    You are so far off being self aware about how dumb your commentary is it’s painful

  36. Buzzy

    Dont agree with the commentators..a clear goal scoring opportunity can only arise if the attacking player is in control of the ball or has no resistance to make a reach for an incnoming neither was the case..joke of a decision

  37. Bamford10


    I also think it’s funny how much time you spend on my opinions, given you supposedly have such a low opinion of them. If I am wildly off in my assessments of things, why even bother comment? There are people here — e.g., CG — who I personally think are out to lunch. I don’t say anything in reply to anything they say, because what they say doesn’t really matter, IMO. Why are you not able to adopt the same attitude to my opinions? It’s almost as if you’re worried I am right.

  38. Champagne charlie


    No you’re not obligated, nobody is, but when it’s pointed out that you avoid answering questions after making grandiose statements then it’s hardly surprising I circle back to it when you exhibit the same behaviour.

    If you make bold remarks on here you should at the very least defend and define the rationale behind those comments. This isn’t a place for you to dump your thoughts with no comeback.

  39. Marc


    They were lucky against Leeds and they seemed to be carrying a casualness across the defence in the later part of last season. It will be interesting to see if they can snap out of it.

  40. Captain Tierney

    What has Mount down to warrant start week in week out.

    Lampard for some or the other loves him and plays him no matter what. And he’ll play him wherever there’s an open spot.
    At RW he has been a passenger and he does have the attributes to play there.
    Such boneheadedness from Lampard gives me hope that as long as he is there, Chavs might not achieve their full potential.
    Same as Ole.

  41. Champagne charlie


    Bit odd that you’re threatened by someone seeking an explanation behind your thoughts. You offered a lengthy power ranking system and I picked at what I didn’t agree/understand about it.

    You’ve not answered that and instead you’re projecting some rubbish about me being ‘worried’ that you’re right. Do you hear yourself?

    You’ve argued enough with your OWN views in the last 4 days, I’ve been decent enough to engage your ramblings so I wouldn’t get prickly.

  42. Marc


    If Christensen doesn’t take the player down then the striker is running in on the keeper in at worse a 50 50 ball. Keeper get’s it wrong and he’s off instead, it’s got to be a red other wise you’ll just see players rugby tackled every time they try and run through.

  43. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah they look sluggish. But Thiago and Jota will give them the boost needed. I think they will run city close again just because they have added good players. They didn’t stand still. But at the start of next season, Their cycle will end.

  44. Bamford10


    There is nothing “bold” about anything I’ve said. If this place were filled with equal numbers of supporters of all teams — or with mostly impartial observers — much of what I say about Arsenal relative to the PL would be seen an fairly uncontroversial. In truth, there are a number of posters here who see things more or less just as I see them. You just don’t spend a lot of time noticing that they’re saying more or less the same thing I am. You focus on me.

    There is nothing bold or controversial about anything I have said about where Arsenal stand at the moment. You find some of my commentary as such, but this is because you see things through rosy Arsenal-tinted glasses. I try to see things as they are. To each his own.

  45. Champagne charlie


    I engage with everyone on here, you’re not special and the fact you think as such is top tier weird.

    You realise you’re the only one on here that comes through with power rankings, predictions galore, and wagers right?

    You invite discourse then are seemingly making a victim of yourself at garnering said attention. Mind boggling.

  46. Marko

    Mustafi being linked with Lazio we’re looking for 15 million they want to pay 8 for him. Ideally 10 million would be great but honestly I’d take a lasagna and a glass of bottle red in exchange for him

  47. Leftfootcurler

    Liverpool’s high line is why they have limited Chelsea to just 1 shot on target.

    Arsenal conceded 15 shots last game because of following two reasons-
    1) the defense line was too deep.

    Just rewatch the goal we conceded, the distance between the attack line and defence line was too high.

    Kola and Holding are too insecure about their lack of pace and looked to retreat in their own box.

    This is where Tierney shines as a leader, despite opposition have good quality fast attackers,he helps us keep the defense line high, leaving barely any gap between our def and midfield lines.

    Xhaka and ceballos are anyway unathletic players so defending such a large amount of space,they naturally struggled.

    But even Henderson-Wijnaldum would have struggled to defend such large spaces.

    2) Our penalty box defending was below par.

    Leno is poor at defending crosses which makes the backline nervous.

    Kola, Gabriel, holding all lost a lot of duels.

    Having a high line is not bad. As long as you put pressure on the ball carrier, it’s fine.

    It’s very hard to play a perfectly weighted pass through a compact shape to release an outlet in behind under pressure.

    If it’s too heavy,the keeper will sweep up.

  48. Marc

    “It was Dissenter.”

    Really? I’m sure Pedro said something positive about CG.

    Where is Pedro anyway? After last night you’d have thought he’d have plenty to go over. My guess is he had half a shandy and can’t stand up today.

    Bad enough being a Snowflake but a Lightweight Snowflake?

  49. Marko

    Funny enough, the same people who are now arguing that Leno poor handling is not a problem because of the victory are the same people who were arguing that Arsenal poor performances under Emery despite victories was not a problem.

    Some waffle that. But it makes for a nice change from the usual lies and bullshit

  50. Jamie

    Marc –

    Fermented oat milk is powerful stuff. Expecting a post tomorrow morning.

    He said nice things about CG early last season when CG was the OG Emery Out. Pretty sure he quickly realised it was because he realises CG was jilted over losing Wenger. CG was also Arteta Out after his first game in charge. That hadn’t aged quite so well.

  51. CG


    “””””Where is Pedro anyway? “””””

    He is hiding under the covers…..
    He can’t believe a Moyes’ s team outplayed Arteta’s Arsenal at home.

  52. Marko

    Thiago already looks like he has this league on toast.

    Kepa…my dear. The ball even if it came off was super risky. 5 yards straight in front with a defenders back to what was behind him. Just dumb

  53. Useroz

    Compared to other PL teams most of our players are just slow. Set techniques and strength aside. Mane has much more pace and agility than Laca.

    If there isn’t a plan to extend Lacas contract we cannot afford to not sell him this TW, or he’s going to run down the contract and leave for free. Another disaster, financially.

  54. Habesha Gooner

    Not to spoil the fun but, Chelsea will look better with ziyech, Thiago Silva, Chilwell and Mendy. Especially Ziyech. I was disappointed when we got pepe instead of him. I think he will be one of the signings of the season.

  55. Marko

    Who was it that told me Klopp very poor at buying mids?


    Ah it happens this game reminds me of those arguments I used to have with bamford about who was better Mane or Mahrez.

  56. TR7

    Atletico manager Diego Simeone has called Mikel Arteta to close the signing of Lucas Torreira, but must first sell Thomas Partey. There has been talk of including Torreira in a deal for Partey to reduce the release clause payment of €50m. [@ElGolDigital]

  57. kamal

    I know a lot of Arsenal fans don’t like Dele alli… But seeing that he is up for grabs, could be a great addition… If Spurs were to sell to us, would you take him?

  58. Radio Raheem

    Why did Chelsea not bid for Martinez?

    He was the best goalie in the league for those 10 or so matches he played. We’d have sold for more than 16m but certainly less than whatever they pay to replace Kepa.

  59. Tom

    How good has Fabinho been today in his CB role, keeping Werner in check all day. But by all means let’s keep talking about the keeper situation.

    Imaging dropping any of our midfielders to play CB in a high line defensive set up. against a speedy forward.

  60. Tom

    Why did Chelsea not bid for Martinez?He was the best goalie in the league for those 10 or so matches he played. We’d have sold for more than 16m but certainly less than whatever they pay to replace Kepa.

    The answer is in your question.
    The ten matches or so isn’t enough sample size to make a definitive judgment on a keeper , especially after they have possibly made a bad keeper buy already.

  61. Leftfootcurler

    Liverpool should get a better challenge against arsenal bar individual screw ups.

    Lampard screwed up at the beginning of the 2nd half.
    Chelsea were defending 4-3-2.
    Should have been defending 4-4-1

    2 players covering central areas and 1 each for both the half spaces

  62. CG


    “””””Liverpool should get a better challenge against arsenal bar individual screw ups.”””””

    As long as Luiz is left in London, I agree.
    He plays. Its a rout.

  63. Radio Raheem


    How has that sample size for Kepa helped? There’s always an element of risk in buying any player especially when you buy from abroad. Looks like they’re looking abroad again, we’ll see.

  64. HighburyLegend

    Yesterday’s game was another proof that this season is going to be a very tough one, Auba or no Auba. We are a cup team, nothing more.

  65. Dissenter

    Honestly if Atletico are interested in Torriera then we have to play hardball.
    They too need to sell to buy and cane even spend all that they make from sales. That 45 million has to become 40 million.

  66. Dissenter

    The deal with Mendy is done

    Fabrizio Romano
    Edouard Mendy to Chelsea is 100% done and also signed. The announcement will be on next week