Guest Blog: Clippers or Nets?

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GOOD MORNING. Guest blog from @jblauphoto this morning. He’s back after finally getting over the Unai Emery period. Enjoy the piece and give him a follow!

I bought some Arsenal merch yesterday.

First time ever.

(Not including the few trinkets I bought for the kids at the Stadium store in London last year.)

For real, I dropped my own money on a sleek Adidas track jacket.

And I’m excited for it to arrive.

(If it ever turns up, as both Fedex and the USPS are delayed, what with America being such a fucking nightmare at the moment.)

I offered to pick up my column again this year, and Pedro said sure, because while I wrote each month in 2018-19, last year, with the shitshow that was the late-Emery era, I wanted no part of it.

Or Arsenal.

I almost gave up.

Sure, I kept watching, but until they appointed Mikel Arteta, I was starting to think the ship was sinking, and I wanted one of those life rafts.

(No Leo DiCaprio, freezing to death next to Kate Winslet for me, thank you very much.)

My final column of 2018-19 said that Emery choked so badly, he should be fired right then, so the rebuild could start before things got worse.

I was right, of course, and took a victory lap in a pandemic-era column last Spring.

But I’m not always right.

After that Man City thumping at the re-start, and then the Brighton capitulation, I almost caved and cancelled my NBC Sports.

I came so close.

I also thought we should cash in on Auba in the Spring, as his lack of resolve against Spurs on that penalty shot, and then in the dying moments of the Olympiakos game, made me think he wasn’t made of the strongest stuff.

Mea culpa.

I was wrong.

The way he stepped up and almost single-handedly won the FA cup Semi and Final was pure-ice-water-in-the-veins kind of stuff, and layering that on top of his speed, leadership, and finishing skills, the man really is a rare footballer these days.

He’s got it all, and he tracks back so well that he made Arsenal realize Ozil is worthless for today’s game.

(The tortured artist who deserves to be protected from the hard work.)

Here we are, on September 17th, and I just paid money to rep Arsenal when I walk around town.

Except I can’t walk around town, unless I want to wear a mask and dodge the Texan tourists. (This being Northern New Mexico in late #2020.)

I’ll wear my track jacket with pride on my sofa, when I watch my games on NBC Sports, Peacock, ESPN+, and whatever package I have to buy for the Europa League.

And what product will I be watching?

I was always an Arteta believer, and my general agreement with Pedro’s perspective is perhaps why I get to write for you once a month.

(That, and I’d like to think my combination of occasional wit and solid analysis is good enough to earn my high salary. I mean no salary.)

To answer my question, I’ll be watching a team that is built for the modern game, for once, and is on the ascendancy, even if we likely are chasing that 4th spot in the league.

(3rd would be a dream, and we should be expecting to seriously compete for the Europa League title as well.)

We’re not Liverpool, (yet,) but the smart, aggressive pressing, focus on speed, willingness to counterattack when necessary, and collective defending mean we should not get destroyed by anyone, anymore.

I’ve now been a fan for 9 years, and I’ve seen all those awful 6-0 score-lines of the late Wenger era.

And the horrible 5-1 losses that make you feel like you want to eat a shit sandwich, so your stomach feels as bad as your head.

No longer.

Momentum and belief can’t be bought, and after our run to the FA Cup, and beating Liverpool twice in 6 weeks, this club now believes that Arteta is a Spanish Jesus with slicker hair.

They trust his mind, and his vision.

They trust his gut, and his heart.

For all the comparisons I’ve made to American sports in the past, Arteta is the model for my two favorite US franchises, the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Nets.

Each hired super-smart grinders with vision and great communication skills. (As opposed to head coaching experience.) Each plucked someone who had learned under greatness, one of whom was also an amazing player in his day. (Joe Judge and Steve Nash.)

Mikel Arteta is the future, and that promotion he received was most definitely aimed at Manchester City.

Will it be enough to keep him?

I’d bet on yes, because his honesty and integrity are a big part of why his players love him.

(Plus, I’ve never been to Manchester, but there’s no way it’s as cool as North London.)

Right now, while the midfield needs some reinforcement, and Josh and Stan are partying at a social distance with masks on in Orlando, our front line, goal keeping, back line, and youth group all look the best since I’ve been a fan.

And while Chelsea just spent a shit ton of money, ask the Los Angeles Clippers what super-stars will give you without chemistry, elite coaching, and time to gel.

I believe, for the first time since I became an Arsenal fan.

With late-stage Wenger, I hoped he might have one last run in him, but he simply would not adapt. He thought defense was for chumps, but how many mega-clubs have tried to hire him since he left?

With Emery, I prayed there was more there than met the eye, but deep down, I was dubious.

Now, I’m ready to watch, and pay all those fucking channels to see the games.

Arteta makes players better, and he knows that coaching is teaching.

Watching those few master-class goals where we played out from the back, the one thing that Wenger and Emery teams could NEVER do, is proof of how much he’s taught these guys so far.

(For fucks sake, he taught Mustafi how to stop making so many stupid mistakes.)

Arteta is a stylish genius.

And I hope I look half as good as he does in my new Adidas track jacket.

If it ever arrives.

Go Arsenal.

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  1. azed

    “Mikel should be getting top 4 with 11 lads it seems.”


    Pedro did claim Arteta had sauce but never specified the sauce. Can’t blame Pierre for thinking Arteta’s special sauce is winning the league with 11 players.

  2. Mark S

    Chris-Yes, they were in San Diego before moving to LA. Before San Diego they were the Buffalo Braves.

    HighburyLegend-I’ve been a Clippers fan for almost 20 years. Like most kids that were growing up in the early to mid-1990s I was a big fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Once he retired, I was a “free agent” when it came to my NBA fandom. The Clippers at that time were a dumpster fire, so I went with them. It has been a lot of fun to be part of their journey. I really don’t get all the hatred toward them because if you have followed basketball for any amount of time you will know how much of a mess/laughingstock they have been. Why do you hate them for example?

    There are a lot of similarities when it comes to how Stan runs his franchises. For example, his LA Rams are paying $33.5 million in 2020 to two players that aren’t even on their team anymore. Sound familiar?

  3. DivineSherlock

    Nice post guest writer jblauphoto . Its been like that for most of the fans , Unai was a false dawn that burned the hearts of fans. Mikel Arteta is so refreshingly modern and sleek . So excited for tomorrow , West Ham .

  4. Valentin

    When you look at the audience of Sky Sports Saturday, it looks like rather woke it was the fact they were losing people to BT Score that is the main driver behind the changes of personnel.
    Maybe for people the show was becoming too familiar and too set in their way with the same lad’s humour that detracted younger viewers. Going same way than Soccer Saturday: stale, unfunny, unloved and irrelevant. despite the best attempt by Sky to update Soccer Saturday, barely anybody watch it anymore.

    I still don’t understand how they are going to reconcile their target audiences. Casual football viewers, Women, younger and woke viewers with Tony Pulis and Tactic Tim. Tactic Tim may appeal to the casual viewer, but Tony Pulis!

  5. Luteo Guenreira

    Giants suck, Nets suck, Clippers definitely suck.

    I bet on a double result for game seven at 8/1, Clippers leading at half, Nuggets to win. Always bet on futility to come through for you.

  6. Graham62

    Correct, “Liverpool ain’t Barcelona” but still a great city.

    Bloody hell, do you think he’s going to live in Toxteth?

    Ever been to that neck of the woods CG?

    What about the ‘Golden Triangle’ in Cheshire?

  7. Luteo Guenreira

    I’m feeling so good about Arsenal that I even started betting on them again. Haven’t bet on Arsenal in literally 5+ years, too shaky of a proposition in any circumstance during that period.

  8. Sid

    By 2030 Marc, left testicle, Un nai, GO Brixton will be a minority, they are feeling insecure, the boot is in the other foot.

    Im telling you for free!

  9. Marko

    Liverpool looking at Jota now. They’re looking formidable but I have to say that the potential for us if we get in our targets is going to be big over the next few years. Get in Aouar and Partey this summer and get champions league football and with the structure and stability now in place we can seriously look ambitious in the next few years. In my opinion of course

  10. Valentin


    Feel the same.
    As far as I am concerned, the fact that BT Sports have Robbie Savage, Chris Sutton, Karen Carney as pundits on their panel means that their show has already lost all credibility before it even started.

    From what I read, Matt LeTissier might not have been the easiest to accommodate on set and with his added attitude with regard to mask and BLM, it must have been an easy choice to decide to keep Paul Merson over him.
    The one Sky let go whom I was not expecting was Charlie Nicholas. He was making sense, don’t remember him being particularly offensive or annoying. Maybe that’s why. Too neutral to generate strong feelings.

    On the other hand, I could not stand Phil Thomson and his constant pontification. His absolute love for Liverpool were just so over the top.

  11. Champagne charlie


    Still going? I’ve never stated Arteta is above criticism, I just find your angling for criticism a bit transparent and all too reminiscent of the usual Segway into matters well discussed.

    You think Cedric, Mari and Ceballos are made irrelevant because of AMN, Holding, and Elneny. You also touted Chambers, Kolasinac, Torreira, and Guendouzi as valid options when literally all are up for sale.

    Seems to me you’re not aware of what Arteta wants to do aka turnover the squad and introduce players of a certain professionalism and personality, as well as tactical suitability.

  12. TR7

    Jota will be a terrific signing for Liverpool. Klopp has a great eye for quality players, most if not all of his signings have been massive hit.

  13. Tom

    Tim Sherwood was a decent player but the highlight of his managerial career was throwing his jacket to the floor during the Villa game. Good form and excellent mechanics, easily could’ve been a pitcher…..or is it bowler in Brit speak?

    Almost as good as Arsene’s kicking water bottles.

  14. Luteo Guenreira


    A woman gets cheated by her husband. Devastated, she doesn’t know how to continue to live her life. She hears that there’s a very wise monk who lives up in a mountain, and decides to go there to consult with him.

    After a few days of traveling, walking, climbing, she reaches the top and meets the wise monk. “I have spent my whole life with him, my youth was dedicated to support him, take care of him. And now he has left me for a young woman. My life is stolen, and I’m left with nothing. I don’t know what to do.”

    The monk gives her a cookie and asks her to eat it. After she finishes eating, he asks, “Was the cookie delicious?” “Yes,” she answers. “Do you want another one?” “Sure, please.” The monk looks her in the eye and says “Do you see the problem now?”

    The woman thinks for a while, and then slowly speaks. “I guess human nature is greedy. You got one, then you want more, maybe a new one, a bigger one. It’s never enough. And nothing lasts forever, everything is impermanence. We should be aware and not disappointed by that.:

    The monk shakes his head, “No! I mean you are too fat, you should eat less.”

  15. azed

    “Jota will be a terrific signing for Liverpool. Klopp has a great eye for quality players, most if not all of his signings have been massive hit.”


    Nabi Keita,
    Loris Karius

    Are saying hi.

  16. Chris

    I would rather watch BT Score than any television programme by the BBC. I cannot watch a second of Linekar or Danny Murphy.

    I always had a strong dislike for Chris Sutton since he stitched us up back in 97 but I must say I have enjoyed him on 5live with Mark Chapman.

  17. James wood.

    I alway’s get the impression that
    Jeff Sterling is about to explode.🥵.

    I will have to keep with my old Favourite
    Jimmy Hill/David Coleman/k Wolstenholme
    Clive Tyldesley/Motson/Brian Moore/Barry Davies

    I’m afraid those Gobby lot on Sky with a few exceptions
    don’t come close.

  18. Victorious

    Think Klopp seriously want to seriously keep the title, Thiago is such a huge signing for them, totally elevates their midfield from good to elite

    Targeting Jota now for a stronger squad option,Sadly think its a consecutive title for them

  19. Aaron

    Thiago is one tackle away from being done.
    EPL is one of the most difficult to compete in physically.
    Great player no doubt, but would pass.
    Sign both of the other two we are linked to in the short to mid term.

  20. Tee

    Apparently, Diego Simone contacted torriera for possible transfer.

    Let’s wait and see if anything profitable would come out of it.

  21. Victorious

    The Lyon owner is a very cunny negotiator

    Going public with the Arhh.oo.arhhh deal now to put all the pressure on us and as well force our hands

    Got to feel for Edu having to deal with such nut job, exactly where you feel Big bollock Raul would have been a proper match for the nutter.

  22. mb

    Apologies for high jacking the thread, but seems the fantasy league has 9 members now!!

    Play Fantasy Premier League and join my mini-league
    League Code: b9a6qr

    Feel free to get in. Winner owes a Guinness from everyone else at the end of season 😀

    Who is leading? Artekars – the saucy guy.

  23. curse

    nice post jblau, echoes my own thoughts during this era. Not to mention our paths are similar, I too am an artist. Of the starving variety for now, I’m not quite selling $1500 pieces yet. Though I do loosely follow the nets as I have family in Brooklyn, even though jiggaman put me off for a bit. luckily for me Wolverhampton (where I’m from) are doing bits now so I’ve got a bit more football to indulge in (never followed them, long story).

    I believe in Art because compared to his peers I can’t see a better c.v. The manager move was slick but I tend to think he has more of an affinity with us than city. He just went uni for 5 years to study under one of the best ever.

    Now, it appears he’s mopped up most of the clown juice. We like the attire of a serial murderer in court. A serious outfit.

  24. karim

    As much as I want us to sign Aouar, I still respect Aulas for refusing anything south of 50 million euros, which is a win-win situation imo, especially if we eventually get Partey.
    That has to be a top 4 team.

  25. curse

    even without Madrid wanting the uruguayan I thought we’d get both (partey) due to amortization. if they are serious though, what an effin bonus!!! mad.

    stars are aligning slowly, not mo’s biggest fan but he looked a level above the Fulham players. Games this will be thick and fast (bale lol) neny could prove very useful for 5 mil against the bottom half and Europe.

  26. karim

    That’s 3 for Gnabry now, this kid is truly amazing
    And I’m not even watching it
    Still can’t believe the goal he scored v Lyon in the semis

  27. redbro14

    Thanks Jamie, not sure what word could have been offensive…….don’t think I used any swear words. Is there a list of banned words anywhere so I can be more careful next time?

  28. Victorious

    As much as I want us to sign Aouar, I still respect Aulas for refusing anything south of 50 million euros,”

    How can you say this when United got Van Beek,a player of comparable quality for 35M?

    The player wants the move which is a plus for us,Think Aulas is posturing and if we hold our nerves I see him panicking as the transfer window draws to a close.

    He definitely isn’t getting 50M for him whether from us or anyone

  29. Jamie

    redbro –

    No worries. It isn’t always an offensive word, and a list of banned words would certainly help.

    Maybe shoot a message to Pedro? Click on the ‘Rules’ tab and you can drop him a line.

  30. karim


    One could see he really had potential and he played well when given the chance.
    Go figure what happened inside Kim Jon Weng’s head

  31. Victorious

    Considering 72M pepe, our most recent big money recruit from France is still ‘settling’ to the pace of the league, I wouldnt blame the club for trying to negotiate a more realitistic price for the Aouar lad regardless of how talented he is.

    Hopefully the club doesn’t allow Aulas pull their pants on this one

  32. Marc

    “The player wants the move which is a plus for us,Think Aulas is posturing and if we hold our nerves I see him panicking as the transfer window draws to a close.”

    It’s win win from his perspective – we up our bid he gets more, if the media coverage encourages interest from other teams that pushes the price up he gets more and if none of that happens and he has to sell at the last minute he accepts the bid on the table from us.

  33. Tom

    “Is there a list of banned words anywhere so I can be more careful next time?“

    Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits will get you binned anywhere but here it’s “Pedro is wrong”

  34. Buzzy

    So Liverpool spent 70m on Bayerns least effective player and on someone who could not even start for Wolves. They are going to have a shocking season. You heard it here first.

  35. Jamie

    You crazy fools! Pete takes heat all the time.

    I love the Raul jokes too, but ultimately if Pedro was wrong about Raul, Raul would still be employed at Arsenal and Kia would be dropping nonsense on TalkSport or whatever.

    Plus his biggest win is calling Arteta 2 years ago when most (myself included) were laughing at him.

    At the same time he also said CG had elite assessment, so nobody’s perfect.

  36. Jamie

    As a sidebar, my least favourite content is when you and Pedro argue because I rate your content more than most. And CC’s, obv.

    Keeps the comments rolling though, so I guess it serves a purpose.

    What about Wilshere though, eh? 100k a week and West Ham can’t get rid. Poor guy was broken a decade ago.

  37. Champagne charlie

    “So Liverpool spent 70m on Bayerns least effective player and on someone who could not even start for Wolves. They are going to have a shocking season. You heard it here first.“

    Thiago Bayern’s least effective player? Drop your address on here Buzzy, go on….

  38. Goldinho

    Respect for writing the piece,,but u lost me when when you started talking about packing it in supporting the club.
    How are u expecting to be taken seriously.
    Emery was a fucking joke ,no doubt,but at the end of the day u either support the fucking club ,or u don’t .
    Anything else is plastic

  39. azed

    I’m told Arteta is happy with his squad and that Arsenals business in the transfer window is completed in terms of incomings. They will look to sell fringe players in the final two weeks.

    Huge breakdown in relations behind the scenes at #afc. Arteta and Edu “rarely speak” and there’s a feeling around the club that no one really knows what they’re doing. Huge mess, making negotiations for targets “nearly impossible”.
    are in trouble next season


    What are your sources telling you? Saw the above on Twitter.

  40. LeMassiveCoq

    Haven’t posted for a while.
    Nice blog post. Positive, as it should be.
    A little part of me thinks you have a bit of a man-crush on Mikel…
    He is pretty saucy.

    Man got da sauce!

    We’re gonna win the fuuuuuucking league!

    Ok ok… probably not, but I believe again. It’s all that matters right now.

  41. Henry+Root

    Twitter is a playground for idiots to post anything. Anyone can put stuff up and that could b3 a tweet from a Spurs fan for example making mischief.
    My understanding is Edu and Arteta get on very well and Arteta is very keen to add to the squad in midfield . .
    Social media can be a curse when stuff like this is posted

  42. Pedro

    Redbro, i couldn’t find a lost comment.

    Trigger words are the real bad items. Sometimes too many links can set it off as well.

  43. Pedro

    1. Arteta is not going to fall out with anyone. He’s all about culture and working together for the best squad outcomes.
    2. Arsenal aren’t finished for business. Ridiculous comment.

    As Henry said, anyone can set up and account called “OFFICIAL TRANSFER NEWS NO BS'” and write nonsense.

    Leaks get hunted out. People with good info rarely leak to nobodies.

  44. Goobergooner


    Like I mentioned before love the new layout.

    One thing I have noticed is when you quote an interview or whatever (not sure what you call it to be honest) and the text is not aligned to the rest of the article, my mobile screen misses a few letters on the right hand side. Not the biggest problem can still make it out, but yeah just thought I’d let you know.

  45. TheLegendaryDB10

    I am really liking these rumours/stories about Torreira going to Atletico Madrid. The obvious is to do a cash+player (Partey!!) deal.

    And we all know that Torreira never was the right fit for us due to his size not really matching up to the rigours of the PL (but we can’t fault his grit and determination).

    I genuinely believe that if we get Partey, he will radically transform our midfield. I really see him shine in an Arsenal shirt.

    Crossing fingers & touching wood that we manage to get him.

  46. TheLegendaryDB10

    I agree with Goobergooner re your written quotes in your articles Pedro. The indentation to the right means that the last letters of a word are slightly out of screen sight.

    You just need to move these quotes a few chars back to the left and all the text will be more visible. 🙂

  47. Sid


    “A decent ‘keeper in terms of his reflexes, his positioning and aerial ability is lacking badly, and while he does have a powerful kick, his distribution out from the back often left much to be desired, frequently putting his defenders under pressure. Too, at Dijon, a long ball was a reasonable choice, as in Julio Tavares and Jhonder Cadíz, he had two reasonable aerial threats at which to aim, something that will scarcely be the case in north “

  48. Useroz

    Getting deals done would be challenging and we’d understand. Who should go and targets we have have been debated over and over again in the last 2 to 3 months. I’d expect Edu and Arteta to focus on specific targets both in terms of moving on and buying and just try their best. At the end of the day at least we tried.

    It’s frankly not encouraging when Arteta changes his mind after every game or training session who he falls in love again and wants to keep. That’s just BS.

    Holding wouldn’t turn a better or faster defender in 2 hours. Elneny is always a side and back pass specialist, and Guendouzi wouldn’t become a gentleman overnight. Just examples but there you go. I hope that’s all posturing to get better fees.

  49. Tee

    “It’s frankly not encouraging when Arteta changes his mind after every game or training session who he falls in love again and wants to keep. That’s just BS.Holding wouldn’t turn a better or faster defender in 2 hours”

    On how many players has he changed his mind? If I’m not mistaking your line of thought, we should just sell and sell even if we are not sure if our target will be gotten?

    Hope you know we need more than just the 1st 11 to go the whole season?

    It’s clear what we need now is partey and auoar to complete the puzzle. Tor, sok, kola, chambers, elneny, etc are still there to be let go.

    Enough of kicking the water bottle and dropping the jacket

  50. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that Arteta is changing his mind at all.

    Leaving aside “Newspaper/Media” talk, we have seen Arsenal being relatively consistent in who they need and want to recruit. Apart from being forced to look for new goalkeeper on account of Martinez deciding to leave the only defender wanted and recruited was Gabriel.

    Similarly we know the two primary candidates for recruitment in Midfield are Partey and Aouar. One anticipates one will come in before transfer window closes and of course Ceballos was brought back.

    Willian was the only forward sought and secured so there was clarity there as well.

    The situation with departures is somewhat different. I am pretty sure that Arteta knows precisely who he wants to offload, but his planning is dependent on demand and other clubs ability or willingness to recruit these players. Those decisions are not necessarily in hands of Arteta or the club. Indeed the unwanted players have a say in the matter as we have seen
    with Ozil.

    Insofar as team selections you have to gauge form and potential injuries particularly at the start of season. The club has also had a very short break since the end of last season.

    Personally I think that Arteta in contrast to his two predecessors [Wenger and Emery] is very decisive in his decision making albeit that he is “open minded” in who he perceives are the best players for the team selections.

  51. Pierre

    Of course all games are important but tonight’s game v West Ham could be season defining.

    As we know , Arsenal fans are very fickle, none more so than on Le Grove…
    To lose or draw with west ham will undo a lot of the good work achieved in the last couple of months.

    The main reason we need to get a positive result v west ham is the tough set of fixtures over the next month or so.

    A win will give us some breathing space and keep the confidence high.
    6 points from the opening 2 fixtures is a must, liverpool away next and yes we have shown we can compete and beat them but I would say that next week they will come out all guns blazing.

    The reason I say it could be season defining is because a defeat will put us in a very precarious position in that we could go from potentially sitting on top of the table if we win to languishing in mid table if we lose and then a very difficult run of 3 away games to liverpool, man city and man utd.

    The result more than the performance is more important today.
    West ham look in disarray but the opening fixtures always bring surprise results and it is very difficult to analyse who and which team will be successful, west ham on paper look a very decent side…

  52. MidwestGun

    Clippers or Nets? Neither one.. Clippers are the Man. City of the Nba. Crazy rich owner with inferiority complex because they play in City with Lakers and will never be as popular ever, no matter how many championships they can try and buy.

    Nets.. Are the Tottenham Spuds of the Nba… Play in biggest City and never win anything ever. Except wasting money on bad players.

    Soooo.. yeah you lost me with the headline.. hahahaha Anyhow, if we want to emulate a Nba franchise.. with a hot younger coach who came from a winner. Golden State Warriors…..Steve Kerr. 8 championships .. 5 as a player and 3 as a coach.

    Good article otherwise.. though… change of pace.

    3-0 Arsenal over the Hammers.

  53. Steveyg87

    Wolves losing Jota is a massive blow for them. Unless they use that money and reinvest smartly. Deal is rumoured to be around £35m

  54. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal will win tonight. In last 2 seasons West Ham played well at Emirates and even on one occasion deserved not to lose. However, on both occasions they did lose.

    Arsenal are now in a much better place than they were then and I think that West Ham look like a poorer team under Moyes.

  55. John S

    Good blog post…For the first time in years, I’m genuinely excited for what the future holds….Mikel is everything we need and more….I do think we’re two players away from an incredible transformation from being a side comfortably outside the top 6 …(after some more elite coaching & bedding in) to genuine title contenders…..maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but one more year, two more windows, & we’ll be there….🤞🏻

  56. Leftside

    West Ham are in disarray behind the scenes also, we previously have been the gift that keeps giving to a struggling team, or a player in need of breaking a duck but I think we will win tonight.

  57. TheLegendaryDB10

    I concur with ES and Graham. I genuinely think we will win tonight.

    From what I saw last week, West Ham should be no threat. As long as we play with the same focus and determination that we had last week, we should be OK.

    I believe that Mikel and the team can deliver tonight.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Stats don’t lie. West Ham have a very poor record against Arsenal since 2007 with just 2 victories in all games.

    Another factor is that Arteta has of course good knowledge about Moyes likely tactical game,
    because he played under him at Everton for over 6 years. Arteta in contrast to Wenger does
    look at how the opposition plays.

  59. Pierre

    I’m expecting a pretty similar line up to last week.

    Can’t see any reason to change any personnel with the exception of Saka for AMN at left wing back, to make us better offensively , though defensively it may make us a little weaker..

    Luiz, if fit , may get the nod over Gabriel, though personally I would like to see Gabriel retain his place as he has a superb heading technique, David Moyes sides are normally all about getting balls into the box.
    Holding and Gabriel are very strong in the air which could be vital as Leno is a little reluctant to dominate his box.

    Having Xhaka and Elneny holding the midfield , allows the wing backs more freedom to get forward as attacking options as they both read the game well and will act as cover.

    Front 3 , no change .