Slow market as players and clubs posture

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I do love the Barcelona strategy this summer.


Crowd: Oooohhhhhhh

Small Print: ‘ᵇᵃʳᶜᵉˡᵒⁿᵃ ʰᵃˢ ⁿᵒ ᵐᵒⁿᵉʸ’

Crowd: Boooooooo

Still, they do have a delightful pink and green kit this season. The chances of them coming up with a fee for our right back seems very, very slim.

Transfer gossip language has been very interesting this summer. Everyone, including some journalists, has decided they want to be a transfer expert when they grow up. We’ve moved from ITK accounts hedging bets on Wayne Rooney joining, to accounts dropping things like.

‘Arsenal bid hasn’t happened, but is imminent’

What sort of information is that? Imminent? Come at me when the fax has landed.

So, in today’s news, Arsenal are about to imminently lodge a bid for Houssem Aouar. That’s the nearly news GFFN and one of the French stations has. I don’t think this story has moved much, but it’s pretty clear that the plan is to first, land the Algerian (thought he was Moroccan the other day, sorry), then we’ll move on Thomas Partey.

I think there’s a couple of things at play holding up these deals. Firstly, we’re not doing particularly well at shifting on players. It looks like everyone in Europe is waiting for a better deal before they sell and start their own transfer business. Matteo, Torreira, Lacazette, Reiss, Sokratis, and Mustafi are all still with Arsenal. I don’t think that’s a lack of interest, I think it’s a lack of commitment because of the uncertainty.

Once those names start moving, which I believe they will, I think we’ll see posturing clubs come to the table. Lyon will not land £60m for their young star and they might entertain a swap deal. They have no Europe, they need to sell, so bringing players the other way will be of interest.

Atléti might be stubborn enough to hold out for the full whack of cash, but remember, they are in dire straits when it comes to cash. They can only invest 25% of what they make. Even the best possible summer is not going to give them much room to make blow out deals. I think they might also indulge in swaps if anyone will go the other day, and I think they might move away from full cash payment.

I also wonder if there’s posturing with our players. Letting Mikhi go on a free was the right thing to do. However, that might have opened the door to other players to push for the same. Mustafi has one year left on his deal, why wouldn’t he push for a Bosman? Why wouldn’t Kola push for an extra £10k a week in Germany if he can shake out of his deal? There’s never been a better year to try your luck.

Spurs have gone full-on Jose Mourinho over at the (what is their stadium’s name?) bowl. They’re close to bringing Gareth Bale back home on a years-long loan. They’ll pick up £300k a week of his mega-contract. He’s a great player. Spectacular. A winner. A machine. However, you cannot ignore that he only played 1200 minutes last season, might lack motivation, and he has one of the worst injury records in world football. I think he’s racked up about 30 injuries at Madrid. Truly shocking. I love having the best players back in England, but can’t help but think this is going to look like Ozil levels of ROI.

In an interesting bit of merch news, it is being reported that Arsenal has the most purchased shirt in the UK. The analysis seems a little blurry, they’ve based some of it on search data on a single website (massive SEO link-building play). It reads more like a very bias poll than reality, but look, I’ll take a win however it comes. The new Arsenal shirts are certainly more pleasing on the eye that the Liverpool offering.

The Premier League has made a new deal in China with Tencent, the tech giant has a finger in a lot of gaming pies around the world. It also owns WeChat, a more advanced version of Whatsapp. This from the FT.

The replacement deal with Tencent, which was approved unanimously by the league’s 20 member clubs, runs until the end of the season and includes a fee, as well as a revenue-sharing agreement with the Premier League based on subscriber numbers. But it is worth less than the amount PPTV was due to pay this season, according to people with direct knowledge of the terms. Clubs have been reassured by Premier League chief executive Richard Masters that they will not be out of pocket from the new arrangements, partly because PPTV had already paid for half of its $700m contract, the people said.

So, firstly, good news that the Premier League has recouped a huge pool of money from a massive market. Secondly, I think it’s very interesting that it’s an org that is heavily into tech picking up the deal. I’d be interested to see if they have anything interesting lined up for distribution of the game. WeChat is your pocket everything, I wonder if you’ll be able to buy games via the app?

The future of the Premier League football, from where I’m looking, is not SKY. They do not have pockets deep enough and I think it is extremely ominous for them that Amazon is lurking noisily in the background.

  • Amazon is helping Spurs build their brand with All or Nothing
  • They are creating a merchandise hub on their site, no doubt that’ll be huge in the future
  • They already have a small piece of the pie where they offer a slew of games via Amazon Prime
  • Sport, in general, is one of the few appointment TV moments. It’s globally popular. It makes so much sense for them if they want more engagement with their app.

My hope is that at some point, someone will come in with the scale to take all the spoils. Not many with pipes or capital to do it, but Amazon certainly does. My football mix of apps and subscriptions in America is almost as absurd as it is in the UK. Hopefully, that’ll work itself out at some point, but again, notable that so many major brands are using football to pump their cord-cutting download numbers. Expect more competition when the current deal runs out. Disney+, Facebook, and Google might make a play.

Ok, that’s me done today, see you in the comments.

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  1. WengerEagle


    Would be an amazing signing. Suarez is right up El Diego’s alley as he’s a more skilful and mobile Diego Costa that can actually put the ball in the net.

    He’d have similar success to David Villa when he made that move. Probably more, he’s still a 20-25 goal a season CF.

  2. salparadisenyc


    I’d take him in a heartbeat dude just finds a way to find net and anything else he wants.
    Would of been very interesting seeing him at Juve with CR7 in same side, not looking remotely likely now.

    Would give Ateltico such a boost, make LA Liga more fun as well.

  3. Bojangles

    If by some chance we bring in both Aouar and Partey this TW, we will need to remove 3 non-HG players from the squad. Selling or loaning anyone seems to be problematical ATM. We could possibly have a situation, come the end of the tw, where we may be forced to delist a player.

  4. WengerEagle


    We’ve seen a lot of great strikers over the years in La Liga. My favourite was always David Villa, partly because Henry was my guy and I never liked Eto’o his eternal rival until Thierry left us. [Came to have a new found appreciation for Samuel in his later Barca and Inter Milan days].

    Raul, Eto’o, David Villa, Forlan, Benzema but Luis Suarez stands alone as the best of the bunch. From 2014-2017 he was near unstoppable and even though he’s slowed down he’s still one of the very best around.

    Juventus are having such a weird summer, have gone from being linked with Suarez to Dzeko to Giroud. Talk about levels lol.

  5. salparadisenyc


    Zero chance both those players coming in, unless the core of earth melts triggering a chain of events with the finale being a line of fire shot right thru the crust and somehow connecting with Kroenke’s

  6. salparadisenyc


    I love Pirlo but one has to ask wtf is going on at Juve, swapping Higuain for Dzeko or Giroud is banter,
    I get the plan B factor but just change the whole conversation and bring in Suarez. They can afford it, read somewhere that CR7 wasn’t green lighting it, which makes no sense as he surely knows the quality.

    My brother convinced Wenger would still be in charge if we landed Suarez that summer, he may not be wrong. Poachers mentality of Raul with the elite gift to score from anywhere near or in the box added on. Devastating player.

  7. Bojangles

    Torino are having a laugh re the loan of Torreira. Some of the conditions that need to be triggered to make the loan permanent border on the rediculous.

    “The Italians want to pay for the loan move, but making the deal permanent is dependent on some objectives that will “include qualifying for the Europa League, registering a specific number of appearances, goals and assists, and receiving a certain amount of international call-ups.””

  8. Dissenter

    “love Pirlo but one has to ask wtf is going on at Juve, swapping Higuain for Dzeko or Giroud is banter,”

    Suarez is on a mega wage
    Dzeko or Girouid are on more manageable wages
    Giroud hasn’t done badly for a player that was always derided on le-grove.

  9. Bojangles


    Love your pessimism. But gotta agree with your sentiment if not with such a cataclysmic chain of events required to bring it about.

  10. salparadisenyc


    Haha indeed.

    This club has let me / us down for so many transfer windows running it would be too sea change to actually get one completely right, although it would of been possible if not for the insane outlay on Pepe.

  11. WengerEagle


    I actually like Dzeko and think he’s always been a cut above Gee-Rude but yeah, Suarez is different gravy so you have to wonder where Pirlo’s head is at with that one.

    With Ronaldo it would make some sense I suppose given that Suarez is literally Leo Messi’s best mate and Ronaldo’s ego probably couldn’t share a dressing room with somebody that believed that he wasn’t the best player on the planet, lol.

    Xabi Alonso and Luis Suarez were the two most unforgivable fuck-ups in the Gooner board room ever no doubt. Add Alonso to that side and we win a PL imo, same likely could be said for Suarez especially season Leicester won.

  12. WengerEagle


    Giroud is as good a back-up CF as you’ll ever find. Doesn’t bitch, helps out with the morale and the younger contingent, comes in when he’s asked and scores goals/links up the play at a high level. As a Supersub/Europa League option, you will struggle to find as handy a back-up.

    You’ll never convince me that he was close to being a world class CF though. As slow and cumbersome a striker as I’ve seen, on his bad days he was a lampost that couldn’t run and killed all of our counter attacks stone-dead. Not to mention he missed a heap of easy chances, that Monaco CL knockout match still is fresh in the mind.

  13. salparadisenyc


    Xabi Alonso was the straw that broke the back for me, I was wobbling but that took it over the edge.
    Wenger was done for me there, agree have to think the Leicester dream was for not if Gazidis had the green light to go in at £45m for Suarez.

    Sorry but I take old L’Oreal over Dzeko, think he’d absolutely shred the Serie A. Scorpion King tattoos running riot down the boot.

  14. Bojangles


    Yeah, the Pepe deal may hang around to haunt us for a while unless he actually delivers, hopefully, this season. This TW is redeemable for me if we get Partey over the line. Auoar is not as important this season, although it looks like he is the one we have our sight set on.

  15. WengerEagle

    Aouar for me is more crucial a signing than Partey is.

    Not a knock on Partey but we’re crying out for a CM with a bit of guile, class and composure that can progress the play through the middle third with a dribble or a pass.

    Aouar ticks all those boxes. Defensively Partey is a different level but we’re more in need of spark and creativity in the middle.

  16. WengerEagle


    Haha can’t agree mate, Dzeko was Giroud with more pace and composure and an elite touch for a big man.

    For near post finishes and aerial game, Olly was top notch though.

  17. Bojangles


    Sure Aouar makes sense as an investment for the future but If we are looking to go 433 later in the season I don’t see it happening without a Partey like player.

  18. DaveB666

    Tell you what Grovers – isn’t it great that we are having a positive TW. That game against Fulham last week was truly enjoyable. Happy Days COYG!

  19. Bojangles

    You have to laugh at Arsenal fans. On the strength of one Özil pass in training, fans are clamouring for him to be included in the first 11.

  20. Bojangles

    According to reports, Chambers has been informed his services are no longer required and is for sale with a £12 mil price tag. A number of clubs including Leeds, Fulham, West Ham and Newcastle have shown interest in the player.

  21. Champagne charlie

    I’ve said nothing about a cold shoulder, I’m saying Arteta isn’t going to indulge a 25 year old in the same manner he will a 20 year old over multiple seasons. He’ll coach Pepe and afford him time of day this season, but how much Pepe does from his POV is what’s actually debatable – hence the rough state he’s in for his age. He doesn’t perform to the level and he’s out the door next summer imo.

    Really not going to unpack what I’m saying further. All the special sauce coaching in the world gets you so far, there’s a responsibility from the player at some stage to come forth and produce in the manner being instructed/taught. Arteta isn’t under scrutiny because he’s delivering elite coaching to numerous players in the side that’s seen an upturn both in individual output and our overall improvement. If Pepe is still delivering 10 minute masterclasses 9 months from now it’s a Pepe failing.

    Conversely, if Pepe sees a future at Arsenal long term then he’s got to deliver more than moments moving forward. He’s too talented and there’s too great an investment in him to have him play second fiddle to a 32 year old consummate professional. If after this season there’s a clear consensus that Willian is the better choice I bet a good sum that Pepe will be ushered toward the door – losses cut, use the 40 mil to bring a player in with much greater value on the pitch. He has to improve, or he’ll fail to last here.

  22. Emiratesstroller


    I agree 100% with the argument that Chambers is no longer needed at Arsenal. He is at best
    fourth choice Right Back and probably sixth or seventh choice centre back. Moreover I am
    fairly sure that unlike some of the foreign born players there are a number of clubs in EPL
    who will be willing to pay £10-12 million for this player.

    However, I suspect that is unlikely to happen in this transfer window, because he will need
    to resume full training and pass a medical. So my guess is that he will probably leave in January.

  23. Marko

    Seems like Pepe 25 indulge equals bad but Lacazette for example 29 and went through a period without scoring but indulge away. There would be other examples I could use of players letting us down and underperforming and not justifying the clubs investment in them but they’re going into their 4th/5th season with us and there’s not so much of a pip. It’s a popularity thing I see it with Pepe he’s not giving the same kind of leeway as others and that’s okay unless the manager does it then that’s fucked up.

  24. bacaryisgod

    Just looked at our roster and it’s safe to predict that we’re looking at a boatload of sales and loan deals to get some of our players off this season’s payroll.

    Not sure if we’re bringing in a 3rd keeper as the gossip says but other than Macey possibly leaving, here’s what we still have to get done:

    Kolasinac (2 years left): Feels like a loan fee w/a tempting offer to buy at the end of the deal.

    Sokratis (1 Year left): We’ll almost take anything at this point.

    Chambers (2 Years left): This one might have to be a January sale due to he severity of his injury and his return timetable.

    Torreira (3 years left): This is our best chance of a sale. Three years left on his contract and a well-regarded player in an imperfect situation. Italy appears most likely but it’s unlikely we’ll recover our investment on the player. That’s ok, though as he’s clearly not part of Arteta’s plans

    Guendouzi (2 years left): What an absolute mess this is. We just have to hope someone will bail us out and take him off our hands. I’m still not convinced it had to end like this. Sure he’s mature, arrogant and unapologetic but there is also a sense that Arteta wanted to make an example of him. That’s fine if it doesn’t hurt the club overall. Unfortunately now we have a player who is seen as toxic and will be hard to sell. Last season Lacazette and Aubameyang both took him under their wing and you would like to think this could still be salvaged through some gentle diplomacy and Guendouzi showing some contrition.

    Willock (3 years left): Perfect loan candidate. Maybe even send to Brentford if they’ll play nice with Raya?

    Nelson (3 years left): Another player who could benefit by going on loan.
    He’s probably been the most affected by the rise of Saka and the arrivals of Pepe and Willian.

    Ozil (1 year left). We know it’s a pipedream but is there anyone out there at all and even if there is, how can we entice Mesut to leave?

    Smith-Rowe (3 years left). After a successful loan season last year it looks like Arteta will give him some playing time in the cups. Still not convinced he has the fitness levels to succeed with us right away but he clearly is a talent.

    Nketiah (2 years left) This is a really tricky one. He showed glimpses of first-team potential last season and has apparently gained strength over the lockdown. Unlike the other Arsenal academy youngsters though, he has just two years left on his contract. We might have to make a tough call on him. I would sell but I think Arteta likes his potential and he’ll continue to feature for us this season.

    Best guess is
    LOAN: Willock, Nelson,
    ‘LOAN-T0- BUY’ OR SALE: Kolasinac, Sokratis, Guendouzi, Torreira
    STUCK WITH FOR NOW: Chambers, Ozil (and Mustafi isn’t going anywhere people)

  25. Aussie+Gooner

    Spuds struggle to qualify in Europa against 9 men from a team I have never heard of – and with a full strength side! Of course, of the 2 late goals they got, one was a Kane penalty! Joke of a club! Put out the welcome mat and Zimmer frame for Bale!

  26. Leftfootcurler

    When Pepe came on for Willian, Arsenal’s pressing got significantly worse without adding more of a goal threat.

    Without creativity in team,pressing can be used as a main source of creativity.
    Especially when idiotic teams like Fulham try to play out from the back against us.

    Willian is a much better creator than Pepe as well.

    Even against deep blocks, just cross and if the ball is cleared,win the 2nd ball on the edge of the penalty box and play quick combinations and try to score.

    If we go with a pressing game, Nketiah should play instead of Laca at CF.

  27. Graham62

    Pepe has to learn from Willian.

    It’s that simple.

    No doubting his skill set but Arteta needs (demands) a complete understanding and 100% application to what is needed.

    Pepe must fulfill these requirements if he is to succeed at AFC.

    Watch this space.

  28. Gonsterous

    Pepe is going to be a success. No doubt about that, he’s not going to be a world beater but when you had Walcott running RW for 10 years, pepe is a massive upgrade.
    He had 7 goals and 6 assists playing in a conservative role last season, so I don’t see why he can’t add to that when given the chance to play more expansive footie.

  29. Habesha Gooner

    Significant Chelsea and Arsenal news expected in the coming days. Chelsea will make another move once Mendy signs. Arsenal are ready to do a madness. #CFC

    Well, I don’t know what a Madness sounds like but to me it screams both Aouar and Partey. Fingers crossed we find a way to do this and we will be nailed on for top 4.

    Chavs also not done after mendy. Rice is being touted as their next target. There would be no excuse for Lampard if they sign him. Has any manager ever had spent on four players that cost 50 mil+ in one window apart from pep? They still have a Rocky defense.

  30. Pierre

    “He prefers the workmanlike types”

    At the moment he does but I’m sure he knows that hard work will only get you so far, it’s quality that gets a team to the very top,

  31. Sid

    “At the moment he does but I’m sure he knows that hard work will only get you so far, it’s quality that gets a team to the very top”

    I hope you are right and im wrong about him being more of Simeone, Mourinho

  32. Bojangles

    Just not getting the interest in Raya. We have this Iceland keeper virtually signed according to the media, is he coming in as our no 3?

  33. CG


    “”‘Pepe is going to be a success. No doubt about that, he’s not going to be a world beater but when you had Walcott running RW for 10 years, “””””

    Upgrade or not.
    Lets hope , Pepe can match Theos 100 goals.
    (Walcott was hugely underrated by the Arsenal Luvvies at The Emirates.)

    Pepe and Arteta aint going to work out.

    As Sid states, Arteta prefers his Elneneys and Cedrics over his mavericks, like Pepe and Martinelli.

    Nothing wrong with that for now.
    But come next season ( and hopefully) crowds are back- paying fortunes to watch stodge and the plodders every week aint sustainable.

  34. shad

    @Leftfootcurler and Graham62,

    Pépé has to come good this season, and as you rightly point out, learn from Willian. He definitely has the talent..a very high ceiling. But to evolve his game, he has to be much, much sharper than he is. By Laca and Auba’s admission in their interview with Wrighty, they singled him out as the most talented in the squad with having the downside of being a ball hog and sometimes headless chicken dribbler.
    He has to improve on his decision making, dribbling efficiency and finishing. He has the potential of being an Arjen Robben in his prime.

  35. shad

    “As Sid states, Arteta prefers his Elneneys and Cedrics over his mavericks, like Pepe and Martinelli.”

    I don’t think that is particularly true. I kinda see what he is trying to do. He first has to establish the structure/formation that can be adhered to. No point having a frontline of Harlem Globetrotters when games are won on defensive discipline and structure.
    The Elnenys and Cedrics help showcase what a disciplined, tactical structure can do..and that is pivotal for beating the bottom half of the league. No problem against the top 6 where sometimes games go the way they go..

  36. shaun

    Walcott was hugely underrated lol……………….lol , don’t think any more comment is needed maybe swap underrated with not coached at all

  37. CG


    “”””The Elnenys and Cedrics help showcase what a disciplined, tactical structure can do..and that is pivotal for beating the bottom half of the league. “”””

    Is it?
    Wenger teams beat the bottom half of the table for x 20 years, with his eyes closed, playing with very little discpline.

    Face facts and the truth.
    Arteta is doing a grand job, but he is very pragmatic and very Everton , in his outlook and philosophy.

    Nothing wrong with it, either.
    I was happy with Dyche as the Arsenal manager, so i am happy with the discplined and workmanlke approach.( for a period)

  38. shad

    “Face facts and the truth.
    Arteta is doing a grand job, but he is very pragmatic and very Everton , in his outlook and philosophy.”

    Everton? Maybe defensive structure but his football ideology is built around efficiency, passing patterns and pace. There is more influence from his Man City and Arsenal than his Everton days..and even at Everton, he was their creative outlet. He doesn’t mind the flair, so long as it’s not pointless like what a lot of Pepe does. It’s why I think our priority is Aouar over Partey, and he prefers Ceballos is a deep holding mid position – akin to having Cazorla there.

  39. Sid

    “The Elnenys and Cedrics help showcase what a disciplined, tactical structure can do..and that is pivotal for beating the bottom half of the league. No problem against the top 6 where sometimes games go the way they go..”


  40. Sid

    ‘Everton days..and even at Everton, he was their creative outlet.’

    This is similar ti having Xhakalson as our creative outlet.

  41. Sid

    “Nothing wrong with it, either.
    I was happy with Dyche as the Arsenal manager, so i am happy with the discplined and workmanlke approach.( for a period)”

    This is priceless…..
    You can take this to the bank

  42. shad

    “‘Everton days..and even at Everton, he was their creative outlet.’This is similar ti having Xhakalson as our creative outlet.

    You obviously are oblivious of why Arteta was moved from #6 to #10 at Everton. His speed of thought, pinpoint passing and dead-ball precision can’t be compared to Xhaka. Not then, not now.

  43. F41Z

    “land the Algerian (thought he was Moroccan the other day, sorry)” – He is French. He was literally born in Lyon, France, and plays for the French national team.

  44. Gonsterous

    At the back end of Wenger days, you could see that, having no game plan against the weaker teams, was slowly not working out. Lower teams knew how to play against a Wenger arsenal. We needed more discipline and ruthlessness.

    How many times over the years, have we moaned about losing a 1 goal lead or conceding sloppely against the lower teams.

  45. redbro14

    I’m a little bit tired of reading about Arsenal, the pauper club, scratching around for loose change in order to make us a serious outfit able to compete for the top of the table. Our owners have made hay during Corona virus, why can’t they step in and help in this critical moment for the club. Are they backing Arteta? Hasn’t he shown enough with two trophies in his short time at the club that he is worth investing in? We are not behaving like we mean it, always penny pinching, dithering, drawing matters out until everybody is sick and tired of the attitude. We know what we need. It’s not like we are just splashing money around hoping to hit a bullseye….
    Two midfielders that Big Mick needs. Fuck sake! .