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Finally, Auba signed da ting.

I do NOT want to see a ⌛ emoji EVER again. NEVER.

This moment is huge for the project. Auba is one of the best sharpshooters in the world. He’s  the de facto leader in the dressing room. Charismatic, swagger for days, the absolute embodiment of everything we love at Arsenal. An adopted North Londoner. We are VERY lucky he’s dedicated his prime to us.

It didn’t come cheap. £250k a week over 3 years plus all the trimmings. The total deal could be worth up to £55m. Wow, wow, wow.

Totally deserved though. There’s no debate over whether this deal is worth the money. He’s expanded his game, shown that he can push through the downtimes, and he’s proved that he is the BIG game player we’ve been desperately hunting for over the years.

There are many layers to why this signing is important, and look, I’ll be first to admit I wanted to cash in on him.

Firstly, the Arteta revolution would have taken a lot longer if we’d lost him this summer. Goalscorers are still the rarest of commodities in world football. More importantly, it’d be very hard to buy the sort of momentum his endorsement offers.

Secondly, we now become an even hotter project in the eyes of world football. Signing elite players just became a little easier. If you are Aouar (who took a red last night to speed his move to Arsenal), the thought of feeding balls to Auba must be exciting. If you’re a young player, imagine the prospect of sharing a dressing room with a global icon?

Thirdly, this has been a summer of carnage for football. We have no money, but our dear leaders have shuffled the pack to make this happen. That shows that we now have people in the backroom that can sell a big idea to the CEO. It also means – I hope – that we have a CEO that can sell to the KSE group in Delaware.

This is a good day to be an Arsenal fan. The dark clouds that have hung over the club for 10 years are starting to break. There’s light. The vision is clear. You can feel the energy behind the rocketship the club is trying to send into orbit.

There’s still a huge amount of work to do. Our squad is a long way from perfect. We need to shift on some of the problem players. We need to find consistency. The on-pitch execution needs to rapidly evolve into something that is pleasing.

That’ll come with time. Ups and downs will be part of that journey. Our faith will certainly be tested this season.

… but we’re on the right path.

The players, fans, and club believe we’re going places. When was the last time you felt this way about Arsenal?

Just a short one today. I have a fresh Auba podcast I recorded with Dom. Enjoy!

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  1. crimson

    Chuba Akpom moving to Middlesbrough from Greece. Another 1 million quid to put in to transfer kitty because of the 40% sell on fee.

    Looks like we have already got our number 2 keeper. The beejam International from Dijon (no mustard jokes please) looks to be signing for 1.5 million and already passed medical. Surprised if anyone has seen him actually play but as our goalkeeping coach has coached him before you would want to think he is talented.

    Well done to Trae Coyle scoring the winning penalty for Gillingham last night and Matt Smith (won more than Harry Kane) who scored his first first professional goal at the weekend.

    Who knows what is happening with Balogun? Think we all want him to stay and could go either way.

    Jacky Wilsheres ankles have broken down again. Sad to hear. ❤️

  2. Marko

    I just sat through the auba goal compilation video. 10 mins. 55 goals. 6’1 CF with a decent frame. 0 headers

    It’s 72 goals and he’s scored 3 or 4 headers. Where are you getting 55 goals from someone’s lying to you

  3. DigitalBob

    Just finished with the podcast Pedro, thanks very much, very informative. Had no idea the average age in the backroom has dropped so low. Could be innovative or disastrous but if it echoes most things in life, it will be the former and not the latter.

    Also, I would dampen my expectations of Mo Elneny if I was you, he’s still the same Elneny he’s always been and his current “form” should only be seen as a positive if it means someone out there is willing to pay us a decent transfer fee to take him off our hands.

    A midfield of Elneny and Xhaka should perform exactly as it did against Fulham. If our ambitions are per Willian, top four this season and a champions league wins in 3 years they cannot be the midfield of choice.

  4. Northbanker

    DBob – i think Elneny looks to now be a decent back up as a DM and I’d see the real pairing being him and Ceballos. Obviously if we get a decent offer for him then we would need to sell. Of course I hope we sign a DM (I may be the only person left using that term!) but if not……

  5. Leedsgunner

    Credit to Martinez, he did a very decent thank you video to the club and the fans.

    Emi, I wish you weren’t going. I would like to think your chance as Arsenal no.1 was just around the corner… but I understand why you thought you couldn’t wait anymore.

    Please go with the best wishes to you and your family from Gooners everywhere!

  6. Guns of Hackney

    Auba is a good scorer against the relegation threatened teams. Can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo against a decent side.

    We didn’t learn from Ozil. This will come back and bite us.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    Jamie, okay. Peter states 5 years.

    Either way, it’s a lot of money for a 30+ forward.

    The trousers tell me this guy is a cunt at a party.

  8. Marko

    How many strikers have scored over 70 goals in 2.5 seasons without a midfield?

    Not just without a consistent functioning midfield but without proper wingers (until recently) or a CAM. We’ve struggled creatively speaking and yet he still guarantees you 25-30 goals a season. Imagine what he’d be like if not only we got in a Aouar or a Coutinho on loan but with a better second season from the likes of Pepe.

  9. CG

    “””””Auba is a good scorer against the relegation threatened teams. Can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo against a decent side.”””””

    I laid all the data out in forensic minuatie, this morning G of H

    In 14 away games against the best- he has scored 1 solitary goal.

    At Old Trafford.

    We indeed ,have not learned from the Ozil contract debacle.
    And we dont seem to want to either.

  10. Guns of Hackney


    It’s a massive deal for a guy who literally wake up shit and every day of his age. I hope I’m wrong but the truth is, it took £250k to make him sign. He says he wants to be an Arsenal legend…I say, he’s a greedy bastard who no one else fancied.

    Arsenal couldn’t manage a corner shop.

  11. Jamie

    Guns, think Pete just made a type. It’s 3 years on

    If his output remains consistent for even 2 of the 3 years, I say it’s worth it. It isn’t easy finding a 25 goal a season striker these days for under £20m a year all in.

    The trousers are something else for sure.

  12. Guns of Hackney


    Sorry mate, I missed this morning…those stats aren’t very good for a £55m player. Or is it a £120m player if you include the few we paid for him originally.

  13. Left testicle


    I was saying similar on here a few days ago.

    In a few years we’re going to have Auba, Willian and Soares on big wages approaching their mid 30s. The same people lauding the signing will be whinging that we can’t buy decent players due to the fact that we’ll have big wages sitting on the subs bench or not even in the squad.

    I’m pleased he’s signed, but not for £250,000 PER WEEK for 3 years. He’ll be 34 and still raking in £250,000 EACH AND EVERY WEEK.

  14. Jamie

    For comparison, Giroud signed for Chelsea for £18m on roughly £6m a year wages and has 28 career goals for them in , Auba scored more last season alone.

  15. TR7

    .@FabrizioRomano: “We have to say that in the list, Arsenal want to try to sign one between Thomas [Partey] & [Houssem] Aouar, so they are the targets for Arsenal. It’s impossible to buy both at the moment if Arsenal are not going to sell any players.”

    .@FabrizioRomano on Partey: “The player is also waiting because if Arsenal will not sign him this summer, he’s going to extend his contract with Atletico, the bid is ready from Atletico. Also Thomas is waiting to understand what Arsenal are going to do in the next [few] weeks.”

    I think we need a CM more than a CAM. Ceballos/Ozil/Willian can play as attacking midfielders if required.

  16. CG

    G of H

    “””CG Sorry mate, I missed this morning…””””

    I ve had a stressful morning, fighting off the cheerleaders and the deplorables suggesting that signing ageing players on very very generous terms is not really the way for Arsenal to go.

    Arduous at times, even.
    But i have made my point. And we now wait for his natural decline- and watch a great asset turn into potential liablility.

  17. DigitalBob

    Northbanker – He is a serviceable backup, but that would only be an acceptable scenario for me if we already had our first choice DM. We don’t and are still in the realms of having a “meh” midfield. In an ideal summer for us our midfield would have Ceballos and Xhaka as 3rd and 4th choice with Aouar and Partey as 1st and 2nd.

    Lets not forget Willock and ESR(Played a lot deeper last season) need midfield minutes as well.

    Plus if we already offered £25 million + Guendouzi it shows we are not far off having enough for one of them, now we have the Martinez funds, selling Elneny, LT, Guendouzi and Kola should make at the very least one of those transfers happen.

  18. Dissenter

    I thought Balogun had made it clear he was leaving? Why accept a low fee when we’re guaranteed a low fee as an academy player – at least and get some money where we can.”

    Apologies for taking you back but the compensation we get if he leaves on a free transfer will be determined by an arbitration panel and is bound to be lower than 3 million.
    They have to consider that this kid has been given no pathway to succeding at Arsenal. His reps are saying he hasn’t trained with the senior team for over one year. He didn’t even make the 29 man squad that Emery took to America in 2019.

  19. Jamie

    “He didn’t even make the 29 man squad that Emery took to America in 2019.”

    woah woah woah, let’s not use Emery’s squad mismanagement as the benchmark..

    There’s no clear pathway for Balogun because he’s only just turned 19. He needs minutes for sure, but won’t get them with us next season. Are you against extending and loaning him out if it’s an option?

  20. TR7

    You can’t look at Auba’s signature from only financial point of view. Had Mikel let Auba leave, I doubt other players would have bought in to what he said to them. The team looks rejuvenated because players seem to place their trust in Arteta. Once he loses their trust, no amount of coaching will resurrect the team. We are a team in transition, not a stable team. Auba leaving at this juncture would derail our journey. As things stand we can aspire for a top 4 position. Without Auba it would be impossible.

    Besides, you can’t attract the likes of Auoar, Partey, Willian if as a club you keep losing top players. And most importantly Auba is a proven goalscorer. You won’t find a single prolific striker in world football willing to join Arsenal for anything less than 80M plus.

  21. Dissenter

    I’m not against that, it’s just that we left it rather late to be trying to extend the contract. Don’t forget this kid has been made available for a while. It’s no secret that he’s been trying to leave for the better part of one season.
    Honestly, it’s catch-22 because he’s shown his potential, he just happens to come along at a time when the path ahead of him is blocked- Auba, Laca/Laca’s replacement, Martinelli and Nkettiah.
    If you were in his shoes, woould you hang around?

  22. G

    ” Auba is a good scorer against the relegation threatened teams. Can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo against a decent side.”
    Like in the cup final eh.. Lol

  23. Jamie

    Left –

    I’ve no idea if he doesn’t want to extend for definite. 19 years olds don’t get guarantees of 1st team minutes unless they’re a generational talent, and it seems he wants to play. Good on him. That’s what the loan system is for, imo.

    Saka has barely featured since we tied him down to a long-term deal. Doesn’t mean he’ll never cut it, it just implies he has to improve to solidify his place.

    Diss –

    “If you were in his shoes, woould you hang around?”

    I’m not short-sighted, so I’d extend and take a loan. I’d rather know I had a way into the Arsenal 1st team in my early 20s than play for a bottom 3rd club for the next few years hoping that one of the big boys ‘might’ come in for me further down the road.

    It’s all moot, though. The kid needs to decide what’s best for his future. If he wants out, he’ll go, hopefully for decent money.

  24. Left testicle

    I don’t think you get it.
    Balogun ISN’T extended his deal with us, therefore we are unable to, and won’t loan him out.

  25. Marko

    My comments are 100% valid.

    You have admitted in the past to not even watching Arsenal anymore. Your comments are not valid they are stupid. Let’s be honest you only come around here to give your wife some peace from your incessant complaining.

  26. Jamie

    Left –

    “Balogun ISN’T extended his deal with us”

    Hasn’t yet extended*. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. There’s still time to work on him before the TW closes. Hope he plays it smart. The ball is in his court.

  27. mb

    Auba’s instagram live; Q- is a new person coming to the team? A- ha, you know.

    As many have suggested, auba would have made similar kind of money elsewhere more or less. He didn’t sign last year, Arteta has convinced him to stay and that should include some other conditions!

  28. MidwestGun

    And we now wait for his natural decline- and watch a great asset turn into potential liablility.
    Sounds like Arsene Wenger to me…. you should be used to it.

  29. Tom

    “Arduous at times, even.
    But i have made my point. And we now wait for his natural decline- and watch a great asset turn into potential liablility.”

    CG, I think there’s an adjective missing in that sentence as in and now we wait impatiently for his natural decline.

  30. Guns of Hackney

    I want Auba to do well.
    I do not agree to the cost.
    After Ozil, I am nervous.
    We have two very old players taking £500k-£600k pw for the next three years.

    As I said, we used to take the high ground with regards to mercs but here we are.

    I’m sure we could have found a young forward for less than £55m.

  31. MidwestGun

    Only thing tedious today is wading through all the troll hot takes.

    Anyhow, Still very excited that our best player/goal scorer and Captain has decided to stay for the program.. unlike in the past when they flew the coop for United or Barcelona. It’s very refreshing.

  32. Tom

    I love how posters are lining up with CG opinions as if he’s the lonely voice of reason
    A guy who said Arteta was pretty clever…. for a Spaniard.
    And is on record against every Arteta signing to date lol.

  33. Guns of SF

    The interview with Wrighty was good. Auba kept talking about how Mikel convinced him and how things have really changed since he arrived. Good!
    Also, the legacy portion, sounds like Auba wants to be a fan legend. Good!

    TR7 was correct. Losing Auba would have seriously derailed our project. Now, keeping your best player is a sign to others that we are heading the right direction.

    Losing Auba would really have set us back quite a bit in a lot of ways…. I agree with this.

    glad he resigned. Always happy and smiling… good to see that

  34. Graham62

    Apparently Arsenal are now #1 for new shirt sales.

    Pushed Liverpool from top spot.

    I wonder how many will have AUBAMEYANG 14 on the back?

  35. CaliGooner

    You have admitted in the past to not even watching Arsenal anymore. Your comments are not valid they are stupid. Let’s be honest you only come around here to give your wife some peace from your incessant complaining.

    That made me lol.

  36. Left Testicle

    Apparently Arsenal are now #1 for new shirt sales.
    Yeah, but whose got more chance of finishing PL Champions?

    Shirt sales is like winning a trophy.

  37. Marc

    “We have two very old players taking £500k-£600k pw for the next three years.”

    No we don’t Ozil’s contract is up next summer, unfortunately we’re stuck with it till then but come next June £18.2 million a year comes off the wage bill in one hit.

  38. MidwestGun

    I’m sure we could have found a young forward for less than £55m.
    Yep that’s we were told when RVP left and we got Giroud and Sanogoal.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Only at Le Grove would the contract extension of our top goal scorer two seasons running be met by some with complaints.

    Sometimes I wonder some people wish for bad news so that they can complain.

    For the first time in three years we have an unified squad led by a talismanic captain supported by a cast of talented fiery youngsters.

    We’ve beaten recently Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    We have our books two of France’s best young centrebacks. We have a hungry scoring talented winger who is beginning to settle in… in Pepe.

    Our back line is looking good with Bellerin coming back into form. Tierney looks excellent. Saka, our little Dynamo has committed himself to the club.

    We have an excellent young manager who has a clear plan of what he wants to do.

    We have many reasons to rejoice at AFC.

  40. Tom

    “I’m sure we could have found a young forward for less than £55m.“

    Plenty of those around.
    Fewer with a proven scoring record.
    None with a PL proven scoring record worth mentioning in the same sentence with Auba’s

    Chelsea got a good one in Werner , let’s see how he does in the PL in his first couple of seasons.

  41. Valentin

    I am happy that Aubameyang has signed an extension, but we have to admit that like Özil before he and his agent had us by the short and curly and applied maximum pressure to get what he wanted.

    The difference with Özil is that because of Auba joyful character, we all assume that in two years time he will not sulk and pretend to be injured if he does not start.

    However the argument that he had lots of choice is bullshit. They are very few clubs who could afford the fee and the wage that he requested. Barcelona are so skint, they can’t even afford to payoff Suarez. They need to sell before they make a low ball offer for Memphis Depay. Inter Milan may be able to afford him, but who think that Conte will still the manager next season. He is more likely to have another meltdown and engineer his sacking.

    PSG, Real Madrid, Bayern were never that interested in him. So staying at Arsenal may have been his only realistic choice, especially if he genuinely believe in Arteta’s project.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    How much have Chelsea spent through the years after they couldn’t lure Henry.

    Off the top of head

    So yes auba worth it

  43. redbro14

    Arms folded over his chest, shaking head…..Victor Meldrew gives his opinion on Auba. Mortifying, sucking the joy and all life out of everywhere he goes. Quite a few on here….so sad….

  44. Graham62

    I can’t believe some of the negativity on here in regards to the Aubameyang contract.

    Irrespective of the Ozil fiasco, this is a sound business move.

    He is the face and marketing image of Arsenal FC. In fact, he is one of the key faces of world football.

    Kids will aspire to be him, just like they did when TH14 was around.

    Forget the Ozil debacle.

    This is a completely different scenario.

    Those that condemn the decision are not looking at the bigger picture.

    The financial implications will all be positive.

  45. Valentin


    Why would he sign a contract when he knows that he won’t have be training with the first team? Meanwhile he has serious offer from Brentford, Villa and Brighton with a clear path to the first team.

    Moreover if Saka can be put on the bench despite his overall excellent contribution, he knows that he has no chance of seeing playing time whilst he is against Lacazette, Nkethia, Martinelli and Aubameyang.

    The best Arsenal an hope is to either get a big fee or a big resale clause. If Arsenal keep him and do not play him nor involve him with the first team (because of his refusal to sign he has been barred from training with the first team even when there was a shortage of striker who were away), he is unlikely to have a change of heart and decide to extend.

  46. Henry+Root

    Graham 62
    Well said !
    I was anticipating someone saying . Let’s get Sanogo back. He’s cheap and won’t cost much to buy . He was a Wenger signing so some will love him

  47. Leedsgunner


    I know, l know. Balogun is 19. Why wouldn’t you want to learn your trade from Lacazette and Aubameyang? Madness to walk away so early in your career from the club who brought you through.

    Balogun is good but he’s untried. He’s going to get a rude awakening if he thinks he’s the finished article already. U23 is a world away from first team football.

  48. raptora


    As reported there were two major offers from two big clubs for him. Barcelona and Inter Milan. How hard is to believe that he feels like he could be a leader, a legend at this club, he wants to leave a legacy, something to be remembered of forever. If he was to go to Barca or Inter he’d be Anelka #2. Not a legend for any club, yet a spectacular player.

    My ask for some of the fan base is – stop spreading negativity. If a top player leaves the club it must be – he left for money, he is a traitor, we burn his shirt. If a top player renews, like Auba did – nobody wanted him, he stayed for money, is he even top class.


  49. Cotswolds

    ‘You won’t find a single prolific striker in world football willing to join Arsenal for anything less than 80M plus.’

    TR7 is correct, we already have a star striker who is world class. He has not reached his peak yet and comparisons to Ozil are unfounded. Ozil is a lazy bastard who is happy to do nothing and take the money. Auba is our captain and a prolific goal scorer who shows no signs of slowing down.

    If we had not signed Auba we would have no chance of achieving anything this season, (think of how important he was in the FA Cup).

    I don’t understand the naysayers. Yes we got stung by Ozil, but that is an exception and doesn’t set a precedent.

  50. Chris

    A lot of people seem to assume Aubameyang will decline fitness wise or physically n the next couple of years. I don’t see it. I think he could carry on for 4 or 5 years at an exceptional level. He clearly takes care of himself off the pitch and seems to avoid major injury.

    Even if the pace began to wane I could see him at that point moving centrally to actually become hat supposed tap in merchant he apparently is.

    I think those who are moaning need to back that up with viable alternatives he could have provided the output he does without costing the best per of £100 million. Suggestions or put up and shut up. This is an incredibly exciting time for Arsenal and it’s hard to believe some of the miserable sentiments on here.

  51. Valentin


    Falogun has never been involved with the first team. That is one of his gripe. So do you think that he will learn more by playing in the U21 or by playing regular first team football at a smaller club?

    What Martinez story has taught the academy players is that there is no guarantee that ever after making a big impression in the few opportunities you are given that you will become a regular first team starter.

    Taking a step back in term of club to take 3 steps forward in a couple of years with experience under your belt may be the right way for their career.

    Most fans wants academy players to get successful, but realistically some will leave and get success somewhere else.
    In fact most recent successful British players have been bought from lower league clubs before making it big.

  52. Dissenter

    I don’t undersrtanbd for the life of me why there so much drama about selling a 19 year old who’s does not train with the senior team and hardly ever plays for the Arsenal.
    The club considers John-Jules ahead of Balogun – he’s the one who’s had proximity with the senior team. Thekdhha i s four senior strikers ahead of him and possibly John-Jules.

    Lets pause for a moment and stop pretending like hes’s going to pay cup games or whatever. The club should stop pricing him out of a move. We can’t keep every good player that passes out of our academy.

  53. raptora

    I am extremely happy that he signed da ting.
    He has bought so hard into our folklore, into our banter, our ideas, our history. He has become a gunner. You can see it on his face, you can see it in his media posts, you can see it on an everyday basis with him being extremely kind to our fans, extremely positive on and off the pitch. He is a role model. Star player and a special human being.

    I’ll make a guess that he will end up with around or more than 150 goals for us.

  54. raptora

    Imagine thinking that we are a better draw than current state Barcelona or a Inter Milan with hopes of winning Serie A and UCL. If Auba wanted to go to any of these two places he would have went there. It’s player power all the way.

  55. Dissenter

    Auba said signing the deal was “never in doubt”.
    We out-bid whatever offer he could possibly have had this summer. It’s great he’s signed but lets stop pretending that the outcome was going to be any different.
    He likes the club, loves the city, plays happy and shares a very good relationship with the manager. What else could go wrong.

  56. Pedro

    Diss, Thierry had the same and he ditched us for Barca. Robin > United. Cesc > Barca. Nasri > City.

    A lot could have gone wrong. We’ve never been in a worse position on paper. So it was a huge deal.

  57. Habesha Gooner

    Your I have never seen Auba sulk at Arsenal. This sulking reputation came after he disagreed with the Dortmund management and wanted to leave. Still they were happy to milk is for 56 mil.

    He has always been smiling and having fun at Arsenal. And He deserves his 250k contract. He has been insanely consistent for us. 71 goals in two and half seasons is incredible. You reward players like that. Not the Ozil’s of this world. The Walcott always upped his game whenever there was contract talks. I have never seen that with Auba. If you demand Loyalty you need to give your faith to players that deserve it.

  58. raptora

    The know-it-all people in here amaze me. Imagine the work the club and everyone has to do, to make their superstar sign after an 8th place finish in the EPL. Yet people in here say that it was an obvious decision. Tanguy Ndombele is on 200k. De Gea is on 375k. We got Auba to sign for 250k. It’s a coup and a half. The best scorer in the league since he joined. But it was an obvious choice to renew for a team that hasn’t played in the UCL for 4 seasons running.

  59. azed

    Balogun has never been involved with the first team.


    This is not true. Balogun was an unused substitute in the Carabao cup against Nottingham Forest.

  60. Valentin


    Do you bother reading before commenting and sniping.
    Ornstein mentioned two clubs: Barcelona and Inter.

    Barcelona has made it clear that because of their financial difficulty, their first effort will be to shed overpaid stars and lower the age of their squad. They intend to rely on academy players and use their existing stars a la Griezman, Coutinho and Dembele. They may want Auba, but right now they can’t even afford to make an offer.

    Regarding Inter, as I mentioned before, Inter may be able to afford, but then I am not sure that Inter would be a good choice for his last big contract. He will be in concurrence with Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez. Conte likes his striker big and able to play with their back toward the goal to hold up play. That’s not really Auba’s game. Also in year time, if Conte has another one of his public rage, Auba may be forced out by the new manager to finance his own rebuilding. So going there may not be that appealing.

    For a player of his quality and ambition, the choice of clubs is quite limited.

  61. The Godfather


    Last three games Arsenal played (Before Fulham) were against
    Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool … how many goals did Auba score. and how did Arsenal far in those games?

    Some of you guys are unreal. Never allow facts to get in the way of your biases 😂

  62. Dissenter

    Overall, the club is better run now that at any point in the Wenger-Gazidis era.
    You don’t have to have an IQ of 160, speak six languages or have made 50,000 substitutions to be able to decipher what the are trying to do.

  63. Marko

    For a player of his quality and ambition, the choice of clubs is quite limited.

    Earlier…”Ornstein mentioned two clubs: Barcelona and Inter.”

    Quite limited

  64. Dream10

    Good for us in short term that Aubameyang is staying and very good for him that he is on massive wages. I think he is happy to be here and enjoys being important in the dressing room. Don’t think the club were prepared to replace him properly anyways. The most likely replacement, Osimhen, went to Napoli for a big fee. Bet Arsenal were not prepared to pay 70m fee after seeing Pépé struggle last season.

    At a continental super club, you may be competing for the CL, but you can be an outcast and things can go sour quickly. Look at Bale and Coutinho. There is a great lifestyle, less pressure and harmony here in PL. Arteta seems to be a promising coach as well.

    If finish 6th-10th and 10-15pts off the Top 4 again, club may sell Aubameyang to Serie A.

  65. Valentin


    You are right, he was involved once. so let me qualify that. Since Arteta came, he has not been involved with the first team at all and that is one of his main gripe. Especially when younger player some even playing in his position have been involved.

    Per made the statement a few weeks ago that players who do not want to sign an extension would not be send on loan nor will they be involved with the first team.

    I am not advocating of giving him time or involving him with the first team, I am just trying to explain why from the player perspective leaving may be the right choice for his career.

    Brentford came for him and made it clear that within six month he would be playing with their first team. Realistically, he won’t be regularly involved with Arsenal first team for at least two seasons. One year in loan and then one year on the fringe.

    I would rather a player be hungry and ready to go outside of his comfort zone, rather than staying at Arsenal knowing full well he is not fancied by the coaches. Arsenal have had too many of those.

  66. Graham62

    So Trump thinks that the US adopted a “herd mentality”

    Sorry Donald, I think you’ll find it’s called herd immunity

    Is this guy for real?

  67. Dream10


    Balogun may have signed a new contract.
    Yesterday, Chris Wilder said they were interested in taking Balogun on loan. Don’t think he would go to Sheffield Utd on loan with a yr left on his contract.

  68. Marko

    Azed about to receive 4 paragraphs on why appearing on the bench doesn’t constitute being anywhere the 1st team,

    Close jaime it was 5. Hilarious how predictable he is

  69. Valentin


    I thought that Sheffield United made a paltry 3 millions offer that was immediately dismissed by Arsenal. Arsenal was said to have already rejected Brentford and Villa offer of 5 millions.

    Sheffield United may want him on loan, for a small fee and if things go well to be able to pick him on a free with minimum academy compensation then due next summer. However I can’t see the benefit for Arsenal. Better sell him now for more money or for a big proportion of the resale value.

  70. Valentin


    Again not even bothering reading my comment but ready to snipe.
    So predictable. Stupid and mean. That really qualify you.

  71. Dream10


    If that is the case, Bournemouth, Brentford (both in Championship) or the Bundesliga the best place for him.
    PL sides.will drop him once they struggle.

  72. CG


    “”””Guy’s doing front flips and folk are worried he’s going downhill.”””””

    I would be doing front flips if I was offered his money.

    So with the signing of PEA and Willian and Cedric – we can tear up the Dortmund model 2.0 up.
    thats in the bin.

    We going for the Old Nags X1 1.0

    Buy low sell High, is always the name of the game.
    When your at The Arsenal

  73. Graham62


    That may be the case but I would say it’s more down to the fact that he has absolutely no concept of what he’s talking about.

  74. Valentin


    I think that Brentford may be the best choice for him. They have a clear, consistent way of integrating players from top academy who don’t make the grade.

    I also agree that the step is too high for him to go from U23 to regular premiership player. He needs at least one season of regular first team play to really flourish. He is more likely to get it in the championship or lower German team than in the premiership.

  75. Marc

    The ones complaining about Auba’s contract would also be the ones complaining if we had to sell him at a reduced price or if he walked on a free.

    Too many on here just what to criticise the club not matter what it does.

  76. Dissenter

    I think Trump meant to say “head mentality” because his loyal supporters have been giving him an endless B-J while he’s devastating them.

    He also believes Winston Churchill was lying to the British people after Dunkirk so go figure.

  77. Pierre

    “The ones complaining about Auba’s contract would also be the ones complaining if we had to sell him at a reduced price or if he walked on a free.”

    From where I’m sitting it appears to me that the only ones complaining are the ones who are complaining about the ones who are supposed to be complaining about Aubameyang’s contract….

    you for one.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    Not looking good for any of the british core still around.

    Ramsey flopping at Juve and they want to get rid, Everton want to get rid of Walcott and Iwobi, which makes the fee we got for him last summer even better.

    Ridiculous how bad we have been in the transfer market up until last year.

    Looks like Leverkusen might be serious about Kola, a 9m fee is reported, and something could happen this week, would be excellent business for us

    Add that to the Martinez fee and bin off Torreira and we have enough for one of our targets.

    This could shape up to be a very good window.

  79. Left Testicle

    I liked the rule, that has obviously now been binned, that we were only going to offer one year extensions to players over 30 years old.

  80. Marc


    I’d be amazed and thrilled if we got £9 odd million for Kolas.

    If we could get both the reported midfield targets (obviously assuming they all worked out but I prefer to be positive where possible) it’d mean from next summer on we’d be planning TW’s around strengthening the squad not rebuilding it.

    How refreshing would that be?

  81. Pierre

    “I never made a complaint only an observation”

    Maybe the ones you are accusing of complaining are just making an observation.

  82. Luteo Guenreira

    But people ARE complaining about Aubemeyang’s contract? Even though they don’t number many. And a response to that is expected, isn’t it Pierre? Why is that surprising?

    It’s not a shock that the person who constantly alludes to Ozil by himself, then accuses others of being obsessed whenever it’s pointed out…sees the blowback to an idiotic opinion offered about Auba as a bigger issue than the idiotic opinion itself. You’re so predictable.

  83. Marc


    My comment was not directed at you but a few on here who moan no matter what the club do. Basically the club are damned if they do and damned if they don’t with some on here.

    Strange you feel so defensive over an observation that wasn’t directed at you.

  84. Pedro

    250k a week for a striker that guarantees you goals is a fucking bargain. He is mostly fit. He’s a huge character in the dressing room. He’s beloved by the fans.

    Will he be the same at 34? Who knows. But we’ll certainly get an elite 2 years out of him.

  85. Luteo Guenreira

    “Maybe the ones you are accusing of complaining are just making an observation.”

    Observations or complaints or opinions, whatever. You’re trying to make it about semantics, when it’s actually about “stupid/not stupid”. Stupid is thinking that Ozil is a savior and that Auba’s new salary has anything to do with the neverending disappointment Ozil provided us for the last few years. Stupid is complaining about Auba’s money and trying to characterize him as holding the club hostage when it’s always been the case that athletes try to earn the most money they can in a career that has a limited number of years of prime earning power.

    Maybe it’s not accusations, maybe these opinions are just fucking stupid and people are just pointing it out.

  86. Marc


    Agree and sending a signal that Arsenal are serious about competing was just as important. ManU could have got Pogba for less money but to them it was about sending a signal and breaking the transfer record.

  87. Trask

    A lot on here seem to really like Aouar. Doesnt seem like all that to me, though.

    Not overly creative
    Doesnt really score
    Not much by way of assists
    Overly right footed (think pepe levels)

    What he does seem to have is the ability to dribble and play between the lines. He’s ok I guess but for the money Lyon are quoting? Not for me

    There should be much better alternatives

  88. Pedro

    Marc, I think Chelsea pay Havertz 300k a week. Auba is a snip. Big players deserve big money. The message, like you say, is just as important.

    Hopefully, we land Aouar.

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