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Finally, Auba signed da ting.

I do NOT want to see a ⌛ emoji EVER again. NEVER.

This moment is huge for the project. Auba is one of the best sharpshooters in the world. He’s  the de facto leader in the dressing room. Charismatic, swagger for days, the absolute embodiment of everything we love at Arsenal. An adopted North Londoner. We are VERY lucky he’s dedicated his prime to us.

It didn’t come cheap. £250k a week over 3 years plus all the trimmings. The total deal could be worth up to £55m. Wow, wow, wow.

Totally deserved though. There’s no debate over whether this deal is worth the money. He’s expanded his game, shown that he can push through the downtimes, and he’s proved that he is the BIG game player we’ve been desperately hunting for over the years.

There are many layers to why this signing is important, and look, I’ll be first to admit I wanted to cash in on him.

Firstly, the Arteta revolution would have taken a lot longer if we’d lost him this summer. Goalscorers are still the rarest of commodities in world football. More importantly, it’d be very hard to buy the sort of momentum his endorsement offers.

Secondly, we now become an even hotter project in the eyes of world football. Signing elite players just became a little easier. If you are Aouar (who took a red last night to speed his move to Arsenal), the thought of feeding balls to Auba must be exciting. If you’re a young player, imagine the prospect of sharing a dressing room with a global icon?

Thirdly, this has been a summer of carnage for football. We have no money, but our dear leaders have shuffled the pack to make this happen. That shows that we now have people in the backroom that can sell a big idea to the CEO. It also means – I hope – that we have a CEO that can sell to the KSE group in Delaware.

This is a good day to be an Arsenal fan. The dark clouds that have hung over the club for 10 years are starting to break. There’s light. The vision is clear. You can feel the energy behind the rocketship the club is trying to send into orbit.

There’s still a huge amount of work to do. Our squad is a long way from perfect. We need to shift on some of the problem players. We need to find consistency. The on-pitch execution needs to rapidly evolve into something that is pleasing.

That’ll come with time. Ups and downs will be part of that journey. Our faith will certainly be tested this season.

… but we’re on the right path.

The players, fans, and club believe we’re going places. When was the last time you felt this way about Arsenal?

Just a short one today. I have a fresh Auba podcast I recorded with Dom. Enjoy!

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  1. Rosapirescastlesaka

    Fantastic news now we can push on with a sense of solidarity and strong foundations that our best player and captain has bought into our plans, our best young player signed, we have improved in the market in key areas, we have proven winners and leaders in key areas and everyone is buying into the mentality .
    Good time, there will be hicups along the road but ya feels solid reliable Arsenal is just around the corner .

  2. curse

    Louis, perhaps, wouldn’t be the first time they dropped good news on perceived bad news. Though I think Martinez was a mutual thing and overall the majority of fans understand the circumstances surrounding it all.

    I actually thought they were delaying it to make a big triple announcement to get the fans super gassed. looks like they just spacing out the good.

  3. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Auba’s vote of confidence in Arteta rings loud and clear. He is a Talisman and could have moved on to clubs with more immediate chances of CL action, his belief in what Arteta is building pushes Arsenal several steps closer to being back where we belong. I can already envisage the arms folded pose being immortalised in a statue outside The Emirates.

  4. curse

    if we don’t do the hammers in like the women then pep zero (nice one) aka diet pep can do one the massive fraud!!

    that’s not for free. I want donations lol

  5. Wenker-wanger

    Great news. Not only have we got a world class striker , but it will help attract top quality players to the club.
    Artetas Arsenal is very much taking off now.

  6. Omozuafo Frank

    Great news. The era of not given a player above 30 not more than a year’s contract during the Wenger era has been put to rest. This will I spire the confidence in our players that are approaching that age limit that their hard work, dedication and loyalty will be rewarded by the club.
    Next, let’s have Partey and Aouar brought in. The good days are here once again.

  7. Left testicle

    Great news. Not only have we got a world class striker , but it will help attract top quality players to the club.
    Runarsson? The Dijon and Iceland second choice keeper?

  8. Leftfootcurler

    Its a relief.

    If we had to let him go,there would have been no chance of getting top 4.

    Arteta is getting wingbacks to attack the box via late runs to solve our creativity issues.

    It’s terrific that he can do that without compromising us defensively.

    Saka definitely has the quality to get 10 assists from those areas.

    Hopefully AMN, Bellerin can improve enough to provide the required quality in the final 3rd.

  9. Pierre

    “Auba’s vote of confidence in Arteta rings loud and clear”

    Agree, Arteta was the deciding factor in Aubameyang putting pen to paper and he will be the deciding factor in bringing in the game changing midfielder that will take the club to a level that can compete for the title.

    Great business by the club to keep him at Arsenal however much he is being paid..

    Aubameyang has much more about his game than many on Le Grove give him credit for and Arteta is giving him the right environment to showcase his skills and intelligence on the pitch..

    The squad if falling into place nicely, one possibly 2 more signings (midfield)will have us competing( maybe not winning) for the title.
    Will be nice just to be there or thereabouts for the final third of the season…

  10. CG


    “””””””There’s no debate over whether this deal is worth the money.”””””””””””

    I disagree entirely, off course there is debate over what any player is worth.

    Anyone with a soccer brain ( granted they are few and far between them here on this site) knows you reward the players accordingly to their influence in the big AWAY games. As they are the games , that ultimately are the most significant and dictate where the prizes end up.

    Although PEA is currently current vein of form- mainly thanks to Artetas astute coaching.

    PEA record in England at the big away grounds is shockingly bad.

    He has played away against:

    X 2 Everton and scored 0 goals.Arsenal didn’t win either match.
    X 2 Liverpool and scored 0 goals. Arsenal didn’t win either match.
    X 2 Manchester City and scored 0 goals . Arsenal didn’t win either match.
    X 2 Chelsea and scored 0 goals. Arsenal didn’t win either match.
    X 3 Spurs and scored 0 goals. Arsenal didn’t win either match. (PENALTY KICK MISS)
    X 3 Man United scored 1 goal.Arsenal still didn’t win either match.


    PEA has played 14 Arsenal games and at the hardest places AWAY from home and he has scored 1 goal.
    In all 14 games ‘our captain’ has never seen the team win.

    So off course , there should be a debate if PEA is worth this ludicrous contract.


    He is the original flat track bully. The Graeme Hick of Arsenal.
    And congratulations to his entourage and him for his new deal.
    I am sure in time , Arsenal ( like the Ozil deal) will come to regret it, especially as he is 31.


  11. Leftfootcurler

    Arsenal are not going to compete for the title anytime soon.

    For arsenal to challenge for the title,we need to get players who are kind of unaffordable for us.

    In this team,We need a 20 goals striker instead of Laca and a 15 Goals scoring winger.

    Besides Partey and Aouar.

    And defenders and goalkeepers who make zero unforced errors per season. Saliba and Gabriel are too young,mistakes are not unexpected.

    Winning the CL is easier than the league.

    Best attacks win the league and the best midfields wins the champions league.
    We should get try to top 4 and then try to win CL since great midfielders are cheaper than great attackers.

    Partey-Aouar is 2/3rds of a CL winning midfield.

  12. Shaun

    Aouar , all these people wanting to sign this guy. Have people actually seen him play, very much like Lemar, He will not handle the premiership, from what I’ve seen in about 8 games I’m not convinced performs in the French league. His performance yesterday before getting sent off us shocking, he gave the ball away so often, poor 1st touch on a couple of occasions, little tracking back. His goals/assists to not stand out either. Would rather save the money and play Saka/ESR in the AM role and bid for Szoboziai next year as he has rluled out a move this year

  13. Gentlebris

    Cruel to shut anyone out in this exciting times…what happens to the Arteta new blank page policy at every dawn? Not respected here?
    If I’m not in by the time I’m back, I’m gonna get a new ‘le grove name’ and smuggle me in!

    One love!!!!

  14. Leftfootcurler

    It’s a miracle that PEA has scored as much as he has in the non big games.

    He gets such bad service. If it’s a 3 yr deal,the contract is worth it. I assume the result that arsenal wants is to get back into top 4 and stay there.

    You have to score 70-75 goals to get top 4

    Arsenal could have let Auba go if they had bought Halaand for 20 million in January.

    Buying any other player who can potentially replace Auba’s goals would potentially be more expensive than extending Auba’s contract.

    Rather,with our budget, let Martinelli and Nketiah grow.

  15. CG


    “””””CG I like how auba’s FA cup goals such as in the final aren’t important in your book””””

    Hugely important.
    And credit to him and Arteta. Never dismissed them at all.

    But PEA now has to the deliver goals at Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea from now on.
    And I don’t think he is capable.Not at 31, 32 or 33.

    Mpbabe is though. And that should be our target. No matter how realistic or unrealistic that might seem..

  16. CG


    “””””””Arsenal could have let Auba go if they had bought Halaand for 20 million in January.”””””

    that would have been my type of thinking.
    Younger and more dynamic.
    No dead money with that lad.
    Plenty with PEA.

  17. Bjonan

    CG & Leftfootcurler

    These guys have the most shocking analysis I have ever seen.

    Anyway it’s still a good time to be a GUNNER.

  18. Leftfootcurler

    Aouar is a CM,not AM yet. Goals and assists are irrelevant for CM.

    But he is young and has great potential at AM.

    A good team should have 2 goal scorers,2 creators and 2 outlets.

    All this is usually provided by the front 3. The 3rd CM needs some creativity. But it’s not necessary.

    Liverpool,for example have no creativity or goal threat from their midfielders.

    Midfielder’s job is to block space,win duels, challenges,cover a lot of ground, getting into good positions to receive the ball and make lots of safe passes,get the ball to the final 3rd.

    Aouar is good at all of the above except winning duels and challenges,he is a bit lightweight.
    He can shield the ball well but he can’t win the ball from the opposition that well.
    But Modric was lightweight and he succeeded. Cazorla played CM and succeeded etc.
    Aouar will succeed as a CM for arsenal.

    AM is not really midfield. There the requirements change. Midfield is primarily about 1st phase and 2nd phase.
    AMs are all about the final 3rd.

  19. englandsbest

    I never doubted for a moment that Auba would sign. Why? Because magical Mikel said he would. And I’ll go one step further: Auba stayed BECAUSE Mikel is manager. Yeah, the money is great, his future assured, but he could have done just as well elsewhere.

    The word ‘legacy’ came up. For exceptional players that becomes a huge factor as they get older. They want people to marvel about them when they are gone. That only comes at an elite club which wins major titles consistently while you ARE there. Auba evidently believes that Arsenal under Mikel will do so.

    Will it take Mikel time? With an FA Cup in his belt in a half-season, I believe it will happen quickly. This season.

  20. Bjonan


    Has it crossed your mind that it’s the reason Martinelli was signed to take on the reigns from Auba…like Pedro put it Auba signing a new contract can be viewed positively in so many ways but the three significant reasons being his goals, his leadership on and off the pitch and being a role model to young strikers like Martinelli and Eddie

    And to also buy the club some time (1/2 seasons) to sign another young strikers like Edourd.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have resolved over last two seasons the forward line of the team. In my view it compares favourably with the starting lineup with any of the top 4 teams in EPL and perhaps we have also got better squad options than most others. The new contract for
    Aubameyang is the icing on the cake.

    The club has also recruited new players in defence with arrival of Tierney, Saliba and Gabriel
    and hopefully these players will provide for the first time in many years the quality and solidity which has been required over many years once it is bedded in.

    This leaves the midfield to be resolved. It still falls well short of what is needed to compete
    at the highest level in Europe. Obviously the financial consequences of the Pandemic has impacted on our ability to spend.

    I believe still that Arsenal will bring in one new player in this department. It remains to be
    seen who that player is.

    The major plus for me was the arrival of Arteta. He is clearly an articulate and knowledgable
    coach who is bringing into the squad not only discipline and organisation but tactical nous,
    which has been frankly lacking over many years.

    The real test this season will be not only improvement in our performance level but also the

  22. Gonsterous

    Not a fan of partey, rather get soumare (cheaper and can do everything partey can whilst being younger)

    Not a fan of aouar, all this talk and he had about 4 assists in all comp for an amaZing Lyon team last year.
    Rather get someone cheaper there too.

  23. Captain Tierney

    Auba has signed for 3 more years and not 5 right?.
    One of the best deals that we could do this summer. Elite goalscorer and a top bloke to have around. But the scariest thing about Auba imo is that at 31 he is still improving. He is at his physical peak and I believe he still hasn’t had his absolute peak season yet. I believe we’ll see that this season or the next.
    250k a week is much deserved and maybe even a bargain when you see players like Werner earning 285k a week.


    What are you smoking?
    Your sweetheart Wenger missed out on Mbappe for a few mil and now he is way out of our price range.

  24. Leftfootcurler


    I make the exception for Halaand.

    Nobody else.

    With Most other young talents,we would have had to drop the ambition for top 4.

    Martinelli is a bigger talent than most young talents.
    But he and Nketiah are also not good enough yet.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    Partey is a “ready made” midfielder who is consistent in his performance level. Soumare may have potential but is that what the club needs at moment in that department?

    Arsenal need currently short term solutions to get us back into the top 4 in EPL as well as
    looking at the long term evolution and development of team.

  26. Captain Tierney


    Haaland had a release clause of 20 mil at Salzburg and Dortmund signed him for that amount.
    But I read with all the agent commissions to Raiola and stuff like that the total amount to sign was around 35 mil excluding wages.

  27. Captain Tierney

    + Dortmund had to insert a 75 mil release clause too . So that him and his agents can pocket more money when he makes his next move.

  28. andy1886

    So Emi went for just £17m? We really are rubbish when it comes to player sales. See clubs like AM and OL sticking to their valuations while AFC roll over and let one of their few saleable assets leave on the cheap. Same old story.

  29. Shaun

    Gonsterous , could’ve agree more. If going for the younger option Soumare over Partey and the Hungarian at Salzburg will prove better in midfield than Aouar

  30. Leftfootcurler

    Soumare can’t do everything that Partey can do.

    Partey is better in blocking space,in duels,has a higher work rate,makes fewer errors and much better in line breaking passes. He is as good as soumare in everything else.

  31. Freddie Ljungberg

    Think we should activate Szoboszlais release clause now and loan him back to Salzburg since he wants to stay there another year. Would be a bargain. Might as well maximize that expensive contract we shelled out for Willian and play him at Cam for a year. We’re well stocked on the wings anyway.
    We probably won’t transition away from the 352 for a while anyway, until Saliba and Gabriel has adapted and the new CM is integrated.

    Would rather Soumare over Partey too, add in Sangare and we have a great base to build on. Would still cost less than Partey and the payment structure would favour us more than coughing up the whole release clause in one go for Partey.

    We can still eke out results with Xhaka, Ceballos, Elneny while they adapt. Better to lay the foundation now than after we lose Ceballos.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    No-one knows exactly what is the contract for Martinez. We are reading a variety of media

    My guess is that Arsenal have agreed an initial fee plus performance related add ons based on number of games played. I will be surprised if the potential fee is less than £20 million.

    History has taught me not to believe football pundits analysis until I read the actual figures
    published in the accounts.

  33. CG


    “””””CG What are you smoking? Your sweetheart Wenger missed out on Mbappe for a few mil and now he is way out of our price range.””””

    Just the usual, my Arsenal engraved bulldog pipe lightly tobaccoed.
    Well, let not make the same mistake second time around. He will be available soon enough.

    You say, we cant afford him.
    I would say , we can’t afford not to sign him.

    No matter what Mpbbae costs- he wins titles and ultimately makes the club money.
    PEA and Willian are ageing players and its more good money ultimately down the drain.

  34. Dream10

    Rumors of Liverpool selling Rhian Brewster to Sheffield Utd for 25m

    Bellerin linked with Barcelona as a replacement for Semedo.

  35. andy1886

    Stroller, that’s fair enough, however the BBC have stated it’s £17m and they do not usually quote a figure unless they are sure of it. I hope it is more than that though.

  36. Dissenter

    £15 million for the back-up goalie who was refusing to sign an extension would have been fantastic deal.
    £17 million for the back up goalie who was refusing to sign an extension is a excellent deal., The £2 million difference covers the cost of his replacement.

    Emi;’s transfer value should have been in the £5-8 million range. It increased in three months because he grabbed his opportunity when it came ….but three months is still three months.
    All the best to him at Villa.

  37. CG


    “”””””So Emi went for just £17m? We really are rubbish when it comes to player sales. See clubs “””””””

    Impossible to think, useless and relegated Bournemouth have received more funds for their joker in goal than our Argentinian man mountain,

    Impossible .
    But that whats happened.
    Outsmarting the market, again.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Mbappe is a wonderful player but frankly unaffordable and unlikely ever to come to Arsenal.
    We missed the boat when he was at Monaco. He is one of a long list of players that Wenger claimed that he was interested in buying!!

    If he leaves PSG I am pretty sure that he will land up with Real Madrid.

  39. Bjonan


    I agree with you on Sangaree the guy is a monster in midfield he plays like a modern day Patrick Viera….he has strength, stamina, wide range of passing, skill and explosive acceleration…
    He likes to hold on to the ball alot which could be dangerous in the EPL but am sure Arteta would iron that out of his game.

  40. Dissenter

    “ Not a fan of partey, rather get soumare (cheaper and can do everything partey can whilst being younger)Not a fan of aouar, all this talk and he had about 4 assists in all comp for an amaZing Lyon team last year.
    Rather get someone cheaper there too”

    Why do you like to go against the grain? Don’t you know you’re supposed to surrender your individual opinion here and just Partey? /s

  41. Captain Tierney


    Mbappe will go for 150m+ whenever he goes. We can not afford that. You’re deluded if you think we can. The best chance we had is long gone thanks to Wenger and Gazidis’s penny pinching.

  42. Marc


    The other problem the Spud’s have is Bales wages – he’s on £500k per week if they pay half of it they’d be contributing more to his salary than they pay Kane.

  43. HighburyLegend

    Martinez, about his departure :
    “I told my family and partners that now is the time to go. I have gained a lot of confidence. I’m proud that I got over all the frustrations and showed Arsenal fans what they missed ten years ago, because I know I could perform as well as I do today at the time. For me it was hard, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I said to my wife, “I don’t know how many games I played, but I was at Wembley.” I have been very honored to be part of the Arsenal family for eleven years. ”

    Respect and good luck to you Marti, and big thank you for the FA Cup and the Community Shield.
    (Still hard to believe that Pedro and so many others here believe that Leno is better than him…)

  44. Dissenter

    I agree. These wages are massive and I don’t he will get on well with Mourhino.
    There’s a reason Zidane didn’t fancy him…we’ll know soon enough. He should have just gone to China. I dint think he has that game in-game out fitness anymore. He’ll probably deliver one special moment once monthly.

  45. Leftfootcurler

    Partey is basically like Roy Keane. Both play style and performance level wise. Simeone doesn’t allow him to drive forward much though.
    Seeing as how Arteta is encouraging cutbacks to xhaka now,it would be reasonable to expect Partey to show more of his b2b characteristics.

  46. CG


    “””””CG Mbappe will go for 150m+ whenever he goes. We can not afford that. You’re deluded if you think we can.”””””””

    No but we can afford to spend over £100 million on PEA ( wages and transfer fees) and Willians £30 million package.And Cedrics 4 year contract. Money that will never be recouped.

    If Vinny had any idea or imagination.

    He should be advising KSE to buy Mpabbe and promise Arsenal to double their money in a few seasons time, when we flog him to Real Madrid and after he has won Arsenal the European Cup.

    Arsenal are owned by billionaires, off course they can afford him.
    Don’t be so naive and pessimistic.

  47. Marc


    The whole thing has all the ingredients for a Mourinho meltdown and the problems he leaves behind once he’s gone.

    Not sure the Spud’s can afford it though – he’s usually at moneybag clubs. Should provide plenty of entertainment for Gooner’s though.

  48. Dissenter

    You’re right that Partey does drive forward so the whole B2B prowess that’s been attributed to him is just legrove adulation.
    When the ball needs to be driven forward, Partey delivers it to Saul [who’s demanding for it all the time]. That’s how Atletico are set-up.

  49. Dissenter

    I too don’t think they can afford another player on £250k weekly, which is why the Bale experiment will be interesting.
    They are rolling a very expensive dice downhill. Maybe it’s to drive traffic to that amazon reality series. It’s a TV ratings ploy.

  50. Rich

    Aouar is 22, I don’t know if he’s any good?

    But at 22 coming from the French league you’re buying potential, not the finished article.

    Like the majority of players coming from abroad he’ll likely need 12 months to settle.

    we’d be buying him for at least 5 years, (hopefully 10-11 years) not specifically just for now.
    We’ve signed Willian and brought Ceballos back for this season, both players know what the league is all about, and will give us a lot this season, which won’t make us too reliant on Aouar and Saka this season.

    Also think Pepe, Tierney, Niles, Bellerin will be much better

    Then next season we’ll start seeing more of Gabriel, Saliba and Aouar if we sign him.

    The progression of a young and exciting team is quietly underway, and the media are yet to pick up on it.

  51. CG

    “””””””cg f you want to include the whole package then Mbappe will cost over 300 mil “”””””””

    Arsenal buy Mpbabe for £200 million.
    Arsenal become League Champions
    Arsenal become European Champions
    Arsenal increase revenues in all areas
    Arsenal sell to Real Madrid for £300 million

    Get those figures over to Stan and even the old crustie would get the cheque book out.

  52. Captain Tierney

    One player cannot win you titles.
    As is shown by the GOAT Leo Messi.
    If Messi cant do it, theres no way Mbappe can.

    Get sober mate.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    You are really becoming more childish and unrealistic.

    Mbappe is not coming to Arsenal. Get over it and if you want to replace Aubameyang or Lacazette find someone who is a match winner who is more affordable.

    Aubemayang is the best on offer at the moment and we have now got 3 years to find a replacement if he has not already arrived [eg Martinelli].

  54. Henry+Root

    CG/ Donald – King Troll
    ConclusionHe is the original flat track bully. The Graeme Hick of Arsenal.
    And congratulations to his entourage and him for his new deal.
    I am sure in time , Arsenal ( like the Ozil deal) will come to regret it, especially as he is 3

    Auba has just destroyed Citeh at Wembley , Chelsea at Wembley and Liverpool at Wembley .
    Not Flat Track Bully credentials. Physically he is maturing and his best years may be ahead of him.
    Your idol Wenger hobbled this club by offering Ozil a ridiculous contract and faffing around so we blew £70 m on Sanchez. Mbappe would cost us probably three times what Auba will cost us . Auba has also shown he is integrated into the club.
    Your previous alternative Danny Ings a player with a terrible injury history is younger than Auba and about half as good

  55. Marko

    : So maybe Arsenal can be hopeful [on Aouar]. We know about that admiration, for Partey as well but I think Arsenal are going to need to get some bodies out first and then we’ll see if either of them, both of them develop in the final weeks of the window.

    Fingers toes and penises crossed gentlemen

  56. andy1886

    Diss, yes he came in and increased his value in those three months but is that any different than a player that goes as a relative unknown into an international tournament and comes out a few weeks later worth tens of millions more? And most of the teams they play against are probably worse than the Liverpool, Chelsea and City teams that Emi proved himself against.

  57. Marc

    From relegation candidates to winning the league and CL and signing £200 million players in the blink of an eye.

    Last time I came across this kind of delusion I was talking to a Spud fan.

    Arsenal are moving in the right direction and 99% of fans can see it and are behind it.

  58. Ernest Reed

    “Arsenal are owned by billionaires, off course they can afford him.
    Don’t be so naive and pessimistic.”

    Reality is that the owner is more likely to pocket the Martinez sale money (as a fee) than he is to actually spend a nickel of his own money.

    I want to know the brand of that tobacco you’ve been smoking, CG?

  59. CG


    “””””Mbappe is not coming to Arsenal. Get over it”””””

    I thought that was the whole idea of moving stadium/expensive tickets was to compete for the best players.
    And Mpbabe is one of the best ever.If not the best.

    Might as well give up and roll over. I am sure Chelsea will have some players that they can flog to us next season to help them try and snare him instead.

    You can continue to pay a fortune to watch PEA (32) and Willian (33) next season.

    Good luck.

  60. Bojangles

    Atletico desperately want Lacazette, they are offering Vitoro and Thomas Lemar up for him. Just Partey will suit us though.

  61. TR7

    Martinez – 17M (Villa)
    Torrera – 24M (Torino)
    Kola – 8M ? (Leverkusen)

    We are slowly getting there. 50M should get us one good midfielder.

  62. Sid

    Aouar would be for the future he will not make an impact this season and ze mental strength is questionable.

    Partey driving forward leaving Xhakalson covering then the inevitable happens and Xhakalson is faced with a counter attack

    The better option is Edourd if he fails to score as much as Laca, he is a targetman that can bring the wing forwards (saka, willian, pepe) into play, these guys can easily cover for Laca’s goals.
    His price is right too.

  63. CaliGooner

    First how many of those away games were coached by arteta? I’m guessing very few considering after arteta got here we beat wolves, United, city, Liverpool twice, Chelsea. How many Goals did Auba have in those games.

    Games under emery are irrelevant now. Thank god.

    Mbappe single handedly won the World Cup? Had nothing to do with a roster full of world class players I’m sure. That’s an asinine statement even for you.

  64. Leftfootcurler


    Nope Simeone just restricts him for compactness reasons.

    If you. can drive forward with the ball against Liverpool,you can do it against anyone.
    But anyway, that’s not really important.

  65. Jamie

    Super podcast. Good feels all round.

    I especially liked the part where Pedro dismissed the Auba/Ozil contract comparison made by the resident 5x banned ‘new comer’.

  66. Uwot?

    From what I can see the diff between Partey & Sangare ( other than price) is that Partey is “ oven ready” while sangare is frozen but needs thawing.which as an alternative if AM keep f** ng about in negotiations.As for ooh aaagh not sure who would be ideal as a cheaper alternative this summer?

  67. Marko

    Given that Balogan had that same emoji as Auba recently and now he’s being linked with a loan to Sheffield United it’s likely he signs a new deal with us and then goes out on loan. Which is great news I think

  68. Mr Serge

    CG would moan if miss world was giving him a blow job chill out ffs what kind of fan are you that you can’t rejoice that we tied down our best player ???

  69. Uwot?

    TR7 – also loan money £5 million fo Holding,Possible £8/10 million for Balogun,BellEnd- £25 million ,Gwen Dozy – anyone’s guess.

  70. Pierre

    I like the look of Bissouma of Brighton as a cheap option for a holding/defensive centre mid.

    He is technically good , composed on the ball , reads the game well, rarely gives the ball away and he has an edge to his game which was obvious when Brighton beat Arsenal last season.

    If we can’t afford these 50 mil players then we have to buy smarter and Bissouma is more than capable of playing at a higher level in a team with better quality players..

    Le Grove appears to be stuck on Partey and Aouar who are bother quality players but expensive.

    Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and take a risk.

  71. Jamie

    Agree with Marko – extending and loaning out Balogun would be the smartest move for both Arsenal and the player. He keep him on the books, he gets the game time he wants on loan.

    He improves and comes back in a season or two, or we maintain his value and sell if he doesn’t pull up trees. It’s worked for Chelsea for years.

  72. Marko

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that if the club is looking at the likes of Partey and Aouar instead of cheaper options it’s for a reason. Difference between getting these two in and getting in lesser players could be champions league football.

  73. andy1886

    If Liverpool could sell Brewster, a player without a single first team appearance, for £25m – more than we are asking for Torreira – then we must be doing something wrong. I guess that ‘Pool don’t have to sell but everyone knows we’re desperate.

  74. Marko

    Jaime I imagine they would like to keep him on given his potential but I also imagine that they would absolutely hate to lose both him and Greenwood in the same summer.

  75. Marc


    I think the comments section is stuck on Partey and Aouar because the club seems to be focused on them. Either the club have something up their sleeve / a plan or are completely delusional.

    We’ll find out in the next couple of weeks.

  76. Karaul

    We really dont need both aourar and partey right now. Midfield of xhaka, partey and ceballos is not ideal but partey, aouorar, ceballos is not working at all, aourar is much more suited to left wing where we are doing well Lets wait till next season when we are back in Ucl and get propee Ozil replacement..For now –
    IN: Partey, Edouard, 2nd GK. OUT:Chambers, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Torrira, Ozil, Guendouzi

  77. Dissenter

    Do people realize that Balogun hasn’t trained with the senior squad in eons .
    Why on earth would he want to hang around a club that isn’t giving him opportunities to get ahead.
    Even when we took a bunch of academy players on pre-season tour to the US in 2019, Balogun wasn’t considered worthy.
    If we fancy him then we have a very strange way of showing it.. H should have gotten a few minutes here and there, some of what’s given to Nkettiah.

    Sell the lad and be done. One year and all we get is a lousy compensation.

  78. Jamie

    “Sell the lad and be done. One year and all we get is a lousy compensation.”

    Or extend and loan him out. Nketiah is 2 years older than Balogun. Was loaned out to Leeds last season..

    Just ignore the precedent I guess.

  79. Marko

    Do people realize that Balogun hasn’t trained with the senior squad in eons .

    Pretty sure there’s pictures of him training with the first team this past preseason but don’t let that get in the way of a “good” point from dissenter

  80. Marko

    I get Balogun though he’s 19 now and he sees other 18/19 year olds out there impressing and he wants to do the same. It’s just very unfortunate for him that he happens to be coming through Arsenal just as we are well stacked up at CF position. But I think a new contract and a loan is ideal after which he either gets us a decent fee or comes back to replace Nketiah.

  81. Marc

    I thought Balogun had made it clear he was leaving? Why accept a low fee when we’re guaranteed a low fee as an academy player – at least and get some money where we can.

  82. S Asoa

    Arsenal would have finished just two points off relegation zone in 16th without Aubameyang’s goals last season
    But hopefully we have others who can fit in some goals, so would not have been so dire.

  83. Jamie

    I guess it all hinges on the transfer fee.. Anything less than 10 mill, and I’d try hard to extend and send him out on loan.

    Can we send Wrighty to his dad’s gaff?

  84. curse

    left testicle

    regarding that article all I can say is, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    I’m a fan of the dark arts I must admit.

  85. Marko

    Marc aware of that I’m just saying that he had the same emoji as Auba and is being linked with a loan move to Sheffield United. That loan move seems like an indication of something to me. I mean otherwise united could get him for cheap since he’s got a year left and is refusing to sign a new deal.

  86. curse

    few sales pending should be enough to become amortization fc. 20-25 for an aouar partey should be sufficient.

    would love an odsonne eduoard, though can’t see where he would fit unless laca goes. something I’m not opposed to.

  87. Marko

    There’s a nice video doing the rounds from the Arsenal official account and it has all of Aubameyang’s 72 goals for Arsenal and it’s fascinating to see how few tap ins he does. I mean I was led to believe that he’s some sort of tap in merchant but no he’s not

  88. Marko

    Also spare a thought for Barcelona. You think we were fucked with having to sell to buy it’s worst at Barcelona given the aging squad they have. Can’t even afford Depay who’s going for a black friday like price.

  89. Tom

    “Arsenal buy Mpbabe for £200 million.
    Arsenal become League Champions
    Arsenal become European Champions
    Arsenal increase revenues in all areas
    Arsenal sell to Real Madrid for £300 million”

    CG ,
    You missed one item in your detailed pitch to Stan: Arsenal win the treble.
    That should get him on board for sure.

    Oh, just out of curiosity, would the open top bus parade be held on Mars or the Moon?

  90. Major_Jeneral

    Emi Martinez has left Arsenal after his £20 million ($25m) transfer to Aston Villa was confirmed on Wednesday.

  91. crimson

    Finally finished cumming in my pants over the Auba signing. Whatever the trolls think its great business for us. He has only missed a handful of games cause of injury since he joined, still has pace, power and agile as a 25 year old. Can see him still being an asset even after the 3 years cause of his natural fitness. Great in the dressing room and with that infectious smile can be a teacher to our relatively young squad. On the pitch his goals speak for themselves and could be nudging Henry’s record by the time he is finished. Off the pitch he is marketing departments dream, a African icon and a world renowned striker that has the power to influence players like Aouar to sign for us . Compared to other captains (cesc, RvP) that have left us he will become a legend and have the legacy that he craves. ❤️

    Rip- Macclesfield Town. The first club to go under partly due to Covid. The Premier league and other football bodies need to help grassroots more.

  92. Northbanker

    CG – yes i don’t know why i hadn’t looked at it like that before.

    Of course we will win the Champions league and Mbappe will do that for us almost single-handedly.

    Just like he has for PSG these last 3 years in that multi billionaire assembled team that also included Neymar as his co-striker.

  93. Marko

    During the 2019-20 league season, 348 players attempted 50+ take-ons in Europe’s top five divisions:

    ⬢ Thomas Partey
    ⬡ Mateo Kovačić
    ⬡ Thiago Alcântara

    These three players had the highest success rate.

    Good company. But I thought that Partey just gave the ball to Saul and he did all the work

  94. Chris

    I think due to all the rumours we knew Auba would sign on but it is such a relief to see it announced officially, and the video with Wrighty was great to watch. Ian should oughtt to have some kind of role within the club, for teaching and inspiring youngsters about the history and traditions of the Arsenal, and maybe even closing out deals with that special player who needs the last bit of convincing!

  95. China1

    I just sat through the auba goal compilation video

    10 mins. 55 goals. 6’1 CF with a decent frame. 0 headers 😂😂😂😂

    He really was cut from the same cloth as TH14 on that front!

  96. Gonsterous

    We have to be the worst club at selling players, lmao.
    But with emi we made the right decision.
    Chelsea can buy him for 50m if he does well this season.

    Any news on when ozil is leaving the building?

  97. Northbanker

    I think it was about this time last year that. I was feeling deeply depressed about Arsenal. A feeling that just got worse for a couple of months. I couldn’t even bear to read this site. The disastrous end of the previous season combined with that Europa Cup Final humiliation was now really sinking in, as the team looked completely dishevelled, and playing hapless football (how much slower and more ineffective could playing out from the back be??).

    Now a year on, whether we sign more midfielders or not (a triangle of Elneny, Ceballos and Saka or Willian could work very well) I cant believe how things have changed so dramatically. There is the same feeling as when George Graham and Arsene Wenger first arrived at the club, only this time it’s more marked than ever.

    Just reading Auba’s comments on Arteta, and the reason why he stayed and it just brings home to you how great this feeling is. This is the dawn of a new era for us.