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Finally, Auba signed da ting.

I do NOT want to see a ⌛ emoji EVER again. NEVER.

This moment is huge for the project. Auba is one of the best sharpshooters in the world. He’s  the de facto leader in the dressing room. Charismatic, swagger for days, the absolute embodiment of everything we love at Arsenal. An adopted North Londoner. We are VERY lucky he’s dedicated his prime to us.

It didn’t come cheap. £250k a week over 3 years plus all the trimmings. The total deal could be worth up to £55m. Wow, wow, wow.

Totally deserved though. There’s no debate over whether this deal is worth the money. He’s expanded his game, shown that he can push through the downtimes, and he’s proved that he is the BIG game player we’ve been desperately hunting for over the years.

There are many layers to why this signing is important, and look, I’ll be first to admit I wanted to cash in on him.

Firstly, the Arteta revolution would have taken a lot longer if we’d lost him this summer. Goalscorers are still the rarest of commodities in world football. More importantly, it’d be very hard to buy the sort of momentum his endorsement offers.

Secondly, we now become an even hotter project in the eyes of world football. Signing elite players just became a little easier. If you are Aouar (who took a red last night to speed his move to Arsenal), the thought of feeding balls to Auba must be exciting. If you’re a young player, imagine the prospect of sharing a dressing room with a global icon?

Thirdly, this has been a summer of carnage for football. We have no money, but our dear leaders have shuffled the pack to make this happen. That shows that we now have people in the backroom that can sell a big idea to the CEO. It also means – I hope – that we have a CEO that can sell to the KSE group in Delaware.

This is a good day to be an Arsenal fan. The dark clouds that have hung over the club for 10 years are starting to break. There’s light. The vision is clear. You can feel the energy behind the rocketship the club is trying to send into orbit.

There’s still a huge amount of work to do. Our squad is a long way from perfect. We need to shift on some of the problem players. We need to find consistency. The on-pitch execution needs to rapidly evolve into something that is pleasing.

That’ll come with time. Ups and downs will be part of that journey. Our faith will certainly be tested this season.

… but we’re on the right path.

The players, fans, and club believe we’re going places. When was the last time you felt this way about Arsenal?

Just a short one today. I have a fresh Auba podcast I recorded with Dom. Enjoy!

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are now at the point where they need to offload “unwanted” players in less than 3 weeks.

    My definition of “unwanted” are players who are unlikely to play in our team next season. So
    we are discussing:

    Apart from Ozil who is clearly not bothered whether he plays or not I do not forsee difficulty
    in offloading these players whether it is on sale, loan or release of contract.

    Mustafi and Sokratis are in final year of contract and have to leave. The priority in the case of these two is to save money on their wages.

    In the case of others they have a transfer value and we should hold out for “realistic transfer
    fee” even if it falls under loan with obligation to buy.

  2. Valentin


    I think that Mustafi will stay with us until at least January.
    If we continue to play with 3 at the back, having Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney as our starter line, we will then have Mustafi, Luiz, Holding as back up.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    You may be right, but I think that a club will come in before deadline with an offer to buy him and that will be accepted.

    The dynamics of transfer market have altered dramatically particularly in case of players in
    final year of contract.

    Arsenal have on their books too many Centre Backs and even with three at back at least 2 have to go in this window. I think that it will be Sokratis and Mustafi with Chambers or
    Holding leaving in January.

  4. Pierre

    The injury to Luiz just before the fulham game has been a blessing in disguise for Arteta.

    It meant he had no choice other than to start either Saliba or Gabriel, and it looks like he made the right choice..
    I doubt that Gabriel would have started in the league for the first few months if Luiz and Mustafi were fit so it is a bonus that he came on and looks the part.

    I would expect Saliba to get a start in the league cup away to Leicester but we have to be very careful in who we play in this game as our centre back options are limited and we can’t afford any more injuries at this present time .

    The league cup is not important so I would expect to see a few of the academy players getting a run out…

  5. andy1886

    I’m not convinced that we will sell Mustafi. Apart from the fact that he’s injured he’ll also be aware that it’s probably in his best interests to see out his contract (he’s not likely to be playing this side of Christmas anyway) and sign on a free elsewhere in the summer. No-one is going to pay him £100k a week in this market but next summer with an improved post-covid market and taking into account there will be no transfer fee, he’s much likely to get something closer to that wage. He’s 29 in April and could still expect a 3 or 4 year contract at that point.

  6. andy1886

    “I hope Bale doesn’t go Tottenham”

    Why? He could easily be another Ozil there on huge money and only moderately interested in playing football. This isn’t the Bale that they sold to Madrid in 2013, this is the guy who stated that golf was his first priority before playing football for his employers.

    Anything that drives another nail into Spurs’ financial coffin is a good thing for me.

  7. Henry+Root

    Gabriel was bought as an immediate starter. If you haven’t got a pot to piss in and you have a crap defence you don’t sigh someone for that price and not play him especially when Saliba isn’t ready

  8. Samesong


    That’s all media talk. So what if loves golf on his downtime.

    May not be the same player but the guy is still world class and will improve spurs nonetheless.

  9. Red Army

    Bale is a one man counter attacking wrecking ball. Ideal for a Mourinho team.

    Madrid froze him out, he wanted to play. People that think he isn’t still effective need their heads looking at.

    Perfectly suited for the PL and still very dangerous.

  10. Red Army

    His effort and commitment to a team where he’s valued and wanted has never been in question.

    Madrid started fucking him about so he didn’t play the game and just accept it. He burnt every bridge going lol

    Andy you’re clutching at straws if you think this wouldn’t be anything but a phenomenal signing for the cunts.

    I’m just happy he’s not going to Utd. That would be a frightening prospect.

  11. Valentin

    Bale will definitely improve Spurs. He may not be the Bale of a few years ago, but properly motivated there is still an excellent player in him.

    But I am not sure that Bale motivation will survive under Mourinho past-it method and ultra defensive style of play. I can see tension and a massive conflict between the team and Bale Vs Mourinho. In fact Bale may be the final nail on Mourinho’s top management career coffin.

  12. TR7

    Bale is a world class player. He was absolutely breath taking in his last two seasons at Spurs. It did not quite work out for him at Real but still a fit Bale will improve Spurs tremensously. Son, Kane and Bale is an amazing forward line on paper.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    Mustafi is expected to be available in October.

    Let’s get real we have Gabriel, Saliba, Luiz, Holding, Mari, Sokratis and Mustafi all available by end of October and that does not include Tierney who can also play in 3 CB backline. We don’t need more than 5 conventional CBs on books.

    I agree also that Arsenal will bring in some young players from U23s to play in Carabo Cup.
    There are apparently a couple of promising CBs in their squad including Ballard who has already played in Senior National Northern Ireland Team who can play at that level as was
    case last year with Medley.

  14. Valentin


    A lot of the U23 are joining lower league clubs on season loans and may not be available for minor domestic cup competitions.
    Zach Medley has joined Gillingham on loan.
    Ben Sheaf is joining Coventry City.
    Ballard is rumoured to go back on loan after his previous one was curtailed by injury.
    Jonathan Dinzeyi that was signed from Spurs is the most likely to stay and play for the U23.

    if we stay with a back 3, because of all the competition and the shortened season, Arteta would want to have 6 fit CBs.

    Sokratis and Kolasinac are already negotiating their departure. So that would leave Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney, Mustafi, Luiz, Holding and Mari from October.
    Holding may go on loan toward the end of the TW if we can’t sell Mustafi and Mari has recovered. However I still think that Mustafi will be short of fitness and will stay with us until at least January. Unless of course some clubs makes us an offer too good to refuse.
    I expect Chambers to be sold unless he can convince Arteta that he has a future as a DM understudy. He lacks the height to be CB and he lacks the pace to be a RB.

  15. Steveyg87

    Should we put a cheeky bid in for Fabhino?

    He was excellent for pool end of last season and his spot is in jeopardy with Thiago entering the fray. He’s better than Partey IMO and he’s Brazilian, need I say more

  16. Dream10


    Bissouma is a very good player. Does some of the things Pogba can do, obviously not the same class. I see him at Everton or Spurs next season.

    Arsenal don’t often sign within the PL.

  17. andy1886

    Stroller, my point really is that it’s in Mustafi’s best interests financially to sit out his contract and I think that’s what he will do. As we’ve already discovered you can’t move on a player if they don’t want to leave.

  18. andy1886

    Back to Bale, I guess we’ll see how well it goes. If he turns out to be anything like the old Bale then by all means remind me of this discussion but I honestly don’t believe he’ll be half as good as some of you seem to think he’ll be.

  19. Dream10

    This Icelandic fella we signed from Ligue 1 to be the backup. Apparently, the GK coach has worked with him before. According to Statsbomb data, he was the 19th best GK in Ligue 1 last season. Doesn’t fill me with confidence. If that is the case, Leno is the player we can least afford to lose

  20. Bamford10

    Interesting that Emirates has Mustafi in his list of players that need to be sold and Charlie had him in his prospective best starting XIs. In the end what matters, of course, is what Arteta thinks of Mustafi, and for that we might look to what Arteta was saying about Mustafi back in July. Apparently, he rates him. See below.

    “Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta hails ‘committed’ and ‘consistent’ Shkodran Mustafi”

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Surely you would be happy to see Mustafi match fit so that he can be sold in this window! He has one season left on his contract.

    Earlier in the window we were all discussing offloading at least 3 CBs. Now we are concerned if more than 1 leaves, because of injuries. The club has currently got 9 first team CBs on its books including Mavropanos who is out on loan.

    When you look at the wage bill we are spending on the CB position it is time to activate a
    serious cull so that we can invest elsewhere in team.

    The club needs to recoup some transfer fees, but my guess is that is less important than taking players off wage bill.

  22. Valentin


    19th best goalkeeper in a league with 20 teams!
    A polite way to say that there was only one goalkeeper worse than him. He does not seem to catch anything but punch a lot. At least he is good with his feet!

    I have seen play once and he was at fault for the goal his team conceded. The season before last, he was the official No1. Last season the coach rotated him and then demoted him to No2. So people who have worked with him for two years have deemed not good enough for Ligue 1. Does not fill you with confidence, does it!

  23. Bamford10


    If he plays like the Bale who left Spurs for Madrid, he’ll immediately make Spurs a very dangerous team. That Bale was a monster. I’m with you, though: at 31, he is not *that* Gareth Bale anymore. He’s still a very good player, though, and he, Son and Kane could make for a pretty formidable front three — at least on paper. Spurs’ back four does not look very good, though; they deployed Dier as a CB last weekend, for example. Unless they improve on that front in the next 18 days, I’m not all that impressed with them or worried about them.

  24. Bamford10

    Because he is pretty good with the ball at his feet and is/was a German national team player, I could see us getting £16m-£22m for a healthy Mustafi. We won’t be able to do that until January or next summer, though.

  25. Dream10


    Not at all. Seems that GK coach has a big say in this deal. Perhaps the lack of scouts is giving others more power.

  26. Guns of Brixton

    This season has got to be one of the most tantalizing.

    Top 6 all look stacked and juiced to the gills in terms of talent in their team. From Auba staying on, Chelseas sea of signings, Everton with Rodriguez etc and now spurs landing Bale, and not forgetting both Mancs and Liverpool etc etc.

    Premier league is surely where its all gonna go down this season

  27. China1

    What are the stats which say he’s the 19th best keeper? Is that based on a lot of different stats or just highlighting one or two key ones like goals conceded?

    What’s the context involved?

  28. Marko

    I feel like people are forgetting that Gareth Bale is broken these last couple years. I’m not too worried about Spurs getting him. Great bit of business by Liverpool and Leicester today though. Can Arsenal follow it up with Aouar?

  29. Champagne charlie


    I think Mustafi gets a lot of undeserved flak from Arsenal fans, but in a back four in our current options idk how viable anyone else is over him at RCB.

    Luiz doesn’t love a back 4, Saliba is raw, and Mustafi is better than Holding. Maybe Mari can do it there, I left him out of everything when making XI’s because he’s such an unknown quantity to me. Can him and Gabriel find a partnership?

  30. Champagne charlie

    Oh and I think we can shelf the ‘Liverpool won’t be as good’ talk btw, their midfield just went up two levels with one addition.

    Thiago will be a massive difference maker in stagnant games they often struggle with.

  31. Bamford10

    While I reserve all final judgment until October 5th, my current opinion is that Arsenal are the 7th best team (all factors included) in the PL and that Arsenal fans should expect to finish 6th or 7th and hope for a 5th place finish. Unless one of the top four really, really struggles for some reason, I personally do not see top four as a possibility. My current “power rankings” are below. Feel free to disagree with me. The number to the right of the team name, btw, is my assessment of that team’s overall quality (out of 100, obviously). Enjoy!

    1. Liverpool (97)
    2. City (96)
    3. United (95)
    4. Chelsea (93)
    5. Leicester (92)
    6. Wolves (91)
    7. Arsenal (90)
    8. Everton (87)
    9. Spurs (87)

    By “all factors,” btw, I mean every factor that can impact how well a team does over the course of a season. The above represents a “holistic” assessment, not just an assessment of the squad or starting XI. And it goes without saying that the above is just my opinion. Please do not get angry with me if my opinion departs from yours. Differences of opinion are what make this place interesting. IMO, at least.

  32. Red Army

    Why isn’t there a massive uproar that Liverpool are paying £20m spread over four years?

    It’s Only the arsenal that buy players using installments isn’t it? The double standards used in the media are a joke.

    Probably cos they know some arsenal fans will flap their fannies about anything…good or bad.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Bellerin is wanted by Barcelona says Fab Rom

    Club will sell him now or next summer, inclined to think it’ll be next after he has a good season under Arteta (theory). Seems a player that wants/needs a new challenge, been at Arsenal since 16 and he’s plateaued for me.

  34. Red Army


    Wolves and Leicester above the arsenal in your made up imaginary scale?

    Come on. I know you’re a pessimist but that’s delusion. We had our worst start in 38 years and those teams just pipped us.

  35. Emiratesstroller

    I would remind posters that we have 3 Centre Backs on the books whose contracts end next summer ie Luiz, Sokratis and Mustafi.

    Since Luiz is being retained this season it makes sense offloading the other two in this window and hopefully recouping a small transfer fee on both.

  36. Champagne charlie


    Curious of two things with that list, 3 technically but I won’t go near one of them, so here goes:

    How do you land at us being worse than Leicester and Wolves?
    How do you land at Spurs being so low and Everton so high?

  37. Valentin


    You don’t need to be a chef, to realise that McDonald is not elite cuisine.
    I forgot you still think that Leno is a world class goalkeeper and that all his mistakes that directly lead to a goal were Emery’s fault. Including the ones he made against Chelsea, Southampton, Olympiakos when playing for Arteta.
    The ghost of Emery is strong in that one.
    Anything else more illuminating to tell us.

  38. Marko

    I think Mustafi gets a lot of undeserved flak from Arsenal fans

    He gets a fuck tonne of deserved flak as well. Unless you’ve been watching a different player in a different team these last 3/4 years. He shouldn’t be here.

  39. Marko

    My current “power rankings” are below.

    We remember your power rankings and the science behind it from before and it makes as much sense now as it did then. Thank you. Still holding United so highly I see despite just the one signing. Makes sense can’t wait to see a title tilt from them

  40. Ben+D


    Even if we accept your assessment, your conclusion of that ‘unless one of the top 4 really, really struggle’ is laughable as it assumes your scores are statistically precise. Allowing for a reasonable degree of error, it’s as likely for Arsenal to finish 10th as we are to finish in the top 4, even top 3!

    It’s arrogance to assign such a high degree of precision to your ratings.

  41. China1


    I had a serious bout of dejavu When I read this from you ‘ I think Mustafi gets a lot of undeserved flak from Arsenal fans, ’

    So let’s cut straight to the chase. Is it the hair?

  42. Champagne charlie

    “I forgot you still think that Leno is a world class goalkeeper and that all his mistakes that directly lead to a goal were Emery’s fault“

    Not sure how you forgot that given I’ve never stated it. Sounds a lot like you’re projecting another bullshit view that you routinely accuse others of doing.

    Remind us all how Martinez asking to leave is a warning to the academy players that ‘even if you play well in the opportunities given the club will bench and sell you’. I enjoyed that rendition alongside the player himself outwardly praising the club for being loyal and respectful to him in granting HIS wishes despite them being keen to retain him.

    It’s that level of insight where you shine. Meanwhile I’m to be mocked for stating Leno a more accomplished goalkeeper with vastly more experience at the top flight than Martinez. Is it facts you’re not a fan of?

  43. Valentin


    I would say that you scale is really skewed.
    In my view ManCity has a much better squad than anybody else. Followed closely by Liverpool. Liverpool last season were lucky with injury, but if one of their players suffers a long term injury and they have to rely on somebody below their first 15 first team players they could in trouble. VVD out for the season and their defense crumble.

    ManUtd, Chelsea and Arsenal have a comparable squad in term of quality and depth. The main advantage of ManUtd is that they have the same coach and know what he wants. Chelsea have made some good acquisition, but may need some to fully integrate their new players who also need time to adjust to the league.

    In my view Spurs and Everton are now competing for the 6th best squad.
    Leicester, Wolves are in the next bracket.
    Leicester have the advantage of a settled squad, but Europe may take a heavy toll on this squad.
    Wolves has the advantage of no Europe and a stable small core of players, however I think that the shortening of the season may be their undoing.

  44. Ben+D

    And if after seeing where we finished last season and what’s going on with the team relative to other teams you still think we could finish 10th, you are not paying attention. Or you just have an agenda. Either way, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously

  45. Marko

    ManUtd, Chelsea and Arsenal have a comparable squad in term of quality and depth. The main advantage of ManUtd is that they have the same coach and know what he wants.


  46. Champagne charlie


    Not the hair, it’s the objectivity. When you consider current options for a right sided centre back in a 4 who do you land on?

    For me it’s Mustafi for the reasons I’ve outlined. Doesn’t mean I rate him, just rate him higher than a lot of the crap written about him.

  47. China1

    Lest we forget arsenal were an absolute car crash last season and wolves were only barely better than us

    People were getting mad excited about how good they were but they were only where they were because arsenal spurs utd and Chelsea were all below par and left the door open for them to look competitive

    I’m not saying they’re not a good team, but they are a complete irrelevance to the top end of the table if the big clubs show up

  48. China1

    Charlie id go with Gabriel and holding in 2 man Cb pairing without a second thought

    Holding is a very reliable player with a run of games under his belt and is far less likely to have a brain shart imo. He’s technically a little worse but I’d rather have holding be a 7.5 in every game than mustafi be a 9/10 for 80 minutes and a 3/10 for the other 10. I just don’t trust him

  49. Marko

    just rate him higher than a lot of the crap written about him.

    Charles I have to say you’re talking out of your hoop on this one. This is no knee jerk reaction to the player it’s a consistent showing of errors and poor decision making and average performances over a 3/4 year period. We had this last season from you when we were doing poorly and you talked about bringing Mustafi back into the team things couldn’t get any worse and he was still poor still the same. He has a year left on his deal so they’ll likely try to sell him given Luiz, Holding and Saliba are RCB options this summer but irrespective of any of that he should have been sold any of the previous windows the last few years he’s been that poor for us.

  50. Valentin


    You explicitly argued that Leno mistake were influenced because he was playing being an unsettled chaotic defense disorganised by Emery. Which I responded that he made the same mistakes under Arteta and before Arsenal when playing in Germany.

    You keep using experience like it is a factor in that case. Experience is irrelevant if it is trumped by quality. Experience become just an extra decision criteria once the first criteria of quality, number of unforced errors, ability to distribute, ability to catch rather than punch are similar which they are not in this case.

    Again you are the one projecting. Deliberatedly misquoting me and missing the point made. I said that there was no guarantee that even if a player seize the opportunity given to him and play well that he will keep his place in the starting XI. Which is exactly what happen to Martinez. So a youth team player may decide that the best thing for his career would be to move to a place where he has a guaranteed path to the first team.

  51. Bamford10


    You’ve misinterpreted me: while I do think I have a good eye for things, I don’t think of my rankings or numbers above as anything more than one guy’s take on the situation at present. Of course there is a good deal of subjectivity and imprecision going on there.

    Do I put some stock in my assessment of things? Sure. But I fully accept the fallibility of all of that above — except for my opinion that we (without first-XI additions) are not in position to compete for top four. I have very little doubt about that.

    If you think I’m wildly off base on this point, let’s come up with a wager on this. It could be fun. Note, though, that I continue to reserve all judgment until October 5.


  52. Champagne charlie


    I’ll happily disagree on current best option for right centre back. Mustafi is better than Luiz in a 4, Saliba is too green, and Holding simply isn’t as good and I don’t buy the run of games line that he’s now being afforded.

    I was excited by Holding and his mentality is absolutely elite, unfortunately his ability as a defender isn’t what I thought and he’s a player that flounders when not heavily protected by those around him. In a 4 he’d be chaotic.

    Best case scenario for Arsenal is Saliba having a supreme adaptation plus showing a maturity far, far beyond his years (which has been touted btw so fingers crossed). That and the unknown quantity in Mari, maybe Gabriel can play on the right comfortably and let Mari slot in at left side.

  53. Bamford10


    I’ll try to explain some of that later — after the work day — but it ultimately comes down to quality of first XI, quality of squad, stage in the team development process, manager philosophy, player chemistry / player profile / player fit. Many factors. And some intuitive stuff.

    As I say, I’ll try to say more later.

    Also, I’ve said the above in part because it’s my take at the moment and in part for discussion purposes. Le Grove should always be the most interesting and stimulating discussion about Arsenal going. Each does his part. 😉

  54. China1

    Personally I think too much is made of whether you’re left or right footed at CB. In central positions it’s a luxury rather than a major deal whether or not you use the ‘correct’ foot for yo ur side.

    As a case in point, it would be interesting to see how many of elite PL CB partnerships involved a left footer and a right footer. I’d hazard a guess not more than 50%

  55. Valentin


    I don’t rate OGS as a manager, but OGS is not the complete idiot some make him to be. He always play counter-attacking football. For the player it is easier to understand so in term of repeat performance there should less drop in performance.
    Once they have all their players back, I do expect a consistent 5~7 performance of them.
    With us, under Arteta we can turn a 8~9 against big teams and then drop a 3~4 against lowly teams.

  56. Bamford10


    Also, I didn’t say anything about us finishing 10th, nor does anything about my table suggest that. I said Arsenal fans should expect to finish 6th or 7th and should hope for 5th. You can argue that my assessment allows for a 9th place finish for Arsenal, but that will require Everton and Spurs to come together better than we do. I do not expect that. But sure, I guess that’s *possible*.

  57. Valentin


    I thought you were just told to stop being so snarky.
    Obviously like the Scorpion on the famous fable, you can’t help yourself. It’s your nature.

  58. Valentin


    I thought you were just told to stop being so snarky.
    Obviously like the Scorpion on the famous fable, you can’t help yourself. It’s your nature.

  59. China1

    But Charlie holding was in a 4 man defense for months last season when we were unbeaten and was roundly applauded as being one of our better players over a good period of time

    Then the injury happened. Came into the fold again this season and struggled initially but he’s putting games together now and I’m not surprised he’s doing well.

  60. Jamie

    Val –

    Under OGS, Utd are just as likely to drop 3-4. Lost to Chelsea and Sevilla in the FA Cup and Europa semis, respectively.

    The only thing he has going for him is the amount of money he can throw at his team.

    Do you think OGS would have made similar immediate improvements to our tactical play as Arteta last season? I don’t.

  61. Marko

    I can’t tell if Val is trolling at this point. Because a 28 year old after 10 years wasn’t trusted (over a better more established keeper) to keep his place in the starting 11 that youngsters coming through will be having second thoughts about staying on at Arsenal. Is that it? We’ll just forget about the players previously and currently who have come through the academy and done well by Arsenal but no it’s our treatment of Martinez which will lead to the flood gates opening a mass exodus if you will.

  62. Bamford10

    Final point: this should be obvious if you read my post, but the points to the right of the team name do *not* represent how many points I think that team will earn in the league. That number represents my subjective assessment of the quality of that team out of 100. Just like a teacher would grade an essay, that is something like my grade for that team as a whole (all factors included).

  63. Karsa

    Hi Bamford.

    Do you think Man U are a single’ power point’ behind City?

    If I were giving City 95/100 I would be giving United maybe 88/100 at best. City have way more quality in my book.

    Of course that may not be how your ratings work…

  64. China1

    I’m fairly sure kids will understand that sometimes players get sold not because they’re unwanted but because football is a business and things sometimes go that way

  65. Champagne charlie


    The organisation and structure of the defensive setup ahead of a goalkeeper is quite obviously an influence in error-making and general performance of a GK. It’s no surprise to anyone that the goalkeeper with the highest clean sheet ratio in Europe is……..drumroll……..Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid, the most compact and defensive elite side in Europe.

    Meanwhile Leno performed under Emery here in a defensive structure that saw us challenge the top of the leaderboard for shots faced in the whole of Europe. Never mind actually breaking down further about what exactly constitutes an error and the responsibility associated with those apparent instances.

    Instead YOU dislike Leno and have spent numerous posts offering typically superficial analysis against him with absolutely no contextual explanation given because who cares when slandering? Errors in Germany, Martinez being superior after 12 games, Arteta being wrong to sell Martinez over Leno, Academy players seeing Martinez as a negative example, the threads you weave have been plentiful.

    I’m not talking sides with respect to the dominant foot of the defender, some players can’t play on certain sides because it’s how the game unfolds in front of you that numerous can’t adapt to.

    Also, you’re treating Holding in the same manner you treated Torreira referencing player of the month awards and such. The last couple of seasons we’ve been dogshit defensively, we only turned a corner when Arteta arrived and that was with 3 at the back, so the idea Holding was prime-Maldini in a 4 before his injury is a big no from me.

  66. Words on a Blog


    An elderly Le Grove follower takes a break from posting inane comments on the site and goes to the village pub with his wife.

    As he quaffs his pint of bitter and she sips her dry white wine he leans over and says to her: “do you remember the first time we had sex over 50 years ago? We went to the back of the beer garden and you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you.”

    “Yes,” she says. “I remember it well.”
    “Ok,” he says. “How about taking a wander back there and we can do it again for old times’ sake?”
    “Oh ____ you old devil, that sound like a crazy but great idea!”

    A police officer sitting at the next table overhears the conversation and Having a chuckle to himself decides: “I’ve got to see these two old timers having sex against a fence. I’ll just keep an eye on them so there’s no trouble” so he follows them to the back of the beer garden.

    The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning against each other for support, aided by walking sticks. Finally they get to the fence at the back of the beer garden. The policeman follows them, taking care to remain out of sight.

    The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the fence, the old man moves in…..then suddenly they erupt into the most furious sex that the policeman has ever seen. This goes on for about fifteen minutes, while both are making loud noises and moaning and screaming. Finally they both collapse, panting on the grass.

    The policeman is amazed. He thinks he has learned something about life and old age that he hadn’t appreciated before. He waits for the old couple to recover and put their clothes back on, which takes quite a while. The policeman, still watching, thinks this is truly amazing, I’ve got to ask them what their secret is.

    So as the couple pass by him he says: “Excuse me, but that was something else. I couldn’t help but notice you. You two just have had a fantastic sex life. Is there some sort of secret to this?”

    Shaking, the old Le Grove poster is barely able to reply:

    “Fifty years ago, that wasn’t an electric fence.”

  67. Marko

    Mustafi is better than Luiz in a 4, Saliba is too green, and Holding simply isn’t as good and I don’t buy the run of games line that he’s now being afforded

    You know you’d be making a decent case if you weren’t talking about Mustafi and if we hadn’t seen him play exactly the same in a 4 or a back 3/5. Look I know the whole opinion thing and everyone’s entitled to one and all that but honestly after all this time if any Arsenal fan is suggesting Mustafi as a starter they are simply wrong they’re just wrong. Back 4 or 5 or 3 whatever stick all 11 back there and he still shouldn’t be here and he’ll still fuck up. But you are right though I don’t necessarily trust the other options mentioned a great deal (Saliba aside) which is why I’ve always maintained that we still need another CB. I firmly believe that if we get champions league football or look like a good bet for champions league football that we’ll be targeting the fuck out of Upamecano next summer.

  68. Marko

    I know I should not, but I am always surprised how basic comprehension escape you.

    I know. I’m not surprised how honesty and truth escapes you though.

  69. Valentin


    I would not necessarily blame the players for those defeats. I don’t think those performances were 3~4, they were just tactically beaten.

    I don’t rate OGS as a manager. I think that when confronted to a tactically astute manager he struggles. He also does not seem to be able to think on his feet and be able to adapt to unanticipated formation. So no I don’t think he would have been able to mould Arsenal the way Arteta has done.

    However against most team in the premiership, the quality of his players compensate for his lack of tactical diversity. He’ll get enough good enough performance to challenge for top 4.
    For Arsenal, even with Willian we may still struggle to open low block team. Bring Aouar and then we have another discussion.

  70. Valentin


    Slandering because I don’t rate Leno as much as you do!
    You still have not explained how Leno’s mistakes under Arteta are the results of Emery’s chaotic organisation. Was he still traumatised by the previous coach?

    My opinion on Leno is that he a great shot stopper, but not a great goalkeeper. That Martinez without being a world class goalkeeper was a better goalkeeper. He also had a calmer influence on the rest of the defense.
    Leno’s luck is that both new CBs are dominant in the air and will hide his deficiencies in that domain. Set pieces, high ball will be handled by them rather than him.

  71. Jamie

    “Let’s agree though that OGS is a damn sight better option than Mourinho.”

    There was one donkey here last season who wanted Mourinho to replace Emery. Imagine.

  72. Marko

    Bayern Munich buying Dest will be great news for us because it’ll likely mean Barcelona move for Bellerin and Dest would have been cheaper. They can’t do anything until they sell players first though which kinda makes them fucked

  73. Graham62

    Based on the modern game, where does José stand in the pecking order?

    On top of this, how many players genuinely want to play for him?

    This includes Spuds players.

  74. Useroz

    Holding is a very reliable player with a run of games under his belt and is far less likely to have a brain shart imo. “

    …only until he faces a tricky and /or fast forward. That would be embarrassing.

    Holding simply isn’t v good and lacks pace in recovery.

    Less brain fart cf Mustafi. but…

  75. Marko

    Oh yeah Thiago is going to be a great signing for Liverpool for sure. Worry a bit about them defensively and still think Werner would have been an excellent fit for them but Thiago alone is a great window for them

  76. Ben+D


    My point was based on statistical levels of confidence and errors. If you understand that, Yiu would understand why based on your ratings 10th and 4th are equally likely. If you don’t, I’m afraid I can’t explain. It seems a percentage point in your ratings is an insurmountable difference between teams, which suggests a very very high level of confidence. That is the sense in which you are deluded

  77. andy1886

    Marko, it was reported recently that Barca wanted Bellerin on loan. As far as I have heard they are not planning to make a big offer.

  78. Jay

    Since over hype Ramsay left arsenal, hes been a bench warmer and a bit part player for Juventus, basically he got found out playing with better players around him.

  79. Tom

    “If you think I’m wildly off base on this point, let’s come up with a wager on this. It could be fun”

    Not another Legrove wager ,surely.
    Although the conclusion of the last one was fun. Any chance we might here from the Dariano dude again?

  80. Jay

    Arsenal wasted years with players like, jenkinson,gibbs,wilshere, Walcott, lets hope they Don’t make the Same mistake with the likes of, willock,Nelson,Eddie nikita,mitland niles.

  81. Dissenter

    ‘Since over hype Ramsay left arsenal, hes been a bench warmer and a bit part player for Juventus, basically he got found out playing with better players around him.”

    That’s a Paulinho dog whistle right there 🙂

  82. Champagne charlie

    I didn’t read everything there I’m waking between places (dedication to LG Pete, peep that). But we probably agree in large, I’d rather we replace Mustafi but in the context of a fight centre back I think he’s currently best for a couple of reasons. Despite two “better” players in the squad per se.

    No, not because I rate Leno, but because you don’t and you want to downplay his ability and talk up his shortcomings above and beyond the norm. Even moreso after backing Martinez and seeing Arteta let him walk out the door.

  83. Jay


  84. Jay

    the first 11 is sick tho? just Aouar short from having the strongest starting line up in years.
    plus ozil is not going so might aswel use for this season.

  85. salparadisenyc

    Loving this Allas tweet regarding Memphis to Barca, sums up where that Catalans are.

    Memphis to Barcelona for 30 millionn
    ⁩ The president of Barça told me on Sunday that Barça was suffering a lot from the Covid crisis and had no possibility of making an offer. #memphis

  86. Dissenter

    It’s not just Barcelona that’s facing a crises. A lot of the big continental clubs don’t have money to spend. Premier league clubs are still better off. Clubs didn’t even get the opportunity to make money from pre-season tours this year.
    That’s probably why Aouar is within reach for Arsenal.