‘I want to $tay and fight for my place’

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A slow news day yesterday, so we’ll get through the blog nice and quick so you can go for that morning jog.

Chelsea looked fairly pony against a well-coached Brighton side. They came out 3-1 victors, but I don’t think they were worthy of the win. Frank’s side looked fairly lethargic, the football was slow, and his mega signing Kai Havertz looked, well, not £80m worth of talent. They’ll get better… but I’m happy to be a knee-jerk reactor right now. RUBBISH. Liverpool will make mincemeat of them if they play like that on Sunday.

Wolves dealt with Sheffield United inside two minutes. They’ve spent some money this window, so expect them to be a menace this season. It’ll be interesting to see if Chris Wilder can keep the magic going in season two. It’ll be even more interesting to see if Nuno can move Wolves closer to the top 4 he’s striving for.

On the transfer front, things seemed to nudge along a smidge.

The hottest rumour is that we’ll be signing the Icelandic keeper who played for Dijon last season and dropped the second-worst save record in the league. Inaki likes him and apparently coached him back in the day. Hopefully, there’s some data that backs the decision to go here, but look, I’ll take it over spending half the Martinez fee on Brentford’s keeper.

There’s been a lot of Torreira smoke. The fee ranges from about £21m to £24m. Some are calling it a 2 season loan. Others are saying cash upfront. Hopefully, if the deal is sealed, it’s enough for the financial powers that be to release the funds for Houssem Aouar. The Morrocan magician is in the squad for Lyon’s game against Montpellier, so at least he’s getting fit.

Matteo G has rejected a move to Villareal. I cannot understand why?

According to Nick Ames, Kolasinac has decided to stay and fight for his place. We’ve been here before. That means no one has been able to match his massive salary demands, so he’s going to see out the final year of his deal. A bit of a blow. He’s not up to it at Arsenal and it would have been nice to send him packing to Germany, but here we are. Don’t give average players massive deals is the learning.

West Ham, in a total mess, is offering Arsenal £5m for a year of Rob Holding. That does not seem like it’s about the happen if Arteta’s noises about the centre back are to be believed… but, we do have about 10 centre backs we could offer instead? Karen, let’s talk!

There really isn’t much else to talk about, so I’ll leave it there. See you tomorrow.

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  1. GunnerDNA

    It’s good that PEA has signed a new contract but without further midfield additions it’s pointless. Since he joined the club Arsenal is a EL team. Giving him and William 3 yrs deal without strengthening the midfield doesn’t make any sense. Without additions it’s 2 more contracts that are similar to the mistake the club makes with Ozil. PEA and his dad got what they wanted so let’s see how it goes from here on.

  2. Marko

    I happen to have my own thoughts

    I mean you just piggy backed what Pierre said but sure. His point is really fucking dumb though. Pierre is worried that Auba will go back to tap ins instead of screamers? Fucking stupid

  3. MidwestGun

    Pedro is right it’s a great day for Arsenal.. means our best player and Captain has bought into the program under Arteta. Pretty excited about the possibilities. The opposite of how I felt when Cesc, RVP and Henry left.

  4. Danny+S

    I don’t give a fuck if Auba scores 25 accidental rebounds a season, goals are goals, you can’t make up an ‘almost goal’
    Stat to try and pad them out or justify someone’s contribution to the team.

  5. Marc

    Breaking news…

    Liverpool have just been stripped of last season’s title because they scored too many tap ins and not enough long range goals. A Premier League spokesman announced:

    “It’s typical of those thieving Scouse cunts to try and steal a Title that didn’t belong to them”

    I’m sure Pierre is relived that decency has been restored to the world.

  6. Receding Hairline

    Luteo certain people go bald with age due to genetics, you aren’t one of them and congrats to your mom on that. Now grow up, enough with the lame hair jokes.

    Pierre had a perfectly valid point whatever his views on Ozil, I happen to see that point. Now quit crying over it.

  7. Habesha Gooner

    Pierre just raised the money thing to defend Ozil. Fans will br okay with someone getting paid big money while scoring 25+ goals. Ozil had like 2 assists and a goal for 18 mil. Fans want someone who actually cares. Anyway it’s irrelevant now. If Aouar comes in and the number of foreign players is filled, I bet Arteta leaves out Ozil. Pierre just keeps on baiting a useless debate.

  8. CG


    “”””””Because he would’ve been free to sign a pre-contract with clubs in January. Unless you think we’ would’ve had the league sewn up by then.Keep up.”””””””

    but most on here- keep telling me how much PEA loves The Arsenal and wants to stay

    PEA was never leaving. No European club was giving him £39 million for the next 3 seasons.
    They aint that daft.

    When PEA finally drives out of the Arsenal training ground in one his many fabulous cars in 3 years time- he would have cost over £100 million in fees and salaries.

    I personally think that money should have been spent better.

  9. Leftside

    Pierre that was a pitiful and petty point. Can you not have a conversation without the need to berate posters and include Ozil in it?

  10. Jamie

    “When PEA finally drives out of the Arsenal training ground in one his many fabulous cars in 3 years time- he would have cost over £100 million in fees and salaries.”

    Significantly less than your hero wasted on Ozil while Auba leads from the front.

    He’s worth every penny. Unless you think 25+ goals a season strikers (for half a decade and counting) are a dime a dozen.

    Hint: they aren’t.

  11. Marc

    “When PEA finally drives out of the Arsenal training ground in one his many fabulous cars in 3 years time- he would have cost over £100 million in fees and salaries.”

    Er as he was signed for £60 odd million and has been on £10 odd million a year hasn’t he technically almost cost us most of that already?

  12. Vickingz

    Well, arsenal is not being thrifty with money and this has been going on for some years now. Dunno what the terms of Auba’s contract extension are but it makes no business
    making him the highest paid player in Arsenal right now. For the life of me, I honestly don’t think he has more than a year left in him to perform at top level but it is what it is, we move.

  13. Danny+S


    If Auba scores 25+ goals for 13m a season then he’s way worth it!
    Not many strikers around for that kind of value.

    and you confused me with the 39m because according to most papers atm he’s on way more.

  14. Marc

    “and you confused me with the 39m because according to most papers atm he’s on way more.”

    Massive history rewrite coming up by CG on that one – if only he’d realised he could’ve slagged the club off even more.

  15. Marc


    I know that but clearly you weren’t on here a while ago – VAT was being added into every deal we went near all based on an agenda.

  16. Luteo Guenreira


    You’re so quick to accuse people of tears. I think you’re crying about the hairline quips far more than I’ve been crying about anything Auba related though. I always thought you were proud of your hairline, advanced for its age and all, like a precocious child. I mean, you chose it as your handle. But if not and the banter hurts you then that will be the last of it, all you had to do was say so.

  17. redbro14

    Just wanted to come on here because I just saw a video of Auba at the Emirates declaring he is our Captain for another three years. Wow, we kind of knew it was done, but man, seeing him beaming and looking happy to stay with us and fight was just fucking AMAZING! Now get us two more players we all want and let’s go!

  18. andy1886

    Good news all round today. While in the red half of North London we extend the contract of the best striker in the PL over in the white elephant stadium it’s rumoured that they want to emulate Arsenal and re-sign their own semi-retired footballer to be their version of Mesut Ozil.

  19. Graham62

    Aubameyang makes football fun.

    He is a massive asset to the club, the EPL and world football in general. His smile and personality are infectious and, on top of this, he is an exceptional footballer and athlete.

    The thing is, I remember watching him play for Dortmund and always thought (wished) that one day he’d play for Arsenal. We should treasure him like we treasured TH14/ DB10/PV4/Cesc.

    He may be costing us a fortune but he is worth every penny.

    He is a special player and he is also, most definitely, a true Gooner.

  20. Champagne charlie

    Weird notion that Auba has hit some purple patch of late never before seen. He absolutely hasn’t, he’s still an elite predator as he’s been his entire tenure at Arsenal, and he’s still not a wonderfully rounded CF.

    Nobody is going to get on his back for anything because his skill set is his finishing and he’s been top tier with that for what? A decade? He also happens to be a diligent professional which will always endear a much liked player to fans even when it’s not going his way.

    One could say he’s the total opposite to Mesut Ozil, and aren’t we glad.

  21. redbro14

    Charlie and Graham…..agree with every word you both said, well written. Is this a turning point or just another carrot we have seen so many times? I really hope not. This just feels different, with Edu, Arteta and now this lovely guy who is so genuine and positive, it has to be what we have all been waiting for so long. I do think the club needs to seal this with a midfielder ( or two 🙏🏻) of a genuine top quality for me to finally think we have turned a corner.

  22. Leedsgunner

    I wonder if Cesc and Robin had a lump in their throats when they heard that Auba signed his contract.

    He will finish his contract as an Arsenal legend.

    They could have too but they left when we needed them most…

  23. Bojangles

    I admit that maths is not my strong suit so can someone explain to me how £250,000 + bonuses make Auba our highest paid player? Or is “player” being used literally?

  24. Pierre

    I love Aubameyang but it’s a little silly to talk about him as ” genuine” ” diligent and professional ” ” a true gooner”etc

    The fact is , he has done exactly what Ozil did 2 and half years ago, and that is held the club to ransom and used the situation to the max….and who can blame him.

    I have always been a massive admirer of Aubameyang and I just hope that he is allowed to play his football and that his extortionate contract is not continually held against him..

    It is naive to think the fans will not turn on Aubameyang if his performances and goalscoring exploits dip…very naive .

    This is Le Grove after all and it has a poor history of supporting it’s own players and manager.

  25. Pierre

    Let’s not forget, Aubameyang had a number of doubters on Le Le Grove ( not me) until recently

    His exceptional goals in the Fa cup semi and cup final and charity shield have changed many peoples perception of him as a player and a person it seems.

    Some have short memories but I could go back through the last year of Le Grove and find many detrimental quotes about Aubameyang’s game and attitude and I can guarantee you that I will find it very difficult to find quotes like ” genuine” ” diligent and professional ” ” a true gooner”..

  26. Champagne charlie

    Absolute comedy. What an obsession, look forward to Receding coming in with more of his “own thoughts” again.

  27. Bojangles

    Pedro seeing as I have only been here a year I can only comment on that period of time. I have seen less of underperformers being held to account than agendas holding players to account.

  28. GunnerDNA

    It’s a fact that PEA stayed at Arsenal because of money. I’m happy he stayed but all the other bs about he’s a true Gonner bla bla is just cap. Him and his dad played the Club and they won. Hopefully his contract works out better than the one given to Ozil. This fan base have so many fans who belong on the star ship enterprise, the over reaction is slightly worrying. All the extra post, interviews and videos makes us look silly asf! I would preferred the Club spend money and upgrade the midfield than mortgaging it out to win now only to be back in the same position we was in for the past couple of yrs.

  29. Luteo Guenreira

    For anybody who thinks being a “true” anything means playing for less money, I think that’s a little misguided but whatever. People concerned with finances, it’s not so much a complaint about how much a top player deserves to get paid, it’s the fact that Arsenal have a recent history of handing out exorbitant wages like Christmas presents to players less than deserving.

    If Auba decides to sulk, play like shit, and refuse to leave for the next 3 years let’s talk then. As of now, he’s captaining a squad on the up and full of good vibes, a lot of which he helped create.
    It’s the same type of people that talk about “true Gooners” and money that will end up turning on Auba first anyway, it’s like they’re laying the groundwork already.

  30. China1

    Mr serge I think RVP said in a more recent interview that he had wanted to stay and wenger refused to offer him a new contract which led to him getting sold

  31. Pedro

    GunnerDNA, that’s not a fact. He’d earn money wherever he went and turned down two offers to stay. So weird how excited you were to shit on the new manager day after day, now you are asking fans and the club to temper how they behave towards the re-signing of our best player?

  32. salparadisenyc

    This dull transfer window is killing the spirit and vibe of poor ole Le Grove.

    Imagine this place if PEA didn’t sign and ended up at Barca or United both apparently interested and offered. Fucking hell lived that, been there and don’t need to go back.

    Best move of the summer for me, locking the talisman down. Big Micks on his way.

  33. China1

    Trololol pierre

    Isn’t it amusing that ozil was already getting blamed for vanishing for a third of each season before signing his contract but put in the best performances of his arsenal career (including more running and a bit more aggressive) in the final 3 months leading up to his new contract.

    Auba just did what auba does ever since he joined. He works hard, and scores every week.

    Almost immediately after ozil’s contract was signed the invisible man returned never to depart. What odds right now on auba stopping scoring, faking injuries, criticizing the club openly, causing reputational damage to the club, training badly and so on?

    Sorry to tell you Pierre but not all footballers are worthless cunts in 2020 even though ozil is

  34. Marko

    Him and his dad played the Club and they won.

    They sure did. Imagine rewarding someone who scores 70+ goals in a 100 odd games. Man did they get one over on us by deserving that contract.

  35. China1

    Lol @ Auba saying ‘I’ve just signed da ting!’

    You feel he really gets arsenal when he comes out with bangs like that

  36. China1

    I do believe auba when he says he is convinced by the legacy point

    He’s now confirmed that realistically the rest of his career (at least at the top end of football) are with us and he will know very clearly that to make those years memorable he will need to continue to put the team on his back and score every week. He can’t depend on an easy ride like if he was at PSG, Juve, Bayern etc where you only need to make the squad to earn yourself titles every year. I’m sure he wants to go out with more trophies and he knows he will have to be the key protagonist at arsenal to help us get them

  37. GunnerDNA


    “GunnerDNA, that’s not a fact. He’d earn money wherever he went and turned down two offers to stay. So weird how excited you were to shit on the new manager day after day, now you are asking fans and the club to temper how they behave towards the re-signing of our best player?”

    All you do is cap! If you ain’t telling who those teams are and what they were willing to pay don’t even mention it. You honestly think the behavior by Arsenal fans on twitter is normal so carry on. I’m not telling you not to celebrate because any time Arteta name mention you remove common sense. I’m making reference to Arsenal spending all that money on two 30+ yrs old while they have to borrow a midfielder who runs like his legs are too heavy. And for the record, Mikel still have a lot to prove so no need to mention it again and it doesn’t matter what you say I won’t be apart of your blind faith gang.

  38. GunnerDNA


    “Him and his dad played the Club and they won. They sure did. Imagine rewarding someone who scores 70+ goals in a 100 odd games. Man did they get one over on us by deserving that contract.”

    All that goal and Arsenal still a Europa League team paying CL wages. You will never ever understand!

  39. Leedsgunner

    On a different note, does Andy Woodman still coach at the club? Or was he let go recently as a part of the 55?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t we interested in his talented son Fred Woodman… a good young goalkeeper… have we lost interest in him?

    If Newcastle is interested in Holding why not propose a swap of sorts?

  40. Bojangles


    Why bother. This has nothing to do with feelings about Arteta but all to do with being a rebel against you as could be seen in the last paragraph. Quoting an old adage, there’s none so blind as those who will not see.

  41. Leedsgunner


    Inspired decision to record an emergency edition in response to Aubameyang signing his new contract… very very smart!

  42. China1

    Gunnerdna if we want to be a CL team paying CL wages we’re going to need to qualify for it first

    How do you propose we manage that without Auba currently?

    Arsenal are hedging their bets that auba is nailed on goals every season, so as long as we can improve other areas of the team we will have a realistic shot at getting back into the CL and on to better things. Is it a risk? For sure. However clearly arsenal think the expected rewards sufficiently out way the risks. At 250k a week I’d agree with that

  43. Marko

    All that goal and Arsenal still a Europa League team paying CL wages. You will never ever understand!

    Goals plural. I think it’s you that doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between the individual and the team. The individual did everything he could and earned that new contract. The team let itself down and that’s why it’s still a Europa League team. You see the difference? It’s okay if you don’t football isn’t for everyone

  44. Pedro

    GunnerDNA, Ornstein said Inter and Barcelona.

    You are slating Arsenal fans for being excited about signing one of the deadliest finishers in world football… but you were on here like clockwork trolling everyone that we’d signed a novice after 5 games.

    Whatever floats your boat.

    Not sure there’s much substance to the complaint that fans are too excited tonight.

  45. China1

    I would love to see TH14 sit down for an interview with auba. That would be a really fun and interesting one considering despite their differences, Auba gets compared with him

  46. MidwestGun

    Only Pierre would take a great news day for Arsenal fans. .. to twist it to be about Ozil.
    But yeah… we are Ozil obsessives, clearly.

    Self awareness not your thing is it?

  47. China1

    One day ozil will finally be gone and you wonder how Pierre will cope. That life size pillow with the drawing of ozils face on it is damn good but not the same as the real thing

    But then he’s got his eyes all over poor Eddie already so maybe he can manage.

  48. China1

    Auba has something like 55 goals at arsenal so far across all competitions. If he stays for the duration of his contract I’m curious if he will break 100 which would be a huge achievement in 5 odd seasons

  49. China1

    At the end of the day you have to see auba for what he is.

    Is he an elite winger? No. Top passer, assisted, crosser or does he have amazing vision? Not especially. Is he a hugely technical player, great at beating players out wide or very tricky? Not especially.

    But this is what he is. One of the most reliably effective goal scorers in the world. Exceptionally hard working. Always positive and a great boost to the dressing room. Professional and never in trouble. Sets an example to everyone to follow. Has the best nose for positioning in the box alongside Aguero of any striker England has had for many many years. A great injury record. Shows up every week regardless of who the opposition is. Put the team on his back and scored 55 goals during a period when arsenal were fucking hideously shit with zero midfield, zero creativity, 2 years ago zero wingers, multiple managers, unhappy fans, bad atmospheres and empty stadia.etc

    When you add all the positives up against the rest I see a player who can justify a 250k a week contract. Quite easily!

  50. DivineSherlock

    I love it in the interview when Ian Wright tells him to go for 30 goals for this season. The excitement is real .

    I wanna draw the line here and say Ozil is a waste , if he wanted to be an activist while taking money for the club he was supposed to work , he shouldve canceled his contract and go raise his voice against the injustices he claims . I admire Ozil for taking a stand but he wanted to something for the cause he should have quit football because his focus is not here. And he is not helping anyone from London

  51. Dark Hei

    “Mr serge I think RVP said in a more recent interview that he had wanted to stay and wenger refused to offer him a new contract which led to him getting sold”

    Utter bollocks.

    He penned his own letter didn’t he. Now he wants to be your friend. Don’t take the bait!

    Let him go find United fans for comfort; there are some who can still maybe remember his little boy. He burned his bridges with us.

  52. Dark Hei

    BTW, I doubt it was AW who gave Ozil the extension.

    Just like it wasn’t AW who signed Aubameyang prior to the extension. By then it was clear as day that the structure has moved beyond him.

  53. andy1886

    Actually Auba’s performance is remarkable considering our supposed ‘most creative talent’ has provided him with just ONE assist during his entire time at the club.

    Sooner we jettison the German albatross the better.

  54. Ernest Reed

    I didn’t think it possible for you find an abyss beyond rock bottom Pierre, but did you ever, You’ve gone beyond sad and now just pathetic in your rants.

  55. Pierre

    1) I talk about Aubameyan , a player who I have rated from day one ( unlike others on here).

    2) The obsessives talk about Ozil.

    3) I am accused of talking about Ozil.

    Strange lot these obsessives…let’s hope their obsession is not transferred onto Aubameyang.

    They obsessed over Wenget

    They are obsessing over Ozil (the last 12 hours of Le Grove is proof of that )

    In 9 months time they will need a new obsession to turn against….
    Will be a shame if Aubameyang becomes the fall guy as he will soon be the highest paid person at the club..

  56. Gonsterous

    Auba was a flat track bully but recently he has scored when we needed him, namely in the fa cup and the community shield. I think he is getting better as a forward. He’s not a tap in merchant anymore.

  57. DivineSherlock


    What kind of syndrome do you have ? Is your therapist not available for sessions ?
    Seriously , you brought ozil into the conversation when people are Happy Aubameyang signed for us, when people show you how wrong you are you bring the victim card . Why wont Arsenal fan obssess over their highest paid player , who is doing nothing to justify that wage ? Thank god its the last year of this shit show . Then Pierre might support an MLS team or Fenerbache .

  58. bacaryisgod

    I’m still blown away by how brilliantly Aubameyang’s signing has worked out for us. He came to us with a reputation for being a little too flash and a troublemaker (suspensions for mainly not showing up to meetings when he was trying to force a move away). He’s been the absolute opposite-completely upbeat, popular in the dressing room, works hard and leads the team well.

    It was critical we renewed his deal. Like Willian, there could easily be a drop-off in year 3 of his contract but I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them continue to play at the very highest level for the entire length of their contracts.

  59. Leftside

    The guy is a troll, just ignore him. Nobody on this site cares about Ozil, he doesn’t play football, he’s not visible, out of sight – out of mind. If Pierre doesn’t come in here trying to troll then Ozil won’t get mentioned.

    Even Ozil’s biggest detractors know he has less than a year left at this club and then he is history.

    We do not care.

  60. bacaryisgod

    While we’re on the subject, I’m equally saddened to see how things have turned out with Ozil. I was always in the pro-Ozil camp and he gave us a lot of great moments in his first few years. However, he was never consistent and there was always a nagging feeling he wasn’t giving everything he could for the cause, despite the ‘just his style’ defence. I remember seeing him sprint past a couple of Villa players a few years ago and hit the bar with a good shot from distance and wondered why he couldn’t find that turn of pace more often because he clearly had it in him.

    I was even in favour of renewing his contract in the dark days where it looked like we would be losing both him and Alexis at a steep discount. In retrospect, we would have been better off not being held hostage and just wishing him well at the end of his initial term. He’s been such a disappointment in the last couple of years.

  61. Habesha Gooner

    Holy crap thr negativity on here is ridiculous.

    Yes Aubameyang hasn’t got a lot to his game. But he is scoring at a rate better than everyone in the premier league right now. Kane is getting paid 200k a week, Salah 200k , The likes of Aguero are around the same. So how we are basically paying a Market rate for a deadly forward. 71 goals in 100 appearances is the definition of a world class deadly striker.

    If he gets us 60+ goals for the next three seasons he will be worth every penny. He had choices to play at a title challenging inter, and A Barcelona in disarray but that has still messi and the world’s best players. Even if we are paying a bit above market wages, we need him. To put it in to context griezmann earns around the same as Aubameyangs new deal at Barcelona. So this isn’t Ozil, He had options.

  62. Habesha Gooner

    Spurs signing Reguilon is a let down. But it’s also positive he didn’t got to Man Utd. United are on the up and Reguilon instead of Shaw would have been bad for us. If Ole leaves they would have had a great squad without a lot if weaknesses for an incoming manager. At least Mourinho will make him lose all his love for football.

  63. Henry+Root

    I personally would have eased PEA out the door next season and attempted to sign best player on the planet instead.But then again, I know the game, and can see the bigger picture and the Arsenal executives clearly do not and cant see beyond next month.

    Come on tell us – are you Donald Trump in disguise? Your utterings are very much on the same level as his .

  64. Samesong

    Although I don’t alway agree with Pierre. He is often abused for his opinion. Most of us have a soft spot for a player in the team, whether they are previous or present.

    I don’t really see what benefit anyone gets out of abusing Ozil anymore.

    Some of you guys have pure hatred in your hearts.

  65. Leedsgunner

    Credit to Martinez, he did a very decent thank you video to the club and the fans.

    EMI, I wish you weren’t going. I would like to think your chance as Arsenal no.1 was just around the corner… but I understand why you thought you couldn’t wait anymore.

    Please go with the best wishes to you and your family from Gooners everywhere!