New CEO and Manager titles announced. Let’s talk about that (long read)

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Arsenal dropped a Vinai x Edu collab so dense in information, I’m about to give you a 2000 word analysis so you can digest it.  The newly empowered duo rolled up on a fancy lawn looking like the two new Godfathers in town. There was a lot to unpack.

The big news.

  • Vinai is now the CEO of Arsenal Football Club
  • Mikel Arteta is now the Manager of the first team
  • Edu and Mikel are on the same level in a shared football leadership role

Ok, so let’s go deep on this.

Overall Messaging:

Le Grove has called for this sort of communication for a while. We need to know how the club is setting up for success, we need to know what the new structure looks like, and we need to hear from our leaders. Vinai acknowledged Arsenal had been weak on this a few weeks ago. So what is the plan? Well, here it is.

‘We belong in the Champions League. Yes we’ve been in European football for the past 25 years, which is a great record. But the past three years and this one, we are in a competition we don’t want to be in.’

‘We want to get back in the mix competing for the Premier League – and doing it the way Arsenal have always done, playing the entertaining, engaging football our fans want to see.’

We don’t need to ask for the timescale, Mikel Arteta has told Willian he wants to win the Champions League in 3 seasons, it’s clear how fast we’re moving.

The CEO Title

Arsenal made a huge error when Ivan G left in handing over the keys of power to two people. It generally doesn’t work in business. Human nature is a one leader system, don’t fuck with nature. What tends to happen without clear leadership is a power vacuum opens and people land grab. If you work with two leaders, you can play them off against each other. If you are the two leaders, it creates paranoia, arguments, and stand-offs that are unproductive. I know because I work in an industry where you have to partner with people in leadership and I hate it. No one is truly accountable (or one person is totally accountable), which can also lead to excuse-making and dropped balls (‘I thought you were doing that!’).

Netflix recently turned to this leadership approach and its share price dropped. Raul was not of the standard needed when he was paired with Vinai and the lack of oversight on what he was up to led us down a very dark road. Vinai taking on the CEO job in its totality is what is needed. Pure accountability for direction, execution, and performance. He is the leader of the commercial side of the business as well as the football side. That is how it should be. Is he young? Yes. But he has 10 years under his belt at the club. He knows what has worked and what has not (bit like Arteta). He needs to be ambitious, bring everyone together, drive the staff forward, and keep the fans (and sponsors) excited. Today was a good first step.

The Manager

Mikel Arteta has been given a promotion in a pandemic, saucy. The Adidas kit launch video positioned him as a rockstar at the club. The job title bump gives him the power to really make changes.

“This is recognition of what he has been doing from the day he walked in the door and also the capabilities we believe Mikel has,”

“He has walked into probably the toughest nine-month period this football club has had in its 134-year history. He’s on a long term contract and we’re really comfortable with what he’s doing.”

This is massive. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, Arteta is a generational coach. He’s an obsessive freak of nature. Creative, driven, innovative, as well as being an elite communicator. This bump is recognition of those traits. It’s also a reflection of the love he’s getting from everyone at the club, especially the players. The bet Arsenal is making is that he’ll bring some of the Manchester City IP into our setup, but also bring people in that can help him shape that knowledge into something uniquely Arsenal. The best artists copy and build upon the greats work. There’s no greater manager in world football than Pep. He is the ultimate artist.

Additionally, I think this is a protective measure. The club is hedging that the chances are, Arteta will do pretty well and attract attention from other clubs looking to jump on the young manager bandwagon. The concern, I suspect, is that when Pep bins off Manchester City, they’ll come knocking for Arteta with a big deal. Remember, they were promising him the head coach role the first time we came knocking. This is horse before the cart, but at the top end of business, you have to plan for every eventuality.

The Technical Director

It was great to see Edu rolled out to talk about his plans and step out of the shadows. He spoke glowingly about the manager and the project.. then Vinai dropped a bombshell.

“So in terms of how that will work, going forward Mikel will join a really strong team with Edu and they’ll be working really, really closely together to manage all the other elements of our football operations that are so important, whether that is analysis, recruitment, high performance or medical, they’ll be looking after those areas together.

“And they’ll also together be responsible for our technical recommendations, whether that’s players that we’re going to buy, whether that’s players that we’re going to sell, whether that’s players that we’re going to loan.

“Of course, working closely with me and the board and working closely with the owners on the financial elements to make final decisions. But those are going to be their responsibilities and I think we’re going to have a really dynamic team to drive this club forward.”

Yes, you read correctly. After experiencing first hand what power-sharing looks like, Vinai has dropped the same model on his subordinates, placing the Technical Director and the Manager on the same level.

Let’s have this clear: Power sharing does not work. 

This is a demotion for Edu. There will always be a dominant partner in a ‘power share’ and that is going to be Mikel Arteta. ‘We really love each other’ is not a technical rationale for this move. I don’t want to hammer anyone, but I have heard whispers that there is a lot of convincing that needs to happen for Edu to work his way into the good graces of the Arsenal people.

My overarching concern here is that we’ve spent years trying to move away from a superstar manager structure, and we’ve just walked right back into one. If things go well, then the concern is moot… the problems come when things go badly, or, the superstar manager leaves. What are you left with?

That’s a story for another day. What I will say is this: Edu was the driving force behind hiring Arteta. His trip up to see the City coaching assistant in December blew the race wide open. If it wasn’t for his pressure, we’d be looking at Perreira or Nuno as the Arsenal coach at the moment. So, we have to give him credit for recognising elite talent and making an effort to bond with our ex-captain.

What does a Technical Director do?

We all asked wtf is an Edu? Well, let him explain.

“It is simple for me,”

“With my position here I want to put in place one clear process how we are going to sign, who gets the responsibilities, where we start to understand where we need the player, the position we need, the characteristics we need. That has to be very clear internally right now.

“The decision we made, to change a little bit our infrastructure, it is clear for me. I want to work with less people. I want to work with StatDNA a lot more, which we have internally here at the club and is very important.

“I don’t want individual people working in one area or for one country. I want a group working together. Less people with much more responsibility. That is my vision and for me in this process the most important thing is that everyone is very clear on the responsibilities which everyone has to make the right decision.”

I love this. The old scouting approach of 50 people sitting around clocking timesheets is over. The technology these analysts have now is unbelievable. We have had all the tools needed to be a top data club since 2013 when we purchased StatDNA, now, it seems like we’re finally going to activate the tools with elite people that can pull the insights and action them.

What people don’t realise is there has always been a lot of very talented people working at Arsenal, we just haven’t used them properly. Edu is speaking the language of elite business. The job of a director is to unleash talent. We want the best people in the world employed at Arsenal feeling absolutely empowered to do their best possible work. When you create a high-performance culture, every cog is vital, the competition between people should be real, but healthy, and all in the name of the best possible work outcome. I am excited that the talk now is about how well we’re executing against that vision, versus having to debate whether the ‘contacts’ approach was about to come roaring back into relevance.

The other comment I liked is the stake in the ground when it comes to agents.

“It is important to be clear,”

“What I would like from now is that everything related to football has to come through me. All the contacts, agents, internally, externally, people outside Arsenal, have to see me — and my name — as the first one to call or connect to. It is important because sometimes they feel unclear about it. To be clear and open that is how we are going to operate.”

Vinai had a crack at this, trying to pretend that the last 24 months didn’t happen when he stated the people writing about agent influence were wrong. No we weren’t, but I guess he wasn’t about to dig up the past. The important thing Edu now knows is that if you step out of line, you will not be working at the club. Part of this rebirth has to be about restoring the values we hold dear as fans. Edu, like Vinai, has made it clear, he is in charge when it comes to this part of the club, and everyone has to fall into line.

What about transfers?

Edu seemed to be fairly bullish about moves.

“Everybody is waiting, everybody wants to do swaps, everybody is talking about loans. What is important is that we have a clear plan on the players we want to keep, the players we want to loan and the players we want to sell. After that, we have to be patient, to understand how the markets are reacting, and then to make the right decision.” 

I think we’re going to make the signings we need to make. I suspect there will be a few days when everything goes crazy and we make all the signings we need in quick succession. It appears that we’re about to move on Martinez for £20m. It’d be sad, but if it adds to the coffers so we can sign Aouar, I’ll take having an average back-up keeper. I am very confident we’ll have the squad we need to compete for top 4 this season.

Concluding Thoughts

Arsenal is mostly doing the right things. The power share thing is a nonsense, but in a relationship based on bromance, it might just work out. For the moment, as long as it’s being led by smart people making smart decisions, for the right reasons, we’re in a great place.

We now have a proper club to support, the banter is hopefully in the past. We have a young and dynamic leadership team. We have one CEO. We have a manager. We have a Technical Director that wants to lean on data to drive the club. We have our best player signed. There is wind in the sails and momentum is working with us, not against.

This is a GOOD time to be an Arsenal fan. You should BE excited this time. I cannot WAIT to share this season with you.

Big love, now fire up the record player and inject some Le Grove into your ears and listen to our NEW podcast.

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  1. Pedro

    I write a monster post about structure and the future… and all you want to talk about is one line on Emi.

    You are all banned.

  2. Marko

    Anyway looking forward to tomorrow’s game. Ceballos and Pepe have to start. Pepe in particular Mikel needs to start trusting him more than he does a couple kids who aren’t of the required level. After that I have a feeling that the window will pick up a bit. It always does once football starts up again

  3. DivineSherlock


    Its hard to keep conversation flowing when people agree with you . Most of them know this is a good step for future .

  4. Champagne Charlie


    Curious what reservations are in the ether about Edu, find that sort of talk a little bit of an oxymoron given his presence in such positive change.

    Almost comes across as looking for a potential fall guy for later down the line, what’s he struggled with until now?

    – Academy is benefitting
    – Arteta arrived
    – first team squad is being assessed and augmented with a plan
    – recruitment methods are being modernised.

    Now I’d obviously stop well short of laying that at Edu’s feet, but I feel like it’s a bit disingenuous to omit him from due praise given all that and plant seeds of doubt unless there’s something meaty that suggests as such?

  5. Pedro

    CC, I don’t pick up narratives on a whim. I’ve been on this one a while, now the club have basically announced a demotion.

    Putting a Tech Director on a level with a manager is not a sharp move. Let’s hope force of personality makes it work… but really, Mikel should have experienced oversight, not a partner.

    Nagelsmann is controlled and mentored by Ralph Rangnick, that sort of relationship would be better for the club. Edwards is a force at Liverpool. Campos makes it happen at Lille. Not many clubs anoint a king.

    Still, happy to ride with it. I’ll take a young coach that wants total accountability after the farce we’ve gone through. We are in a better situation than we were.

  6. Pedro

    yes, looking for someone to blame.

    ‘You are just teeing up Raul to be the fall guy if Arteta fails’ was your take a few months ago.

  7. Marc


    Usually I’d say not having a full pre season isn’t an excuse because it goes for all clubs but I’m sure Pedro would spin it into something along the lines of “Arteta’s level of coaching is so far above other managers it’s affected more by the lack of preperation”

  8. Marko

    I don’t see how anyone can argue that Edu hasn’t made a positive impact since joining. Very clear what he’s doing he’s looking at streamlining things behind the scenes and improving things on the field. My only concern would be that we don’t quite know how good he is at making signings right now. Like is he going to be someone who’s decisive and quick with getting signings done. It doesn’t look that way but how much of it right now is down to him and not down to the extreme circumstance that football finds itself in currently with haggling and quarantine and a meagre budget and the like. I would also feel a lot better knowing if there was a plan to unearth more young talent from South American football but again the same excuses apply

  9. McGunnah

    We need all the injection of funds we can get not only for the transfer window. Most people just seem to be oblivious of the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on the economy globally.
    We’ve got a mediocre midfield to upgrade with next to nothing funds available until we can sell those players deemed STR (Surplus To Requirement) and we all are aware how Herculean of a task it has proved to be. Plus the transfer deadline is drawing closer AF, and the new season a night rest away.

    I pray Arteta can work whatever magic he’s been using on Martinez too.
    I don’t care if Martinez eventually accepts to play second fiddle but if he won’t sign the extension, sell him at a good price and be done with it.
    We don’t need any more contracts running down.

  10. DivineSherlock

    If youre following Arsenal on instagram, go watch Ian Wright interviewing Kieran Tierney . Its bloody brilliant . I absolutely love KT .

  11. Marko

    I’ve been on this one a while, now the club have basically announced a demotion.

    I don’t know why you write some of the things that you write. Edu got a demotion? Cause they explained a bit more about what his role is? That’s some 2+2=8 shit right there.

    I personally saw it as a kind of unified front type of thing a spectacle of sorts showing that everyone at the club is working together and moving the club forward. But I’ve got absolutely no doubt that if Mikel doesn’t perform Edu will be the one to sack him.

  12. Pedro

    Marko, if you have ultimate power, then you share power, you have been demoted.

    Vinai leads the football and commercial side, he literally said that. He will make the final decision on firing.

  13. China1

    Marc but who has bid for Laca?

    As far as I know it’s crickets

    As well so far we’ve supposedly trying to include Laca in a swap for partey but got rejected

    Even if someone is in for Laca they have to pay us 35m absolute minimum, none of this loan nonsense we keep hearing about

    As far as it looks no one is really interested.

  14. Marc


    Well then either someone’s got to go out and generate some interest in him or we’re looking at watching a £50 million signing get down to a year on their contract or worse.

  15. Tom

    The Arteta,/Edu/Vinai job titles reshuffle reminds me a bit of that scene from “ Nightcrawler”, when Jake Gyllenhaal character says to his only employee “you are a senior Vice President now”, and the guy responds all confused “and what was I before?”

    Seriously though, hopefully we can stop debating now Arsenal bringing in players against the wishes of the head coach and conclude that all new signings are Arteta’s signings.

    My only concern with selling Martinez is that his would be replacement will cost us almost as much as what we get for Emi , if Arsenal’s deal making prowess is anything to go by.

  16. Champagne Charlie


    “CC, I don’t pick up narratives on a whim. I’ve been on this one a while, now the club have basically announced a demotion.“

    That seems more a matter of perspective to me, I view it more as Arteta being elevated because he’s proven himself during that period to be much more of a voice than the club was previously structured to give him.

    I think we went for an executive duo overseeing a coach and realised it was a sham, so we’ve found a middle ground between that and a Wenger overlord position. Arteta has all first team matters in his remit, but he’s kept honest by Edu and then Vinai as a further level of Arsenal-first protection. Not sure that’s parity in the truest sense.

    It’s always a difficult situation to manage when you have talent like Arteta, his star will shine brighter than arguably any technical director we could appoint. A testament of Edu’s ability in his role will be in many ways how he supports that talent in Arteta, which won’t always mean he’s acting as professional superior – not a chance Nagelsmann was forever nodding to the beat of Rangnicks drum.

  17. Left testicle

    It was Raul who stated that we wouldn’t let players enter the last two years of their contract. They’ll either renew or be sold.

    Now he’s gone maybe that’s all out of the window now? If so, that’s a big mistake and we’ll keep making the same mistakes.

  18. Left testicle

    Seriously though, hopefully we can stop debating now Arsenal bringing in players against the wishes of the head coach and conclude that all new signings are Arteta’s signings.
    All new signings are Edu/Arteta signings.

  19. Marko

    if you have ultimate power, then you share power, you have been demoted.

    I think you’re looking at things in a very obtuse way. Besides that you’re sounding like a hypocrite now cause before it was the manager needing to have a say over certain things and now it’s Mikel should have oversight he needs to be micromanaged. Then you mention Edwards at Liverpool and Campos at Lille completely and intentionally ignoring the influence of Klopp and Galtier. Like I don’t know what you’re trying to do these days you’re definitely working an angle (constantly) for sure. I’m just not sure if it’s that you just don’t like Edu for whatever reason or that you want Mikel to have complete and total autonomy at the club like Wenger did.

  20. Countryboy


    The kind of power that Campos/Rangnick wield at their clubs are foreign to the English game.

    The arrangement in continental Europe does not quite work in England

    The question to ask is this: can Txiki fire Pep? can Edwards fire Klopp? Spurs have not had a DOF since 2015, so its Levy, the chairman who can make that kind of call.

    So to me, its not really a demotion, just a little bit of reorganization as Edu never had the power in the first place.

  21. Marko

    Arteta has all first team matters in his remit, but he’s kept honest by Edu and then Vinai as a further level of Arsenal-first protection. Not sure that’s parity in the truest sense.

    This. Makes. Sense.

  22. underrated Coq

    “Countryboy just another friendly reminder that it’s 38 appearances in 10 years for Martinez.”

    Marko is obviously alien to the concept of growth and improvement, working at the post office.

  23. underrated Coq

    Saliba, Maghalese, Luiz marshalled by Martinez = Never being bullied on high balls.

    Not sure this formula holds true with Leno swapped in for Martinez.

  24. Jim Lahey

    Completely off topic, but…

    Can we at some point start a discussion about Manchester United and match fixing in the early to mid 2000s?

  25. Gonsterous

    Surely arteta and the GK coach have had a talk and they clearly feel that Leno is the better keeper. And when martinez gave them an ultimatum, they hands have been tied.
    Hopefully arteta convinces Martinez to stay as a cup keeper cause there are plenty of games for both keepers to play.
    Either that, or move to villa, which is a downgrade from arsenal.

  26. Marko

    I dunno just me but I can see Edu going to the board to sack Arteta if he tanks it just seems like common sense to me but obviously people instead see Vinai circumventing Edu to do it.

  27. Marc

    With the information at hand it’s pretty clear that Martinez wants to leave because Arteta will not give him the guarantees he wants.

    So the question is why won’t Arteta name Martinez as No 1 for the PL?

  28. Marc


    “Can we at some point start a discussion about Manchester United and match fixing in the early to mid 2000s?”

    Well there’s not much to say is there? They were cheating end of.

    Once Fergie dies the stories will start coming out about the shit that both he and ManU were pulling.

    If only the PL had the balls to strip ManU of titles.

  29. underrated Coq

    Yes Marko, that sort of exponential improvement is possible in Football. And many other professions.

    Not in post offices though

  30. Little Mozart


    With the information at hand it’s pretty clear that Martinez wants to leave because Arteta will not give him the guarantees he wants.So the question is why won’t Arteta name Martinez as No 1 for the PL?

    Because the Sauce and the goal keeping coach know or see something in training that we don’t know?

  31. Jim Lahey

    @Marc –

    I feel like more should be said about this era of football in England. One of these most obvious cases of match fixing that has ever occurred and over such a long period. United got away with it by being so open about it.

    I recently re-watched the game where United ended our unbeaten streak and it is shocking to watch now, I don’t think I have ever seen such an unashamed example of match fixing.

    “If only the PL had the balls to strip ManU of titles.”

    They most defiantly should have titles stripped from them, but we all know it will never happen.

  32. Guemboozy

    “This is a GOOD time to be an Arsenal fan. You should BE excited this time. ” Thank you Pedro for the exciting post! This is how every Arsenal fan should feel today. Few hours before the canons start firing again!

  33. salparadisenyc

    Great write up Pedro, love that club has a mobile feel all positive moves. Talk about timing, Vinai living the ultimate karmic footballing dream for a non player. Ascending to the top in less than decade.

    Mikel clearly heavily involved in future targets is a very good thing imo.

    Exciting season ahead, Arsenal are thru the Moyes era, skipping the LVG phase and hopefully onto OG’s successor in a single move.

  34. CG

    (Good Post)

    If Arteta has any sense- he will scarper the moment the first enticing job offer arrives ( Barca/Man City /Real Madrid types ) because no competent and proud man deserves in having to work with Edu and Vinny.

    Edu is the Unai Emery of technical directors. He is so out of his depth its beyond parody.
    As for Vinny. No one gains a promotion like this non-entity.

    From marketing director to Joint of head footballing Ops to now full blown Chief Executive.

    X 3 promotions all within 3 years. (Only under KSE ‘ S Arsenal). And he has been underwhelming in all 3 roles and thats putting it kindly.

    One of my first ever post stated Arsenal are unsalverageble under KSE and its still stands today.
    Even more so.

    The titans of the European soccer- will be quaking in their boots with Edu and Vinny now running the show.

    Arteta , get out while you can!

  35. Valentin


    You seem bullish about the triumvirate Vinai, Arteta and Edu.
    I am not.

    I am bullish about Arteta, but I think that it is a mistake to crown him king and manager of Arsenal. Maybe that decision was taken in view of Edu’s lack of experience especially the European market. Hopefully Edu and Arteta will have a collaborative and fruitful relationship, but I would rather have somebody overseeing the football operations including the head coach rather than on equal footing. Like you wrote, if we lose him we run the risk of losing a lot more than just a competent headcoach.

    I think that Vinai is a nice guy, but he is a very bland corporate guy. I would really like to have a serious larger than life CEO who put Arsenal center of thing. Somebody who has an edge. For example David Dein under his nice guy facade had an edge which clearly made people twice before trying to con him.

    Edu says the right thing, but I reserve judgement. I have heard the same song with the same beautiful lyrics before by both Gazidis before he shot off to greener pastures and by Raul before he was shown the door. The proof will be in the results. Are were efficient in the transfer market? Do we have a wage bill in line with the market and our result? Etc

    Anyway COYG.

  36. SpanishDave

    Can’t get excited about the game tomorrow as it’s basically the same team which struggled in the league last year.
    Fulham will sit back and without creative midfielders we will not be able to break them down.
    Spin is never enough, media talk heh!

  37. Tom

    Talking of job titles and changes…… maybe Arsenal should outsource all our transfer negotiations , starting with Emi to Villa for 15m , to the Chelsea woman.
    The combination of her good looks , the Russian accent, and fear of getting tuned up by Russian mob seems to always get them the right price for their outgoings.

  38. Marc


    It won’t happen whilst Fergie is alive – too many are too scared of him and being sued. Once he’s dead it’ll begin to leak, the leak will turn into a trickle and the trickle will turn into a torrent.

  39. Words+on+a+Blog


    When did Edu ever have “absolute power”?

    Under the previous structure, he was the junior partner to Raul, and if Raul wanted to do a dodgy deal with Agent Alfonso Nefariouso, Edu was powerless to stop it (and presumably Vinai was unable to see the full
    Gory details).

    Now way is nominally the senior partner in a power sharing deal with Arteta. Arteta takes care of the first team and matchdays and tells Edu the kind of players he wants, and Edu takes care of all the rest: the medium term, scouting, backroom personnel, data and bringing new players in.

    It’s a better and simpler structure, but like any structure, it can only work if there’s a good understanding amongst the key players.

    Fortunately, at least at this early stage, things look positive

  40. Thorough

    Arteta’s first mistake – convincing Xhaka to stay.
    Second mistake – ostrasizing Guendozi.
    Third mistake in the pipeline – offloading Martinez.

    IF our great sauce man hadn’t make mistakes 1 and 2 he would have had enough money from Xhaka and a sellable asset in Guendozi, had he not totally destroyed his market value.

    And people who think Leno had it worse because of the defence are wrong, he was rather part of the problem than a victim of it.

    Funny enough I think he’s a better shot stopper than EMI, however organizing defence, being vocal, having calm nerves game long and having the requisite height and size shows Emi is a far more rounded keeper.

    What example are we setting anyway? ‘You waited 10 years to EARN this SPOT but we still think you’re diapensable?

    Ffs if I were Arteta I’ll use Leno’s challenge to light a fire up Emi’s ass.’ You’ve earned the top spot but the day you drop the ball you’re going to the bench.’
    Thats a lot more reassuring than ‘You’ve been amazing but that our shit first choice that was dropping clangers left, right and center is still our first choice.’

    We finally have a keeper for the next 5 years and this dummy want to sell him. So when Leno continues his poor form we shell out 50 million on a first team goalkeeper in 2 years time?
    This is dumb on so many levels.

  41. Marc


    Afraid I’m with on that one and with Arteta currently excelling as the Spanish Tony Pulis I’m not sure tomorrow is going to be particularly pretty.

    You can’t blame Arteta for being negative with the midfield we have but it’s up to him and Edu to sort that.

  42. Kaz

    I’m not sure maybe the message was lost, Edu and Arteta have already got their working relationship established, this has just formalised it.

    I don’t see it as a demotion for Edu, more of a showing of trust in Arteta, by all accounts Edu is watching the team closely in training too. This speaks more of a good bond between them.

    If Edu decides 100% we aren’t signing a player, then we aren’t signing that player.

    I think it’s meant to show the manager is working closely with the director and not a Raul and Unai style relationship (which was disastrous)

  43. shaun

    don’t agree with the Martinez sale at all wrong wrong wrong and wrong leno should be sold simple as .Leno will want to go to bayern soon anyway Martinez has much better command of his area and is just better for the Prem with his size and catching .Leno has it wrong with his punching and pushing .clubs are paying 60-70 mil for good keepers and we are excepting 20 absolute madness

  44. Pedro

    Valentin, I’m bullish because we have to give it a chance.

    I wouldn’t have made the changes myself. It looks messy on paper.

    Dave, we were unbeaten before the pandemic and finished 5th place from when Mikel took over (4 points from 3rd). Hardly a struggle.

  45. Guemboozy

    “That means that Arteta is planning to win the CL in his first attempt because no one on here seems to think CL football is a guarantee for next season”
    Nobody cares what you think, but what Arteta thinks.

  46. Marc


    Come on you wanted him to fail before a ball was kicked. Keep this up and the Football God’s will punish you by sending you back as a Spud in your next life!

  47. Marc


    Do the maths on the quote – by telling Willian he’s want him to help win the CL it means Arteta is saying he’ll win it in his first or second attempt. If we don’t make it into the top 4 this season it’d be Arteta’s first attempt.

  48. Freddie Ljungberg


    Thanks for the invite but fantasy football isn’t for me, feel kind of the same way as Marc about it.

    Good to hear that we’re still active in the market both in and outgoings. Would be really nice to see some movement soon. Just 1 top midfielder in and I would feel a lot more relaxed about the rest of the window. Anything else would be a bonus.

  49. CG


    “”””””I wouldn’t have made the changes myself. It looks messy on paper.”””””””

    Messy! Bloody amateur hour. more like.

    Only at KSE’s disinterested Arsenal where players sign up on 3 or 4 year deals and ride the gravy train and executives promote themselves.

    No wonder why we are a soft touch and a laughing stock.

    Nothing will ever change at Arsenal until the ownership changes.

  50. Habesha Gooner

    Well Arteta just basically hinted we won’t get both Partey and Aouar. He said we can’t fix everything in one window. So It feels like it will be Aouar that will come in. Torriera will probably leave. Guendouzi will stay because there are no decent offers. Elneny will probably go on loan. Sokratis will move on. Kolasinac also leave I think. Lacazette will also probably stay too.

    So it will be a Ceballos, Xhaka, Aouar, Guendouzi, Willian, ESR, Willock midfield. I think it will be creative enough but we won’t be as solid as if we had Partey. I wouldn’t be totally pissed with that midfield. But we will have chambers, Holding and Mustafi as Extras. It needed trimming. I think we should let Holding go out on loan. But arteta is indecisive here. We should trim the squad as much as possible. Players that we won’t use will only eat in to the wage bill. I think they will plan for a major midfield addition in January too.

  51. Receding Hairline

    I don’t know about telling Willian you intend to win the champions league in three years as a way of convincing him to leave a club already in the CL to join one in the EL.

    That would mean you believe top four this year is the minimum and he buys into that too. Anyways it all kicks off early tomorrow, a strong start is imperative.

  52. Tom

    “Marc, Emery was a bum… but i gave him a chance.“

    Pedro, when was the last time Arsenal started play with you convinced the right man was the manager?
    It’s got to be …what…..about 6-8 seasons at least, right?

  53. Valentin


    You could not make the distinction between expectation and prediction. And now you can’t make the distinction between expectation and hope.

    With Emery I expected us to fail, but I was hoping to be wrong.
    This time around, I am expecting us to succeed and I hope to be right. Top 4 is the objective and a good cup run.

  54. Kaz

    Big loss to lose Emi, we should keep him for the season.

    His aura is one of those intangibles the stat guys just cannot account for. Dude exudes safety, the defense feel it and are more confident, the few times we were opened up post restart the big man mopped up. His handling is amazing, something we haven’t seen in a keeper in 10+ years. His positioning is so strong and the sheer size of him is daunting for opponents and so great for us. Feels like Van Der Saar at Utd.

    Leno just isn’t that type of player.

  55. Kaz

    And if we aren’t getting the man machine to solidify our midfield and stop it being run through, I certainly don’t want to lose the big keeper making those stops resulting from the midfield being run through.

  56. Pedro

    Tom, a very long time!

    I’m 90% happy with where we are.

    Contacts has been binned, we have one point of leadership. We have one of the best young coaches. The squad is shaping up.

    Hopefully, this season will bring some joy

  57. Habesha Gooner

    If ozil some how decides to leave right now, I reckon we can sign both Aouar and Partey. If not he might be tired of sitting in january and he might leave. Mustafi will also leave for peanuts. There is chambers to sell when he returns. I think there will probably be 1 player coming in. It will be for big money.

  58. SpanishDave

    The squad is shaping up!
    One CB and one golden oldie on the wing
    Some improvement that
    Martinez sale must equal Partey coming in minimum.
    Creative mids are never cheap.

  59. Marc


    Our squad is so bloated it’s a joke and even unloading the expected players Torreira, Kolas and Sok it’s still got too many players we don’t really need.

  60. Useroz

    Both Leno and Martinez are good but different.

    I feel less nervous when Martinez is keeping especially when crosses and corners keep flying in. Don’t recall he screwed up once when he came for those.

    With Leno I just hoped he managed to just reach the ball let alone catch it! If he managed to punch it I just hoped the ball wouldn’t drop too close so someone can take a shot!

    Arteta doesn’t need to promise Martinez first choice. Agree to play him as long as his form is up there! Even first choice keepers are dropped as soon as form drops! It’s academic really.

    On Laca. I wouldn’t mind to stay and fight if I take £180k pw. Laca is 29, not 19. Trade him up for a younger and new model. This is business, not personal.

    Arteta talks ruthless but he ain’t done it in selling thats so important this TW.

    The collection of the 7 midfielders posted is pathetic for AFC. Most should be going if we harbour any ambition.

  61. Useroz

    May be Edu knows what he’s talking and people are waiting for each others

    Media says Guendouzi rejected 3 offers on the table. Can this be true? Can’t be just £10m can it?

    If we all get pragmatic and want cash to buy Partey and Auoar, shouldn’t Leno be sold to raise funds? If people are saying Leno is still the bette goalie wouldn’t he fetch a higher fee like 35m?? Wouldn’t that be much closer to where we want to be ? Either way, we need to buy a backup goalie. Is Ospina still playing? £500k should do.

  62. Pedro

    Tom, we need to reshape the midfield and I think making Arteta a king isn’t a smart move… also not sure Edu is the real deal. But minor in the grand scheme of the last 5 years worth of shit show

  63. Marc


    The problem isn’t so much what’s happened it’s the proximity to other issues.

    But we’re stuck with that so all we can do is hope it works out.

  64. Useroz

    Now Sok is reportedly injured. Ffs. How are we moving him on?

    4 crook CBs before season starts. Classic Arsenal. Don’t be surprised we bought Stones! Media is talking …

  65. Valentin

    I think that even worse than previous years, the last days of the transfer windows will be a mad dash. Right now every clubs is in a holding pattern awaiting to see who will blink first. Like Edu said, everybody is trying to get players on the cheap but expect others to pay top money in cash for their own players.

  66. Marc



    A free transfer
    Another CB
    A loan player


    Miki on a free

    It’s this side of things that gets me down. There’s a rumour that Giroud is off to Juve, so much for them being interested in Laca!

  67. redbro14

    Just want to know Pedro, what do you base your confidence that we can aim for top four. At the moment, without any reinforcements we basically have the same squad that finished 8th. We had some bad results against lesser teams that we should be taking three points from. All the clubs that are our direct rivals for this spot have reinforced their first teams with fresh blood. We still have a very poor midfield, and this is the area that concerns me. We need more power and pace here, with addition of a creative mid that can be effective against deep blocks. I don’t believe for a moment our current no 10 is going to suddenly reinvent himself and produce top level performances. Jury is out on Edu, as we are painfully slow to get rid of players we don’t want. I just fear that if we don’t take the opportunity to bring in another two quality players ( you know who I mean….) we will end up in the same place as last season. Some decent early results would be encouraging so let’s see…..

  68. Marc


    I think you’re right on the timing element although I think it’s more likely that nearly all clubs are broke and it’s going to take one of the few clubs out there with money to spend to inject some liquidity into the market.

    I wish they’d get a move on!

  69. CG

    “”””Tom, we need to reshape the midfield and I think making Arteta a king isn’t a smart move…”””””

    Arteta will go the same way as our Wenger. if he stays too long.

    Battered, bruised, scarred and made to carry the can for KSE shortcomings.

    I hope he has taken heed of AWs tenure. And when gets a great offer- he goes at the first time of asking.

    you wont get any thanks for staying loyal otherwise Mikel.

  70. Pedro


    We finished 4 points off Chelsea and United if you do a half-season table.

    The struggle will be against lesser teams, that deep block issue, but Willian will help there. Maybe Ozil will return.

    Overall, we’ll be better organised and prepared this season. The players understand the expectations. We have a better defensive unit now, more paced and power. We also have momentum from the start. We didn’t have that last season.

    It’ll be tough, but we’ll be far better this season… well, that’s my hope.

  71. Pedro

    CG, stop being such a drama queen. Wenger was one of the highest-paid and powerful managers in the world and he got away with steep decline when most clubs would have sacked him.

  72. Sid

    ‘We finished 4 points off Chelsea and United if you do a half-season table.’

    Hasenhuttl did better than Arteta
    Back to you in the studio!

  73. redbro14

    Pedro, I’m with you, we do have a young, smart manager in Arteta who is and will make a massive difference. He has stated after Villa loss that owners are backing him 100%. I would like to see this to be true and we do get some more quality additions until the window shuts.

  74. redbro14

    JW, exactly if you read between the lines. We back you as a manager, but we are not following that up with any funds for new players…..they really should step in and help at this critical juncture….

  75. Freddie Ljungberg

    “William Saliba has revealed he owned an Arsenal shirt with Thierry Henry’s name on the back when he was growing up and admits it’s exciting to be following in the footsteps of so many great French players.”

    Can’t be overstated how much we’re still dining out on that great team pre 2005, probably the last generation of footballers coming out now that grew up with them though so we have to start creating new greatness to stay relevant and a big draw for players. Here’s hoping Arteta gets the tools to do just that.

  76. Pedro

    Freddie, Liverpool dined out on the 70s/80s for a very long time.

    But yes, we need to be very relevant over the next 5 years. Need to get that club sauce spicy again

  77. Sid

    We failed to make CL when it was there for the taking, Raul took the fall like a man, there should be 0 excuses if we dont get CL football

  78. Freddie Ljungberg


    That would be great news if true.


    Tell me about it, most of my friends growing up in the 80s-90s were Liverpool fans.
    They were kind of a banter club for many years though despite the occasional cup success. This is our season was repeated like clockwork every summer for about 20 years.

    I think it’s great that we’re still respected because of the days of yore but yeah, like you say we can’t live on that forever.

  79. TR7

    Brighton have come in with an offer to Emiliano Martinez this week in a bid to beat Aston Villa to the goalkeeper’s signature. [@jamesbenge] #afc

  80. CG

    Cha Cha

    “””””Say 6 clubs looking to fill 4 places.”””””””

    yes but you are forgetting one thing ,we have a generational coach to assist us in our conquest.


  81. Sid

    CGSeptember 11, 2020 17:31:09
    Cha Cha“””””Say 6 clubs looking to fill 4 places.”””””””yes but you are forgetting one thing ,we have a generational coach to assist us in our conquest.Cakewalk.

    They should pay you for this!

  82. Marc

    “Duncan Castles saying Arsenal have increased their offer for Celtic’s Edouard. And Juve & Atletico in talks with LacazetteHmmmm”

    Argh just get the business done!

  83. crimson

    If you can’t get excited about a new season especially under Arteta then whats the point. We all know the midfield needs work and our bloated squad needs trimming to get in line with the Premier league squad numbers (homegrown quota). But blimey let’s have a right good go and i have faith that top 4 is achievable with good cup runs. 20ish days before the window shuts in a market that hasn’t really got going yet.

    Poor YAYA Sanogo can’t even get a transfer to Middlesbrough. ❤️

  84. TR7

    .@DuncanCastles on Arsenal’s offer for Edouard: “I understand, at present, that’s a verbal offer of £20m + £2.5m, they haven’t formalized it yet.” [‘The Transfer Window’ Podcast] #afc

  85. Marc


    No but Arteta has sauce and Fat Frank just has grease stains on his clothes.

    I should also point out that I’m doing a little fishing this afternoon – specifically looking to land me a Greater Spotted Snowflake Pedrofish. Looks like I hooked one!

  86. Freddie Ljungberg

    Right calf. Sustained mild strain to right calf in training. Will miss Saturday’s match at Fulham. Aiming to integrate back into full training within the next week.”

    Positive news, means we can still get rid.

    Arteta is going to be up against if for sure, as it stands we have the weakest squad in the top 6. Defence looks destined for greatness with Tierney, Saliba and Gabriel but will take some time to gel, our midfield is still a mess, but the addition of Willian at least gives us more creativity if we don’t bring in another Cam.

    Get a dominant CM and Edouard for Laca and I’ll feel a lot more comfortable with how we look.
    Think Pepe will really start to shine this season too with a bit of support from midfield and hopefully not Sok or Mustafi as RB.