Auba to ink new deal

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Things are starting to pick up at Arsenal HQ. David ‘Still a god who is Fabrizio anyway’ Ornstein has made the announcement that a new three-year deal has all but been inked.

The report on The Athletic had a few interesting tidbits.

1. The contract will ‘enable’ him to become the highest-paid player at the club. Enable suggests that there are some sexy bonuses involved, I’m not sure it means he’s going to be raking in the same takehome as Mesut.

2. The theme of the summer is that Arteta played a huge role in pulling the deal over the line. I told you way back when that he had the sauce and here we are. I’ve said many times over the years that big-name managers are not the only guys in the game with pull. Big ideas, attention to detail, and project energy can go a very long way. Auba looked very slumped shoulders in December.  Now he’s winning trophies and he looks like an icon. I am very, very happy that we have a coach that knows how to motivate and sell an exciting vision.

3. The article talks about his leadership. He’s a ‘by example’ kind of guy. It reads like the club is very much leaning on its older players to bring the promising batch of kids through the ranks. Auba will be an influencer on our striking talent, but according to the report, he’s also making time for Tierney and Pepe.

I definitely wanted to burn down the house this summer and start again, but I have to admit, I like the idea of keeping big players around to guide the youth coming through. David Luiz guiding Saliba and Gabriel is a good thing. Willian helping Saka, Reiss and Martinelli can only be a good thing. Auba, one of the best strikers in the game, leading our line, can only be a good thing.

This deal is absolutely huge for Arsenal. We’ve spent the last 5 years under a very dark cloud. We’ve been directionless on and off the pitch. We’ve had to question the motives of our execs like never before. All those issues have now been dealt with decisively.

We have one leader at exec level. We have a technical director free of negative influence. We have one of the best young coaches in world football. We kept our best player. We have the makings of a very, very, very good squad.

There’s still work to do. We need to address our midfield with an 8 and ideally a 6. We still need to shake free some of the deadwood. There must be a balancing of the books.

But the fundamentals are there… you haven’t been able to say that of Arsenal for a long time. Now watch this video to close out my emotionally charged piece about GETTING OUR ARSENAL BACK.

Wipe those tears you melt, it’s just a promotional video.

… but, you know, I do advertising for a living so let’s have a little chat about how fine this execution is.

It’s another 30-yard screamer in the 90th minute for me (Arsenal scoring).

The narrative for the 3rd kit, which I actually really like, is that we’re a family. I don’t know whether you could have posted a video like that 5 years ago. At the 3000 feet view, it’s a football story, at the super fandom level (using hacking technology to find out if Partey has a booking at Claridge’s), it’s basically reflective of how the fanbase has come together over the last 6 months.

I love the historical references. King Kanu making an appearance. I love that the Women’s team prominently featured again. I love the way the phone footage makes the piece feel intimate. I also like how Adidas is positioning Arteta as a star. They’re making a thing of his non-negotiables, just like me and you are doing so at work.

‘Billy, what have I told you about saying ‘thanks for reaching out’ in e-mails?’

‘You said it was a non-negotiable’

‘Pack your Zoom Billy, the internship is over’

Anyway, all these good feelings heading into the season are important. We need a great start. This is a confidence team. We need to turn good vibes into points, but I’m feeling good about that this year.

Still some work to be done in the transfer window, but overall, things are looking up.

What do you think of the shirts? Share in the comments.

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  1. Daz


    Yeah just been confirmed, from what pedro was saying on his podcast seems he may be concerned with giving too much power to one person

  2. azed

    “Really? Wonder what Pedro’s got to say about that.”


    If you had read the rules of the blog, you’d have seen rule number 1 which states “The sauce is always right even when wrong”

  3. Mr Serge

    Pedro I remember at the ground the uproar when we sold lukic for Seaman all that time ago no internet in them days.
    I was a young man nearly 20 and I was confident we did the right thing.
    I have the same feeling now what’s the point in having two good keepers when we need the money to improve that midfield.
    It’s a smart move let’s not let emotion get in the way of that
    Emi was a wonderful 20m accident

  4. Dissenter

    “If we are signing Draxler, we might as well sign Mvilla and Kalou just to make things more interesting.”

    What about the German lass with the big tattas that Pedro used to post anytime he wrote about Draxler. Shall we sign her too?
    It was a case of classical operant conditioning; attractive buxomy Fraulein = Draxler

  5. Marko

    Also worth noting that we’ve decided to sell Martinez mere hours after Aouar reportedly told Lyon he wants to leave this summer. Coincidence I think not

  6. Dissenter

    I have to say you got the Arteta sause spot on.

    How many managers canpull off that type of jarring commercial for a football club?
    It’s like Mikel is tailor-made for Arsenal.

  7. Marc

    The only only reason I ask what Pedro makes about Arteta being made Manager over First Team Coach is that’s exactly what happened to the Poooooooooooooch.

    A few months before he was fired!

  8. azed

    “What about the German lass with the big tattas that Pedro used to post anytime he wrote about Draxler”


    That lass should be the logo and icon of le grove. Every post should have picture in it.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    I think Draxler is still a very good player. If we really want Aouar. I think we should go for him, But If we can’t bring him in I would be happy with Draxler+Partey. Our Creativity won’t depend on Willian alone.

  10. Bojangles

    Arteta now manager.

    “It was announced on Thursday night the Spaniard would now be first-team manager as opposed to head coach, while Vinai Venkatesham will take the mantle of chief executive having previously operated as managing director.”

  11. Bojangles

    “Also worth noting that we’ve decided to sell Martinez mere hours after Aouar reportedly told Lyon he wants to leave this summer. Coincidence I think not”

    Possibly but may also denote that Pep has shown interest.

  12. gunnerram

    @Pedro, we need to see 2 signings which will lift the doom & gloom. One consistent things over the last 3 years – very poor start and having to play major guns very early and get beaten badly and lose momentum. Thus years fixtures just makes me nervous and if things don’t pick up we will be in a royal scrap.

    I cannot believe Arteta has chosen Leno over Martinez. Leno’s punches has been a recipe for disaster and Martinez really commanded his area very well. Leno stands on the line too much and makes the whole back line very nervous.

  13. Useroz

    If Martinez is being sold, that would be the first mistake of the new Manager and CE!!

    Sell Leno if we wanted the cash.

    May be you do but I don’t feel the comfort with Leno keeping especially when crosses are flying in. It’s be harsh to say Leno isn’t good enough but 12 games played at a consistently very high standard isn’t easy to beat.

    What do we need Draxler for? We shouldn’t be accepting giveaways from these clubs. Take cash. They play hard ball. And we just lie down??

  14. Red Army

    ‘ I used too many descriptors’

    Dissenter I’m going to banford you now. Those things are called adjectives lol

    Or just be like Mikel and keep it simple.

  15. Dissenter

    Maybe we don’t fancy Areola.
    I heard that there were goal keeping changes planned for the summer before Martinez good form after the restart blew everything up.

  16. Dissenter

    Does it make that much of a difference? Head coach vs manager?
    I think it;s just basic house keeping to reflect the exit of Raul, no more vague titles like Director of footballing operations.

  17. salparadisenyc

    Considering some used to beat the absolute drum that the “coach ” had zero to do with clubs recruitment, yes it does make a difference.

  18. Champagne Charlie


    Arsenal protecting an asset, given him more clout because they know he’s a hot commodity. His remit is more than the previous manager now on merit

  19. Northbanker

    Quote a depressing setback that we are selling out best goalkeeper to emerge in years

    Leno a distant also ran

    No midfielder is worth that – Arteta s biggest mistake

  20. Useroz

    Seriously I hope it’s media BS about Martinez.

    What if Leno lost form after the recovery??

    If we are seriously about the PL, Martinez got to start the Fulham game

    £20m may sound a lot but better goalies especially PL goalie cost heaps. If Martinez plays another 12 games at similar level, we are talking £40m+. 27, 28 yo are the best ages for goalies. We never learn.

    Who’s the. Moody Rays tads? Desperate to join the club? £1m fee? £10k pw??

  21. Marko

    Does it make that much of a difference? Head coach vs manager?

    It makes a massive difference. On the one hand it obviously means that he has more of a say than before more power if you want to be that guy. I think perhaps more telling is it suggests that they’re completely bought into the idea of Arteta. Mikel stocks are on the rise

  22. Marko

    For Mattéo Guendouzi, after rejecting Valencia, Villarreal, Atalanta himself & Arsenal rejecting a lowball offer from one Premier League relegation candidate, the options are diminishing. Barcelona ship has sailed – Atletico Madrid are still there, but player unsure.

  23. Marko

    Edu (transfers) “We have to be prepared is with what we really need to receive from the outside. For example many clubs are asking me or talking to me about loan players or swap players but I am not seeing they are really prepared to do the kind of things they are asking me.”

    I think this is very very interesting. Seems as though clubs are more than happy to try to get our players on loan or as swap deals but aren’t interested in doing the same for us. Cunts I say

  24. salparadisenyc

    Telling this one from Edu:

    “What I would like from now is that everything related to football has to come through me. All the contacts, agents, internally, externally, people outside Arsenal, have to see me — and my name — as the first one to call or connect to. It is important because sometimes they feel unclear about it. To be clear and open that is how we are going to operate.”

  25. Dissenter

    “Considering some used to beat the absolute drum that the “coach ” had zero to do with clubs recruitment, yes it does make a difference.”

    Being head coach didn’t stop Arteta from dragging Edu and Raul’s feet over burning coal earlier in the summer, did it.You remember he went public for a short while about transfers?
    He had powers to over-rule players leaving even as head coach, didn’t he?
    I get your point, I’m just not sure calling him manager makes a vast difference.
    Arteta kniws how to leverage his influence within the club.

  26. redbro14

    Just my pennies worth……Emi should be our no 1. If we are a family, then Emi surely belongs here after 10 years of graft. Great keeper, you just know it, body language, size, timing, good on the ball, distribution. Why sell to gain poxy 10 mil when you factor in getting a replacement. Gutted if it happens…..

  27. salparadisenyc


    Club has clearly just given Mikel twice the rope, he’s not Wenger levels but this is the entry point.
    Emery didn’t even see the starting gate.

  28. Northbanker

    So without the good Aouar news I’m just left with the utterly depressing Martinez exit news

    Why is an otherwise apparently switched on coach like Arteta so oblivious to the massive advantage he has with playing Martinez over Leno?

    Take a leaf out of Brian Cloughs book – who knew a top keeper could buy success when he bought Shilton

  29. Bojangles

    At least we have stopped talking about money matters for a short while. There is an obsession here with club financial dealings unlike any I have seen on other football blogs, Arsenal or otherwise.

  30. Marko

    Ainsley Maitland-Niles to prioritise regular playing time as he agonises over Arsenal future with Wolves preparing improved offer. [@SamiMokbel81_DM]


    Edu: I know how important & how big the player is when you mention Mesut but, in the end we’re talking about performance here.

    If he’s performing well and people are performing well, who is the best in training & in games, I am sure Mikel is going to select them.

    Good interviews tonight really good.

  31. Dissenter

    “Emery didn’t even see the starting gate”

    That’s precisely my point.
    It wont have made a difference if you called Emery “general manaager’ because he didn’t have a clue how to weild his power within the club and he didn’t earn his chops.
    Arteta still has to work under/with a sporting director. He would have the same stature within Arsenal even with the same “head coach” title after winning a major trophy in his first six months.
    Arteta is like Arsenal personified right now. That jersey commercial is hair rasing, … it connects in a visceral way.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Sensible Martinez decision there. His price went up after last seasons performance, you sell and improve the team. We bought Leno for 27m when we had Martinez at the club for a reason.

    And I think the whole new structure is now simpler and dare I say smarter. The manager takes the fall for the results hence should always be allowed to pick the players that come in. Edu then makes the deals happen. Vinai oversees the commercial side. So if Edu does his job well then Arteta would be expected to meet his own end of the bargain, deliver the seasons objectives whatever they are as set by Edu/Vinai.

    Simple really

  33. GunnerDNA

    Some hate the fact that AW has so much control at Arsenal when he absolutely earned it but now Arsenal is doing the same thing with Mikel and they’re celebrating. It’s going be an interesting PL campaign. The smear campaign against Edu is already started 😂😂

  34. redbro14

    Emi gets sold…


    WTF. What are we doing? Sixth richest club in the world selling a gem like Emi for peanuts! Are we really that poor?
    Sorry for the rant….

  35. Receding Hairline

    GunnerDna I get where you are coming from. Has he earned such power? Well many seem to think the FA cup win was a miracle so hence placing all our eggs in the Arteta basket justified.

    What do I think? Same thing I thought when he was hired, last season was a write off for me, where we finish this season in the league and how well we do in the EL will help me form an opinion. Also how we approach games against teams we are expected to beat, last season it wasn’t encouraging.

  36. GunnerDNA


    “GunnerDna I get where you are coming from. Has he earned such power? Well many seem to think the FA cup win was a miracle so hence placing all our eggs in the Arteta basket justified”

    AW earned whatever he had going on at Arsenal although in the the end he lost his way but Mikel still has a long way to go. There are positive signs but I’m not joining the hero worshipping campaign because of the FA Cup, he has to earned his stripes in the PL.

  37. WengerEagle

    That Szczesny fee was criminal, he had already shown here that he was a top GK.

    ION, Giroud falling upwards on his way to Juventus now apparently. Would have thought that him and Ronaldo would be chalk and cheese.

  38. Receding Hairline

    GDna of course the league is where it is at. Funny enough I am willing to give him next season as a free pass too to come to grips with the challenge, although that will mean us falling further behind the top teams. I just hope he isn’t buying into all this hype cos it might lead him to make strange decisions if things don’t go as smoothly as some think it will.

    Anyway the season is upon us and I for one am excited. Its gonna be an interesting season. We believe we have found our man. Lampard is targeting players that suggest top four isn’t his goal, Pep is wounded and will want to prove a point, Ole has a good team and will be feeling the pressure, Klopp is already a bit concerned going by his comments on the other top teams spending, then we have the outsiders Carlo and Rodgers who can do some damage.

    Bring it on.

  39. Receding Hairline

    Eagle last season Lampard warned his squad not to get comfortable celebrating top four and the club has backed him. As a Chelsea player he won all the biggest trophies so even he knows what’s expected. He got last season as a free pass, the pressure is on now for him.

  40. WengerEagle

    Still think that Liverpool and City are both a level ahead of the rest.

    Chelsea are still vulnerable at the back and haven’t got a reliable GK while United lack a real top quality CF even though they have players in Martial, Rashford, Greenwood that will spread the goals.

    And Spurs have an astoundingly ordinary CM like ourselves with a broken backline. Hojberg is bang average and does nothing to bridge the gap.

  41. WengerEagle


    Yeah, that’s why he’s spent so heavily this summer as he couldn’t bring in anyone last year and they’ve backed him given the top four finish.

    Nowhere to hide for him now though adding 200m of talent on to a squad that finished 3rd. I can’t see Roman being happy with a 3rd placed finish again and think that Frank will get the sack if they aren’t at least competitive with Liverpool and City. You don’t drop that kind of outlay to finish in the CL places.

  42. WengerEagle

    Be interested to see how they line up because Ziyech and Havertz both lack pace and are at their best operating just off of the striker which will be Werner, who drifts wide himself.

    Pulisic has to be one of the first names on the team sheet too after the season he’s had.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Agreed Eagle

    Don’t know about Liverpool being that good though, they have looked pretty short of ideas after performing at an unbelievable level for two seasons straight. They might find it tougher this season. I predict the title goes back to Pep.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    “It wont have made a difference if you called Emery “general manaager’ because he didn’t have a clue how to weild his power within the club and he didn’t earn his chops.“

    This is further vindication for what was said beforehand, and then immediately following Arteta’s maiden interview with the club when appointed.

    He’s not a yes man, he will not shrink in the presence of Raul and co., and he certainly won’t be bullied into buying players he doesn’t want – criticism of previous. The spectacular fashion it’s unfolded is utterly hilarious from that pov.

  45. WengerEagle


    Yeah I’m with you, have City winning the title this season. Liverpool have put forward two title winning seasons worth of form now with the 97 point 2nd place finish winning it any other season in PL history. And that has to tax on them, may have been because they’d already won the league but since the re-start they’ve looked very beatable and have struggled to press on that domestic domination.

    You do wonder how much of it is down to burn-out because they’re not a deep squad with the front 3, the GK and backline pretty much ever-present. Outside of Salah and Mane there really isn’t an abundance of goals and they haven’t done anything in the window to address this.

    So many of their wins last season were by a single goal, and as we saw VAR intervened on multiple occasions in their favour. Next to impossible that they put that kind of run together for yet another season although they clearly will still be in the title picture.

  46. salparadisenyc

    Think Frank’s in over his head, battle for 4th for me.

    If you spend £200m in a summer window and your best back four is likely Chilwell, Silva, Zouma and Azipilcueta playing in front of club record signing Kepa you’ve missed something.

    Incredible summer no question but it’s not clicking just yet , but that club could be flying in a season or two.

  47. Thorough

    Wenger Eaglw
    Ziyech and Havertz both lack pace…

    I heard he was actually the fastest midfielder n the whole of last season. ESPN indeed had him at 21.7mph for the season.

  48. Thorough

    Wenger Eagle
    Ziyech and Havertz both lack pace…

    I heard he was actually the fastest midfielder n the whole of Bundesliga for the last season. ESPN indeed had him at 21.7mph for the season..
    So, this guy practically has it all, statistically at least.

  49. Overmars


    September 9, 2020 18:59:47
    PierreIf Eddie had an once of the Martinelli spark and passion, he’d be a far better player.:

    Graham can I ask on what basis are you making that judgment?

    Is it because Martinelli runs himself into the ground every match and Nketiah preserves his energy more?

    Lee Cattomole and Robbie Savage used to do the same every week.

    Pires played the same position as Martinelli, are you saying he lacked spark and passion?

  50. WengerEagle


    I’m glad you said that because I thought I was alone in being unimpressed by the way in which Chelsea have spent the 200m. Havertz was a borderline luxury signing when you look at old man Azpi, and calamity brothers Zouma and Kepa still in the XI after dropping so much money.

    I don’t even rate Havertz that highly tbh, talented lad clearly but nothing particularly exciting to me about his game other than having a slick, languid and fluid playing style. He lacks pace and isn’t a one vs one player, much more effective in the final third with the last pass or finish.

    Chilwell does nothing much for me either. Again, talented player but pales in comparison to Reguilon, Gosens, Alex Telles, Grimaldo for me.

    I think that they addressed the lack of goals in Werner and Ziyech and should have looked to invest that 75m into improving the backline/GK.

  51. WengerEagle


    I’d take stats like that with a pinch of salt, Javier Chicarito Hernandez was measured to have run the fastest speed at the 2010 World Cup at over 32km/h and we all know that he wasn’t a particularly quick or gifted runner.

    Look up Havertz clips and judge for yourself. He rarely beats players one vs one. more so with feints or a clever touch to open up space. Gifted lad don’t get me wrong, very smooth style reminiscent of Ozil when he was actually good.

  52. China1

    Lol those links to kalou every summer drove me mad. So glad we never got him

    I haven’t seen any confirmed reports that we’ve sold Martinez. What is the source of this info?

  53. MidwestGun

    China it’s not confirmed.. The source is the Independent… saying Arsenal have decided to release him because we can’t guarantee him starter and Villa upping their bid. And also Leno had been named starter for Fulham. It’s one of those where there is smoke there is fire things. Could all be paper talk of course.

  54. Ashwin Gunner

    “What about the German lass with the big tattas that Pedro used to post anytime he wrote about Draxler. Shall we sign her too?”


    On public demand Post that pic of the chick drinking beer in Okctoberfest..

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I think that selling Martinez is a huge mistake. By all accounts the fee is just £15 million, which is laughable when you see that Bournemouth got £19 million from Sheffield United when they sold their goalkeeper.

    Arsenal need two top quality goalkeepers on their books and any replacement for Martinez will cost us a sizeable fee so where is the benefit of this deal?

    It is high time that the club starts looking at its own interest rather than capitulating every time another club comes calling. We are becoming a soft touch.

  56. Ashwin Gunner

    ,,”It is high time that the club starts looking at its own interest rather than capitulating every time another club comes calling. We are becoming a soft touch.’


    Problem is that Emi doesn’t want to play second fiddle anymore. He had waited too long in my opinion. And he deserves to be no 1., Either with us or with stone other team. Is not fair to keep him as no2 sherry his performances

  57. Ashwin Gunner

    m. Is not fair to keep him as no2 sherry his performances

    **”m. Is not fair to keep him as no2 after his performances this season

  58. Bamford10


    “The manager takes the fall for the results hence should always be allowed to pick the players that come in. Edu then makes the deals happen.”

    I hear what you are saying, but I don’t think this is an accurate description of the current set-up. While Arteta has much say in — and veto power over — signings and sales, Edu heads up the recruitment team. He and Arteta talk constantly, Arteta tells him what kinds of players he wants and needs, Arteta may give him this or that specific name here or there, but Arteta is spending most of his time developing the tactics for the team, instructing the players, running sessions, and managing matches, not on the list of players we are looking at. That’s more Edu’s remit as Technical Director.

    Arteta has more say and more weight than Emery did — for a variety of reasons — but we haven’t returned to the old Wenger model where the manager is head of recruitment. Edu is head of recruitment. Arteta has plenty of other things to do. None of which is to take away from how much say Arteta has (and should have) in the process; I just think your description above makes it sound like he is managing the process, and I don’t think that’s right. That would make his job far too large — something we learned under late Wenger — and it would make Edu’s job too small.

    The article below about Edu’s dismissal of the scouting team supports what I am saying above, I think.

  59. Bamford10

    I am with those who think selling Emi is a mistake. I realize we need funds, but I have been more impressed with Emi than I have ever been with Leno. Leno is a good shot-stopper, but I think Emi is the better all-around keeper. Maybe we need a larger sample size to say for sure, or maybe we need to see Emi perform in front of big crowds, but I just don’t know if this is the right decision.

    I’d sell Lacazette long before I sold Martinez, but perhaps that is a different conversation.

  60. Freddie Ljungberg

    Vinai on the links with Kia:

    “We don’t select players based on the identity of their agent.

    “We select players based on the position we need to strengthen and the characteristics we are looking for in a player and if the player is out there who meets those characteristics.

    “Who the agent is comes out at the end, once we have decided who the player is. We are not signing players based on the identity of the agent. That would be a crazy strategy.”

  61. Guns of SF

    so far we have not sold anyone. Lyon dont want Matteo. How are we going to get aouar and with what funds?

    We need to sell some players that can give us a wad of cash. Laca Bellerin and even Emi ( i dont want him to leave)

    Small fish like Sok, El Neny, Kola will not raise all that much…

    We need a big sale of our players to get what we need.

    PSG cooling interest in Bellerin. Now Barca linked.

    Can we just hurry up and sell when we get a tug on the fishing line!

  62. Tony

    Agree with you ES regarding Emi.

    Speaks volumes that no club has vocalised interest in Leno; only Emi.

    If the reports are true we can expect to see Leno to continue his ‘Flapianski’ theatrics grasping helplessly for the high balls and leaving our CBs to try to cover for Leno’s lack of height and error prone keeping.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned but I prefer a keeper who always looks to hold onto crosses and shots rather than one that elects to punch his way out of trouble or parry shots into the paths of the opposition.

    There is a bigger financial picture here where the loss of European qualification at the end of the season is going to compound the peanuts we received for Emi with a loss of income to the tune of £30million plus when we have to buy a new starting keeper.

    Guess we’re going to have to see at the end of the season whether Arteta really is a visionary sauced up manager getting Leno to become supreme commander of his box and 6-yard box aerially. One who can instil the same confidence in his defenders that Emi has in the last dozen or so games.

  63. Dissenter

    Is there. a case to remade that Chelsea’s problem may be that they bought too many starters in the same window.
    It’s a good problem to have =, no dough but it takes a special manager to put the pieces together very quickly. Lampard may not be that manager.

  64. Dissenter

    *Is there. a case to be made that Chelsea’s problem may be that they bought too many starters in the same window.
    It’s a good problem to have, no doubt but it takes a special manager to put the pieces together very quickly. Lampard may not be that manager.
    I don’t think Lampard will survive the season.

  65. Tony

    If Vinai is the right guy for the CE position a good start would be for Vinai to convince Stan to cover the costs of buying Partey, Aouar and Edouard so we can negotiate from a position of some kind of strength not having to visibly whore ourselves letting players go for free or well below their worth scraping the pennies together while the selling clubs watch us act as the pauper club we are knowing that they have all the leverage.

    If Vinai can’t convince the Kroenkes that this is a rare buyers market where investment now will offer far better end-game player profits than we have made since perhaps selling Anelka , then he should only be an advertising account manager at best.

    The keys to the Arsenal castle should be given to a proven and skilled negotiator who is used to dealing with billionaires, especially disinterested ones.

  66. Pedro

    Marko, apparently your boy was fired. Allegedly, you spent the last year not quite seeing what was going on. Can you confirm?

  67. Ekow

    Marko. Kia also represents Edu so you can imagine his power. He sold Arsenal Soares as well for a 4yr contract for a player who’s 29 and was a reserve player at Sothampton

  68. Graham62


    Good morning sir.

    Agree 100% and no you are not “old fashioned”.

    Martinez is bead and shoulders a better keeper and, as you rightly highlighted,, instils confidence into the defensive structure around him.

    For all of Leno’s wonder saves, he was a part of a shitty defense and, imo, was culpable for many of our problems at the time.

    If this is purely financial, then it sucks. Martinez should be our new #1, of that there is no doubt.



    I don’t consider Leno to be “a top top GK”

    Arteta’s reputation is on the line here.

  69. TeeCee

    Why be upset about losing Martinez? 6 months ago he was a 27 yo keeper who struggled to look good in the Championship! He has a handful of good games behind closed doors and all of a sudden he’s a superb keeper?
    He was worth 5m tops back then, now we’ll probably get around 18m for a guy who turned down a new contract. Brilliant business for a hard up club who desperately needs money!!

  70. Habesha Gooner

    Mesut Ozil has two genuine offers to leave Arsenal and still earn the same amount of money from abroad. No movements yet but the offers are on the table and have been for a couple of weeks. Arsenal willing to let him leave for free if he accepts either deal. #AFC

    And He won’t take either. What’s with our players and not wanting to leave. I know they are in a fat contract here but if they won’t play and can earn the same somewhere else, why not do it. I hope Aouar comes in because if he does there is no way Ozil will kick a ball this coming season. I hope it gets done early and make him think about leaving.

  71. Graham62


    London and the fat contracts helps.

    They also know the fans won’t be so sympathetic away from Arsenal.

    Always been our problem and one of the reasons why we find ourselves where we are.

  72. Tony

    Thanks Graham.

    Thankfully my wife 44, son,12 next week, and daughter 22 keeps me young and generally open minded, but there are a few times when I question myself.

    I’m a great believer in introspection from time to time in an effort to keep grounded and in tune with modern life.

    Too many people in their 60s lose too much perspective and values of what they believe to be rational – Pierre is just such an example with his unconditional love for Wenger, Ozil and now Eddie N.

    Enjoy the game and weekend, Graham and hopefully our first 3 points without injury and drama.

  73. Graham62

    I’ve done my back in and we’re putting a new flat roof on our room extension.

    Does that count as “injury and drama”?

  74. Tony

    Depends on how much sympathy and pampering you want from your wife, Graham.

    Be careful of your goal celebrations.

    Hope it heals quickly, Graham.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    I have no issue with Venkatesham being appointed CEO. I assume that he will now sit on the
    Board as was his predecessor.

    Arteta becoming Manager of First Team rather than Head Coach is frankly just a title. Does it
    give him more influence than he has already? I am not so sure.The team’s success and performance determines his influence and longevity at the club.

    There are four pieces of jigsaw which need to be completed very quickly.

    1. The club needs to announce today that Aubameyang has signed a new contract. That will
    provide impetus for start of season.

    2. We need to sort out goalkeeper position quickly and let us hope that the club does not
    regret its decision.

    3. The club needs to be decisive in its decision making about midfield. If Partey and Aouar
    are the preferred options then commit to bringing in one and then wait and see whether
    we can generate sales.

    4. There needs to be clarity on which players are to be offloaded and not just what appears to
    be a scatter gun strategy. The policy should be to keep our best players for next season and
    not weaken some positions to strengthen elsewhere.

  76. Freddie Ljungberg

    “According to The Independent, Martinez has agreed personal terms with Villa. It is suggested that he is ready to sign a four-year contract worth around £60,000-a-week”

    What was he on before, 25k right? And he’s a guaranteed starter there, unless we’re willing to bin off Leno it’s going to be hard to better that.
    15-20m fee reported, hope it’s at least 20m so we get some cash left over after replacing him.

    AMN seems like he could be leaving too if he doesn’t get game time reassurances, don’t see how we can give him that unless Bellerin leaves.

    Wouldn’t be my first names on the chopping block but you take what you can get when you have a midfield made of crap.

  77. shad

    Joined the FPL @Benny Devito (team is Kempes)

    Meanwhile, the Martinez issue is very dicey. From a fan’s perspective it is gutting given he has held fort over the past 15 or so games (heck, winning 2 trophies) and has Arsenal in his blood given his tenure. The issue is maybe holding the club ransom by demanding the #1 spot, whereas Leno would feel aggrieved given that he has also saved our bacon on quite a few occasions and was unfortunate to lose his spot to injury. If Martinez has been given a counter offer and told that the spot is competitive but has chosen to go to a lower club where he is guaranteed first team action, then fair play to him, we just take what we can get. The flip side is anything could happen and he can have a stinker of a season, and knowing our fickle fanbase, they’d be baying for blood and look what that will do to his stock..

  78. shad

    Edu will be clipped to size given some of the deals we’ve dished out…(Soares, Luiz, WIllian..) While I’m all for bleeding the old to mentor the young, surely there has to be some rationale behind signing players visibly on the decline or injury prone and on high wages.

  79. Valentin

    There is a reason why no club have bid for Leno, they have the same judgement of him than many have. He is a great shot stopper, but is error prone, flap a lot under high ball, punch rather than catch balls, is rooted on his line at corners and set pieces, does not command his area, has a poor distribution and is not vocal.
    So he may be directly culpable for all the goal conceded, but he induces fear and panic into his own defenders, which does not help the defense.
    Last summer I said that we needed an upgrade on him and we had with Martinez. If we now sell Martinez, we will soon revert to the same defensive setup. Leno’s luck is that both Saliba and Gabriel are better defender and both are great in the air. They will mask some of his deficiencies, but I can see them costing us points and goals at crucial games.

  80. BacaryisGod

    That’s a beautiful promo video. Almost had me until I remembered who the billionaire head of our family is and the 55 people he just laid off. Still, ‘this is our family’ sounds much better than ‘this is our corporation’

  81. Graham62


    You are correct.

    If Martinez goes, Villa will have a far better keeper than us.

    I’m telling you that for free.