Auba to ink new deal

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Things are starting to pick up at Arsenal HQ. David ‘Still a god who is Fabrizio anyway’ Ornstein has made the announcement that a new three-year deal has all but been inked.

The report on The Athletic had a few interesting tidbits.

1. The contract will ‘enable’ him to become the highest-paid player at the club. Enable suggests that there are some sexy bonuses involved, I’m not sure it means he’s going to be raking in the same takehome as Mesut.

2. The theme of the summer is that Arteta played a huge role in pulling the deal over the line. I told you way back when that he had the sauce and here we are. I’ve said many times over the years that big-name managers are not the only guys in the game with pull. Big ideas, attention to detail, and project energy can go a very long way. Auba looked very slumped shoulders in December.  Now he’s winning trophies and he looks like an icon. I am very, very happy that we have a coach that knows how to motivate and sell an exciting vision.

3. The article talks about his leadership. He’s a ‘by example’ kind of guy. It reads like the club is very much leaning on its older players to bring the promising batch of kids through the ranks. Auba will be an influencer on our striking talent, but according to the report, he’s also making time for Tierney and Pepe.

I definitely wanted to burn down the house this summer and start again, but I have to admit, I like the idea of keeping big players around to guide the youth coming through. David Luiz guiding Saliba and Gabriel is a good thing. Willian helping Saka, Reiss and Martinelli can only be a good thing. Auba, one of the best strikers in the game, leading our line, can only be a good thing.

This deal is absolutely huge for Arsenal. We’ve spent the last 5 years under a very dark cloud. We’ve been directionless on and off the pitch. We’ve had to question the motives of our execs like never before. All those issues have now been dealt with decisively.

We have one leader at exec level. We have a technical director free of negative influence. We have one of the best young coaches in world football. We kept our best player. We have the makings of a very, very, very good squad.

There’s still work to do. We need to address our midfield with an 8 and ideally a 6. We still need to shake free some of the deadwood. There must be a balancing of the books.

But the fundamentals are there… you haven’t been able to say that of Arsenal for a long time. Now watch this video to close out my emotionally charged piece about GETTING OUR ARSENAL BACK.

Wipe those tears you melt, it’s just a promotional video.

… but, you know, I do advertising for a living so let’s have a little chat about how fine this execution is.

It’s another 30-yard screamer in the 90th minute for me (Arsenal scoring).

The narrative for the 3rd kit, which I actually really like, is that we’re a family. I don’t know whether you could have posted a video like that 5 years ago. At the 3000 feet view, it’s a football story, at the super fandom level (using hacking technology to find out if Partey has a booking at Claridge’s), it’s basically reflective of how the fanbase has come together over the last 6 months.

I love the historical references. King Kanu making an appearance. I love that the Women’s team prominently featured again. I love the way the phone footage makes the piece feel intimate. I also like how Adidas is positioning Arteta as a star. They’re making a thing of his non-negotiables, just like me and you are doing so at work.

‘Billy, what have I told you about saying ‘thanks for reaching out’ in e-mails?’

‘You said it was a non-negotiable’

‘Pack your Zoom Billy, the internship is over’

Anyway, all these good feelings heading into the season are important. We need a great start. This is a confidence team. We need to turn good vibes into points, but I’m feeling good about that this year.

Still some work to be done in the transfer window, but overall, things are looking up.

What do you think of the shirts? Share in the comments.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    “I’m not sure it means he’s going to be raking in the same takehome as Mesut.”

    I’m sorry… who his this Mesut ?

  2. shad


    Just like you I’m quietly confident in what the team can pull off this season. If we get either of Partey or Aouar, that takes us from Europa to a CL spot.

    And like I said in a previous post, Pepe will be on a different level this season. Just a gut feeling. Quietly confident about him.

  3. shad


    So true. When you look at what United are wearing, you just wonder if they got inspiration from Sanchez’s greedy stubs on the piano. Can’t think of any other place their designer was at the moment to come up with that staggering shyte.

  4. shad

    “Less than 48 hours until our season kicks off and the midfield is the same as last seasons plus Elneny.”

    Thankfully Ceballos is back and as much as we don’t have much creativity going forward, Arteta has instilled a battle hard ethic. Not so grim….

  5. Stefan

    This kit’s pretty cool, marble halls one is awesome, out on a limb but works for me

    Videos for both gave me a real buzz, just another part of the positive feeling around the club again

  6. Champagne Charlie

    “And my question about us finishing five points off of 4th? Is that with the squad as is, or with first-XI quality additions?“

    Sorry, missed this between replies and comments.

    I’m talking as is, I think the biggest factor this season that faces Arteta is transitioning from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3 successfully across multiple disciplines ie low block lesser sides, to top 6 sides with a varied approach. It’ll have some teething, and will depend on the adaptive abilities of Gabriel/Saliba….and likely Partey when/if he’s added.

    I think our midfield will determine much of our progress, as last season the profile was a real hindrance to us playing Arteta-ball. That’s the grey area remaining for us in the window imo, if we bring in Partey and Aouar then we’ll have the ability to earn more than 70 points and whether we do will further depend on the adaptation and cohesion of the changes in the side. They’re in important areas of the pitch so whilst the potential is great it’s a bridge too far for me to expect deliverance next season from all involved.

    I think we’ll fight for top 4, I expect us to, but there’s no ultimatum for me and what will please me most is watching us develop from a cautious, organised, and resolute 3-4-3 to a more ball-dominant, expansive, and electric 4-3-3 against all sides.

  7. CG


    “””””””We have one leader at exec level. We have a technical director free of negative influence. We have one of the best young coaches in world football. We kept our best player. We have the makings of a very, very, very good squad.””””””””

    Oh , good to hear.

    Top 4 should be a cakewalk then.

  8. Tom

    I there were more cynical bastards like myself in this world people like Pedro would be unemployed lol.

    Every club makes these promotional videos but I’m much rather interested in actual actions than words.

    Nice video though. For a moment there I thought that shit box of a car was Arsenal players on their way to training because Arteta banned their exotics like Pep did in his Barca years.

  9. Marc

    If things are going so well then why are we recycling stories about Auba almost signing his contract because I thought that story was doing the rounds a month ago.

  10. MidwestGun

    Awesome Video.. ! Good timing on the TH14 statue shot. Gunners for Life!

    Ok.. ready for season now. I guess. Can we get a few new midfielders to join our family though?

  11. salparadisenyc

    Locking PEA down is best thing to come out of this summer, been prolific our best players by a stretch and it sets the tone looking forward.

    Have to think it reinforces the case should any future signings this summer have reservations about joining club with other options available. That adidas spot seals deal for me, quality.

  12. englandsbest

    Everything that’s happened since Mikel came back to Arsenal is some kind of miracle. So have no fear, With a wave of his wand, a di Stefano will appear.

  13. Henry+Root

    I always thought the Auba deal we be announced tomorrow to get the feelgood factor going as we start the season .
    While I share the desire of many on here to sign midfielders it is hugely complicated to get deals done . It will be done I’m sure we’ll before the window shuts

  14. Zimbogunner

    Well I’m looking forward to see Saliba playing. This is a guy Saint Ettiene begged to play in the French cup final against none other than Neymar and gang. Also we looked a season and half he was coming up with notable performances against these guys. Can we really worry if he comes against a Fulham team that is a candidate of relegation before season starts. I’m gonna be worried if we are to go to Liverpool to face that liverpool frontline.

  15. Willian dollar baby

    Class video! I love the Arteta non negotiables! What a boost be for the first game of the season having Auba sign

  16. China1

    My only hopes are we beat Fulham and saliba doesn’t make any blunders

    He doesn’t need to wow us, just quietly do a job without any major fuck ups will be a more than adequate debut for such a young CB. Anything more than that is a bonus but not necessary

  17. Guns of SF

    The pan on TH14 statute gave me the chills.
    What a player…. never get sick of watching TH 14 highlights… there will never be another.c

  18. RockyRoe


    The contract will ‘enable’ him to become the highest-paid player at the club. Enable suggests that there are some sexy bonuses involved, I’m not sure it means he’s going to be raking in the same takehome as Mesut.

    I have a feeling the contract is an incremental one. Something on the lines of, we start you off at 250k then when we have ozil off the books next summer, give you a 50% assured raise, to bring you to 350k (or whatever).

  19. shad

    The pan on the TH14 statue (wished there was some rain and thunder on it but hey) and the transition glitch from Miedema to DB10…proper, proper edits.

    Can we give Adidas the onus of doing the unveil video for Partey or Aouar please?

  20. Graham62

    Based on productivity and value to the club, we should be giving Auba £700k a week.

    Taking into account Ozil’s £350k, I think that’s more than fair.

    Aubameyang is the face of Arsenal. It’s a no brainer. again, who sanctioned the Ozil deal?

    Oh that’s right, I forgot.

  21. RockyRoe

    Adrian Clark (the guys who doesn the official arsenal videos on – reviews, previews etc) said during his season preview, ‘don’t be surprised if we bring in another creative midfielder to address the need for more chances.

    Assuming that the video won’t go on the website, without a review, do you think he know something?
    (yes I know I’m clutching at straws, thanks for pointing it out?)

  22. HighburyLegend

    “do you think he know something?”

    A bit of torture should fix it.
    I propose to tie him to a chair, right in front of Ozil and his Fortnite eyes, until he breaks and start talking.
    (That shouldn’t take too long…)

  23. Northbanker

    Delighted with the Auba news though why it has taken this time is still a mystery. And it still hasn’t happened. Doesn’t really fit with a long term strategy but given his form last year its impossible to argue with.

  24. Dream10

    The club probably held back the announcement because of the lack of transfer activity. That way, when Aubameyang’s signing is on the dot com tomorrow, it will feel like a prize. Won’t be surprised if the deal was done at end of July

  25. redbro14

    Hello Grovers,

    a very cool vid, and I did shed a wee tear…..very cool, very London. But….reserving tears of joy for our new lads, Aouar and Partey baby, then….. we can turn up clan like into some other neighbourhoods and kick ass. Until then, sorry to say we are a family missing some muscle and trickery to see us down some Rough and ready Prem opponents..
    Been a Le Grove fan for years, amazing community, and now we have this super cool new look to kick of the new season. Never posted before, is there an initiation? Just no dropped soaps, a draw a line there! 😬

  26. Pedro

    CG, it’s the year 2020… top 4 is hard. We’re not in a 4 team league these days. It’s not a cakewalk like it was way back when.

  27. Tom

    So Besiktas can’t afford Elneny’s transfer or wages, yet people were hoping Ozil might find new home at one of the Turkish Super Lig clubs?!?!

    Ex Chelsea’s Moses is the highest paid player there at just €3m plus add ons ( taxes are lower there)…. how in the world could they ever even come close to matching Ozil’s Arsenal wages ?

    I didn’t realize that league was so poor, or are there some wage limiting regulations in place I’m not aware of.

  28. redbro14

    Thanks Pedro, don’t know what I would do without my daily dose of LG. 13.years is incredible, thanks for all your dedication and love. Let’s hope we can begin to enjoy our Arsenal after years of misery and dashed hopes. I know that FA Cup and CS will not satisfy us in the long run, but maybe its a glimmer of hope coming out of some very dire moments. The hierarchy needs to get behind our man and give him more weapons to fight for us. At least one more solid warrior in our midfield…….two would be rocket fuel! Come on Stan and Josh, now is the time…….

  29. MidwestGun

    is there an initiation?
    Good Intro Redbro.. yes unfortunately there is an initiation Marc calls you a cunt.. and then Pierre calls you an obsessive . Enjoy that. 😀

    Seriously though… basically you just have to let your opinions fly and take the heat.

  30. CG


    “””””CG, it’s the year 2020… top 4 is hard. We’re not in a 4 team league these days. It’s not a cakewalk like it was way back when.”””””


    1920 it was hard to get in the Top 4.
    2020 its hard to get in Top 4.
    2120 will just be as hard to get into to Top 4.

    Don’t start making excuses. Top 4 for Arteta or Adidas will be making another video with another Arsenal manger next year.

    Soccer is a results driven industry.Like it or Lump it.
    He has to deliver CL soccer this year. And if he cant- lets get someone who can.

  31. redbro14

    Ha ha Midwest, loved your posts, thanks for your tips on navigating around LG heavy hitters. Cunt is a term of endearment, no problem there, an obsessive goes with the territory… of an Arsenal fan! Bring it on!

  32. Left Testicle

    I might be imagining it but, although there are still a lot of heated debates, the foul mouthed name calling seems to have declined.

  33. salparadisenyc

    RedBro know this Red Truth will piss on any parade that happened after 1996 where Arsenal’s concerned or Messi was attending.

  34. Marc


    “although there are still a lot of heated debates, the foul mouthed name calling seems to have declined.”

    That could well be down to people agreeing what direction Arsenal should go in just having different views on the players etc to get there.

    There’s still a few personality clashes but that’s always going to be the case when you have a large group of people passionate about a subject.

  35. redbro14

    Left, it’s a sad state of affairs….nothing like the combustible mix of profound and profane, a veritable walk on the knife edge, a Damocles sword of Pedro ban hanging overhead….

  36. Tom

    “I might be imagining it but, although there are still a lot of heated debates, the foul mouthed name calling seems to have declined.“

    Ha ha, just you wait if /when Arsenal start poorly the whole Emery /Arteta debate will resurface in no time and that always has a few cunts and dipshits thrown around.

  37. azed

    “I might be imagining it but, although there are still a lot of heated debates, the foul mouthed name calling seems to have declined.”

    PedRo morphed into Kim Un Ped and started dishing out bans like they were MacDonald fries and the peasants fell in line.

  38. CG


    1920 League Table ( top 4)

    1. West Bromwich Albion
    2. Burnley
    3. Chelsea
    4. Liverpool

    It was hard then, its hard now.

    No excuses. Arteta has to deliver it.
    If not, why is he The Arsenal manager?

  39. Tom

    “I disagree with a lot of Sid’s political views but know I would enjoy going for a pint with him.”

    Is it because you think he’d give you one for free?

  40. MidwestGun

    Sorry, but Sid is too busy writing down wisdom on the little pieces of paper that go in fortune cookies. He doesn’t have time for a pint. Millions of cookies so little time.

  41. Pedro

    CG, it was pretty easy to make the top 4 under Wenger. Now everyone has the same advantage.

    Top 4 is the goal, absolutely… but a cakewalk? One would think you are setting Arteta up for the fall you seem desperate for the entire club to have.

    Weird to want to punish your team forever because they rightly fired a manager that was finished.


    If only we were owned by a billionaire family with some money, eh? We could then fix the 2 problem areas we have without putting some of our valued players on e-bay. I support a self sustaining business model in principle BUT The Kroenkes have owned the business for years, have continually neglected their basic responsibilities of monitoring their investment & so, if they had any decency, they should stump up the necessary cash – just this once. Must stop as a flock (?) of Cornish pigs are flying past my window.

  43. Words on a Blog


    CG will never let Wenger go.

    Arsene will be in his heart for ever.

    He represents a certain type of Gooner.

    It is what it is.

  44. gunnerram

    @Pedro — you are bang right about the League being tough. We experienced this last year where we had 14 draws – games in previous years we would just breeze and guarantee top-4. So unless we have a team playing to a plan for a low-block it will be difficult for us to surpass the points tally and for most season we will be there or thereabouts in terms of top-8.

    Our midfield lacks creativity – so quality signings are a must. Also a lot of us are assuming best case scenario with Auba, lets assume auba is not available for a couple of weeks so who takes the responsibility with scoring the goals?

  45. Marko

    Exclusive: Arsenal have agreed to sell Emi Martinez. Leno is now in line to start against Fulham. [

    Apparently we’re trying to sign up Raya to replace him. Brentford must hate us these days

  46. DivineSherlock

    wow that ad is evocative . Respect . Humility. Belief . So so good. I might even buy the third kit. As for Auba , announce it goddamn it . As for Arteta , its back to Emery’s first season where if not top 4 , a Europa League trophy would be awesome. Team certainly looks capable enough to deliver that.

  47. Habesha Gooner

    Nice Video. Kanu’s Chelsea goal still gives me goosebumps. Anyway, I think we need to bring in another creative player. I wouldn’t even mind it if it’s Draxler. Willian alone can’t turn the same midfield from the fourth least creative team to a Top 5 creative midfield.

    Aouar seems to be the target though. I think I wouldn’t mind that much if we have him and not sign partey. Arteta has made this team solid and we are lacking in guile and creativity. Priority must be on Aouar. Partey is undoubtedly world class though. I am glad bellerin is staying. I think it was a mistake to play Niles as a RB. Let him play LWB and in midfield now.

  48. Buzzy

    What a terrible decision to let Martinez go..a proper Gooner and probably the most reliable goalkeeper we’ve had in 2 decades…get ready to shit your pants again everytime we concede a corner.

  49. Marc

    The PL has always been difficult but the quality has increased in recent years due to the amount of money clubs get from the TV deals.

    What does need to be remembered however is Arsenal have been several levels below where we should be and have been declining for some time. Currently it looks as if the defence is or close to sorting, attack has some quality, midfield is still severely lacking.

    We’ve just got to hope that we do something between no and October to fix that.

  50. Graham62


    Of course, you are 100% correct.

    For CG this all boils down to one thing and we all know what that is.

    The vast majority of fans wanted Wenger out because he was destroying the club. CG on the other hand wanted Wenger to stay because, as he is now proving, he truly doesn’t care for the club.

    That’s it in a nutshell as far as I’m concerned.

  51. CG

    “””””CG, it was pretty easy to make the top 4 under Wenger””””””

    Was it easier or was it Wenger made it look easy?

    I thought the whole idea of getting shot of our Wenger was to go forwards to greater things and ultimately higher in the league table.

    I have not one ounce of doubt in my mind, that if our Wenger had this current group of players he would achieve top 4 status by the end of the season. Not one slither of doubt.

    So if Arteta is this generational coach- and lets hope he is -he will do it with aplomb.

  52. Graham62

    If Martinez leaves, it will be a major step backwards.

    Will be livid if Arteta let’s him go.

    100% a far better GK than Leno.

  53. Marc

    If and as always it’s a major if the reports on Martinez are true. There are two things to bear in mind 1) Martinez might be adamant he wants to go 2) we might have realised we can’t generate the funds to fix midfield from the players we thought we were going to be able to.

    Arteta’s the manager and has to call the shots – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until it goes wrong and then I’ll bitch slap Pedro about it until the end of days!

  54. TR7

    We must ensure there’s is a right to first refusal clause in Martinez’s contract at Villa. In case he does exceedingly well, he will become too big for Villa in a couple years and we can buy him then.

  55. Marc


    That and a sell on clause.

    We should include a sell on clause in every sale unless we’re getting shot of a player we want to see the back of or getting good money.

  56. CG

    Re Martinez.

    All the Dopes had to do was pick him for the first 2 league games and I reckon Arsenal would have received another £10 million for him.

    Obviously to sanction this preposterous PEA deal someone lower down the food chain would have to suffer.( eg martinez)

    Villa have a cracker. I wish him well.

  57. Pedro

    gunnerram, I think there are more things going in our favour this year.

    Firstly, Arteta isn’t a bum. Thiago Silva said that PSG lost two years under him. Same for Arsenal.

    Players will be fit from the off and much more educated on tactical fluidity.

    I think Willian will offer us additional creativity in the final third.

    Dani C will be acclimated and he was very good before the break.

    Hoping to see more from Saka this season. We might see cameos from Ozil against deep blocks.

    We’ll still hit big bumps in the road this season, but overall, we’ll be better prepared to deal with them.

    Really hope we get a good start.

  58. Marc

    I genuinely don’t think Arteta would sanction selling Martinez unless he was either convinced Leno is the better option or Martinez had said I want to leave.

  59. Habesha Gooner

    That will be the best decision. Sell him with a good sell on clause and a first refusal clause. If he does better than Leno this coming season at villa, We can buy him back. We can also fix our midfield with the help of his transfer fee. It won’t matter if we have two solid keepers and we are still one of the worst creative teams around.

  60. Batistuta

    Long as the money is geared towards having us getting an upgrade in midfield, then nothing wrong in seeing the back of Martinez. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

    Lol you’d think we’ve just let go of peak Casilas with all the we’ll regret selling him talk

  61. TR7


    I guess it’s not easy to get a sell on clause inserted but if we can then surely we must get it done. Also think 20M is on the lower side given how well Martinez has done recently.

  62. Marc


    If you base the choice on the 10 or so matches after lockdown I’d rate Martinez as the better option for us.

    I do have a nagging doubt though why he never stepped up before or at least showed signs of being able to do it – it could genuinely be a case of right person right place right time, it could also be a purple patch or not having the pressure of fans in the ground.

  63. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah. I think it was Fulham vs Brentford. The play off game in Extra time. It was stupid and I wasn’t impressed. I think we should go for butland for 8 mil. He is still a very good keeper.

  64. Batistuta

    It’s not like Leno hasn’t been one of the best goalkeepers in the league bar Allison and the City goalie and maybe Pope at Burnley. We need midfield reinforcements more than we need to keep a goalie who’s said he needs guarantees anyways.

  65. Marko

    TR7 you have serious problems with letting go. Perhaps the greatest case in point is insisting on a buy back clause for a player with 38 appearances in 10 years at the club.

  66. Marko

    Also think 20M is on the lower side given how well Martinez has done recently.

    20 million on the back of 10-12 games at the end of a forgettable season is an absolute steal. Iwobi levels of stupid coming from Villa

  67. CG

    Martinez last 2 games standout at Wembley- with trophies held aloft.
    His next one will be at Villa Park in a Villa shirt.

    only at The Zombie Club , and only under KSEs tortuous and ruinous regime.

  68. Batistuta


    I liked him when he stepped him, impressed with him the few times he played when Wenger was here but we have need for money and at the moment we don’t have anyone banging on our doors for any of the scrap we’ve managed to stockplile no matter how much folks want to get sentimental with who should stay or who should go. We have one of the best goalies in the league with Leno and we are lucky Martinez has also shown he’s good enough so not fussed with us losing him. Chelsea cracked top4 last season with Kepa and he’s garbage and De gea was also pants too so again no reason to lose our minds with Martinez leaving really.

    We need that midfield fix badly and that’s what’s important at the moment. We can put in some buy back clause too

  69. Ernest Reed

    Leno must be back to full health if they are letting Emi go. Hey, he took his chance and made the absolute best out of it, good on him. Wish him well, just not against us, and hopefully he continues to perform.

    Onwards and upwards.

  70. Ernest Reed

    Jack Butland is a busted flush, Habesha. His best days were never ahead of him and he’s punching barely above his weight at a useless Stoke City club.

  71. Karsa

    Marti as did brilliantly for the last quarter of the season. But why hasn’t he shown any sign of that sort of form previously over several loans?

    If you could guarantee his performances over a full season and in front of fans I would say ‘make him number 1. But there’s no real evidence he can do so.

    If it’s a choice between a extra goalie or quality midfield addition it’s a only the latter option that takes the team forward.

  72. CG


    “””””CG, or under George Graham when he put Seaman over Lukic.””””

    good analogy that one.

    But I think Arteta has just kept Lukic and sold Seaman.

  73. TR7

    ’20 million on the back of 10-12 games at the end of a forgettable season is an absolute steal. Iwobi levels of stupid coming from Villa’

    Villa are getting a very good goal keeper. It is not so much about what Martinez has done till date but more about what he can do going forward. He looked in absolute command at Arsenal for 10-15 games. The non-chalance, anticipation of crosses and their handling, distribution of the ball etc. were no fluke, looked like it all came naturally to him. Not many GKs can display such calmness, authority and control for even 10-15 games.

  74. Ernest Reed

    Emi stepped up and was counted, as any decent backup keeper should, so why suddenly does everyone think its a mistake keeping Leno and letting Emi go? He’s a backup keeper and always will be – he’s been with the team for a long time and never once showed this ability. Leno has ben a solid performer who on any given day can steal you points. Leno may not be perfect, but he’s by far the better keeper.

    Given current financial circumstances, take the money and run.

    The fact that Arsenal are in financial straights is outright astounding, given they are owned by one of the richest people in the world, who just happens to also be an immaculate cheapskate. Astounding when you consider it.

  75. Marc


    Ultimately our financial position is not down to Kroenke’s tightness we’ve spent a fortune – just very badly. If you want to blame Kroenke for something it’s not putting competent corporate management in place going way back to Gazidis.

    Go through some of the bad decisions over the last few years and the numbers get eye wateringly high very quickly.

  76. Habesha Gooner

    That is impossible. We need to sign a backup keeper. I think we can close in Aouar if we add that 12 mil money. We have already bid 31 mil+ Guendouzi. Every penny won’t go to a CM.

  77. Marko

    Not many GKs can display such calmness, authority and control for even 10-15 games.

    This is actually true most of them do it for far longer a lot throughout their whole career’s in fact.

  78. Luteo Guenreira

    Wish the best for Emi if true. Hopefully this is only the start though, really need a few more sales going through.

    Feel like they’ll be a flurry of sales and purchases announced all within a few hours of each other, probably on or near deadline day.

  79. Ernest Reed

    “Go through some of the bad decisions over the last few years and the numbers get eye wateringly high very quickly.”

    Start with Ozil and work it from there, Marc. Equally many of the most questionable practices emanated from One Arsene Wenger and his socialist wage policies.

  80. Red Army

    Should see Rayas mistake vs Hull.

    Again no2s don’t see much action so won’t really matter, it gives us some coin and we have the German No2 to come back in.

  81. Bojangles

    “to.Arteta’s the manager and has to call the shots – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until it goes wrong and then I’ll bitch slap Pedro about it until the end of days!”

    Obviously “going wrong” is to be determined by your viewpoint of right and wrong.

  82. Marc


    £70 million for Xhaka and Mustafi, plus wages. Not getting Ramsey signed on or sold 3 years ago now, turning down £60 million for Sanchez and then swapping him 6 months later for Miki.

    It’s too depressing to go on and on through the list.

  83. Ernest Reed

    The fact that Arsenal must spend what they bring in, tells you Kroenke is a cheapskate. If they blow what little they have, its not down to Kroenke agreed, but its certainly down to the ridiculousness of the current policies that permit for it. Its fiscally responsible behaviour, but equally it cripples the team. No win.

  84. Dissenter

    I think Martinez is as good as Leno but he had to go after making his opinions public. He forced his transfer ina very calculated manner.
    Selling him for 20 million wuill be a coup. We are selling him for just about the same fee we paid for Leno, amazing since he was in the shop window for just three months.
    All the best to him, I absolutely love his drive and ambition. He wants to be number one to play for his country. That’s hard to fault.

  85. Ernest Reed

    “Not getting Ramsey signed on or sold 3 years ago now”

    The first part is bang on incorrect Marc, Ramsey was never going to be worth signing on again, he cant put in even half a season now. The second part, absolutely he should have been sold.

  86. Marc


    If the Xhaka and Mustafi transfers had been for quality players instead, if Mislintat had managed to sign players who we aren’t trying to unload for a loss now, we might have made CL football bringing in an extra £50 odd million per season over the last 3 seasons and we wouldn’t be so desperate for players right now.