Auba to ink new deal

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Things are starting to pick up at Arsenal HQ. David ‘Still a god who is Fabrizio anyway’ Ornstein has made the announcement that a new three-year deal has all but been inked.

The report on The Athletic had a few interesting tidbits.

1. The contract will ‘enable’ him to become the highest-paid player at the club. Enable suggests that there are some sexy bonuses involved, I’m not sure it means he’s going to be raking in the same takehome as Mesut.

2. The theme of the summer is that Arteta played a huge role in pulling the deal over the line. I told you way back when that he had the sauce and here we are. I’ve said many times over the years that big-name managers are not the only guys in the game with pull. Big ideas, attention to detail, and project energy can go a very long way. Auba looked very slumped shoulders in December.  Now he’s winning trophies and he looks like an icon. I am very, very happy that we have a coach that knows how to motivate and sell an exciting vision.

3. The article talks about his leadership. He’s a ‘by example’ kind of guy. It reads like the club is very much leaning on its older players to bring the promising batch of kids through the ranks. Auba will be an influencer on our striking talent, but according to the report, he’s also making time for Tierney and Pepe.

I definitely wanted to burn down the house this summer and start again, but I have to admit, I like the idea of keeping big players around to guide the youth coming through. David Luiz guiding Saliba and Gabriel is a good thing. Willian helping Saka, Reiss and Martinelli can only be a good thing. Auba, one of the best strikers in the game, leading our line, can only be a good thing.

This deal is absolutely huge for Arsenal. We’ve spent the last 5 years under a very dark cloud. We’ve been directionless on and off the pitch. We’ve had to question the motives of our execs like never before. All those issues have now been dealt with decisively.

We have one leader at exec level. We have a technical director free of negative influence. We have one of the best young coaches in world football. We kept our best player. We have the makings of a very, very, very good squad.

There’s still work to do. We need to address our midfield with an 8 and ideally a 6. We still need to shake free some of the deadwood. There must be a balancing of the books.

But the fundamentals are there… you haven’t been able to say that of Arsenal for a long time. Now watch this video to close out my emotionally charged piece about GETTING OUR ARSENAL BACK.

Wipe those tears you melt, it’s just a promotional video.

… but, you know, I do advertising for a living so let’s have a little chat about how fine this execution is.

It’s another 30-yard screamer in the 90th minute for me (Arsenal scoring).

The narrative for the 3rd kit, which I actually really like, is that we’re a family. I don’t know whether you could have posted a video like that 5 years ago. At the 3000 feet view, it’s a football story, at the super fandom level (using hacking technology to find out if Partey has a booking at Claridge’s), it’s basically reflective of how the fanbase has come together over the last 6 months.

I love the historical references. King Kanu making an appearance. I love that the Women’s team prominently featured again. I love the way the phone footage makes the piece feel intimate. I also like how Adidas is positioning Arteta as a star. They’re making a thing of his non-negotiables, just like me and you are doing so at work.

‘Billy, what have I told you about saying ‘thanks for reaching out’ in e-mails?’

‘You said it was a non-negotiable’

‘Pack your Zoom Billy, the internship is over’

Anyway, all these good feelings heading into the season are important. We need a great start. This is a confidence team. We need to turn good vibes into points, but I’m feeling good about that this year.

Still some work to be done in the transfer window, but overall, things are looking up.

What do you think of the shirts? Share in the comments.

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309 Responses to “Auba to ink new deal”

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  1. Fire

    The reason no club has bid for Leno is because he’s not for sale.
    This demonization of Leno has to stop. The lad has saved our bacon on a number of occasions while we conceeded ridiculous amount of shots.
    I wonder how Matinez would have fared under Emery’s open system as against Arteta’s low block.
    Matinez has been superb since Leno’s injury but the fact that he’s Keen to leverage on it before his stock drops tells us a whole lot more. It might just be a purple patch.

  2. Fire

    If he is really better than Leno, then why not stay, confine Leno to the bench, increase his rating, demand whatever salary he wants etc.
    Why the rush to play for relegation strugglers.

  3. Graham62

    There is one thing I would like to point out, in respect to Leno and Martinez, that may not go down too well with some of you.

    When Leno left the pitch on a stretcher at Brighton, the way he confronted Maupay didn’t sit well with me.

    This showed his true character as a professional footballer. Blaming others for your own mistakes is a cop out imo. Let’s be honest here, the way he went for the ball at the Amex typified his limitations. Would Martinez have done the same thing. I don’t think so.

    Secondly, Martinez’s reaction to helping Arsenal win the FA Cup was emotional and heartfelt. This guy has stuck by the club and, given the chance to prove himself, he clearly showed he is the real deal. We all saw it and yet those entrusted with the job of making sure we have the best possible players in key positions in the team, don’t see it.

    This is a monumental decision if it goes through.

    If it does, I sincerely wish Martinez the best of luck but will remain confused and angry as to why we let a top keeper and human being leave the club.

  4. Chika

    Leno is the better goalkeeper! It’s ridiculous reading where someone described Martinez as one of our best goalkeepers ever. lol

    Retaining Leno as first choice and selling Martinez for £20m to help finance our midfield upgrade is an understandable decision.

  5. shad


    You were on a good trajectory until you inserted “nice human being” caveat. If we were to maintain that same aspect ratio, we’d still have Walcott, Iwobi and Lord Jenks on our payroll still.

  6. Champagne Charlie


    Your dislike and bias against Leno isn’t totally clear in that last post, can you tell everyone why a Germany international is suspect and why a 28 year old who played 12 games for Arsenal is the truth around Europe to the point he’s about to sign for…..drum roll……Aston Villa.

  7. Dissenter

    Regardless of what sides you’re on in the Leno vs Martinez debate. [I preferred Emi to Leno]
    Don’t forget they Emi forced his exit, he put the club in a position where they just had to sell him.
    £15 million is good business for a reserve goalie who was only in the shop window for 3 months.The draw back is that we have to get a replacement and I expect that Brentford will want £7-10 million for David Raya who looks like he has lots of errors in his game. Raya is only 6 feet tall, just reminds you of Ospina.

  8. Valentin


    I have written exactly what I see as severe limitations of Leno. You see that as personal attack. It is not.

    The stats prove that on average Leno make 1 mistake every 7 games that directly lead to a goal. Until deGea gave him a run for his money, he was by far the goalkeeper in the top 5 European League with the highest number of mistakes that directly lead to a goal.

    Whatever measure you want to use, By an stretch of the imagination, Leno is not a great goalkeeper. Using the fact that he has played more games than Martinez is a fallacious argument, because Martinez would then have to wait a few season to catch up. Does that make him a better keeper no.

    BTW, You were using exactly the opposite argument when you tought that Leno should be in goal instead of Peter Cech. Leno had less experience but he was the better keeper.