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It is WILD that the season starts this Saturday. Fulham (A), West Ham (H), followed up by Liverpool (A) in the league, with a delightful EFL game against Leicester wedged in between. 4 games in 16 days, you can’t beat it.

One thing seems certain, we’ll not have our transfer business complete by the time the season kicks off. It’s a shame, but when you remember that Don Raul spent this summers money last season, you can’t really complain.

We’ve already managed to land ourselves some injury news. David Luiz is out of the Fulham game with a neck injury (wtf?). That leaves us with Rob Holding to pick up the centre of defence. The boy from Bolton is back in favour, even without the injury according to reports… which does seem to point to a bit of hoarding in central defence from Arteta and his staff. It’ll be very interesting to see how long it takes Gabriel and Saliba to edge their way into contention.

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about who is and is not at training at the moment. There were stories that Xhaka came in on his day off. We’ve seen Mesut and Matteo training with the first team. There’s a whole load of youngsters that have been given a chance to train with the first team. I don’t think any of it means much. I think the coach, particularly with the players that had been ostracised, is just hedging his bets for the coming season and trying to avoid drama.

Of particular interest is Matteo. The club were keen to move him on as a bit of a star. Well, that hasn’t amounted to much. Juninho of Lyon had this to say.

‘I get along very well with the (Arsenal) sports director. We spoke on the blower. Houssem Aouar is really appreciated by Arteta. There have been some discussions for Matteo Guendouzi who is also a good player. He was mentioned during the discussion, but this is not the profile we need, we were very clear. If it is like that, it does not interest us at all – it is, and we stopped.’

That’s quite adamant from a club that were strongly linked earlier in the window. Is this because they don’t like what he offers as a midfielder or more linked to his ways that are now widely known? If the problem shifting Matteo is that everyone knows he’s a bit of a whopper, then the player has two choices, he either knuckles down, or he’ll be earning less money than Neil Maupay by the time he ends his contract with Arsenal.

Hector Bellerin, our vegan club owning fashion-forward man-beast on the right… is attracting interest from Barcelona. They’re pulling 2011 transfer tactics.

‘Hey Edu, we like that socially conscious right back of yours’

‘We have no money though, is this still a possibility?’

Hopefully, we tell them no. The same goes for PSG who think that £25m is ok for a top player in his prime. If Brentford can land £28m for a striker from Villa, we can go a little harder at these fees. The price we’re rumoured to be looking for is £35m, which would be a lot better, and hopefully give us the funds to bring Hossem Aouar to the club.

There’s been very little noise around Alex Lacazette, which is surprising, but the hint may have been from the Juninho interview.

‘That is not our level in terms of contract. For the majority of these players… In January I called Alexandre Lacazette to chat a bit with him because he was having problems at Arsenal and I said to myself: “Why not do a loan for 6 months with us where you will enjoy yourself, play all the games and score the goals like you know how to? And then you go back to Arsenal or somewhere else.” But from the moment that you start looking at the level of the contract of these players, like with Juventus and Barcelona, it is not possible for us today.’

It’s reported that Mr Lacazette earns about £180k a week. There aren’t many clubs looking to shell out that sort of money combined with a big fee at the moment. So you’re in a situation where you either have to take an L on the fee, which doesn’t help our midfield dreams, or you have to hope a club like Atleti really are desperate for goals and see value.

Other players, that don’t have a profile, are literally ripping up their deals to get the Bosman. We’ve already lost Mikhi for nothing to shake off his £180k a week deal. Sokratis is playing the same game as we try and free ourselves of his £90k a week. I can’t imagine that Schalke are going to drop a massive fee for Kola who is on £120k a week. What is a club to do? We know these players are more than happy to sit on longterm deals and pick up the cheque. It’s better that you just move them on and try your hardest to sign players that can at least play to the value of their contract.

I’m half wondering if a few Arsenal players are waiting to see if they are going to be included in the squad for the opening game of the season before they decide to move. We’ll also see some panic moves when teams lose their opening two games (pray it ain’t us), when inevitable injuries mount, or clubs start to bring in fees from late spenders.

Eddie, cold as ice, 4 goals in 2 games, he now sits one goal from Franny Jeffers and Alan Shearers record. Hopefully, this is his breakout season. He needs to carry some of that swagger into the Arsenal games. It’s clear he has all the raw ingredients. He’s the fox in the box that Wenger spoke about all those years ago and he has a Bielsa workrate. I think he just needs a bit of luck to fall his way for things to click this season. Fingers crossed.

On that high note, let’s call it a day, and pray for some deals to drop. See you in the comments. x

P.S. WELL PLAYED AMN. England debutant. Hopefully the first of many.

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette is ready to push through a transfer to Atletico Madrid, according to reports in Spain. The French forward is now seen as a viable option by Diego Simeone who is keen to add quality to his ranks at the Wanda Metropolitano”

    That would solve one of our problems if true, just top off with some extra cash for Partey, whether they want to call it a swap or not the outcome would likely be the same.

  2. Dissenter

    What does it mean by Laca is ready to “push through” his transfer to Madrid?

    I don’t expect the club will resist selling him provided Atletico stump up the cash to make the transfer happen.

  3. Daniel+Altos

    Taking it everyone is doing all good.First things first,Pedro loving the new design its absolutely perfect.Also appreciate the good work you been doing here.Started reading Legrove religiously way back in 2011 but only started commenting last year and I must say I have been to many blogs but very few people actually give a shit about their blogs like you do.

    Now,onto the goalkeeper debate,Where does Karl Hein feature in all of this?Our 18 yo goalkeeper started for Estonia recently and if he can be trusted to start for a senior national team(I know it’s only Estonia but still)then it means he isn’t that bad.Also someone posted a link of Mark McGuiness defending..Shades of Per?Be the judge.

  4. Tom

    I do hope It’s £300pw because that would mean Arsenal hit their CL goals.

    £250 pw is easily justified when the player in question scored 170 goals and provided 35 assists in his last five seasons, and 80 goals and 41 assists over four seasons before that.
    If he continues scoring at the same rate for another two seasons and completely tails off after that, it would still be worth it,
    The quickest to 50 Arsenal goals ever during a time when our midfield has been mid table level at best is incredibly impressive too.

    Btw, what would you have done with Wenger’s head on a plate ?
    Put it on a fireplace mantel and pray to it five times a day?

  5. Emiratesstroller

    From a personal perspective this would be my preferred end of transfer window.

    Partey [straight swap with Lacazette]
    Aouar [Transfer Fee £45 Million]
    Torreira [£22-24 Million]
    Guendouzi [£15-20 Million]
    Kolasinac [Modest Transfer Fee £3 Million]
    Sokratis [Free]
    Elneny [Modest Transfer Fee £3 Million]
    Lacazette [Swap for Partey]

    I would not sell either Martinez nor Bellerin. Both are our first choice players in their respective positions and home grown.

  6. Bojangles

    “CRUCIAL ‘Aubameyang wouldn’t have signed new Arsenal contract if Arteta wasn’t in charge’ – David Ornstein says head coach was ‘absolutely pivotal’ in convincing striker to stay.”

  7. Freddie Ljungberg

    Daniel Altos

    We’re looking to move on Macey so maybe Hein is next in line for 3rd choice, maybe even 2nd if Martinez pushes for a move.

    McGuiness is the kid who scored in the friendly right? Big unit but hard to judge this early. Would be nice if he could replace some of the old guard as back up next season.


    No clue what it means, I’m guessing we’ll be happy to call a cab for him if we get a bid so no pushing necessary.

  8. Useroz

    “What does it mean by Laca is ready to “push through” his transfer to Madrid?I don’t expect the club will resist selling him provided Atletico stump up the cash to make the transfer happen.”

    Exactly. Laca better not expect Afc to tear his 2 year remaining contract and let him go for free. Not a dime less.

    If we had let Sok left for free, set a very bad example and precedence. All buyers would whisper to our players and persuade them to do the same. No bloody way.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    Changing 3rd String GK is fine by me. Hein is 18 and has just played 2 full internationals for
    Estonia. He is actually valued higher according to Transfermarkt.


    A straight swap between Lacazette and Partey is actually very good business for Athletico Madrid. Lacazette is valued more by Transfermarkt.

  10. Left testicle

    “CRUCIAL ‘Aubameyang wouldn’t have signed new Arsenal contract if Arteta wasn’t in charge’ – David Ornstein says head coach was ‘absolutely pivotal’ in convincing striker to stay.”
    Had nothing to do with the £250,000 PER WEEK multiplied by 156 weeks?!

  11. andy1886

    @Stroller – expect that AM will value Lacazette at far less than Partey. I wouldn’t be surprised if they opened with a pathetically low bid of say £15m, most clubs seem to believe that we’re not good negotiators, probably not surprisingly. If we really are interested in that deal I’m guessing that we’d be looking at Laca plus £20m and we’ll recover the £20m from other sales (Torriera plus bits and pieces).

  12. Bamford10


    And my question about us finishing five points off of 4th? Is that with the squad as is, or with first-XI quality additions?

    (As for Eriksen, I am not convinced he would be a smart signing either, but I don’t think the “he’s a former Spud” argument is a good one. Sol Campbell was a former Spud and he did alright by Arsenal Football Club. Also, some of the Kane admirers here would likely be happy to have Kane despite his having been a Spud.)

    Regardless, I’m more interested in the question re you seeing us finishing five points off 4th.

  13. Marko

    Literally no one at Arsenal worth serious coin except for Auba. His productivity alone not to mention his influence in the dressing room is worth every penny.

    And to think that we were supposed to be getting this prick with a poor attitude when he got signed originally. He’s been exemplary since joining

  14. Left testicle

    Fast forward to 2022 and we’ll be struggling to compete in the transfer market as we’ll have Aubameyang pocketing £250,000 PER WEEK on the subs bench (not to mention Soares and Willian..

    Sound familiar?

    We’ll never learn and move forward if we’re going to keep making the same mistakes.

  15. Up 4 grabs now


    I think we realistically should be looking at 4th as the minimum this season.
    would expect city and the bindippers to be out in front of everyone else again, and then a gap back to third and fourth.

    city had a makeshift Centre back pairing for half the season so fully expect them to buy and probably win the league again, with a drop off from the bindippers. also depends on what happens if they were to lose Mane?

    Defensively i think we look better under Arteta, and having a full season of him as manager will help.
    more importantly Tierney and that left side looks a lot more solid.

    Bare in mind how much of the season was played with Bellerin and Tierney missing, and having Sokratis Luis and Mustafi at the back hopefully we wont have a repeat of that. and will be a lot more solid.
    the fact that we have two tall Centre backs might help with the defending as well.

    The big fear for me is if we cant get the midfield sorted out, if were stuck with xhaka, elneney and the like then its another struggle.
    also if laca goes he has to be replaced, Eddie might come good but Martinelli isn’t due back till January, lets hope Tierney can put a good word in with Eduardo

  16. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    That may be the view of most clubs negotiating with Arsenal, but on this occasion I think there will be a straight swap.

    Lacazette is a more valuable asset in current market than Partey. He is a striker and goalscorer.The only leverage that Athletico Madrid have is that Partey is at top of Arsenal’s transfer wish list.

    I discussed Partey yesterday with a journalist who knows Arsenal’s set up quite well. He agrees with me that Arsenal will get Partey whether it is a swap or a sale.

    If Arsenal have to buy the player then it is likely to be a last minute acquisition and delayed
    until we have generated some sales. AM will not want to leave the transfer until last minute.
    They don’t have money to buy players as replacement for Partey and/or striker.

  17. Marko

    Fast forward to 2022 and we’ll be struggling to compete in the transfer market as we’ll have Aubameyang pocketing £250,000 PER WEEK on the subs bench

    You simply don’t know that but yet you’ll say it. Well at 31 he’s literally showed no signs of slowing down so there’s nothing to suggest that of the 3 years that we couldn’t even get a good two years out of him. I can’t see how anything about his deal is a bad thing

  18. Tom

    “Fast forward to 2022 and we’ll be struggling to compete in the transfer market as we’ll have Aubameyang pocketing £250,000 PER WEEK on the subs bench…”

    Left testicle,
    and why would he be on the bench then when Vardy , a two years and five months his senior, just topped the league’s scoring charts?

  19. Useroz

    Another report on Arsenal selling Laca for £40m however indicates an entirely different Laca mindset towards staying or leaving :

    “…That would be a considerable fee to pay for a striker who has now reached the age of 29, and appears to have little re-sale value.

    Arsenal are seemingly relaxed about the situation as Lacazette has no intention of pushing for a move.”

    That’s cyberspace for you!

    Supposedly we contacted Juventus and A Madrid.

    I’d take £35m plus bonuses.

    But we sneed to replace Laca with somebody. Sadly, Edouard isn’t cheap and some reported £30m!!

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Aubameyang signing a new 3 year contract is no brainer for me. He is not an injury prone player and he is not in decline as a goalscorer. Keeping him saves us money on buying a
    new first string striker.

    It will also give both Martinelli and Nketiah more time to prove themselves as a striker option.

  21. Left testicle

    Vardy gets you the same amount of goals for half the price.
    I’m a fan of Aubameyang and want him to sign but Arsenal FC keep making the same mistakes.

  22. Useroz

    Left T.

    True. But I bet Leicester isn’t stupid enough to let VARdy run down his contract to 12 months before negotiating a renewal

    And yes. Arsenal never bloody learn. It’s one of our values. Harsh to ourselves and generous to others.

  23. Redtruth

    The Cup Final victory should not paper over the cracks in what was a dreadful season.

    Arsenal just did not step up to the plate when top 4 was their for the asking.

  24. Left testicle

    If Arsenal went in to a Turkish bazaar it would go in one end with a suitcase of money and be haggled skint – left with a load of crap it didn’t need.

  25. salparadisenyc

    Left T

    The elite get payed elite in all walks of life, how it works.
    In terms of actual numbers we don’t know deal.

    Club apparently tried to extend last summer but PEA team didn’t commit, sounds like Arteta entrance pushed it over line. Also of interest in that Athletic article is that City pulled out of signing PEA as reports emerged of attitude problems in Germany which opened door for Arsenal.

  26. Tom

    Lewandowski (32)scores about 30% of Bayern’s Bundesliga goals and is on £275 pw until 2003.
    Aubameyang(31) scores about 34% of Arsenal’s PL goals and was until now on £200 pw( £175 after pay cut)
    I can’t hardly imagine Bayern’s fans complaining about Lewandowski collecting his lofty wages while bench warming in 2022.

  27. Useroz

    Looks like Bellerin doesn’t appeal to PSG because he isn’t going for free. Supposedly PSG to loan a 29yo. Italian Alessandro somebody…

    Can’t believe no potential buyers from the PL. after all, he’s the Bellerin?!

  28. CG


    “”””””Aubameyang signing a new 3 year contract is no brainier for me. “””””

    You were advocating- that the club let him see out his final year last week.Now you have gone all in – cheerleading mode.
    Its an appalling and nonsensical deal. No iffs , no butts.All non-incentivised deals are.

    I genuinely thought ( naively off course) this Corona Crisis would see some common sense would return to the game. And yet the complete opposite has happened.

    Cedric 29, Willian 32. And now PEA 31 all climbing aboard The Arsenal Gravy Train.

    Season 2023 will be fun. Ill be quicker than some of these buggers on show.

    Josh Kroenke 2019

    “Everyone knows , we have a CL wage bill on a Europa League budget’

    Everyone apparently , except gormless Josh.

    Its a shocker. Like this new website.I CANT SEE IT CLEARLY
    Manchester United’s new away kit is better.


  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    Stupid to compare Aubas new deal to Ozils wages, Auba is a top player and shows no signs of slowing down, he’s easily our most important player while Ozil contributes about as much as ESR has the last couple of years and he’s been on loan the whole time.

    No issues with paying top players top wages, it’s all the dross that’s been overpaid for way too long.

    The Sokratises, the Mustafises, the Wilshereses, the Xhakakas, the Kolasesesesss etc etc.

    Having one or 2 of our best players on high wages isn’t a problem if the rest of the wage bill is under control, if we don’t pay good money to great players all we can do is watch them leave when they become too big for the club.

  30. CG

    No wonder- Arsenal get low balled on ALL their deals. ( sales, contracts, purchases etc)

    Other clubs know this club will always blink first.

    Congratulations to PEA. No wonder why he is always smiling.

  31. Tom

    “Bayern are a well run club who aren’t looking down the back of the sofa for transfer funds.”

    Would they be a well run club if a £275 pw player was sitting on the bench in his last two years?

  32. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I did say that if Aubameyang did not sign a new contract I would allow him to wind down his contract and keep him on the same terms.

    However, I never advocated that Arsenal should refuse to give him a new contract if we had that option.

    Arsenal have 5 players on their books who are aged 30+. Sokratis will be leaving before the
    transfer window closes and I am sure that both Luiz and Ozil will leave next summer when
    their current contracts end.

    So we will have just two players aged 30+ on our books, So we are not exactly overloaded with old players.

  33. Tom

    You can gripe about Willian or Soares deals but unless you commit to a total rebuild based on another project youth, the Auba’s deal was a no brainer.

  34. Captain Tierney

    People crying over a new 250-300k a week contract for Auba.
    Man has carried us through the last 2 seasons. Missed out on Pl golden boot by 1 goal while playing in front of a midfield which ranked 16th in chances created.

    What do you think will cost to replace his goals ?

    Werner who hasn’t achieved half of what Auba has went for a 55mil transfer fee and is on 285k a week.
    Dont think we such absurd amounts if cash lying around to replace Auba rn.

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    i dont quite see the big fuss about Aubas wages so he goes from 200k a week to 250k not exactly
    a massive increase.
    he rarely gets injured, he is our best player and his goals are quite important in the grand scale of things.
    id be more pissed at wasting 50-60k a week on cedric?
    120-140k on kolasinac
    90k on mustafi
    90k on xhaka
    50k on elneney
    and the grand daddy of them all ozils 350k.

    Thats a modest 750k plus, on players that contribute nothing!

  36. Uwot?

    Useroz .Celtic will overinflate any bid for Eduard simply because it’s Arsenal.Already haven’t stoped bitching about Tierneys transfer & wont want to look weak or a feeder club to us in front of their fans who will be going apoplectic & screaming £50 million minimum( you just know the mad b’stards will)and EMs…..AM will try to con Arsenal for an exhorbitant amount first before chancing their arm & putting a cheeky bid in for Laca later.

  37. Batistuta

    Hilarious complaining about any deal Auba gets when he’s basically the only one who scores all our goals. We’re not even overpaying him if those figures are true compared to all the other elite strikers in the world. One golden boot and one shy of another previous season and our most prolific player since RVP left and yet somehow we’re paying him “too much”.

    And what’s with Arsenal fans always obsession about a players age by the way

  38. Gonsterous

    I don’t understand the fans on this site.
    We pay for auba, they moan.
    We don’t pay for auba and he walks out, the same people will moan about how we messed up the deal and give out advice like, just pay the guy what he wanted.

  39. CG


    “””””Man has carried us through the last 2 seasons. Missed out on Pl golden boot by 1 goal while playing in front of a midfield which ranked 16th in chances created.What do you think will cost to replace his goals ?””””

    Undiluted Hogwash,

    When he arrived Arsenal sat in 5th. We have declined as a team. the moment he arrived.
    And yet ,Dortmund have improved , the moment he left them.

    Unpalatable facts they maybe, but facts they undoubtedly are.

    Although, I acknowledge he is a phenomenal goalscorer.
    But relying on one player to score all your goals, its not a clever idea. in soccer.
    But now with this preposterous deal, that’s been signed and sealed that’s what we have done.

    After all, have we made PEA undroppable?

  40. Captain Tierney

    Well CG, Madrid won the La liga and are now a much more dominant force in Spain since Ronaldo left,
    Does it make Ronaldo an undiluted hogwash too?

  41. Little Mozart

    Bayern are well run because they weaken other German clubs by picking there stars. Any one doubt who will be bun de slug a champions next season.

  42. Henry+Root

    CG would make someone high on happy pills depressed and suicidal after reading his comments for a day. Everything is black..

    TT- very true if he didn’t utter a load of garbage every time he posts. . Does anyone take him or RedTruth remotely seriously?