New Le Grove design drop + Slow going on the transfer front

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WELCOME to the NEW Le Grove design template. It’s quite embarrassing that I work in a creative job and I left it 8 years to address the weirdness of how it looked. So here we are. There are still some little bits being tidied up, but the overall objective was to give the site a minimalist feel whilst maintaining the character and bits that made it work.

  • The site has been built with mobile in mind, a whopping 83% of you visit via mobile. I’ve made the images full bleed. The site doesn’t wobble when you scroll now. The text hugs the width of your device and I used a more legible font.
  • The comments font will be made a little bigger. Again, it wasn’t broken, we’ve had 2.5m comments over 13 years, but I’ve made them hug the sides so there’s less scrolling
  • I’ve updated the Rules of the blog for 2020. This is the blog of love, let’s keep it that way. I’ve also added a submission form. If you see something you dislike… ‘JOHN TERRY IS THE BEST HUMAN’… submit the link and I’ll remove it. I don’t read every comment and they nest after 150. If you let me know something bad is going down, I’ll fix it.
  • I’ll have a new newsletter template read by Friday. Submit your e-mail address on the site to land a daily dose of Le Grove. Apologies for whatever is landing in your mailbox right now. That is me having a crack at coding.

That’s about it I think?

Now onto the good stuff. TRANSFERS!

Villa has offered close to £20m for Emi Martinez. A week out in the desert with no midfield food and suddenly, that fee looks like the tastiest fee we ever did see. I’m not sure the move is great for the keeper. Villa lacks the profile of Arsenal. It also shows him running away from a challenge. I still think he’s the better keeper, but if the choice is a good backup or a midfielder that can create and move, I’m going to want the midfielder.

David Ornstein did a transfer news drop and not much has moved. There’s a bit of panic in the air from fans worried that this is our lot for the summer. I honestly don’t think we should worry. The summer is slow because teams have had next to no time to prepare for the season. As the month powers on, expect more moves.

Though Matteo G has soiled his rep somewhat, I struggle to believe no one in Europe will take a chance on taming him. He’s on next to no money and his stats are appealing. Lacazette will find someone that needs his goals, I think Atleti looks good for him, but we’ll see. Kola will go, Sokratis will go, and I suspect Cal Chambers will find a new home.  Someone critiqued me adding Reiss onto the list, look, I just repeat what I’ve heard. I like the player, but if there’s an £18m bid for him, don’t be shocked if we say yes.

I also think it’s interesting that we’re still linked with the same two midfielders. Aouar and Partey. Might go nowhere, but my take on us not being linked to a plan be is that we’re just trying to raise the cash for those two. We have the price, we know the players are interested, we just need to sell, sell, sell.

Villa looking to sign a Brentford strikers for £28m… think we can expect to make some money on our players.

Finally, Hector Bellerin has invested in a sustainable club. I love him. He puts his money where his mouth is and his mouth is usually on something that matters. Good on him. I hope the club is a success.

Right, short post today, I’ll see you in the NEW comments! x

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  1. Matt

    Another day of complete silence on Arsenal transfers. Just the news of another injury. At least the new season isn’t just round the corner, oh wait…

  2. China1

    Jamie you can’t be lonely when you have a life size pillow with mesuts face on it. That’s worth more than any of your ‘so called friends’ mate

    I bet Pierre is like that super fan in I’m Alan Partidge who has a really detailed but slightly ‘off’ tattoo of Alan’s face covering his entire torso

    Love that episode

  3. andy1886

    Let’s be straight on this, the club did not generously give Ozil a contract of that magnitude out of the kindness of their hearts – Ozil and his agent knew that they had the club over a barrel with their two biggest names about to walk and used that to extract the maximum possible benefit for themselves.

    Both should be embarrassed by the whole episode.

  4. Ernest Reed

    Guys, you know who Pierre is and what he is all about. He himself said that he does what he does to get a rise out of some. Proceed with him at your own volition.

    Facts remain facts, Wenger in his last 10 years of management was abysmally inept and incurably arrogant. Ozil remains what he always has been and always will be, imaginative but unbearably lazy and the carrier of the worst of attitudes – he simply cant be bothered to actually earn his keep and has zero compunction whether anyone cares or not.

    Arsenal ridded themselves of one problem and soon enough the other will follow. Better days ahead without either.

  5. Marc

    Ozil got some minutes in a behind closed doors friendly – this does not mean he’s about to be restored to the first team for matches.

    He might make the bench for Saturday although I wouldn’t bet on it, the chances of him getting any time is small. Pierre will always turn any conversation towards Ozil usually without mentioning his name, when someone bites he then calls them an obsessive.

    If someone behaved in a similar fashion in the real world, a local pub etc you’d avoid them for being a nutjob.

  6. Leftside


    Yup, yet you have posters like Dissenter calling people cowards for having had enough of Pierre and his nonsense.

  7. Leftside

    This comments section has posters wedded to a few things that come before the greater good of the team/club whether it is Ozil, Emery, Wenger or just being a contrarian. Those things to some will come before Arsenal as a club always.

  8. Bojangles

    “Emiliano Martinez has turned down the latest contract offer from Arsenal, with Aston Villa making a bid for him and reportedly willing to pay him more than the Gunners.”

  9. HighburyLegend

    “Emiliano Martinez has turned down the latest contract offer from Arsenal”

    I’m sorry, what ??
    Ok, in this case, get the fuck out, you stupid prick.

  10. Dissenter

    I fear you are going to be disappointed with that viewpoint that playing Ozil in preseason doesn’t translate to giving him game time in actual games.
    Ozil has to be one of the clubs fittest players at the beginning if the season; he didn’t play at all after the restart and is seeking a new contract after his Arsenal vacation ends. He’s too fresh to ignore.
    He may easily have convinced Arteta and the manager may just open the door a crack for him.

  11. Marc


    I’m getting the feeling Martinez has decided he’s off and Arteta (as he’s done with a few players) doesn’t want to lose him.

    My guess is Martinez wants first team football and Arteta is not giving any clear indications of who has seniority.

  12. Leftside

    and fyi, I will never be one of those who go back and forth with strangers on a net blog where anybody can portray any persona they like and say what they like with minor repercussions.

  13. Leftside

    Bojangles, Marc

    I like Martinez and think he should stay but he’s at a stage where he feels he needs to play regularly and be no.1. If he feels that strongly, we should let him go but for a decent fee.

    I don’t agree with the starting lineup ultimatums as I think most of this squad is dispensable outside of Auba and maybe Tierney.

  14. Dissenter

    Martinez still has TWO seasons with Arsenal, he’s wise not to extend just yet.
    That said, we won’t get a better chance to sell him for good money. We can’t repeat the mistakes we made with Joel Campbell after the 2014 World Cup.
    £20 million for your back-up keeper is great on the basis of good performances in the last third of last season is excellent business.
    I prefer him to Leno but if we are selling, then get on with it and move on to other things.

  15. Marc


    Too fit to ignore? Guy hasn’t kicked a ball in anger in 6 months, he can’t be anywhere near match fit and at 31 he’s not at an age where fitness is a given.

    Didn’t you tell everyone that drinks breaks would continue?

  16. Dissenter

    Ozil is the freshest player in the squad, there has to be zero fatigue fears with him.
    Ozil and Guendouzi, maybe that’s why Arteta is letting them back in.

    I suspect there are going to be lots of injuries at the start of the season because players haven’t gotten proper rest post season. Smart managers have to select those players that haven’t played so much initially.
    Besides Ozil is expendable, if he gets injured he can just go back to his Istanbul mansion to. chill out.

  17. Marc


    I think the issue with Martinez is Arteta isn’t giving clear signals or making a clear decision.

    If Martinez is 2nd choice then we should sell – if he’s going into the season as 1st choice with a view that that will continue while he performs then why would he want to leave?

  18. Dissenter

    Indeed sarcasm is wasted on you. Maybe you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
    It was obvious I was mocking Pierre but it rubbed you off the wrong way.
    I’ll take your ‘knight in shinning armor’ comment as misplaced compliment
    Have a good day.

  19. Bojangles

    I have to agree. Martinez has waited a long time to prove himself. He’s had a run in the first team and did exceptionally well. He would prefer to stay at Arsenal, I have no doubt. Can’t blame him for wanting to play every week. If he leaves it will be his decision and I’ll wish him all the best.

  20. GS88

    For both my tablet and my Android phone, I can see the fonts perfectly.

    But I suspect Pedro will be tweeking things here and there until it’s virtually perfect for all of us, or certainly most of us.

  21. Leftside

    Dissenter come off that BS,
    I challenged Pierre for calling posters mugs unwarranted (he’s usually quite rude for no reason) but always portraying a hard done by poster, so when you chime in with your coward comment I would assume I was included in that.
    Beside your comment as Marko alluded to was all over the place..
    Sarcasm (or good sarcasm) isn’t your thing.

  22. Marc


    I said yesterday it’s beginning to look like Arteta want to hoard players. When we’re so short of money and desperate for one or two CM signings why are we not selling players who are generating interest. If they’re first choice fine don’t sell but AMN isn’t first choice and Arteta wants to keep him, is Martinez first choice or not? If not sell those two players combined would generate enough to activate Partey’s release clause.

    It’s all looking a bit muddled.

  23. Dissenter

    I think Martinez knows what he’s doing. He knows he took it out of the clubs hands once he went public. I think he really wants to be number one anywhere for good reasons.
    The club will be failing Leno if they fold under Martinez ultimatum. You can’t have players publicly issue that play me as starter or sell me threats and do nothing about it.

    He’s made his position crystal clear. He wants to be in the running to play for Argentina and needs to be a starter.

  24. Marc


    So either Arteta see’s him as No 1 or he doesn’t. If he’s not sell him, if he is tell him so.

    I think a lot of this is Arteta wanting to be all things to all players.

  25. Carts

    Nice tweak of the site, Pedro.

    Not to be picky but have you looked into a comment function where you can reply directly to comments, while incorporating a *collapse/expand* capability, bit like Instagram comments?

    It’d kind of make it easier to follow CC v Marko beefs??

  26. Leftside


    I think so too, I don’t think Arteta is being as being as ruthless as he should with players getting the chop.

    We are in need of funds to improve the squad, if there are players that are ‘surplus’ and gathering interest then we should sell them for as much as possible and reinvest in key areas of the squad.

  27. GS88

    On Martinez.

    He’s been there for 10 years. Hasn’t really had a look in until the Leno injury.

    Now he’s supposedly turned down a new contract from us. I’d personally want to keep him, but also see his side of things. He wants to be a NO.1 and play for Argentina.

    At 27 he’s quite young for a GK. If we receive an offer of, of say £22-25m, then I’d reluctantly sell him.

    As a replacement, I’d go for Pope at Burnley. Could be hard to lure him though.

  28. Bamford10

    If we don’t add Aouar and Partey, how much have we really improved the squad this summer? I think Gabriel and Saliba are good signings, and I think Willian might add something to our attack, especially if played through the center, but I don’t think adding Gabriel and Willian alone to the XI improves us enough. What do others think?

  29. Leftside

    I don’t think it’s enough either Bamford. If we go in like that I would expect us to struggle quite a bit this season as well.

  30. Dissenter

    I just think Ozil has to be fighting mad to make a point on the field right now; his contract is up and he needs the shop window to send a message to prospective suitors next season.
    Arteta will give him a smidgen of opportunity at the start of the season, ready to lock him again out if he defaults back to his baseline
    Knowing Ozil, it won’t be long before the same entitled dude resurfaces,

  31. Marc


    I think it’s a worrying thing we’re seeing from an inexperienced manager. He did it with Xhaka, he’s done it with AMN and now he’s doing it with Martinez.

    I don’t know if it’s indecisiveness or what but we need to sharpen up.

  32. Bojangles

    Can’t help thinking (if Martinez leaves) that when Leno starts fucking up again (which he will) there’ll be those bemoaning EMI leaving.

  33. Marc


    “I just think Ozil has to be fighting mad to make a point on the field right now”

    A fighting mad Ozil has the threat of a wet piece of lettuce. If he was to start on Saturday it’d take one kick and he’d disappear from the game – as for his fitness if he lasted an hour I’d be stunned.

  34. Marc


    I’m not saying we should sell Martinez, post lock down he looked the better keeper but Arteta needs to make a decision and I appreciate it’s not an easy one.

    One will result in him staying but will piss off Leno, the other will see him want to leave.

    I’m saying make a decision and move on.

  35. Dissenter

    For all of Arteta’s many positive attributes, he’s too much of a man-manager to know when to chuck player off.
    I think he really sincerely believes he can make every player better, so much that he wants to keep them. He’s s till a very young manager when it’s all said and done, what we are seeing is the exuberance of his nascent stages.
    Which is why Edu may not be the right fit because he too is very new to the sporting director role. I think they bungled the Guendouzi incident and Edu isn’t being as affirmative as he ought to be.

  36. HighburyLegend

    Guys, I’m worried about your mental health : if Aerola arrives, then Leno will be back in the cages as our number 1 keeper.

    Do you have any idea of the number of points he’s going to cost us ?
    Our defenders don’t trust him, they trust Marti, and they have really improve with him.

    What is so complicated to understand ?

  37. Marko

    Marc it’s very Wenger-esq it’s very concerning. The brightest thing about his first few months as manager was his ruthless stance to Ozil. I thought great finally someone standing up to his nonsense this is a great sign of his managerial potential. But honestly now it’s reverted back to Wenger-esq opinions on the squad and an inability to let go of certain players.

  38. Left testicle

    Not to be picky but have you looked into a comment function where you can reply directly to comments, while incorporating a *collapse/expand* capability, bit like Instagram comments?
    My two cents…
    Leave as it is. If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it. The current format is why Le-Grove is so popular.

  39. Leftside


    Which is why I think our business is done.

    You may see Kolasinac and Sokratis leave but that doesn’t put a dent in what’s required for improving the midfield. All we need now is to hear that Ozil and Guen are like new signings and it will really be deja vu.

  40. Dissenter

    ‘ Can’t help thinking (if Martinez leaves) that when Leno starts fucking up again (which he will) there’ll be those bemoaning EMI leaving.’

    True but that’s going to happen when you sell any player, we can’t have our cake and eat it.
    Emi wants to be number one, he’s said it publicly. The club can’t just throw Leno under the bus just to satisfy him. If he’s refusing a wage raise [which would have mitigated his anger] and reassurances that he will get good game time, then the die is cast. He has to be sold.
    Goalies train together and you can’t have that Cold War going on all season.

  41. SpanishDave

    Martinez has had a good taste of first team football so doesn’t want to go back to sitting on the bench.
    Arteta said to succeed you have to be fair but ruthless.
    He is finding it much harder to do the right thing.

  42. Dissenter

    I reckon that 50% of all the European football, transfers aren’t done yet. The window doesn’t close for another 4 weeks.
    You used to call me the wet blanket, what happened to your positive vibes?

  43. Champagne Charlie


    What’s your top 6 look like this season?

    Can we get some odds from you and potential wager scenarios…

  44. Dissenter

    -I expect Bellerin and Martinez will be sold to source the transfer of a midfielder.
    -Pap Sok and Kola will leave on the same terms as Mykhi, we pay them way too much to get a penny in transfer fees.
    -We’ll sell a couple of academy players to make some more money..

    Transfer activity ain’t over yet.

  45. Gonsterous

    As good as martinez was for us.
    I remember almost all fans moaning that our best player got injured when he went off against Brighton, and some even went so far as to say, the season was over for us.
    Now leno hasn’t played for a few months, everyone is asking to sell like he was a big liability for us. People forget how many times he kept us in the game with his superb reflexes and shot stopping.

  46. Marko

    Arsenal reluctantly ready to sell Hector Bellerin to PSG to fund move for new midfielder as talks progress. Talks between the player’s camp and PSG are ongoing, but there is confidence a deal can be done. [@MiguelDelaney]

  47. Habesha Gooner

    I think we should negotiate a 25 to 30 mil buy back clause and a first refusal for Martinez with villa. I think a little price knockdown would get us those clauses. If he really performs better than Leno this coming season, we buy him back and sell Leno. If not we would have made some money of a backup goal keeper.

  48. Bamford10


    What’s the point of my making (and winning) wagers with people here if they don’t abide by the wager? None.

    I’d be happy to tell you how things will play out, though, on October 5th, when it’s clearer what everyone’s squads look like.

    Let me guess: you think we have “a top four quality squad,” just as you did last season?

  49. Marc


    “You used to call me the wet blanket, what happened to your positive vibes?”

    Facts! We lost £20 plus million 2 years running prior to season just finished where we would have lost about the same before COVID – fuck knows what our losses were after that. This season will see significantly reduced income and with the current midfield we have zero hopes of getting top 4.

    We have a “transfer team” who have never run a summer TW before and with next to no money we need to get some players in and shift on a number of players to generate fees.

    Whilst a manager who’s operating like a fat kid in a sweet shop and can’t decide who he wants to keep and who he wants to let go.

    Don’t get me wrong I’d be thrilled to have Partey, Aouor and Edouard in the squad in a few weeks time but we can’t even get Auba signed on.

    It’s seriously make or break time and so far the club is not filling me with confidence.

  50. HighburyLegend

    “Transfer activity ain’t over yet.”

    lol looks like someone don’t follow the Arsenal since a long time.

  51. Marko

    Bam genuine question but is dariano real and an actual friend? I ask because I can’t believe for a second that you would create an alter ego thinking that you were banned only to find out that you weren’t

  52. Victorious

    Anyone thinking the window ends without Arteta bringing in at least one midfield player must be unto some pretty hard stuff, the lack of quality in that area of the the team is the only reason we’re still been touted for a midtable finish next season before a ball is kicked

    I think Partey comes in before deadline day and the possibility of Auoar happening will largely depend on how much coin we gather from sales

    The Lyon owner is a nuttjob to deal with and wants cash only for the player

  53. Marc

    Looking through some of the comments I’m glad I’m not imagining some of this. It does seem as if there are quite a few who are “concerned”.

  54. Marko

    Marc it’s Arsenal they have been a concern for it’s fanbase for a long long time. I too am concerned about the club seemingly being scared shitless of selling certain players who don’t strengthen the starting 11 for decent money that could help strengthen the starting 11. But at the same time I’m hopeful because we ARE in discussions for Aouar and we ARE very much interested in Partey with the player seemingly interesting in the move also. No if somewhere this summer Partey had signed a new deal at Atletico and say Aouar then joined Man City or Juve I’d probably be where you are right about now

  55. Habesha Gooner

    As it stands there are suitors for Torriera, Sokratis, Bellerin and may be kolasinac. I think we probably can get around 60 to 65 mil for them. I think we will eventually get one of Partey or Aouar. It will come down to the some more of our players getting sold for us to get both though. Guendouzi, Lacazette, Chambers, Mustafi and Holding will all probably stay. I see Elneny going out on loan.

    I wouldn’t pull my hair out if our midfield was a partey, Ceballos and Willian midfield. I would like Aouar too but I think we could get someone like him in January if it’s not possible.

  56. azed

    I believe we will get Partey unless another club swoops in for him which is unlikely at the moment.
    Athletico needs the money so they will sell eventually.

  57. Victorious

    Big shame Lyon dont fancy big Guen, think the Aouar deal we’d have happened already and also what’s with Athletico interested in Laca but not willing to engage in a swap with Partey?

    A summer touted for swappsies has actually seen fck all swaps actually happened

  58. DigitalBob

    The site looks great, well done Pedro!

    In regards to Emi Martinez, if the offer is £20 million + from Villa and we have firm interest in Areola as a backup then I think we should sell. Lets not forget he’s only got two years left on his contract so his value won’t be any higher.

    I’d prefer to have two top keepers on long term deals but this is simply not the case for us so we need to be smart about raising funds to improve the rest of the squad and in particular the midfield.

  59. Marc


    This is the issue – points dropped in either of the first two matches or a drubbing against Liverpool will just increase pressure to get those players – strengthening the hand of the selling club.

  60. Ekow

    On Leno and EMI,MA should keep the better player. So far EMI is better than Leno so MA should put him in the shop window and sell him. Keep the better player and sell the other Simplisita.