Mesut Özil returns to fold in preseason loss. Is this an Arteta olive branch?

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I’m late to the party, buuuuuuuuut… welcome BACK to Arsenal, Dani Ceballos.

This is huge for our season. Dani started 2019 well, then slumped into averageness under poor leadership and an unstructured system. He then made things worse by trying to cut his loan spell short under Mikel… but then something clicked for him and he hasn’t looked back since. His restart stats were amongst the best in the league. He’s proven to be an aggressive presser of the ball, he loves to tackle, his reading of the game makes him expert at interceptions… he’s looked the real deal. Could do with some refining of that final third passing, but that’ll come.

Here is what he had to say.

“I think everyone will have seen last season that from the moment I joined, I bought into the club completely and always gave 100 per cent both on and off the pitch,”

The fans love Dani because of this. He also seems to love the adulation he gets from the fans and he always looked like he wanted to crack it in England. I’ve not seen a player enjoy the fans as much since Patrick Vieira donned the shirt.

“The fans repaid me for that by showing me a lot of love… when I was at home they were sending me messages asking me to come back and saying that they needed me here. I think they’ll be as happy as I am that I’m back and I’m sure we have a great year ahead of us this season.

“When the coach, the club, the players and everyone is asking you to stay for another year, you realise that they see you as a good team-mate and a good player,”

“I feel proud that the club, the coach and – most importantly – the fans wanted me to stay. I didn’t doubt it for a second. We’ve been negotiating around my contract all the time, right up until today, but I’m very happy to be back here and that I’m going to be with Arsenal for another year.”

Now, I know we like to think the players don’t pay attention to the fans, but here we are again, a second player in a week commending the lunatic fanbase that DMs and begs them to join. I feel like it’s quite a unique Arsenal thing and it amuses me no end that Arsenal’s digital fanbase is now an official secret weapon of the recruitment team.

Edu, who is trying to cement his importance in a post-Raul era, had this to say.

‘We’re thrilled to have Dani back with us for the new season. We all know his qualities after an impressive 2019/2020 campaign, which ended with him playing a key role in our FA Cup success. We’re excited to add Dani to the list of quality players we are bringing in.’

DID YOU READ IT: ‘to the list of quality players we are bringing in’

That’s great news. I’m hearing whispers that ESR might be loaned out this season. If that is true, it might indicate that we’ve found someone for the role of ‘playing in the pockets’… could be Willian or it might be someone else. Either way, it seems Edu is confident that we’re going to bring in more names.

I suspect we’ll see a big week next week for exits. Sokratis, Torreira, Holding should find new clubs. I also wonder if we’ll start to see Matteo, Lacazette, and maybe Bellerin noises grow louder. It’s clear we need to sell to buy, and it seems like clubs are starting to move. The season literally starts next week, bumming around on deals makes little sense to anyone…

Interesting to see Wolves moving hard. They offered £15m for AMN. 100 games in the Premier League. Just pocketed some of the deadliest wide players. Won an FA Cup and Community Shield. We turned them down. So what do they go out and do? Drop a club record £35m on an 18-year-old from Porto with 12 games and 1 goal to his name during a pandemic. He’s the Football Manager wet dream, but that valuation seems nuts (especially as his break out season last year didn’t really come to much). That’s Van De Beek / Partey levels of money. I do not miss ‘contacts’ scouting.

Arsenal were beaten 3-2 by Villa today. It was a behind-closed-doors affair. Not great, but hey, preseason is all about experimenting. Ceballos, Auba and Willian played… annnnnd, Mesut Ozil! No blonde hair this preseason. Is this forgiveness? Has he found a way back? Is ESR going out on loan because Mesut is back in favour? It’d be a huge 180, but in keeping with a manager that doesn’t hold grudges if you do what he asks of you. You can’t say our midfield doesn’t need the playmaker’s creativity… question is, can we get it combined with the off the ball work we don’t normally get? Jury is out.

Let’s hope we’re ready for the big game after the international break! Also… let’s hope Arsenal speed up those midfield signings!

Right, that’s all I have for you today… see you tomorrow. x

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  1. Leftfootcurler


    You said Partey can attack the box like Ramsey did.

    Yes he can.
    But then we need a CF who has good hold up play and link up play.

    Laca has good linkup play but sadly can’t hold the ball up against most defenders.

    Ramsey had Giroud.
    He also had Ozil dragging players out of position,creating space for Ramsey to drive into.

    If you want Partey to be B2B, then RWB will have to invert. You need to buy a CF who can hold up play and link up play.
    And hope Pepe can learn to combine with his team mates better,instead of ovver dribbling and running into blind alleys.

    This can also solve the creativity issue without creating a hole defensively.

  2. underrated Coq

    Receding Hairline,


    Emery is not a bad coach.
    He was quite bad at coaching Arsenal players.

    Emery gets the most of players.
    He just failed to do get his players working at Arsenal.

    Emery was successful at other clubs.
    He was a disaster at Arsenal.

    Emery is an overall 7/10 manager.
    He was 5/10 for Arsenal.

    Now kindly do the blog a favour and STFU, you dreary boring SOB.

    Pedro, I would really rethink on not having Like and Unlike buttons here in the comments section. Frankly some comments deserve to be dispatched to the bottom, where they deserve to be.

  3. Nelson

    Did Pepe feature at all in those preseason games? I wouldn’t mind try the front three Auba, Laca and Willian. Long ball attack from Luiz and Tierney to Auba will not work against a low block. Willian can offer an outline to move the ball from defense to attack. The problem is, our normal front three are not good passers.

  4. Pierre

    “If we were afraid of losing the ball in the centre of the pitch, we wouldn’t have tried to play out from the back against liverpool and City who are both good pressing teams.”

    I think you’ll find that our play predominantly went down the flanks and not into/through the centre of the pitch.

  5. Batistuta


    Yea the negative press wasn’t all that warranted, had pressed to see any other club drop that much negative leaks regarding a player especially one they hope to sell for anything reasonable. Surely better ways to have handled the whole thing really

  6. Batistuta

    Our play has predominantly gone through the flanks since Emery came in and surely no guessing as to why that is the case

  7. Raulishuss

    Well said coq. We absolutely have no need to go into details about emery. Sam alladyce would have been a better coach of ARSENAL than emery did.

  8. underrated Coq

    I can understand people defending Wenger to this day. But Unai Emery?

    What the actual Fck?

    And we have to listen to how he did amazing things at some Spanish club.


  9. Emiratesstroller


    “Playing safe” is not a bad thing when playing league football.

    Arsenal have a match winner in Aubameyang and some very talented young
    players coming through the system.

    The route ahead must be to develop stability and consistency.

    Graham Souness who I don’t like very much as a media pundit, because of his
    inbuilt bias and dislike of Arsenal has made a forecast and judgment for next
    season, with which I agree.

    The top 4 will be Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man United. Arsenal will
    improve this season and close the gap, but will finish outside the top 4 as I
    posted earlier today.

    On a good day we can beat anyone in EPL as we proved at the end of season, but I don’t think that we can do it consistently when you see how we performed against Brighton and Aston Villa.

  10. Leftfootcurler


    No. Players are playing according to their qualities.

    Auba is a player who likes to stay on the shoulder of the last defender and run in behind.

    He doesn’t know how to offer himself as a passing option between the lines. Same with Nketiah.

    Its a square peg in round hole situation.

    Pepe is just rubbish in his positioning and movement so far. Loads to improve there.

    Problem is we sold off all our AMs so we need replacements.

    Ceballos is a great technician.
    In terms of ball progression,Xhaka is very good too.

    Some of his passes when we had loads of BTL players.

    Arteta is simply adapting to the lack of BTL creators by keeping possession in our defensive third and then playing a long ball to outlets like Auba,Saka etc.

  11. Receding Hairline

    Underrated coq way to miss the point but then again that’s expected

    We are setting bars here

    Some want to wait till we fix the midfield but I don’t buy that. With a horrible midfield we reached an EL final and finished a two points off third. Now we have brought in Willian at the coaches request and “revitalised” Xhaka, then you add Ceballos. All this topped off by generational coaching, that being considered shouldn’t the least expectation be 70 points in the league and an EL final.

    Seems any mention of Emery that doesn’t call him an imbecile gets some of you foaming at the mouth. Because I am not the only one who Mentions him here, Pedro constantly brings him up to prove we have made meteoric progress. I bring him up to show he set quite a respectable bar first season and that should be the benchmark for a new coach 8 full months later

  12. Leftfootcurler


    ” think you’ll find that our play predominantly went down the flanks and not into/through the centre of the pitch.”

    Yes,and the reason is lack of passing options BTL.

    But if we are so scared of losing the ball,why pass around the back at all?
    Why didn’t Holding,Luiz,Tierney lump the ball forward at the first opportunity?

  13. Nelson

    Arteta is a smart coach/manager. He definitely realizes that his 3 4 3 formation is only effective against other top 6 teams. He needs a different system to breakdown teams playing low block.

  14. Al

    Never seen so much moaning and tears off the back of a player playing in a friendly hahah.

    A friendly that people didn’t watch and have zero idea how involved that player was. What if he only played 5mins and came on with all the younger players?

  15. Receding Hairline

    Emirates why would Chelsea and United finish in the top four with “inferior” managers to Arsenal’s?

    Chelsea’s new signings will need settling into the league, their defense conceded the same number of goals as Brighton last season, why are they nailed on for top four before a ball is kicked?

  16. Leftfootcurler

    I can’t believe we are still talking of Emery.

    Emery had Ramsey,Ozil(who was good in 2017-18),Iwobi and Mkhitaryan as BTL creators.

    He was struggling to get his team to create in his first season.

    When the above mentioned players were let go and no replacement was brought in,he obviously struggled even more.

    Arsenal had a top heavy squad which did not suit him.

    He struggled.

    I hope he succeeds in his future endeavors.
    Lets move on.

  17. Leftfootcurler

    Chelsea is not going to finish top 4 especially if they play Mount and Havertz together.

    I think Liverpool,Man city,Man utd and Spurs will be the top 4 as the squad is now.
    But lets leave aside predictions till the transfer window finshes.

  18. Leftfootcurler

    When we play in the opponent’s half

    Our formation becomes like 3-2-5.

    The problem lies not in the formation but in personnel.

    For top 4,we need another player who can score 20 like Auba.
    An a BTL creator who will get 15 G+A.

  19. Receding Hairline

    Leftfoot did you say Spurs top four? Why? They have a weak squad and a past it coach?

    I find it dishonest that for all the shouts of progress and we made the right choice of coach etc no one here seems confident of a top four finish. Is that deliberate? Is that a ploy to make it appear the impossible was achieved if we do make top four?/

  20. China1

    Apart from city and Liverpool I don’t see anyone is nailed on for top 4

    Having good players or buying more good players doesn’t guarantee anything, it only improves the probability. Chelsea even with league winning squads, much better than currently have regularly yoyod quite dramatically. Utd have had better squads than us a few times since fergie left but have finished outside top 4 and below us multiple times

  21. China1

    I don’t see spurs getting top 4

    Their squad has not improved for years and they already missed the boat to kick on with this team. Plus it’s mourinho in season 2. If he starts badly it will be fireworks and a sacking around christmas

  22. Nelson

    “The problem lies not in the formation but in personnel”

    I don’t think we needs 3 CB’s against teams playing defense most of the time.

  23. Ekow

    We just need to improve the midfield and we’re done.
    Partey or Soumare or Diawara, Aouar or Cotinho on loan and we’ll be OK.

    Can’t see Liverpool repeating 2019/20

  24. Receding Hairline

    Exactly China

    Bear in mind Chelsea didn’t bring in any new players last season and lost Hazard. They are only just rebuilding.

    Spurs have been ordinary. United one can argue are better than us squad wise.

    I see Chelsea and Arsenal all starting on an equal footing. We are ahead of Spurs. We should not see any of the two as favorites for anything.

  25. englandsbest

    It would a signal of weakness to re-instate Ozil. Cannot imagine Mikel showing any.
    More likely a generous farewell game. Ozil is on his way.

  26. CG

    “”””It would a signal of weakness to re-instate Ozil. “”””

    Absolute nonsense.

    Its a signal of strength and excellent man- management.

    Post Lockdown , Arsenal had x 2 matches where they never even registered a shot on the opposition goal( City and Villa) , so class,guile and passing ability is urgently required.

    Arsenal deservedly won their recent x 2 trophies – but – ‘parking the team bus ‘ every weekend- aint susutainable.

    A rejuventated and re- invigotated Ozil will be indeed ,like a new signing.

    I also thought Eleneny looked decent too ,last weekend.

    although that would be a stretch to say , we have x2 new signings.

  27. Thorough

    And seriously if Arteta must keep Auba on the wings and sell Laca, I’ll rather go with Martinelli or Balogun as striker. They’re both better than Nketiah

  28. SpanishDave

    The problem is we are struggling to get rid of the dross.
    So realistically we cannot get the players we want until much later in the transfer window. So Arteta is going to try and use what he’s got including Ozil to get through the first 4 games.
    It’s going to be scrappy.

  29. Pierre

    “I also thought Eleneny looked decent too ,last weekend.”

    He was better than decent .

    He will never be accepted here but until we bring in improvements, he can do more than a good job for us.

    I like the fact that he always makes himself available for the ball and doesn’t hide.

    Positionally he knows where and when to be at any given time and is a team player.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the starting line up v Fulham at the weekend.

  30. Leftfootcurler


    I think Arsenal have the 7th best squad in the league.

    Spurs have the 4th best.

    Chelsea may not have bought any players last season but they gained two players with world class potential in Abraham and Mount.

    Manager’s job is to give his players the best conditions to succeed.

    I think Chris Wilder is a better coach than Ole,Frank and Jose.

    Doesn’t mean that Sheffield United will finish above Man utd,chelsea or spurs.

  31. englandsbest

    Come on. A rejuvenated re-invigorated Ozil? Even magical Mikel can’t achieve that.

    A sign of strength will be when he brings in a player who can do the job that Ozil has failed to do year after year.

  32. TR7

    We should of course challange for top 4 this season, no excuses. We have two good GKs, a whole array of central defenders, Tiernney is very good at LB, a top goal scorer in Auba, quality youngsters in Saka, AMN ,Martinelli and a pragmatic and smart coach.

  33. Leftfootcurler

    Elneny was always decent. Got criticised way too much for his lack of ambitious passing.

    Basics of midfield is
    1) Block space
    2) win duels/challenges
    3) Offer yourself as a passing option
    4) Make safe passes( ensure the ball receiver is not tackled)

    Everything else is a bonus.
    But the above mentioned 4 points are non negotiables.

  34. TR7

    I have always liked Elneny althought I was trolled a lot for it. He is not explosive or eye catching but his engine, his understanding of the game and his good positioning make him a good squad player. If only he had a better passing range he would have been a terrific midfielder.

  35. CG


    “”””CG,I also thought Eleneny looked decent too ,last weekend.”He was better than decent”””””

    I stand corrected.
    He was indeed excllent.

    Xhaka, Ozil and Elneny back in the Arsenals mdifield , with Artetas coaching ……just like the good old days- when we actually tried to play the beautiful game without worrying about the oppostion.

    Thats why witnessed footballing poetry for so long.

    Great Memories.

  36. Jamie

    We start the season with Elneny and Ozil anywhere near the starting 11, and we aren’t finishing in the top 4.

    Two of the most average footballers in Europe, and we’ve pissed over £150 million up the wall on those two. Staggering that anyone other than morons like Pierre and CG want them hanging around this season.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    You have put words in my mouth that I have not posted.

    What I have said is that Ozil is a luxury that in current set up we cannot afford
    and he is no longer the future of the team and club. He has 10 months on his
    contract which is not going to be extended or renewed.

    Where would you play Ozil if we line up with 3-4-3 formation, which is the
    way we have played at end of last season in most games where we have been

  38. Pierre

    if he’s going to play the wing back system , personally I’d play with 2 up top and 3 in midfied( 2 sitting , one advanced) and use the wing backs for the width ..

  39. Calypso

    Whichever way you spin it, the season was grossly below par.

    Tol 4 is a minimum, in fact it would make a change and overachieve by challenging for the title.

  40. CG


    “”””Where would you play Ozil if we line up with 3-4-3 formation””””

    442 would be my system. (Always)
    Keep it simple for the players.

    belerin, Holding, Mustafi, Sead
    Nelson, Xhaka, AMN ,Ozil
    PEA ,Laca

  41. Leftfootcurler

    “Where would you play Ozil if we line up with 3-4-3 formation, which is the
    way we have played at end of last season in most games where we have been

    False 9,in the laca role.
    Won’t play him vs top 6,wolves or everton.

    But my feeling from his performances in Arteta’s team in the 4231 earlier in the season is that he is finished physically.

    So I would rather buy Brandt/Buendia. Both of them are likely cheap enough.

  42. CG

    Cali Goon

    “””CG That lineup would get us relegated.”””

    No chance.
    Top 4 if it all clicks.
    Top 6 if it unravels.

  43. Emiratesstroller


    So long as Arsenal play 3 CBs we cannot play Ozil in the team. It is pure wishful

    You need a “solid hard working spine”. If Gabriel makes the grade as a solid left
    footed Centre Back then Tierney will move into roll as left wing back. The
    alternative options are Maitland-Niles or Saka.

    If Saliba makes the grade as right centre back then the right wing back options
    are Bellerin, Soares and Maitland-Niles

    The best central midfield options, which are in my view currently weak are
    Xhaka and Ceballos. Obviously if Partey comes into team he will replace one
    of these two in starting lineup.

    The forward formation is more fluid although Aubameyang is an automatic
    starter unless rested. The other places in team/squad will revolve around
    Lacazette [if staying], Pepe, Nketiah, Willian, Saka and Martinelli [when fit]

  44. Pierre

    “So long as Arsenal play 3 CBs we cannot play Ozil in the team. It is pure wishful

    I haven’t mentioned Ozil ..

  45. Red Army

    Jamie did you watch the charity shield?

    El neny was one of the best players on the pitch. Before he left on loan he was a player shot of confidence who didn’t back himself to pass forward with any risk attached and he’d regressed badly.

    After playing a full season for Besiktas and being a key midfielder for them it seems the regular football has revived him and his confidence is sky high. He’s now an asset not a liability.

    Instead of hanging onto previous petty opinions when, agreed, he wasn’t playing very well, can’t you be objective and see the loan has worked brilliantly and given us another viable option in midfield?

  46. englandsbest

    Still all this chatter about top 4, or top 6 as if they were major achievements. Sorry, but they are not. Domestically, winning the league or FA cup is a major achievement.

    Top 2-6 is about gaining entry to the following season’s two Euro competitions. Win either of those, and that is a major achievement.

    It used to be that to gain entry you had to win a domestic league or cup. That’s when the money side took over: big guns needed to be included. Fair enough, the Barcas and Bayerns have been a pleasure to watch.

    But don’t let’s be brainwashed. Winning is major, coming second is minor.

  47. Useroz

    As of this point in TW, talking up Manure and Chreski by GS is bullshit like he does as a pundit.

    These two clubs didn’t do very well last season and Manure was saved by a great mid season signing Well, a rather attacking midfielder!

    If we continue to limbo with signing.couple of long overdue creative/ box to box midfielders, there’s no one to blame.

    The fact that we couldn’t rid of the dross must be a hard lesson learnt by Edu and Arteta when they are dealing the squad going forward.

    However much loss we’d make as a result, we simply need to wipe the slate as clean we possible Let Vinai worry about the financials and P&L statement.

    Talking Ozil and Elneny is backward I am sorry if some disagree. But both have, and should have, no future here. Their continued presence is a vivid reminder of critical mistakes from Wenger and The Snake soup.

    Start getting ‘em outta the door! The team, and head coach deserve a clean start.

  48. Graham62


    Totally agree.

    1. Ozil is finished. End of subject.

    2: Elneny showed up in a charity match. There may be some hope that Arteta can maximise his potential but I also feel he is not up to standard.

    I love your take on “The snake soup”.

  49. Samesong

    Where is Ramsey going? News that he will be coming back to Prem.

    As for spurs. They are a funny side. As much as I want to rule them out for top 4. If Kane and Son are on form next season it can’t be ruled out.

    Hope they are shit though.

  50. CG


    “”””The fact that we couldn’t rid of the dross must be a hard lesson learnt by Edu and Arteta when they are dealing the squad going forward””””

    I wouid say, they have done a pretty good job adding to it.


    if that trio – aint the defintion of dross- I dont know what is…

  51. Marc


    You need to take a wider look at the situation. The reason people are talking about “achieving” top 4 is because of the financial benefits CL football brings. We were losing over £20 million a season before COVID kicked in – if we want a better team that is going to involve buying some players and you need money to do that.

    Getting us back in the position where we are competing for the Championship will not happen with the waive of a magic wand it’s going to be a process that will be achieved step by step.

    One of the first steps is getting back into the CL.

  52. Marc


    The big question on the Spud’s is when (not if) will Mourinho have a meltdown and piss off just about everyone there.

    That was the funny thing about what Sanchez came out with last week – the shock that a team managed by Mourinho would be a toxic environment.

  53. Sid

    As long as Xhakalson is on the field playing Ozil and/or a formation without 3CBs is tempting fate.

    Im telling you for free!

  54. englandsbest

    You are talking the money side, and I can’t disagree. But I don’t see ‘came sixth’ up there in the list of Arsenal successes.

    Yes, I’d rather win FA Cup than come 2nd to 6th, but no, I won’t settle for anything less than Arsenal as an elite Club.

    And that is the very point I am trying to make: fans of elite clubs don’t talk about coming second. It’s defeatist.

  55. Receding Hairline

    You can’t go from finishing 8th to being elite. Top four is what happens when you aim for first and fall short.

    Nothing wrong with being realistic, we stopped being an elite club in the real sense of the word a few years ago so turning up your nose at a top four ambition is just posturing

  56. Sid

    ‘if he’s going to play the wing back system , personally I’d play with 2 up top and 3 in midfied( 2 sitting , one advanced) and use the wing backs for the width ..’

    For this to work the advanced midfielder needs to be an exptionally hardworking type e.g Buendia

  57. Dissenter

    Arteta has found a way to make many a player at Arsenal play better.
    Who says he can’t take Elneny a more functional player. At best , El Nnena should be ahead of Willock.

  58. Marko

    Anyway I stand by what I said last night about Mikel bringing back in Ozil from the cold. I’m tempted to say that I’d kinda like to see it happen to see it blow up in certain types faces.

  59. Graham62

    Can anyone explain to me the benefits of having Willock in the team?

    I really want him to do well but he continues to disappoint.

  60. Sid

    With a proper DM/CM to replace Xhakalson in the team Ozil is a better asset to the team than having Xhakalson and no Ozil.

    Im telling you for free

  61. Marko

    Let’s wait and see if Ozil actually get’s any match time in competitive games.

    Even if he’s on the bench Mikel will be seen as full of shit imo.

    would like any player to succeed who comes into the side..

    I don’t want to see that useless cunt anywhere near this team again he offers nothing and he’s a horrible cunt to the club and encapsulates everything wrong about Arsenal these last few years. I’d sooner piss away the rest of his wages and ban him from training and attending games than even see him reduced to a place on the bench

  62. Graham62


    Of course Pierre, we all do.

    In the case of Mr Ozil though, it would take a monumental change in attitude and performance level to warrant the support of the vast majority(99.99%) of fans.

    What do you think?

    Shall we give him the benefit of our considerable doubt?

    50th time lucky maybe?

  63. Marc

    “No way do Xhaka-Ceballos/torreira win big games under most managers.”

    Most managers wouldn’t keep them although I’m happy to keep an open mind about Ceballos.

  64. Captain Tierney

    ‘PRVHC, Ivan ran a tighter ship than Raul. We’d not be in this mess if he saw out the project he started. That is for sure.’

    How can Pedro still vouch for Ivan is beyond me.
    The worst hire in Arsenal history ever.
    And Pedro, no amount of brainwashing can hide the fact that Ivan hired Emery because he was a ‘safe’ option.

    Too weak to bin Wenger until very very late, too weak to have a say in transfers, too weak to hire Arteta in 2018, too weak to finish the project he started.
    Now at Milan and too weak and naive to continue with the safe option of Pioli because he had a good run of games post lockdown when he had a chance to get Rangnick.

  65. englandsbest

    Winning the league title may be unlikely, but is not impossible.

    I make Arsenal more likely (with two provisos) than Man U, Chelsea, Tottenham or any other club apart from Man C and Liverpool. The two provisos are of course: Mikel retains Auba and brings in an outstanding creative midfielder.

    But let’s not be defeatist and settle for 3rd place let’s focus on what will help us get 1st place.

    Mikel has created a settled motivated squad that should become fully balanced and integrated with the incomers.

    The same cannot be said of the other clubs, except perhaps Liverpool, and they have shown signs of ambition-fatigue.

  66. Leftfootcurler

    “Most managers wouldn’t keep them although I’m happy to keep an open mind about Ceballos.”

    Depends on the budget available to spend.

    If arsenal were to put up xhaka for sale,Simeone and Conte would definitely want him.

  67. Marc

    We did put Xhaka up for sale and the only club interest was Hertha Berlin for £22 million – Arteta stopped him leaving utter madness.

    You really need to try a different sport – you aren’t doing very well on football.

  68. GunnerDNA

    Another day and another pointless debate about a trash player like Ozil. I honestly think something is definitely wrong with fans who’s still think he’s of any value to Arsenal achieving anything. The flip flopping is baffling. Dude was sent on holidays early when the Club had a cup final at Wembly and fast forward 3 weeks after fans still trying to justify this clown existence. I hope he makes the starting 11 because I know how it will ends. Can’t wait for him to go and take all the baggage with him. The 2 first games of the season will actually determine a lot. It’s only 5 days to go now! 🚮

  69. Marko

    So you would like to see ANY player succeed who comes into the team

    I would like the team to succeed and I would like the club to improve and get away from individuals who hold us back who’ve contributed to our decline. We need hard workers and players who buy into our goals to improve and be successful. None of that happens with you know who returning to the side.

  70. CaliGooner


    That lineup you posted didn’t have a single player that could defend. A left side with Kola and Ozil and mustafi? We’d ship three goals a game. Would be one way traffic all game. Disaster. Glad you aren’t coaching.


  71. Red Army

    ‘ I don’t want to see that useless cunt anywhere near this team again he offers nothing and he’s a horrible cunt to the club and encapsulates everything wrong about Arsenal these last few years. I’d sooner piss away the rest of his wages and ban him from training and attending games than even see him reduced to a place on the bench’

    Marko and with this comment encapsulates everything that’s wrong with modern arsenal supporters. Deluded and ill informed. We can’t afford to just flush £18m down the shitter and appearing to possibly utilise this player while he’s here makes business sense, so I’m sorry that it hurts your delicate feelings on the subject.

  72. Shehu Bala a.k.a. Nature Boy

    Only when Arteta, Edu and all the movers and shakers of Arsenal FC bring in the likes of Partey can we be really realistically challenge for the top four come 2020/2021 season.

  73. Yusuf Mike Larry

    I want to see the arsenal we use to know the unbeatable so in that light I want the club to maintain the squad. Most times we lose games because of injuries no player to replace another unless we use players wrongly in the places that they are not fit.