Poor Alexis Sanchez

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Alexis Sanchez told the world he regretted his move to Manchester United from the very first training session.

“Sometimes there are things that you don’t realise until you get there, and I remember the first training session I had, I realised a lot of things.

“After the session I got home and I told my family and my agent ‘can you not rip up the contract to go back to Arsenal?’. They laughed, I told them there’s something that doesn’t sit right, it doesn’t seem good.

“But I already signed, I was already there. After the first few months I carried on having the same feeling, we weren’t united as a team in that moment.”


The Chilean was a monster of a player for Arsenal. No doubt. But I feel no empathy for his plight after going to United in one of the most disastrous moves for BOTH clubs. We landed Mikhi, which was horrible. They landed a £400k a week dud. Unreal from his agent, you have to say.

Though I have to say, I’m shocked he didn’t like life under Mourinho. I can’t imagine why people don’t enjoy being called ‘soft cu*ts’ on the daily. Baffling. What is even more surprising is the amount of people online that aren’t willing to laugh at him. Grow up. This is football.

Transfer stories slowed a little bit yesterday, though it does appear that the smoke around some of the exits is accompanied by fire. Lucas Torreira is going to Fiorentina in a deal worth around £24m when it’s all fully executed. The Uruguayan looked like a decent on paper signing, but he didn’t quite have the physical attributes you need to rock it in the Premier League. He also didn’t seem to like the UK. Not a great combo, but at least we’ve dealt with the mistake quickly.

The second player likely to say goodbye is Sokratis. Again, not a terrible player, just not suited to what we’ve ever really needed. We have to have defenders that can cut it with the ball at their feet. Sokratis isn’t exactly a ball-playing centre back, and though he’s strong, he lacks the height you need. Filling out our centre back positions with two giants will go a long way to solving some of our problems, particularly from setpieces.

Stories around Aouar, Hector and Partey have died down… I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about the midfield. Our biggest issue of last season hasn’t even put a bit of make-up on. We need some mobility, we need a creator, and we needed it yesterday. Let’s see if next week brings more exciting news.

A VERY short post today. I’m tidying up the new lick of paint for the site, hopefully, that’ll land with you next week!

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  1. Marko

    For every Gnaby and Malen there’s a Cowley and Zelalem.

    Great point…nah I’m joking. I’ll have to check it out but I’m pretty sure that Crowley and Zelalem weren’t on the cusp of an international call up to a very talented germany side while we were playing Iwobi instead. But yeah very similar I guess?

  2. CG

    Re. Arsenal players Valuations

    West Ham offer £27 million for Burnley center back( Tomalksi?)

    And yet our Dopes want to give Holding to Newcastle on loan .

    (Holding is younger and superior.)

    The club has no chance until we employ executives that either aint bent or incompetent.End off.

    Eg. Leicester City, Chelsea, Liverpool.

  3. Valentin


    I would doubt the quality of the information if those don’t even know that LILLE and LYON are different cities. Lille is in the north while Lyon is on centre east of France.
    Arsenal just bought Gabriel from The LOSC that is a club from Lille in the north of France.
    Aouar is playing for Lyon Olympique FC based you guessed it in Lyon.

  4. Marko

    To be fair, Gnabry didn’t show all that much quality or promise when he featured for the Arsenal senior team. Aside from the types who rate every single Arsenal youth player — regardless of what the player actually shows in matches — very few people here talked all that much about the quality or promise they saw in Gnabry, nor was there much outcry or discussion here when he departed.

    This whole paragraph right here is what a person might call a whole lot of bullshit. One he didn’t show that much quality or promise because he wasn’t given the opportunity to. The aside from the types who rate every single Arsenal youth player comment is too stupid to respond to. And there very much was a discussion when he left us at the time because he literally was getting a call up to Germany and being linked with a back door move to Bayern when we sold him for pittance

  5. Marko

    I will admit that I didn’t see all that much in him, but of course, I am a humble, reasonable guy. 😉

    That and of course you don’t know a great deal about football so it’s hardly surprising.

  6. Captain Tierney


    ‘on the cusp of’
    Are you Valentin in disguise?

    Oh and yes Zelalem was hyped. Hyped much more than Malen.
    Just like Gnabry was on the ‘cusp’ of the national team , I read a report saying Zelalem could dribble like Iniesta and pass like Xavi, so you could say Zelalem was on the cusp of becoming the best midfielder ever.

  7. Tom

    Re your Gnabry post, it’s Wenger’s “ I always knew Gnabry was an exceptional talent blah blah blah…” comment that annoys more than anything else.
    You don’t send an exceptional talent out on loan to a Tony Pulis team.

    On a different note…..watching the England game and no intention to offend any Brits here but does the“ god save the queen “seem a bit silly in this day and age, or is it just me?

  8. Marko

    I read a report saying Zelalem could dribble like Iniesta and pass like Xavi, so you could say Zelalem was on the cusp of becoming the best midfielder ever.

    … you do know that the summer Gnabry left he was playing for Germany in the olympics right. That doesn’t just happen for no reason. The season right after he left us where he couldn’t get any game time over the likes of Iwobi he scored 11 goals in 27 games in the bundesliga for bremen then went on to hoffenheim where he again scored like 10 goals and 8 assists and now at Bayern it’s 36 goals and 23 assists in two seasons.


  9. Graham62


    Welcome back by the way. Were you really away from the scene?

    By the way, you are wrong. Gnabry showed more than enough in his few senior games for Arsenal to warrant a regular start in the team.

    He left, like others before and after him, because he knew that, under Wenger Mark 2, he was never going to fulfill his true potential and he and his advisors probably saw the environment wasn’t conducive to a winning mindset

    If Gnabry had been a part of a constructive and progressive structure at AFC, he would still be at the club.

    Just an opinion.

  10. Marko

    By the way, you are wrong. Gnabry showed more than enough in his few senior games for Arsenal to warrant a regular start in the team.

    No one’s arguing start it was about more game time and showing a clear path to the first team.

  11. Marko

    Iceland have had 10 deaths from Covid currently 1 active case, so why are there no crowds.

    Have a think on why that is… come on now it’s not that difficult

  12. Marc


    Well as the UK still has a Monarchy referencing the King or Queen as our Head of State once again makes sense. I’m not religious so the God bit isn’t for me but what are you suggesting they change it for?

  13. MGooner


    Gnarby went to West Brom after his knee surgery to get some game time.

    But the manager there was a dinosaur, so he made a call to head back to his country. Can’t blame him as if he had come back to Arsenal and played on and off, his career would have been at risk.

    On the Queen, you’d be surprised at how much Brits love their Royals.

  14. Marc

    “Have a think on why that is… come on now it’s not that difficult”

    Is it because International football outside of the World Cup or Euro’s etc is a complete and utter waste of time and no one wants to watch it?

  15. Valentin


    “On the cusp” are you Valentin in disguise.

    Thanks for acknowledging that I try to write.
    You on the other hand, just keep spewing more non sense.

  16. Tom

    National pride still exist in the real world. The woke world wants to get rid of our past.
    Spanish Dave
    National pride and god the two main reasons for mass casualties historically speaking. Other than that they’re great.

  17. Graham62


    I agree.

    By erasing our history you are depriving our children and grandchildren the opportunity to distinguish between right and wrong.

    Might as well condone Henry VIII for all his wrong doings.

    A great deal of history was pretty awful. That’s what makes it such an interesting and compelling subject.

    It’s becoming farcical.

  18. Marc


    “!Marc, so how do you explain the crowds that normally fill stadiums to watch their national teams?”

    A basic combination of mass hysteria and pure stupidity works for me.

  19. Marko

    Is it because International football outside of the World Cup or Euro’s etc is a complete and utter waste of time and no one wants to watch it?

    Eh not quite I seem to remember that Iceland when they knocked out england in the Euros or whatever it was were particularly noisy and full of passion it was actually nice to see.

    I was thinking more along the lines of a country banning mass gatherings of people having less cases during a pandemic. I know right madness sheer madness

  20. prvhc

    Captain Tierney
    What are you on about ?
    Gnabry played for Arsenal in the Premier League and looked good. We let him go for free. And you’re comparing him to players who never made it to the bench. Absolute non-sense argument.

  21. Marc


    If you can show me any country or civilization that hasn’t got questionable parts in it’s history then I’ll buy into the current bullshit.

    Homo Sapiens are a violent species.

  22. Valentin


    Arsenal wanted to send Gnabry on loan to a championship club where he was guaranteed time. He refused and demanded to go to a premiership club. WestBrom managed by Tony Pulis was always a dumb decision.

    Nowadays at least, there is a loan manager who veto clubs before even letting the loaned player have a final say. We should not encounter such decision anymore. Also now contracts have a recall option and rebate clause for every game a player is involved to incentive the borrower team to play our player. (That caused the issue with Saliba where the French Cup final extra game would havr cost Arsenal).
    Gnabry’s contract did not have a recall clause and WestBrom could not terminate without occurring a penalty fee that stupidly Arsenal were refusing to wave.

  23. Pedro

    SpanishDave, I’m not sure the woke world wants to erase the past… more about being a little more honest about our history.

    Obviously extremists… but then there are extremists on both sides of the argument.

    Agree with Bamford here, Gnabry wasn’t great. I was at one of his first games in CL when he gifted a goal within about 5 minutes of being on the pitch. Though I will say, he was no worse than Chambo.

  24. Bob N16

    Jerusalem- less monarchist and slightly less religious, much better tune.

    Alternatively ‘Always look on the bright side of life’

  25. Valentin

    Instead of criticising why the game is played behind closed door, Maybe the fact that Iceland has taken decisive measures against mass public gathering is the reason why they have not been so affected by the virus.

  26. Graham62


    Gnabry was an exceptional talent well before he left for Germany.

    He blossomed even further not because of drugs but because he went to a proactive environment.

  27. prvhc

    Remember when Ivan was the behind-the scenes mastermind orchestrating brilliant moves to take us into the promised land ?

    Basically every department in the club regressed under the disastrous duo, and I’d have deep reservations about anyone that worked under that regime. Which is why this Vinai guy concerns me.

  28. Marc

    “more about being a little more honest about our history.”

    You mean when the English went round looking for blokes wearing a skirt then nicked their countries?

    Back when the world was a safer better place!

  29. CG


    “”””CG, Gnabry was an exceptional talent well before he left for Germany.””””

    He wasnt,
    He looked average.
    Bayern have got the best out of him, granted.

    But Bayern are uber professional in ALL what they do.
    They play to be The Best.
    We play to make KSE Investment vehicle remains watertight.

  30. Graham62

    Let’s be honest here, any youngster who plays for a EPL club is an exceptional talent.

    All you need is an exceptional coach to help them progress.

    Alas, this was not the case at Arsenal.

  31. Tom

    Yes, I know Brits love their royals, and since the royal wedding was watched by two billion worldwide, I guess they aren’t alone in this.

  32. Marc


    I think we should be paid reparations for all the hard work involved.

    Although we are to blame for Australians so maybe it balances out.

  33. Graham62


    Have you beamed in from planet zog?

    Between 2006-2018 we were systematically dismantled by a management regime more concerned with crappie values and self preservation, rather than the progression of the club.

    Your pathetic and embarrassing perceptions continue to highlight your blinkered outlook on our club.

  34. MGooner

    @ CG, We play to make KSE Investment vehicle remains watertight.

    So true.

    But I’d also say that initial our success under Wenger was due to the mental quality of the players – they were winners. Once that generation left, we went south.

  35. SpanishDave

    The honest truth is our navy stopped slavery by patrolling the west coast of Africa.
    The first slaves in Virginia and Barbados were white people taken out of London.
    Black slaves were offered by West African chiefs.
    Read history .
    It’s quite interesting

  36. Valentin

    The fact Jordan Pickford is a full international is beyond farcical.
    England used to be known for having player on those 3 positions: goalkeeper, striker and defensive midfielder.
    Nowadays, 2 of thoses 3 positions are just problematic for England. England goalkeepers are viewed as just bad joke. England does not have a world class DM. Even Eric Dier has finally admitted that he is not a DM. He may soon discover that he is not a good CB either.

  37. Marc


    “The fact Jordan Pickford is a full international is beyond farcical.”

    Now that’s something we can both agree on 100%. One of the highlights of the summer so far is Joe Hart signing for the Spud’s. Another useless keeper.

  38. Bob N16

    ‘Black slaves were offered by West African chiefs’ -that somehow justifies British involvement in the slave trade?

    Surely that’s a classic case of two wrongs not making a right.

    ‘Read history it’s quite interesting’, oh ok then!

  39. Tom

    “Well as the UK still has a Monarchy referencing the King or Queen as our Head of State once again makes sense. I’m not religious so the God bit isn’t for me but what are you suggesting they change it for?“

    I know it doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way but how about “fish and chips”

    This isn’t just the Brits btw, but other nations who still carry on with this royalty nonsense.
    America has their own cousin fuckers but we call them rednecks.

  40. prvhc

    Bob N16
    What do you mean two wrongs ? The African chiefs willingly offered their brethren as slaves and the West gracefully accepted and exploited them for the common good.
    What’s wrong here ?

  41. andy1886

    Spanish Dave – I have read history (BA), yes the Royal Navy did take action to disrupt the slave trade – just at the point where it was about to become more economically advantageous to the French, so stopping it was about economic and military advantage rather than morals.

    I’d add too that the working class Brits has been opposing slavery for decades before the politicians decided that it was suddenly in their interest to do so.

  42. Sid

    Trying to rewrite history?

    The UK’s great and unequal wealth was built on colonial loot: the land and labour stolen in Ireland, America and all the colonies, the humans stolen by slavery, the $15 trillion bled from India. It is sustained partly by the money-harvesting of corrupt elites in poorer nations.

  43. Bob N16

    Marc, are you suggesting that by helping stop the slave trade, Britain should be in some way absolved of criticism from being involved in it for over 300 years?

  44. Marc


    No but my personal view is as slavery seems to have been practiced by all civilizations where do you start with laying the blame?

    My great Grandmother was killed in the Blitz – I never knew her (obviously) should I still be blaming the Germans for that?

  45. MGooner


    I think it’s the exploitation part.

    But nature has its own way of dealing with these things, its called Karma.

    If you wrong someone, you pay back in a way or the other. It has nothing to do with countries, societies, cast, creed or religion. it is just how creation works.

  46. Sid

    Germans took responsibility for their leaders wrongs. The UK still continues with systemic violations
    In Britain, you know you have arrived when you are bestowed a knighthood. Knighthoods are bestowed for services to society. Richard Branson, one of the few who owe theirs to wealth, was awarded for “services to entrepreneurship.” In Germany, money does not wash. You have to be a philosopher and statesman.

  47. SpanishDave

    Andy thanks I am only an amateur historian I wish I had the chance to study like you.
    I drifted into Architecture where I studied Architectural History.

  48. Bob N16

    Marc, this is a football blog that being said considering historical events should give us insight into the present. Of course Germans can be blamed for the death of your great a Grandmother but I don’t suppose that has any residual impact in you or your family’s life. It could be argued that even though the Atlantic slave trade has been over for 150 yrs +, it’s effects have been long lasting and is still relevant today.

    I haven’t posted for a couple of months because I found some of the political views and aggressive attitudes of certain posters abhorrent and distasteful and I realised I was getting sucked into unpleasant interactions with people whose entrenched views I was never going to be able to soften.

    I’m going stick to football now. If I can’t I’ll just read the stream without commenting.

  49. andy1886

    Dave, as always follow the money. Power, money and advantage. Consequences for the little people are usually a mere after thought (along the lines of how much shit can we throw at them and get away with it…).

  50. Marc


    I’ve no problem with that but this place has a habit of being a free for all when it’s a “WOKE” or more “lefty” view and a nasty oppressive place if any counter argument is put up.

    Let’s keep it to football.

  51. prvhc

    Back to Arsenal
    What do you guys think of Vinai ? After all he’s the most important guy at the club after the Kroenkes. He’s not discussed nearly enough.

  52. SpanishDave

    Concerned why Auba hasn’t signed.
    He has to be holding out to see who we are signing.
    Partey minimum, but need a creative player
    Is Grealish worth that much ? nobody is going after him as yet

  53. andy1886

    Looking at the England line-up I have to say it looks absolute crap.

    Kane isn’t the player he used to be and tbh his stats were already padded out with pens as it was. Sterling has never really impressed on the international scene and Sancho might be the future but he isn’t a game changer for England right now.

    Then look at the rest of the dross, Dier, Trippier, Ward-Prowse, all mediocre level PL players.

    Hard to think that any of them would make the first XI of one of the top international teams.

  54. Pedro

    SpanishDave, I read a lot of history, particularly on slavery, and there’s no way of sugar-coating what the British or the American’s did.

    New post!

  55. andy1886

    According to the BBC England have had 82% possession and only three shots on target. Pointless possession just like the Arsenal a couple of years back.

  56. Captain Tierney


    No way I am denying Gnabry’s talent here.
    Some here are on about how we should keep all our best talents and discard all the dross and I’m trying to point out how it is not as easy as they think.

    Zelalem along with Cowley were hyped a lot and rated highly by the same fans. We kept them but both turned out to be duds.
    Gnabry and Malen were a similar case. Gnabry wad rated higher than the other 3 tho and Malen was not hyped as much hyped as Zelalem or Cowley I think. We tried to keep these 2 too but ultimately they left because they couldn’t see a path to the first team or various other reasons we probably dont know of.
    You could say the same about Wilshere and Ramsey too. 2 youngsters , rated highly by the coaches and fans alike and credit to the club to keeping and playing them. But unfortunately both couldn’t fulfill their potential due to injuries.

    Case in point being – Its very difficult maybe impossible to predict a youth players future.

    Some other high profile examples being Pais , Quaresma , the ManU guy (cant remember his name) , Bojan, Bellerin to some extent (was predicted he would be the best RB in the future), Balotelli, etc.

  57. LegendMax

    “Agree with Bamford here, Gnabry wasn’t great. I was at one of his first games in CL when he gifted a goal within about 5 minutes of being on the pitch. Though I will say, he was no worse than Chambo.”

    Common now….he may not have been great in every game he played back then ( he was still just 18) but he showed enough talent to stand out as one for the future.
    Fair to say he was already a better winger than walcott and wenger is solely to blame for not giving him more playing time when walcott kept starting game after game. I remember i used to be livid at that!
    He then got injured and couldnt get back into the team before that unbelievably poor decision to loan him to westbrom.
    Gmabry was mismanaged…. simple as that!

  58. Captain Tierney

    Reportedly wr lost a friendly against Villa today.
    Auba scored both.
    Willian, Saliba, Ozil, Ceballos, Holding all featured.

  59. Bob N16

    Marc ‘counter argument’ = heavily to the right.

    It just comes across if you’re a right winger anybody who disagrees with you, in the centre or to the left should be considered ‘woke’ or a ‘snowflake’ or some other label that lowers the debate into name calling.

    I find this polarising and depressing. I’m a liberal with a small ‘l’ , live and let live as long as your actions don’t negatively affect others. I believe in tolerance and an acceptance of others culture, religion etc. The political climate at the moment is appalling. I find it hard to bite my tongue if people appear intolerant to others and blindly believe in a position that marginalises others.

    I’m definitely stopping now ….

    Fuck me watching England is painful. Bring on 12.30 next Saturday!

  60. Captain Tierney

    Fabio Silva with a season under half a season (12 league games to be precise), 1 goal under his belt is red hot.

    Guendouzi with 2 seasons of top flight football is worth 15mil.

  61. Marko

    Fabio Silva with a season under half a season (12 league games to be precise), 1 goal under his belt is red hot.

    Red hot. He just turned 18 in July what do you expect from a 17 year old last season

  62. Captain Tierney

    To add a bit more salt to the Xhaka hater’s wounds

    Arsenal with Xhaka starting
    28 games – 3 losses

    Arsenal with Xhaka not starting
    9 games – 7 losses

    Red hot.

  63. Marko

    Dani Ceballos able to go straight into playing/training without quarantining because he’s already entered the ‘elite sports’ bubble because he’d started pre-season with Real Madrid.

    For Marc

  64. Captain Tierney

    To what Marko?

    Re: Guendouzi?

    Well, you certainly expect high standards from 20, 21 year olds like Guendo and Eddie.

    So you must have high standards for a 17, 18 yo too, right?

    Have you ever seen a full 90 of Fabio Silva?
    Just asking because you know you did label him red hot.

  65. Pedro

    G, if he was rated, he’d have been offered a new deal before the olympics and likely not sent on loan to WBA with Tony Pulis mentoring him