Need… a fix… of transfer news

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Ok, so it’s been a little slower on the feeds today.

No new players.

I feel empty and sad.

Where are my new players?

There are a few tidbits buzzing around.

Matteo G is not on the PSG wanted list now, they apparently switched things up to Hector Bellerin. I read a journo say that actually, they aren’t interested in Hector, we’ve offered him to them. Cheeky.

Back to Matteo.

It’s starting to look a little worrying for the 21-year-old ball progressor. Does his reputation precede him? Possibly. Or the market is just slow. If Cassano and Balotelli could consistently find good clubs, I’m pretty sure we’ll find a home for a young French U21 with a lot of experience under his belt.

There was an amazing story doing the rounds that Unai Emery is in for Martinez if he doesn’t seal a deal with Arsenal. Imagine wanting to go back to a coach with about as much sauce as a pack of Ryvita?

Big Ken Friar is off the board and into the PRESIDENT FOR LIFE position. Good for him. Ken Friar has been an incredible servant for Arsenal and I love him even more for allegedly 1) Being one of the first to call time on Unai Emery 2) Being the guy that wanted more oversight for Don Raul.

He exits head held high. If he was part of the siren crew, we should all be very grateful for his service. He’s played a massive role in saving Arsenal.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Arsenal shape the boardroom in his absence. It’s clear that bringing in someone like Tim Lewis added some incisive legal expertise, as well as some fan love. I wonder if they’ll continue to add more people like that? Who is our tech guy? Who is our brand expert? Would we consider an explayer for a bit of prestige? Do they need an advertising guy that ‘gets’ the internet?

I do have to say, I’d love to see Ian Wright make an appearance. He’s the true embodiment of what it is to be an Arsenal statesman. He’s the perfect representative for a younger more modern boardroom. Wrighty is cross-generational in appeal. Like, who doesn’t love him? He speaks to the players, he speaks to the fans, he embodies the class of Arsenal, but with a contemporary twist. What’s not to like about the idea?

Some may question what expertise an explayer would offer, I’m not so sure that’s a problem at board level. I think putting explayers in charge of technical positions can sometimes be problematic. AC Milan have had all sorts of issues with Maldini. They had to sack Boban. I also think Juve might run into trouble with their strong clique of salaried players who pushed Pirlo into the management role very early. United’s class of 92 might not have board seats, but they’ve certainly influenced some bang-average decision making there.

… but at board level, you need to find balance. Industry expertise can be balanced by Arsenal expertise. In Wright, you have someone that understands the culture of the club, the fans, and the city, so I think it’d be great. I am biased though.

Not sure whether Josh wants to make moves like that, but it’s a nice thought.

To change the topic… Fans will be BACK in the stadium for Sheffield United on October 3. The club is balloting who can go. It’ll be super weird, no doubt, but fuck it, at least we’ll have some people in the ground. I’m no covid expert, but the protests around America didn’t result in massive spikes. If everyone wears a mask, hopefully, we can bring more fans back into the fold.

Cagigao has spoken about Arsenal and he said what we’re all feeling.

“The club has a very good head coach & are not far from building a winning team, a lot of good groundwork has been laid. Wherever the future takes me, I will never forget my time at the club & feel privileged to have played my part”

What a superstar.

Right, that’s all I have time for today. Let’s hope Arsenal speed up the news so I can get my FIX OF TRANSFER GOODNESS.


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  1. Marc


    ” like he didn’t have to learn the new role and execute it adequately.”

    You’ve just made the whole point about Xhaka. You think he’s adequate – is that really what we want from our main man in midfield?

    Personally I think the guy’s no where near “adequate” for Arsenal.

  2. Bojangles

    From the Transfer Tavern

    “However, Labaro Viola subsequently claimed that Fiorentina had reached an agreement to sign the player on loan with an obligation for them to purchase him at the end of the season. The loan fee is around €8m (£7.13m) and, in order to make the deal permanent, they will have to pay a further €16m (£14.26m).”

  3. Graham62

    Regrettably, over time, Mesut Ozil has become a bad apple.

    A detriment to the club, the manager and, significantly, his teammates.

  4. Tee

    “Stupid comment bordering on retarded. In his 2 full seasons at Arsenal he’s won the Golden boot and come 2nd. He’s also the fastest player in our history to reach 50 PL goals.”

    I can see my comment roughened your feather which made you to retort to insult like you normally do.

    I used the same myopic view of yours for aubameyang but you were quick to talk about the golden boot that didn’t get us UCL place.

    If my comment was stupid then you should, by now, know that your UCL place mantra with which you are judging xhaka shows how stupid you are. Nothing more stupid than saying we haven’t made top 4 since xhaka came into the picture but you almost messed your pant to defend aubameyang which same applies to.

    Thanks for finally judging yourself. Mr. Stupid

  5. alex cutter

    “The pl will revert to 3 substitutions per team per game this coming season.”

    That’s too bad. I was hoping under the circumstances they would continue the extra subs and water breaks.

  6. Pedro

    Alex, I felt the same. Gave the game an interesting dynamic. Also think it’s better for the health of overplayed athletes.

  7. Marko

    If you’re to believe Marko,Marc and Freddie, then you’ll be convinced that we are winning the league once we replace Xhaka.

    We are 100% going to win the league once Xhaka is gone no doubt whatsoever simply because we are not ever going to win the league with Granit Xhaka

  8. Guns of SF

    xhaka has improved in the new system that is true.
    However, can we upgrade on him?
    The answer is yes.

    The question is, does he need replacing….?

    He does have sell on value, being named swiss captain recently etc. We should cash in now, before its too late!

  9. Leftside

    Alexis Sanchez on his time at Manchester United: “The first day I asked if I could return to #Arsenal”

    From his IG live

  10. Guns of Brixton

    Alexis Sanchez has just said on his live video that after signing for United, after the first week he went home and told his family, “Can I break this contract and move back to Arsenal?”


    That JM training session must of taaaanked 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Overmars


    Have just read that article about Sanchez..

    “One of the clearest signs on the pitch of a Sanchez in-squad spat was with Aaron Ramsey.

    Against Everton in October, the Chile international went berserk at him for not making a simple pass”

    To be fair to Sanchez, I’ve gone berserk at Ramsey hundreds of times over the years for not making a simple pass. I’m with him on that one.

  12. Tony


    “What it looks like in the stats and in the eye test is that Arteta has very smartly moved the focus away from Xhaka. Arteta simplified Xhaka’s game, told him to sit in front of the defenders more, penetrate less, run less, carry less, and even pass less. And since he’s no longer the main man with the ball in midfield that means that he’s no longer the main man that Arsenal fans want to criticize when things go wrong.”

    As soon as I read your post I knew Pedro and Charlie would have to use their wily ‘stats spin’ for all they could muster drawing on their extensive studies of Pierre’s legendary ‘Art Of Massaging Stats’ section of his King of Trolls book.

    I believe Pierre has a new picture book coming out soon entitled My Love of Wenger & Ozil Through My Collection of Used Socks.

    One could forgive Pedro as he successfully drove the intensification LG’s traffic flip flopping all the way as is his prerogative being the owner of the blog.

    In that sense Pedro wins.

    However, Freddie, Marko, Marc, myself and others rely on reality to make educated judgements on what we see with the tactics Arteta employs.

    Charlie just loves a good old sparring match he can get his literary teeth into with against the more the merrier with total disregard for making sense – a win the argument at all costs no matter how much spin is needed – most often in support of our illustrious blog leader is Charlies’ forte.

    Are they one and the same? Anything is possible on LG.

    To be fair Xhaka has become barely adequate recently under Arteta. He still has a look of panic when receiving the ball with any opposing player being within close proximity. Xhaka is always directing the ball away from himself in getting players to pass in directions furthest away from him. This is something my son commented on.

    If we want to be a top 6 EL cup side then Xhaka can stay in the first 11 as a guaranteed starter if we don’t improve our MF.

    However, if we want to attain CL football and eventually challenge for top honours where we bring in the requisite needed talent to do so, Xhaka will be reduced to a bit part player used only for tactical reasons as a sub or rotation.

    The fact that Xhaka isn’t on our player for sale exit list means nothing, as that wouldn’t stop elite clubs banging on the door to buy Him. Has there been any enquiries for Xhaka? None that have been reported – I mean not even in a click bait sense for a journalist/blog/national newspaper.

    The way I see it is that Xhaka is used by Arteta because Willock and other youth players were not ready for the first team on a regular basis; they needed loans.

    Best we can do is see how this season plays out with Xhaka playing regularly assuming we don’t fix our midfield.

    If we are wrong about Him, I’m sure Freddie, Marc, Marko myself and others will be quick to queue for humble pie and Pedro’s and Charlie’s table of “I told you so.”

  13. Tony

    I wanted the 5 subs rule to continue for this season. It makes the game more interesting and helps reduce injuries and fatigue.

  14. Tom

    Unless other major leagues do the same, the PL have just disadvantaged it’s clubs even further against foreign rival clubs in the CL competition.

    The Xhaka debate has become so fucking boring by now, I think it’s time to inject some politics to shake things up.

    Here’s a fun fact: the Navalny poisoning is the twenty seventh case of poisoning in Russia since Putin has come to power. All cases have been of Putin’s critics and political opponents ……..coincidence I’m sure.

    Another fun fact: Trump has made more phone calls to Putin and MBS then to any other world leader in his first term…….presumably asking for tips how to deal with political enemies.
    A bone saw or poison ? Too radical perhaps. Let’s settle on encouraging his voters to commit voter fraud by voting twice. Cool.

  15. Tom

    Sanchez’s is a cautionary tale of a greedy footballer’s choice of money over ,what was clearly a better option to advance himself, win trophies and enjoy his football into his thirties. Which, judging by the likes of Silva , Aguero and a few others, Pep and Man City would’ve given him.
    As it turned out Sanchez’s best united performance was his piano intro.

    Ozil and Sanchez are a cautionary tale what can happen when two great signings are tragically mismanaged by a board and a manager who lost the plot.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    I have just read the interview by Sanchez in Mail. I can sympathise with any
    player who is consistently criticised about his performance often without

    However, on this occasion I don’t think that Sanchez has a lot to complain about. His conduct when he left Arsenal was not exactly first class.

    The fact that he wanted to cancel his contract with Man Utd after one day and
    return to Arsenal is perhaps a salutary lesson that the “grass is not always greener elsewhere”.

    Ken Friar in his retirement statement made it very clear that working and/or
    playing for Arsenal is a privilege.

    Whether that is still the case is open for debate.

  17. Gonsterous

    Say what you will about sanchez, at least he’s not a leech, like a certain someone at our club.
    Make it easier for the buying club and give them an early Eid discount on the sponge.

  18. Thorough

    Thank you.
    The sad part is that I would be as sad as them and won’t be able to do an ‘I told you so’, when next Xhaka gives the opponents a goal on a platter.

    I’m shocked anyone that’s watched Xhaka often in an Arsenal shirt will actually think he’s fit for purpose.

    It is what it is though.

  19. Habesha Gooner

    Regarding Sanchez that’s what you get for being an asshole. He lived his football here and he gave it up to go to a team which wasn’t that far ahead in development for money and an apparent “Ambition”. The only thing I will regret is not selling him for 66 mil when city came calling.

  20. Chika


    “You’ve just made the whole point about Xhaka. You think he’s adequate – is that really what we want from our main man in midfield?”

    Maybe you should let go of your fixated views on Xhaka so you can fully grasp what’s actually being said about him at a given time. No where did I label him adequate. I was referring to his performances in an unfamiliar role.

  21. Tony

    “I’m shocked anyone that’s watched Xhaka often in an Arsenal shirt will actually think he’s fit for purpose.”

    Totally agree Thorough, but I think it’s Xhaka’s dressing room larger than life persona that Arteta likes/appreciates, as playing Xhaka placates him to the point of wearing ‘I love Mikel’ badges.

    Plus Xhaka’s ability looking after keys. Shame Xhaka can’t look after the ball as well.

  22. Tony

    You’re right Xhaka and Ozil debates are non sensical and won’t draw more from me. LG is the blog of selective memories – probably learnt from Wenger and his “I didn’t see it” comments. Many suffer from myopia here as well.

    Really enjoy your posts by the way.

    Why haven’t we taken a punt on this kid?

    “Why Eduardo Camavinga is the most exciting teenager in world football

    The 17-year-old is a strong, smart and skilful midfielder who will only improve while playing for Rennes and France” Eric Devin and Adam White for Get French Football News

    Coat him in Arteta sauce and watch him bloom.

  23. China1

    Tbf I actually think utd looked the more likely club to compete in the near future than arsenal at the time Sanchez left. So yeah he milked himself out a fooking crazy contract at Utd, but I do believe he went there genuinely expecting to light it up as part of a successful team, unlike at arsenal where he had the whole team on his back for years already

    But clearly it didn’t work out for several reasons. One wonders if we’d have been able to flog Utd ozil instead and kept Sanchez what might have been. I doubt he’d have ever gone off a footballing cliff if he’d stayed because the arsenal setup suited him in that he had zero instruction and was free to play however he wanted, which suits him more than detailed management imo

  24. China1

    Imo the main reason Sanchez tables at Utd was because of mourinho

    You couldn’t get a less suited pair than a player whose greatest strength lies in unpredictability and playing entirely free, being paired with one of the games most restrictive managers

    By the time Ole came in the damage was done and Sanchez’s confidence was already shot, so he was a lost cause

    Some players just don’t belong in a heavily managed setup. Look at Henry at Barca. Was he still awesome? Hell yeah – but any arsenal fans watching him at Barca could see a generational talent playing with a chain around his ankle. At arsenal TH14 was free as a bird and that’s exactly what allowed him to play his best football with us.

  25. Dark Hei


    I doubt Xhaka is simply as atrocious as you claim and his path to the first team is mere likability.

    If he is so full of shit, we wouldn’t have won the FA Cup with him as a starter.

    For my part, I don’t know what managers see in him either. But I doubt sentimentality is the reason why 3 managers keep him in the starting lineup.

  26. China1

    Hei I suspect the main reason he’s so liked by the managers is because I’d imagine he’s the kind of player who always listens intently in team talks, encourages the players to take everything seriously, obviously gives 100% etc

    Managers in any industry value staff like that a lot. I don’t rate xhaka’s ability outside of that good diagonal long ball, but I think it’s a combination of managers being willing to overlook his shortcomings for the above reasons + our midfield has been so bad in recent years that it’s not always easy to say who should replace him. Guen hasn’t consistently shown himself to be anything special and has a dubious attitude. Torreira is a much better DM than xhaka but shouldn’t play with Ceballos who is better than torreira so gets the nod by default. Who else do we have? Willock is more talented but wildly inconsistent and very young. AMN I’ve no idea if he can really cut it at CM, would have to see but I presume it would be tough for him

  27. Tony

    Dark Hei
    I was mostly being sarcastic, although it’s been reported that Xhaka is an asset in the dressing room and ergo an asset to Arteta resembling the teacher’s pet.

    In reality I think the reason Xhaka is a starter is because we don’t have an abundance of riches in the midfield department, so Arteta tweaks the tactics to accommodate Arteta because of very little choice.

    Which manager said he didn’t want Arteta to tackle any more: Wenger or Unai?

    Damning indictment, though, at the time.

  28. Valentin

    What is missing from Sanchez revelation that after one day he wanted to come back to Arsenal is the reason why.

    Did he thought the squad of players were worse than Arsenal?
    Was the atmosphere within the camp so bad under Mourinho that it felt like a death training camp?
    Did he thought that even a past-it Wenger training session were still better than a past-it Mourinho’s?

    It must have been the stench of decay at ManUtd that made him decide that he would be better off in Italy.
    Does he think that the problems are so deep and entrenched that OGS would not be able to turn around the decay to even refuse to entertain the idea of giving a second chance?

    If he ever write an honest autobiography, those chapter could be dynamite.

  29. Valentin


    I see that you came around to the idea that Rennes had some talented in their side that we should really take a look at.

    Camavinga is the obvious candidate, because of his age. Straight to the France senior team when still a teenager. He needs to bulk up, and better resist physical assault but he is very much a press resistant modern CM. Defensively aware but capable to making great sliding attacking passes.

    M’Baye Niang has finally matured and may be a cheaper alternative to Edouard Odsonne.

    Ismaïla Sarr is now rumoured to be on his way to Liverpool. I argued at the time that Sarr was half the price of Pepe but likely to be twice the player. Sarr under the wing of Klopp can become one of the best winger.

  30. Pierre

    “But clearly it didn’t work out for several reasons. One wonders if we’d have been able to flog Utd ozil instead and kept Sanchez what might have been”

    Ozil and Sanchez had a special relationship on the pitch .
    They suited each others style perfectly, they understood each others game.

    Neither player has been the same since they parted company.

    Sanchez is a player who needs the ball at his feet as often as possible to be at his best, and Ozil was more than happy to accommodate him.

    It suited Ozil’s game to have a player like Sanchez, who’s movement off the ball is 2nd to none.

    Sanchez knew that if he gave the ball to Ozil that he was only loaning him the ball as Ozil would invariably give it back to him.

    They trusted each other and they had a manager who trusted them and allowed them to play their natural game.

    Neither player have had a manager since Wenger who knows how to get the best out of either player.

    Nowadays, too many managers focus on the weaknesses of players instead of focusing on a player’s strengths.

    The answer to your question “One wonders if we’d have been able to flog Utd ozil instead and kept Sanchez what might have been” is, without Ozil and Wenger , Sanchez would have regressed at Arsenal the same way he regressed at United ..

    Of that I have no doubt

  31. Emiratesstroller

    No-one believes that Xhaka is a flair or brilliant footballer.

    What Xhaka does offer to the team is a degree of reliability. He is seldom injured and is able to play 90 minutes in most games he plays.

    How many of the other members of the squad is able to do that? The answer
    is very few.

    If you can only replace three players in a match then you do need players who
    can last a game. That is why I refuse to criticise this player apart from when he
    threw a tantrum when he walked off at Emirates last season.

  32. þorkell einarsson

    Should Arsenal actually sign a fast moving dribbler midfielder we can make
    defenders terrified and soiling themself when approaching with Auba
    Benramha and Martinelli and Saka.. !!

  33. Champagne Charlie

    Tony back to denigrating others in lengthy monologues and playing a game of sides with his penchant for projecting. Oh how predictable.

    Almost had me for a while there, but you’re just another insecure guy that can’t function around others with a differing view on matters. Think the least said about you the better, don’t want to encourage and square footage/surround sound/bicep type retorts.

  34. Up 4 grabs now


    Pedro if your still looking for suggestions for updating the site, why not a vote of the day?

    Leno or martinez?

    Should wenger have a statue?

    Is xhaka a pile of steaming dog poo (that one doesn’t need a question mark as it’s more a fact)

    Would be interesting to see how many people fall into one camp or another.
    The rating of a comment as well maybe, thumbs up, thumbs down kind of thing.

    The comment most liked throughout the day, could give you an idea for the next days blog maybe?

  35. Samuel Komakech

    Surely Xhaka has done really well, when everyone thought he was hitting the exit in January, that’s what we need, loyalty. But again, he’s not the kind of midfielder that will move us forward.

    We surely need somebody like; Aouar, Grealish, Can’t well or even Benrahnma.

  36. Pierre

    Mr Serge
    “would much rather have let ozil go and kept Alexis he is far the more effective footballer he was dynamic for us”

    Refer to my earlier comment and you will come to the conclusion that your comment is futile.

    For Sanchez to be effective, he needs to be fed the ball otherwise he quickly becomes disillusioned and that is when the problems begin.

  37. DivineSherlock

    The only part I regret about Sanchez as someone said above was when City came in we shouldve sold him then . Sanchez’s departure meant Aubameyang’s arrival and for that I am so so grateful.

  38. Freddie Ljungberg


    Well if you say Sanchez would never have survived without Ozil it has to be true.

    You’re as unbiased as they come when it comes to the non functioning Cam after all…

  39. Freddie Ljungberg


    “but you’re just another insecure guy that can’t function around others with a differing view on matters. ”

    That’s a bit rich coming from you no? Could you be more argumentative?

    Btw, I’d prefer if we signed Soumare and Szobozslai over Partey and Coutinho…


  40. Graham62


    Martinez all day long.

    Yes, Wenger deserves a statue but will never be 100% comfortable with it. 50% maybe.

    Xhaka should not be at the club.

  41. Tony

    If you say so then I must be you being the sage of the world and all that.

    Just pointed out your short comings when arguing a point similar to Marko last night.

    Poor baby did I ruffle your elegant feathers?

    Never mind Charlie I’m sure you’ll get over it.

    We’re all wrong sometimes times except for you the perfect guy.

    Let’s see how this pans out with Xhaka.

    I’ll be big enough to admit it if I’m wrong about Xhaka, will you?

    Knowing you you’ll do your usual tactic and go into denial.

    Enjoy your day Charlie Boy💪

  42. Dark Hei


    Ha ha, have you considered that the reason why Sanchez and Ozil declined is because of ……………..Walcott!

    Run the regression variables and you will see an unexpected connection.

    Though you can also run a model with Cazorla and get the same result.

  43. Champagne Charlie


    Irony of you chiming in with that comment.

    Debating football is literally the lifeblood of a football forum so kindly spare me the idle bullshit beyond that.

  44. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Debating football is literally the lifeblood of a football forum so kindly spare me the idle bullshit beyond that”

    And yet you berate Tony for the same thing? Your irony meter lacks a self detect mode me thinks.

  45. Up 4 grabs now


    Would agree with you on all three points.
    If it’s something pedro can upgrade the site to, it would be quite interesting to see how many people are in certain camps.

  46. Champagne Charlie


    No you didn’t ruffle my feathers, you slandered me when I wasn’t present and I’ve replied to you – perhaps that was the error and you’re not worth the effort?

    You’re in no position to point out any shortcomings, least of all ones that are merely your own perception.

    “I’ll be big enough to admit it if I’m wrong about Xhaka, will you?“

    Already been proven right by Xhaka, so guess you’ll have to keep moving your own goalposts so you never actually have to admit anything regarding him. As you were I suppose.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    “And yet you berate Tony for the same thing? Your irony meter lacks a self detect mode me thinks.“

    No I replied to Tony because he felt the need to make remarks about me, nothing to do with football:

    “Charlie just loves a good old sparring match he can get his literary teeth into with against the more the merrier with total disregard for making sense – a win the argument at all costs no matter how much spin is needed – most often in support of our illustrious blog leader is Charlies’ forte.“

    Oh the football content this is bursting with 😍

  48. Freddie Ljungberg


    Well, at least it’s true. Not like you’re against dipping your everything into some idle bullshit as well. Don’t even pretend you only stick to strictly football matters.

  49. Champagne Charlie


    What even is the point of this pathetic exchange? I never addressed you, in you come merely to argue and tell me I argue 👏🏻

    Feel free to chat to Tony, I’m sure you’ll enjoy scratching each other’s backs.

  50. Pierre

    Dark Hei
    Cazorla-Ozil-Sanchez were quality and yes Ozil missed the astute passing between the lines of Cazorla….
    Not so sure that Walcott is part of the equation though.

    Is Martinelli the new Walcott…maybe, they have similar attributes.

    Pacey, inconsistent, v.good in one on one situations with the keeper.

    If Martinelli emulates Walcott’s assists/goals during his Arsenal career, he will be considered a success.

    Let’s hope he isn’t as injury prone as Walcott.

  51. Freddie Ljungberg


    “What even is the point of this pathetic exchange? I never addressed you, in you come merely to argue and tell me I argue 👏🏻”

    I learnt from the best, have to work on my emojis though, you’re still a step ahead there.
    Now stop arguing.


    Still with the Martinelli is a headless chicken luck merchant trolling agenda? Fresh…

  52. Pierre

    Let’s hope Martinelli can emulate Walcott’s record of 186 goals / assists in his Arsenal career,

    I for one would be happy…

    I said he is a head down merchant , similar to Walcott actually, though both have the ability to compose themselves when it matters , in the oppositions box.

  53. TitsMcGee

    Sanchez had ambition, the rest of the Arsenal crew back then were nothing more that line-toers who were happy to be mediocre.

  54. Marko

    Already been proven right by Xhaka

    Vindicated one might say despite not being able to say how exactly.

    Anyway I had to go back and check to see just how incendiary it was that Tony said to illicit such a response from Charlie and just as I thought it was absolutely nothing. But Charles can turn at the flip of a coin or a reasonable comment

  55. Marko

    Bored are you?

    Clearly not as much as you. Tony literally basically said you love a good argument/debate and you never admit defeat in one which is hardly the worst thing a person could say and that got a response from you alluding to personal things Tony has said about himself before. You must be keeping note on these things for future retorts. But anyway. You’re absolutely mental by the way if you don’t think that you love a good argument in fact sometimes you seek them out

  56. China1

    Not that I have reached any particular judgment one way or the other on nketiah (he needs more time), I am really curious how you pick your favorites Pierre

    Reminds me of that episode of south park where they show how Family guy writes jokes. It involved manatees in a pool knocking into words randomly and the show runners would take whichever words they knocked into and make it into a joke

    The one in the show involves peter reminiscing about that time the prophet Mohammed came and knocked on his door wearing a salmon helmet

    Pierre is this how you choose too???

  57. China1

    I hope that Eddie will at worst be a useful squad option long term even if he doesn’t go on to be elite, but right now Martinelli >>>>> Eddie in terms of what he brings to the table

  58. Dark Hei


    My view is that Sanchez benefited most from having Walcott in the lineup as the main striker.

    Walcott was willing to do the leg work, mainly running at the backlines and stretching play and creating space for Sanchez on the ball.

    Seems understated, but neither Giroud nor Lacazette could do it as well as him because he is so darn quick and so willing to be subordinate to Sanchez. And you know who else? A certain ex-Man U striker could do it as well.

    I think if you run the variable of Walcott up top with Sanchez on the left, you can probably find a significant difference in win rates.

  59. China1

    I’m hoping that Arteta can find a way for saka to get loads of minutes this season. Saka’s crossing is ridiculously dangerous. He’s going to pop up absolutely silly assist numbers if given enough minutes out wide over the coming years

    He’s already one of the best crossers in the league – savage consistency in it. His crosses don’t usually have the Hollywood flash that Beckham’s used to, but one way or another this kid can find a man in the box like it’s nobodies business. Brilliant attribute

  60. Champagne Charlie


    I must be bored to reply to comments made about me? Weird assertion.

    Meanwhile you have the likes of yourself and Freddie who are totally unattached to anything being said yet feel compelled to intervene with your own two cents.

    Glad we reached the verdict it’s me that looks for arguments, no idea why I have it another way.

  61. Dark Hei


    Funny you mention Martinelli.

    He reminds me of Sanchez far more than Walcott. His ball control is certainly better than Walcott.

  62. China1

    Hei I think giroud was a huge asset for Sanchez because giroud has always been a top class hold up and link up player to bring wide players and attacking midfielders into the game high up the pitch

  63. Dark Hei


    He is indeed a gem. Along with Nketiah and Martinelli. I like Willock as well. We are pretty stacked with kids.

    These are the next generation and ones that can at least challenge for first team spots. Might not be auto picks but they are relevant.

  64. China1

    Yeah hei to me it’s not a problem if most of our kids aren’t first team long term. At least if they can do a job as squad players and be sold for solid money in the future, they will have been good assets for us

    But saka and martinelli I’m fairly sure are going very far

  65. Marc

    “Is Martinelli the new Walcott…maybe, they have similar attributes.Pacey, inconsistent, v.good in one on one situations with the keeper.”

    For fucks sake. Martinelli has had one incomplete season at the club and Pierre is trying once again to down grade his potential.

    Walcott was one of the most overrated players we’ve had.

  66. Marko

    I must be bored to reply to comments made about me? Weird assertion.

    The boredom comes in the aggressive response to what was originally a nothing comment from Tony and your subsequent outbursts towards me and Freddie. But you’re right I don’t know why I got involved clearly it was stupid of me to. It might have been that I was referenced by Tony or that I saw you say that you were proven right about Xhaka (vindicated one might even say) and I saw red. You will have to explain that one of these days though otherwise it has no meaning. Like what were you proven right about? How were you proven right? And vindicated?

  67. Marc


    As much as we’d all like a production line of fresh world class players spilling out of the academy every year anyone with half a brain knows the vast majority will not make it at Arsenal. Plenty should be able to go on and have careers at other clubs though and generate some cash in doing so.

  68. Pierre

    “I’m hoping that Arteta can find a way for saka to get loads of minutes this season. Saka’s crossing is ridiculously dangerous”

    As it looks like Saka’s favourite position is taken at this present time, I would like to see Saka play an inside left type of position, similar to Debruyne inside right position.

    Saka has a killer ball with his left foot that is very similar to Debruyne’s right.

    He hits the ball into the corridor of uncertainty between the keeper and defence with effortless ease , plus the pace of his cross is immaculate.

    Playing inside left also gives him the opportunity to create an over lap with the full back or Aubameyang which can be equally effective.

    To play Saka in this position Arteta would either have to play 4-3-3 or alter his wing back system slightly to have 2 strikers and 3 central mids , with the wing backs creating the width.

    Playing Saka on the right reduces the effectiveness of Saka’s game and takes away his most lethal weapon…

  69. Champagne Charlie

    “The boredom comes in the aggressive response to what was originally a nothing comment from Tony and your subsequent outbursts towards me and Freddie”

    The hard rebrand you’re trying to pull here is utterly pathetic. Either you just gaslight for the sake of it, or you’re attempting to play to a crowd.

    Either way it’s dull and I’ve not a lick of interest wasting my time on it further.

  70. Pierre

    “For fucks sake. Martinelli has had one incomplete season at the club and Pierre is trying once again to down grade his potential.”

    Comparing Martinelli with a player who has had 186 goals/assists , at an average of nearly one every 2 games, is not down grading him in the slightest.

    I will continue to say it how I see it and at this present time we need to keep it in perspective regarding Martinelli…he had a good couple of months at the start of last season and then his performances levelled off and was consequently finding it difficult to get any minutes on the pitch, even as sub .

  71. Marko

    Anyway if you’ve not a lick of interest in discussing how you respond to others (why would you who cares no one’s trying to change some anonymous on a blog) you could at least address the whole vagueness of you being right and vindicated about Xhaka. It seems very hands over ears lalala I’m right you’re wrong

  72. andy1886

    Martinez over Leno.

    Wenger statue – yes, but Invincibles Wenger not latter day Wenger as the model.

    Xhaka has to be phased out but will reluctantly put up with him until we have a better option.

  73. Thorough

    Sarr is as average as average gets. Bindippers are buying him because he destroyed their unbeaten record. Their judgment is clouded by that singular fact. They’ll be looking for someone to flog him to in 2 years max. I’ll even take Pereira and Deloufeu ahead of him as wingers in that Watford team.

  74. Uwot?

    The ,meejah reporting PSG now sniffing around Partey? AM ploy or agent trying to pressure Arsenal to come up with the readies?what I don’t get is IF they are interested in Laca why not a partial swap & dosh?

  75. Pierre

    Dark Hei
    “My view is that Sanchez benefited most from having Walcott in the lineup as the main striker.”

    He did benefit, the problem was, wenger rarely played Walcott as striker, something I found very confusing, as some of our best football was with walcott up top.

    Man utd 3-0
    Leicester 5-2
    Villa 4-0 cup final
    Are a few I can think of with Walcott as striker.

  76. Champagne Charlie


    Not interested in taking about Xhaka, it’s a tired topic that gets far more airtime than it deserves. Suffice to say you’re no more humble in your analysis of players following the clear improvement of someone you dismissed time eternal.

    That’s the real boring bit, people with entrenched views that are closed off to any sort of rethink or appraisal.

  77. Captain Tierney

    ‘Carzola was Arsenals Iniesta everything went south after he left’

    Finally you give us something quality.
    Gutted its not for free tho.

    Martinelli has it in him to become twice the player Walcott ever was. Just hope the recent injury doesn’t affect his physique.

  78. curse

    massive lol @Sanchez, really dude. left it all up to the people around you, then got a shock first day of training, lmao, smh.

    Mikel really means what he says about new season, new slate! couldn’t help notice the fly back at training!! say what now?!!
    utter madness, or is it?
    can’t stand the guy personally but with the chavs playing footie manager, and manure being manure. If they can get party and oohAhh over the line, adding the fly to that depth would be pretty nuts.

  79. Marko

    Not interested in taking about Xhaka, it’s a tired topic that gets far more airtime than it deserves

    Well then if you’re not interested in talking about it then stop saying shite like you’re right or vindicated about him. It’s not a statement of fact it’s literally nothing if you’re incapable of debating it. It’s like me saying the world is flat you saying prove it and then I respond with I don’t want to talk about it. Wow I just won the conversation. But anyway it’s never been about improvement that was never really what was/is being discussed.

    But I agree best to leave the Xhaka debates lock in a vault somewhere never to get out because some people just can’t be reasonable when discussing him.

  80. CG


    “”””Man utd 3-0″”””

    The best 20 minutes of soccer ever seen in The British Isles.

    Typical Wenger.
    Typical Arsenal of the day.

    Handbrake unleashed.

    as for the Wenger statues.

    Brentford ( my 2nd team ) used to have a public house on each corner of the ground.

    Arsenal should have a Wenger statue ( and description) on each corner of the ground.

    and I aint trolling.
    Saying what I Believe.

    Too many on here- just cant take The Truth.

  81. HighburyLegend

    I just read this article about Sanchez, who is talking about the moment he signed for Manure, and trust me, it’s hilarious.
    It’s in French, but let me translate you what he said, it’s worth it :

    – “I ended up signing the contract with Man Utd without having a lot of information on what was surrounding this transfer. Sometimes there are things you don’t realize until you arrive. During my first training, I realized a lot of things. When I got home, I asked my agents: “Can we end the contract and go back to Arsenal?” They started to laugh, and I told them I had a bad feeling. But it was already signed. –
    – “Months have passed and I haven’t stopped feeling the same. We were not united as a team at that time. The journalists also spoke without knowing and it hurted me. The former players also spoke and had no idea what was going on inside the club. And they hurt me too. A player also depends on the internal environment, on the fact that we have to be a family. We weren’t like that, and it was reflected on the pitch. And when anyone was to be blamed, they blamed me. ” – loooooooooooooooooooool

  82. Pierre

    “Martinelli has it in him to become twice the player Walcott ever was. Just hope the recent injury doesn’t affect his physique”

    Walcott didn’t quite fulfil his potential, he did have some very good moments in an Arsenal shirt , that’s for sure.
    Walcott also had a number of injuries that affected his progression, I didn’t see him get a lot of sympathy from le grovellers though .

  83. Marc


    So basically a player signs for a club managed by Mourinho and it turns out it that it’s a really unhappy place.

    Who’d have thought that would happen at a club managed by Mourinho?

    What happened to him anyway is he still in management?

  84. CG


    “””””Well at least CG was true to his word about not mentioning Wenger!””””””””

    fair point.

    but it was only because- Sanchez brought him up overnight.
    So very pertinent. ( especially as we countdown to the book coming out)

    He wont be the 1st person ( player or supporter) that will have learned the grass ain’t always greener.

    Just 24hrs – it took Sanchez to realize whatever Wenger ‘had’- he would not find it anywhere else.

    And he is still looking for it.
    Our Wenger made Sanchez the player he was, whilst he was at Arsenal.


  85. Dissenter

    See new Tweets

    🏆 Bukayo Saka has been nominated for the
    Young Player of the Year award!

  86. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    Agree with your last post.

    Wenger is entitled to sculpture for over 20 years service. We should not be small minded.

    Martinez deserves to start as gk. He has been loyal to club for 10 years.

    Xhaka is currently our most reliable midfielder even if he is not a great footballer. As I posted earlier he played in over 40 games and normally plays
    a full 90 minutes. He seldom gets injured.

    If we find an upgrade that is a different discussion.

  87. Sid

    The statue of “our wenger” should have water shooting out of his Arsene so that CG can quench his thirst after games

    You heard it here 1st!

  88. HighburyLegend

    “Clubs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have expressed interest in signing Ozil this summer, but the Arsenal playmaker remains insistent that he has no intention of leaving London”

    This man is a cancer.

  89. Freddie Ljungberg

    “The statue of “our wenger” should have water shooting out of his Arsene so that CG can quench his thirst after games”

    They won’t even have to spend any money on design, just make a bigger version of the one CG already has in his cell.

  90. alexanderhenry


    I’m more excited about this coming season than I have been for a while.
    However, as you’ve pointed out, and as well as Arteta has done, there is no money to speak of, so it’s back to arsenal having to sell before buying.

    I expect there to be a a lot of late, typically arsenal transfer action therefore.

    Also, regarding the make up of the board, yes I’d like Wrighty to be involved, but I don’t particularly want arsenal crammed with more ‘executives’.
    We went from one extreme to the other- Wenger as dictator to having more cooks than a qualifying round of masterchef, so I’m happy with it being the Arteta/Edu/Lewis show for now.

  91. China1

    The PL just cancelled the contract with the Chinese company PPTV for PL coverage. Over 3 years this will mean the PL loses about a billion pounds in revenue unless they sell the rights again sharpish

    I wonder if this will impact our immediate plans

  92. Marc


    Well £20 odd million per club will affect most clubs in the current climate. The question is does it affect us twice so to speak, 1) a direct loss of TV income and 2) the ability to shift on some of the deadwood – were any going to other PL teams?

    It’s certainly not the best timing – I’d love to know how long clubs have been aware that this might be an issue.

  93. Left testicle

    One week to kick off and still no midfield to speak of.

    We’re going to be starting the season with a midfield of Granit and Elneny – otherwise known as Granny.

  94. Valentin

    Highbury legend,

    That was taken yesterday directly from his instagram feed. It is indeed hilarious, but that raise a few more questions.
    What spooked him so much:
    The quality of the players?
    The atmosphere created by Mourinho?
    The quality of the training sessions?
    The stench of decay within the club?

    I found it hilarious that for a year, the guy could not wait to get out of Arsenal and that within a day of his arrival he thought that ManUtd was worse and wanted to come back.
    Somebody need to prewarn Bamford10.

  95. Moray

    Nobody is mentioning the elephant in the room…players are being infected by COViD left, right and centre. Let’s say a Liverpool player is COViD positive Once the season starts. That means their games for two weeks are cancelled as well as the quarantining of all players in teams they have played against in the last two weeks.

    It’s going to be a complete mess. By all means spend money to get a shit hot squad, but I can’t see next season being completed.
    This will all have impacts on stadia revenues as well as media contracts.

    We should definitely sell to buy but I’m not too worried about our squad for the next season for this reason.

  96. Graham62

    Ozil won’t go to the Middle East for one reason and one reason alone.

    He’s scared.

    Scared of the consequences of tarnishing his legacy and scared of making a fool of himself.

    Cock up there and he’ll be even more of an embarrassment

    Nothing to do with the money.

  97. Valentin

    Guendouzi is indeed with the French U21 team captained by the Jeff.

    If we can’t afford Aouar, I would not mind if we were to take Jean-Ricner Bellegarde from Strasbourg. When he was at Lens in Ligue 2, there were games when he was unplayable. Under a coach such as Arteta he could be a tremendous asset.

  98. China1

    Marc I think it’s sudden news as it was only announced today but I dunno if things are said behind the scenes ahead of time (probably)

    The (I guess) good thing is barely any English teams are showing interest apart from wolves who low balled us for a player who Arteta doesn’t want to sell anyway

    Fingers crossed we can keep selling to the continent

  99. Moray

    Valentin, Sanchez has long been regarded as a particularly stupid representative of what is, let’s face it, a very stupid cohort of people, ie football players.

    It’s also been said he just loved playing football and would play for nothing.

    The truth is in the middle somewhere I suspect, but it leaves little doubt he was taken advantage of by his agent. A bit like rain man without the card counting.

  100. China1

    Graham ozils legacy is already in tatters

    An acrimonious end to his Germany career

    An acrimonious end to his arsenal career

    The one thing he could always hide behind (assists) dropped off a cliff

    Outed as lazy, a poor trainer, faker of injuries, swindler of arsenals finances, friends with a dictator, doesn’t assist, doesn’t show up for away games, doesn’t show up for difficult games

    Apart from a certain someone here, ozils got very very few admirers left despite what was a glittering career. He should be smart enough to take the easy money and fade off into the sunset with the tiny ounce of dignity he still must believe he has, rather than stay just to piss off the arsenal management and fans to show he’s the boss and really burn whatever is left of his career