Need… a fix… of transfer news

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Ok, so it’s been a little slower on the feeds today.

No new players.

I feel empty and sad.

Where are my new players?

There are a few tidbits buzzing around.

Matteo G is not on the PSG wanted list now, they apparently switched things up to Hector Bellerin. I read a journo say that actually, they aren’t interested in Hector, we’ve offered him to them. Cheeky.

Back to Matteo.

It’s starting to look a little worrying for the 21-year-old ball progressor. Does his reputation precede him? Possibly. Or the market is just slow. If Cassano and Balotelli could consistently find good clubs, I’m pretty sure we’ll find a home for a young French U21 with a lot of experience under his belt.

There was an amazing story doing the rounds that Unai Emery is in for Martinez if he doesn’t seal a deal with Arsenal. Imagine wanting to go back to a coach with about as much sauce as a pack of Ryvita?

Big Ken Friar is off the board and into the PRESIDENT FOR LIFE position. Good for him. Ken Friar has been an incredible servant for Arsenal and I love him even more for allegedly 1) Being one of the first to call time on Unai Emery 2) Being the guy that wanted more oversight for Don Raul.

He exits head held high. If he was part of the siren crew, we should all be very grateful for his service. He’s played a massive role in saving Arsenal.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Arsenal shape the boardroom in his absence. It’s clear that bringing in someone like Tim Lewis added some incisive legal expertise, as well as some fan love. I wonder if they’ll continue to add more people like that? Who is our tech guy? Who is our brand expert? Would we consider an explayer for a bit of prestige? Do they need an advertising guy that ‘gets’ the internet?

I do have to say, I’d love to see Ian Wright make an appearance. He’s the true embodiment of what it is to be an Arsenal statesman. He’s the perfect representative for a younger more modern boardroom. Wrighty is cross-generational in appeal. Like, who doesn’t love him? He speaks to the players, he speaks to the fans, he embodies the class of Arsenal, but with a contemporary twist. What’s not to like about the idea?

Some may question what expertise an explayer would offer, I’m not so sure that’s a problem at board level. I think putting explayers in charge of technical positions can sometimes be problematic. AC Milan have had all sorts of issues with Maldini. They had to sack Boban. I also think Juve might run into trouble with their strong clique of salaried players who pushed Pirlo into the management role very early. United’s class of 92 might not have board seats, but they’ve certainly influenced some bang-average decision making there.

… but at board level, you need to find balance. Industry expertise can be balanced by Arsenal expertise. In Wright, you have someone that understands the culture of the club, the fans, and the city, so I think it’d be great. I am biased though.

Not sure whether Josh wants to make moves like that, but it’s a nice thought.

To change the topic… Fans will be BACK in the stadium for Sheffield United on October 3. The club is balloting who can go. It’ll be super weird, no doubt, but fuck it, at least we’ll have some people in the ground. I’m no covid expert, but the protests around America didn’t result in massive spikes. If everyone wears a mask, hopefully, we can bring more fans back into the fold.

Cagigao has spoken about Arsenal and he said what we’re all feeling.

“The club has a very good head coach & are not far from building a winning team, a lot of good groundwork has been laid. Wherever the future takes me, I will never forget my time at the club & feel privileged to have played my part”

What a superstar.

Right, that’s all I have time for today. Let’s hope Arsenal speed up the news so I can get my FIX OF TRANSFER GOODNESS.


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  1. Steveyg87

    I struggle to remember which game, but it was towards the end of Wengers tenure, Walcott pulled out of a 50/50 challenge that would have seen him through on goal, and that was that for him regarding the fans

  2. China1

    Stevey are you thinking of the man city game where he was through and all alone and he jumped over the ball for no apparent reason and gave up the chance

    That was like the funniest/most tragic brain fart ever

    A proper throw your glass of beer at the TV and storm out moment LOL

  3. Moray

    It’s true. Ozil has achieved a lot in his career. But subsequent actions cause us to rethink and reevaluate him. Particularly when he is compared to someone like C Ronaldo, who is something of a peer to him.

    It may not be fair, but it is a similar case with Wenger. Did he succeed despite himself? And was the CL and legacy failure down to his bad judgment? Compare Wenger with Ferguson who won the league with complete horseshit.

  4. Jim Lahey

    I am only realising how much of a closeted Mesut fanboy I am. Saw some pictures of him in training and instantly I am thinking “Maybe this year he turns it around, dominates the league”.

    There isn’t a fucking chance of that happening! 🤣

  5. China1

    He did that classic one against Chelsea where he had a brain fart and tripped over his own feet then got straight back up ran in and scored

    That was hilarious. The whole Chelsea defense had no idea what happened

    Tbf Walcott got plenty of goals and assists and if he didn’t have time to think he was great instinctively, but give him more than 1 second to make a decision and he was such a gorm

  6. Jim Lahey

    @China –

    “Tbf Walcott got plenty of goals and assists and if he didn’t have time to think he was great instinctively, but give him more than 1 second to make a decision and he was such a gorm”

    Walcott scored the bulk of his goals when teams were already beaten.

  7. Gonsterous

    Walcott and ox were two players that did not live up to their hype. Injuries played a big part.
    Touch wood, we won’t be saying the same about martinelli in 10 years.

  8. Graham62

    I personally will never have a bad word to say about Walcott.

    Just unfortunate he got sucked into the Wenger way of things.

    Would have progressed far more under a more savvy coach.

  9. Left testicle

    Walcott was too ‘nice’ and lightweight for me. Didn’t possess a football brain. Having all that pace is no good if you can’t read the game. A more savvy coach would have probably cut his losses a lot earlier.

  10. englandsbest

    Admission: I have always been a fan of Theo. I truly believed he would be a world beater, someone of the calibre of George Best or Thierry Henry. I still believe he could have been. So what happened?

    Arsene Wenger happened, He suffocated a natural-born talent.

    Instead of allowing the lad to pursue his instinctive talent he convinced him that flaws needed correcting, he made Theo hesitant, unsure of himself. And he planted the idea that Theo was a natural born striker, a reincarnation of Thierry.

    There are great flawed players in all sports – people who do their ‘thing’ that nobody else can do. Theo was one of those. At times he performed the unimaginable. Opposing team managers feared him, sighed with relief when he wasn’t playing.

  11. Graham62


    Beautifully put.

    It amazes me that so many fans never saw this.

    Opposing teams feared him and yet Wenger persisted in playing him out wide, withdrawing from game’s after 60 minutes and trying to make him into someone he wasn’t.

    He was also a far better finisher than some on here think.

  12. izzo

    Camavinga is not out of our league. Before you talk about Real madrid’s interest. They don’t need him as they have enough young players in Renier, Kubo, and Odegaard. I’m sure he would love to play for us to develop under Arteta. With Guen and Torr leaving he is the perfect replacement if we want to build long-term and if it means no Partey I’d be fine as long as we still get a CAM. I’d rather him than Soumare. Basically Camavinga would be our Haverts type signing and i’d be willing to shell out for him.