Gabriel announced + Hector for £30m? Pfft + 2 elite midfielders on radar

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Arsenal finally announced the Brazilian defender. They kept it fresh and teased the announcement with a group chat call between Luiz and Willian.

‘Who was Guest number 3 going to be on the call?’

I thought it was going to be Kia, but that was a June gag, I should have been wiser. It was Gabriel!

The player comes with a fine reputation as a clean-tackling, ball-winning, aggressive, tall, technically gifted, POWERHOUSE defender for the ages. Yes, I said clean-tackling.

Gabriel is 6ft3, Saliba is 6ft4, and they are very unlikely to be racking up red cards like we’ve seen this season. These two signings will take a while to settle, but my word, could they be something special if they reach their full potential.

Things started to get even more exciting in the afternoon when David Ornstein let loose the rumour that PSG are chasing down Hector Bellerin for about £30m. The number seems low for a really decent right back. PSG of all clubs can’t claim poverty. I expect the full deal to be closer to £40m, not because I know anything, but because that’s the number that would allow me to emotionally accept losing a player I really, really like.

I understand that he’s not been at the races of late, but he still megged Mané at the weekend and we’ve just been through too much to let him go without a mini fight. That’d put a lot of weight on the shoulders of AMN, but hey, that’s top-flight football.

The additional story is that we’re also in talks for Aouar and Partey. That’s damp patch inducing amounts of talent right there. If we pull that off, it’s the best summer in 20 years. We’d be contending for the title 2021-22. It would be INCREDIBLE.

Anyway, there’s a small matter of being skint to deal with.

The way I’d imagine Arsenal see that panning out is hoping for the big swap deal gambit. Atleti are leaking to the press that they want the goals of Lacazette next season. We have heard plenty of rumblings that Lyon would love Matteo (remember, despite the CL heroics, they flatlined to 7th in Ligue 1). That would be a near cost-neutral wage swap-out.


I know we’re really losing our minds with speculation, but it’s clear we’d need a plan to replace the Lacazette goals if we lose the Frenchman.

Well, The Daily Record, a paper from Scotland, reckon we’re very interested in Odsonne Édouard. The 22-year-old goal machine is 6ft 2 and tantalizingly, he has a mere 2 years left on his deal. The rumour is we’re looking to ship £25m for him. I think he has huge potential and who better to learn your Premier League trade from than Auba?

I know a lot has to happen to make these moves real, but honestly, we haven’t had a summer of ‘links’ this good since that Twitter goat said we were in for Wayne Rooney.

Every link makes sense. There are no super-agents hanging around. There’s a lot of future in the deals.

I love it.

Wake me up when all the players are on the .com. Until then, I’ll see your wonderful faces in the comments section.


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  1. Luteo Guenreira


    I’m saying your act of getting indignant whenever Emery is negatively referenced is getting tired, especially if you already understand why he got sacked.

    Why do you feel the need to still be such a crusader on his behalf? Bitchy comments like “Don’t think Emery particularly cares about what Arsenal fans think about him” don’t help your case, I mean who said he did? Yeah great he’s a millionaire football manager with European trophies and we’re not, does that mean he can’t be criticized for losing the team in the fashion he did?

    People are upset that he didn’t perform well for the club they love and follow, why is that so hard for you to understand without going on a moral stand about it every fucking time?

  2. Receding Hairline

    Pedro Emery was sacked in November, another November is almost upon us, time to let him go. He can no longer be used to excuse whatever difficulties we face this season, that shipped sailed once last season ended.

    You say no data supported his hiring, well maybe 3X Europa league winner was all the data needed, he was a roll of the dice, the length of contract signified that, we missed our targets by whiskers first season, then it all came tumbling down and he was gone before Christmas.

    Nothing dramatic happened, jeez!!!

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Willian is a very good player and Chelsea did not want to lose him. The material
    difference between Arsenal and Chelsea’s offer was the length of contract.

    James Rodrigues may be a decent player but he has never been considered a
    regular starter at Real Madrid and it remains to be seen whether he will adapt
    to EPL football.

  4. Receding Hairline

    U are still not making sense Luteo

    He didn’t perform and was sacked, that’s the standard punishment for not performing as a coach. Not jail time, not constant Harassment on social media.

    It’s close to a year now. Emery shouldn’t even be mentioned here, he is Villarreal’s problem now.

    Grow the fcuk up

  5. Champagne Charlie


    You’re omitting the main actor in numerous squabbles on here: pride.

    When you hitch your wagon and it fails you, some people feel the need to alter reality to protect their fragile ego.

    Emery didn’t completely Bircher matters at Arsenal, he was an honest guy doing a good job and just came up short. Like, ok…………..

  6. Luteo Guenreira


    You’re the one continually trying to wage war on a year old topic whenever it comes up, while already having admitted you know why it happens. I don’t think I’m the one who’s coming off backwards here.

  7. salparadisenyc


    I was speaking more to your Emery fetishism than anything club level as it genuinely seems deeper.

    Which is pretty bizarre if i’m honest.

    I fancy Juve, Marseille and have a secret crush on Karlsruher SC. No crime.

  8. Luteo Guenreira

    “Not jail time, not constant Harassment on social media.”

    There’s that moral stand again. And you wanna talk about other people being dramatic?

    To use your quote, “Don’t think Emery particularly cares about what Arsenal fans think about him.”

    So make up your mind. Sounds like you care more than he does?

  9. Pedro

    RH, the analyst that looked at 3 Europa’s and a super agent best pal as good evidence was Don Raul, and he’s been fired.

    Good riddance to both.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    Haven’t got a clue. Depends on how much money we have got to spend and the
    conditions of sale/transfer.

    At the moment it would seem that Arsenal have shown interest in
    Ceballos [loan]

    I think that Ceballos will return to Arsenal, but thereafter it depends on finances.

    What is perhaps more important at moment is how we are going to offload players. Most of Italian and Spanish Clubs seem to think that Arenal will give
    away our unwanted players for zilch and even pay some of the wages!!!

    Reading this nonsense is becoming increasingly tiresome.

  11. Luteo Guenreira


    I’m just sick of his on the fence attitude about Emery. You’ll notice he takes every independent opportunity to say he understands why the man was sacked, then whenever he comes up in a critical manner he’s just all over the fans being unfair and dramatic. Like you say it’s a stance littered with pride and hubris. I mean it’s fucking football for Christ’s sake, does he even understand that there are people around the world willing to literally die for their fandom without even knowing what a 4-3-3 formation looks like?

    Just come out and say you loved him RH.

  12. Receding Hairline

    Pedro last time I checked we will still be playing Europa league football so my champagne stays uncorked thank you.

    If beating City and Chelsea to win the FA cup and qualify for Europa was the target Wenger will still be here, he did the exact same thing in his sleep.

    Let me tell you what I think come season end, clue if we are not in the champions league it didn’t work out

  13. Champagne Charlie


    Beats me, I can understand the quibbling over nuance or genuine examples of where multiple views can be taken of a situation ie a players potential career path.

    But there’s clear and obvious metrics when distinguishing some matters, and the word salad that comes out with every defence of absolute failure is something to behold.

    I think a lot of the ‘acknowledgment’ towards Emery’s failed tenure comes as lip service and a degree of social awareness, the obvious defensive presence at every negative utterance tells a wholly different perspective.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    You may not rate beating City and Chelsea in the Cup but we beat also Liverpool and Man Utd after Christmas in the League as well.

    No-one expected Arsenal to qualify for Champions League when Arteta was
    appointed Head Coach.

    The priority was to stabilise the team’s abject performance and the prospect
    of dropping into relegation zone, which was an increased prospect under Emery.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    There’s a genuine Drogba vs Henry debate bubbling on Twitter…

    🥴 the audacity of those chav fans at times I swear.

  16. Johnno

    Emery was a poor choice. I’m sure he knows his Xs and Os – but he lacks personality and standards. Only an equally lacking individual (with zero football knowledge) could overlook that in favour of a fancy presentation that impressed them. And Ivan was that individual.

    Fact is – arsenal have always lacked drive ambition and standards.

    modern Arsenal have lacked drive and standards since Wenger retired on the job in 2013. It was a cozy place full of. Repeat contracts for too much money and yes men. The back room staff were unaccomplished nobodies, the players that signed on and kept quiet were rewarded, the difficult ones that demanded more were ousted.

    Later years Wenger knew 4th was enough and had the players to deliver. It was only a 4 team league from 2009-2015 – so he essentially came bottom most years. Then it became a 5 and 6 team league and he finished bottom of those too. But that got him fired as it’s not ECL football.

    Our club has never been full of demanding types – not owners, execs or board members. We are hostages to the odd good managerial appointment. Graham, Wenger – and now maybe Arteta. All started with drive and standards. Club backed them and they succeeded. Then the rot set in.

    Don’t see the point picking on specific individuals for why we were/ are crap At worst and average at best – that is institutionalized. It’s the times when we are good that can be pinned on specific people.

    This looks like one of those eras. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  17. Pedro

    RH, did Wenger ever do it after picking up a team in mid-December after its bum exmanager tanked them to their worst start in 38 years, during a once in a lifetime pandemic?

  18. salparadisenyc


    Agree definitely has the feel of nobody barring the elite wanting or able to spend which doesn’t really help the Arsenal cause regarding most the hopeful outgoings.

    As you’ve stated that effects the incomings.

    Goal at this stage must be primarily to clear wage bill as much as possible via loan for this season. And pick up one of the bigger targets if possible.

    More interested to see if Edu will pivot to another target /lesser value than Partey like Zakari or even someone greener in the mold of Sangaré or if its all in for Partey poker style. Will be quite telling.

    Regardless we need an attacking MF and Aouar is pick of litter.

    I’m excited regardless.

  19. Receding Hairline

    Yes Emirates we were in real danger of relegation. You probably haven’t noticed the two teams below us at the time of his sacking finished above us.

    Nor the fact Man United, City and Chelsea all lost games last season and the teams that beat them haven’t held it up as proof of great things to come.

  20. salparadisenyc

    “There’s a genuine Drogba vs Henry debate bubbling on Twitter…”

    WAY more exciting than Receding passive aggressively defending the fallen.

  21. Receding Hairline

    Wigan won the FA cup the season they got relegated Pedro, its a cup competition. Our worst start in 38 years had nothing to do with the FA cup, that’s a league start and we finished 8th in the league, that’s where we were when we changed coaches.

  22. Receding Hairline

    Pedro no one is denigrating anything. Nor do any of the names you just rolled off need me to defend their honor.

    Seems Arteta is better than every coach now because he won the FA cup with serial winners of the cup Arsenal in a difficult season. Just pointing out that Martinez who I know for a fact you don’t think much of also did the same in the midst of a more difficult season for lowly Wigan.

    These are just facts not made up stories

  23. Pedro

    RH, DiMatteo won the Champions League, so really, Hansi Flick didn’t achieve anything… is kind of an average angle if I’m honest.

  24. Words on a Blog


    I swear you’re about as much fun as Lou Reed when he was on a heroin overdose back in the day.

    Fucking hell, what a downer.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    You are beginning to sound ridiculous.

    Emery was a complete disaster and should never been appointed manager. He
    could not even communicate properly with the players.

    I watched most of the Home Games at Emirates last season. Bluntly there was
    not a single game we played under Emery which we deserved to win. The
    tactics were dire and the football was sterile.

    When Arteta arrived he needed to rebuild confidence which had completely
    evaporated and instil discipline and a gameplan.Frankly I think that he achieved that despite the limitations of his playing personnel.

    Most intelligent people who post on here can see the improvement.

  26. Luteo Guenreira

    So RH what’s the end game of your position then? You just want everyone to be as dismissive of the present as you are until we accomplish something you deem worthy of celebrating? To the point that you’re willing to equate the club to a relegated Wigan of nearly a decade ago while ignoring all the signs of an upward trajectory that are right in your face?

  27. Words on a Blog


    There is no end position that I or anyone can see.

    Just backward looking and illogical relentless misery

  28. Champagne Charlie

    The end position is spite. Had his pants pulled down after riding Emery bareback, and now Arteta is getting that angst and derision because he’s heir to the throne and was used as a mirror against Emery whilst he was still here.

    Bit weird to continually side with an 18 month appointment over the football club but hey.

  29. DaveB666


    Arteta took over a team that the then manager had lost – no shape, no structure, regressing.

    He has imposed standards of play, behaviour, marginalised any player who doesn’t abide by the new regime (irrespective of who they are or where they think they are in the hierarchy of the club) and we have seen genuine improvement and two trophies so far.

    The transfer window has seen some excellent players arrive – all things point to Auba staying, Dani returning and some of the bang average high wage no performance dross deadwood being shipped out.

    Can’t see many negatives in the direction of the club right now and as a fan I am excited (which happened so rarely in the last 5 year of Wenger’s reign).

  30. Luteo Guenreira


    Yes right I’d just like him to understand that we can all see that for him this isn’t about Emery at all, it’s about his need to feel morally superior about stupid ass shit that people said about Emery on Twitter because he is too sophisticated of a man to denigrate someone unfairly. Grasping at straws bringing up completely unrelated shite teams trying to get his point across.

    By the same logic I could bring up with no context City winning the FA Cup in 2011 and then winning the league the following season for the first time in near 45 years to say Arsenal will win the PL next season.

  31. Words on a Blog


    I’d love to hear Dariano’s thoughts too.

    I feel he is the most thoughtful and insightful poster in the comments section.

    Plus he’s got some cool friends…..

  32. Receding Hairline

    Luteo no endgame.. You or Pedro make a comment and I reply to it with basic facts, then I turn over and get to bed. I am not running a popularity pageant on here. You can celebrate whatever it is you deem worthy of celebrating, can’t see where I have stopped you.

  33. Receding Hairline

    The ridiculous thing on here Emirates are your long winded posts, you are an Englishman surely you can summarize your thoughts in a few lines. It’s always a short story with you or a full blown novel.

  34. roaaary

    People leave Emery in his coffin.

    Football is perceptive but our football under emery was diabolical whichever way you looked at it. Our attack died out and relied on the brilliance of auba and laca. Our defence conceded record numbers of shots. We completely gave up games and picked up points through having a handful of class players to save our arse.

    Under arteta we have formed a framework and structure. We have galvanised and lifted confidence. We notoriously lost to better teams without putting up a fight, but now we can beat City pool Chelsea in 1 off games.

    The difference is immeasurable and the only arguments are coming from the legrove trolls who think whining shows their intellectual significance.

  35. Luteo Guenreira


    It ceases to become basic fact when you manipulate what’s being offered to fit your narrative. It’s extremely disingenuous to put a relegated Wigan on equal footing with the current Arsenal when the team you supposedly support is finally showing some real ambition, logic, and efficiency in the way they are operating.

    Even if you don’t believe so, why are you so ready to shit on other people who do? Does misery really love company that much? Every time Pedro or someone else has offered something positive about the club’s current state you’ve flippantly dismissed it with false equivalencies. Yes you can’t stop us celebrating but it definitely seems like you’re trying to.

  36. Words on a Blog


    I’m not sure what’s driving it, but you seem to be relishing being a contrarian, ignoring clear signs of improvement in the way the club operates and the team plays, and wallowing in unwarranted downbeat misery.

    Frankly, it’s boring.

  37. DaveB666

    First season under Emery last game we had to beat Brighton (who had already secured their Premier League status) to get top 4. Brings in Lichtsteiner – enough said.

  38. Receding Hairline

    Rooaary, without Aubameyang’s goals we will not be winning games. Nothing wrong with your main strikers scoring no matter who the gaffer is.

    Luteo what exactly is the clubs current state? Do you think we are the only club who are improving on their playing personnel? It’s what teams do in the off season, they improve the squad, we are not doing anything all football clubs around Europe aren’t doing.

    When the season starts and we show consistency then I will throw on my dancing shoes. The FA cup win has been celebrated, we have a second avenue for champions league qualification now the real work starts.

    You just worked yourself up tonight because I said Emery doesn’t care what Arsenal fans think of him, well he probably still doesn’t.

    Do enjoy your night.

  39. DaveB666

    Of the team “Good Ebening” picked for that vital match against Brighton only, Leno, Xhaka and Auba would feature in an Arteta team going forward. Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Ozil, Mustafi, Monreal, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Laca are all surplus going forward. (Though I do still like Laca)

  40. Receding Hairline

    Then don’t read it Words or respond to it. I do the same with posts and things I don’t care for in general.
    I don’t know what you mean by clear signs of improvement in the way the team operates by the way,we are buying new players same way all clubs across Europe are.

    As for the style of play its more Mourinho than Pep but I understand why. Literally weeks ago we lost to Villa without a shot on target so you might understand why I will wait for the season to start and have tangible evidence of progression before throwing around confetti, but that’s just me, you sir can party away.

  41. Little Mozart

    I understand it when people start talking about Winger. He was with us for a very long period, played some amazing footie too. There’s so much to talk about in his tenure, the good, the bad and the down right ugly. But Emery as a topic of discussion?? Don’t wake up the ghosts please.

  42. izzo

    Why the fuck are ya’ll still discussing Unai Emery. Can that name be amongst the banned words? Jesus just move on already. Boring AF.

  43. Luteo Guenreira

    “Luteo what exactly is the clubs current state?”

    It’s better than it was this time last year, it’s better than it was 6 months ago. I dare say there’s a trend that some people may want to acknowledge, you know since it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to feel that way about the club we support. But fuck all that cause Wigan won an FA Cup once upon a time right?

    “You just worked yourself up tonight because I said Emery doesn’t care what Arsenal fans think of him, well he probably still doesn’t.”

    I think you got me wrong here, I was simply trying to point out that, if you really believe Emery doesn’t care, then why do you go out of your way to defend him? That seems backwards. If he doesn’t care and it doesn’t matter to him, why do you care so much and why does it matter so much to you? Especially since you acknowledge that you understand how he failed and why he was sacked?

    Like I said, I suspect it’s nothing to do with Emery at all. I think you just like to take a position that allows you to stroke yourself and posture how gentlemanly you are by being courteous of the fallen, while everyone else is a dramatic juvenile internet troll that badmouths people who don’t deserve it.

  44. Bamford10


    “What you are attempting to do is suggest that there has been no improvement
    under Arteta.”

    Whether there has been real improvement since Arteta’s arrival is a matter of opinion. Yes, he earned 1.65 points per match in the PL where Emery earned 1.38 per match in 19-20, but we also got knocked out of the Europa in the round of 32 by Olympiakos at home.

    Did we play better football under Arteta? A lot of guys here seem to think so, but I am not among them. The players were motivated and they got results at times. That is the best that can be said of our football under Arteta, IMO.

    We were in 8th place when Emery left and we were in 8th place at the season end, after 20 PL matches under Arteta. I don’t know how much improvement one can really read in that.

    As for the improvement we saw in the defensive stats, a lot of this was down to Arteta adopting a pragmatic low-block. Which is fine as far as it goes, but that’s not going to get us into the top four, so it will be interesting to see how we fare next season.

    Arteta is a smart and ambitious guy, and there is good reason to be hopeful that he can move us in the right direction over the next couple of years. Has he already made big improvements in our organization, style of play, football, results? Not in my mind. But there are positive signs, and as long as we make signings that improve the XI and the squad, we should continue to move in a positive direction.

  45. Luteo Guenreira


    And for the record I also believe Emery doesn’t care what Arsenal fans think about him, and I wish him all the success that I would anyone else. I just found it odd you believe he doesn’t care but still feel the need to care about it yourself.

  46. DaveB666

    Pedro – feel for you man! If tonight’s discussion is what we get with where the club are right now then thank fuck you weren’t hosting a Spuds or Hammers site!

  47. Little Mozart

    As for the style of play its more Mourinho than Pep but I understand why. Literally weeks ago we lost to Villa without a shot on target so you might understand why I will wait for the season to start and have tangible evidence of progression before throwing around confetti, but that’s just me, you sir can party away.

    It’s good to note that we managed to beat Liverpool (twice) and Man City. Mark you we had become a laughing stock of those two clubs. So, yes there’s alot of improvement. As for loosing to Aston Villa, shit happens…lesson learnt. Liverpool lost 3-0 to the Mighty Warlord who are relegated.

  48. Luteo Guenreira

    “The players were motivated”

    Bamford you casually drop this as if it’s nothing, but it’s actually everything.

  49. DaveB666

    Our FA Cup challenge post Covid – we beat Sheffield Utd, Man City and Chelsea, whilst taking Klopp’s incredible title winning side (props to him) out twice. Arteta hasn’t improved us? – get the hell out of Dodge people!

  50. Champagne Charlie

    “Whether there has been real improvement since Arteta’s arrival is a matter of opinion.“

    is it though..

    There’s numerous measurable data points that support the improvement, meanwhile your foundations for debate against are predicated in “not in my mind” type analysis.

    Doesn’t really hold water against a mass of opinion strictly via the eye-test, and the numerous statistical data that explains improvement/change to fundamental events of the side.

  51. Pedro

    DaveB666. thankfully it’s only two people… and those two people nailed their colours to the UNAI IS GOD flag.

    Everyone else is just really excited about 1) Knowing we have a very good young coach 2) We’re signing some sexy players 3) It could get better

    There hasn’t been a more exciting time to be a Gooner and we’re basically skint!

  52. MidwestGun

    Emery had to be sacked… he was that bad…..the players had completely quit on him… so why are we still comparing where he left us in the league after the worst start in living memory.? Why are we talking about him at all, really?
    Had he stayed we would probably be talking about doing a Leeds.. No way we would have stopped the slide down the table. That’s my eye test. But yeah sure no improvement whatsoever.

  53. Pedro

    Midwest, good point.

    I think it’s been a bit of a slow news day out there.


    Still think we’ll make inroads on Partey. I think Atleti need goals more than they need midfielders. Swapping Lacazette for Partey would be good business.

    Really hope we can make Aouar happen as well.

    There must be a back up… Soumare was hot stuff on here, what are we thinking there?

  54. MidwestGun

    Yep Pedro-
    This is exciting time for sure.. all the links seem possible.. I’m refreshing News Now so much I might need to check for carpal tunnel syndrome on my mouse click hand.

  55. bacaryisgod

    Just got caught up on all the Emery drama and scratching my head.

    Even though there were some against him, he mostly got decent support in his first season. There was the long unbeaten run and a couple of good wins (Torreira’s goal vs Spurs still the individual highlight of the season). Then our play became more flat and uninspired as the season wore on and it culminated in choking away a ztop 4 position and losing abjectly to Chelsea. Still, Emery deserves some credit for getting us to the final in the first place.

    As a show of support, the board spent bigger in the summer window than we expected they would although there is some question how much control Emery had over these signings.

    However, we started the season horribly, Emery’s press conferences were painful and you could only imagine how the players must have reacted to his team talks. He essentially lost the team and the board had no option to remove him before things got any worse. Once you’ve lost the team, it’s almost impossible to find your way back as a manager.

    Arteta came in and has been mostly impressive without even having a full season under his belt. In particular, the F.A Cup win was brilliant. He seems to have developed a great team spirit despite isolating Ozil and Guendouzi because they failed to live up to his standards (either training, fitness or attitude).

    There’s no telling if he’ll be able to keep the momentum up, especially if we’re not able to get our preferred transfer targets. If the players start to switch him off, results will likely suffer and even though he’ll be given a decent amount of time to further prove himself, he would be held accountable liek most managers with poor results.

    However, based on what most of us have seen, we have a good feeling that Arteta will continue to make progress with the team and is the best person to guide us forward for the time being at least.

  56. Luteo Guenreira

    Honestly I know it’s unlikely we will get all the top targets in one window, but if there isn’t an Aouar-Partey party at the end of this I’ll be as disappointed as the time I was taken to an “underground hip-hop venue” for a secret party boasting a star performer, and the performer turned out to be Macklemore.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    You definitely put your hands up like the ceiling couldn’t hold you.

    I think we’re going to end the window in feverish excitement personally. I think both midfielders will join and I’m cautiously optimistic that we might manage to push through an auxiliary attacker late in the window after some sales.

    Edouard is a good profile, and with Celtic comically flunking CL they’re 100% open to selling. They’ve got Ajeti starting for them the last couple of games and scoring, so they’ll absolutely be open to a last minute sale.

  58. MidwestGun

    If Lacazette goes somewhere that could be the domino that starts the chain reaction so that’s what I’m watching for. He would have to be our most valuable asset we can afford to move, I would think.

    Bellerin.. I’m pretty ambivalent about, if he stays ok.. but if we can get decent money.. ok too.

  59. Nelson

    Gabriel:,” Having the coach himself calling you to say he wants you in his squad motivates you a lot. That is the very reason I am here today.”

    Arteta can talk very convincingly. Ozil is the only one who didn’t buy it.

  60. Bojangles

    “Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Kieran Tierney will not be joining Wolves or Leicester City this summer, with Mikel Arteta making it clear that the defensive duo have a bright future at Arsenal, according to 90Min.”

  61. Moe

    Even a blind viewer can notice that Arsenal are on the up and fans are excited. Anyone can have an opinion on any matter, but who cares about Emery at this point. He will never coach Arsenal again, I can tell you that for free. Appreciate everything he’s done for the team, but it’s over. Get with it.

  62. Luteo Guenreira

    Haha guilty, you got me, I was decked out in thrift shop gear also.

    I didn’t realize Dariano was a hermaphrodite? Just kidding, sorry I couldn’t resist :p

  63. Bojangles

    With all talk of transfers in and out, the news I’m most looking forward to is Auba “signing da ting”. At the moment I’m hopeful given Arteta’s confidence on him signing the new contract but until it’s announced I’ll be chewing my nails.

  64. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Ceballos returning to London in coming days – hearing #RMFC will waive loan fee in exchange for #AFC paying full wage this time”

    From Ornstein.

    Great deal if true, already adapted now so won’t have to bed in, better than any of our other midfielders and if there’s no fee it’s a total no brainer, he’s not on more than 60-70k a week.

    Can’t believe some people are against a deal like this that allows us to focus our limited budget on 1 less player and still get the numbers we need in midfield.

    If we only get a CM or Cam it’s CM all day for me. Willian is a much better option at Cam than Xhaka is at CM so would rather we replace him in the starting XI.

    Both Aouar and Partey is the stuff of dreams obviously but I just can’t see it happening. PTSD from transfer windows past I suppose.

  65. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m pretty happy woth how the transfer window is shaping up so far so I won’t throw a fir if we don’t make it perfect. Gabriel, Willian and Ceballos fixes a lot of our shortcomings already so for once it’s looking like we’re trying to address things. Admittedly there’s much less to fix now after last window so maybe we can get almost everything done.

    I’d be happy with 2 more players, 3. Is a bonus.

    If that’s Partey + Aouar or Soumare + Edouard depending on our budget doesn’t matter to much to me as long as we can see the long term plan. The former pairing is obviously better for the short term too but will cost another 30
    -40m and Parteys fee is looking like it has to be paid upfront.

    Would be easier to predict if we started seeing some outgoings.

    Encouraging news about Kola with several teams now in the running for him. Schalke, Napoli, Roma and Bayer Leverkusen. One of them has to be able to pay a small fee for him. Seen 13m floating around but that seems pretty optimistic.

  66. Pedro

    Freddie, I’d love if we really hit the midfield problem hard. Partey and Aouar would be so huge.

    Edouard though, man, what a signing that’d be. Celtic need to sell after missing out on CL, feels kind of perfect. I just worry we’re lacking cash to do that and I think the club really likes Eddie (also have Gabriel who can do some damage through the middle).

    You bed that team in this year, you have a squad of players in 2021 that can compete.

  67. Tony

    DM report:

    Good news for ES, Marc, BobN19 and other of LG’s STs’ finest.

    “Arsenal plan to welcome up to 15,000 supporters back to the Emirates for Premier League clash against Sheffield United on October 3

    Arsenal set to welcome up to 15,000 fans back to Emirates Stadium next month

    Supporters could be in attendance for game vs Sheffield United on October 3

    Arsenal expect permitted initial capacity to range between 15 and 25 per cent”

  68. Freddie Ljungberg


    Can’t really see us signing all 3 though, that would mean we signed Willian as a bench player.

    Auba – Edouard – Pepe

    Ceballos – Aouar – Partey

    Is pretty fucking sexy though.

  69. Gonsterous

    Top 10 players of the season (my list)

    10. AMN
    9. Lacazette
    8. Martinelli
    7. Xhaka
    6. Dani C
    5. Leno
    4. Pepe
    3. Tierney
    2. Saka
    1. Aubameyang


  70. azed

    I must be the only gooner in the world not excited by Partey.

    I remember when most of us thought we had struck gold with Xhaka but here we are…..

  71. Tony

    RH if Emery doesn’t care about what you deem as disparaging comments here, why do you care then?

    How about banning the word: Emery or do you need the traffic?

    Very Machiavellian of you releasing Bamford back on the blog. It’s like throwing buckets of chum in the shark infested waters. What a deep, dark and dry humour you have.

    “I didn’t realize Dariano was a hermaphrodite?”

    I’d say Dissenter is more the hermaphrodite with his ‘old woman’s’ bleating at times.

    Would also probably explain Pierre’s man crushes on Wenger and Ozil and now Eddie.

  72. Gonsterous


    You are not alone. I’m hoping we get soumare instead. Younger and maybe cheaper.

    Don’t get the xhaka hate. People expect too much from a limited player. He just lacks pace, other than that he’s a good player, that keeps things ticking. I think he was bought in to be used as a xabi alonso.

  73. Dark Hei

    “Even if you don’t believe so, why are you so ready to shit on other people who do? Does misery really love company that much? ”

    That’s what happens when you run out of hair.

  74. Dissenter

    ‘ I must be the only gooner in the world not excited by Partey.’

    Nope, you’re late to the p-a-r-t-y
    I’ve expressed my reservations too, expect incoming your way once you poo-poo Partey.

  75. Tom

    Posters trying so hard to minimize the importance of the late season’s run of victories against top PL clubs and the subsequent trophies – yes , trophies
    ( Liverpool played their strongest squad in the CS )- fail to take under consideration their significance in convincing Arsenal brass to back Arteta to the max.
    We’ll see what this window ends up looking like when it shuts, but I find it hard to believe Arteta’s hand would’ve been as strong had he , as some have suggested to be a true measure of progress, moved up a couple places in the league table from where Emery left off , but lost the FA cup and not made Europe instead.

  76. Tony

    Xhaka is just not viable for the PL and too needy for others to continually have to cover for him.

    Needs to go to Italy or back to Germany to HB or similar level no elite club will want his services.

    China, MLS and Middle East are also well suited for Xhaka’s low level talents.

  77. China1

    Guys pls this is arsenal. We’re not signing several great players in one window be real

    We got Willian and Gabriel. Ceballos is in on loan. By arsenal standards we’re very close to using up all our positivity this summer already. To be a real arsenal summer there will need to be a seriously anticlimactic finish where we sell Auba for 12m to Barca and replace him by bringing back giroud or something

    We’ve been arsenal fans long enough to know that arsenal is not a club that buys a quality CB, winger, CM and AM in a single window with a good loan on top. That’s unprecedented for us by any stretch of the imagination

    So let’s reel our expectations in. Laca stays, auba is still on the left. Bellerin stays. Ozil stays. We don’t sign any more midfielders and the best thing we achieve is getting a few million for sok.

    THAT is an Arsenal summer, ok?

  78. China1

    I actually feel a little uncomfortable seeing us getting linked to elite talent and not hearing wenger bat then away talking about the top top kwalidee we already have

    If ‘our wenger’ was still here he’d have finished this season and be talking about buying one player for this season as the squad is ‘nearly there’!

  79. Gonsterous


    We need funds, so bellerin definitely has to be sold, and quick before other clubs find out he’s shit.

    I don’t mind laca for another season, people forget the important goals he scores, especially that ludicrously special touch against spuds to score the equaliser.

    Kola, mustafi, bellerin, guen, sok, and some others can help us fund some much needed dough to fix our mid

  80. China1

    Gonsterous what we know is good and should happen and what will happen are another story

    Arsenal have made disappointing the fans in the transfer market something of a tradition. Let’s keep our expectations low

  81. Gonsterous


    Arsenal have made disappointing the fans in the transfer market something of a tradition. Let’s keep our expectations low

    Yes, but I like to think that was the late Wenger era. Last season we had a great window. We could have a similar one this time. But we know funds are limited. We also know, we won’t be hoarding cash like wenger was doing. So if we get funds from sells, we will reinvest them in better players (hopefully)

  82. Freddie Ljungberg


    Laca has 2 years left of his contract so it’s either sell now or give him a higher wage, since he’s already on 180k that would be pretty stupid. Sell and get Edouard or a Cam. Either way we improve massively in the long term.

  83. Guns of SF

    I dont care for Partey Ok?
    I think he is too much and too old.
    Great now, but who knows what will happen…
    Diawara, Soumare, cheaper with more upside is what we need.
    I do not understand the fixation with partey.
    We need a DM / CM in now… why wait until the end and then atletico says pay all in full please.
    This is a stupid game or who will jump first. We might get burned in the end if we do not have a plan B

    Wenger like , wait until the end of the window shit.

    Along with the DM, we need Aouar or Coutinho, or heaven forbid we have a plan C….

    That might end up happening. Plan B and C.

  84. Emiratesstroller

    I have been giving some thought to the Ozil situation. Clearly Arsenal want to offload the player, but he is playing hardball.

    Frankly we are obligated to paying him until end of his contract and refusing
    to play him could result in a potential breach of contract.

    On the other hand we don’t want to include him realistically in our first team squad next season.

    So one option which may change Ozil’s thinking would be to register him as an
    overage player with U23 squad and force him to train and play with them.

    It would be interesting to see how the player and his advisers would react to that scenario.

  85. Receding Hairline

    Luteo if you also think Emery doesn’t care what Arsenal fans think about him then you sought of owe this blog an apology. I mean started off an argument over something I said then ending it by saying you agree with what was initially said is juvenile.

    Seems the issue isn’t what was said then but who said it. A bunch of strangers trying to dictate to me what I should post with internet data I pay for? Get the fcuk out of here.

  86. Northbanker

    Partey is a short term fix although I’ve no doubt he would be an immense fix and the only way we will not see Xhaka as an automatic first team choice.

    As a longer term buy and probably cheaper Soumare or Sangare would be much more strategic. Either would be much more of an investment but Xhaka would remain no 1. choice for next season.

  87. Northbanker

    ES – I like that idea specially if he rebels and doesn’t turn up for training or matches – in which case he is in breach of contract and we cancel his contract.

  88. Receding Hairline

    If the club has identified the position Partey plays as one that needs improvement in the squad then we should have more targets for that position than Partey. If we can’t afford the asking price we should move on to target number two, that might even force Athleti to negotiate if they are truly skint and nerd to sell.

  89. Kegunner

    Finishing 8th last season shows the level of the squad. Manchester United and Chelsea managed to get their acts together and have vastly improved for the new season. Arsenal need a squad overhaul to realistically challenge for top four.

  90. Tony

    A sulky Ozil in the U23s?

    He’d be a target for the oposition players and bluntly doesn’t have the engine/desire any more.

    Ridiculous idea or senior moment I’m afraid, as is your statement that there is some kind of caveat that Ozil has to have game time in his contract.

    Ozil is finished in English football possibly the game entirely, as it wouldn’t surprise me if he retired at the end of his contract.

    Let Ozil train with the U11s he can probably keep up with them.

    Whatever way you look at Ozil, Ozil does not present good optics to the club and its fans, especially as both Unai and Arteta gave Ozil ample chances to redeem himself to be a worthy player for the first team.

  91. Emiratesstroller


    Ozil will not refuse to train or play, but his back problems will of course reappear!

    However, the thought of training and playing him to death with reserves might
    change his mind about moving to Saudi Arabia or Qatar where I am sure the
    regime will be more comfortable.

  92. Tony

    The thought of Ozil being made to train to death is laughable.

    Give it up ES you’re just digging yourself deeper into being more risible than you normally are.

  93. Emiratesstroller


    The point is that Arsenal should not register Ozil with the first team squad,
    because we are already oversubscribed with players at the club.

    I would remind you also that Ozil’s agent is a highly qualified lawyer. I am
    sure that the player is well briefed on his rights and any potential breach of
    contract if the club refuse to let him play.

    However, there is nothing in his contract which requires the club to play him
    in the first team.

  94. China1

    People need to realize if we buy a CF now, auba stays on the left and Willian plays AM

    Whilst auba can do that and Willian can do that, why don’t we just stop playing musical chairs and go all in with specialists playing in their own positions?

    Auba up front, Willian on the left, new AM makes so much more sense than this never ending arsenal approach of playing players out of their best position

  95. China1

    ET when it comes to the specifics of what’s in ozils contract none of us have any idea so this is just complete guess work one way or the other

  96. Pierre

    It’s an easy solution for Arsenal , either play him or pay him off.

    9 months left on his contract, pay him the full value of his contract and learn from the mistake of paying a player astronomical wages……Aubameyang?

    He should still walk into the side at this present time…pity that he is being left out for non footballing reasons for not accepting the pay cut that no other club has implemented.

    Time to move on , unless Arteta realises his mistake , which is doubtful ..

    Just pay him off and be done with it.

  97. Valentin


    I am afraid that Tony is right. Özil will stick to the letter of the contract. Will turn up at training, will perform just the minimum of what is requested of him, whenever presented with an inconvenience will pretend that his back flared up which cannot be proven as a lie.

    Any attempt to unseat him will result in a lawsuit and be more costly than just letting him be.

  98. Dark Hei


    Agreed, I think what the club doesn’t need is Ozil in the news and dominating the conversation.

    If the club can quieten things down, there is a chance you can get him off.

    But if you try to spin a narrative about the lazy Ozil, then you will just get stuck with him and he will stick himself to you.

  99. Luteo Guenreira

    “Luteo if you also think Emery doesn’t care what Arsenal fans think about him then you sought of owe this blog an apology. I mean started off an argument over something I said then ending it by saying you agree with what was initially said is juvenile.”

    Since you’re such a gentleman, maybe you can do me the courtesy of trying to understand what I am actually trying to convey.

    I had a problem with your bitchy attitude. It’s nothing to do with what you said, it’s how you said it, over and over. When people get critical of Emery, you acknowledge you understand why they say what they do, why he got sacked….yet you continually throw passive aggressive shit in all directions to defend him. It’s fucking stupid.

    Yes we get it, you’re so fucking precious with your propriety. You’re so much better than the juvenile idiots cause you refuse to say bad things about a bad manager on Twitter.

    YOU said he doesn’t care what Arsenal fans think. No one said he cared in the first place, no one. It was obvious you offered that bullshit as a pissy dig toward critical fans, trying to insinuate we’re dumb for wasting our breaths on deaf ears. I was just pointing it out.

    As I said this has nothing to do with Emery, and everything to do with your needy ass fellating yourself every time you think you get the chance to take even the slightest moral high ground. It’s pathetic, and everyone sees it for what it is.

  100. TT

    ES I would be astonished if there was any clauses in Ozil’s contract that states he has to play or at least play a number of games.

    It should and probably is the managers/head coach decision who plays and when, or if at all.

  101. Graham62


    You really think Ozil is being left out because he didn’t accept a pay cut?🤪


    And you call yourself a football connoisseur.

  102. Pierre

    “You really think Ozil is being left out because he didn’t accept a pay cut?🤪Unfriggingbelievable!”

    Before lockdown …starts every game, with Arsenal being the only unbeaten team in Europe this year domestically and had a realistic chance of qualifying for champions league…5 points behind United with a game on hand.

    During lockdown…Ozil questions the pay cut.

    After lockdown …Ozil dropped from the team, a team which lost 4 league games out of 10.after lockdown and didn’t even make Europa qualification through league placing…
    Finished ten points behind united .

    Not so unfriggingbelievable is it when you weigh it all up.

    Thankfully we won the FA cup.

  103. Freddie Ljungberg

    On Torreira:

    “Fiorentina are trying to push for a two-year loan deal with an obligation to buy, with an initial fee of £8 million being paid to Arsenal, with a future fee of around £20 million owed to the Gunners.

    However, Arsenal are thought to want to sell the player for a fee of around £27.5 million instead of the loan deal”

    Looks like we’re getting our money back at least even if it could take a bit longer if it’s a loan deal. Just having that guaranteed income should help getting some business done. Not helping much if we’re signing Partey but in normal deals.

  104. Pierre

    “ES I would be astonished if there was any clauses in Ozil’s contract that states he has to play or at least play a number of games.”

    Of course there isn’t…pay him off, it’s a no win situation if he stays at the club and doesn’t play ….especially if we have a bad start to the season, which is a possibility as there is no guarantee that the quality of our football will improve against the lower sides unless we improve our creativity in the team.

    The first 2 games of the season could define our season , anything other than 6 points from Fulham and west ham could create a problem as we have Liverpool, City and United as the next 3 away games with Leicester and shef utd at home which could also prove to be difficult.

    6 points is a must to provide the team with confidence going into a very difficult spell of games.

  105. englandsbest

    I can come up with several better (and more likely) reasons for dropping Ozil, but not accepting the wage cut will do.

    People who defend Ozil are simply trying to justify the near £150 million the guy has cost the club. The worst return on an investment the Club has ever made.

  106. Vintage Gun

    “Fiorentina are trying to push for a two-year loan deal with an obligation to buy, with an initial fee of £8 million being paid to Arsenal, with a future fee of around £20 million owed to the Gunner”

    This is where silent Stan should cough up the owed £20m to our current kitty and then reclaim the owed £20m in 12 months time.

    It’s 100% his club now after all.

  107. RockyRoe

    I’m not so sure aouar is happening. Arteta has said that he prefers auba coming in from the left and in his current form, nobody dislodges him.

    So the only position willian can take up is either right wing or an AM, on right wing I doubt arteta will bench both saka and pepe, especially pepe who seems to be finding his feet and is getting himself into artetas plans, as evidenced by his inclusion in the final (and a very good performance).

    So what do u guys think is more likely, that we bench 2 players and play willian as RW and buy 2 MFs or that pepe/saka play the RW, William gets into the MF and we get another MF.

    Infact it is because of auba on left that I think the edurado rumors might have some legs.

    Auba will keep playing LW till 1. Both Gabriel and Saliba are comfortable 1st choice 2. We have a midfield that can dictate possession so that arteta doesn’t need his ST to drop in deep to cover the opposition DLP.

  108. Jamie

    He’s still running interference for his boyfriend. Wants Ozil’s salary paid up in full with other people’s money.

    As shameless as it is boring.

  109. Pedro

    Valentin, I was told months ago not to be shocked if Pepe exits the club. Almost certain Arteta wouldn’t have blown that much money on him.

    I would, despite this news, still be shocked if he left the club.

  110. Pedro

    Thorough, it’s pretty bland analysis.

    He’s basically saying that if numbers drop, it’s a bad thing.

    I referenced Michael Jordan the other day in that respect. Phil Jackson told him he’d have to sacrifice his numbers if he wanted to win trophies. No one said, oh, that means he’s half the player now.

    Arteta has give him a role that suits the team, not his stats.

    Same thing with Mesut. To get the German at his best, you have to thread everything through him… but that doesn’t work for the team. So when he returned, his numbers were worse, but he was doing more for the team.

    There are a lot of geeks that look at numbers but don’t really draw footballing insights from them. That’s why all the radars that do the rounds don’t often tell the actual story.

    ‘Partey is shit because x stat’ or ‘Morata is elite because of his radar’