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I have a BUSY day today so I’m going to keep this sweet and short. Did the order of that phrase jar you? Good. I’m messing with your damn mind because it makes me feel powerful.

First up, good news, Mikhi has left Arsenal. A mutual agreement for each party to go their separate ways ends a pretty bland tenure and probably one of the least satisfying transfers of the last 10 years.

Arsenal lose £180k a week off the wage bill. The player gets to sign a long-term deal with Roma he’d not have picked up had we slapped a transfer fee on him. There’s sometimes an early cancellation fee, in this case, I very much doubt it. This works for all parties. No one is out of pocket.

The GREAT news that dropped out of the blue is that Arsenal will be welcoming back Dani Ceballos for a year. The fan favourite had 3 loan offers on the table and he turned them all down because he LOVES The Arsenal. What a guy.

I was genuinely worried he was a wet lettuce when I heard he wanted to play for Betis. This is the best move for him. He’ll grow under Arteta and he’ll gain a bigger profile. There’s no option to buy, but let’s be real, who’d be foolish enough to tie themselves to a purchase a year out. Only worry is if he keeps up his great form, he’ll cost us more money, or potentially earn a move to a different club.

David Ornstein, a god among gods, reckons the Gabriel deal is done and dusted. He’ll be announced shortly. That’s bloody great news. I love how covid-agitated fans are raging at the PR department like this is some sort of football chinese-water-torture.


What does that mean for the midfield? Will we sign Auoar and Thomas Partey? I hope so. We need all the help we can get next season. Make those two signings and we’ll be a very exciting force next season. It’s a pipedream at the moment, but give it a week and see who we sell and for how much.

AMN is staying. I told you that yesterday. I just wanted a way in on this video.

That my friends is what we term: Sauce.

Mesut Ozil. The man, the myth, the Fortnite legend… has been offered a mega-money deal to play in Saudi Arabia for a season. Why not? My mate Tomasz went out there to sell generators, he’s caked in dough. He absolutely loves it. I just don’t understand why Mesut would waste a year feeling shit about football? You work in football a short term. Your legs, muscles, and ligaments don’t hold out forever. Why would you waste game time to make a point no one cares about?

Training with green energy entrepreneur Matty F is no match for proper football. I am at a loss as to why he doesn’t just move on, for the good of his mental health, and his brand.

Finally, there are BEASTLY rumours that Hector Bellerin is attracting the interest of Mr Pirlo at Juve. The suave Italian wants ‘chameleonic’ players. That is the most elite word ever to cross my laptop, coming to a creative review soon. I love Hector, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but if the price is right, why not?

Ok, that is all I have time for. I’ve had a sneak peak at the new lick of paint we’re putting on Le Grove and I am VERY happy that you are going to get a decent mobile experience moving forward. The comments are unlikely to change too much, as someone put it, the functionality of the site if like peak-AOL homepage, but does it need to be any slicker? I don’t think so. Any suggestions, drop them below.

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  1. Bamford10


    “Marko, we won an FA Cup and made it back into Europe after our worst start in 38 years.”

    One, we were in Europe when Arteta arrived. We got knocked out by Olympiakos at home in the round of 32 despite being managed by the King of Sauce, remember?

    Let’s hope he does better in Europe next season.

    He’ll have a better squad, and given that the “terrible” Unai Emery got Arsenal to the EL final, it seems reasonable to say that Arteta will need to do that well or better in order to avoid criticism.

    Two, we were in 8th place when Emery left, and we were in 8th place at the season end, after 20 PL matches under Arteta. That tells me that 8th place was more or less this squad’s level. Yes, Arteta did marginally better than Emery in 19-20 — 1.65 points per match vs. 1.38 points per match — but he also adopted a pragmatic, results-focused, low-block approach, whereas Emery was adopting a variety of approaches match to match in order to see which players were most useful to the club going forward. (This is clear from his remarks in his last interview while at Arsenal, with Sky.)

    Given you said Arteta would have contended for top four with this group if he had had them from the season start, this is most definitely what he must be held to next season given he’ll have a better squad.

  2. China1

    Bamford re artetas targets, at the end of the day the goalposts must always move because nothing stays the same

    For example both utd and Chelsea both have better squads for next season, we’re not the only ones buying.

    I think reasonable is that we should get top 4, or 5th but win the EL. But context will determine how he should be judged. For example if utd or Chelsea have a low points tally again we should finish higher. If they both get really good tallies then coming 5th might still have required a major improvement on this year.

    The position we come will mean nothing without context

  3. RockyRoe

    I’m not very old here, but why would WE and TR7 having lost a bet, won’t adher to it?

    If the bet was on whether united finished above us or not, it would be void only of OGS was sacked and a new manager had the playing well. Emery getting the sack with arteta (being better) coming in actually makes United’s job harder.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg

    If we sell all the players being linked away it might just be possible to have a summer of madness incoming.

    Kola, Sok, Chambers, Bellerin = 50m and 20m off the wage bill.

    Guen + Torreira= 50m and 5m off the wage bill
    (even if the Torreira offer is loan to buy it’s still guaranteed money)

    Laca 30m and 9m off the wage bill.

    Mikhi 9m off the wage bill.

    Balogun and Greenwood potentially another 10m.

    If Ozil finds his pride it’s another 18m off the wage bill but that’s unlikely.

    That’s 180-200m to play with for fees and first year wages. Would cover Partey, Aouar and Edouard with ease, also covers Gabriels fee and potentially first years wages for him and Willian too.

    Unlikely we get everything done but not impossible, at least nowadays there’s the will and intent to improve.

    Sure our RB position is a concern with AMN unproven in a back 4 and Cedric back up quality but we’ll be so much better everywhere else that it wouldn’t matter, can easily look to address that later if needed, it would be the only position we’d have to look at the following summer. What a novel situation that would be.

  5. Pedro

    Bamford, not sure anyone was expecting Arteta to come in and win all the trophies in his first season.

    Still, he has more trophies than your boy OGS and he’s convinced the squad, the board, and the fans that he’s a far better bet than Emery.

    The plan is coherent, the communication is elite, and we’re beating big teams.

    It looks like we’re having a great summer as well.

    A good time to be an Arsenal fan.

  6. Pedro

    Freddie, this horrendous pandemic might have fast-forwarded the squad rebuild. The uncertainty is going to push players that may have sat out this window to desire longterm deals. Really didn’t think we’d move on Kola, but seems like he wants out.

  7. Pedro

    Everyone, let’s play it nice.

    Bamford, keep it positive about Arsenal. It’s been a good few months, no one wants to hear you fetishizing about OGS or bemoaning how poorly Unai Emery was treated.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    For once it’s not idle speculation about our outgoings, there’s actual bids coming in and fees mentioned, that’s a major positive.

    Still can’t see us getting all of them, that would be too good to be true.

    Partey – Ceballos and either of Aouar/Edouard and it’s still a fantastic summer. Willian plays Cam or LW depending on which one comes in.

    Would leave us with a really strong first XI, potential to be the best one we’ve had for more than a decade. Wouldn’t expect miracles in the first season but let them settle for a year and then assess RB and what to do with Ceballos after the loan expires and we should be up there fighting for the title in the coming years.

  9. Pedro

    Freddie, we just need to move on the players that are detrimental to the culture.

    Mesut really needs to be dealt with, I’ve heard Mustafi is a moaner, Kola just doesn’t cut it mentally… Holding just needs to find a club better suited to his skills. Hector probably needs a fresh start.

    Add those players you talk about and we’ve got a pretty good squad!

    We could be challenging in 2021-22.

  10. Pedro

    Really think Edouard would be a smart signing. Looks like he has it all. Very raw, but he looks built for the Premier League.

    Love that all the players we’re linked to connect to a plan.

  11. The Godfather

    You people who want to sell Bellerin are straight nuts.
    We are potentially on the cusp of a very decent season and hope for the future as we attempt to rebuild this team from the shambles of over a decade of moronic decisions.

    Yet some of you here want to sell one of our prize young assets and leave a gaping hole in our lineup for £20mill?
    Thank God some of this crazy talk ain’t infectious!

    Notice it’s the elite looking for Bellerin and not the Hertha Berlins of this world yet some of ya still don’t get it. The kid is coming off a major injury and showed his full potential when he was under Emery till the injury. How much better do you think he will be under a full season with Arteta?

    You people sometimes smh

  12. Freddie Ljungberg


    Mustafi is injured so probably not moving, having seen him linked to an exit anyway, Holding looks likely to go on loan.

    Would have been better to sell both but it is what it is. Almost all the overpaid dross are looking outbound so a couple of stragglers isn’t that much of a deal. They can be dealt with later.

    Yeah, getting rid of Ozil would be a massive lift to the whole club. Think he might be too much of a dick to piss off though, we’ll see.

  13. Pedro

    Freddie, Mustafi doesn’t have a really bad injury, so wouldn’t be shocked if he still exited. Rumours were that Napoli were interested. I think he’s a better player than Sokratis. Hard to imagine he’d want to stay when the writing is on the wall?

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    If he stays we have 3 players that can play RB, and no midfield. The reported bid was 25m btw and we’re holding out for more so likely 30m+ that’s a large chunk of the Partey fee.

    I rather have a top midfield than wading 3 deep in the RB position, all of them fairly average with only really AMN with any scope for improvement.

  15. Freddie Ljungberg


    If we sell Chambers and Sok and Holding goes on loan We only have Saliba, Gabriel, Luiz and Mari + Mustafi, if Mustafi leaves we’re left with 3 rookies to the PL and Luiz. As much as I want Mustafi to leave that’s very risky.

  16. Pedro

    I thought Mustafi was really good. His worst game, Spurs I think, he’d played too many games and was fucked physically.

    Wouldn’t be against him staying at all.

  17. Freddie Ljungberg


    He’s another that’s benefitted from playing 3 CBs, if we get most of our targets in we’ll likely move away from that outside a couple of games. Would still probably keep him as experienced backup until the new guys settle.

  18. The Godfather

    I’m sorry I can’t agree with selling a prime asset at a discount to fund
    a midfield purchase. You are simply creating a massive hole in your lineup.
    Any moves should be made to improve the squad and not make it weaker.
    Selling Bellerin will not make Arsenal Bette.

    We have seven to eight players to move to fund a midfielder and not Bellerin

  19. The Godfather

    @ Freddie,

    Again you’re missing the point.
    Bellerin is far better than anyone else on this squad at the position over the long haul. He was having his best season under Emery for ages until his injury.
    Why not let him continue to grow under Arteta?
    Cedric is mediocre and Maitland-Niles is a stop gap. So who is the third: broken down and slow Callumity Chambermaid?

    Again sell others to raise money and not your blue chip stock.


    Can all fetch you dollars for a transfer fee

  20. Pedro

    Godfather, he’s not one of our prime performers these days. He lacks confidence, his final ball is really weak, and he’s lost his pace. He’s the perfect player to excit. We’ll get good money for him before anyone realises he’s not the same player he was.

  21. The+Godfather

    @ Pedro,
    What games of Bellerin have you been watching?
    Your comments make no sense.
    He came back at the turn of the year and needed game time to get back in the groove.
    Again before his injury under Emery, how many complained on the strides he had made?
    Bellerin under Arteta will get even better and can be the difference btw another year in the Europa and once again hearing that beautiful champions league music.

  22. Moe

    You better believe that if Bellerin is sold, another RB will be recruited to duke it our with Cedric. Cedric looks pretty mediocre to me.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    I am coming increasingly to the view that the players which Arsenal wish to offload will need to be either loaned out or have contracts cancelled.

    We have seen that already with departure of Mkhitaryan. By all accounts
    Napoli don’t want to pay a transfer fee for Sokratis and Schalke don’t have the
    money to buy Kolasinac.

    There is also not a rush to buy Guendouzi or Torreira. Any interest appears to
    be loans.

    What is becoming increasingly clear is that Arsenal may have to accept with
    some players that we have to focus on getting players off the payroll.

    That is of course bad news if the club wants to recruit top quality midfielders
    such as Partey or even Aouar.

  24. Guns of SF

    Bellerin is what he is… i doubt you will see anything much more from him. In other words, he has peaked with his abilities in my opinion. The injury did not help much either, but our right side is weak with him in it. He lacks cohesion with Pepe an is suspect defensively. He gets spun around constantly as he is not good a positional awareness and lacks the pace as well. Gone is his recovery pace. It is ok but we can do better! AMN is a superior athlete and is beginning to show his stuff. Better in attack as well.

    If its not AMN, then fine, but 30M is good money which we need badly

  25. Freddie Ljungberg


    Ehm, no if we keep Bellerin he would be the 3rd RB, obviously. So we turn down 20m for AMN and 30m for Bellerin then when we’re desperate for a complete midfield rebuild? Seems clever.

    If AMN is staying make him first choice RB, if he can’t make it sell him after a season, we’re going nowhere fast with Bellerin as a starter anyway, think you’re still seeing the player we all hope he would become 5 years ago but it never really happened. Time to let go if we get a good fee, and 30m is good for him, no doubt.

  26. Freddie Ljungberg


    Think you’ve been chewing too many of the special mushrooms mate.

    Bellerin is a top RB, Aliens on le grove. You’re starting to sound like CG and you know it’s time to stop then.

  27. Luteo Guenreira


    You can stop sounding so flabbergasted, a lot of fans simply have a different opinion than you as to how Bellerin has performed since coming back from injury. He’s not been “great” by any stretch of the imagination. I think he’s a prime candidate to sell for the reasons Pedro outlined, and honestly even at his best I’ve never seen a player that I would want the hold onto at the sacrifice of the kind of midfield being talked about.

  28. DivineSherlock

    Selling Bellerin would be really sad , atleast we are not selling him to our rivals. PSG would suit him , might even win CL next season. But who knows a week ago we accepted that AMN would be sold

  29. China1

    Yeah godfather Bellerin wasn’t elite under emery before his injury imo. He was just ‘fine’ but not as good as our genuinely class players of old like Sagna or Lauren

    I don’t think he has done anything like enough in the last 3 years to be considered a key player. I’d actually say he hasn’t even had a really good season for about 4 years.

    If an offer of 25+ comes in I’d say thanks and good bye and be throwing that money straight towards our midfield

  30. Bojangles

    I’ve never been a fan of Bellerin’s even before his injury. An ok rwb but poor in defence. I preferred AMN at RB, although he had a number of poor outings there to be honest. Anyway I would have been more upset to see AMN leave than Bellerin. Plus Bellerin will bring in more moolah which we definitely need atm given tightarse Stan.

  31. andy1886

    Seriously, selling Hector isn’t going to give us £30m towards a new midfielder, he’ll need to be replaced. AMN did not fare well as a RB/RWB and Cedric has been mediocre at best. Someone like Aarons will be £15m – £20m if we’re lucky leaving us a net profit of around £10m plus any savings on wages.

  32. China1

    I used to be the most critical of anyone here about AMN, especially last season as it looked his his attitude stank and he appeared waaaay too casual whilst also not playing that well

    But *this season* since around October or so, AMN has been consistently better at RB than Bellerin has for years. Cedric has barely played, so no real comment, but AMN can in the bare minimum ‘do a solid job’ at RB. If he can’t become top class he can be upgraded on next summer or whatever. But Bellerin’s stock has been falling for years now. He’s a worse player in his mid 20s than he was at 19. That alone should be concerning enough for us to cut our losses imo

  33. China1

    A better question might be in how many games this season has Bellerin played better at RB than AMN’s average performance levels?

    Ofc it’s subjective but you’d be talking just a few at best imo

  34. China1

    Can someone just buy Laca already? His sale would enable us to immediately go out and get a proper midfielder.

    All tilhis talk of sok and chums is great but it’s all small fry when we are looking at two 50m players.

  35. Captain Tierney

    If Bellerin is reportedly interesting Bayern , Juve and Psg then surely we cant accept only 25 mil for him right. We’ve gotta play hardball like any other team with a desired asset.
    I think we can milk PSG for 35 mil + bonuses for Bellerin if we play our cards right given the lack of top class RBs in the world , Bellerin’s rep and Bayern, Juve interest.

    Also we absolutely cannot terminate Sokratis’s contract. We made a mistake with Mkhi but doing it with Sokratis also will set a bad predicament and in a week’s time we’ll have Athletico asking us to terminate Lacazette’s contract sk that they can take him on a free. Napoli just spent 60+mil on a striker when that already have Milik and Callejon ,
    And are going to receive 25mil for Allan and 50-60+ mil for Koulabaly. Dont know how one can plead poverty after doing all that. Its not as if Sokratis is on astronomical wages.

    If Edu can get us Aoaur , Partey and Edouard in this window on top of Willian and Gabriel all the while being skint then we might have the real deal on our hands.

  36. China1

    Btw saliba and Gabriel are both 6’4 and Mari is 6’3

    If we ever play all 3 as a CB trio then safe to say we will be BIG at the back for once

  37. Northbanker


    Gabriel is 6’ 3” whereas Mari is 6’4”
    Saliba agreed is 6’4”
    Not that it matters too much – the point is we have added considerable height to our ultimate rear guard

  38. Pierre

    “Btw saliba and Gabriel are both 6’4 and Mari is 6’3If we ever play all 3 as a CB trio then safe to say we will be BIG at the back for once”

    Both players look decent signings, in that they are the right age, are technically good on the ball, are both powerful athletes and both appear to love defending.
    I can’t see either of Gabriel or Salibas being out muscled in 50/50 situations.

    Gabriel looks a powerhouse in the air , he has a superb heading technique.

    Saliba’s heading technique looks a little suspect from the few times I’ve watched him.
    He does look very confident coming out with the ball at his feet and appears to be able to make time and space on the ball with a drop of the shoulder, similar to Rio Ferdinand .

    Arteta , I imagine will probably start with the tried and trusted defence for the start of the season.
    He will probably give the 2 new centre backs a run out in Europa and the league cup to ease them in, unless of course one or the other shows outstanding ability in training and can be drafted In sooner.

  39. Northbanker

    Interesting how many Bellerin defenders on here. I never thought he was that great even at peak – his defending and ability to read the game was not fantastic although his speed helped compensate. Now that has mostly gone we are left with the husk.

    Meanwhile AMN is a couple of years younger and has grown in power and confidence over the last year and clearly responding brilliantly to Arteta’s coaching.

    For some reason though beyond me , Bellerin is able to command twice the transfer fee on the open market.

    This really is a no brainer – sell Bellerin and nurse AMN into the RB role. He can make it his own for up to 10 years if he does well whereas he will never get that game time in midfield or as LWB. If he doesn’t succeed then decision time next summer TW. Otherwise we save a replacement fee and AMN gets regular football. Win-win.

    That gives us most of the funds to buy Partey. How much easier can a decision be?

  40. Useroz

    It’d be critical for the club to pull off some magic and land Partey and Auoar or equivalent (not light version like Diawara).

    Remains to be tested but on paper our back line plus GKs are sorted and could be v strong indeed.

    We all know our frontline is also v strong and somewhat strengthened with Willian added.

    Relatively speaking, our MF is shit. May be passable in defensive duties but progressive, forward play is shocking. No pace, no physique, no aerial, no drivers and worse of all no creativity.

    Ceballos may be ok for last season. With our defence and forward lines improved, we need someone much better, funds aside. Ok if he’s back on loan to provide another body.

    If we don’t get Partey, Auoar qualities, it’d simply be a waste of potential and underachieving. Can’t play long balls from the back all the time. We don’t exactly have the Giroud type to flick (headers).

    As it is, we wouldn’t likely make top 4 and may have a lot of draws with a tough back line and hard to beat. But we wouldn’t kill games and that’s our Achilles even last season!

    Btw, totally agree with not cancelling contracts. Other clubs play hardballs and we lie down and get fucked by both clubs and players?? One Ozil is more than enough… if the UAE thing is real and Ozil is still squatting around London, may he and his agent rot in hell. His agent is worse actually than the well known super agents on that front. Just go tead his alleged interviews. Infuriating…

  41. Receding Hairline

    Strange that most on Le Grove don’t rate three of the six managers in the top six.

    Ole is apparently a clown, Mourinho past it and Lampard overrated.

    One would automatically assume that with a better manager and an improved squad to last season and all the “trophies” won, a top four finish would have been the minimum all things considered.

    Rodgers tanked top four from a position of strength so surely he can’t be the one you are all wary of.

  42. Sid

    Arsenal fans were expecting to win the Europa league this season he failed but won the FA.

    The narrative that we were not expecting any trophy is false. Its meant to play to Arteta fanboys hands.

  43. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t think bellerin has been great the past year, but if he goes we need a replacement. AMN isn’t a RB. He can be a good Wingback though. Bellerin at top form is really good.

    Just look at the teams that were interested in AMN. and Now look at the teams that are interested in bellerin. That should tell you what you need to know. Anyway If it gets a couple of really good midfielders, I am all for it but we need a replacement for bellerin.

  44. Receding Hairline

    “Arsenal fans were expecting to win the Europa league this season…..”

    Or finish in the top four, that was the minimum requirement before a ball was kicked for the past two seasons, wonder what has changed.

  45. Sid

    There should be no excuse to play 10 men behind the ball this season, Arteta should get players that can play the exciting football we were promised.

    If 10 men behind the ball is pragmatic then Mourinho is better at it than Arteta.

  46. Kenyangunner


    Hector is a broken Ferrari but the rich guys think it’s serviceable.
    AMN is a good and reliable Toyota which the rich don’t know about.

  47. China1

    As much as xhaka staying in the team bothers me, I’d rather we sign a beastly AM than his replacement if we only manage to sign one CM.

    The reason being we simply can’t create a thing with this midfield. As well we can’t control games in the opposition half. I want us to return to driving the game from the front foot, not smash and grab wins as much as I will never complain when we get those too

  48. Receding Hairline

    “Hector is a broken Ferrari but the rich guys think it’s serviceable.
    AMN is a good and reliable Toyota which the rich don’t know about.”

    Africans and Toyota, they really did a number on us convincing the Toyota is the only vehicle worth owning, wonder if this is the case elsewhere, a very boring ride not to mention bland styling.

  49. China1

    Kenyan is right

    Bellerin is a Ferrari – but he’s a rent a car in Vegas and 6 years old. However shiny he may look from the outside and appealing to those with money and flash taste, what’s under the hood will disappoint

  50. Habesha Gooner

    I haven’t seen a Baku level of performance from bellerin at any time. Yes AMN is athletic but he looks good because he has Tierney to cover for him. And his best performances came when he was used as an Inverted RB to cover Xhaka and allow Saka to attack.

    Anyway If this is the only way to strengthen our midfield I will be okay with it, considering bellerin hasn’t been on top form for a while. But It would mean we will be Isolating Pepe to use AMN as an Inverted RB. But I understand the ” having a better midfield is better than having a better RB” argument.

  51. Receding Hairline

    “The latest Camrys look alright though…”

    Yea a definite upgrade on the last one that’s for sure. Just bored of the whole Toyota reliability sermon, drives their prices up even for locally used ones and you don’t just see the bang for your buck

    As for Bellerin i am not against him getting sold, but thing is we are discussing his sale with PSG while the suitors for AMN was Wolves, kind of tells you something no matter how much you try to ignore it. I read PSG wanted the guy that just joined Leicester from Atalanta but arrived late to the scene, and they Leicester snipped him for 25m euros. We can easily upgrade on our RB options with a specialist RB if we had moved on AMN.

  52. Habesha Gooner

    I think the club sees this as an opportunity for wage bill culling. bellerin is on a 100k+. Kolasinac is also same. we have brought in players for lower wages. But we do need a backup LB now if Kolasinac leaves along with bellerin.

  53. Receding Hairline

    “But we do need a backup LB now if Kolasinac leaves along with bellerin.”

    Saka is more comfortable as a conventional left back than AMN is in a back four. Such an intelligent footballer that kid.

  54. Pierre

    Will just say that winning the FA cup was a greater achievement than winning the Europa when you take into consideration the teams we faced , especially in the latter stages.

  55. Receding Hairline

    “Will just say that winning the FA cup was a greater achievement than winning the Europa when you take into consideration the teams we faced , especially in the latter stages.”

    Yea you said that countless times, a great achievement that qualifies you to play in the lesser achievement Europa league, that adds up.

  56. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t want Saka to become a utility player. He needs to stick with either wing and play. His decision making in the final third is why he shouldn’t play LB. Although it’s a sign of his quality to do so well there.

  57. Receding Hairline

    Number of losses for City in the league last season = 9

    Number of losses for Chelsea in the league last season = 12

    We didn’t beat two invincible teams to win the FA cup, we beat two teams who have been beaten by multiple other English teams over the course of the season.

  58. Leftside

    Its another thing that I’ve been thinking, even if Laca is sold do people think Auba goes up top? I have a feeling it will be Eddie up top.

  59. duvee

    Bellerin’s main asset was his pace. I actually don’t think his techincal ability is up there with most of the team. The ball bounces off him a lot and he plays some strange passes. Still he’s a good player and I suppose he brings alot of intangibles to the team. But for £30m I would sell.

  60. Dark Hei

    “The narrative that we were not expecting any trophy is false. Its meant to play to Arteta fanboys hands.”

    The narrative was that we were on an almighty losing streak and that any form of stability would be welcomed.

    Unless you are one of those guys who believe that Emery would have gotten us beyond what Arteta did.

  61. Northbanker

    You can’t expect trophies whoever you are
    At best you hope so it’s quite ridiculous to say we expected the Europa Cup – in fact it’s arrogance

  62. Northbanker

    I do think some of you need to be more realistic – we are not going to solve every problem this TW. If we do manage to improve the midfield that’s as good as we wil get
    That means settling for settling AMN who is still developing as a player into RB and having Nketiah as back up CF
    We also base al of our info on last season
    We have players like Saka and ESR who may play a vital role in certain positions
    Much as I would love is to sign Aouar I’m not so sure we’re as exposed on CAM as many suggest
    We have 3 possibilities currently – Willian Saka and ESR and maybe even Ceballos although I’d prefer a deeper no 8 role as per last year with him to accompany Xhaka or hopefully Partey

  63. andy1886

    China your comment on Xhaka and a prospective AM inadvertently highlights the problem with our midfield.

    The biggest gap isn’t in either DM or AM, it’s that big, big hole in the middle.

    Xhaka isn’t athletic enough to carry the ball forward and get back into position when we lose it and an AM in the Ozil style isn’t much use there either. What we need is a powerful B2B midfielder who can carry the ball and operate in that area.

    In a 433 I expect that Willian will play at #10. Not sure that Ceballos is the #8 that we need but there were encouraging signs in the latter part of the season.

  64. David Smith

    Better late than never, but can only offer congratulations to the club on signing Gabriel. Previous regimes would have either paid massively over the odds, or meekly walked away on finding Utd, Napoli and Carlo were interested , Either that or just screwed up the transfer completely

  65. Elmo

    My only reason for thinking Ozil might accept a new contract somewhere this summer is the fact that London as a cultural hub is largely shut. If you can’t go out to party easily, the best restaurants are either closed or no longer fun, the private members’ clubs are deserted because those with money and choices haven’t returned to town, and there’s no buzz left because the theatres, galleries, and entire events industry are mothballed, then why spend a long, cold winter in the UK? (Same argument holds for City workers who might as well be in ‘boring’ Switzerland or Frankfurt, or somewhere with better climate and the beach like Barcelona).

    Obviously it’s a restricted life in Saudi, but there’s at least one motivation now why he might choose not to waste a year of his life, and move on.

  66. englandsbest

    The problem with Bellerin was that he thought himself a right winger not a right back. A reminder of Kenny Sansom. And, like Kenny, he left gaps behind which led to goals, for which the centre-backs got the blame.

    I say ‘was’ because magical Mikel has shifted him to right half-back.

    It may be that, in that position, he is surplus to requirements. A key factor is that he will fetch a bigger transfer fee than the newly retained (and better half-back) AMN.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    There are too many who post on here who are writing off Bellerin as a player. The guy is only 25 and suffered a serious injury from which he needed time to

    Despite this he is still a very good player otherwise I doubt that clubs like PSG,
    Juventus and Bayern would be remotely interested in him.

    Maitland-Niles has played well in LWB position when we played 3 CBs and
    Tierney played alongside him, but I remain to be convinced that he is a solid
    enough defender if ever Arteta reverts back to a flat back four.

    When he played RB he was exceedingly brittle in defence and not remotely on
    the same level as Bellerin with respect to some of the posters on here who have remarkably short memories.

    In normal circumstances I would not sell Bellerin, but £25 million + add ons
    in the current economic circumstances may be an offer that Arsenal will take,
    because we need to beef up our midfield and clearly most of the players, which we would prefer to offload will not generate transfer revenue.

  68. Useroz

    Most if not all of us would agree that the current MF, with/ out Ceballos, would drag us back. So the priorities are simple, MF, MF and MF., now that defence is sorted.

    Without the funds, we raise it by selling players assuming AFC doesn’t own properties in London CBD or Canary Wharf.

    And we sell overstock,, under qualified or both. All relative.

    As much as Bellerin is likeable, if he fetches c 30m, we need the money. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    If Laca fetches another 35 to 40m, grab it. In both cases, we have options albeit not ideal. But relatively MF and specifically creativity is critically lacking.

    Torreira and Guendouzi should fetch 40 to 50m in total even with instalments or other.

    Plus, adding up loose changes’ from Sok, Elneny, Holding, Kolac, Mama, etc would give a decent bonus pool of 20m+ surely.

    Mustafi not counted of some say we’d keep. May keep Elneny too if both Torreira and Guendouzi are gone.

    Loosely, that’s conservatively £120m even in this market. Instalments, swaps etc may be involved but still a lot of funds.

    Paetey, Auoar (even Edouard), or eq, aren’t exactly pipe dreams.

    Executing all these within one TW may be a tough ask. But challenging times call for zee mental strength, togetherness, creativity etc. from our execs and agents.

    You don’t ask you don’t get.

    5 weeks we’d know!

  69. DaveB666

    Just seen a pop-up for the Spuds documentary on Amazon. It’s called “All or Nothing” – that will be NOTHING year after year then 🙂

  70. Pierre

    “My only reason for thinking Ozil might accept a new contract somewhere this summer is the fact that London as a cultural hub is largely shut”

    Suddenly Ozil is this party animal, whereas last year he was locked in his room playing fortnight all day and all night.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    None of the players you list are going to fetch remotely the sort of transfer fees you suggest.

    I suggest that you take a look at what is going on in Europe at the moment. Most clubs don’t have a pot to piss in apart from perhaps Bayern Munich and PSG.

    They talk big about players that they are interested in until a transfer fee is
    discussed. Most want swaps, contracts cancelled or loans.

    I can assure you that selling Guendouzi and Torreira this summer will be a hard task and the sort of money they will fetch will be well below expectation.

  72. andy1886

    Have to agree with Stroller, the only offers I’ve seen mentioned for Guendouzi and Torreira have been loan deals which generate next to nothing. Same with Holding and both Sokratis and Kolasinac are linked with clubs who want them on a free.

    I doubt that we’d sell Laca without buying a back up, and as I’ve said I don’t believe that we can sell Bellerin and not buy a replacement.

  73. Northbanker

    We have to sell Laca and Bellerin as they are out most marketable assets and should fund most of the Partey and Aouar payments if both deals are still possible

    That will mean using current resources for RB and CF not buying replacements

    Which means AMN / Soares and Eddie backing up Auba

    You have to be practical about this.

  74. Gonsterous

    Talking about cars. Suzuki dominates south east Asian market. Servicing is very cheap, and a very reliable car.

    Not to mention those swift models have a very slick look too.

  75. Sid

    AMN will be found out as a fullback in a 433 with Pepe ahead. He looks okay as an inverted fullback which basically is a midfielder.

    The Arteta fanboys have to bring up Emery ironically thats lowering the bar when arsenal should be aiming higher.
    Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce tactics of 10 men behind the ball isnt innovative and shall not be tolerated for full season.

  76. Dissenter

    There are many bank lenders that won’t fund a car loan for a Suzuki in the states
    It’s considered as an unreliable brand for cars here, I know it’s massively popular elsewhere in Asia and Africa.
    Korean brands like Hyundai and Kia improved their styling and build quality about a decade ago. They’ve eaten into the profit of Toyota massively.

  77. Gonsterous


    The reason it is popular here, is because of the cheap and reliable servicing.
    Not to mention, the cost of the other imported companies

  78. Pedro

    Godfather, I watch all the games he plays in. Pace is gone, confidence is low, and his final ball is less than ideal.

    Love the player, but if he wants Paris, let him go. Would prefer some money for the midfield right now.