Exit door about to see some action?

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Beep, beep, beep… what’s that you hear? It’s Arsenal doing a 3-point turn on Holloway Road to head the other way on the AMN and Martinez exit plans.

Beautiful prose, I know.

I’m not quite sure the u-turn came yesterday. Ex-Chelsea boss Sarri has said on numerous occasions (before he’s sacked) that professional execs never make decisions based on one game. Whatever the process is/was, I’m pleased that the club is planning to keep two players that have turned their careers at Arsenal around with great performances.

There’s an argument that we should be using their low sample rate of games-time to our advantage by capitalising on their newfound prominence… then there’s the flip side of that argument that would say that you need to reward improving players. If you set a player a challenge to be consistent and they deliver, probably doesn’t look good to the rest of the squad when you bin them off to Wolves.


If AMN fails this season, he’ll sell for the same or more next year.

If Martinez turns into a flap monster, he’ll still return a fee larger than £10m next season.

Both players are young, they are fairly cheap, and I think they are well-liked by the squad. If both maintain their form, they will be worth considerably more by the end of this season which gives Arsenal an entirely different problem to deal with.

Edu’s focus should be on the players we know aren’t going to cut it at Arsenal. Which, apparently, is exactly what’s going on.

Sokratis has apparently sealed a 4.5m euro move to Napoli. That’s a £90k a week player off the wage bill. I like the player’s attitude, but it’s clear he’s not part of the plans. On we go.

The Torreira rumours are spicing up, the story is Fiorentina are making him a priority. They’ll give us £8m now, with a promise of a further £18m next summer. Not bad for a talent ill-suited to the rigours of the Premier League.

Kolasinac is also reportedly getting closer to a deal to go back to Schalke. He’s dealing with the reality that he’ll never land a £120k a week deal in Germany, he’s asking for assurance on becoming their captain, and he’s apparently 3 meetings deep with their execs. It’ll happen because players need security and having one year on year deal right now is NOT cool.

Valencia, a team with 4 runner beans to spend this window, has expressed an interest in Matteo. I doubt that is going anywhere, but at least it has the Frenchman in the media. He really needs to be fetching Arsenal a decent swap deal or at least £30m. Where is PSG? Leonardo, this man can ‘Frenchify‘ the hell out of that FAILURE squad you have. Follow him right away on Instagram to confirm you have read this.

Diego Simeone is looking for GOALS this summer after his side scored less than Granada last season. Alex Lacazette is the dream ticket. The story in SPORT suggests the Argentine is keen to keep Partey, but maybe that part isd there to soften the blow for the fans when we do a swap deal with them? Wait and see… but from where I’m sitting, Atleti are fucked financially, they know they’ll have to swap players to have a summer (they can only spend 25% of what they take in transfer fees, which will be a pittance this year), so the goal might be to make it look like Partey was forced from them.

Rob Holding is interesting Newcastle. Cal Chambers is interesting Fulham.  Balogun will likely still head out to Brentford for a decent fee. Sam Greenwood left, hopefully with a stonking sell-on clause.

Next, we need to crack into our own transfer plans. Auoar and Partey would be the dream ticket. I’m not sure we’d need to do much outside that to contend the top 4. I think that’s where the club will focus their energy, so let’s pray to the footballing gods we can ship out the players that need to leave and make some magic happen in a short space of time.

The international break will hopefully be transfer bedlam. Club managers will be idle, the owners will have a clearer picture of where the world is going, deals will have to start moving because settled squads are generally happier.

That’s all I have today… NO… untrue. I also have a very exciting podcast for you to listen to. We basically talk Community Shield, the state of the squad, then we go deep on transfers. ENJOY AND 5* rate it you FIENDS. Thank you. x

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  1. Dissenter

    It’s embarrassing that Grealish is getting only his first call-up to the England team and it’s only to cover for injuries.

  2. China1

    Bojangles you’re conflating two separate issues

    Stan is a prick and a terrible owner. Always has been and I have been very vocal about that for several years now

    But him being a shit owner doesn’t stop a comparison between what we are spending this summer compared with utd and Chelsea being an apples and oranges comparison

    We’re different clubs, with different financial situations entirely irrespective of the owners. What we are seeing these 3 clubs behaving roughly akin to our current financial positions imo

  3. Tee

    “Whichever way you look at it, the team lose a creative force without Saka on the left to lay the ball on a plate for the strikers.”

    Did you watch the community shield at all? From which flank did he deliver the killer pass?

    Saka is not you usual static midfielder that required to be played in a particular position to blossom.

  4. Valentin


    That’s correct. Financially repaying the loan early make little sense as the penalty fees were quite huge in proportion to the remaining of the debt. The new terms are better but do not cover the penalty fee.
    However the bonds had covenants that required Arsenal to maintain a certain level of cash reserve.
    The new loan do not have those covenant, so taking into account the penalty fee and the new term the new loan released about £20 millions worth of cash. Those millions will then be used for the day to day running of the club until the money for the new season starts rolling in.

  5. Graham62

    Irrespective of Euston Ozil’s ( sorry, that’s how it came out) beliefs and honourable charitable causes, he will always come across as someone who never gives 100% and assumes that everyone else is in the wrong and are using him as a scapegoat. Well Mesut, nothing could be further from the truth.

    You see, in life, when you’re blessed with talent and sublime skills, which he has in abundance, those that gain the respect and admiration from their peers and the fans are those people who show a genuine commitment and desire to put it on the line week in week out, no matter what.

    Respect is lost when you blame others for your shortcomings, fail to acknowledge your teammates when being substituted, shrug your shoulders and gesticulate when things don’t go your way, constantly direct your frustration and anger to your superiors and, significantly, use your own PR team/ image, to make yourself out to be someone you clearly are not.

    You see Mesut, this has nothing to do with money, although I would say you’re on a wee bit too much for my liking, it’s all about your attitude and negative perceptions towards adversity and change, which we had assumed you’d be committed to.

    So please, don’t blame others for your own visible failings and, significantly in all of this, please don’t assume we are using you as a scapegoat.

    It’s all down to you.