Arteta big game tactics will change how top 6 see Arsenal + The major weakness we must fix

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I’m writing this a few drinks deep, so take the information with a pinch of ‘okaaaaay mate…’

In short, what a day.

Mikel Arteta picked up the second trophy of his tenure. It might not be a major one, but a win against a full-strength Liverpool side is certainly not to be sniffed at. I honestly didn’t hold out much hope of a victory. It felt far too early in our preseason to deliver any sort of competition against one of the most brutal teams in the world.

I don’t really want to go over the game in too much detail. We basically recreated our FA Cup run where we let better teams have more of the possession, while we played around their press, and took our chances.

The goal from Auba was another sublime ‘play it out the back’ moment. Elneny fed Saka on the right, Saka created an overload and casually pinged a ball out to Auba. Our contract rebel sharpshooter cut inside, Tierney created a decoy with a fake overlap, then Auba placed a bullet strike over one of the best keepers in the world. Fucking majestic. Thierry like. Think back to how shite we were playing out of the back under Emery? Unreal how good coaching can have the same players scoring worldies against elite teams with the same idea.

The second half was a little more Liverpool. We conceded a sloppy goal. Some deft football by Liverpool and a bit of bad luck on our part saw Minamoto earn enough space to slip a pass past Emi. Again, it’s preseason, the goal wasn’t an abomination, though frustrating nonetheless.

We didn’t collapse though, which was lovely. The players gave it some in the last ten minutes, we weren’t quite sharp enough, but we saw the game out for penalties.

We scored all 5. All elite strikes. Reiss started first and buried it. AMN followed up with a COOOOOOL as a cucumber pass into the corner. Soares, who I thought would miss, smashed his home. David Luiz rocketed his into the top left corner. Then Auba BURIED the notion he’s not a big game player, winning his second trophy with Arsenal with the final kick of the game and a BELTER of a strike.

What a great moment for Arsenal. The Community Shield might not be the biggest trophy of them all, but when you are an Arsenal fan, or player, or board member, it means a great deal. Arsenal are improving. We’re mixing it with the big teams. We’re showing up and delivering when it matters. I said before the game, the importance of the win was momentum. We are a confidence team, this will have mainlined belief into a squad that’s still learning how to be top tier.

So what can we take from the game?


Yeah, childish headline, but what the last batch of games starting with an ‘FA’ prefix have taught the rest of the league is that we have a capable squad of players that can damage big teams. Specifically, we’ve learned to deal with teams that aggressively press us.

Teams like Liverpool have come at us with extra venom over the years. They beast us, we panic under pressure and give the ball away, then they go again and again until we’re beaten into submission. The we’d cave to the pressure, the more confident the pressing team would get and the more we’d cower. That reputation for meekness has been well and truly weaponised by Arteta.

The lesson teams are now learning is that if they aggressively push us high up the field, we will play around the press and do some real damage. We no longer shit the bed. We have comfortably played around 2 of the best pressing teams in the world and taken home results. What you saw yesterday was a Liverpool side that started to panic when their plan fell apart because we showed them on numerous occasions we’d open them up. That is a warning shot for the rest of the league. Teams will think twice about pressing us hard and high. This is a great development for Arsenal. Big teams will eventually wise up to this, but for the moment, we’re dangerous against top 6 sides.


Our biggest issue this season is now the opposite of what it used to be. We lack creativity. Arsenal is now competitive for the big games, where we’ll struggle is against teams that low block us and string 11 bodies in front of us. Think about Brighton and Villa.

I thought we were worth more than our 2 shots on target yesterday. The movement in Liverpool’s third was much better. The football was really good at times. What we’re really lacking is a decision and a moment of magic when it matters. Ozil when he cared, Santi, Thomas Rosicky, Jack, Andrey, could all create magic with a deep block… we don’t have that right now and unless we address it, our issues will come in games where teams don’t want to play.

No doubt the Arsenal analysts recognise this issue. No doubt we’re trying to adjust the squad to accommodate a more creative set of players. Willian will help, but it’d also be great to bring in a true number 8 or a modern 10 that could help us unlock defences.  The club hope they can get Auoar for £40m, which means we have to sell someone. Torreira, Guendouzi, and Lacazette are all the best hopes of raising funds, but the market is sluggish. I also hear we still fancy Partey… but again, hard to move fast if you have no money.


My main concern before the game was that we had at least 5 players in the starting 11 that won’t be about come October 5th. Under Arteta, things like that don’t seem matter. The stand out performers were AMN and Martinez, once again. The Argentinian keeper is just a very good player. The idea that Chelsea might pick him up from us for £10m is an absolutely awful thought. He’s focused, brilliant with his feet, great with his hands, and a brilliant leader. I also love that he has a greater goal, becoming Argentina’s #1. Are we letting the better keeper go here?

Then there’s AMN. I can’t have it that he is on the exit list. He’s brilliant. He seems to have the exact mindset we’re looking for, he shows up in big games, he executes Arteta’s plans, and he’s the best wing-back we have. Soares might be a good player, but he’s 29, there’s no resale value, there’s no ceiling. Why wouldn’t we keep the North London boy the fans adore? £20m seems a pitiful amount.

Listening to the prezzer after the game, the AMN issue is consistency, and I’d imagine the backroom team believes the same thing of Emi. I can’t counter people who see the players every day (and know the grand vision), though I will say the main argument in their favour is neither of them have had elite coaching or attention in their careers like they are receiving now.

… also, AMN just landed an England call up. Well done. Totally deserved.

Say it ain’t MO?

I watched the game with Matt from the podcast. I said…

‘You know what Mo Elne…’

‘NO. Don’t even finish’

What I wanted to say was that Mo was pretty decent against MK Dons. He’s more mobile than Xhaka and he’s pretty tidy. Let’s keep it understated here, he was basically an Egyptian Pirlo controlling the midfield. Too far? Ok, well, at the very least, he acted like the ‘server’ we’ve lacked in midfield. He moves the ball fast and accurately without fuss. A bit like Xhaka in that sense (who was also very good). I thought he was great. Hard to ignore a game like that against Liverpool.


After Saka signed his new deal, Arteta used the versatile teenager sparingly, so it was great to see him back in the starting 11 yesterday, tearing it up. He’s such a smart player, he reads the game really well, has great anticipation, and his decision making under pressure really does look good. His switch to Auba was perfectly weighted… it’s magic to see him doing that. I cannot wait to watch him develop into a world-class talent this season.


Auba, please man, sign the deal.

What a player. He’ll be absolutely essential to our success this season. Hopefully, the club can move the deal along and have him tied down after the international break.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

P.S. I have put some cash/money down on a website refresh. Expect some changes over the next few weeks!

P.P.S Love to see Dani Ceballos cheering Arsenal on from his home on Twitter. He needs to fuck off this Betis idea and get back to London. We need him!

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  1. Captain Tierney

    Aoaur to me looks more like a young Coutinho than a Thiago. Wouldn’t mind at all if he can reach the level of any one of those. He’s got the potential.

    Milan getting Tonali for 10 mil loan + 20mil option to buy has to be the steal of the summer if he really is the next Pirlo. I remember an interview where the Brescia President said he wouldn’t sell him for 80 or 100 mil or something like that.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    West Ham finished 10th last season, and were unbelievably shite last season which ended with them 16th.

    Villa are a championship side and should’ve been relegated, the only reason they aren’t is Grealish and VAR. The talent in the two sides is vastly different, raw numbers aren’t going to laser through that equation.

  3. WengerEagle


    What can I say other than I massively disagree, especially about being a superior dribbler which the numbers show just isn’t true and being the better retainer of the ball, he loses the ball more often than Anderson does season after season.

    He’s the better passer and I’ll give you the leadership intangibles alright, just don’t see how that would make him twice the player.

    And for the gulf in price, pound for pound Anderson would be the better value signing for me. Game of opinions and all that.

  4. Marko

    Much prefer Szoboszlai or Almada or Ihatteran towards the likely mammoth fee Graelish would command. I really don’t think he’s all that

  5. WengerEagle


    Well we have a bit of a Brazilian contingent in place at the club now with David Luiz, Willian and Martinelli so he’d feel right at home.

    Living in London, a fanbase that will adore any remotely creative midfield player that’s been starved of a competitive team for years. Another crack at the PL and the chance to mug off the Bin Dipper supporters that were less than generous in their send off to him.

    I can definitely see why he’d want to come here. Question is whether or not he’s in Koeman’s plans and whether or not they’d want an outrageous loan fee or not.

  6. Captain Tierney

    As for the Grealish vs Felipe Anderson debate I believe Grealish wins this one.

    Grealish is 3 years younger and carried Villa for the best part of the season. His chance creation , dribbling , fouls won and offensive numbers as a whole for his first season in the league are mighty impressive. If not for the English premium I believe he would have gone on to a top 6 club this season. Personally I think Grealish would massively improve us right now. A very similar type of player to Aoaur + he’s Prem proven , robust and homegrown. He’s got a world class ceiling imo.

    Anderson and West Ham have a squad capable of challenging for 7th and 8th position in the league.
    Instead they just missed relegation by a whisker.
    All the talk about their managers not being good enough but what about the players downing tools.
    Anderson in many a games looked like he didn’t want to play. This also shows the mentality difference between him and Grealish.

  7. Champagne Charlie


    There’s passes then there’s passing, same way there’s dribbles then there’s dribbling.

    Grealish is an incredible dribbler in congestion, whereas Felipe Anderson is a 1v1 specialist. I’m always more taken by players that improve the more centrally they operate, it’s the hardest thing to do imo.

  8. WengerEagle

    ‘He’s got a world class ceiling imo.’

    I mean the guy is 25 in 2 weeks and he’s put up literally just one impressive season at the top level. World class ceiling is stretching it don’t you think?

    Debate was never who was better as I’d give that to Grealish, I just took issue with Charlie saying Felipe wasn’t even half the player which is nonsense.

  9. Upstate Gooner

    Grealish is a less injury prone Jack Wilshere. An overpriced and overhyped bang average player/product. Just like an iPhone or Grey Goose vodka.

  10. Habesha Gooner

    Well van de beek is off the table. United are about to sign him. I can’t believe United have a seriously better midfield than us after all the Wenger years. It’s a bit funny. Under Wenger all we had was creative midfielders and maybe one striker, Now we have keepers, Defenders, Wingers and strikers but No creative midfielders. It’s Ironic really.

  11. WengerEagle


    Since Cesc and Nasri were sold nearly a decade ago our football has been largely workmanlike and pedestrian, that last season with a midfield of Cesc, Nasri, Wilshere, Arshavin was the last time I can remember us outplaying sides for fun.

    Santi Cazorla was a godsend and carried our midfield quality for a long time, Ramsey and Ozil as well had their spells but we’ve had a largely weak midfield for a decade now.

  12. Captain Tierney


    Well, he’s just had 1 one season in the top flight. Cant expect him to have multiple impressive seasons in the top flight.
    I honestly think Grealish can become a World class player.
    His attacking numbers were special, he’s got a good end product and operates well in tight spaces. Thats a quality combo for an attacking midfielder.

    ‘Felipe wasn’t even half the player which is nonsense.’
    100% agree with you here. Good player this lad.

    Arsenal level?
    Imho, No

  13. WengerEagle

    Pogba-Van De Beek-Bruno Fernandes would be a nasty good CM behind Martial, Rashford and Greenwood.

    Would really have our work cut out for top 4 even with some of these potential marquee signings.

    Chelsea too with Werner, Ziyech, Havertz, Thiago Silva, Chilwell will be much stronger.

  14. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah but at least, Ozil (Used to give a shit), Rosicky, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey was a midfield that can play football. Now we have crap midfielders with no change of pace or ability to see exceptional passes.

    I am just pissed United have Fernandez, Pogba and now vandebeek as their creative outlets while we have none. The closest thing is an ex Chelsea winger.

  15. WengerEagle


    They weren’t special though, we see midfielders put up those kind of numbers every season in the PL. The fact that he’s only performed at that level for one season counts against him, Jadon Sancho is 20 and has put up 2 world class seasons already.

    He’s a very good player but for the English premium fee they’d want he’s not worth it. He’s not a transcendent talent, they can be found in plentiful supply abroad for less money.

  16. TR7

    Think Liverpool will find it difficult to win the league this season. Too reliant on their fullbacks and Mane. Chelsea, United and Arsenal will all be much better than what they were last season.

  17. Champagne Charlie


    Cmon now, Grealish created the most chances behind De Bruyne in the league mate. For fucking Villa lol that’s not the kind of ability that’s ten a penny on the continent, behave.

  18. WengerEagle


    Citeh will have a bounceback season, they’re too good not to.

    If they really do sign Messi, the PL is a wrap for me. Single-handedly would turn so many of their draws/losses into wins.

  19. Marko

    Pogba-Van De Beek-Bruno Fernandes would be a nasty good CM

    Offensively sure but I predict that they’d struggle with handling good attacking opposition

  20. salparadisenyc

    Really thought the AA23 signing following Nasri was the key to next title only to realize when the excitement wore off we pulled out of Xabi Alonso totally neglecting that area for the forseeable, defense completely out gunned barring Sagna. It got dark fast.

  21. Marc


    Agree on Liverpool – they’ve been playing at 200mph for 2 seasons now sooner or later it’ll catch up with them. You saw signs of it before the lock down, whether it’s injuries or just general fatigue I think they’ll drop off especially as they seem to not be in the market for new players.

  22. TR7


    I think Messi will.stay put at Barca. Would hate to see him join any rival club in PL. Hypothetically speaking would Arsenal win the league if Messi joined us ? City, Pool and Chelsea would walk away with the league with him, perhaps United too.

  23. Champagne Charlie

    Both Chelsea and United are lacking defensively, needle won’t shift without properly addressing that imo.

    United also have Ole at the wheel, so that’s a blessing.

  24. WengerEagle


    Payet for West Ham was levels better than what Grealish has shown this season for Villa and basically broke the chances created numbers yet people weren’t heralding him as this world class transformative player.

    We’ve seen players come and go with Grealish’s talent.

  25. Champagne Charlie


    If Payet had remained and sustained that output he’d have been called world class, no debate.

    You can’t be championing Emi Martinez as arriving after two months football for Arsenal at 27 then dismissing Grealish throwing a club on his back to stay in the league at 24.

  26. WengerEagle


    Yeah you’d have to tame Pogba or else sign a proper CDM.

    They’d put up a crazy amount of goals though, all three of those CM’s can break double figures.

  27. WengerEagle


    Messi is good enough that we would be contenders immediately with him alone. Having said that, no over a 38 fixture season we’d be bested by Liverpool and City even with Messi because their would be games where he can’t summon the magic needed to pull out the points as we saw down the stretch in La Liga with Barca dropping points and gifting Real the league.

    Messi and a couple of CM’s though and yeah, we could win it.

  28. WengerEagle


    I’m not, they are two entirely different debates.

    Emi is a player that we already have, cost us nothing. And he’s playing out of his skin and has our backline humming. So I just don’t see why you’d disrupt that for the sake of Leno’s ego being hurt being benched.

    Whereas Grealish is a player that you’re championing us signing for a huge fee when he’s not got much higher a ceiling than what we just saw this season given he’s 25, a very good but not world class player that would demand a world class player fee because f the English premium.

  29. salparadisenyc


    Well we got nearly Xabi man Xhaka… eventually 😘

    No idea what to expect from Chelsea this season but they are clearly owning the transfer market thus far, Timo, Ziyech, Havertz looking locked, Chillwell, Sarr, T Silva, rumors of Rennes keeper Mendy in works.

    And I swear I read they wanted Immobile as well just to throw more into the bottomless pot.

  30. WengerEagle

    Agree London.

    Loved Payet, that goal at the Euros with his weaker left peg was one of the most brilliant I’ve ever seen. Saved France’s bacon from an opening day embarrassment vs Romania IIRC.

  31. Champagne Charlie


    Hmm muddying matters a bit there, the argument about Martinez was that he’s been about a decade and not delivered anything consistently to which you argued he’d come of age later. Can’t dismiss Grealish as a 25 year old on those same grounds.

    He was superb in his debut season in the PL, obviously it’s up to him to go again and improve but I think that’s well within his capabilities. Certainly isn’t talents like that in abundance through Europe, I won’t be sold that idea.

    On another note…..

    Who predicts what for goal returns this season from our attackers?

    Talk of VDB, Fernandes, Rashford, Martial, Werner, Havertz, Ziyech etc…

    Who is scoring the goals outside Aubameyang?

  32. WengerEagle


    No chance on Ciro, would make no sense as Werner is Lamps’ man. Also Immobile is elite in Italy but struggled anywhere else he has ventured, at Dortmund and Sevilla. He’s a king in Rome, don’t see him pushing for a move.

    Italians seem to be among the very worst for exports, weird one really. Nearly as poor travellers as Russians.

  33. Saladin

    Egyptian Pirlo looks a totally different player. The tidy touches and calmness on the ball, don’t remember seeing that from him previously.

  34. Habesha Gooner

    Pogba-Van De Beek-Bruno Fernandes would be a nasty good CM
    Offensively sure but I predict that they’d struggle with handling good attacking opposition

    All of them won’t start together. Two out of Pogba, Bruno and Van de beek would start agrar of Matic or Mctominay. It is just that now if bruno is injured they would have a high quality player to come in and sustain a league season. They would have had to replace him with Mata or Pereira otherwise. They have depth in quality now.

  35. salparadisenyc

    Clearly Immobile not happening but doesn’t take the comedy out of reading it with where they are at, keeping mad Roman in mind just off a transfer ban.

    Imagine that dude on the streets of Bangkok.

  36. Habesha Gooner

    Who is scoring the goals outside Aubameyang?

    If we bring in creative midfielders, Pepe, Saka, Martinelli, Eddie, Willian, and Lacazette will score the goals. Assuming Lacazette is still here by the end of summer. We aren’t shot of fire power, Just lack of imagination and creativity.

  37. WengerEagle


    I mean GK’s are the exception to upward trajectory given they generally have at least 5-8 more years at the top level to outfielders. 27 is young for a GK.

    And we have Emi, if he had shown this form at a different club I wouldn’t be talking up his signing for proper money.

    I’m not saying that Grealish’s grow on trees or anything, what I should have said is that you can find players of similar quality and better abroad for less or comparable money. Not that there are tonnes of these players because you’re right, there isn’t.

  38. WengerEagle

    Yeah Habesha, Bruno can play more advanced as well and even slot in at LW/RW for one of the wide players.

    He may be a penalty-bot but he’s a very good player. And I’m jealous of how much he’s transformed that United side’s mentality.

  39. Champagne Charlie


    True, creatively we lacked a lot last season. But I’ve concerns over goals from midfield, and think we miss 10-15 from there.

    Xhaka, Ceballos, Willock, Guendouzi, Torreira returned pittance.

    Xhaka, Ceballos, Willock, Partey, Aouar…..Elneny. How much more do we see from these lot?

  40. Paulinho

    Der Beek means United will be able to play Fernandes a bit deeper, and similar to Ramsey, he’s actually better coming from deep. His general performance dipped quite a bit towards the end of the season and I think it was largely down to that, and I expect him play much better all-round in a deeper role now they’ve completely nailed that number ten role with Der Beek. He’s a complete natural there.

  41. Left Testicle

    Just watched the BBC highlights show. A few thoughts.
    1. Bellerin was as poor as I initially thought
    2. Loved EMI sledging the scouser penalty takers.
    3. Why were only 23 minutes devoted to the game and the game analysis? About 15 minutes was devoted to the women’s game.

  42. Paulinho

    We need Ceballos AND a Grealish type otherwise we are going to get completely left behind.

    Defintely need to two major upgrades who compliment each other. A line-breaker and someone capable of being a scoring threat.

  43. WengerEagle

    ‘But I’ve concerns over goals from midfield, and think we miss 10-15 from there.’

    Agreed and it’s a big reason why I don’t want us to re-sign Ceballos for a permanent fee. He’s nowhere near good enough at advancing the ball for me and he doesn’t give you end product.

    He’s a nice polished metronome CM that keeps things nice and tidy in CM but he doesn’t actually give you any guile or spark going forward. Weak off the ball too.

  44. andy1886

    May not be a popular opinion but Messi at either United or Chelsea doesn’t automatically make them likely title winners. For all the hyperbole Messi alone didn’t make Barca champions in a two horse race last season. He might tip the balance for City but elsewhere? No.

    Probably irrelevant anyway as La Liga have said that unless his full buyout clause is paid he’ll stay registered at Barca. It’s not in that league’s interest to lose their star attraction.

  45. James wood.

    Grealish comes with that ability to break the line
    has a flash of Genius and will get you goals.
    I ask for nothing less.
    And will be an England player in a better side.

  46. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve long said that about Ceballos, I rate how he performed following a rebranding from 10 to
    6/8 but if we’re paying hard cash for a player I think you get what he gives PLUS more appealing physical characteristics. North of 20 mil gets me concerned.

  47. andy1886

    Weagle, and Liverpool and City have better sides than United and Chelsea, Messi couldn’t do it for Barca against one top opponent and likely couldn’t do it for United or Chelsea against two better sides.

    Not that it’s going to happen anyway.

  48. WengerEagle


    He did do it though 2 out of 3 seasons, took everything that Real Madrid had in the tank for it not to be 3/3.

    Add Messi to United or Chelsea and they’d at least compete imo.

  49. WengerEagle


    Yeah exactly. Nice player but when you’re strapped for cash and every transfer has to be near perfect [think Liverpool in earlier Klopp years], he’s not the one you devote a chunk of your budget to as he’s not a player that takes you to the next level.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to another loan if we could pull that off, not sure what RM get out of that though.

  50. andy1886

    Barca and RM are always in the mix though and one great player can tip the balance. Chelsea and United haven’t been within a million miles of City or Pool over the last couple of years, it’s not even close. Then you have to ask yourself would Messi see himself playing for OGS or Lampard? For me Messi wouldn’t be enough.

    PS, I’d love to get Grealish but we simply can’t afford him.

  51. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t see us buying him, but see the value in another loan because we’re taking a bulldozer to CM and I think some continuity is important.

    Xhaka and Ceballos as a base that know the league etc then you add the quality of Partey and Aouar who will eventually, if not right away, put their stamp on matters.

  52. andy1886

    I see that Guendouzi is wanted by Valencia on loan with no intention to buy after that. A bit of a wake up call for those who think we’re going to get offers of £30m+ for the lad.

  53. Paulinho

    WE- I’ll be honest, I barely watch any football other than our matches, and haven’t seen a lot of the players we are linked with. When it looks like we are about to sign someone I’ll give them a look and look for a few things, and it usually doesn’t take me too long to get a decent grasp of their level and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

    With Aouar I get the feeling he’s a similar to Ceballos with superior dribbling, however he’s not a huge goal threat, and that’s okay because if he can open up the game that’s half the job done, but then we need a Coutinho type in advanced positions to threaten the goal.

    We’re just full of players that come towards the ball, but even then they don’t do what Hleb did and look to dribble and provoke, they drop deep and end up passing it square, so we’re basically devoid of anything that top sides need in midfield. We have no off the ball runners that run beyond, and no dribblers. Quite an impressive mess we’ve got ourselves into in that regard.

    How do you rate Aouar in comparison to Ceballos, can he play 8?

  54. andy1886

    I see that we’re also linked with a bid for Brentford’s Said Benrahma. Can’t say I’ve watched him much but I’m not sure where he fits unless we’re selling a forward. Certainly isn’t going to address our midfield issue anyway but could add goals.

  55. NwGooner

    The Guardian’s article after our win yesterday reflects on the positive impact of Arteta. Our midfield and the front three won more presses against a team renowned for their pressing style-

  56. gunnerram

    Our direct 2 competition for Top-4 (Man-U an Chelsea) have strengthened their mid-field significantly. Now against weaker Opposition they can easily control the games. In contrast, we have stalled and this is a huge worry. We cannot let Chelsea & Man-U consolidate Top-4 for yet another year and this will mean the belief from our side that we can genuine Top-4 side will vanish and will go to the levels of Everton / Spuds etc.

    It is one thing playing defense first against city & Liverpool and then against other teams when there is a low-block you do need players to control and make it work. Our midfield currently is incapable of making incisive passes to the front-3 which will make our life difficult. We will ping to the sides and back to middle and no one will have a clue on how to penetrate when teams play with 10 bodies behind the ball.

  57. Paulinho

    CC- Thought he looked the business away at Spurs for an hour or so in their champs league tie, but faded. What I like about him he seems a specialist number ten with his little turns in tight spaces, whereas alot of players (like Fernandes) get shoehorned in that role just because they score a few goals, yet their play is quite wooden and bland in general play.

  58. Champagne charlie


    Haven’t seen loads of him, dont really have a firm view and will see how he takes to United. But alway looked out for him given the buzz and don’t remember thinking ‘yea, ok he’s a baller’. Same with Havertz, watched him a handful of times this year and was wildly unimpressed.

    Now maybe that’s a hype thing on my part and expecting the world from them? But neither do it for me and I’d be way more hopeful than expectant of them doing well at Arsenal were we to be signing them.

    Compare that to Ziyech who immediately set himself apart technically, found him really impressive. Still, no doubt United and Chelsea are recruiting superior players than they currently have so that’ll speak to an improvement in theory.

  59. Champagne charlie

    Kolasinac close to loan move to Schalke, will accept lower wage and Schalke want an option to buy in the deal. (Bild)

    That would be a good move for all, he enjoyed himself there and would free up the wage bill here.

  60. Marc


    “I see that Guendouzi is wanted by Valencia on loan with no intention to buy after that. A bit of a wake up call for those who think we’re going to get offers of £30m+ for the lad.”

    I think you’ve made a typo wasn’t it an easy £130 million for Guendozi – most valuable young player going?

  61. Radio Raheem

    “I see that Guendouzi is wanted by Valencia on loan with no intention to buy after that. A bit of a wake up call for those who think we’re going to get offers of £30m+ for the lad.”I think you’ve made a typo wasn’t it an easy £130 million for Guendozi – most valuable young player going?

    The club has a lot to answer for that with all bad press Guendouzi has got.

  62. Marko

    40 goals and 30 assists the last 3 seasons for Donny Van De Beek. Lad is quality. And how anyone isn’t impressed with Havertz is beyond me

  63. Champagne Charlie


    Dutch stats don’t do it for me, the league has thrown out numerous stat whores that we’re hot garbage on other shores. I’m saying in the matches I watched Ajax, Ziyech by far stoke the show and Van De Beek wasn’t impressive.

    Same story for Havertz, to be touted at 90 mil you’ll have to do more than I’ve seen of him.

    Idk why that’s such a polarising view for you? Not every young talent hits the roof, can we appreciate that fact for a minute.

  64. andy1886

    Given that van de Beek made the 30-man shortlist for the Ballon d’Or in 2018/19 he must have something.

    That said United have a habit post Fergie of signing very good players and still failing to create a coherent team. If they had a better manager I might be more concerned.

  65. Tom

    There’s absolutely nothing about Grealish’s game that says he might not be able to repeat or better his output from last seasons.
    Comparing him to Jack Wilshere does no justice to either one. Completely different players.
    Hazard with a few extra inches and some 20 pounds would be closer to what Grealish is like with ball at his feet.

    Pepe will not justify his price tag next season the same way a house bought at the height of real estate bubble wouldn’t appreciate the following year after the worlds economy took a giant shit.

    Guen isn’t attractive any buyers hardly shocking after the season he and Arsenal had, and the circus that surrounded him.

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Provided that Arsenal can sort out our Central Midfield in this transfer window I believe that Arsenal could compete for a top 4 finish in EPL.

    This assumes also that Arsenal secure the transfer of Gabriel and get Aubameyang to sign a contract extension.

    My view is that both Man City and Chelsea will finish next season first and second, but then Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal will be competing for final two places.

    Whilst Liverpool finished top last season and more than 40 points ahead of us
    I don’t think that they will perform this season at the same level. It should not
    be forgotten that we beat Liverpool in League.

    Similarly we beat and drew with Man Utd earlier in the season.

    Arsenal’s real weakness is that we underperformed against weaker opposition
    and that is what we need to resolve this season.

  67. Marko

    Dutch stats don’t do it for me

    I mean he’s also got decent stats in the champions league. It’s weird how Havertz and Van De Beek find it hard to impress you but Graelish does so easily. What is it one good season of top flight football at 24/25? Not for me personally

  68. Mr Serge

    Emirates I think this season we will be able to beat the weaker teams as we will be solid and outscore them
    Let’s see how the window shapes up

  69. Champagne Charlie


    Not sure how you see Chelsea bridging a 33 point gap to Liverpool this season – they conceded 20 goals more and scored 15 goals less. Huge disparity.

    Man City and Liverpool are head and shoulders above the gaggle of clubs aiming for best of the rest imo.

    United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Spurs fighting for two places for me, dark horses in Wolves and Leicester.

  70. Overmars

    Chelsea and Man U both strengthening their midfield.

    Van de Beek, Fernandes, Pogba.

    Jorginho, Kante, Havertz.

    On paper, they look just as good as Liverpool’s and City’s.

    If we sell Guendouzi and Torriera, I really hope we bring in 2 top top quality centre midfielders. Or we’ll fall behind, and that’s not Arteta’s fault.

  71. Champagne Charlie


    But it’s not the stats that do it for me with Grealish, they confirm what I’ve witnessed numerous times throughout the season against opposition I’m more intimate with having watched them play my own side and more.

    Idk why you get oddly militant toward continental talents. Tadic scored 11 and had 14 assists last season, and scored 28 with 13 assists the one before that!

    Fuck right off that I’m wrong to take Eredivisie numbers with a pinch of salt.

  72. Freddie Ljungberg

    Mr Serge

    Good news if true, that’s one less CB on the books, 90k a week off the wage bill and 4.5m more than we had before towards the midfield.

    Probably means Gabriel is secured too

    Now we just have to step it up and try to get rid of the rest of them.

  73. NorwegianGooner

    Maitland-Niles and Saka to become regulars in a three man midfield? Pace, power, cool heads, technical ability, young, energetic etc. I think for the time being Xhaka could anchor that midfield nicely, but I’d prefer Ceballos.

    4-3-3 set up:

    Hector Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Niles Ceballos Saka
    Pepe Auba Willian?

    Experience, pace, youth, goals, creativity.

  74. Marko

    Idk why you get oddly militant toward continental talents.

    Who’s being militant I’m merely pointing out how you’re not convinced of two of the most highly rated young footballers in Europe while easily convinced of Graelish. I’m saying easily because he’s literally had one good season in top flight football. I mean maybe you need to watch Havertz and Van De Beek as much as you watch Graelish really

  75. Valentin

    Would be funny to go back and see what everybody predicted in term of final positions last summer.

    To me the top 2 ManCity and Liverpool are still above the rest. However it will be closer this season.

    I can’t see Chelsea overtaking Liverpool in second. They still have not addressed their defensive frailty and that include their goalkeeper. Even if they do, I do not believe Lampard to be able to build a good solid defense side without then blunting his attack.

  76. izzo

    We should be buying Camavinga to replace the likes of Guendozi and Torreira. We should ship Laca to Atletico + cash for Partey. DM/ CM sorted. no idea who we should bring in at AM if we’re even playing that formation as i’m not convinced by Aouar and don’t think Coutinho is coming here tbh.

  77. Champagne Charlie


    I think I’ve been pretty clear with how I rate them in my exchange with Paulinho.

    You seem to only ever be open to the idea highly rated players make unbelievable impacts, it’s like football history isn’t a thing to you in that regard.

    I don’t give a fuck how highly they’re rated, in the games that I’ve watched them Van De Beek was outshone by Ziyech and looked more industrious a player than he was flooded with quality, and Havertz never justified the 90 million fee touted (because that’s a fuck ton of money and indicates incredible ability).

  78. izzo

    Van De Beek? More like Van de Shit. Stay clear of Ajax players. How are that crop that got beat in the CL final doing De Ligt, De Jong and Neres . They have all failed to live up to the hype. Bunch of lightweights!

  79. Captain Tierney

    Looks like the Greallis debate is raging on.
    My 2 cents are that Greallis would massively improve us right now. He is very similar to Aouar-
    – Both have been played LW , 10 and 8 and like to operate in the left side of midfield
    – Good dribblers
    – Good but not great passers.
    – Good final 3rd output for midfielders ( Aoaur had about 20g/a contributions last season iirc and Grealish single handedly carried Villa for the best part of the season)
    – Both can operate well in tight spaces but not as good as an Ozil or a Silva. Maybe Aoaur edges Grealish here.

    What Grealish has over Aoaur is robustness , Prem experience and better pace and power as Aouar is not the most powerful of players.
    What Aoaur has over Grealish is a good 2 and a half or 3 years and potentially a higher ceiling.

    Would have been interesting to see what the fans choice would be had both been available for a similar amount this window. Unfortunately Grealish adds English premium and that takes him out of our price range.

    What would you do if Grealish and Aoaur were both available for 50mil this window?
    I think I’d still go with Aoaur for his higher ceiling and more allrounded midfield game over Grealish who is more attack-minded in his style.

  80. Guns of SF

    Tough choices but we need pace and power and toughness. Jack is prem tested and is a dynamo of a player. Aouar is more finesse and technique type. I’d go jack…we need scoring as well from midfield

  81. Captain Tierney

    Looks like Kola is close to Schalke on loan. Any loan deal must include an obligation to buy.

    Sokratis for 4.5 mil is not a bad deal imo.

    Need to continue thr fire sales with Torreira , Guendouzi , Mustafi , Chambers next in line.
    Lacazette and Bellerin too if we can find replacements.
    But I have to say Bellerin has improved in recent games and tho he did make one or two silly mistakes against Pool he had a good game.

  82. Captain Tierney


    Agree. That is a hard choice.
    Jack has been predominantly playing LW , 10 and striker tho since Villa came up and that has helped him pad his already good attacking numbers. He could still do a great job as an 8.
    Jack Grealish may or may not have as high a ceiling as Aoaur but he solves multiple problems for us right here right now while Aoaur would take some time to adjust and will never possess Jack’s pace , power and robustness.
    I’d be happy with both I just think Aoaur is very close to Coutinho and could even surpass him. And that would be something special.

  83. izzo

    Bellerin should be shipped out asap. If you watched the game you will see how Holding had to keep covering for him while he was nowhere to be found in position and did well to stop Mane but Bellerin did nothing to stop Robertson whipping in dangerous balls. Any other day we would’ve been punished. He doesn’t have the defensive awareness and does nothing offensively. So what he did a sprint and got tackled and the loose ball found its way to Pepe wh gave it to Auba to score for the FA cup final. He has done nothing since returning from injury to justify starting at RB. He’ll fetch a large sum so let’s sell. Maitland- Niles has shown he’s up to the task.

  84. Bojangles

    According to the Mirror,

    “Donny van de Beek is set to seal a Man Utd transfer in the coming days”

    Hope this is just a rumour.

  85. Bojangles

    This from Arseblog discussing AMN and Martinez

    “The issue, of course, isn’t just what we want as fans, or even what the club wants. The desire of the players is also a major factor. I just think it would be a massive shame if two players who have done nothing else but demonstrate quality and commitment were to depart. What else can they do to merit a chance to fulfill their ambitions here? What message does it send if those performance levels don’t result in a positive outcome?”

    Leno is certainly a great stopper but he was (and possibly still is) as error prone as Luiz, Mustaphi and Xhaka. AMN is showing that with good coaching he can still be the quality player that many suggested he was going to be.

    There are too many posters here that allow their biases to cloud reasoning.

  86. Gonsterous

    Selling ballerin will be great, we already have soares and amn for those positions.
    We can get at least 30m for him, though I doubt we will get that much for him.

  87. China1

    I would like a few extra mil for sok but honestly beggars can’t be choosers and if we get a few million plus his wages off that’s a good start

    More of this, please

    I’m glad Martinez and AMn appear to be staying

    As was said above, if we sell Bellerin we would probably get more money as he was a massive prospect way back when and his rep from years gone by is hopefully still worth something

    Meanwhile I think AMN can do a job at RB until we get a top class player for that role next year

    25-30m for Bellerin and AMN stays as first choice RB would be excellent business imo

  88. China1

    The other benefit of keeping AMN over Bellerin is I think a year from now if we wanted to sell him he’d be worth more than Bellerin whose stock has fallen quite dramatically since the heady days of him being talked up as a 40-50m player on Barca’s radar

    AMN being first choice next season with similar performances to how he ended this season would see him worth more than Bellerin imo, especially because of the British premium

    If someone was offering great money for AMN that’s fine, but the offer was apparently 15m which is not close to reasonable imo

  89. China1

    Leno is more error prone than Martinez but let’s also not exaggerate his error making

    Leno made more errors only partly because of his playing style but also very importantly because he was *constantly* facing shots and had zero defense. He made more saves and made more mistakes.

    I have championed Martinez as the logical n1 starting this season, but Leno is a quality keeper who has not received due credit. Martinez has done great but it’s also much easier playing behind a team that actually defends. Ask Martinez to face 25 shots a game for 6 months and he will make more mistakes and concede more goals too. That’s how it works

  90. China1

    id Be far more interested to see a stat showing how many saves Leno makes relative to each error as that will give far more useful context than just noticing he makes an error here or there without noticing he saved our asses 30 times beforehand

  91. Emiratesstroller


    Chelsea have already recruited very well this summer and if Havertz is signed
    will be a formidable squad with a lot of depth. Thiago Silva, Chilwell and Werner will make a considerable difference.

    Man City have also spent already quite a lot of money and I am pretty sure that
    they have not completed their transfer business.

    Liverpool are unlikely to spend big and will rely heavily on existing squad. I
    remain to be convinced that they will repeat last season’s performance particularly if they get a couple of key injuries.

    Man United appear to be putting all their eggs on recruiting Sancho. If they
    succeed then they could qualify in third place.

    I don’t think that Spurs will be in the frame next season. They are too overdependent on Kane for goals.

    Arsenal need to complete Gabriel signing and as I have said recruit a couple of
    quality midfielders. If they do then I think that they can compete for third or
    fourth places.

    My concern with Arsenal is always the same. You never know for sure whether we will complete signings. Everything takes an eternity. What is
    causing delay with Gabriel?

  92. Leedsgunner

    So we beat Napoli to Gabriel AND they took Sokratis off us?

    Now that’s what I call a result!

    PS. £4.5m is better than a loan and better than nothing!

  93. China1

    Re Gabriel I’m wondering why we couldn’t just have him do his medical and all the formalities in France tbh?

    It shouldn’t be hard to set up a system of oversight with live streamed up close footage of the machines being used, the data they get, etc etc

    I’m sure Lille would’ve helped considering they were happy enough to sell.

    I don’t know if there are other key concerns preventing them from doing that but it just strikes me as logical – or why not set Gabriel up to live in the same place where a medical can take place and ensure all social distancing etc etc is well planned.

    I’m not saying it’s easy but just seems very arsenal to get so easily unstuck by this

  94. Leedsgunner

    Newcastle want Holding on loan? Tell them that if they are willing to buy him at the end of it if they are serious about making it happen.

    I thought Leeds was interested? Is that no more?

  95. Habesha Gooner

    Apparently Arteta rates Holding and he wants him to come back at the end of Luiz’s contract. I don’t mind holding as a CB out of Gabriel, Saliba, Mari and Holding. But we need Luiz to get all the new CBs comfortable in their surroundings this season.

    We really need top class midfielders right about now though. Partey, Auoar and Ceballos come in and I think I would be confident we can beat both United and Chelsea to a top 4 spot. But as of now we will be lucky to finish ahead of Leicester and Wolves.

  96. Wengaball

    I hope we see the rehabilitation of Özil. He is nowhere what he used to be but he is still the most creative player we’ve got.

    It is the pragmatic thing to do. We’ll be paying his salary. Might as well make use of him.

    Unless Arteta decides he wants to play the Klopp style of heavy metal football. In which case creative players are not that important.

  97. Buzzy

    “Leno made more errors only partly because of his playing style but also very importantly because he was *constantly* facing shots and had zero defense. He made more saves and made more mistakes.”

    Or maybe because he never came out for crosses and freekicks and put the onus on the defenders to clear them…like peter shilton said in his autobiography, goalkeepers have to be a bit of the crazy types and take risks

  98. Valentin

    Outside of the shenanigans with fees and contract, it is now clear why Raul left. Like he did with Sven and then Emery he was trying to overrule the recruitment without any consideration of other opinion.
    He wanted to sell AMN, now AMN stays.
    He wanted to sell Martinez and recruit a new No2, Martinez stays as likely No1.
    He wanted to sell Holding, Holding will go on loan before coming back as replacement for Luiz.
    He forced the purchase of Pepe, and now according to somebody on twitter we are offering Pepe to Napoli and AM at half the price we paid for him.

    Good recruitment cell works well when everybody involved listen to others and agree to decisions collectively. It certainly does not work when one who has no clue how to build a squad overrules everybody else.

  99. Leedsgunner

    If Valencia wants Guendouzi… I hope we are strong enough to tell them to pay up and show us the money…

    Remember they have just sold Rodrigo to LUFC for £27m and Ferran Torres to Man City for £20m.

    They have the money. Don’t be pushed over…

  100. Leedsgunner

    Alternatively if Valencia was interested in a swap for Guendouzi… what about asking for their starlet Lee Kang-In in return?

  101. Sid

    ValentinAugust 31, 2020 07:11:19
    Outside of the shenanigans with fees and contract, it is now clear why Raul left. Like he did with Sven and then Emery he was trying to overrule the recruitment without any consideration of other opinion.
    He wanted to sell AMN, now AMN stays.
    He wanted to sell Martinez and recruit a new No2, Martinez stays as likely No1.
    He wanted to sell Holding, Holding will go on loan before coming back as replacement for Luiz.
    He forced the purchase of Pepe, and now according to somebody on twitter we are offering Pepe to Napoli and AM at half the price we paid for him.

    Calm down monsier, s’il vous plaiz!

  102. Emiratesstroller


    Whatever the reasons for Raul leaving I do think that Arteta is completely correct in making his own evaluation of our playing personnel.

    Keeping Martinez is for me a no brainer. He has proven to be an excellent goalkeeper and is currently justifying his place in starting X1. There is no logic
    in selling him particularly in current economic climate. We need two good
    gks on books.

    I was in favour of SELLING AMN, but again he has demonstrated that there is
    a decent player in him and with Arteta’s guidance has improved dramatically.
    I still believe that he is not a starting X1 player in top 4 team, but he does justify
    place in squad.

    Arsenal need to build a squad of 18-20 high quality players if they are going
    to compete in EPL and qualify for CL. We do not have that number at moment
    nor apparently the money to buy more than 1-2 players this summer.

    For that reason we need to keep best players we have got.

  103. Terraloon


    Even though Valencia have let players go they don’t have a pot to p*ss in

    They can’t even pay the players wages.

  104. Pierre

    Sokratis, Torreira, Lichsteiner, Leno and Guendouzi were signed when Wenger left the club 2 years ago, at a cost of 80 million( not including wages).

    None of those are starters now .

    Pepe, Tierney, Luiz, Cedric, Mari, Martinelli, Saliba and now Willian have been bought this past year.

    That’s 12 new players brought in at a cost of well over 200 million plus a fortune in wages.

    Tierney , and to a lesser extent Martinelli and Luiz can only be regarded as a success up until this point , a poor return.

    Martinez is our best keeper
    Mustafi is still our best centre back .
    Xhaka is still our best central midfielder.
    Saka is our best wide player and Aubameyang is our most prolific striker..
    And Ozil is still our most creative player.

    The jury is still out on Saliba, Cedric , Mari and Willian.
    To be honest I doubt if Cedric or Mari will hardly play and Saliba won’t start in the premier league.
    So that leaves Willian.

    What it all points to is a poor return for our outlay.
    We haven’t really as yet addressed our weak areas.
    There is a strong possibility that the team will still consist of 9 Wenger players when the season begins.

    Elneny was our man of the match against a very strong liverpool midfield.
    I’d be very surprised if Arteta doesn’t start him for the new season.

    Willian will be the one player that could break into the side, but who will Arteta drop.

    He likes to play with 2 holding central midfielders, so I can’t see past Xhaka and Elneny.
    If we start with wingbacks then the only place Willian can fill is wide right and that will omit Saka.

    Nketiah, of course was heavily criticised on Le Grove at the weekend ..

    This doesn’t surprise as many have little understanding of how difficult a role he was playing v liverpool.

    He was playing a loan strikers role against possibly the best centre back pairing in Europe.
    Our 2 wide players had to stay wide to negate the threat of the liverpool full backs, which left Eddie to occupy the 2 liverpool centre backs and he did a superb job for the team.

    He kept the ball well, he drew fouls to take the pressure off the team , he never gave the centre backs time on the ball , his movement was good and he had a couple of half chances in the first half.

    The starting line up for the new season won’t be far away from the team at the weekend .
    Mustafi may come in for Holding, Lacazette possibly for Eddie and Willian for Saka.

  105. Leedsgunner


    If Valencia are so hard up that they can’t pay their players’ wages perhaps we should try to take Lee Kang-In on the cheap?

  106. Countryboy

    Whatever business we do this TW, I think we should keep some money back for a deal for……

    Bernado Silva.

    He’s been offered to Barca as a make weight for Messi. Barca has said No.

    If the Messi deal goes through, Man City may need to balance the books.

    Arteta can then use his influence to convince Silva to join.

  107. Emiratesstroller


    You make some good points.

    However, you need to move away from the idea that many of the players now
    competing for starting X1 are Wenger’s recruits.

    Ozil may be our most creative player, but he is clearly past his sell by date and
    must not play again for our club.

    Elneny is most certainly not a player for the future. The only reason he played
    on Saturday is that we are woefully short of personnel in midfield department.

    Mustafi may turn out to be a better CB than we thought, but under Wenger and Steve Bould’s tutelage he was not remotely a player justifying a transfer
    fee of £35 million.

    Wenger has bought plenty of duds over the years who have cost us a bucketful of cash in transfer fees and the idea that his judgment at the end
    of his managerial career was anything but piss poor is delusional.

  108. Leedsgunner

    I was surprised that the club decided to let Sam Greenwood go to Leeds. (I hope we added a good sell on clause or a buy back clause…)

    He was, along with, Miguel Azeez, one of the standout performers in the U18s.

    We’re well stocked for reserve strikers though with Tyreece John Jules on the cusp of the first team.

  109. Leedsgunner

    I really really hope we manage to change Balogun’s mind to stay.

    I would love to see him perform in the Europa League for us.

    Stay Folarin you’re future is with us!

  110. Pierre

    “However, you need to move away from the idea that many of the players now
    competing for starting X1 are Wenger’s recruits.”

    It’s not an “idea” , it’s actually fact.

    I get that you don’t like certain players but if a player ( who you don’t like) shows the manager that he is the best he has for a certain position , then he should start.

    Who would you play ahead of Elneny after such a superb performance at the weekend.
    People have raved about Ceballos last season but he is a player who plays a very similar game to Elneny.
    Neither is particularly creative or will score goals but both are good at recycling the ball, Elneny is positionally better and defensively better and probably better in the air and stronger on the ball.

    However, hopefully we will bring in a higher quality midfield player so this argument will be obsolete.

  111. Captain Tierney

    Looks like Val’s Itk sources have provided him some hot goss.


    Valencia are broke I believe and Lee kang in is a great shout if we can nab him on the cheap.

  112. Pierre

    “Wenger has bought plenty of duds over the years who have cost us a bucketful of cash in transfer fees and the idea that his judgment at the end
    of his managerial career was anything but piss poor is delusional.”

    Of course he did but 2 years after he has left , his “piss poor” judgement still had 9 out of the 11 players beating the runaway champions of England..who put out close to their strongest starting 11.

  113. Vintage Gun

    “I was surprised that the club decided to let Sam Greenwood go to Leeds. (I hope we added a good sell on clause or a buy back clause…)”

    He’s a northern boy and heard that he couldn’t really settle in le capital so he moved to be closer to his farm.

    as you said just hope we put a good sell on percentage on the deal because he was looking promising.

  114. Pierre

    The kids coming through will never get a fair crack of the whip on Le Grove I’m afraid.

    This is I believe due to their Wenger connection.
    You only have to look at the way Le grove was salivating over Martinelli and heavily critical of Nketiah and yet their goal return over the season in all comps was pretty similar I believe.

    Arteta obviously saw a flaw in Martinelli’s game and recognised that he needed to improve certain aspects of his game before he could consider him for selection.

    Sadly he was injured but hopefully he will return fit and firing.

    I can guarantee you that if Martinelli had put in the same performance that Eddie did last weekend , he would not be so heavily criticised.

    Is eddie good enough, time will tell.
    He has a tendency to sometimes snatch at chances which he needs to learn to control and maintain his composure in front of goal.
    If he doesn’t improve in that area of his game then he will never reach the top level.

  115. CG


    “””Of course he did but 2 years after he has left , his “piss poor” judgement still had 9 out of the 11 players beating the runaway champions””””‘

    The Delinquents cant handle the Truth.
    x9 Wenger players & Arteta started the Charity shield fixture.

    (Only Tierney and Luiz were not Wengerites.)

    The Dopes have spent nearly £300 million since he left- AND THEY ARE STILL using his players.. ….but he left such a mess ???

    Our Wenger still winning trophies ( albeit indirectly) and with Artetas coaching excellence for The Arsenal.

    ps. I concur Elneney is superior to Cebollas.

  116. Emiratesstroller


    I wouldn’t play Elneny at all. He is a 5 metre square and back passing player whose main attribute is that he does not take any risk.

    The idea that Wenger is responsible for recruitment in our Academy is complete nonsense. Players like Saka joined the club as toddlers. That has
    absolutely nothing to do with Wenger.

    Many of the youngsters who joined from elsewhere were either disasters or
    showed no loyalty to club. Pennant was in first category and Gnabry in latter.

    Wenger’s track record in developing defenders has been abject. As has been
    pointed out on many occasions we have not produced a decent backline defence in last 10 years of Wenger and that was mirrored in the Academy.

    Arteta has done more in last 8 months to mould and solidify our defence than
    Wenger did in second half of his management.

  117. Bojangles

    “Martinez has done great but it’s also much easier playing behind a team that actually defends.”

    Maybe, just maybe, Martinez has given the defence more confidence?

  118. Dissenter

    PapSok is a honorable guy.
    It seems he’s set to leave to the job with lower wages when he could have idled away for the last year and moved on a free next summer window.
    Honor, …certainly something he can share with Mesut Ozil.

  119. Bojangles

    “He wanted to sell AMN, now AMN stays.
    He wanted to sell Martinez and recruit a new No2, Martinez stays as likely No1.”

    What bullshit is this?
    The board overuled Arteta re AMN not Raul. Raul had left the room the only time Martinez name has been connected with a transfer.