Arsenal back at Wembley, will Arteta welcome back the outcasts?

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Well, here we are, 3 weeks after our FA Cup final win, it’s here, the season curtain-raiser… Arsenal vs Liverpool in The Community Shield.

It’s hard to say it’s not an important game. All games have a psychological value, a big win sets you up for a confident start. A big loss can send you into a nervous territory. We need a good start this season, we need to set a new tone after the horrendous first 4 months of last season. We need to signal that the new era was, in fact, kicked off with that stunning FA Cup final win.

Both teams will be unfit. We’ve only had a few training sessions. Liverpool are in the same position as us. It’ll be a leggy game. There really was no other option. If you blitz your players after they’ve spent two months playing 3 games a week, you will absolutely pay for that later in the season when you need energy in the legs.

The big worry for Arsenal is we really haven’t addressed our central midfield position. Well, we have new bodies. Matteo G is now back in the family and Mo Elneny is available and scoring goals. Doesn’t really fill you with the same confidence you might have taken from seeing Ceballos, Partey, or Aouar starting.

No news on whether Mesut will start. Though Arteta’s impassioned defence of the club for the way they dealt with the pay cuts does indicate he’s still pretty pissed about the German playmakers carry-on over doing his part. Our young Spanish coach is every bit the company man. He also said Raul left with honour, which is, errr… oh fuck it, best leave that be, this is a new season. NO GRUDGES.

Back to the LACK of players.

It is what it is. I think we just have to accept it’s really hard to operate in a slow window when you have no money to play with. Cries that Don Raul has been missed are ridiculous. Last summer was very slow to start with, then we did a financial madness that has us tied up in knots this summer.

Still, on the face of it, you can’t argue with what we’ve done so far.

Saliba, Gabriel, Willian, with Guendouzi and ESR as the LIKE A NEW SIGNING players. Feeling just like it did under Arsene Wenger.

One area the club hasn’t been messing around in is in the coaching department. Arteta is bringing in names that he likes. The two latest are Carlos Questa and Miguel Molina. Both look like the new breed of young coaches that are starting to make their mark on the game. They come from Atleti and Juventus, Dom from the podcast I recorded the other night tells me that Cuesta is a bit like Rene Maric in the sense that he made the opportunity himself by writing and doing analysis online that attracted attention. Not sure which coach it was, but a journo once asked, ‘how did you make it as a top coach without being a top player’, and the response was, ‘I had more time to study.’ You’ll see more of that. We’re moving into a new era of coaching. Bold ideas, great with data, deeply into psychology… major fucking geeks. I LOVE IT. Just gotta hope it all works out for Arsenal, can’t have everyone calling me a hipster melt when we’re bottom of the league in January.


Some disappointing news coming out of the club that Emi Martinez will be exited if the right offer comes in. Raul had him down for £20m, but the club might have to accept as little as £10m. Think this is being driven by the player. He doesn’t want to sign a new deal unless he’s #1. We won’t give him that luxury, so he’ll likely go to Spain. Good luck to him.

Feels a bit shit that a player can be instrumental in the club’s success, then get bombed off… but you can’t ask for ruthless behavior then get angry when it happens to your fave. Martinez has a small sample of games to choose from. Bernd Leno has been consistently great for longer. We are skint. Life goes on. Let’s hope we get a decent back-up keeper. Someone that is huge, loves to catch, and can pass like a hero.

Arsenal Twitter sleuths have just noticed that Leonardo, PSG Sporting Director, followed Hector Bellerin. OMG.

Wolves moved on Doherty onto Spurs for £14m. I suspect that’ll mean Wolves up the offer for AMN. Again, I’d be sad, but if the cash is going to get mainlined into our midfield, I’ll accept the exit with good grace.

Right, on that note, I shall bid you farewell. Enjoy the game today. Football is back. Let’s hope it’s a fun game AND MORE SILVERWARE!


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  1. Dream10

    AMN to @btsportfootball: “I’m an Arsenal player until I’m told otherwise. My heart’s in the club, so I’m gonna give 100% while I’m here, and that’s that.”


  2. MidwestGun

    Have to say loving these kits even more now.. Looks like we are covered in winning red streamers all the time.

  3. Dissenter

    What are the chances that Elneny will impress Arteta and not go on loan, more so in this type of uncertain window.

  4. Leedsgunner

    AMN for £20m? Tell Wolves the price just doubled.

    If they are willing to pay £40m we can start talking…

    Sell Elneny and Kolasinac for £10m each and keep AMN.

  5. Dissenter

    The new rule,for penalties gravely disadvantages goalkeepers.
    The penalty will be retaken if the goalie saves the ball wand moved from the line too early.
    There will be very few penalty saves this season.

  6. TR7


    To raise funds you say. Well all for raising funds but AMN and Emi should not be ones to be offloaded. Looks like we are tageting Auoar and Partey. If we sell Torreria, Guendouzi, Lacazzete, Kola, Sokratis,Mustafi and Elneny, we can raise enough funds to buy our two midfield targets. If we are still sort of funds, sell Holding too but not EMI and AMN.

  7. Dissenter

    We have to reconsider selling AMN. He’s looking like a very good player under Arteta.
    He’s not a starter by any stretch but he’s the consummate squad player. He has that Milner grit and versatility.
    How can we keep trashier players like Kola and sell AMN.

  8. Sanmi

    You must be nuts to think we will offload lacazette. In some games auba will be tightly marked, you’d need the hold up play in tight spaces. Nketiah cant do it. Elneny was good but anyone thinking he can do Xhaka’s job did not watch the game well. Elneny doesn’t play progressive passes. I think he is better in that role than Ceballos though

  9. salparadisenyc

    Martinez continues right where he left off, the AMN’s haters have quietly exited the space and Arteta continues to find a way against the big sides.

    Really hope big Stan decides to back this side, were at THAT moment.

  10. Radio Raheem

    Quote impressive we beat Liverpool without our more established players – Pepe and Willian – friendly or not.

    I’m not expecting a title challenge but we keep this going we’ll finish top 6 no doubt and win the Europa.

    On the downside I can’t see Willock and Nketiah being anything but squad players. Can’t we have better squad players?

  11. Dissenter

    AMN Is a good player. We made it harder for him once we brought in Soares.
    I’m conflicted about this one because we have to sell players to buy.

    Some of your commentary during the game was bizarre, can you walk in a straight line at the moment?

  12. TheLegendaryDB10

    Our performance was overall very positive. It was good to see that we had created some decent build ups and attacks. And we defended very well overall.

    But I do hope that this game is considered as a stepping stone to playing even better than that. And I really think that Arteta knows this.

  13. Champagne Charlie


    Arteta has already said he’d prefer to keep these players, the fans are the same and everyone knows there’s others we’d prefer to lose.

    But it’s top tier ignorance to think that’s the only way the summer can/should play out. The factors involved are plenty, and of AMN and Emi aren’t happy with no guarantees on playing time you’d rather keep them than sell and use the money to improve?

    Explain that sense, you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too at every opportunity. Just isn’t reality.

  14. CG

    This Willian signing looking even more ridiculous after this excellent performance,

    Where does he get in?

    Absolute folly to give him a £35 million package.

  15. Dissenter

    Okay, should have engaged the God+father
    The God+father, are you Uruguayan bulldog/Aubergine
    Your erratic aggression has given you away. Why don’t you stick to one moniker

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Very good outcome considering the lack of preparation and absence of players.

    My personal view is:

    Martinez must remain at club and keep his starting spot. It would be criminal to offload our longest serving player.

    AMN. I have to say that he had a good game today. If he continues to play like this we should keep him.

    Nketiah. His finishing is not clinical enough. I need to be convinced that he is
    a starting eleven player.

    Holding. Frankly I would allow him to leave. He is not good enough.

    The club needs to finalise contracts of Aubameyang and Gabriel and stop leaving us in limbo. The club needs still to recruit at least 2 midfield players
    if we are going to compete in league and not just be a cup team.

  17. Radio Raheem

    The stats might not back me up on this but I think Willian adds more to this side than Saka. Willian would have played the position Saka occupied today.

  18. Marko

    To raise funds you say. Well all for raising funds but AMN and Emi should not be ones to be offloaded

    Both are considering their futures unless they’re considered starters and both shouldn’t be considered starters. It’s that simple and all in could fetch upwards of 30 million which could help other areas.

  19. Leedsgunner

    Edu needs to step up and start convincing Martinez and AMN that their future is with the Arsenal.

    We need to keep our talented youngsters if we can’t operate as lavishly in the transfer market!

  20. The+Godfather

    @ Dissenter stop frothing at the mouth and hearing voices in ya head.
    Ya big mouth has exposed how clueless you are.
    Yeah I’d advise Arsenal again, if you are gonna sell Maitland-Niles , he is much more than £20 mill!

    Next time I post, maybe you should pipe down and stay off the keyboards

  21. MidwestGun

    Yep a couple more big signings and we could have a storming season. Still a lot depends on Auba. If he has already signed da ting then he must be happy with the plan. I enjoyed that more then I thought I would. You can’t deny Arteta has them all pulling in the same direction and we are more solid all around. Just need some quality additions. Think Gabriel might be a done deal.. so Midfield next.

  22. Guns of Brixton

    Talk to me guys, how are we gonna fend off Real Madrid and Barcelona from the Egyptian Kross?

    Mad to think he will be PFAs player of the year …

  23. Batistuta

    Brilliant game, lovely result.

    I hope we have a plan that isn’t Nketiah if we’re offloading Lacazette to be honest. Lad doesn’t quite have the finishers instinct for me and looks lightweight too and no this isn’t based off today’s game really.

    Really no need to sell any of out goalkeepers unless they’re putting in a transfer request or we get a very good bid for either of them.

    Looking forward to seeing Willian actually play for us, feel he’ll be very good too. Good game from Saka, you can see he’ll grow with more experience and age.

    Hopefully one of the newly promoted teams has seen what El Neny can bring and put in a serious enough bid for him.

    I hope though Arteta learns the importance of making his sub’s much earlier, it’s the one part you can lay a bit of criticism towards him for but overall I’m very impressed by him, much impressed than i thought I’d be.

    Now to the serious stuff in 2 weeks

  24. Just Another Customer

    Martinez and AMN improves the squad overall quality and I feel it will be a shame to let them go at such low price.

    There are more deadwoods and dross that should be considered to be sold first. Look at all our surplus CBs and impotent MFs.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    If we are going to be serious competitors in the league as opposed to one off cup game we need a strong squad and not just a decent starting eleven.

    At the moment I think that we have decent resources on the books in goalkeeping position, defence assuming Gabriel arrives and up front.

    Our current shortcomings are still in midfield. If we can bring in two top quality midfielders I see no reason why we cannot compete with teams like
    Liverpool and Man Utd.

  26. TR7


    ‘But it’s top tier ignorance to think that’s the only way the summer can/should play out. ‘

    There may or may not be any suitors for Sokratis or Kola for that matter but there will be clubs which will happily buy Torr and Guendouzi. There will surely be a club at least in EPL which will spend some money to get Holding. Laca too will find suitors if we need to unwillingly sell him. So I am not quite building castles in the air when I say we have players who can help us raise some funds. Surely our dealmakers are not that bad ?

    As for game time,AMN will get game time. Arteta is not going to ditch this 3 at the back formation with AMN as a midfielder cum wingback type of floating role anytime soon. The man has won two trophies using this tactics beating the likes of Chelsea, Pool and City. So AMN will get many starts if he continues to perform.

    GK position is really up for grabs. If EMI is told he has as much of a chance as Leno to be the no 1, I think he will give it a go. He has been here 10 years waiting in the wings and he must be thinking he is mighty close now to achieve his cherished dream.

  27. Dissenter

    There’s a good poster with that ‘Godfather’ moniker
    Now he has to contend. with Aubergine/Uruguayan bulldog/Big Perm

    Aubergine, stick to one moniker because your stupidity always gives you up regardless of whatever fake handle you’re using.

  28. Marc

    “If we are going to be serious competitors in the league as opposed to one off cup game we need a strong squad and not just a decent starting eleven.”

    A midfield would be a start. The forward line has decent options, the defence has some good options with another strongly linked, CM is currently non existent.

  29. Useroz

    If we must raise some funds, of those played today, sell Elneny, Kolac and Holding before looking at Nelson, Eddie, and AMN

    Martinez must not be sold. Who’s the Brentford guy again reported in the media?

    Double Martinez’s wages to 40k pw to start with and play him until his form drops which would happen from time to time. Leno can then take his chance …

    I feel comfortable when Martinez plays esp. with crosses flying in left and right! I feel exactly the opposite with Leno.

  30. Champagne Charlie

    “but there will be clubs which will happily buy Torr and Guendouzi. There will surely be a club at least in EPL which will spend some money to get Holding. Laca too will find suitors if we need to unwillingly sell him. “

    Torreira and Holding are attracting loans, not permanent transfers.

    Laca and Guen can raise money, but how much? Partey and Aouar are roughly 80 mil. What do you then do about AMN and Emi who want guaranteed game time?

  31. Marc

    Pedro 29/8/20

    “AMN and Martinez CANNOT leave.”

    Pedro 17/2/21

    “AMN switched off again today and cost us important points”

    He’s nowhere as good as he’s rated on here – if he was there’d be clubs offering a lot more than £15 million.

  32. Graham62

    I know it was only a glorified friendly and I know the players were not 100% at it, nevertheless, to see Arsenal play with such discipline, cohesion, unity, efficiency and, dare I say it, professionalism, is a joy to behold.

    MC, Chelski and Liverpool(x2), proves that we now have a coach that knows what he’s doing and has the respect of his players.

    Well done Arsenal, well done Arteta and, as far as le-grove is concerned, well done Pedro.

  33. Up 4 grabs now


    Can’t read too much into the game, but great to get some silverware in the cabinet.

    Few players missing for us so think we definitely have room to improve, when the likes of pepe, willian, etc, come back.

    Emi was great, two solid saves and sturdy as anything.
    Should start against Fulham.
    Thought bellerin played well and amn was best player on the pitch. No way should he be moved on.

    Thought arteta got the tactics right, but should have subbed ten minutes earlier, players were badly flagging and you could see the bindippers equalizing a mile off.

    Cedric looked poor although scored a cool penalty. Really looks an odd transfer though.

    Neney and xhaka midfield is shocking and both literally added nothing. Major fix is needed there.
    Overall there was some good signs in the first half of a better style of play, and the drop off in the second half was expected.

    Last five minutes we came alive again but five great penalties seals the win.

  34. TR7


    ‘Both are considering their futures unless they’re considered starters and both shouldn’t be considered starters. It’s that simple and all in could fetch upwards of 30 million which could help other areas.’

    You have already made up your mind that EMI and AMN should not be starters. I know you really really dislike AMN but he is proving many people including you wrong. I don’t know whether anybody else sees it but AMN can be a terrific player and the 20M that we might sell him for may look like a paltry sum of money in hindsight. EMI for 10-15M ? Anyone who sanctions that deal should be sacked. You are too hung up on what these players have done in the past and in a way disregarding what they can potentially do for us in future.

  35. bacaryisgod

    Cannot believe the in-game negativity from some of you. We were playing a strong Liverpool line-up who actually had more time to prepare than we did.

    Very proud of the team even if it really doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things.

    Have to agree on AMN but it sounds like all the royal fuck-ups over the last few years in the transfer market along with the Covid crunch has caught up with us and we might lose him to strengthen in other areas.

    -I’m no fan of Eddie and he’s still more of a cup player than a Premier League contributor but it wasn’t a terrible shot from him when he was denied by Allison. He definitely looked less fresh than he did towards the end of last season.

    -Xhaka and Elneny had solid games. Of course, Elneny isn’t a first-team player but he can contribute in the cup competitions if Ceballos fails to return. Our central midfield really does look limited right now though.

    =Bellerin wasn’t bad at all. Don’t know what some of you saw, but other than a couple of first touches he looked strong and fit.

    Btw, I didn’t feel good about a single one of our penalty takers other than Auba but they all showed guts and confidence. If you told me that our first 3 takers would be Nelson, AMN and Cedric I would have given us 4-1 odds at best to win the shootout. Brilliant.

  36. DivineSherlock

    2 trophies in a month. Arteta is rocking the Emirates . Quite an intense game for a preseason match tbh . Glad we won it . Dont believe the papers or twitter , AMN is going nowhere . I thought Bellerin had a good game as well today .

  37. Marc

    “Xhaka was nothing more than a plodding mass of crap today in the midfield ”


    Well at least we can rejoice in him being one of the outstanding midfielders we’ve seen at Arsenal over the years. I mean in the Annals of Arsenals central midfielders he’s just head and shoulders above Vieira, Cesc, Petit, Silva, Rocky, Davis, Thomas and of course Ian Selley.

  38. Just Another Customer

    lol Marc fabricating post just to prove his point

    he flourish in this system so letting him go without even the added English premium would be foolish

    sorry I’m all for the sentiment of our academy players playing for us

  39. bacaryisgod

    Also, it really feels like every club other than Chelsea, the Manchester teams and PSG are dead broke.

    It’s also hard for teams to offer improved salaries to potential new players as they are all juggling their finances. I’m wondering if the Gabriel deal (and maybe Auba too) are being held up by our own financing issues. If we thought we could get that quick 20m injection of cash from AMN maybe we misjudged Wolves interest level.

  40. Useroz

    If we sell Laca to raise funds, need a replacement 2nd striker in. Can’t count on Eddie who’s a 3rd in line at best. I’d even sell if someone pays £20m+ sell on, or loan fee +commitment to buy.

    We know Arteta thinks otherwise about Eddie but results speak for itself. What’s he doing relatively well?? May be heads the ball better than Auba…

    Edouard at 22 would be great if we’d get him for under £30m? The other end of the spectrum , even Giroud would be better than Eddie at least with his flicks and header! But expensive …

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    Sky well on the ball with there reporting?

    Bernd Leno, on his return to the team following a knee injury, began a seven-pass move playing out from the back as the excellent Bukayo Saka found Aubameyang in his favoured left-side position. For the goal.

  42. Marc


    AMN will go to a team below Arsenal and a few years later will make another drop down.

    If he was an overseas player £15 million would be seen as amazing business. He made a handful of good appearances – all since he declared he wanted to leave.

    Got RVP suddenly staying fit when he’d decided to leave written all over it.

  43. Marc


    “lol Marc fabricating post just to prove his point”

    I’ve told the site before I’m a Prophet for the Football God’s.

    It’s not a fabrication it’s a prophesy.

  44. Moe

    Gk position sorted, but Emi has to stay. Forward line sorted with Auba, Saka, Willian, Pepe, Martinelli as the main stays. Defense is sorted but AMN needs to stay. We now need a good 6 and 10 to partner Xhaka. Therefore, we can raise funds by selling/loaning Kola, Holding, Papa, Chambers , Torr, Guen, Elneny, Laca. Absolutely no need to sell Emi, and if AMN has to be sold then for fucks sake please get more than a measly 15mil.

  45. TR7


    I read Florentina is willing to take Torr in a loan plus obligation to buy deal which is as good as selling him. Payments are anyway received in tranches, so a loan with an obligation to buy isn’t bad at all. Ideally we should be able to sell a player of Torr quality. Worse players have been sold in transfer market for better money.

    Laca plus Guen should get us 50M and I am being conservative. If we sell Torrera and Holding, we reach 80M needed for Partey and Auoar. Even if we fail to sell say Torr or Holding, we have Mustafi, Sokratis, Kola, Elneny etc. I mean out of these 6 even if we sell 4 players, we will be there or thereabouts. Let us wait till the very end when we have tried everything and see if we can manage without selling AMN and EMI.

  46. Batistuta

    Problem might be, the players who we would not want to sell will probably be the ones we can get a decent transfer fee for like AMN and Martinez and the ones we’d not bat an eye if they left might not fetch us any money as it’ll most likely be loans so what do we do really?

    Keep said players we’re getting money for and go again with what we have? Or take the money and improve that midfield of ours that’s crying for help?

    It’s all good saying we can get money for Torreira and Guen and Sokratis but if no clubs are bidding for them then what do we do?

  47. Just Another Customer

    no point in restructuring the backroom staff if there’s no improvement on the squad so I think we will see more OUTs soon

    just keep those that have improved under Arteta coaching, in this case AMN too

  48. Habesha Gooner

    I wouldn’t Buy another striker if Lacazette leaves and we are signing a CAM/CM like auoar hoping to play Willian LW then I wouldn’t buy another striker. I would just tolerate Eddie as backup till Martinelli returns. We need balance and I would focus entirely on midfield and may be backup LB if kola leaves. A decent midfield and we might be a genuine threat for a top four spot.

  49. Champagne Charlie


    I love that you think Arsenal have dominion over every club in the transfer window to be able to dictate all their transfers with absolute certainty.

    Wolves want AMN now, if we say no as we wait to try and sell others what stops them saying fuck that and buying an alternative? Then when we don’t sell who we ideally want to sell, Wolves have moved on, and no club AMN wants to move to are in for him in the last week of the window what do we do?

    Because our refusal to deal with what’s on the table now has left us unable to shift who we preferred to, and without a suitable deal for all parties on other assets like AMN. Guess that’s no Partey or Aouar for us in that scenario, brilliant.

    And that doesn’t deal with the realities at hand here, both players are seeking an exit so now what?

  50. Captain Tierney

    Arteta with nearly half the first team players won against a Prem winning Liverpool side playing a near full strength team with 4 or 5 days of training.
    I would say – ‘Be excited’

    Auba scored a beauty again. Do someone here still believe Auba cant perform against big teams and in big games?

    Amn with a solid 90. Looks like Arteta has crafted a specialised role for our LWB and LCB. When we have possession in the first phase ( i.e when we are playing out from the back) Amn drops into the midfield forming a 4-3-3. He tried this with Saka at LWB too but didn’t work out very well because of Saka not being a midfielder by trade. But with Amn this tactic has worked aplomb. The only drawback being when Niles gets into the final 3rd it feels like he cant make a decision and overhits the cross or overplays and loses the ball. Needs to improve in that regard. Other than that I think he is perfect for this LWB/midfield role. Whats more pleasing to watch is Amn is not switching off during games which was his biggest weakness. Only sell if theres no way we can generate funds through our dross and if we do sell him get at least 25 mil. Was also the Motm today.

    Emi was again Brilliant. And him starting over Leno hopefully means that he will get a run as the first choice keeper and the exit rumours are just his agent trying to get a better contract. This lad has potential to become one of the first Emirates era legends.

    I thought Elneny had a good game. Works hard , defends well and never overcomplicates things. But is not a progressive passer. I think if we sell Torreira , Guendouzi and buy only 1 midfielder then we could keep him as a rotation option. Not bad.

    Tierney. What to say. This player is special.

    Luiz had a good game.

    Holding .Ok. A loan deal and consistent game time should do him a world of good.

    Xhaka was ok today. Passed well and worked hard.

    Willock when he came on had a good chance to score. I’ve been observing that he takes up good positions in the box when he comes on late in games but is still unable to take advantage of those chances. Hopefully this season he matures.

  51. Habesha Gooner

    Regarding Transfers, I think we need to make tough decisions. We need to restructure our midfield early even if it means making sacrifices. Get our targets in early and we can talk about who we prefer to let go then. We need to generate enough cash first.

  52. Captain Tierney


    ‘AMN will go to a team below Arsenal and a few years later will make another drop down.’

    I think you are massively underestimating Amn.
    Sure the sentiment shown by some here after reports of him leaving came out were overblown but Amn can be a crucial asset to any top team. For Wolves with Jonny out he will most probably be starting games and if he is able to improve a few aspects of his game at Wolves I think he will be a very good player. Maybe even a top 6 Prem quality if everything works out .

  53. Captain Tierney


    I think if Tierney continues growing with this pace he will be the best LB in the league in the next 2 or 3 years and top 3/5 in the world.

    I really cant figure out a weakness in his game as a LB yet .Maybe heading but still he gives it all even in that department too and never shies away.
    Speed , crossing , first touch , passing , dribbling , explosiveness , mentality , bravery , passion . He’s really got it all.

    Even players like Auba have some weaknesses in their game. But Tierney. Absolutely special talent.

  54. Marc

    “Regarding Transfers, I think we need to make tough decisions. We need to restructure our midfield early even if it means making sacrifices. Get our targets in early and we can talk about who we prefer to let go then. We need to generate enough cash first.”

    One of the most confused comments I’ve ever seen.

    Are we our getting targets in early and then talking about who we sell or generating cash first?

  55. Carts

    Didn’t see the game, but good result nonetheless.

    To be honest, every time I’ve watched Eddie I’ve been underwhelmed – I don’t rate him.

    How is the Balogun kid that Brentford are looking to snatch?

  56. gunnerram

    I read a comment that Willian would play where Saka played. Not sure if the gent watched the match. There was 3 clear goal scoring oppty created by sake in the first 35 mins.
    Auba – took one so pretty good.
    Eddie — clear chance inside the box. Had time and if he just fizzed it it would have been 2-0.
    Eddie — clear chance just outside the box.

    I bet if the 2 chances either went to Auba and Laca we would have been 2-0 or 3-0 easily today because of Saka.

  57. Marc


    “Maybe even a top 6 Prem quality if everything works out .”

    So AMN’s not going to be picked up by Barca, Madrid, PSG, City etc any time soon?

    Not what you’d think by some on here – exactly what position is he best in?

  58. London gunner

    We still need a dm and cam.

    Ceballos isn’t a cam he is techincal midfielder.
    We need a playmaker so we don’t just go through the fullbacks and have some diversity to our attack.

    We need a dm because we our soft as shit in the middle.

    Ideally we have a ball playing dm with technical excellence and the engine of a box to box midfielder.

  59. salparadisenyc

    Window close October 5,


    Loan: Willock and keep ESM, Chambers, Holding and Ozil with surely having to take some of that wage on.

    Buy; Aouar, Brozovic (unlikely) back up to that would Rodrigo De Paul, Partey, Fekir, Soumaré.


  60. TR7


    Again if out of 7-8 players we can’t offload even 5 then well I don’t know what to say. I don’t remember you envisaging such a scenario ever before wherein we would fail to offload the likes of Torr, Guen and Laca. Pretty much every transfer related post of yours in the last 2 months had these 3 names in the exit list and it’s only now that you are doing a what-if analysis on the feasibility of us being able to sell them. Laca is a regular starter for us. Guen was a regular fixture too until the Brighton fiasco. I would hazard a guess Torr still has his reputation intact at least in Seria A. You are making all this sound more difficult than it actually is.

    Haven’t heard anything from EMI on wanting out except he wants to be playing regular football which can still be a possibility at Arsenal. AMN pretty much confirmed on BT that he would prefer to stay.

    And anyway if we fail to sell the likes of Torr and Guen I don’t think we will have a vacant slot for any new midfielder (Partey or Auoar). So even if we had sufficient funds, we would have to sell them to make way for new midfielders. We can’t have Xhaka, Torr, Guen, Ceballos, Partey, Auoar and Willian all in the same squad.

  61. London gunner

    Captain tierney and we

    Tierney biggest weakness/only notable one is he is injury prone. That’s a pretty big weakness to have.
    Love the player and the footballer though.

  62. London gunner

    if we sell laca we can’t start eddie he isn’t very good at all. I was no fan of welbeck but even he was better.

    I think if martinelle was fit then it wouldn’t be as bad without laca, but even then does martinelle have the physical strength yet to lead the line game in and game out.

  63. WengerEagle

    ^Raul Sal-llehi^

    Can we just appoint you for the gig Sal in all seriousness?

    Would be a near perfect window, I’d add in another CF if we were to sell Laca. Don’t trust Eddie who for me doesn’t look cut out for the top level and after that you’re relying on Auba and Martinelli who is coming off of a serious enough injury lay off not to mention who is still only 19.

  64. London gunner

    AMN star does seem yo be on the rise I think we see what he can do this season at the very worst we sell him for double next summer.

  65. Paulinho

    TR7 – Arteta said after the match AMN needs to show that commitment every three days, rather than once every three months. That kind of sums it up if even the manager has question marks in that respect.

    Also, he is only a serious defensive option as a quasi-wing back, where can couch in that area and use his spindly frame and pace to good effect. Also left-sided seems to suit him better because he can be extremely safe with his passing, whereas on the right he becomes more expansive and the shanks become a regular occurence.

    To be clear though, I don’t have a huge issue with him( at least playing as wing-back in that sort of mish-mash system we have). However, I don’t see him long-term in any position (assuming Arteta doesn’t want to play 3 at the back forever), and if we can use funds from his selling to get an Aouar or someone else than it’s for the greater good.

  66. WengerEagle


    Yeah the boy is class and I love his attitude, he’s a bit of a throwback to the older no-nonsense footballers like Robertson too tbf.

    Hilarious that Scotland NT have an identical predicament to ourselves [ROI]. Their two best players by a distance play in the same position at LB in Robertson and Tierney.

    Just like Ireland with Coleman and Doherty at RB.

  67. Marc


    The Dog and Duck on Hackney Marshes had some piss head who couldn’t see straight on a Sunday morning in 2005 – I’d still pick him over Xhaka!

  68. London gunner


    LB in Robertson and Tierney.

    I don’t know anything about the Scottish set up or team aside from these two players but I’d find a way to play both. Whether one as a winger or something else

  69. WengerEagle

    Aouar and Partey would be a brilliant CM pairing.

    Presumably we unfortunately would still have to pair Partey with Xhaka behind Auoar who would be the more advanced of the three linking up with the forwards or maybe if we could snag Ceballos again he could play as a deep 6.

  70. salparadisenyc

    ^Raul Sal-llehi^

    Looool wished I go a sliver the cut he’s probably bitten off. Dudes deep in the dim sum for sure.

    Another striker would be good as Eddie has a real goal hang vibe at moment. Anybody rate Edouard from Celtic?

  71. CG


    “””””I think you are massively underestimating Amn.””””

    People have been underestimating my boy for a while.
    Well even the Delinquents are waking up to the fact- we have a very very special and unique player on our hands.

    the way he stroked the penalty home- leaving Allison lopsided and lumbered was testament to his skill ,nerve and ability.

    Arsenal selling him to Wolves would be an absolute disgrace.

  72. Buzzy

    Man I was watching this match with the corner of my eye as I was on a one on one Zoom consultation with my was worth $200 an hour for me and when Auba scored I have no fucking clue how I managed not to client understood somethings not right lol…fucking Arsenal I fucking love you ya little bitch

  73. WengerEagle


    Tierney as LM and Robertson at LB maybe although Robertson would probably fancy himself playing further forward with his ego and all.

    I mean Alaba plays CM for Austria, wouldn’t be ridiculous to think one of them could play in midfield.

  74. Batistuta


    A big no to Brozovic, doesn’t do it for me. Got a big hard on for Rodrigo de Paul though. Absolute baller.

    Juve terminating Higuains contract and agreeing a deal for Dzeko

  75. Captain Tierney


    I don’t think Amn has world class potential but 3,4 years down the line I think he can be a starter for a top 6 side and a 35-40 mil player if he works on his weaknesses and finds and settles in his best position
    His best position might be in Midfield or wing back I believe. But he still needs a lot of work in his final 3rd ability to become a quality player in any of those positions.
    Right now in Arteta’s system his best position is definitely the specially crafted LWB role.
    He is also very versatile and can be a Swiss knife/ Milner style player for an Elite team

    London Gunner

    Kt has literally been starting every game for Celtic since he was 17/18. Ofc he was gonna burnout at some point. Unfortunately it came right at the time he joined Arsenal. But hopefully with nearly a year’s worth of rest his problems are in the past.
    And I dont even consider Injury as a weakness. Most of the time is just bad luck or overplaying or DNA.

  76. Habesha Gooner

    Anyone who isn’t vital should be sold. AMN, Lacazette, Guendouzi, Torriera, Elneny, Holding, Chambers, Mustafi, Sokratis

    It means we can’t turn down offers for AMN hoping we can keep him and sell Guendouzi to bring in out targets. Sell every one on that list if there are suitable offers. We should bring in vital players like Partey. If we bring in every target then we can contemplate about keeping AMN and Lacazette. But if there are offers for them first, then sell them first.

  77. Champagne Charlie

    “I don’t remember you envisaging such a scenario ever before wherein we would fail to offload the likes of Torr, Guen and Laca. Pretty much every transfer related post of yours in the last 2 months had these 3 names in the exit list and it’s only now that you are doing a what-if analysis on the feasibility of us being able to sell them“

    Because some things are assumed, in this case it’s the fact that we don’t get to pick and choose explicitly who we want out and want in – it’s also determined by the interest generated.

    You failed to mention the numerous times I’ve advocated for those players to be front and centre BUT that everyone is fair game and I’d not miss us selling anyone for the overall improvement in the Arsenal squad.

    So while I’m free to speculate who I’d see leave in a perfect world, I’m not numb to the fact the world is far from perfect. You apparently are though, seems we should sell our dross for mega money and that’s it. Quite easy if that’s all that’s required.

  78. WengerEagle

    Edouard looks good but it’s so hard to assess players ripping up the SPL when it’s such a terrible league and Celtic are so far ahead of the competition.

    Shame that the prices are so fucked nowadays. Celtic would probably look for 30m.

  79. Captain Tierney


    ‘Arsenal selling him to Wolves would be an absolute disgrace.’

    And you are Massively over-rating him.

  80. Marc

    “Anyone who isn’t vital should be sold. AMN, Lacazette, Guendouzi, Torriera, Elneny, Holding, Chambers, Mustafi, Sokratis”

    Does that mean Xhaka is vital?

  81. Ben+D

    Just seen this stats somewhere: “Only Kevin De Bruyne (22) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (15) have provided more assists for Premier League sides in all competitions since the start of last season than Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka (13)”, and yet he’s not considered good enough for the England squad? Doesn’t make sense

  82. Habesha Gooner

    Mikel Arteta just confirmed again that Pierre Aubameyang is “close” to extend his contract. Arsenal consider the agreement almost ‘reached and completed’, the deal is done – he turned down 2 other bids. Gabriel Magalhães will be announced soon. ⚪️🔴 #AFC #transfers
    Fabrizio Romano

    Arteta must really have the sauce to convince auba a Europa league team this year is the best option for him. He turned down bids. We might really go somewhere this season. No more false dawns.

  83. Champagne Charlie

    Would sooner get Depay for less than Edouard. Our front line has enough talented prospects in Saka, Nelson, Martinelli, even Eddie.

    Depay is 26 and offers dependable quality right now.

  84. salparadisenyc

    “A big no to Brozovic, doesn’t do it for me..”

    Our man Bati in Italy putting the marker down, always looked imperious to me in fact I rate him higher than Partey.

    Better tackler and passer of ball not to mention his tattoo game is so Eastern Euro elite its hard not to piss oneself whilst in his presence. Big respect from Brozo

  85. TR7


    ‘You failed to mention the numerous times I’ve advocated for those players to be front and centre BUT that everyone is fair game and I’d not miss us selling anyone for the overall improvement in the Arsenal squad.’

    I take it you wouldn’t mind If Xhaka were to be sold too 😛

    Honestly we can get good money for the Swiss and it will give us more elbow room to keep AMN and EMI.

  86. karim

    Not sure selling Laca will bring enough dough to get a decent replacement.
    I heard we were linked to Édouard or his predecessor Dembélé, again, not sure they’re improving us and they might cost an arm too.

    Feeling rather optimistic about the season apart from that really.

  87. Marko

    You have already made up your mind that EMI and AMN should not be starters. I know you really really dislike AMN but he is proving many people including you wrong

    So Emi shouldn’t be a starter simply because he held it down while you better keeper was injured that’s not how it works. Impressing in a 10 game period for the first time in your whole career doesn’t all of a sudden make you a number one for a club with ambitions or for one looking at improving from it’s current decline.

    On AMN I still maintain that he’s not that good and he’s absolutely not a starter. He’s basically covering an area now that we’re short in and once Gabriel joins Tierney will be LB/LWB and AMN will be back to sitting on the bench if he’s not already gone.

    Truth being told I’m not at all surprised by certain Arsenal fans these days because as I’ve said for years our fanbase is notoriously stupid. A struggling declining club in need of reinforcements and improvements to the squad all with a meagre budget that needs to be added to by selling players and people literally get butt hurt when we try to do it with players clearly not good enough. Pathetic honestly but yes we should fight to keep players the likes of Wolves and Aston Villa want. That’s how we get back to the top

  88. WengerEagle

    Would Lyon not want silly money for Depay though?

    Guy is a massive star and has the ability to back it up. Clearly has grown out of Lyon but they won’t let him go on the cheap.

    Goes without saying that Depay is quality and would improve us a huge amount.

  89. Captain Tierney

    With Allan poised to join Everton , Napoli need a replacement.
    Torreira anyone?
    They wanted him in the past too.
    Torreira + Sokratis for 30mil sounds like a l deal to me and they cant claim poverty , they just spent 60mil on Osimhen and now have 25 mil from the Allan sale too.
    Edu get on the phone now.

  90. TR7

    ‘ I’m not at all surprised by certain Arsenal fans these days because as I’ve said for years our fanbase is notoriously stupid.’

    Don’t call others stupid merely because you don’t agree with them. Can easily reel off a list of names you wanted us to sign which we thankfully didn’t but not interested in putting others down to make a case for my views.

  91. Emiratesstroller


    You have quoted what I wrote earlier today.

    Okay I accept AMN played very well today. I accept that he makes a good squad player and if we don’t need to sell players I would keep him for his versatility.

    I have absolutely no qualms in offloading the other players on the list. They
    are not good enough for a team aspiring to finish in top 4 in EPL.

    Arsenal need to bring in at least two quality midfielders. Unless you can bring
    them in on loan that is going to cost around £80-90 million. If we are lucky
    the players on my list excluding AMN might sell for £40-50 million.

    My personal view is that Arsenal can probably afford to cover Gabriel and
    Mari’s transfer fees out of net funds, but will need to sell players for any additional players unless Kroenke releases more funds.

  92. Champagne Charlie

    “I take it you wouldn’t mind If Xhaka were to be sold too 😛Honestly we can get good money for the Swiss and it will give us more elbow room to keep AMN and EMI.“

    No, sell Xhaka and bring in Thiago and I’d be all for it.

    But again, as I’ve long stated, that’s not going to happen because objectively that’s not optimising the improvement to replace your primary performers.

    Funny that all the players I’ve touted as prime sale candidates over the last 12 months are on the chopping block…..

  93. WengerEagle

    Lol Marko I think we get it mate, you don’t rate Martinez and want him sold for the whopping 10 odd million that it will add to the coffers that will go towards paying for Partey and Aouar’s flights over.

    You seriously expect Leno to play 60 games this season? Or you happy having fucking Macey as back up.

  94. Captain Tierney

    Depay is in the final year of his contract. Has about 10 months left before it expires.
    Would easily be attainable for a fee in the 20-25 mil range.
    Good player and can even be world class when playing to his full ability in a team built around him but I am personally not sold on him. Would much rather prefer Edouard.

  95. Batistuta


    So it’s the tattoo for you then lol


    All those names you mentioned are probably the pick of the bunch but I’d add Luis Alberto to the mix, Milankovic Savic too but he’d cost an arm and a leg.

    Still have the hots for Chiesa but not a lot of Italians moving to England these days, looks destined for Juve at some point as he can’t stay in Florence forever .

    Sandro Tonali is moving to Milan, another i really like really but i wouldn’t say to Fofana, man’s got an unbelievable engine


    Lol nothing to do with him being an Inter, much prefer Xhaka to him to be honest and that’s saying something

  96. Champagne Charlie


    Depay is entering his final year, can negotiate a pre-contract in January with foreign clubs. Lyon have no European football either.

  97. Marc


    My earlier comment wasn’t a criticism of what you’d said more an observation of where I feel we’re desperately short of players who are fit for purpose let alone the quality we need.

  98. WengerEagle


    Yeah Luis Alberto would be near the top of the list but Lazio will want stupid money plus they’re in a much stronger position next season to compete so he’s probably happy to stay put.

    Brilliant player, hard to believe he slipped through the Liverpool net.

  99. Marko

    Don’t call others stupid merely because you don’t agree with them.

    No on the whole our fanbase is stupid it really is. We’re skint we need to improve our squad and people are getting pissy that we might be selling a garbage player to Wolves or Newcastle for 20 + million. It’s incredibly dumb. How people can complain about how bad we’ve gotten and still want to keep players like that around is beyond me.

    Lol Marko I think we get it mate, you don’t rate Martinez and want him sold for the whopping 10 odd million

    I actually don’t care about selling him I’d rather keep him on but that’s not what’s being argued it’s him being number one and benching Leno after 10/12 games is the point. I’d much rather he stayed on as number two

  100. WengerEagle


    Huge fan of him but would be worried about his mobility post ACL. Hasn’t overly affected Fekir who I’d still like but it’s the death knell for some players reliant on their pace and movement.

  101. Emiratesstroller


    Yes we need to bring in quality midfielders and obviously the club needs to
    find money for transfer fees.

    My personal view is that Arsenal will bring in Partey before the transfer window closes. Obviously the preference is to do an exchange eg move Lacazette in the other direction.

    However, my guess is that Arsenal will find the money by the time that the window closes. Any further players will require sales.

  102. WengerEagle


    What player in their right mind would stay on at a club where they stepped in for an injured player and put in stellar performances en route to winning a trophy only to be booted out of the side as soon as said injured player is fit again?

    Let’s not pretend that Leno is Jan Oblak either, he has holes in his game and has looked vulnerable at times throughout the season.

    At the very least Martinez deserves to retain his spot until he gives Arteta a reason to drop him. What kind of message does that send to the squad as well? Starters being guaranteed their place regardless of form or performances.

  103. Champagne Charlie


    Was chosen ahead of Dembele after 6 months out in the CL latter stages, performed well even if rusty. Scored a hat trick yesterday in their first game of the new season.

    He’s not explosive, but he’s quicker over the ground than Laca and more penetrating ball at his feet. I think he’d be a superb false 9 for us, but fancy we’re looking to get Auba central and save his legs longer term.

  104. Batistuta


    He’s improved massively last 2 seasons and boy does he know how to beat a press and pick a pass. I almost want to cry each time i watch our midfield, we’d be so much better once we upgrade in that position

  105. Batistuta

    I’d have been all over Zielinski or Fabian Ruiz rather than Allan if i was Everton, seems like an underwhelming signing for that amount they’re reportedly spending on him. Interesting to see how James Rodriguez does in the premier league though

  106. WengerEagle

    James will be class for Everton, really is mind-boggling that they can get a player of that ability but only reason he’s going there is Ancelotti I suppose.

    Reckon he’ll have a similar impact that Van Der Vaart had on the Spuds upon signing, comparable players on and off the pitch in terms of ability, reputation and even age [VDV was 27 signing for Spurs, James is 29].

    Should have made the move a year earlier, he’s dicked around wasting a couple of his prime years which is a shame.

  107. Marko

    Let’s not pretend that Leno is Jan Oblak either

    No one’s said that but again if people want to have a discussion about improving the goalkeeper position then by all means let’s have it but conversations about Martinez starting over Leno going forward on the basis of 10/12 games is silly.