Arsenal back at Wembley, will Arteta welcome back the outcasts?

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Well, here we are, 3 weeks after our FA Cup final win, it’s here, the season curtain-raiser… Arsenal vs Liverpool in The Community Shield.

It’s hard to say it’s not an important game. All games have a psychological value, a big win sets you up for a confident start. A big loss can send you into a nervous territory. We need a good start this season, we need to set a new tone after the horrendous first 4 months of last season. We need to signal that the new era was, in fact, kicked off with that stunning FA Cup final win.

Both teams will be unfit. We’ve only had a few training sessions. Liverpool are in the same position as us. It’ll be a leggy game. There really was no other option. If you blitz your players after they’ve spent two months playing 3 games a week, you will absolutely pay for that later in the season when you need energy in the legs.

The big worry for Arsenal is we really haven’t addressed our central midfield position. Well, we have new bodies. Matteo G is now back in the family and Mo Elneny is available and scoring goals. Doesn’t really fill you with the same confidence you might have taken from seeing Ceballos, Partey, or Aouar starting.

No news on whether Mesut will start. Though Arteta’s impassioned defence of the club for the way they dealt with the pay cuts does indicate he’s still pretty pissed about the German playmakers carry-on over doing his part. Our young Spanish coach is every bit the company man. He also said Raul left with honour, which is, errr… oh fuck it, best leave that be, this is a new season. NO GRUDGES.

Back to the LACK of players.

It is what it is. I think we just have to accept it’s really hard to operate in a slow window when you have no money to play with. Cries that Don Raul has been missed are ridiculous. Last summer was very slow to start with, then we did a financial madness that has us tied up in knots this summer.

Still, on the face of it, you can’t argue with what we’ve done so far.

Saliba, Gabriel, Willian, with Guendouzi and ESR as the LIKE A NEW SIGNING players. Feeling just like it did under Arsene Wenger.

One area the club hasn’t been messing around in is in the coaching department. Arteta is bringing in names that he likes. The two latest are Carlos Questa and Miguel Molina. Both look like the new breed of young coaches that are starting to make their mark on the game. They come from Atleti and Juventus, Dom from the podcast I recorded the other night tells me that Cuesta is a bit like Rene Maric in the sense that he made the opportunity himself by writing and doing analysis online that attracted attention. Not sure which coach it was, but a journo once asked, ‘how did you make it as a top coach without being a top player’, and the response was, ‘I had more time to study.’ You’ll see more of that. We’re moving into a new era of coaching. Bold ideas, great with data, deeply into psychology… major fucking geeks. I LOVE IT. Just gotta hope it all works out for Arsenal, can’t have everyone calling me a hipster melt when we’re bottom of the league in January.


Some disappointing news coming out of the club that Emi Martinez will be exited if the right offer comes in. Raul had him down for £20m, but the club might have to accept as little as £10m. Think this is being driven by the player. He doesn’t want to sign a new deal unless he’s #1. We won’t give him that luxury, so he’ll likely go to Spain. Good luck to him.

Feels a bit shit that a player can be instrumental in the club’s success, then get bombed off… but you can’t ask for ruthless behavior then get angry when it happens to your fave. Martinez has a small sample of games to choose from. Bernd Leno has been consistently great for longer. We are skint. Life goes on. Let’s hope we get a decent back-up keeper. Someone that is huge, loves to catch, and can pass like a hero.

Arsenal Twitter sleuths have just noticed that Leonardo, PSG Sporting Director, followed Hector Bellerin. OMG.

Wolves moved on Doherty onto Spurs for £14m. I suspect that’ll mean Wolves up the offer for AMN. Again, I’d be sad, but if the cash is going to get mainlined into our midfield, I’ll accept the exit with good grace.

Right, on that note, I shall bid you farewell. Enjoy the game today. Football is back. Let’s hope it’s a fun game AND MORE SILVERWARE!


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  1. useroz

    Holding and Cedric were poor in the equalizer. Luiz didn’t recover but not the culprit. These are players we don’t need. Don’t care if Cedric is/has been a Portugese international and still has whatever aspirations. Worse then Bellerin.

    Eddie is another one. Poor passes and giveaways in own half led to counter straightaway.

    Well, will see what Willock does… another ordinary player other than an English lad.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Kolasinac, great… we’ve lost this now if he has anything to do with it!!!

    More error prone than Chris Grayling!

  3. Jamie

    We played a great game until we conceded. Solid performance for a preseason friendly against the league champions.

    Subs could’ve come earlier, my only complaint.

  4. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t need a lesson in human anatomy thank you. You can put on a couple of kilos in a month at that level, which would help him absorb contact better.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I bubbled when Eddie burst on the scene .. but he has just stabilised without improving
    Give John or baligun a chance

  6. Guns of SF

    Arteta was shouting at Dani all game he didnt realize we had more subs…
    Then he realized Dani was El Neny. nothing was working

  7. useroz

    willock is an almost player… another almost

    Should have hit the target from there .. a rather routine header

  8. TR7


    As you can see even AMN can keep going for full 90 mins if he is bothered enough. Contributing both in attack and defense.

  9. Marko

    Charles I’m just wondering what you mean by it’s gone quiet on Pepe. He was pretty good towards the back end of the season but hard to do much when the manager is afraid to make subs. That is of course if that is what you were meaning

  10. gazzap

    Nketiah should be squad player. Auba at CF is obvious to me. we have plenty of good left ‘wingers’ – Willian, Saka, Martinelli.

  11. Champagne Charlie

    Been a really good run out, played some nice stuff, looked disciplined and compact when we’ve needed to, and most of all we’ve competed with the current best in class.

    Encouraging stuff, and will be more exciting with a few more additions.

  12. Champagne Charlie


    Just mean in amongst the talk of new signings etc very few have mentioned him coming into his second season, really hope he kicks on and moves up a level.

    Expecting good seasons from him, Tierney, Saka. Saw moments from all last term but think they’re going to be be influences this term. Odd that he’s not had any minutes yet.

  13. Sid

    10 men behind the ball is a good tactic for cup competions but will only achieve midtable in the league
    We cant breakdown teams.

  14. Habesha Gooner

    Didn’t expect this much out of the team. But well done. I just like that we are trying to give up the habit of rolling over whenever we face a decent team. Add some quality and we can become flat track bullies and tough to play against top teams. That would mean Top 4.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    Peter Crouch giving us big kudos putting in that shift after 3/4 training sessions since the FA cup final.

    Have to agree, I think it’s very noticeable that we go man to man across the pitch under Arteta and each player is given the confidence to put in a shift. That’s good stuff. Basic, but very good.

  16. Marko

    Just mean in amongst the talk of new signings etc very few have mentioned him coming into his second season, really hope he kicks on and moves up a level.

    Oh yeah. He probably needs a spokesperson if we’re honest but I’m expecting better from him next season with the squad being improved upon and the club being a lot more stable. I also think that a lot will depend on who’s going to be the starting RB going forward. Some stability there will help him out a lot. Also worth pointing out that Willian should keep him on his toes

  17. useroz

    If Eddie had shot better….. (20 min) …

    doesn’t even need hindsight… no expectation and no disappointment

    but eddie must score the pen

  18. Champagne Charlie

    “The hate and virol against some of our player’s here is something else.“

    It’s tedious af, preseason game with an unfit team and it’s open season for slagging off this or that player. Who needs rival fans.

  19. prvhc

    You would think Arteta of all people would know the importance of a good midfield.How are we playing with Xhaka and f***king Elneny in midfield against the champions ? Worse part is, there’s no one else.

  20. Champagne Charlie

    Another win for Arteta’s Army against the champions with fuck all fitness in the bank.

    Love to see it, just call that place New Highbury.

  21. Dissenter

    Nice way to start the season…on a high.

    Now the club will announce the signing of Auba and Gabriel early next week.

  22. MidwestGun

    Well there you go Pierre.. Confidence achieved.. like I said nothing to worry about in regards to practice time. 😀

  23. TheLegendaryDB10

    It’s really good to see Auba being all smiles like this. That shows how happy and ready he is to go for the next step.


    I second your motion to change Wembley’s name to New Highbury.

  24. Champagne Charlie

    “AMN and Martinez who some on here want to be sold were again very good.“

    Why do some want them sold?

  25. MidwestGun

    Hahaha to be fair I’ve been on the sauce for years… past noon here now.. time to have a few drinks.

  26. Pierre

    Mid west
    You were right ..I underestimated the ability of Arteta to get the team to put in such a good performance.