Arteta gives updates on the squad, transfers, and the BIG game

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Good evening my darlings, it’s a pleasure to be talking with you.

Mikel Arteta dropped his first press conference of the new season.

Weird right? Like, wtf is going on here? It feels like the Champions League final was only last week. Now we’re back in the mixer for the Community Shield.

Still, I can’t say I’m sad about it. BRING ON THE FOOTBALL.

The manager had a lot of interesting things to say. It looks like Matteo G is in out of the cold, which was a bit of a surprise.

‘Everybody starts from zero in football. What you did two weeks ago doesn’t matter. Everyone will have the same opportunities.’

‘Yes. (on chatting the player). He deserves to be treated exactly the same as the others.’

I’m not sure how much of this is just a rehash of what he’s been saying for months, or whether something has changed. We know Matteo has the potential to be an outrageously talented starter, he just needs to behave and apply himself.

The manager was pretty open about the Gabriel deal. It hasn’t been inked yet. He’s hoping to make it happen.

‘Regarding Gabriel we cannot announce the deal yet, it’s not finalised,’

‘You all know he’s a player we like.’

‘Everything is okay when both parties sign’

‘Sometimes that in the last stages isn’t easy but we are pretty positive we can do it.’

Arsenal fans are getting a little angry about this one. I understand the frustration, but at least we know we’re in for him. Let’s hope we can get the deal over the line. It’s the same thing with Dani Ceballos. I think we’ve all forgotten that he’s not available for the weekend as things stand. He’d be a huge loss to a fairly immobile midfield that has had no bolstering so far this summer.

Mikel was also pretty animated when it came to his two keepers.

‘I’d love to have two keepers of the quality of Bernd and Emi. They both know you fight for your place. I don’t want them to keep them both happy, I want the one that is not playing to be upset and fight for his place. I see goalkeepers like full-backs, hopefully they can make themselves and the team better.’

‘Bernd is fit. He was almost fit for the FA Cup final. He’s trained throughout the summer and he’s in perfect condition.’

My Youtube fave, Statman Dave, had the above piece about how Mikel could setup this season. Check out the stats on Emi Martinez. His keeping xG and passing has been better than Leno. It’ll be VERY interesting who we go with as #1. I can’t see past Emi, he was fucking majestic last season.

There was also a bit of chat about the transfer window.

‘Let’s see how we look at the end of the transfer window. It just started, everything looks slow at the moment, not many teams moving aggressively so a lot of things are going to happen from now to October 6. It doesn’t matter the squad we have, we will challenge for the top 100%.’

Firstly, I love that Arteta is unequivocal on challenging for the top 4 this season. Secondly, I think he’s bang on about the transfer market. There are some teams going balls out like Chelsea, but nearly everyone else is very quiet. Even United. It’ll be a slow one, I just hope we pull through with some smart buys. Lots of talk that the interest in Aouar is real and that we’re keen to do a deal. Though I love Ferrari’s, but I’m no threat in a showroom.

Finally, we all LOVE Saliba with his elite hair trim and clever defending against MK. The manager is in on him.

‘He’s been training really hard. He stayed here in London to do a better preparation and you can tell he looks ready. There are a lot of things that are new for him and he will need to adapt but certainly, he has the right qualities for this football club and the right attitude to keep improving and showing the player he can be for our future.’

I know he’s young, I know it’ll take a while for him to settle, but that will not stop me being INCREDIBLY excited about him joining Arsenal. Gabriel and Saliba is the future. It’s great that at the very least, we’ve addressed our defence moving forward. Now we need to sort that midfield.

There’s some good news brewing on the viewing front.

According to the Times, ‘top-level’ talks are taking place between the Premier League and the British government about fans being able to view games while they continue to be played behind closed doors or with restricted access.

Sky and BT Sport are also reportedly preparing to expand their coverage in case they are asked to do so, but the government will not push for any games to be available free-to-air (FTA) as it did previously.

Get in. The Premier League clearly read my post the other day hyping the potential of the virtual season ticket. Once this door is opened, there’s no going back. It’s about time the TV deals started to work harder for the fans.

Short one today, get the below podcast in your ears RIGHT NOW. It is a good one.

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  1. TR7

    Mikel Arteta: “I’m confident we’re going to do everything we can together to achieve the target that we have before 6th October. If we’re not able to do that or reach that level, it’s because somebody beat us with our planning.”

    “It’s clear what we have to do, we’re aiming for that & hopefully we can achieve it or get close to achieving it.”

  2. Chris

    It’s a nice problem to have regarding Leno and Martinez and I’m not sure the solution is selling either just yet.

    Arteta clearly wants both to stay, to keep each other driven and motivated and perhaps to see who will ultimately assume the starting position, probably from next season.

    I mean my goodness we have come a long way from Manual Almunia as our number one and with nobody fit to take his place. I for one am grateful!

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Leno is a good shot stopper but not comfortable with the ball at his feet. He punches rather than catch.

    Imo emi is the more complete of the two keepers.

    Get our money back on the kraut.

  4. Pierre

    Ok.. but under-preparedness for the Community Shield isn’t really a thing, ”

    If you read my comments, I have only talked about being prepared and match fit for the start of the season, not about tomorrow’s game.

    I have said that I think we will take a good beating tomorrow but my comments are aimed at the start of the league season .

  5. TR7


    I don’t think we need to bother about community shield. PL is still 3 weeks away. We just need to ensure we are prepared enough to not drop points in the first few easy fixtures.

  6. Champagne Charlie

    “I still think he has missed a trick by not having the players ready for the season.“

    You have an extensive background in sports science suddenly Pierre?

  7. Chris


    I think you are reason too much into it. It isn’t like the players have had a regular close season break that was between 2-3 months. We played regular games every week up to a few weeks ago. It’s more like an extended international break.

    More or less every other club is in the same situation. It’s unprecedented times.

  8. Pierre

    “Every club in Europe will be unprepared for the beginning of the season. Literally everyone”

    You have hit the nail on the head , and that is why I believe we should have brought the players back a couple of weeks early and had a number of friendlies to get the players match fit.

    We could have caught the rest of the top 6 cold.

  9. MidwestGun

    I personally think we should play the kids for the majority… we still have 2 weeks after this and we will need them to bridge the gap to any transfers. Invaluable experience versus Pool with nothing to lose. We play them again in only a month when it matters I don’t think we need to show them our hand now. I like shiny plates just as much as the next dude but… I’m not concerned about it. I think Klopp will of course celebrate like its 1999 if they win.. That’s how he rolls.

  10. Pierre

    The players had a couple of months off and a couple of months playing …why did they need to have more than a week or 2 off.

  11. Marc


    It’s 2 weeks tomorrow mate with an International break in between.

    Who ever thought next weekend was a good time to have an International break needs shooting.

  12. Marc

    I think the one thing you can’t criticise Arteta for is not doing any preparation on the fitness front.

    Our issue is less about the fitness of players which was to a degree out of our hands but more about no fucking midfield.

    It staggers me that no one else is concerned about this.

  13. Marko

    that is why I believe we should have brought the players back a couple of weeks early and had a number of friendlies to get the players match fit.

    So what one week off from last season and then back at it? Genuine question but are you an idiot?

  14. MidwestGun

    We finished the season on Aug 1st.. We went back to work on Aug 22nd.. not sure how much sooner we could have done it. A couple of weeks mean we would have given them hardly any break. Glad you weren’t my coach back in the day… sheeeesh.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    Obviously we never fit 5 months of football into 3 months after the mid-season break.

    Why would the players need any rest at all? Can’t work it out myself, think the next season should’ve started the following Saturday.

  16. Chris


    Don’t forget we were playing games every 3 days after lockdown, i would repeat it is far from a normal or ideal situation.

  17. Marko

    It staggers me that no one else is concerned about this.

    I mean what can you do it takes as long as it’s going to take to get in the likes of Partey. I suppose in your mind we should have just gotten in whoever just to be ready for the start of the season. I suppose so. It just seems a sure fire way to end up with a poor signing or two

  18. MidwestGun

    It staggers me that no one else is concerned about this.
    Of course I’m concerned.. but we are looking for players and it also means we have to sell some players.. it’s not like we haven’t been trying from what I can tell. The short window and timing is terrible along with being broke.. But luckily we start against Fulham and the Hammers. so It gives us time. We play Liverpool again in a month if we are still rocking Xhaka and Elneny then, yep .. I will be mad.

  19. Marc


    No and under normal circumstances I’m the one telling people to have patience in the TW but out of last seasons CM that wasn’t good enough we’ve got Xhaka available, no additions and no Ceballos.

    Saying get it done does not mean making a signing for the sake of it.

  20. Marc


    Right now we look a week or two away from making a CM signing – any player coming from overseas is most likely going to have to quarantine for two weeks so if a signing is made in 10 days they would have had a couple of days training with their new team mates before a trip to Anfield.

    This is why I’m concerned – I also think you’re being a little casual about playing West Ham and Fulham with no midfield that will just invite pressure onto an unproven or weakened defence.

  21. salparadisenyc

    Can’t say i’m watching Radio, too busy revisiting the 2012 Olympic womens basketball, i’m on the QF Turkey vs Russia Fed.


  22. Pierre

    “Obviously we never fit 5 months of football into 3 months after the mid-season break.”

    Talking bullshit .

    March 7th we played West ham and the league season is normally over 2 months later .. mid may.

    So where do you get 5 months crammed into 3 months .

    The players played no competitive football for 10 weeks during covid.

    They played played for 6/7 weeks..

    and then e give the players a month or so off.

  23. Radio Raheem


    Just literally tuned in and no its 3-1 to Lyon. I’m not sure what BT are playing at they had it 1-3 earlier, got me interested. Anyway, as you were.

  24. MidwestGun

    Its concerning.. but we don’t have no midfield.. your exaggerating a little. We have limited options.. But Saka and Willock and Willian And LT and Xhaka can all play in there for a short time at the start of the season depending on formation and who we sell too. I think mention of ESR too. And is AMN a done deal or can he play? Its not going to be a perfect situation by far. but its not like we have nobody at all come on man.

  25. Marc


    I have high hope for ESR but he’s more of a CAM / attacking CM. It’s the lack of a midfield base that’s a concern – I mean Xhaka and Elneny? We play Torreira or AMN and they pick up an injury and it could stop a sale which could jeopardize bring in one of our targets.

    It’s fucked up whatever way you look at it.

  26. Champagne Charlie

    “Talking bullshit .March 7th we played West ham and the league season is normally over 2 months later .. mid may.So where do you get 5 months crammed into 3 months “

    It’s called hyperbole Pierre. Meant to point out the ridiculous nature of expecting a squad of athletes to start a pre-season regime with next to no rest from the previous rigours.

    You being a PhD on the subject obviously don’t need telling.

  27. Champagne Charlie


    Everything seems to be bullshit in your little world these days. Such enlightened talk from you as per

  28. Samesong

    Just got back from Alanya thought I’d check in and see what’s new. I Guess Pierre still on his period then.

  29. Marko

    Arsenal will continue to be active in the transfer market, with the £25 million signing of Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes to be confirmed imminently. They are also hopeful of some outgoings but Arteta said it is still “very early stages” in the window. [@TeleFootball]

    Still early? Bullshit someone needs to tell Mikel the end is nigh

  30. MidwestGun

    end is nigh
    Yep ….if you just beamed in from outer space and were to read Le Grove comments you would think we were Wigan or some shit. Although, I’m sure Wigan’s midfield is better then ours and are more prepared for the season. That bastard Edu.

  31. Luteo Guenreira

    I Guess Pierre still on his period then.

    There’s a bible story like this, I think Pierre needs to touch the hem of Ozil’s garment for the bleeding to stop.

  32. Mark


    Wenger sitting on his ass for 2 months every summer to wake up the day before the window closes when he realises we’re still shit.

    Freddie he wasn’t sitting on his arse for two months, that’s unfair. He had punditry and dinner engagements to attend to.

    Well said by the way too. Plenty of players were affordable to us and desperate to come, and he ignored or refused them all, desperately wanting to be the smartest guy in the room. VVD, Sissoko, Mahrez just to name a couple.

  33. China1

    Martinelli saying how much he loves arsenal which is nice

    He also interestingly said his fav position is out wide


    Would be an extremely potent attack if we didn’t manage to sign a dedicated AM. When is he martinelli fit again?

  34. Guns of SF

    China the worry is if he comes back with that explosiveness.
    January I heard.
    The knee injury was likely pretty serious…..
    I hope he does not end up like Bellerin and lose that speed

  35. MidwestGun

    China everything I remember reading about Martinelli injury.. said he was shooting to return Jan. of 2021. Full training by December but.. I don’t know if that’s still the timetable or not.

  36. DivineSherlock

    Honestly Terrible news , Chadwick Boseman R.I.P.
    The fact he was working while undergoing treatment says a lot about his character .

  37. Graham62

    Mark/ Freddie

    Yes, one of the many excuses given for our fall from grace over the years was the “bottomless pit” scenario of clubs like Chelski and MC, which prevented us from developing our squad properly and dented our progress.

    What a load of poppycock. Of course there were players out there who were “affordable and desperate to come to us”,we all knew that ( well, most of us anyway).

    Defensively, always our main area of concern, there were players readily available. Samba, Cahill, VVD to name a few. The thing is Wenger wanted players who were meek and submissive in personality and wouldn’t question his methods.

    Nothing to do with those money bags teams.

    The excuses are never ending.


  38. Receding Hairline

    I see we added three new coaches picked out by Arteta, he is building his backroom team. I wonder if these coaches leave with him when/if he moves on.

    If memory serves Pedro was against managers being allowed to bring in their own backroom staff, not that I have anything against that anyway.

    A manager should be allowed to bring in Players and staff he wants.

  39. Pierre

    “I Guess Pierre still on his period then.”

    That being the case, then obviously the Wenger obsessives had the decorators in for the last ten years or more.

  40. Useroz

    I hope latest reports that Arteta is ready to sanction the sale of Martinez is just media BS or Emi’s agent trying to push the club to up his 20k per week wages.

    Though it’s just about a dozen games but the consistent performance Martinez delivered at a very high level couldn’t be a fluke. And we were against top teams too.
    I’d think defenders probably built more confidence as a result.

    If we must sell to raise fund to buy, I’d take a punt and keep Martinez and sell Leno. He surely fetches more. Some reports say Martinez could leave for less than £10m. You got to be fucking joking and Arteta would be held accountable if ty at happens.

    Who would you keep if one has to go.

  41. Terraloon

    I know that it goes down well with supporters when a manager/ head coach talks about players but at the same time surely the professional approach would be to say something along the lines of “ I won’t talk about other clubs players. “

    For me everything hinges on selling players to generate cash. The odd million here or there isn’t going to make a difference.

    I have always thought the finances were going to be tight and whilst the boat has been pushed well and truly out on Willian the bulk of the cost will come out of on going cash flow just . That can likewise be said of the Cedric signing.

    Is Willian the stellar signing. God help Arsenal if he is.

    Football is a very small community.Clubs will know that Arsenal are cash strapped so there is no doubt that whilst not quite a fire sale there will be some decent bargains and the closer it gets to 5 October the already discounted prices will probably become even further discounted.

    There is no doubt that outgoing players will have been identified behind the scenes there will have been talks going on unfortunately players will now know they aren’t wanted.

    Arsenal are in need of a decent upfront wedge so at this point in time the sort of deal that many clubs will want such as £x in respect of a loan fee and % toward wages with an obligation to buy is just no good. Unfortunately as time ticks on that may well be all that’s on offer.

    The rumours re AMN aren’t that there is £20 million on offer from Wolves it’s barley half with around another 25% in bonuses. Likewise the rumours are that Torreiea is a €3 million loan fee with an option to buy for €18.5 million.

    We know that the end of 2019/20 season meant that another significant wedge was due in respect of the Pepe signing that had to come from somewhere.

    Underpinning all this is the depth of the squad and other than in defence the options( in numerical terms ) really not that inspiring. Add to the mix the issues of long term injuries and you do wonder if at this time there are too many options in terms of departures.

    Oh joy!

  42. Useroz

    It was reported that Martinelli had surgery to repair a Meniscus Tear. Quick google searches suggest that this is due to sudden twist and turn of the knee while putting significant weight on it (eg pivot to turn), and represents about 7% of injuries footballers sustain.

    Minor cases can just rest up and good to go again in a few weeks and serious ones require surgery. With Martinelli playing out wide, as he prefers, there would be plenty of twist s n turns going forward and I wonder how his knee would hold up longer term?

    Hopefully with the best medical care and rehab facilities available to him, Martinez could make a full recovery. After all, Suarez had the same quite a few years ago and he remains lethal todate!

  43. Aussie+Gooner

    “Willian said last week one of the factors that helped persuade him to switch to the Emirates was Arteta’s plan to win the Champions League within three seasons.”

    I hope someone told Xhaka and Mustafi about this objective!

    Forget Partey, he doesn’t want to come anyway. New signings will be very thin on the ground. I gather there will be no money available for straight buys, unfortunately most selling clubs want cash. Catch 22 situation.

  44. Tony

    Report from DM.

    Arsenal are ‘ready to sell Emiliano Martinez as Mikel Arteta sees fit again Bernd Leno as his No 1 despite the Argentine’s FA Cup final heroics’

    Arsenal are ready to part ways with goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez this summer

    The 27-year-old was one of the heroes for the club against Chelsea in the FA Cup

    But Martinez now has his sights firmly set on becoming a first-choice stopper
    And The Athletic claim that Arsenal believe they have little choice to offload him”

    If true and not click bait i believe Arteta is making a monumental mistake.

    Sell Leno but not Emi would be my preference.

    Other news:
    Houssem Aouar has tested positive for Covid and out of Lyon’s game and puled out of the French squad.

    His testing positive could be helpful if we really want to sign him.

  45. Uwot?

    Outside of the oilers clubs.Cash is king.Thats all they want.Not swaps. At the very least they’re after loans with pay later schemes.Typical of Italy,France & Turkey.Makes up for a v.diff window in trying to get rid of the deadwood & make deals….A lot of haggling.Unless you have silly money.Hence the chavs getting deals over the line.v quickly.

  46. Uwot?

    With regards to goalkeeper situation.It should be Martinez no 1.For no other reason than he’s a unit built like a tank & controls his box.Reminds a little of Schmeichel in that regards.Which commands respect.Also v.comfortable with ball at his feet.Play them both as often as you can is the solution.plenty of games for rotation in a season.

  47. alex cutter

    “The fact he was working while undergoing treatment says a lot about his character .”

    Not to be overly dramatic, but I can’t help thinking that maybe the responsibility/pressure (relatively) he felt while playing such an iconic character kept him working when he should have been resting. Timeline suggests that he’d been fighting the cancer predating the release of BP.

    While I never saw BP, I did see him in the other Marvel movies, and good or bad creatively, his BP was very well-received (I believe other than the last two Avengers, BP was the highest grossing superhero movie). And its influence on the black community to have a superhero of their own would be hard to overstate.

    He’ll have left a legacy. I wonder if they’ll try to replace him, or perhaps give the character an on-screen send off by using repurposed previously unused footage along with CGI to create a logical/plausible storyline in a future movie to explain his death.


  48. Aussie+Gooner


    Have to agree. Sell Leno and make Martinez No1. Leno is good enough to be a starter in any EPL club (Chelsea perhaps?). Unfortunately we can not afford to maintain 2 EPL quality goal keepers and keep them both happy. Sad but true. They are both top drawer keepers but I have a nagging doubt about Leno. The defenders seem to respond more positively to Martinez for some reason. Perhaps they feel he is a sfer pair of hands – and they should know! Because of our defence both keepers are never short of practice!!!

  49. CG


    “”””With regards to goalkeeper situation.It should be Martinez no 1.For no other reason “”””

    Off course it should be Martinez.

    Arteta is out of line on this one.

    like his left footed center back theory- he prefers Leno because he is better with his feet than Martinez.

    Arteta so far.

    Exciting & talented coach.
    Below average judge of a player
    ( Cedric, Willian,Mary,Luiz,)